The Best Walkie-Talkie

The Best Walkie-Talkie

By Stefan Mitrovic
After many hours of dedicated testing, we have selected the Retevis RT24 Walkie-Talkie PMR446 as the best walkie-talkie on the market. It is a good size, the screen is easy to read, and it offers an impressive range. It’s easy to carry around and simple to set up.

Walkie-talkies, or handheld transceivers, are devices that enable long-range communication. They were designed during World War II for military purposes and have continued to develop ever since. Nowadays, they are most used for business purposes, but are also frequently bought for personal use or recreation purposes.

If you’ve watched any action movie with walkie-talkies, you probably know how they work. The transceiver is normally set in receive mode. When you want to talk, you need to press the “push to talk” button that turns off the receiver and turns on the transmitter. Walkie-talkies have practical uses in our everyday lives but can also be a lot of fun.

Types of Walkie-Talkies

Have you always wanted a talkie walkie? Even as a kid? But they told you it’s for grown-ups? Well, they lied! There are different types of walkie-talkies, and practically, they are created for people from 7-107!

Walkie-talkies can offer quick and easy access to communication over short distances for almost any possible need. There are different types of walkie-talkies, and they range from professional models designed for specific purposes to kids’ toys. Below we explore the different types of walkie-talkies and their uses.

Business Walkie-Talkies

If you have a business that requires a lot of short-distance communication, a set of business walkie-talkies will help you a lot. These walkie-talkies are sturdier than the conventional ones, and they have better quality. Thanks to their higher wattage, these walkie-talkies usually have a larger range, so you can easily use them over relatively longer distances and still be able to communicate clearly even when there may be some obstacles.

A great advantage of these walkie-talkies is that the frequencies for business use are locked and inaccessible to common walkie-talkie users, so communication will be clean and without interference.

Baofeng 10 Pack Rechargeable 2-way Radio Walkie Talkies

Baofeng 10 Pack Rechargeable 2-way Radio Walkie Talkies works well anywhere and at all times. Its simple yet elegant design makes it practical for use in a wide variety of locations, such as airports, manufacturing plants, construction sites and concerts. Its new and high-quality electronic components make it reliable in receiving signal even in mountains and forests. This walkie-talkie allows you to communicate clearly and loudly, so it is ideal if you are on a construction site and you need an efficient and effective way to communicate with your team. It is lightweight, and very durable (1500mAh  Li-ion) battery has a long working life between charges.

Features of Baofeng 10 Pack Rechargeable 2-way Radio Walkie Talkies

This model is a two-way portable, wireless walkie-talkie. It has a built-in LED flashlight and comes with optional radio earphones, with the frequency of 400-470MHz, which are great for long-distance communications (up to 3 miles). It is for multi-environment usage; it works well in construction areas, at the airports, concerts, clubs, camping hiking, travels, etc. The Baofeng walkie-talkie has a handheld design, and it is very lightweight, which makes it really convenient to use. It features high-quality sound protection and provides a clear and loud sound.

Advantages of Baofeng 10 Pack Rechargeable 2-way Radio Walkie Talkies
  • Easy to use
    All you need to do is just tune two or more walkie-talkies to the same channel and you can immediately communicate effectively.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight
    All Baofeng walkie-talkies come with led light, allowing you to use it effectively in the dark!
  • Long Range Walkie-talkie
    It is a professional, long range walkie-talkie and it gives you a capability to communicate clearly in open areas without obstacles with a range of up to 3 miles.
  • Multi-environment usage
    This Baofeng walkie-talkie is ideal for a security team, supermarket connection, construction area communication, biking and hiking. and for many other purposes.
  • High-frequency radio headphones
    It has high-frequency radio headphones (400-470MHz), and it is great for long-distance communications!

The Baofeng walkie talkies is a high-quality portable, lightweight walkie-talkie. It provides clear sound even in long-distance communications. It has high-frequency radio headphones, built-in LED light, so by choosing it, you are choosing to have a great, reliable assistant on every occasion and at any time of the day.


Certain workplaces require nonstop communication without any limits. With this amazing walkie talkie, you will easily stay in touch with your colleagues and all of your talks won’t cost you a single penny.  It is suitable for a variety of workplaces and outdoor activities – even hikers can use them!

If you need a walkie talkie with outstanding features, this one is the right choice. It has an amazing, durable battery that will last the entire day, a great working distance and robust design allow you to use it in harsher environments as well. With numerous channels and frequencies, easily communicate with other workers!


