The Best Washer-Dryers

The Best Washer-Dryers

By Stefan Mitrovic
While looking for the best washer-dryer that will cover a wide range of preferences, we found the Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB to be the one that fulfills all the necessary standards regarding quality, functionality, and price. This is the best choice for all types of consumers, as it encompasses a fine selection of features which efficiently deal with loads of dirty laundry.

We all know that sometimes it can be challenging to find enough space in your place for all the necessary appliances. The fast tempo of life has become our reality; it’s no longer a matter of choice. As the days go by, we realize that accomplishing some ordinary chores such as washing dishes, laundering clothes, cleaning the house, etc. can be difficult. That’s simply because we have less and less time. However, modern times bring innovative devices that are not only packed with a lot of convenient functions but are also highly practical.

One of the ultimate goals of manufacturers that create household devices is to design a machine that would give excellent performance without taking up too much space. And that’s exactly how the washer-dryer combo was born. For that reason, we took some time to investigate these amazing gadgets a bit closer. Having your clothes clean and dry in only half an hour is no longer just a dream. Allow us to introduce you to the very best models available on the market – these host a selection of practical options, all invested in taking the best care of your clothes!

Types of Washer-Dryers

When it comes to ordinary washing machines, there are truly many categories. The most common varieties are a front or top loader, commercial washers, and portable machines. As for the washer-dryer combination models, the most common division is freestanding and integrated (built-in), as well as stacked. The combined model represents a device that encompasses both functions packed into one gadget that’s the same size as an ordinary washing machine. These types are only produced by a small number of companies, which is why there is a limited offering.

These washer-dryer combinations are excellent for those who haven’t got enough space in their homes for two full-sized devices. Do know that these gadgets are not as effective as standard separate machines? So when making up your mind about a combined type, it is necessary to take into consideration your exact needs before buying one. Our detailed review will give you an even more precise definition of freestanding and integrated types, along with the models which have proven the best so far.

Freestanding Washer-Dryer

This type of washer-dryer is very popular, thanks mostly to its high level of practicality. Its greatest advantage is the fact that it can save lots of space. Being extremely adjustable to your home design, one of these can be integrated into any appropriate space in your kitchen or utility room. These are easy to install and to take with you if you move.

This type stands free of elements as a visible, integral unit in the room. They are available in a huge variety of drum sizes and color options, from which we selected those that combine the highest level of functionality and quality at a reasonable price. Do have in mind as you’re reviewing your options that each item in the combo usually has a different stated capacity.

Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB Washer-Dryer

With a 7kg rinse and 4kg drying capacity, this model is a very versatile piece of equipment. Having an A energy rating and an A wash performance, the product is packed with many useful options like variable wash temperature and spin speed selection. The machine has many programs to select from, making it suitable for a variety of fabrics for safe washing and drying.

To make it even simpler to use, even for beginners, there’s a digital display and easy-to-use controls. Keeping in mind that this type of device is usually noisy, the manufacturer did its best to implement some practical options and decrease the annoying sounds. This model features AntiVibration, which guarantees quietness and stability of the machine.

Features of the Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB Washer-Dryer

Having a speed of 1500 rpm and a more-than-generous capacity for washing and drying, this model saves energy without compromising the cleanliness of your clothes. You can even adjust the spin speed based on your demands. The machine is equipped with Digital countdown and a Program End indicator, as well as with a Delay timer and Time selection options, making it even more convenient.

Speaking of practical parts and functions, there’s a metal door catch and child lock for an added level of safety. Moreover, the Autodry function enables you to focus on other duties while the machine performs the job independently. The device is available in a white finish.

Advantages of the Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB Washer-Dryer
  • VarioPerfect
    This practical option means the device takes 65% less time or consumes 50% less energy, guaranteeing ultimate adjustability.
  • AntiVibration design
    Offering more stability and quietness, this feature minimizes noise.
  • Reload option
    This means you have the flexibility to add articles of clothing into the device even after the machine has started operating.
  • DrumClean program
    The special option is implemented to eliminate any existing dirt and bacteria from the drum, ensuring an always-excellent cleaning cycle.
  • Down Wear program
    Use this to protect clothes made of delicate fabrics.
  • ActiveWater
    This feature saves water and costs due to a 2-step automatic load adapting system.
  • EcoSilence Drive option
    It guarantees extremely energy-efficient and almost silent service while in operation, and comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • HygieneCare program
    This practical option provides high dry temperature pre-treatment for hygienic fabric care.
Bottom Line

This device is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an ultimately practical product. Combining a selection of smart features that enhance its productivity yet save energy as well, this machine is suitable for various types of materials. You can be sure your laundry will be handled gently but effectively.

