September 19, 2021

Hours of researching and testing to find the best food processors in this category have shown us that the NINJA Professional Stackable Chopper – NJ1002UKBK is simply unbeatable. Even though the market is filled with similar products, this easy-to-use and straightforward food processor offers great value for money and does its job perfectly. It is a reliable product which can be used in many ways, so you can be sure that it will justify its price.

Technological advancements have transformed our kitchens extensively. Food can now be cooked faster than ever. Food processors are among the most popular among the kitchen inventions. They are used to chop, grind, slice, and shred any food. Besides these basic functions, processors can also be used to knead dough and grind meat and vegetables for all recipes. Processors make cooking easier and faster, and who doesn’t like to prepare his or her food with minimal effort?

Food processors can be of various types and models. Each model is made for a specific use. While some come with many attachments for multitasking, others are made for a single purpose. It is now easier for people to make healthy, homemade food. With a processor, you can prepare a variety of meals ranging from just a simple meal for a few people to a meal for entertaining a large group. Food processors are also suitable for use in a commercial setting to prepare large amounts of food.

Types of Food Processors

If you are looking to save some time in the kitchen, you should definitely buy a food processor. They are usually used for slicing, chopping, and cutting. All of these tasks can be quite time-consuming, especially when cooking for a larger group of people.

Sometimes choosing a good food processor can be a challenge. There are a few types you should get familiar with. Once you decide on the type, choosing a specific model will be much easier. A number of types are available but you eventually will find the one that meets all of your criteria. Here is a list of a few most basic types.

Multi-Purpose Food Processors

Multi-purpose food processors are one of the most popular types of kitchen appliances. They can be portable or stationary, and they can be used for various purposes like making soups, milling flour, whipping up salads, and so on.

They come in different models, designs, and materials; all of them have some unique features that make them stand out and that make food preparation more convenient. Of course, as with any purchase, it is best to know your needs and know your options so that you can pick the right appliance to help you.

VonShef 750W Food Processor

Best Multi-purpose Food Processor: VonShef-750W

This device is ideal for smaller kitchen counters where you need to save and organize every centimetre. Thanks to its versatility and number of accessories, you will get the benefits of various types of food processors with just one device. Make your preparation of ingredients and cooking faster, easier, and cleaner. Not only is this model versatile, but it is also easy to clean since its bowl, blender jar, and blades are removable. If you have a small kitchen and need a compact, multi-functional device that will allow you to prepare your meals faster, or if you have a limited budget for any food processor, this incredible VonShef model could be your best cooking helper ever.


This practical and powerful kitchen appliance will process any ingredient, thanks to its variety of blades and accessories. Those accessories can be stored in the accessory drawer on the device, under the speed settings. It includes six different blades (for cutting, mixing, slicing, etc.) and a plastic spatula. The power of the motor is 1000 W and you have the opportunity to choose between two speeds and a pulse function for non-continuous blending or chopping. With the 3.5 L bowl and 1.8 L capacity blender jar, you will be able to prepare a larger quantity of food or beverages, which will save you a lot of time.


  • Versatile use - This multi-functional device is like many machines in one so you won’t have to buy different appliances for each function. This will save you time, space, and money since you will be able to prepare any meal you want, and even mix cookie dough and cake batter with it.
  • Easy to clean - All of the blades are removable, as well as the bowl and the blender jar. Thanks to this, you will be able to wash this food processor quickly and easily, which is great when you need to reuse those parts immediately.
  • Accessory drawer - Since this device is all about saving space in small kitchens, this feature is very useful. Keep your blades tidy and in the same place, and don’t lose time searching for them somewhere in the kitchen.
  • Capacity - As mentioned, the capacity of the bowl is 3.5 litres while the blender jar can contain 1.8 litres. This is very convenient when you need to prepare a large quantity of food for your family and friends. A lot of food processors have a small capacity, and that can be annoying since you would have to prepare everything in stages. With this device, you won’t have that problem.


No one likes to spend too much time in the kitchen or use too many appliances while preparing meals, since all of those need to be washed later. If you want to save a lot of money, buy this all-in-one VonShef and make your cooking easier and faster.

Manual Food Processors

Manual food processors are also referred to as cutters and are used for cutting, slicing, and chopping fruits and vegetables. They can hold only small quantities of food due to their smaller size. Manual food processors are convenient for quick chopping tasks in the kitchen. They feature a simple and compact design, meaning that they are much easier to clean.

