September 19, 2021

Thinking about your next travel adventure? Be fully prepared before you start and buy the best travel pillow you can get to save you from the annoying neck pain associated with long-distance travel. Our top pick is the J-pillow travel pillow as it is super comfortable and offers great neck support. With this product, neck pain will be a thing of the past.

Even though visiting foreign countries and exotic destinations is super fun and interesting, travelling can be really exhausting and uncomfortable, especially if those destinations are far away and you have to spend a lot of time in one position. Some people have the gift of falling asleep anywhere, without the consequences of pain in their back and neck, but the majority of us aren’t so lucky, and most of us find it hard to fall asleep on a plane or train, not to mention small and cramped bus seats.

Sleeping in a sitting position is not natural, and doesn’t allow our body to get enough rest; sometimes it actually makes us feel more tired. If our neck is in the wrong position, it can leave us with neck and back pain that could last for days. That’s why a simple thing like a travel pillow can be a great help during the long hours we spend in our seats. A travel pillow is especially helpful for those who have had an injury in the past and can’t sit in one position for too long. It will provide you with comfort and allow you to get some sleep even though you’re not in your bed. That’s why choosing the right pillow is very important. In this guide, we offer you a description of every type of pillow on the market so you can decide which one would be the best choice for you.

Types of Travel Pillows

Since everyone is different and we all have different sleeping styles and preferences, there are a lot of different travel pillows on the market. Some people prefer softer pillows, some sleep better on the inflatable ones, and a lot of travellers sleep well on memory foam pillows. Choosing a regular sleeping pillow is crucial to your health and good posture – it’s the same with travel pillows!

A travel pillow, if chosen well, will help you feel better during your bus or train ride, flight or even while camping. Choose wisely, and you won’t be disappointed. Firstly, you should do the research on every type and decide which one would be best for you, and then you can explore all the options of that chosen type. So, without further ado, let’s talk about which types are out there.

Inflating Travel Pillow

Inflatable travel pillows are a great option for those who need a pillow that won’t take up too much space when they’re not using it. The advantage of these pillows is that they can fit into your luggage or bag without a problem before and after your flight or camping trip, and they won’t add too much to the weight of your luggage. Even though they are practical for packing, you should make sure you find a pillow that has an auto-inflate and deflate setting, so the process lasts only a few seconds.

Another important thing to think about is the pillow’s material. Since the inside of the pillow is filled with air, it can be very delicate and may puncture easily. Choose a durable, high-quality material, and you won’t have to worry too much. Also, a pillow made of soft material, preferably plush or fleece, is better than plastic and offers more cosiness and comfort.

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillow

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillow

This pillow is the companion you are looking for if you have trouble sleeping well outside but adore camping and spending time in nature. This comfortable pillow will give you the support you need so you will feel rested and relaxed even when you’re not sleeping in your own comfy bed.

This travel and camping pillow is made of durable, multi-layered polyester and elastic TPU fabric which makes it the perfect choice for sleeping outside since it’s water resistant and difficult to damage, allowing you to sleep and travel anywhere you want. The material is anti-slip, and you can be sure your head won’t slide off the pillow while you’re sleeping.


When packed in the storage bag you get with it, this pillow is smaller than a soda can, which is practical for packing, especially when space in your bag is limited. You can easily inflate the pillow with three to five breaths and deflate it in a matter of seconds. Adjust the firmness of this pillow according to your preferences and the neck support needed. It’s available in many different vibrant colours.

If you need something compact and easy to carry, this inflating Trekology pillow should be your first choice. Spend time in nature and sleep well in the open on this ergonomically designed pillow, without having pain in your neck and back afterwards. Don’t let anything ruin the time you spend camping and travelling with your friends and family.


  • Compact - This pillow is small and convenient. When it’s deflated, its dimensions are 2.6 x 5.1 x 2.6cm, so it’s smaller than a soda can. It’s perfect for carrying in a pocket or effortlessly packing in luggage since it doesn’t take up too much space – so convenient! Since it weighs only 78g, it is a great choice when travelling by plane because it adds almost no weight to your carry-on luggage or backpack.
  • Shape - The ergonomic design of this pillow makes it the perfect choice for everyone, no matter which sleeping style you prefer. It offers great neck support in any position, and it can also be used as support for your lower back if you need to spend hours sitting – either in front of the computer, driving or on long journeys.
  • Material - One of the most important features of this pillow is its durable material. This means a lot when you’re outside because it’s easy to damage the pillow and bag in which you’re sleeping. The multi-layered and elastic fabric won’t disappoint, and it will stay as good as new for years.