The radio is made of high-quality and tough materials.  Thanks to the great choice of materials, it can be used in almost any situation. If you are planning a hiking trip, you will be able to stay in touch will your hiking buddy. Also, it is perfect for other outdoor activities as well and many working environments – construction, warehouses or industry.

With the durable battery, you don’t have to worry about losing connection in the middle of the day. Powerful Li-ion battery is rechargeable as well and makes sure you start your day prepared. Sixteen channels are available, all operating on UK light frequencies. License form is also included and once you file it, you will be ready to use your new walkie talkie.

  • Powerful battery
    As previously mentioned, the radio uses a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1500mAh. Such a long-lasting battery will allow you to use the walkie talkie for an entire day, without shutting down. Once you are finished with work, charge the battery overnight and it will be ready to use the next day. The radio uses a Desktop Charger that allows quick charging.
  • Operating frequencies
    All of the used frequencies are UK light frequencies and there are sixteen channels. To start using available frequencies, fill the included form and file it. You will get the needed license quickly and without any troubles. Also, the license will cover the next five years’ use and it is isn’t fixed on the number of radios.
  • Multiple-use
    The design is perfect for numerous uses. It is a handheld radio but comes with clips and straps for easy carry. This makes it ideal for different outdoor sports, activities and jobs. Also, tough materials can easily resist the harsh outdoor conditions.
Bottom Line

The construction workers, as well as outdoor sports fanatics, will benefit from this product. For the amazing price, you are getting two radios that will make sure you stay connected with other people, without any additional charges.

Outdoor Walkie-Talkies

Similar to business walkie-talkies, the outdoor type needs to be very sturdy and preferably water-resistant. Since you’ll probably use these while camping, hiking and spending time outside with your friends and family, outdoors walkie-talkies need to be tough enough to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures.

Another key consideration when it comes to walkie-talkies for outdoor use is their range. When using them to communicate with members of a team who may be spread out and some distance apart, you need to know you can still communicate effectively, especially in an emergency. A good quality outdoor walkie-talkie will have other useful features, such as emergency and weather alert, a flashlight and an excellent battery life.

BaoFeng BF-88E PMR Long Range Walkie Talkies

If you can’t trust a mobile phone’s battery when you need it most, or you’re stuck somewhere with no nearby cellular towers, these BaoFeng BF-88E PMR two-way portable, wireless walkie-talkies are for you! With an elegant, yet simple design and high-quality electronic components, these BaoFeng BF-88E PMR multifunctional walkie-talkies have an excellent range of up to 3 km,  and wide application usage. You can carry them pretty much anywhere and put your worries of lost communication aside. These walkie-talkies are ideal for biking and hiking. They are very practical and easy to use. The best thing about them is that they don’t work on mobile phone signals. They are affordable and with a frequency mode of 400-470 MHz, 16 memory channels, and a speaker of 700 mW, these two-way radios can be reliable and helpful for field survival.

Features of BaoFeng BF-88E PMR Long Range Walkie Talkies

These walkie-talkies have an antenna which allows a communication range of up to 3 km, depending on the circumstances or the environment. That way you can always stay connected! It has a channel selector, and a built-in LED flashlight for use in dark conditions. A great feature of these walkie-talkies is a low voltage alert, which indicates when the walkie-talkies need to be charged to ensure they are always ready for use. These devices also have a power saving feature designed to prolong battery life – super handy when you are on the go!

Advantages of BaoFeng BF-88E PMR Long Range Walkie Talkies
  • Wide range of uses
    Other than being perfect for hiking and biking, these walkie-talkies also have professional applications. Whether you work on the construction site, at a supermarket, or maybe for an emergency service, they will be of great benefit to you so you can always stay in contact!
  • Integrated flashlight
    With their integrated LED light, you will be able to use them during the day and at night. Use the torch to find your way and as a beacon to help others locate you.
  • Distance range up to 3 miles
    Their long-range communication distance will allow you to communicate effectively with your team, even on challenging terrain.
  • Easy to use
    Thy are easy to turn on and off and practical to carry around wherever you go. There’s no need to worry about whether you will have service or sudden battery shutdowns – the indicators will keep you informed.

There certainly are other high-quality walkie-talkies on the market, but choosing BaoFeng BF-88E PMR Long Range Walkie Talkies is the best offer there is! These walkie-talkies are available for a fair price and offer remarkable quality that is hard to pass up. If you decide to get them for yourself, you can be certain that they will fulfil your expectations!