A good side of manual food processors is that they don’t require electricity. Your electric bills will be untouched by these and you will be able to operate them when there’s no electricity at all. They’re great for camping, as they are lightweight and portable. Becoming so popular nowadays, they are found in a variety of models to choose from. Most of them won’t just help you chop things but offer some advanced attachments to cover different food prep tasks.

Tatuer Manual Food Chopper

Top Manual Food Processor: Tatuer Manual Food Chopper

Do you have very little space in the kitchen and need a small and compact device that will help you chop your food faster? This Tatuer model is the best choice! You can place it on your kitchen counter when you need it, and when you’re done using it, store it away easily since it is small and won’t take up too much space. It’s also a great choice if you need a lightweight device that is easy to bring with you while travelling, since it’s manual and doesn’t require electricity. You can easily use it in RVs or for camping. It will be a great helper anywhere.


This chopper is made of high-quality ABS material that’s not harmful to your health. The blades are made of stainless steel, and you can easily wash the device with water for safe and fast clean-up after cooking. With durable, high-quality and sharp blades, you can process meat and vegetables quickly, or even prepare baby food. The capacity of the bowl is 900 ml, and the bottom is anti-slip since it’s made of rubber – another feature that’s practical for travelling or using the device in a moving RV. All you need to do is put in the ingredients you want, close the lid, and pull the cord – it’s as simple as that! A lot of other food processors can be really loud, but this device won’t make any noise.


  • Compact design - The dimensions of this Tatuer model are 14 x 12.5 cm – it’s so compact and yet so powerful! This device will fit anywhere and be easy to pack and bring with you while travelling or camping. This can be a nice solution for parents who travel with babies and need an efficient device to prepare their special foods.
  • Material - With kitchen appliances, you want to be sure that the material they’re made of is completely safe and without any dangerous substances, since your food is going to be processed in them. The appliances you use should be made of materials that are healthy but also very durable, which this device definitely is!
  • Simple to use and clean - Since it’s very compact, this model is, as mentioned, very easy to use. A lot of people prefer manual food choppers for that reason. The simple design and high-quality steel also provide easy cleaning and washing with water, another convenience that’s important when you’re travelling.


This food chopper is a great choice for anyone – both professionals and beginners – since it’s simple yet powerful and efficient, not to mention very affordable. Make your cooking easier with this extremely practical and compact device that will have your ingredients chopped and mixed in no time!

Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper

Top Rated Food Processor: Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper

Chopping food has never been easier! No more tears when chopping onions, and no more knife cuts on your hands. This amazing food chopper/mixer will solve your problems when it comes to preparing vegetables, fruits, ice-cream etc. It’s small, convenient, practical, and easy to clean.

If you need a compact food processor that doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen, or that can be easily brought with you while travelling and camping, Brieftons has a solution for you. This manual, multi-functional device will be your best friend while you’re preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.


This device has a 950 ml capacity and is made of plastic that is durable and completely food safe. This is very important since no one wants to prepare food with appliances made of toxic materials. It comes with a blade for chopping that is made of stainless steel and with a mixer blade, perfect for blending ingredients or making ice-cream, soup, or even baby food.

The lid is comfortable to hold, and the cord has a large handle. Put your ingredients in the bowl, close the lid, and pull the cord! If you need larger pieces of food, pull the cord five times; for finer chopping, pull the cord ten times, it’s so simple and fast! The bottom of the bowl is made of rubber, and it won’t slip no matter on which surface you use it.


  • Travel friendly - One of the best features of manual choppers is that you don’t need electricity to prepare your food. That’s why this model is perfect to have when planning to go camping; you can prepare delicious salsa even if you’re in the outdoors. If you have an RV and need something small and compact, this Brieftons model should be your choice!
  • Easy to clean - Like the previous model it is also very easy to clean and wash, but this one has the advantage of being dishwasher safe – use the top rack to clean this appliance without problems.
  • Perfect as a gift - If you’re not sure what to buy for a family member or a friend, a nice quality food chopper is always a good choice, especially if it’s this simple and easy to use. It’s a great option for non-professionals or students that need something practical and compact.


Don’t you think that every home should have a kitchen appliance like this one? If you’ve been thinking about getting such a product but were afraid it would cost a lot of money, check out this Brieftons model and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Chop, mix, and blend the ingredients for your delicious meals in no time, anywhere you go.

