The Best Waffle Maker

The Best Waffle Maker

By Stefan Mitrovic
With so many different types of waffle maker available, choosing the one that will suit your needs can be challenging. To make things easier, we’ve completed hours of testing and discovered that the best waffle maker out there is the GLOBAL GOURMET – American Waffle Maker Iron Machine. The plates are made of non-stick stainless steel, ensuring even distribution of heat and easy clean-up. This waffle maker will definitely be a sweet addition to your kitchen.

As a kid, nothing beat breakfast on the weekend. Fresh eggs, bacon, fruit and delicious, fluffy, syrup-covered waffles. We know your mouth is watering just at the thought. Waffles are one of the tastiest ways you can start your day or have as a sweet treat before bed; in fact, we’d be hard-pressed to find a time when making waffles wasn’t a great idea.

While few things compare to a traditional waffle with butter and maple syrup, with recent innovations in waffle makers, there are many different types of waffles you can make, and all you need to do is find the right one for you.

Types of Waffle Makers

Waffle makers have many different features and functions, and figuring out which types of waffle makers are out there with all their unique and special features will help you decide which one you should go with, so let’s take a look at what’s available.

American Waffle Maker

American waffle makers are as traditional as they come. They create perfectly circular waffles just like your mother used to make, or like the ready-to-toast variety you can purchase in the frozen aisle of your local grocery store. These waffles tend to be thinner than Belgian waffles which many believe adds to their appeal.

They are also one of the easiest waffle makers to use and are a great economical option, particularly for those who only like to make waffles once in a while or on special occasions. To operate, simply turn it on, heat it up, pour your waffle mixture into the designated frame and close the lid. Minutes later, you’ll have delicious, tasty, round waffles for the whole family to enjoy.

GLOBAL GOURMET – American Waffle Maker Iron Machine

This premium waffle maker can help you make original American homemade waffles in no time. The non-stick cooking plates allow you to make delicious waffles without anything sticking to the plates and to clean the waffle maker with ease afterwards. Maybe this one doesn’t have all the perks of an expensive waffle maker, but it is still great for the price, or if you just need a sweet treat from time to time. Made from stainless steel and non-stick material, the GLOBAL GOURMET is a pretty good waffle maker, and at just 1.6kg it doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

Features of GLOBAL GOURMET – American Waffle Maker Iron Machine

Although this small appliance isn’t particularly fancy or shiny, it does what it’s supposed to do and makes good old traditional waffles. It has a nice, round design and a light indicator that shows when the waffle maker has reached an ideal temperature. Even though it looks modest and simple, it has many functions such as temperature control, deep plates to prevent sticking and light indicators. It also comes with recipe book, so try them all and tell us what you think!

Advantages of GLOBAL GOURMET – American Waffle Maker Iron Machine
  • Plates
    The plates on this small appliance are extra deep so you can make a thicker waffle if you desire. Also, the plates are non-stick, so you won’t have a headache when it comes to doing the dishes.
  • Temperature control
    You will be able to bake the waffles just as you like them. Simply set to the desired temperature and wait for the red light. Be careful: this appliance doesn’t turn off automatically, so you’ll need to watch your waffles to make sure they don’t burn.
  • Light indicators
    This small appliance doesn’t have just one, but two light indicators. You will always know if it’s on or off, and with the red indicator, you’ll know for sure when your appliance has reached the desired temperature.
  • Wrapping cord
    Minimise storage problems with the GLOBAL GOURMET – it includes cord-wrapping technology for safer and easier storage.
  • Recipes
    You won’t have to touch your phone or your computer with dirty hands; this small appliance comes with recipes and ideas on how to cook traditional American waffles.

We agree that this is not a first-class waffle maker, but for a modest price it is more than enough to make and enjoy original American waffles.

Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian waffle makers are arguably the most sought-after style of waffle maker on the market due to their distinct square shape and their thickness. While American waffles are on the thin side, Belgian waffles are much thicker, usually at least 2.5 cm, but upwards of 3.8 cm.

This unique style results in a soft, doughy waffle on the inside, while the outer layer is brown and crisp for a satisfying crunch. Belgian waffles are popularly eaten as a dessert, topped with whipped cream, ice cream, syrup or other colourful sauces.

Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker

Are you, by any chance, in love with waffles, and have you ever tasted a famous Belgian waffle at least once in your lifetime? No matter what your response to this question might be, you will certainly be interested in this special waffle maker. It brings out the taste of classic, thick, and delicious Belgian-style waffles. Belgian waffles are known for being extra thick, and that means you can fill them with your favourite ingredients. This waffle maker helps create not only tasty but amazing-looking volcano-shaped waffles. And it’s as easy as it gets – simply pour the mixture into it and enjoy delicious waffles in no time. This one comes from a famous manufacturer who offers a 2-year warranty; it belongs to an affordable price point category and will definitely make your delicious treat with an authentic shape and taste.

Features of Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker

This innovative Belgian waffle maker features the amazing “volcano” design, which will create beautifully-shaped volcano waffles almost effortlessly. The mixture will be evenly distributed; all you need to do is pour in the mixture and the Andrew James Volcano waffle maker will do the rest. Furthermore, it has specially designed funnel clips that will make the pouring much easier. With the measuring cup, you will never miss the “right dose” of the mixture, and this will prevent possible leaks and spills. What makes this waffle maker even more worthy is its non-sticky, cone-shaped plates that make it much easier to remove and lift out the freshly-cooked waffles. Once you are finished making this delicious treat, simply store the waffle maker away. By unclipping the funnel, you will be able to neatly store it below the machine. The device looks great and it will fit your modern kitchen perfectly. This one is simple, convenient, and effective.

Advantages of Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker
  • Innovative design
    The unique design is one of the best things this waffle maker has to offer. It will create volcano-shaped, thick Belgian waffles while evenly distributing the mixture and preventing it from dripping or spilling.
  • No-mess
    You don’t want a waffle maker to be messy. That’s why this one offers specially-designed funnel clips that make the pouring part much easier and mess-free. There is a measuring cup that’ll help you determine the right amount of mixture to use.
  • Sticky-free plates
    You definitely don’t want your waffles to stick to the plates when you remove them. Be sure that removing and lifting out your freshly cooked waffles will be a piece of … waffle!
  • Easy to store
    By unclipping the funnel and storing it underneath the machine, you will save some space when storing the whole machine itself.
  • Easy to clean
    Now, you don’t want to spend an hour cleaning your waffle maker. That’s why this one has a neat, friendly design. It only takes minutes to completely clean it!

All in all, this one is quite a simple waffle maker. Not many “additional, modern features” are included, but that’s not crucial in creating delicious Belgian waffles. This one has a great design, is easy to clean, and you’ll say it is definitely worth the money.

Ceramic Waffle Maker

Most waffle makers are covered with a coating similar to Teflon, but for those looking for something a little different, there are ceramic plated options available. Ceramic coatings on appliances like waffles makers tend to be less sticky and are therefore much easier to clean, which anyone who has ever made homemade waffles knows is a huge time-saver.

Additionally, ceramic-coated waffles makers are known for not affecting the flavour of the waffle and are manufactured without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. They’re generally more expensive, but your peace of mind may justify the price.

Breville VST072 Duraceramic Deep Fill Waffle Maker

If you have ever experienced the real pleasure of eating an original Belgian waffle, you will know how difficult it is to find the exact same taste anywhere else. No need to worry – Breville is here with a solution. Its VST072 DuraCeramic Deep Fill Waffle Maker will make your wishes finally come true and bring back memories. Breville has a long history of customer satisfaction, starting in the 1970s, and this company has managed to stay in the market with innovative, high-quality products and ideas. It won’t disappoint you with its newest innovation either – the waffle maker.

Features of Breville VST072 Duraceramic Deep Fill Waffle Maker

Experience this simple yet elegant piece of technology that makes the exact same waffles as those served in Belgium. It’s so incredibly easy to use and maintain that you’ll just wish you bought it sooner. It’s very stable, so there are no worries about tipping it over. Simply plug it in and you are good to go. From its eye-catching, futuristic design to its breathtaking features, this small appliance will become an essential part of your day. Its smart design requires little storage space and its look is just amazing. Closely resembling a briefcase, it’s easy to carry on family trips too!