Even though campers are prepared to sleep in uncomfortable positions and terrains, that doesn’t need to prevent them from enjoying nature, and a little help to provide better comfort is always welcome. Make your camping and travelling experience even better with this affordable, practical and comfortable pillow and have a good night’s sleep under the stars.

Microbead Travel Pillow

If you prefer very soft and cosy pillows, this type will be the best for you as the beads inside the pillow make it soft, squishy and flexible. Also, if you’re on a budget, this type has the widest price range of the most affordable travel pillows, thanks to its simplicity. These pillows are a great choice if you need a product that you can use even when you’re not travelling, for example, while you’re driving or working in an office, or if you just need a nice waist or lower back support. Since this type of pillow is very flexible, it will adjust to any part of your body.

A microbead travel pillow is easy to pack and lightweight, so it is practical for flights and airports. An important thing to keep in mind is the filling which can create a mess if you cut or rip your pillow. Make sure you choose a high-quality, thick material that won’t be easily damaged, even though this requires investing a little more money. However, a pillow this comfortable and soft with a durable and quality cover is worth the price.

ADEPTNA Microbead Travel Neck Support Pillow

ADEPTNA Microbead Travel Neck Support Pillow"

If you like soft and squishy pillows that feel cosy, this ADEPTNA pillow is the one for you. Its unique shape makes it a great support for both your neck and back, leaving you feeling rested while travelling or even taking a nap at home.

The cosiness and flexibility of this pillow will make you forget every other travel pillow you’ve ever tried. Uncomfortable seats on a plane, train or bus won’t be a problem for you as this pillow will perfectly adjust to your body and give it the support it needs, preventing any possible neck or back pain.


It’s well known that microbead travel pillows are the softest ones on the market, so if you don’t like the hardness of memory foam pillows, try out this ADEPTNA model. The material is soft and stretchy but very durable, which is important for this type of pillow because no one wants to make a mess with the microgranules that are inside these cushions. The super soft polyester won’t rip, and it will conserve the original shape of the pillow for a long time.

Since it is important for travel pillows to be practical and convenient for planes, this model is very lightweight and compact – its dimensions are 15 x 35cm. The shape will fit any seat perfectly, and you can adjust it however you want, using it for either neck or back support or simply to rest against the wall of the plane, lean your head on and enjoy a quick nap.


  • Versatile - As well as using it as a travel pillow, you can also use this product in your home. The softness of the fabric makes it the perfect cushion for cuddling up to when you’re stressed and need something calming and cosy. Keep this pillow on your sofa for cat naps, and you will feel recharged within minutes.
  • Design - The unique shape of this pillow allows it to be used as neck and back support while travelling, but also at work if your office chair doesn’t provide enough support, or if you need help with your posture when driving.
  • Material - This pillow’s material is very flexible and durable. The high-quality polyester will look good for years, and it will always stay soft and warm. The microgranules will adjust to your body in any position.


Not only is it comfortable, but this pillow is also one of the most affordable on the market. For a great price, you will get perfect support while travelling, working or relaxing at home, and a product that will help to reduce stress thanks to its soft fleece that creates a comfortable and cosy paradise, perfect for your afternoon naps and lazy Sundays.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If you like sleeping on a memory foam pillow in bed, as a lot of people do, this type of travel pillow is your holy grail. Memory foam is popular because it adjusts to the user’s shape and so it can be considered the most universal option on the market. It offers great support for your head and neck, and is perfect for hours of sleeping on planes, buses etc.

Even though the material is adjustable, different pillows have a different level of softness, so be sure you try out a few models before choosing. However, since the material will retain your body heat, a pillow like this can make you hot and sweaty. Keep that in mind when you are deciding and look for a pillow that is breathable and won’t raise your body temperature.

Aidapt Memory Foam Neck Cushion Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow: Aidapt-Grey-Super-Soft-Velour-Luxury-Firm-Memory-Foam-Neck-Support-Cushion-TravellingTVReading-Eligible-for-VAT-relief-in-the-UK

The shape of this pillow is the one almost all of us imagine when we are thinking about a travel pillow. The U-shape is the most popular one on the market because it’s the most universal and it fits almost every neck. The memory foam is adjustable, and it will be comfortable for everyone, offering good, firm support for your head and neck. If you have trouble sitting for too long but you need to travel a lot, this pillow will make your life much easier. With it, you won’t end up in pain even after spending hours on a plane, bus, train or car. After reading about the advantages of this product, we are sure you won’t have any problem deciding which pillow to buy.