Mini Food Processors

If you are lacking storage or counter space, consider buying a mini food processor. Also, they are a good choice for anyone who is cooking for just one. The capacity of these food processors is between one cup and six cups. They can’t be used for preparing large meals, but if you own a regular food processor, you could still benefit from owning this miniature version – some of the smaller tasks can be finished using this gadget.

Mini food processors usually don’t have as many options as a regular food processor. Because of this and their small capacity, they are used mostly for chopping a single fruit or vegetable, preparing small amounts of sauces or dips, or making a single serving of soup. They can chop nuts or small salads without any difficulty. If you are into smoothies, all of the fruits you need will fit into these food processors. Even though they are small, your possibilities are still numerous.

Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper

Best Mini food processor: Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper

There’s something about these mini food choppers that will attract the attention of almost everyone. Since no one likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen monotonously chopping all of the ingredients, a device like this one can be a great help. If you’ve recognized yourself in the previous sentence, it’s high time you tried this efficient Russell Hobbs food chopper. The appliance is compact, small, and extremely sleek and stylish! It looks so luxurious that its price almost seems unreal. It’s definitely one of the most elegant-looking mini food choppers on the market, so use the opportunity to try out this little cooking helper.


This chopper is lightweight, and it consists of a 1 L glass bowl, a detachable blade made of stainless steel, a chopping lid, and a cover for closing the bowl when you want to store your food in the fridge. The high-quality material is quite durable, and the bowl and the blade can be safely washed in the dishwasher – so convenient and practical! Even though it’s small and very stylish, this device is so efficient it will chop and mince your food in a few seconds. Isn’t that great when you’re in a hurry and need a fast but healthy meal for you or your family? Choose your ingredients, put them in the glass bowl with the blade, install the chopping lid, and push the red button on the top of the lid until your food is perfectly chopped. So easy and tidy!


  • Design - One of the most noticeable features of this device is its design. Its matte black colour with a pop of red on the top of the lid makes this appliance look luxurious and elegant. It’s perfect for any kitchen style, and you’ll be proud to own a device like this.
  • Efficiency - The beautiful design and practical size don’t take away from its efficiency. You will be impressed with the power of this product and with how fast it will chop and mince the ingredients for your meals.
  • Keeps your food fresh - Once you’re done with chopping, you can store away your food, and eat or finish your meal later during the day or even the next day. Close up the glass bowl with the cover lid and place your food in the fridge – it’s safe and so simple!


Since it’s important to eat healthy food even when you’re in a hurry, this device will be a best friend for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare meals during the day. Because it’s so fast and efficient, buy this device if you want nicely chopped fresh ingredients and food preparation without the mess! Change your cooking experience with this luxuriously-designed and efficient food chopper without breaking the bank.

Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper – NJ1002UKBK

Top Rated Mini food processor:Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper

This small and compact chopper is a great choice when you need a device that will help you mince, chop, and puree your food in only a couple of seconds. This fast little device is perfect for kitchens with limited space since it’s really small and can be easily stored away. And if you prepare more food than you need, you have the option of covering the container and storing it in the fridge. This appliance will chop your food faster and keep it fresh in the fridge. Considering its affordable price and all its advantages, every home should have this Ninja model to complete its collection of useful kitchen appliances.


If you buy this compact chopper, you’ll get two cups (each with 500 ml capacity), a removable blade, and the pod that uses 200 watts of power. Put your ingredients into the cup with the blade, place the pod on top, and push. Pulse the pod until your food is perfectly chopped or minced – you decide for how long! It’s so simple, easy, and efficient. Your meals will be ready quickly and chopped evenly. If you want to prepare more food and keep it for later, this device has got you covered! With two containers that can be closed with the provided lids, food can be easily stored in your fridge and kept fresh for a long time. Not enough space in the fridge for both containers? That won’t be a problem with this device since the cups are stackable and can save you a lot of space.


  • Easy to clean - Even though the pod uses electricity, the blade is not connected to it – it’s removable. This will make your life easier! There’s no complicated cleaning and washing – put the cups, lids, and blade in the dishwasher to keep the device clean, hygienic, and ready to prepare more delicious meals.
  • Easy to store - In smaller kitchens and fridges, space is what matters the most. Along with its already small and compact design that will fit any kitchen counter, this Ninja model has another unique feature – the containers are stackable. This is great if your fridge space is limited but you need to fit in both cups in order to keep your food fresh.
  • Modern design - Even though it’s designed to be practical, this appliance still looks good next to other kitchen devices. It’s black, sleek, and very elegant, and it definitely looks more expensive than it actually is, thanks to its high-quality materials.


