The Best Treadmills

The Best Treadmills

By Stefan Mitrovic
40 different treadmills were tested for our review of the best treadmills on the market, and it came down to this one. We found the Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Treadmill to be the best option for both those just getting started and those that have been into running for years. The variety of flexible options, great performance, and high durability made this treadmill stand out from the rest.

When you think about exercising, treadmills are somehow the first product that comes to mind. There are indeed many different machines and gadgets that one can use while working out, but treadmills are suitable for both beginners and those who have been exercising for quite some time. Each device is a story in itself; that’s why you need to be familiar with specifications and features. It’s the only way to choose one properly.

Our reviews here will try to introduce you to different types of treadmills with some representative examples that were positively reviewed. Moreover, you will find a brief guide on what to look for when buying a treadmill. We sincerely hope this information will be of help. Having a solid knowledge of a certain item definitely makes it easier to decide whether it’s the right one for you.

Types of Treadmills

There are different ways to categorise treadmills. You can do it by the method they use to operate (manual, motorised, smart), their size (big, small, middle-sized), usage (in the gym, at home), price (low, high) etc. The list is practically endless, as there are indeed many parameters one can use to determine whether a certain treadmill is suitable for your needs.

Here we shall take the operating method as a basis. There are three different types currently available: electric/motorised, medical/smart, and manual. We will give a detailed description of machines that fit into each of these categories. Knowing their differences is actually what may be of help when choosing this piece of equipment. They are all used for different purposes, and once you have this clear, you can decide which one is the most appropriate for you.

Motorised Electric Treadmills

With any of this type of device, in general, the main difference compared to the manual type is their variety of features, both in number and options. Two main considerations are duration of use and available pace, and additional ones might be features such as a heart rate monitor or calorie-burning indicator. Moreover, some models may include a GPS or a holder to place a water bottle. And that’s not all — some products even have a video or audio player to make the exercising experience even better.

But know that sometimes it may be difficult to make an objective decision. Large fitness and health centres offer top-quality brands, and these are most pricey when bought for the home. But patience pays off, so don’t be lazy — hunt for various discounts and sales. One more thing we would like to point out as an important feature of the electric treadmill is the motor type. Choose one with a continuous duty rating (expressed as horsepower), as this is the most convenient and reliable operating mode.

PremierFit T100 Motorised Electric Treadmill

If you are looking for a product that offers some unique features, this is the one! Designed to provide exercise and entertainment at the same time, it has a built-in iPad holder. This means you get to enjoy your favourite content, both video and audio, while working out! Speaking of convenient add-ons, two separate bottle holders and built-in speakers and a towel holder are definitely worth mentioning. To continue with the extras, let us not forget an emergency cut-off cord which adds value to the safety of this workout gadget. Being a foldable model, you can easily accommodate this without its occupying too much space. In addition, assembly is more than easy.

Features of PremierFit T100 Motorised Electric Treadmill

With three manual and twelve built-in exercise programs included, this piece of equipment comes with a lifetime warranty on the electric motor, with two years for parts and the frame. The incline is 4%, which is an industry-recommended value. The speed adjustments start from 1km/h and go up to 10km/h. It includes the option to pre-set exercises, which allows you to work-out at various levels of intensity. This is amazing news because by switching modes you boost calorie burning. This flexibility in settings leads to better overall health. In addition to all the functions and options, 90 kg is the max user’s weight this device can support.

Advantages of PremierFit T100 Motorised Electric Treadmill
  • Lifetime warranty for motor
    This is indeed a fantastic positive side as the motor is the most expensive part of the entire device. Besides this coverage, the frame and parts have a two-year warranty.
  • Adjustable exercises
    You can either manually select one of three settings or opt for one of the twelve built-in programs. Like we mentioned, switchable modes contribute to healthier exercising.
  • Unique features
    These details, even though not of vital importance, certainly make a product a more favourable than others. They make exercising more convenient and pleasant.
  • Space-saving model
    For those who have difficulty finding a spot to set up a treadmill, this one may be a good model to opt for, as it’s foldable.