As previously mentioned, one of the most significant features of this pillow is its material. Memory foam is popular because it fits almost every head and neck perfectly and offers firm support in uncomfortable positions while travelling. It’s also great for relieving tension in your neck and shoulders at home or at work. The pillow is lightweight and easy to carry around and its attractive teal green colour and soft velour cover make it look and feel more expensive than it actually is. Even though the Aidapt pillow is affordable, the quality is excellent, and it will be your travel companion for years. In addition, the cover is removable, so it’s easy to keep clean.


  • Lightweight - What good would a travel pillow be if it wasn’t travel friendly? Even though this pillow is made of memory foam, not the lightest material, it still only weighs 240g, so you won’t have trouble carrying it, even on flights.
  • Easy to wash - A lot of travellers underestimate this feature thinking it’s not so important if they only use their pillow once or twice a year. Planes, buses and trains are full of bacteria, so it is crucial to be able to wash your pillow after every trip. This model has a removable cover that can easily be washed so you will always have a clean and hygienic travel pillow.
  • Gift idea - If you have a friend or a family member who is going on a long trip and you want to give him/her a special but useful gift, this teal green pillow is both attractive and practical. Your loved one will have something to make those long hours more bearable, the softness of the material will feel cosy and it will also remind them of you!


Even though it’s human nature not to trust products that are cheaper than the rest, you can be sure that this pillow’s low price doesn’t mean it’s a bad pillow – it’s the exact opposite! For very little money, you will get a great and comfortable travel cushion that will adjust well to your neck and shoulders, giving you the support you need and releasing the tension that can cause pain.

Aidapt Memory Foam Neck Cushion grey Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow: Aidapt-Grey-Super-Soft-Velour-Luxury-Firm-Memory-Foam-Neck-Support-Cushion-TravellingTVReading-Eligible-for-VAT-relief-in-the-UK

If you’re impressed with the features of the previous travel pillow but need a model that is just a bit bigger so it can adjust better to your neck, or you simply don’t like the teal colour, the grey version of the Aidapt Memory Foam Cushion is the one for you. People with longer or thicker necks often find it difficult to find the right travel pillow. If you’re one of these, this model will be your best travel buddy as the firm memory foam and bigger size will give you the support you need during those long hours of travelling.


Made of the same, high-quality memory foam as the previous model, this pillow adjusts to your neck quickly. Aidapt tries to make pillows that are as universal as possible, that’s why it offers the larger grey model. The bigger size makes it a little heavier than the teal model, but the difference is only a few grams (this model weighs 299g) and almost unnoticeable. The removable cover of the grey model is also soft, cosy and made of velour, so it is gentle on your skin. Use this pillow while travelling, working or simply relaxing on the couch. Have you ever thought about binge-watching a show, but you can’t sit or lie for too long without feeling pain? This pillow will make it possible!


  • Adjustable - Memory foam is the most popular material not only for conventional pillows at home but also for use while travelling. The reason why it’s so popular is because it offers the best support for your neck and shoulders, adjusting perfectly as your body heat warms the foam. The tension is gone and you can relax.
  • Soft cover - Removable and made of velour, the pillow’s cover feels cosy and gentle. This has a calming effect, so if you’re afraid of flying, it can help to reduce tension and make you feel relaxed and calm. Its neutral colour can also help in this situation.
  • Affordable price - It’s the perfect pillow for those who are on a budget and want something quality but inexpensive. Even though the pillow doesn’t look or feel cheap, it is one of the most affordable travel cushions on the market. A reason to love it even more!


When travelling, everyone wants to feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why a lot of people are willing to pay extra for anything that would make hours in a sitting position less painful and stressful, but with this pillow, you don’t have to break the bank for that added comfort. It helps to reduce tension and prevent pain, and saves you a lot of money.


New to the travel pillow market is the J-pillow. Its unique shape will give you all the support you’ll ever need when sleeping in a car or on a plane. With other pillows, you’ll probably notice really quickly that something is missing. That’s because they usually offer only neck and head support. Important though this is, a J-pillow will add support to your chin as well, so you can have complete comfort wherever you sleep.