When buying a mini food chopper, you still want it to be efficient and powerful. This Ninja model has a lot of advantages that make it a perfect cooking helper for everyone. If you’re a beginner and want to buy a food chopper that is going to make the preparation of delicious meals easier and faster, this model offers a recipe book included in the box – what a great way to start your cooking experience!

Medium-Sized Food Processors

If you have to cook for a bigger family or you love to entertain and throw dinner parties for your friends, you will need a little bit bigger food processor. These are usually pricier than miniature ones, so prepare to spend a few extra pounds. They are still worth every penny. They usually have some additional features and numerous working speeds. The capacity of these blenders is usually between eleven and fourteen cups – just imagine the number of portions you can make at once! Some models even feature nesting bowls – you are basically getting both for the size of one.

These food processors usually feature a simple and modern design – they can stand on your countertops and blend in with the rest of the kitchen. They usually come with a variety of bowls, blades, and other additional parts. Storing them can be challenging, but most models come with storage boxes and all of the additional parts will be stored together.

KitchenAid 5KFP1325 Classic Food Processor

Top Rated Food Processor: Kenwood Compact Food Processor, 1.4 L Bowl

If you are a real foodie, you are probably constantly exploring new recipes and love to prepare meals for your friends and family. You are also familiar with the variety of kitchen gadgets and how helpful they can be. The food processor is just one of those gadgets and the benefits of owning it are endless. Soups, dips, sauces, yogurts, and smoothies are just some of the wonderful things you can prepare with a good blender. Blenders are not so easy to choose. Numerous models are available on the market and each have their own pros and cons. However, this Kitchen Aid model really stands out from the rest. Great capacity, sharp blades, and an amazing design are what make this food processor so popular. Even if you are on a budget, you can enjoy all the benefits of this blender.


This blender comes in white with a stunning design – it will look astonishing in your kitchen. The base of the blender is designed to prevent any slipping. The side handle will allow you to move your blender easily when needed. All of the bowls are completely clear and you can observe your food while it is being processed. The BPA-free bowls can be easily cleaned – just rinse them under warm water and they will be ready for the next use. The motor uses between 220 and 240 Volts and two cutting speeds are available. With the adaptable slicing discs you can easily determine the size of the chopped pieces – all of the pieces will be completely uniform and afterwards will cook up evenly. The wide feed tube allows both horizontal and vertical cutting.


  • No leaking - Some food processor can create quite the mess in your kitchen – liquids are leaking and blades are throwing pieces out of the bowls. After you are done using the blender, you have to wash the blender, your kitchen, and yourself from top to bottom. This food processor is designed to prevent any leaking or mess. The lid is tightly sealed by silicone and the sharp blades push food onto the blades instead of just throwing it around.
  • Stainless steel blades - You are probably familiar with all of the benefits of stainless steel. Because of its durability, it is one of the best materials for various kitchen appliances. These stainless steel blades will allow precise and even chopping of your food. With the two different speeds and changeable slicing disc, you decide on the thickness of your food.
  • Capacity - With the 3.1-litre bowl, cooking for a large group of people has never been easier.


This KitchenAid food processor gives you the chance to explore different recipes and cooking styles. With its powerful motor and well-designed blades, you can prepare the most tasteful dishes. Mashed potatoes, minestrone soups, and fruit salads are just some of the dishes you can now easily master.

Kenwood Compact Food Processor, 1.4 L Bowl

Top Rated Food Processor: Kenwood Compact Food Processor, 1.4 L Bowl

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful blender that won’t take up much space in your kitchen but does everything you need it to, and from a name you can trust, look no further than the Kenwood Compact Food Processor. Despite it’s compact size and neat design, this blender will make easy work of all food preparation, helping you whizz through an array of ingredients and prepare food in style. With a wide range of attachments and dishwasher safe, the Kenwood Compact Food Processor ticks every box and will become your new favourite kitchen helper.


The compact food processor is incredibly simple to use and makes whipping, chopping and beating a breeze. With three speeds and a simple thumb-operated speed control, the processor is easy to operate and makes quick work of a range of kitchen tasks. Alongside the stainless steel chopping blade are several other attachments – a coarse shredder plate, whisk tool and maxi canopy – which are simple to change with the Kenwood interlock system. This system also ensures that the blender cannot operate unless the attachment is correctly engaged, so you don’t have to worry about the blender operating when you don’t want it to.