Bosch WDU28560GB Washer-Dryer

With the capacity to rinse and dry up to 6 kg of laundry in one round, or wash up to 10 kg, this device is equipped with AutoDry technology. This option guarantees precise laundry treatment for a variety of fabrics. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a fine collection of practical features that enable maximum performance while saving energy.

Based on the chosen program, the droplet-shaped design and the asymmetrical paddles smoothly rotate your garments to the center, regardless of the rotation direction. This not only guarantees an intensive treatment for more heavily soiled garments, but a quicker and more thorough care for the entire load. Treat your clothes to professional-quality care.

Features of the Bosch WDU28560GB Washer-Dryer

The innovative design of the side walls is not only visually appealing, but the structure also promises enhanced stability and minimizes vibration. The strengthened isolation also controls noise levels, making this model very silent even while the spin cycle is running. Thanks to DirectSelect Display and an illuminated intuitive dial for faster program selection, the device is user-friendly, even for newbies.

The unique, patented VarioDrum system smoothly and efficiently rinses all types of laundry, including your most delicate pieces. By distributing the water evenly without stretching, creasing, or damaging the items, even if you clean them repeatedly, outstanding rinsing results are guaranteed. The AutoDry function gently dries the clothes to the precise degree of dryness needed. Maximum spin speed is 1400rpm.

Advantages of the Bosch WDU28560GB Washer-Dryer
  • HygieneCare
    Add hot air before the rinse cycle, then wash the clothes at 30°C. This will reduce the use of high temperatures, which can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and clothing damage.
  • VarioPerfect
    This convenient option guarantees top rinsing results for all kinds of materials. With VarioPerfect, you can adjust most programs to be faster or more powerful with the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect options. This cuts time by up to 65% or energy by up to 50%.
  • EcoSilence Drive™
    Thanks to this feature, the device is energy-saving and silent while operating under a 10-year warranty.
  • AntiVibration sidewall
    With improved stability and minimized vibration, this is one of the quietest washer/dryers you can buy.
  • A host of programs
    There are basic settings such as Cottons, Easy-Care, Delicate/Silk, and Wool/Handwash, along with additional offerings like Allergy +, Down Wear, Drum Clean with reminder, Super Quick 15, Shirts, Mixed Load, MyTime, SportsWear, and rinse/spin/drain.
  • Multiple functions
    For added functionality, there are 1 to 3 extra rinse cycles, Easy iron, EcoPerfect, HygieneCare, Child lock, Memory, Night Wash, SpeedPerfect, Prewash, and Water Plus settings.
  • Variety of drying functions
    Depending on the type of fabrics you have, you can opt for Iron Dry, Eco, Night Dry, Solo Dry, Speed, Cupboard Dry, Cupboard Dry Plus, or Wash + Dry.
Bottom Line

Thanks to the special functions and the droplet-shaped design, this product is mean to be used for the most demanding of treatments. It does wonders even with highly-persistent stains and dirt, which makes it a perfect choice for people who either have small kids or for those whose work uniforms need heavier cleaning.

Hoover WDXOA596FN Washer-Dryer

Manufactured to deliver an enhanced laundry treatment, this type of advanced, easy-to-use combo hosts a collection of ultimately practical features unique to Hoover. Combining two devices into one extremely practical item, this offers a set of convenient, large capacity laundry solutions. This type comes with a spin speed of 1500rpm.

In addition to this, the device will be quite a treat for smart technology fans. All it takes is to pair the machine to the One Touch connection system, and you will have complete control over the appliance. This way you will not only save more time, but you will be able to select the desired program and adjust it easily within a minute.

Features of the Hoover WDXOA596FN Washer-Dryer

Bringing together all the characteristics of previous models from the same manufacturer, and including the advanced properties from the Dynamic Next washing devices, this product offers the convenience of a dryer and supports a 9kg wash load and 6kg dry load. Fully intuitive, the gadget is packed with drying detectors that enable your appliance to adapt its drying cycle compatible with the laundry that you put in. This allows you to avoid over-drying and to decrease consumption to correspond to the load, which in turn cuts down on waste and energy costs.

All machines made by this company come with an A energy rating, A-rated spin, and wash class. The start delay option makes it possible for you to activate the program at a time that suits you. The  devices boasts the kind of performance that ensures a swift but effective wash and rinse; with 14-, 30-, and 44-minute programs you’re able to wash the laundry in the appropriate time. Thanks to its One Touch connectivity system and practical app, using this device is a piece of cake.