This type of pillow is perfect for those who like to lean their head on the bus window or on the aeroplane wall. It’s really soft and comfortable, and can be easily packed away when you don’t need it. You can use a pillow like this not only while travelling, but also at home when you’re taking a short nap or if you’re resting your head against a wall or sofa while reading. This shape is becoming more and more popular, and it has definitely changed the travel pillow market.

J-pillow travel pillow

J-pillow travel pillow

If you’re like the majority of people and just can’t fall asleep on a plane, bus or train, this pillow will change your travel experience. Try out this product, reduce the tension around your neck and arrive at your destination feeling fresh and well rested.

This pillow was designed by a former flight attendant who understood all the problems that stop you from sleeping well while travelling. That’s why the unique shape of the pillow supports your head, chin and neck in all the right places, giving you the most comfortable sleeping position possible. This pillow won the British Invention of the Year 2013, and quickly became really popular.


The first thing everyone notices is the shape of the pillow which is a bit unusual. It’s designed to adjust perfectly around the neck, chin and head for more comfort and better sleep. It’s made of the popular memory foam, and the cover is made of soft and gentle velour for added cosiness. Perfect for sleeping while travelling, but also for relaxing at home while reading or watching TV.

Before and after travelling, you can easily pack it in the bag that comes with the pillow. The cushion can be compressed for easier packing, and the bag is designed to be attached to your luggage. It’s convenient for airports and carry-on baggage since it weighs only 213g and doesn’t add too much to the already limited weight of your belongings.


  • Shape - We have to mention the shape of this pillow as it’s the biggest advantage. It’s designed to support your neck, head and chin in all the right places, stopping your head from falling forward and waking you up once you have managed to fall asleep. With J-shaped pillows, you can forget about neck pain and tiredness.
  • Versatility - This pillow can be used not only for travelling but also for relaxing at home or reading a book since it’s designed to be rested on the wall for more comfort and less neck tension. It will keep your neck and head in the right position wherever you use it.
  • Easy to pack - A nice detail is a bag that you get with the pillow. The pillow is easy to compress, pack in the bag and attach to your luggage, making it compact and impossible to lose which is very important when you have to spend hours in stations or airports.


If you’ve already tried the conventional U-shaped pillow and noticed something is missing, this unique cushion should be your next choice. You’ll definitely fall in love with the comfort this pillow provides and the cosiness and softness of the material. Make your travel experience better and arrive at your destination full of energy and ready to explore.

What to Look for in a Good ...

Now that we are familiar with the different types of travel pillows, it’s important to know what to keep in mind when choosing the right one for you. Other than your personal preferences when it comes to the softness of the pillow and the material, it is important to choose a high-quality pillow that will last for years. There are a lot of options for every type of pillow, so let’s mention the most important things to look for in the travel pillow of your dreams:

  • Shape and Design - You have probably noticed that the majority of travel pillows are U-shaped. Almost everyone prefers this shape because it goes around your neck providing great support not only for the neck but also your head. A lot of brands have tried to upgrade this shape by raising the back of the pillow for even better support, or by adjusting the length to allow it to completely wrap around your neck. Other than the conventional U-shape, there are J-shaped pillows which support the chin, and rectangular ones which are better for camping and sleeping outdoors, since the shape isn’t very practical for travelling.
  • Material - Be sure that the pillow you choose is not only soft and cosy but also durable and difficult to damage. It should offer you good support for better rest, and it has to be anti-slip in order to stay in place once you have adjusted it. Since planes, buses, trains and cars aren’t the cleanest places on earth, it would be nice if the pillow also had a removable cover for easier washing, preferably in a washing machine, so it always stays fresh and hygienic.
  • Inflation Method - There are several options on the market; some are inflated by blowing into them, some of them have a button that helps you do it. As previously mentioned, when talking about inflatable pillows, the best choice would be the one with automatic inflation and deflation which can be done quickly and effortlessly.
  • Weight and Compactness - The main things to look out for in a travel pillow are comfort and practical design, especially when travelling by plane. A travel pillow should be light and easy to pack since airlines have different limitations when it comes to the weight and size of their carry-on luggage. A lot of brands offer a little bag for you to compress and pack the pillow into and tie to your luggage which can be very practical. We have already said that inflatable pillows are the easiest to pack, so think about the airlines you are most likely to travel with and choose a design that will suit your needs.
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