The different attachments make the blender ideal for a variety of food preparation tasks such as grinding herbs and spices, beating eggs and whipping cream. It makes dicing vegetables quick and effortless and can even be used for grating cheese and slicing potatoes. Grind meat, make pastry, chop nuts – the possibilities are endless.

And clean-up is incredibly easy too. Pop the bowl and attachments in the dishwasher – or simply wash in hot soapy water.


  • Large capacity - Despite the compact size of the food processor, it has an impressive capacity of 1.4 litres, which makes it ideal for preparing larger meals and pastry mixes as well as chopping vegetables.
  • Simple controls - There are no fiddly dials or complex buttons, the processor is easy to operate and switch between speeds, and the attachments are simple to change with the interlock system.
  • One device, hundreds of uses - The different attachments and ease of use make this food processor the ideal choice for preparing a huge variety of meals, both sweet and savoury, complex or more simple.
  • Easy to store - The compact size and wrap-around cable storage mean the processor won’t take up much space on your worktop or in the kitchen cupboard.
  • Does the hard work for you - If you suffer from arthritis or other issues that might affect the use of your hands, this processor eases the pressure and makes painful chopping and whisking a thing of the past, doing all the hard work for you.


The days of owning a huge, unwieldy blender that sits on the shelf gathering dust are over. This compact yet versatile blender will satisfy all your cooking requirements and assist you in preparing an array of dips, soups, meals and puddings.

Professional-Grade Food Processor

Professional-grade food processors usually come with built-in measuring scales; you won’t have to clean dozens of bowls when you are finished with cooking. Also, you are getting a variety of additional parts. All of those parts have different purposes – chopping, mixing the dough, and preparing sauces or dips. With multiple speeds to choose from, your food will always have the texture it needs. Some models feature LCD timers – you can set the time of the mixing or slicing and do other tasks while the food is being processed. Thanks to the adjustable slicing disc, you decide on the thickness of the cut pieces.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a chef to know how to operate these processors. Food created using this type will taste astonishing and this kitchen gadget will definitely become one of your favourites. Once you try it out, you won’t regret a dollar spent on this food processor.

Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food Processor

Best Professional-grade Food Processor: Kenwood-FPM810

Kenwood is quite famous for creating wonderful kitchen gadgets. You can find everything from hand blenders, mixers, and food processors. All of their products are durable, high-quality, and make your everyday cooking easier. This food processor is no different. This model is one of the most powerful food processors currently available on the market. Your cooking will have no limits, and all of your food will have the desired texture, without any chunks or lumps. Sharp blades and the powerful motor will easily chop even the hardest foods. The reasons for choosing this food processor are endless, so for starters let’s get familiar with some basic features and benefits of this product.


This Kenwood model comes in silver and is suitable for all kitchen styles; it will be an amazing addition to any kitchen. You are given a lot of extra parts, but all of them can be easily dissembled and neatly stored away. Some of those extra parts are a bowl, whisk, grater, and julienne disc – getting that perfect texture for whipped creams, soups, and sauces has never been easier. You don’t have to worry about storage space, because this food processor won’t cause any clutter. The capacity of this blender is 3.5 litres – ideal for preparing meals for larger groups of people. The motor uses one thousand Watts and you can choose from eight different speeds. If you are not sure which speed to use, you can always turn on auto-speed and the blender will determine the speed of blending. The tri-drive system has made sure that you can use the same blades for all tasks – chopping, blending, and processing.


  • Weight scale - This blender features a built-in measuring scale. You won’t have to use multiple bowls for measuring or wash a ton of dishes afterwards. Everything can be done directly in the bowl you will use for blending.
  • Great materials - The blender is made of metal and the blades are stainless steel. You will be using this blender for many years to come.
  • Easy clean-up and storage - A good choice of materials makes this blender easy to clean. Just rinse it underwater when you are done using it. Also, you are getting a storage box for storing the blender along with the extra parts. You won’t be losing any parts or wondering where they are.
  • Multipurpose - This Kenwood food processor can create the most delicious whipped cream, sauces, dips, yogurts, or smoothies. The heat resistant blending jug can be used for making the most delicious soups!