We find PremierFit T100 – Motorised Electric Treadmill/Folding Running Machine with Heart Rate Monitor, AUX Input and Speakers to be just the product one may be looking for because of its balance between price and quality. Moreover, due to its trouble-free assembly and simplicity of use, this one is highly recommended for people who are rehabilitating. All in all, for the price you pay you get more than a decent and useful item.

Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill

If a brand name can speak for itself, this device surely sounds like one you can trust. To start with, unlike other models, this has a multi-functional LED. It displays time, calories burned, distance covered, and speed. It also has a heart rate monitor — be careful to use this only when walking, not while running. Consumers particularly appreciate the practical side of the product, regardless of the category it falls into. Being foldable, this one certainly belongs to the group of convenient models. It doesn’t require too much room for storage; that’s certainly great news for those who don’t live in spacious apartments.

Features of Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill

With the speed ranging from 1 to 12 km/h, it allows the consumer a wide range of exercising levels based on intensity. This means one can begin by walking, and gradually progress to running step-by-step. Moreover, there’s a program with 12 built-in fitness modes for just the right adjustment for your preferences. There are three levels of incline, and you can set this manually. The product features an emergency stop clip. This is of great importance, as it automatically stops the machine if you fall — provided that you previously clipped it to your clothing, of course. Furthermore, the weight limit is rather high — up to 120 kg.

Advantages of Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill
  • High weight limit
    This characteristic is particularly important to people who are corpulent, as the limit is up to 120 kg.
  • Foldable model
    Having in mind that people have trouble with crowded apartments and accommodation of bulkier objects, this feature makes this product more favourable than some other models.
  • Multi-functional LED display
    You almost get the impression you are in some sort of personal laboratory, as there are so many parameters you can follow.
  • Emergency stop clip
    Safety is also of great importance when it comes to exercising. No matter how reliable a product may be, accidents happen, so a stop clip feature does come in handy.

Our overall impression of the Confidence GTR Power Pro 1100W Electric Motorised Treadmill Running Machine is very positive. It has everything it takes to be a noteworthy product. Some additional features would make this one even better. Yet, for the price you pay, you surely get quite a decent and satisfactory product. After all, the main consideration in buying a treadmill is its quality and diverse exercising options, and this device certainly gives you that.

PrestigeSports XM-PROIII Motorised Treadmill

What does it take to label something as prestigious? Don’t get confused, as the name of this product implies a top-quality workout. This one comes with e-books, disc, and a bottle, which are certainly fine additions. Besides this, the device is well-packed with numerous practical gadgets such as built-in speakers and a LED display. You will also find bottle and towel holders. As you can see, the manufacturers wanted to put a special accent on making exercising an enjoyable activity.

Features of PrestigeSports XM-PROIII Motorised Treadmill

When selecting a workout device, the first thing you pay attention to is specifications. This one has one manual and twelve auto settings, and numerous functions to find the most convenient and suitable mode for your needs. The device has various data readings such as pulse, calorie counter, speed, distance, and time. Handrails include sensors to measure heart rate. With 10% of adjustable incline, available in 3 levels, you can find the precise setting that suits you. The max speed you can achieve is 12 km/h, and you have three buttons to select a “quick speed” mode. The max weight allowed is 110 kg, which is excellent news for heavier consumers.

Advantages of PrestigeSports XM-PROIII Motorised Treadmill
  • Plenty of additional features and gadgets
    It’s not only about the technical but the practical side as well. These extras can sometimes be the main factor when making up your mind between two products of similar performance capabilities.
  • Convenient to store
    Like the treadmills we already described, this one is also foldable. It also comes with transport wheels, which adds value to the overall practical aspect.
  • Large running surface
    The expanded surface gives a more comfortable experience, and it reduces bouncing. That feeling of extra space certainly improves the experience in general.
  • Emergency stop
    Let us not forget safety as a significant factor. This piece of equipment comes with a magnetic key.