Advantages of the Hoover WDXOA596FN Washer-Dryer
  • All in One
    This technology allows you to rinse, at full load, diverse fabrics and colors together without the worry of the colors fading or bleeding. This can be chosen with either a quick or a low-temperature rinse.
  • Start Delay
    Thanks to this convenient characteristic, you can activate a wash program at a time that is the most suitable for you. You don’t have to be at home to fulfil this household task.
  • Rapid wash options
    All machines from this manufacturer come with three quick rinse cycles at 14, 30, and 44 minutes. With these options your clothes will be clean and dry in no time.
  • Flexible drying
    The drying detectors enable your combo device to modify its drying cycle to your clothes, automatically decreasing energy consumption to suit the load. Now you have the flexibility you need, and even smaller loads of laundry can be fully and regularly treated with minimal waste.
  • KG Mode
    This feature weighs the garments within the first 4 minutes of the cycle, adjusting the water, energy consumption, and run time with ultimate precision.
  • One-Touch
    The connection system with NFC technology allows you to keep your device under control for top-level performance and finest results every day. Simply by downloading the Hoover Wizard App and placing your smartphone on the device, you can find the perfect type of programming for your needs.
Bottom Line

Combining All in One and smart technology, this model is a fine choice for techies who like to have everything at their fingertips. It covers a wide range of consumers, as this model is suitable for a generous selection of various fabrics. Besides saving time and making it easier to control, you will have your clothes clean and dry using minimal effort on your part.  

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RD 1076 JD Washer-Dryer

Being equipped with a host of convenient and practical options, this machine promises incredible results from low-temperature rinsing. Thanks to this energy-saving feature, you have a product with excellent performance that will liberate you from a hum-drum chore and give you more family time. Exceptional stain removal and time-saving laundry programs are the main highlights of this useful appliance.

Implementing the company’s innovative Direct Injection Technology, the device easily eliminates more than 100 stains at 20° thanks to a supreme water and detergent premix that’s injected directly into the wash. By infusing the detergent and water before it comes in contact with your clothes, cleaning enzymes are triggered faster, infiltrating fibers more deeply and guaranteeing up to 60% more cleaning force, even at low temperatures. With a 1600rpm spin speed, the device has a washing capacity of 10kg and drying capacity of 7kg.

Features of the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RD 1076 JD Washer-Dryer

Capable of dealing with every challenge and offering multiple programs such as Super Wash, Fast Wash, and Eco cycles, this model is appropriate for every type of cleaning duty. By efficiently dealing with those emergency laundry occasions, Ready to Wear guarantees effective treatment in just 45 min to help get the most of your day, while the Fast Wash setting offers you another option to quickly get through laundry loads.

For an added level of convenience, Steam Technology utilizes natural cleaning forces at the end of the cycle to ensure a deep, thorough laundering of the grimiest pieces of clothing. If you want maximum efficiency, just fill the drum and then activate the Delay Start setting to choose a time up to 24 hours later for the washer to start – perfect if you want the cycle to finish just as you come home from work.

Advantages of the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RD 1076 JD Washer-Dryer
  • Steam Hygiene
    This practical option adds an extra period of steam at the end of a full wash cycle for a deep, intensive clean.
  • The Direct Injection technology
    This feature premixes water and detergent for better penetration into fibers and a quicker activation of the detergent enzymes, giving you extra cleaning power. The process can eliminate more than 100 stains at 20°c.
  • Spreading Drum Action
    The special movement of the drum is designed to avoid fabric friction and decrease fiber stress, thus offering greater color protection.
  • Anti-Allergy wash and rinse cycle
    Thanks to this effective option, the machine successfully deals with 99.9% of major allergens including pet dander, dust, and pollen. It’s so good it’s been awarded Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval for sensitive skin.
  • Ready to Wear
    This function guarantees an effective wash and dry cycle in less than an hour, leaving more time to relax instead of being in a constant hurry.
  • Steam Technology
    Using natural cleaning power at the end of the cycle to ensure a deep, detailed treatment to your garments, this highly-functional feature is ideal for items such as pet blankets and towels.
Bottom Line

Keeping in mind that allergies have become very common and wide-spread, it’s a huge advantage to have a machine that can help deal with these allergens. Thanks to a function that enables you to treat your clothes in less than an hour, this product is meant to meet the demands of the fast pace of our lives nowadays.

Integrated Washer-Dryer

Also known as a built-in, this type of appliance is great if you have a fitted kitchen and don’t want to ruin its streamlined look. These have a flat front so a kitchen cupboard door can attach to it, blending it in with your other elements. If you’ve previously had an integrated type, it’s best and logical to replace it with another of the same kind.

As they’re secured into kitchen units snugly and have a door to muffle noises, these models are usually quieter than freestanding machines. However, they can be tricky to install, so you might want to have someone do it for you if you haven’t got the necessary skills. In that case, be ready to pay an installation fee. Also, in case it stops operating, repairing one requires a bit more time as it’s trickier to get at it than it is for a freestanding type.