Nestling 8pcs Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies-Long Range

If you need a way to stay in touch with everyone on your team, you should get these amazing radios. Make sure everyone uses the same frequency and in just one click, easily reach every single person. With 8 pieces in one pack, everyone will have their radio and communicate without any difficulties.

These radios are an amazing choice for any outdoor activity – hiking, climbing or skiing. Also, a variety of working places can benefit from using the radio as a communication device. Construction workers, employees working in warehouses, different companies or first aid teams can stay in touch. You will be able to cover a large area without losing connection or paying for the calls.

Features of Nestling 8pcs Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies-Long Range

The entire team can operate as one no matter the distance between the members. This radio operates on a long-range, allowing the non-stop communication between each person in the team. A battery will last for ten hours, easily covering one shift and it can be placed on standby for up to 90 hours. All you need for communication is the same channel and frequency.

There are sixteen available channels – more than enough for efficient communication. If you are on the field without any obstacles, everyone that is up to three miles away won’t have any trouble with hearing you. There is a year warranty if something unexpected happens to one of the radios.

Advantages of Nestling 8pcs Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies-Long Range
  • Effortless communication
    Mobile phones can sometimes be quite unreliable. Your communication is depending on the available signal, phone battery and you are wasting time while dialling a number or finding the one in the contact’s list. All of these problems are easily avoidable with this walkie talkie. There is no dialling, all you need is the same frequency and you will instantly get in touch with other people. Also, the calls won’t cost you a dime.
  • Adjustable
    These radios are designed to meet all of the needs. With ten radios, everyone will have their device and be able to communicate. It is perfect for skiing teams, hiking and climbing or different warehouses and industrial use.
  • Durable battery
    With 1800mAh Li-ion battery, the radios can be used for an entire day. Also, they are rechargeable and have an amazing standby time of 90 hours.
Bottom Line

You will be amazed by easy to use these radios are. By pressing one button, everyone will hear the needed instructions and get important information. Long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, tough materials and long-range are just some of the pros of these walkie talkies.

Kids’ Walkie-Talkies

Buying your kids walkie-talkies is a great and fun way of keeping them outside in the fresh air since they’ll have great fun playing with them, or keeping it touch with them over long distances. When purchasing kids’ walkie-talkies, it’s important to consider the durability of the materials used in their construction. We all know that kids have a tendency to break things, so it’s always better to buy walkie-talkies that can survive falls and encounters with water.

Keep in mind that the range of the walkie-talkies should be very long so you can reach them wherever they are. The functions should be straightforward to use, with simple controls, especially for younger children. Kids’ walkie-talkies are usually smaller and lighter so they can fit your kids’ hands without being too heavy to carry around.

Proster Children Walkie-Talkies PT-388

If your kids are adventurous, they’ll be desperate to try out these walkie-talkies. If you’re thinking about what to buy them as a birthday present, this pair of good-quality walkie-talkies could be a fantastic choice. With this device, they will spend hours playing outside with their friends and cousins, thanks to its great-quality batteries. It’s an affordable walkie-talkie, and a great way to both entertain your kids, and keep an eye on them.

Features of Proster Children Walkie-Talkies PT-388

This pair of walkie-talkies comes in four colours, which makes it a perfect toy for both boys and girls who need a practical and convenient way to communicate. The range of these walkie-talkies is 3km in standard conditions and up to 5km in open fields . They have eight channels to ensure clear communication without clashing with other communication devices in the area. The controls on this pair are very easy to use so your kids will figure them out in no time. With ten selectable tones for call alerts, kids will be able to set them as they prefer. The sound of this device is very clear, and the volume is adjustable. The LCD screen indicates the battery level, and the device will alert the user to remind them when new batteries are required. These devices are made of very sturdy and fall-resistant materials.

Advantages of Proster Children Walkie-Talkies PT-388
  • Auto scan
    This device will always scan for available channels of communication and choose the one that’s the clearest at that moment, so your kids won’t have to fuss around finding the channel by themselves.
  • Compact and lightweight
    This is very important because your kids shouldn’t be carrying around anything too heavy. The dimensions of these walkie-talkies with antenna are user-friendly (suitable for children). They’re really compact for little hands, and they weigh only 220g.
  • LCD display
    This display is backlit which means that you and your kids will be able to see it even during the evening when there’s not enough natural light. The screen shows the battery level, so you always know when the walkie-talkies need new batteries.