When you consider PrestigeSports XM-PROIII Treadmill 2018 Model Motorised Running Machine, Folding, 12KPH Speed, 3 Level Manual Incline, Speakers, Auto Lube, 12 Auto + 1 Manual Program, Pulse in general, it’s definitely worth your attention. Besides those common and expected features, this model is rich in additional content. That certainly guarantees quite a pleasant and fulfilling exercise experience. Best of all is that this well-equipped device is also budget-friendly.

Medical/ Smart Treadmills

There are people who exercise for fun or for the sake of maintaining a good shape, but some do it for medical reasons. Treadmills are now available in this very special mode that meets the needs of that group of people. These feature numerous options and adjustments that place them into the previously described group. But its purpose is what makes it a separate category.

Speaking of options and functions, pulse registration is the most outstanding one. To get the proper data on this, you need to use the treadmill with a chest belt. They also feature an incline option, which is an excellent function that increases the possibilities and exercising modes — provided, of course, that you use it properly. Moreover, you can connect it to an ECG or Spiirometri for additional readings.

Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Treadmill

High-tech gadgets are widely available, and many people have been using such devices for quite some time. With the growing number of techies who are into exercising, treadmill manufacturers needed to find a creative solution. This product represents just the thing they are aiming at, as it is equipped with a high-quality LCD touch screen and includes an LAP feature. To continue with its supersonic options, this foldable product features Dual Shock Smart Deck Absorption which provides additional support. It seems that the manufacturer did a nice job in packing this one with some useful content.

Features of Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro' Treadmill

With a 5-year warranty on frame and motor and a 2-year warranty on parts and labour, this piece of gear comes with a great running area. Moreover, you also get 1.8 mm running belt. This treadmill has a great max speed which you can set up to 17 km per hour. As for the incline, it has levels from 0 to 15, which indeed gives tons of options to adjust and personalise your work-out session.

Advantages of Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro' Treadmill
  • Easy to store
    It seems that “foldability” has become a must-have when it comes to treadmills. This one belongs to that group.
  • Matt included
    Even though this is not an accessory that commonly comes along, it’s quite a useful add-on. It adds to the diversity of exercises you can perform while working out.
  • LCD touch screen console
    Tech-savvy consumers are definitely going to enjoy this feature, as it makes exercising look more futuristic.
  • High max running speed
    Avid runners are going to love this option, as it allows more challenging and demanding exercising sessions.

Without any doubt, Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Touchscreen Console Treadmill is a product worth the attention. It has exceptional quality and functionality. But the price bothers us. Even though you get plenty of useful options with this product, still you cannot deny it’s a pricey item.

Manual Treadmills

Unlike their electric counterparts, machines in this category are operated manually and do not have a lot of supersonic features. What strongly characterises this type is their lack of noise. If you have a problem with some loud distracting sounds, then this could be an issue with motorized items. But if one plans to enjoy watching TV or read a book while exercising, these manual models may not be as smooth as you may think.

Main characteristics one should pay attention to and check out are weight, size, stability, durability, portability, and ease of folding. Sounds like too many things to have in mind, but this is a piece of exercise equipment that will be placed in your home. Therefore, you must be aware of all potential aspects that may become troublesome over time. Let us not forget the price, as it also plays an important role when buying this piece of gear. Again, compared to motorised treadmills, these are significantly affordable.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

To complete our thorough research with one more item by Confidence, we would like to introduce you to this manual model. Not all consumers are obsessed with the numerous options and functions available; what they look for is a basic exercise and nothing more. That’s what you get in this type of treadmill. Of course, we have to point out that this one is not completely feature-free. It comes with a multi-function computer which displays various measurements such as distance, speed, calories, time, and odometer. What more do you need? These readings are very important because they help you track your progress while working out.