Once you put this food processor to the test, it will become one of your go-to kitchen gadgets. All of your soups, sauces, dips, creamy desserts, and even dough will taste better than ever. Cooking will no longer be your worst nightmare. This Kenwood model is worth every penny!

Sage BFP800UK the Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor

Top Professional-grade Food Processor: Sage-BFP800UK

Food processors can really be big helpers in the kitchen but finding the right one can be challenging. Since some of the better models are pricier, you really want your new food processor to be worth every penny. If you need a recommendation for a good food processor, you should definitely check out this Sage model. Certain dishes require certain food textures and getting that texture is not as easy as it may seem at first. This food processor will help you achieve any texture your recipe calls for. Also, you are able to determine the size of the chopped pieces. Task times, measuring cups, and a bunch of other accessories will make you totally fall in love with this blender.


The Sage Food processor is available in silver and features a modern yet simple design. It will be an amazing addition to any kitchen. Dimensions of the blender are 46 x 46 x 26 centimetres – it won’t take up all of your countertop space. Also, it can be nicely stored away with all of the extra pieces in the storage box. Maximum capacity of this blender is 3.7 litres. You get smaller bowls with the capacity of one litre as well, so you can always switch between bowls. The motor of this blender uses two thousand Watts. There is only one speed available, but the slicing disc features twenty-four different settings. This means that you can pick out the thickness of the chopped pieces as desired. With four blades, your food will be completely blended in just a few minutes. Its stainless steel construction assures the durability of the blades.


  • Great motor - The high-powered motor allows for fast chopping. Thanks to the magnetic motor, all of the parts will work together steadily when the processor is turned on. Absolute power and balance are guaranteed.
  • Timer - This food processor helps you save time in the kitchen. You won’t have to sit next to it while it’s working. Set the time of the blending and the count-down clock will turn the blender off once the time is up.
  • Good chopping - Four blades allow even chopping throughout the entire bowl. You can forget about finding lumps of food in your purees, dips, or soups. The wide feet of the chute are designed to cut up large foods easily. There won’t be any food falling out as you work. Also, with the multiple slicing disc options, you can set the thickness of your food from 0.3 millimetres to 8 millimetres.
  • Storage - If you lack counter space, you can store this blender in any cupboard. Thanks to the storage box, all of the extra pieces will be right next to the food processor, ready at hand for when you need them.


With this food processor, your possibilities are endless. Precise chopping will allow better cooking and your food will taste better than ever. You won’t regret a penny spent on this blender.

What to Look for in a Good Food Processor

The market is full of food processors; they come in different models and designs and have different features. They are also priced differently. The vast variety of appliances available can be confusing to the customer. Some have more attachments than others; weight and size are also important considerations. There are processors that are extremely loud, so it is always advisable to ask for a demonstration before purchasing. Below is a list of things you need to look for when buying a processor.

  • Bowl Capacity - The capacity of the bowl you choose depends on the number of people your household. If there are a lot of people, you will need a bigger bowl to avoid having to process your food more than once. Processors with large-capacity bowls are appropriate for commercial use; some models have a capacity of up to four litres. Smaller ones are ideal for personal use.
  • Attachments- Some food processors come with additional attachments as part of the package while others do not have any attachments. Attachments might include the blending jug that is used for making smoothies, mayonnaise, and puree. There is also an egg whisk for beating eggs or a citrus press that is used to sieve fruits like lemon and oranges. The attachments add extra functions to the processor, thus making it possible to multitask.
  • Accessories - Food processors come with a variety of accessories to enable them to perform more tasks with just a few variations. Some processors have a dough hook for kneading flour as well as slicing and grating discs for shredding and slicing vegetables. Moreover, they might include a chopping blade that is used for chopping, mincing, mashing, and mixing of foodstuffs.
  • Warranty - The manufacturer of the processor should offer a warranty to cover repairs and replacements for a given period. When you go to buy, take a look at the period covered by the warranty. A longer warranty period indicates that the appliance is of good quality.
  • Storage Container - When looking for a processor to purchase, you need to consider if it has a storage container for the additional attachments and accessories. To maximise the use of available space, you need to keep them together in one container. It also means that you can access them quickly whenever you want to use them.
  • Cleaning - Not all of the food processor models have parts that can be washed in a dishwasher. Cleaning after cooking is usually a hassle that many dislike. Therefore, before you decide on a processor to buy, you should see if it has accessories that are easy to wash.
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