Advantages of Breville VST072 Duraceramic Deep Fill Waffle Maker
  • Indulgent
    This small appliance allows you to make a treat for the whole family, or a nice, sweet meal for yourself. Everyone deserves a sweet reward after a tough day.
  • Design
    Not only does this small appliance looks fantastic, but it’s also great at its job. Breville has designed this waffle maker so it heats up faster than any other waffle maker and provides perfectly browned waffles in a matter of minutes.
  • Coating
    You get what you pay for with its superior DuraCeramic coating, which gives better results than a regular protective coating.
  • Closing
    Allowing for no empty spaces between the edges, this small appliance doesn’t let anything leak out of it. It’s perfectly sealed and it will keep the mixture inside to provide nicely shaped waffles with perfect straight edges.
  • Compact
    Lay it down or stand it upright: this waffle maker can do both, allowing it to adapt to your storage space. But Breville didn’t stop there. It also made a place for the cable, allowing for a neat and compact storage solution.

Breville stands out once again and shows why it has been a major player on the market for over 40 years. Treat yourself or buy it as a gift for someone you love. This beautiful waffle maker will make every member of the family happy.

Flipping Waffle Maker

A more recent innovation – waffle makers that flip – are growing in popularity and can be made of Teflon, aluminium or ceramic. The flipping action allows for a more even distribution of the waffle mixture into the plates without spillage, and since they are regularly flipped upside down, the waffles cook through better.

These styles of waffle makers can rotate on a hinge or flip vertically 180 degrees, so you have some options to choose from. This functionality will ensure that nobody takes a bite out of your waffles only to find that the centre is still raw!

Savisto Rotary Waffle Maker

Do you ever crave a morning routine, but have never managed to create one? This waffle maker from Savisto might help you out, as it’s sure to make you want to use it every morning. Savisto made a big impact when it marketed this amazing small appliance at a more than reasonable price. It’s very safe because so it’s so stable you can’t tip it over while it’s hot. It’s also lightweight, simple to use and has many settings – and it’s not often you can say “simple” and “many settings” in the same sentence!

Features of Savisto Rotary Waffle Maker

This powerful rotating waffle maker will cook waffles for the whole family, up to four at a time. It is easy to clean due to its non-stick cooking plates and you can control the temperature while the waffle maker is still working. With its rotating capability, this professional waffle frying pan produces high-quality waffles in the comfort of your own kitchen. Grease the waffle maker pan with a drop of oil and turn the temperature regulator to your ideal setting while you prepare the mixture. When the green warming light goes off, the plates are ready. Pour in the mixture, close the cover and turn it up to 180 degrees. In four to six minutes, you will have delicious, fresh waffles.

Advantages of Savisto Rotary Waffle Maker
  • Simple and easy to use
    This small appliance will soon become part of your daily routine because of how simple it is. You can make all kinds of international waffles, from French to Belgian in just four to six minutes, and you won’t have to worry about the mess either.
  • Rotation
    The rotating action will spread the mixture all around the pan, making professional waffles with even distribution. Maximum pleasure in every bite.
  • Double heating plates
    This small appliance works on 1000W of energy and provides equal heat to the top and bottom heating plates, cooking your waffles all the way through.
  • Control
    You have full temperature control over this waffle maker allowing you to make the waffles crisp or soft according to your taste.
  • Stable
    Savisto understands that reliability is the most important characteristic of a good-quality small appliance. That’s why it took care to create a stable waffle maker that won’t end up on the floor the minute you turn your back.

Once you have tried the waffles from this amazing Savisto waffle maker, you won’t be able to resist them. Allow yourself a sweet treat every day – you’ve earned it.

Stove-Top Waffle Maker

Stove-top waffle makers have not fallen by the wayside just yet; in fact, for many, they’re seen as the superior option for making mouth-watering breakfasts. They are sometimes referred to as waffle irons because of their design. While this style of waffle maker does require the use of your stove to operate, it doesn’t contain any electrical components that might need repair.

Stove-top waffle makers are also compact and easy to store when they’re not in use unlike some of the newer designs. Additionally, stove-top waffle makers are a breeze to clean as you can submerge the entire unit into the water for a good soak.

KitchenCraft Non-Stick Traditional Belgian Waffle Maker

This small appliance by KitchenCraft is going to bring back your childhood! It’s a traditional design with a modern twist, and will bring sweet, square Belgian waffles right into your kitchen. This small appliance comes with a heatproof handle which can be removed for easy storage, and due to its dimensions of 22 x 13cm, you won’t have a problem storing it.

