The Best Umbrellas

The Best Umbrellas

By Stefan Mitrovic
We’ve tested the best umbrellas for you to find the one that is most effective for protecting you from bad weather and preventing your head and clothes from becoming wet since that can cause colds and headaches. After multiple tests, we think that the Repel Compact “Teflon” Fast Drying Travel Umbrella is the best one on the market. It kept our heads dry in both test conditions and real rain and it stayed as good as new after multiple uses in really strong storms.

If you have ever experienced a broken umbrella due to strong winds and rain, you know how awful it feels. There’s no worse feeling than being completely showered with rain with no place to hide because your umbrella is broken.

That’s why it’s important to choose an umbrella that will stay in one piece no matter the weather. These days, many umbrellas double up as parasols to protect you from the sun. We are here to provide you with the information you need in order to choose the best umbrella for you.

Types of Umbrellas

When starting our research, we were surprised to find out that there are four main types of umbrella to choose from. It’s a simple thing that in everyday life doesn’t seem so relevant until facing heavy rain and wishing we had better protection over our heads. That’s why we should discuss all the types, and then you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Firstly, think about the area you live in – are there are a lot of rainy days or is it mostly dry during a year? Do you need a compact umbrella for travelling, or do you prefer a longer, larger one? Are you planning to use it for protection from the sun as well as the rain? Let’s describe all of the types so you can compare them and match them to your daily needs and preferences.

Foldable Umbrellas

These umbrellas are very popular nowadays because they are very compact and can be easily packed in a bag. These umbrellas are very practical and easy to take with you on a daily basis or always keep in a bag or any other small space (car, closet, locker etc.) for when they are needed. Depending on the model, they can be big when you open them out, but all of them are designed to fold away to very small dimensions so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Even though they’re very practical, a poorly made foldable umbrella can actually be the worst choice because they are prone to breaking more easily. Also, they’re easy to forget or lose somewhere since they are small and can be overlooked. However, they are very convenient and if you’re going on a trip and you need to bring an umbrella with you, the foldable type is definitely the most practical one, especially if you have to travel by plane and need to save as much space as possible.

Repel Compact “Teflon” Fast Drying Travel Umbrella

Our top pick is this Repel model of compact umbrella that will most definitely keep your head dry even when there’s heavy rain. If you live in an area where it rains regularly, you’ll probably always need to bring an umbrella with you. That’s why a foldable umbrella can be practical for you. You can easily pack the umbrella in your bag and always have it handy when it’s necessary. You’ll be more than happy with the sturdiness of this model. Even when there’s a strong wind, this umbrella won’t turn inside out and break, and with a variety of colours to choose from, you can select the one you like the most. It’s so compact and lightweight that you won’t even notice it’s in your bag.

Features of Repel Compact "Teflon" Fast Drying Travel Umbrella

The most practical feature of this umbrella is its size – it can fit in most bags when folded. It has an auto open and close system which makes it easy to operate with only one hand – this is perfect when you have to carry a lot of bags with you. The frame is made using nine durable fibreglass ribs, and they are flexible enough to withstand strong winds without breaking. The canopy is waterproof, and it will dry almost immediately even after heavy rain because it’s Teflon coated, meaning it repels most of the water. The handle, just like the ribs, is durable and sturdy, and the end is rubberised and anti-slip, for a better grip even when your hands are wet. It features a wrist strap and a travel sleeve for easier carrying.

Advantages of Repel Compact "Teflon" Fast Drying Travel Umbrella
  • Teflon coated
    Sometimes you won’t be able to leave the umbrella to dry after the rain, and you’ll have to pack it even if it’s wet. With this umbrella, you won’t have that problem since the Teflon technology provides quicker drying, so you won’t have to put a wet umbrella in its sleeve and damage the belongings in your bag.
  • Nine ribs
    Other foldable umbrellas usually have only six or eight ribs – this one has nine. This means that it’s more stable and sturdier and that the strong frame will keep the canopy in its place no matter the strength of the wind.
  • Lifetime replacement
    If something happens with your umbrella and you’re not happy with how it’s working, the manufacturers will send you a new one for free!

You should really buy this umbrella if you’re searching for a foldable model that will be sturdy and durable and that won’t let you down when you have an important meeting to go to and can’t afford to arrive there soaking wet from the rain. Enjoy the compact design that will keep your head and outfit dry anywhere you go.