Baumatic BWDI1485D Washer- Dryer

If you are looking for a machine that encompasses a basic set of functions and comes in at a reasonable price, this may be the right choice for you. Being a build-in model, it will easily fit into your kitchen, occupying a minimum of space. The product has A ratings for water extraction and laundry washing, which is a strong proof of its quality.

This model is equipped with convenient controls, which means even beginners will have no problem learning how to use it. Adjust the cycles by choosing one of the 15 available programs, and use the Delay Start to save both money and energy. This way, you’re in control over when the laundry chore gets done.

Features of the Baumatic BWDI1485D Washer- Dryer

With a washing capacity of 8/5kg and a 1400rpm spin speed, this model is an ideal option for everyday family washloads and busy lifestyles. Tailored to seamlessly fit into your kitchen or utility room, it allows you to maintain your desired decor by simply installing a cabinet door. This way you will have an entirely functional device which doesn’t invade a lot of the space in your home.

This model is packed with 15 wash and 2 drying programs, which is a basic set needed for some common demands. Modern LED display and controls, along with a delayed start function, make it possible for you to “set and forget “ the laundry chore. There’s a digital countdown indicator as well.

Advantages of the Baumatic BWDI1485D Washer- Dryer
  • Delay Start 24h
    This option helps save energy and money, and enables the user to set the machine to start and operate at a pre-selected time. Moreover, such features allow users to take advantage of the lower energy tariffs that are usually available later in the evening.
  • Laundry washing efficiency rating A
    Having a A level of wash efficiency (how well they remove stains at set temperatures and using standard detergent), this one’s got the highest grade available for this category of device.
  • Water extraction efficiency A
    The efficiency with which they can spin clothing (how much water will remain in the clothes after the spin cycle has completed) is another proof of the high quality of this device.
  • Safety Lock
    This feature is designed to ensure that the control panel of the appliance cannot be accidentally changed during operation.
Bottom Line

This model is a great choice for those who don’t want to compromise the aesthetics of their space, or for those who have a fitted kitchen. Although not offering as wide a selection of additional options as other models, it is equipped with all the necessary functions that guarantee your clothes will be treated well.

What to Look for in a Good Washer-Dryer

When the time comes to decide which one suits you the best, it’s not just about buying the most expensive or the one from a fancy manufacturer. You need to pay attention to all the differences and go through the specs to see which set of features meets your demands. Here are the most common aspects to keep in mind when purchasing the combo type of washer-dryer:

  • Washing Programs
    All devices offer a suite of standard washing options, which include settings for cotton, man-made, and delicate fabrics at a range of various temperatures. Most types have bonus features such as pre-wash, spin, and extra rinse, and some have special settings for specific types of treatment such as hand-wash, curtains, sportswear, or even trainers.
  • Drum Size/Capacity
    Combos are all of a very similar size on the outside, but their capacities are not the same. Larger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to this feature. If you don’t fill up the drum, the bigger units can be less powerful because they use so much water in each cycle. If you rinse or dry with a full load in a larger model, you consume less energy, water, and time per item.
  • Filter
    All combos have a filter that captures fluff whipped up when drying, as well as bits of debris. These need to be cleaned quite often, which can be complicated on some models because they are often near the floor and can be tricky to open.
  • Condenser
    This feature cools moist, hot air inside the appliance, producing water which pours down the drain. This procedure requires a lot of water itself, making some combo types an unsuitable option for people with a water meter.
  • Energy Ratings
    Washer-dryers are rated between A+ and G for energy efficiency, with A+ being the most powerful.
  • Extra Features
    This entirely depends on the type of your clothes or, to be precise, the materials they contain. Among the options there are quick-wash, woolens, reduced-ironing, anti-allergy, handwash, extra rinsing, and delayed start.
  • Spin Speed
    The higher the rpm, the better it will dry your garments. Mind the material, as some fabrics dry more quickly than the others.
  • Interface and Connectivity
    Though these two have no impact on washing and drying itself, they do add more functionality to the machine. Some models can be paired with a smart device and activated via an app.
  • Water Temperature
    A machine with automatic temperature regulators will guarantee that the water entering inside will be the proper temperature. Regulators will add more hot water as needed to make sure the desired temperature is met. To kill even the toughest germs, a device will be required to operate at an even higher temperature. Look for a washer that offers a temperature boost or sanitizing cycle.
  • Noise Level
    Is your machine going to be in your basement or the garage? If so, you may not be concerned with the noise level. If your device is near a living area, though, you may want a unit that has more insulation and reinforced frames to minimize operation noise.
  • Safety
    While it’s possible to stop a front-loading device and add that missing item (usually a sock), your machine must have an automatic lock feature that will prevent the door from opening while it is operating.

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