Features of Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

Unlike all the mechanical models, this one doesn’t come with a wide range of options. A good side of it is that it’s rather simple to use, as there are no twisted and complicated functions. We stress this aspect as not all newcomers in exercising know how to use a treadmill. It may sound funny, but to be honest, unless you have read the manual, chances are you won’t quite grasp every single feature immediately. That’s what makes manual models intuitive when it comes to initiating and using them. This model can support up to 100 kg. It has eight selectable levels to adjust the workout based on your preferences. It also includes a fixed gentle incline, which adds more variety to exercising. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Advantages of Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill
  • Quiet and smooth
    Unlike motorised ones, manual treadmills are noticeably quieter, which is a characteristic many people appreciate. Exercising is also a way of relaxation, and it’s even better if there are no unwanted sounds to bother you.
  • Easy to store and transport
    Built-in wheels make it convenient to move this foldable piece of equipment wherever you want it. Moreover, it features a simple lock pin mechanism to break it down.
  • Display with multiple data readings
    It does come as a useful and practical aspect that practically every manufacturer includes some features that allow you to measure numerous important functions while exercising.

If you are looking for a basic product of good quality, then you may freely opt for Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Running Machine. It comes from a reputable manufacturer specialising in workout devices. The company is already recognised for delivering convenient and reliable brands that are practical and simple to use. Of course, like its motorised counterpart, a manual model also has its own specific advantages that make it more suitable for a certain category of exercises. The price is also reasonable.

What to Look for in a Good Treadmill

Like we mentioned earlier, there are many things that one may take into consideration when choosing a treadmill. The main thing is to define your purpose in having one prior to actually buying it. Each of the types has some specific features that determine them as suitable for recreation, medical purposes, heavy training, and similar reasons. So, we shall include as many aspects as possible here to help you determine precisely which one suits you the best.

  • Price
    Let us start with the most bothersome segment, at least for the majority of us. Treadmills are definitely not budget-friendly items, but there are ways to make a smart deal and not end up spending a fortune on one. Hunt for discounts or opt for used yet well-maintained models. If you decide to buy a used treadmill, make sure you check out all the functions to see if they work. Price tells a lot, but sometimes it tells nothing. So, keep your eyes wide open and be smart when buying a treadmill.
  • Purpose of Usage
    This is more or less the starting point, as it decreases the choices to a single category. What you plan to use the device for (exercise, rehabilitation, toning, weight-loss) determines which type suits you, and then you can look at some more specific segments to help you choose.
  • Size
    If you are living in an apartment that’s already crowded, this will be an aspect that matters a lot to you. There are different sizes of treadmill available. Prior to buying one, you need to decide where you will store the machine. It has to be a place that won’t be used for some other purpose. What we aim at is minimising the moving of a treadmill; if done frequently that may result in damage and malfunctions. You can also choose a folding machine, which is definitely more convenient when it comes to storage.
  • Belt Size
    This feature is also a significant one. There are running and walking belts, and it’s your height that actually determines which size is the most suitable for you. Also, these parameters may vary if a treadmill is used by more than one person
  • Max Weight Rating
    Larger people should pick sturdier machines — quite a simple logic. Be realistic, because choosing an improper piece of equipment will cause trouble down the line.
  • Speed
    If walking is your cup of tea when it comes to treadmills, then speed settings shouldn’t bother you. But if you are into running, make sure the device will be able to support your wishes. Opt for those that go up to 10 mph or even higher than that.
  • Incline and Decline
    This feature certainly adds value and overall usefulness by simulating outdoor running conditions the best way possible. Choose machines with 10% or more incline. Ideally, look for machines that feature both incline and decline.
  • Stability
    You don’t want to bother with that horrible feeling that the treadmill is about to deconstruct as you ramp up the speed. Make sure the machine doesn’t shake when you walk or run. Check the frame as well.
  • Commands and Features
    Overall, you should look for a model with basic functions that are intuitive. The point is to have a physical exercise, not a mental one necessary to solve the puzzle of how to operate the treadmill. As for added features, that depends on the purpose of exercising, but some necessary ones would be calorie burning or heart rate indicators, as well as a water bottle holder.
  • Cushioning
    This is what helps to protect your joints from over-impact during exercise. This is particularly important for runners. Some devices have adjustable cushioning, and there are those with a differential as well. Overall, this aspect is of great significance as it reduces the risk of injury.

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