Newdora Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella

Another foldable and highly practical umbrella is this model from Newdora. This umbrella is also sturdy, and its waterproof canopy will make sure you arrive at your destination dry. Weathered hair and a ruined outfit can potentially spoil the rest of your day, and this umbrella won’t let that happen. If you want an umbrella that’s strong enough to withstand winds and rains for years to come, and still look as good as new after regular use, this model should be your choice. Fold it and keep it in your purse, backpack or a locker – it will fit all spaces and be easy to open and close when you need to do it quickly. Not only is it good for rainy days but it is also great protection from strong sun rays!

Features of Newdora Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella

The canopy of this model is made of polyester taffeta; it is completely waterproof and it dries very quickly. The frame is made of durable stainless steel, and it has ten ribs that are made of fibreglass which means that they are both sturdy and flexible, and they will hold the canopy where you need it even when there’s a really strong wind. When closed, the umbrella is only 28cm long, making it is so compact and easy to pack. However, when you open it, the canopy has a large 120cm diameter to keep you completely dry. The handle is made of frosted plastic, and it has a button that opens and closes the umbrella automatically for added convenience. When you close the umbrella and need to pack it immediately, you can put it in its absorbent bag that has special fibres inside that will absorb the water and keep your umbrella dry.

Advantages of Newdora Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella
  • Absorbent bag
    If you’ve ever had your belongings ruined by a wet umbrella inside your bag, you will really appreciate this feature. The bag is made of special material that has the purpose of absorbing the water and not allowing it to dampen your personal items.
  • Automatic switch
    This option is very convenient when your hands are occupied, and you aren’t able to open the umbrella manually. All you have to do it press the button and the umbrella will open/close in no time.
  • Sturdy construction
    With ten ribs, this is one of the sturdiest umbrellas on the market. The ribs are designed to be flexible and be able to resist all those windy days that could ruin your hair and outfit.

Every aspect of this umbrella is carefully designed to be convenient to use as well as to offer great protection from the rain, wind and sun. With this model, you can be sure you’ll have a durable, compact umbrella to bring with you in years to come.

Stick Umbrellas

This is the most conventional model of umbrella. They usually have a really comfortable handle, and they offer a large diameter which provides better protection from the rain and wind. Due to their size, they are less likely to be forgotten or lost than the compact foldable umbrellas described above. We particularly noticed that tall persons may enjoy the convenience of this type of umbrellas since they are big enough to protect their larger frames.

If you live in an area that regularly has heavy rain and need an umbrella for daily use, rather than travelling and convenience, a stick umbrella may be the category you should choose from. They are usually very sturdy, and they provide good protection. The comfort of their handle and their shape makes them easy to open and close quickly when needed.

RoyalWalk Large Windproof Umbrella

As the name of the manufacturer says, this umbrella certainly has a royal look! What draws the eye to this model is its beautiful and elegant design. You must agree that a lot of stick umbrellas don’t look very nice, and sometimes it can be a reason you avoid taking it out with you. This model will look good with every outfit and, most importantly, it will protect you from the rain. Thanks to its large canopy, you’ll be perfectly protected and dry. If you like classic, conventional umbrellas that are sturdy and well made, this Royal Walk model is the one for you.

Features of RoyalWalk Large Windproof Umbrella

If you thought that ten ribs were great, this model has sixteen of them. The ribs are made of fibreglass, and they are durable and flexible. This strong frame construction is important to keep your hair and clothes protected from the wind and rain. Even though it’s sturdy, it’s very lightweight so you won’t have problems carrying it around. The handle is long, stable and curved at the end. That part is made of natural wood that offers both stylish looks and comfort for your hand. The diameter of the canopy is large enough to fit two persons underneath, so it’s a great solution for both you and your partner. It opens with the push of a button, and it comes with a sleeve that has a shoulder strap for easier carrying.

Advantages of RoyalWalk Large Windproof Umbrella
  • Design
    Even though it’s black and seems simple, this umbrella stands out thanks to its sleek and elegant design. The natural wood handle gives the umbrella a classic elegance that will complement you outfit perfectly.
  • Big canopy
    This can be an advantage if you’re out with a partner or a friend because it will easily protect you both. It is also a nice feature when you’re alone and need a bigger umbrella for better coverage.
  • Sixteen ribs
    There’s no chance of this umbrella falling apart even in a very strong storm. The construction is so sturdy that it will make sure the umbrella and its canopy are always in their place without breaking.
  • Canopy material
    The canopy is made of Premium 190T Pongee fabric which means that it’s waterproof and the water will run off quickly, leaving the umbrella dry and ready to be closed.