Features of KitchenCraft Non-Stick Traditional Belgian Waffle Maker

This KitchenCraft waffle maker lets you enjoy fresh, warm, traditional waffles day in, day out. It’s easy to use but still makes delicious food – simply warm the plates, pour in your mixture and close the handles together. In only a couple of minutes, you’ll have yummy waffles ready to cover in sweet toppings. Best of all, it is really easy to clean thanks to the non-stick finish, and you will be amazed at how easily the waffles come out of it. As the matter of fact, you will probably start making waffles every day, but watch your waistline!

Advantages of KitchenCraft Non-Stick Traditional Belgian Waffle Maker
  • Traditional
    Transport yourself back to childhood or show your children what you enjoyed when you were young. With this stove-top waffle maker, KitchenCraft has combined a traditional look with modern functionality.
  • Simple
    Make the mixture, prepare the plate, warm it up, pour the mixture in and close it up. This small appliance is the simplest waffle maker you can get. You can experiment with mixtures because the batter just won’t stick to it.
  • Small (less bulky)
    This waffle maker is unlike other makers as it can be disassembled into two pieces for easier storage. You’re much more likely to use it again and again when it’s this easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Warranty
    It’s packed – just like a waffle – as a sweet gift. As well as the waffle maker, you will find a 12-month guarantee in the box, just in case something unexpected happens. After all, life is unpredictable.

Experiment with ingredients and cook waffles just the way you like them. This small, traditional appliance will assist you in your experiments and help you get the best out of making and eating waffles without having to worry about cleaning or storage.

What to Look for in a Good Waffle Maker

Next, let’s check out the key features that you should look for in your waffle maker to ensure you’re getting the best appliance for your needs. Here are some things that you should look for in a good waffle maker:

  • Ease of Use
    As you may have already worked out, some waffle makers are more challenging to operate than others and your choice will depend on your usage; you may not require a unit that is fitted with all sorts of bells and whistles. When looking for your new waffle maker, consider your lifestyle and how it will impact your meal planning. Some waffle makers just require you to turn them on and heat up the plates, while others might need a little more work. You’ll not only want to make sure that your waffle maker is easy to operate but that it is also easy to clean since there’s nothing as frustrating as scraping hardened waffle mixture off the tiny nubs of a waffle plate.
  • Temperature Control
    Not everyone likes their waffles the same way, and if having control over the crispness or softness of your waffles is important to you, then you might be eager to try a device that includes some degree of temperature control. Some machines come preloaded with settings to help you achieve your desired result, and others you’ll have to keep more of an eye on as you adjust the dials, so consider how you’d like your waffles to turn out when purchasing a waffle maker.
  • Drip Tray
    Let’s be honest: waffle batter is one of the messiest things to work with, especially first thing in the morning before your coffee has kicked in. To help keep your countertops clean, consider a waffle maker with a removable drip tray. This will help collect any waffle mixture that has seeped down the sides of your model, and since it is removable, it’s as easy to clean as tossing into a sink full of soap or, better still, straight into the dishwasher.
  • Waffle Plates
    Since not all waffles are the same shape, specific brands and models come with a plethora of waffle plates. Whether you want to relive your Disneyland vacation with Mickey Mouse shaped waffles or make romantic heart-shape waffles for a loved one, there are waffle plates that will give you the shape you are looking for. Additionally, some waffle makers are designed to be entirely multi-functional so you can use them with a flat plate for pancakes, for example.
  • Indicators and Alarms
    Have you ever lifted the lid of a waffle maker prematurely only to find that the batter isn’t cooked and you’ve now made a terrible mess? This is where having a model equipped with indicator lights comes in handy. Some waffle makers may only have an indicator for when the device is heated up and ready, while others also indicate when the waffles are ready to be removed from the plates. There are also those which come equipped with audible alerts for the visually impaired. Regardless of the model you choose, be sure to thoroughly read through your operator’s manual to understand what all the functions do, to avoid being left with a very messy kitchen.
  • 180-Degree Flipping
    This is a key feature to look for in your waffle maker. As we mentioned above, waffle makers with the ability to flip are a tremendous asset as this allows the batter to be more evenly distributed to ensure a perfectly cooked waffle every time. When looking for this feature, aim for one that can flip 180 degrees, rather than those that rotate on a hinge, as they are far more durable.
  • Cleaning
    Finally, when dealing with sticky substances like waffle mixtures, you should consider how accessible your model will be to clean. Waffle makers, by design, are not clean friendly, but if you choose a model with removable plates, for example, you can save a lot of time during the clean-up. Also consider what your waffle maker is made from, as some materials, like ceramic, are easier to wipe down than others.

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