As you can see, these walkie-talkies are simple enough for your little ones to use them without problems, yet sturdy and quality enough to survive the falls. Your kids are going to love these fun and interesting devices while playing outdoors.

Amateur Walkie-Talkie

These walkie-talkies are usually more affordable than professional devices. They are meant to be used for fun and outdoor activities with your friends and family, as well as effective communication at events like music festivals. These devices usually have an auto scan for the available channels, and the controls are really easy to set up and use.

The range of these walkie-talkies isn’t usually large because they’re not meant to be used for long-distance communication. The dimensions of the amateur walkie-talkies are smaller and more compact compared to professional ones, so they can be easily used by everyone. They are lightweight and feature standard functions such as battery alert and a flashlight.

Retevis RT3 DMR Ham Radio Digital Walkie-talkie

If you like using walkie-talkies and you find them fun and interesting to play with, you should try out this Retevis model. It is a great choice for all of you who need a walkie-talkie to use around the house or outdoors with your friends if you decide to go hiking or camping. Even though amateur walkie-talkies usually aren’t of the same quality as the professional ones, this model will surprise you with its numerous useful features that are difficult to find on other amateur devices, as well as its durability and clear sound.

Features of Retevis RT3 DMR Ham Radio Digital Walkie-talkie

This walkie-talkie offers 1000 channels you can choose from in order to find the one that’s the clearest and without the interferences. With this device, you can make single and group calls, as well as send short texts and voice messages. Thanks to that function and the keypad, this walkie-talkie looks a lot like a vintage mobile phone. The device has a quality battery and you’ll be able to use it up to 14 hours between charges. The screen is LCD, and the brightness can be adjusted for optimum viewing. On the side buttons, you can create your own shortcuts and adjust them according to your preferences. Digital noise reduction ensures that communication will be smooth and clear no matter the surrounding noise level.

Advantages of Retevis RT3 DMR Ham Radio Digital Walkie-talkie
  • VOX function
    This function allows you to communicate hands-free, and you need to use it hands-free. Thanks to this function, the belt clip and the headphones that are included, you’ll be able to communicate even when you’re busy working or doing something else that involves your hands.
  • Channel scan
    The device will scan for a free channel for communication. It will automatically scan through 1000 channels in order to find the best one for you to offer the clearest signal while you’re talking.
  • Long battery life
    While the majority of amateur walkie-talkies have batteries that offer only eight hours of use, this model has a really good battery that will allow you to use the device for up to fourteen hours. This is a great feature when you need to use the device outdoors for a long time, and you’re unable to charge it.

This is one of the best options on the market when it comes to buying a good-quality, sturdy amateur walkie-talkie that offers a variety of channels and good-quality sound no matter where you use it. So, if you’re searching for a durable device to use both indoors and outdoors, this model is the one for you.

License-Free Walkie-Talkie

If you’re planning to use a walkie-talkie labelled “General Mobile Radio Service”, you’re going to need a license to use it or otherwise you could end up paying a fine. That’s why you should look for walkie-talkies that don’t require a license in order to avoid paying too much money.

So, if the walkie-talkie you want is labelled “FRS”, “MURS”, “DLR” or “PMR446” (for Europe), this means that it’s a walkie-talkie for personal and business use and the frequency it’s using doesn’t require a license. That’s why it’s important to carefully research all of the features of the walkie-talkies you’re considering because only then can you be sure you’re buying one that doesn’t need a license to be used.

Retevis RT24 Walkie-talkie PMR446 License-free

As said, it’s very important to make sure that the walkie-talkie you need for a professional or private use doesn’t require any license since you won’t need it if you want to communicate with workers, friends and family. Paying a license you don’t actually need will make you lose money unnecessarily and that’s why you should avoid that. If you’re searching for a good-quality pair of walkie-talkies that are easy to use, durable and won’t require a license, these Retevis devices will allow you to legally communicate in any country in the European Union and the UK.

Features of Retevis RT24 Walkie-talkie PMR446 License-free

This device features 16 personal channels that will block any signal that’s not wanted. Your communication will run smoothly, without interference, and the sound will be clear and loud enough for all users. The battery will last you for up to 10 hours of active use and 40 hours on standby. The charger is USB, which makes it practical to charge in a vehicle. Each of these walkie-talkies comes with an earpiece and with a belt clip for when you need to use your hands for something else. The device is small, compact and light, so you’ll be able to use it anywhere you go without difficulties. The range of the device is good, meaning you can communicate even when you’re 3km apart.