Big diameter umbrellas have a lot of advantages – they will cover a larger surface and do a better job of protecting your hair and clothes. That’s why you should choose this umbrella if you don’t mind carrying a larger model with you and you like its classic and elegant design.

Bubble Umbrellas

When there’s a strong wind and the rain seems to be falling from all directions, sometimes a standard umbrella is not enough to keep your hair and face dry. This can be awful at any time but especially when you have an important meeting to go to and need to look your best. In cases like these, a bubble umbrella can help a lot.

The canopy on these umbrellas is deeper, like a half of a ball, and they are designed to completely cover your head and shoulders to perfectly protect you on all sides. They are very sturdy and almost impossible to turn inside out, meaning your hair and face are never exposed to the rain and wind. Bubble umbrellas are made of clear materials so that they can completely cover your head and shoulders but still allow you to see where you’re going. And even though they are a bit bulky and can be annoying to carry around when they’re closed, they can save your hair and makeup when you really need them to.

Becko’s transparent bubble umbrella

This umbrella is one of the most beautiful ones on the market. If you love rain and you enjoy watching it, but you still have places to go and need to stay dry, this umbrella will be perfect for you. Thanks to its transparent canopy, you’ll be able to see what’s happening around you. Many different models may block your view, but not the bubble umbrella. The interesting design with its stylish lace edges will make you stand out when carrying this umbrella, while still being protected from the elements and remaining dry. The bubble design is the best when the rain is falling from all directions because it will completely cover your face, hair and shoulders and the wind won’t be able to turn it inside out.

Features of Becko's transparent bubble umbrella

This cute and romantic canopy is made of POE plastic that’s waterproof, so it’s not only pretty and stylish but also very practical and functional. The frame is made of durable, sturdy aluminium, and the ribs provide strong support to the canopy since they are made of fibreglass. The umbrella is very lightweight, making it comfortable to carry in one hand. The J-handle is made from strong plastic that is designed to match the colours in the canopy for even more style and beauty during those grey rainy days. The umbrella opens and closes manually, and it is 90cm long, with a canopy diameter of 84 cm, which is more than enough to cover one person and leave them a lot of space under the bubble.

Advantages of Becko's transparent bubble umbrella
  • Bubble shape
    If you live in an area with strong winds, you know that even if an umbrella is sturdy and doesn’t break, you can still end up with a bit of rain in your face and hair because the shape doesn’t cover you completely. That’s not the case with bubble design because it’s curved enough to cover your hair and shoulders to keep you fully protected.
  • Design
    This umbrella has a really unique and romantic design. To enhance the practicality and convenience of the transparent canopy, it is decorated with beautiful hearts, flowers and lace. This makes it perfect for occasions such as weddings and cocktail parties that are outdoors.
  • Lightweight
    While bubble umbrellas can be a bit bulky, this one is very light and easy to carry around which you’ll appreciate when you have a lot of stuff to carry around.

This umbrella should be your choice if you like cute and romantic designs with a transparent cover so you can still see where you’re going, knowing that your hair and makeup are fully protected. It is both beautiful and strong enough to protect you from rain and wind. It can also make a nice gift for your loved ones.

Golf Umbrellas

If you like the conventional style of the umbrella, but you need something a little larger, you should choose a golf umbrella. They are usually very sturdy and, since they’re designed for golfers and their equipment, they have a canopy with a much larger diameter that will keep you protected from the rain and the sun.

Another noticeable feature is that the handle is not curved; it’s designed for function rather than aesthetics. The handle is rubberised for better comfort and grip in wet conditions. These umbrellas are an amazing choice whether you use it for sports or when needing to keep a number of people or belongings protected from the rain. We would say that these umbrellas make the best parasols to protect you from the sun both because of their shape and their size.

Procella Golf Umbrella

Last but not least on our list is this Procella golf umbrella that offers great protection from rain, wind and sun. Even though it’s mainly designed to meet the needs of golfers, to protect them and their equipment from the rain or sun, this umbrella is versatile enough to protect a whole family caught in a sudden downpour. If you need a sturdy umbrella with a large canopy to protect you and your loved ones when you’re out and about, or you’re a golfer and want to protect your equipment, this amazing umbrella has got you covered.

