The Best Toaster

The Best Toaster

By Stefan Mitrovic
6 experts, 76 different toasters, and only one favourite: the Breville Impressions 4 Slice Toaster VTT476. Everyone agreed that this is the best toaster out there, offering a perfect balance of durability and ease of use. It has a lot of valuable features and illuminated control buttons for easy function identification. It will make your toast just as you like it.

Did you know that the average home spends roughly 35 hours a year toasting bread? Who can blame them? The only thing better than fresh bread is toasted bread (with peanut butter and jelly, of course). They’re one of the most widely used kitchen appliances in the world, so naturally, there are many different options on the market today to suit all needs and budgets.

If you’re looking for a new toaster or you’re looking to upgrade your current device, you’ve come to the right place. Before we get into our key considerations for buying a toaster, let’s go over the different types of toasters available today.

Types of Toasters

Preparing a fast and great meal has made us develop new machines and their types that work on similar principles but deliver different toasts. Now, with so many different types of toaster on the market, it can be somewhat challenging to choose the right one.

So, here are several of the most popular types nowadays, each with features that make them different from the rest. Let’s take a look.

Traditional Toaster

Traditional toasters are your standard pop-up toasters, usually fitted with 2 or 4 bread slice slots. They’re generally relatively lightweight and take up very little counter space depending on the model.

They are made using a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to hard plastic, so you can always find one that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. This, paired with their affordable nature, makes them one of the most commonly sought-after styles of toaster.

Breville Impressions 4 Slice Toaster VTT476

This is one of the best toasters Breville has made; it lets you do things faster! Instead of only two toasts, you now can toast four of them! And that’s not all! You have a modernly designed toaster with modern buttons, simple to use settings and a variety of features! Defrost, toast or just warm up your meal, you can finish everything a lot faster with this multi-tasking 4 slots small appliance! Is four too much but two too little? Toast three of them at the same time, no need to wait for another round of toasting!

Features of Breville Impressions 4 Slice Toaster VTT476

The company really put an effort into this small appliance and made it unique. And, for its reasonable price, it does a lot more than expected! It works on 2,000W and considering it has 4 slots, we can say that 2,000W is a great deal! Also, considering that it has 4 slots, we expected it to be large and space taking. Guess what, this little friend can fit in a drawer!

Advantages of Breville Impressions 4 Slice Toaster VTT476
  • Simple
    It’s important that small appliances are simple to use. And simpler than this you just cannot get! It has large buttons with their functions clearly illustrated and it’s made that even children can understand and use it.
  • High lift
    Is there a worse feeling than having your fingertips burnt? No more worries that you or anyone who uses this small appliance would get hurt. Small pieces can be taken out safely without burning your fingers!
  • Settings
    Variable settings (9 of them to be precise) let you experiment and do whatever you want with your bread. You can defrost it, warm it up, or toast it to perfection. Just choose and take your time to learn everything properly.
  • Removable trays
    If you are not satisfied with how your toaster works after using it for a while, it offers you this amazing option: you can stop it in the middle of toasting, and easily remove trays, wash them, and put them back. They will surely toast as good as new.
  • Less time
    While other toasters take the eternity to finish the process, this toaster is known for faster service.
  • Design
    A very modern design that looks like the last touch of technology will bring nice refreshment to your kitchen.

No matter what your toasting needs, this small appliance can solve your problems. if you are in a hurry for a quick meal, and it can make you two times more toast than a regular toast, yet at the same amount of time. Notice that if you only want two slices of toast you must use the right slots. If you want three or four, then you can use the left too.

Tefal Toast and Egg TT550015 Toaster and Egg Maker

This device is the definition of perfect in the world of small appliances, and it’s almost everything that one person needs for a perfectly enjoyable breakfast. It’s light, modern looking, very simple to use and, most importantly, it’s very easy to clean! If you are a student or if you have little children that cannot wait for your special breakfast! It has an amazing feature of wide slots, so you can also toast bagels and muffins, and you can even toast thick hand-cut bread.