Advantages of Retevis RT24 Walkie-talkie PMR446 License-free
  • Alloy metal frame
    This makes the devices very durable and resistant to damage when dropped. This is useful if you need to use the walkie-talkies in construction sites or while hiking. They’re also water resistant, meaning they can be used whatever the weather.
  • Hands-free
    The earpiece is included in the box, and it also features a mic. Thanks to that and the belt clip, you’ll be able to communicate with the added convenience of not needing your hands.
  • USB charger
    The charger comes with a base that is very practical to use when you’re spending time outdoors and need to charge your device in a vehicle.
  • Long battery life
    The 1100 mAh battery will allow you to use the device for up to 10 hours thanks to the battery saving options the device has. Also, if the device is in standby, it can last up to 40 hours.

This is one of the best license-free walkie-talkies on the market. You’ll be able to communicate without interference while hiking or camping and without worrying about legal consequences since you won’t need a license.

What to Look for in a Good Walkie-Talkie

Now that we understand the different types of walkie-talkies, let’s look at what features are worth considering to ensure you get a good walkie-talkie for your needs.

  • Frequency and Range
    Depending on how and why you plan on using a walkie-talkie, the frequency band of your model is the most important thing to consider. The vast majority of walkie-talkies on the market today run on Ultra High-Frequency waves between 400 and 512 MHz which are only useful for short distances and generally indoor usage. If you are using your walkie-talkie over long ranges, you’ll want Very High-Frequency waves between the ranges of 136 and 174 MHz. Remember that depending on the walkie-talkie you choose, you may also require a license to operate.
  • Battery Life
    Some walkie-talkies come equipped with built-in batteries which are generally ideal unless you’re going to be away from a power source for an extended period. Otherwise, many walkie-talkies can be powered with standard AAA batteries or AA batteries.
  • Number of Channels
    If you’re using a walkie-talkie recreationally, you generally won’t need more than a few channels, but some walkie-talkies can offer many hundreds. Usually, the more channels your walkie can connect to, the more expensive the device will be, so if you don’t need 40 channels, it’s best not to pay for them. It’s also likely you’ll need a licence for a wide range of channel options.
  • Material
    Generally speaking, most walkie-talkies are built using durable plastic and will be about the size of the palm of your hand. That being said, the quality of plastic generally upgrades with the device, and some may even include rubber for added grip and shock resistance, which makes it less likely that you drop the walkie during usage. Some walkies may also be equipped with a hands-free option which could be desirable depending on your usage.
  • Watts
    The higher the wattage of your walkie-talkie, the better its signal range will be. If the distance is a concern, look for a 3-5w walkie-talkie. It’s worth noting, though, that the higher the wattage, the higher the price.
  • Privacy Codes
    If you’re using your walkie-talkie to conduct business, you may want to consider a model with built-in privacy codes. Privacy codes effectively work the same way as your mobile phone’s lock screen, preventing any unwanted users from accessing and using your device.
  • Flashlight and Backlights
    If you are using your walkie-talkie at night or in dark areas, you’ll want a model that includes a backlit display to help you navigate to the correct channels in situations without much light. Additionally, it never hurts to look for a model with an LED flashlight to guide your way in the dark.
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
    If you are using your walkie-talkie in a noisy environment, perhaps with many other walkie users nearby, you’ll want a device that is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone. This helps drown out unwanted noise when you’re using the device.
  • Waterproof
    If you’ll be travelling outdoors, often where there is potential for rain or other wet conditions, it’s worthwhile to explore walkie-talkie options that are waterproof or water resistant. While you might still want an external case for added security, buying a walkie-talkie with this feature will make it less likely for your device to be affected by sudden rainfall.
  • Indoor & Outdoor
    Some walkie-talkies are built to withstand hard weather implications better than others, but if you are only using your walkie-talkies inside, you’re unlikely to require such a model. The more features on a walkie, the more expensive it will be, so consider your budget in addition to how you’ll be using your walkie before deciding.
  • Text Messaging
    Newer models of walkie-talkie can even be used to send text messages to friends and family by linking to your mobile phone. Even if your phone’s data is out of range, these walkies will still work, and they’re encrypted, so your information is still safe. This can be really helpful in emergencies, so if you think you’ll be out of cellular range at any point during your travels, consider a walkie-talkie with this feature.

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