Features of Procella Golf Umbrella

The best part about this umbrella is its incredibly strong structure and frame. It has eight reinforced ribs that are made of fibreglass and that are flexible enough not to break, but they don’t allow the canopy to bend and leave you exposed to the rain. It’s been tested in extremely strong winds, and passed with flying colours. The handle is rubberized to offer perfect grip no matter what the weather. It opens automatically with the push of a button, and it closes manually. However, there’s no need to worry about possible pinching because this model features a pinch-less system for pain-free closing. It’s very lightweight and easily portable. It comes in a variety of colours, and a matching sleeve with a shoulder strap is included.

Advantages of Procella Golf Umbrella
  • Large canopy
    The diameter of the canopy is 157cm which is more than enough to comfortably cover two persons – in fact, a whole family could squeeze under it in an emergency. It’s great for that large golf equipment because it will completely cover and protect it. It’s also a great umbrella for tall persons that have trouble finding the umbrella that protects them completely.
  • Unbreakable
    As the tests have proven, this umbrella will withstand the strongest winds. If the area you live in is very windy, this could be a great choice for you because the structure won’t bend and break, so you’ll have the umbrella for years to come.
  • Gift for golfers
    If you have a friend that adores golf and you don’t really know what to buy them because you don’t understand their equipment, this umbrella can be a nice and practical choice. They can use them on and off the course and think of you every time they carry it.

We conclude our list with this outstanding umbrella that is most likely to last you for decades since it is amazingly sturdy and can protect you and your loved ones from rain, wind and sun without breaking. It will always look as good as new no matter how often you use it.

What to Look for in a Good Umbrella

Now that you know the different types of umbrella that exist, you probably already know which one is best to meet your needs. They all come in a variety of sizes and designs, allowing you considerable choice when it comes to style. Other than the shape, there are other very important features to consider when deciding which umbrella to purchase, let’s look at the most important ones:

  • Waterproof Material
    This maybe sounds like an obvious feature, but you’d be surprised if you knew how many manufacturers use poor quality materials that are not completely waterproof. This is the main function of every umbrella, and it needs to protect your head from the rain. There are many umbrellas with different kinds of high-quality materials, from polyester taffeta to POE plastic. A lot of them nowadays have a transparent canopy that is great if you want to completely cover your head and shoulders but still see where you’re going.
  • Sturdiness
    The ribs, the frame and the handle need to be very sturdy and well-made if you want your umbrella to last even when there’s a strong wind that’s challenging it, and that could turn it inside-out if it is not strong enough. The material used to make the canopy should also be sturdy in order to last you for a long time.
  • Weight
    With the sturdiness comes the weight. More sturdy umbrellas are usually heavier. This is great against the strong wind, but if you’re not a physically strong person, this may be difficult if you’re going to hold it for a long time. However, don’t compromise on sturdiness, but try to find an umbrella that is both sturdy and lightweight.
  • Canopy Diameter
    Depending on the area you live in and your height, you should choose an umbrella that will completely cover your shoulders and arms. It’s always useful to have a bigger umbrella since it will protect your clothes better and in the case you have a backpack, it can keep it dry. There are a lot of umbrellas that will comfortably cover two people on the market, which is a great for couples, but also an awesome choice for very tall persons.
  • Open and Close System
    This feature is usually not as important as the previously mentioned ones, but maybe for some of you out there it is, so we should mention it anyway. A lot of the umbrellas today have an auto-open system which means that your only job is to press the button on the handle and the umbrella will open in no time. This can be very convenient, but the button, if poorly made, can get stuck after a number of uses. If you’re afraid that could happen, choose an umbrella that opens and closes manually.
  • Handle
    Today, you can choose between J-shaped or stick handles, depending on your preferences. The handles are made of different materials; some manufacturers choose wood, some plastic, and a lot of them lately choose rubber. Rubber handles are usually more durable and easier to grip in wet conditions, but wooden handles are definitely more stylish.
  • Design and Colour
    It’s completely up to you to determine what colour and style suits you best. However, if you live in a sunny area and you’re planning to use the umbrella not only to protect you from rain, but also as a parasol to protect you from the sun, it’s always better to choose a lighter colour that can reflect the sunshine.
  • Carry Sleeve
    When it comes to foldable umbrellas, this feature is very important because a quality sleeve will protect your belongings from your wet umbrella when you pack it away in your bag. If you want a larger conventional umbrella, a lot of them come with a carry sleeve that usually has a shoulder strap. This can be convenient for carrying the umbrella around when the rain stops.

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