Features of Tefal Toast and Egg TT550015 Toaster and Egg Maker

This is a tiny appliance so features are limited; we cannot expect it to be a space shuttle. But, for its purpose, it’s very simple yet it offers a lot of useful functions. You can make toast and boil or poach an egg. It’s up to your taste. Eggs and toasted bread are a perfectly healthy breakfast and can be eaten and made in any time of the day, you will enjoy them equally – in the morning and evening! It’s easy to store due to its 20.4cm x 22.8cm x 40cm dimensions that won’t take up much counter space. If you are wondering if you are going to be able to store it because of its cord, that won’t be a problem. The cord is removable so it’s perfect for little space if you live in a small flat.

Advantages of Tefal Toast and Egg TT550015 Toaster and Egg Maker
  • 1200W
    This device works on only 1200w which makes it very economical, you won’t have a headache about the next electricity bill.
  • Wide slots
    If you thought that this appliance only toasts slices of bread, you are wrong. Besides bread, you can fit muffins, croissants and bagels in this amazing multi-functional appliance!
  • Trays
    This device offers not one, not two, but three trays! Two trays are for eggs: you can hard boil an egg (or four eggs maximum) or prepare a poached egg. The third tray is for pre-cooked meat, you can heat it and refresh it. You can easily get a nice, warm meal in seconds!
  • High lift
    The high lift on this appliance allows you to lift smaller toasted items, like bagels, higher to avoid reaching into the toaster slots to retrieve them.

Whether you are a family or a business type of person, this little friend can follow you everywhere – to the kitchen and to your office! Your day must start with breakfast, why not making it a healthy one then? With this appliance, you do not need anything more. With its great design, this practical appliance would be an excellent addition to any home. Available at a very reasonable price for features that it offers, it’s almost irresistible.

Dualit 26205 2-Slot Lite Toaster

Have you ever seen a small appliance and instantly wanted the exact same one in your own kitchen? That’s the common reaction to this toaster. It offers you more than you can imagine! It toasts, it defrosts, it lets you peek and see the process of toasting, and a lot more! It looks elegant and its classic design will be at home in any kitchen. Due to its small dimensions and weight that makes it easily portable, you won’t have a problem finding space on your counter top or fitting it in any storage space in your kitchen.

Features of Dualit 26205 2-Slot Lite Toaster

This small appliance offers you a lot of features, like wide slots, ideal toast technology, and a lot more! You can warm up your leftovers or make a warm sandwich in it in no time! Defrost and high lift are also the features this toaster offers. You’ll even have a chance to peek and see the process of toasting without interrupting the timer, so you can stop it manually once you decide it is toasted enough.

Advantages of Dualit 26205 2-Slot Lite Toaster
  • Defrosting
    The Dualit 26205 toaster can defrost your slices of frozen bread in a matter of seconds.
  • Technology
    If you ever thought that modern technology cannot be applied to such a thing as a toaster, you were wrong. Dualit’s ‘ideal toast’ technology calculates the amount of time and temperature for every slice separately every time you use it, so it ensures that you always get perfect toast.
  • Removable crumb tray
    This feature captures all of the crumbs that fall inside your appliance and allows you to remove them easily. It’s easy to wash and maintain it.
  • Wide slots
    Wide slots are important. Why? Everyone is different, so everyone has different wishes and demands. Some like thicker toast, some can’t chew that much so they prefer thinner slices. Therefore, this toaster is a solution for everyone’s joy and satisfaction.
  • High lift
    The high lift on this appliance allows you to lift smaller toasted items, like bagels, higher to avoid reaching into the toaster slots to retrieve them.
  • Simple
    Children can use this as well as adults. It’s very simple to use it with just a few functions, settings and with pictured buttons. You can rest assured that your kids will be safe.

A gift for someone or a treat to yourself, this perfect toaster fits any occasion. Its classic design will ensure that it always looks good. At a reasonable price, this small appliance brings you a lot of great features that you wouldn’t even imagine a simple toaster can have! This is one of the best unique toasters you will see on the market, but don’t let us tell you, check out the offer and see for yourself!

Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster

This toaster is like nothing you have ever seen before. Each one is hand-assembled from start to finish, just like in old days. This amazing toaster will take you back to your childhood and let you taste the toast your parents made you when you were little. With its old-fashioned look, it’s perfect for lovers of classic design. But don’t let its look fool you! It is fully functional and it offers a lot of features such as elements with protective armour making them virtually indestructible, wide slots and a mechanical timer. Defrost and high lift are also features that this toaster offers.

Features of Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster

Its small size is a great feature; it won’t take up a lot of counter space and it will fit any storage space in your kitchen. You can also make or warm up sandwiches, for a quick and delicious snack during the day. Just put your meal that has been in fridge and let it get warm and fresh again in seconds.

Advantages of Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster
  • Defrosting
    This feature lets Dualit Classic make fresh and warm meals in seconds. Great for a leftover that you just couldn’t finish, but you loved the taste of it. Now it is warm and delicious again.
  • Timing mechanism
    This toaster has a classic mechanical timer that lets you sit and relax while your bread is toasted. You do not have to stand next to a toaster all nervous and impatient. Sit back and let the timer mechanism do its job.
  • Browning control
    This feature allows you to set your toaster to brown your bread exactly as you wish. You might take a few tries before you get used to settings, but once you do, it’s very simple.
  • Wide slots
    Wide slots are very important. Do you wonder why? Everyone has different wishes and demands. Some likes thicker toast, some can’t chew that hard so they prefer thinner slices. Therefore, this toast is a solution for everyone’s satisfaction and happiness.
  • Unbreakable
    The feature that protects your toaster from breaking is its foil that behaves as armor, it really gives this toaster a plus in quality and service. And longevity too!
  • Simple
    Children can use this toaster as well. It’s very simple and safe to use as it has just a few functions.

If you love tradition and classic design, this toaster is just what you need! It will blend in perfectly in an old-fashioned kitchen or a modern one. but it won’t be old and rusty, it’ll serve very good. We must say it again that every part in this toast is being hand-assembled which makes this product unique! And every product has a little difference for how and by whom it is assembled. This is a unique, classic toaster. You can get one for a very fair price, check out the offer and see for yourself!

Commercial Toaster Oven

Commercial toaster ovens are the ones you see in sandwich shops and restaurants, which is to say they’re certainly the largest and most powerful of all the toaster types. Due to this, they’re the most expensive toasters on the market, despite that fact that they usually have relatively limited functionality beyond toasting. Due to their large components, they’re heavy but also built to last, so you’re unlikely to have to replace them very often as long as you stay on top of regular maintenance.

These toaster ovens also come in a variety of styles; they can be pop-up style traditional toasters, grilling toasters, or fitted with conveyor belts for even toasting. If you’re looking to purchase a commercial toaster oven for your restaurant, you’ll have to consider some things, such as your budget, space required, and the technical requirements for powering such a machine. If you are only doing light, periodic toasting, you might not need something quite so extensive.

Buffalo Double Slice Conveyor Toaster GF269

This is the simplest multi-tasking oven you will find, and there is no doubt about that. Simple to use, even without any instructions; it’s quiet, fast and reliable. This product is great for people who are in a hurry and need a quick meal that they can enjoy without visiting the bakery. It’s a great toaster for a large family because it works fast and it isn’t prone to overheating. It is great for family trips too. Considering the fact that it’s the size of a box, it’s easily transported. The Buffalo Double is also economical, so there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t get it.

Features of Buffalo Double Slice Conveyor Toaster GF269

This oven is made from stainless steel. It has a great classic design, meaning it will blend in with almost any kitchen decoration. It is well-built and it’s easy to clean and maintain. It is completely safe to use around children. Just use the asset which allows you to set up a constant temperature and get perfectly toasted bread slice every time! No need to worry if your children will cause a fire or not. Also, it’s a little heavy, but that con is a pro at the same time, making it untiltable with a bit over 15 kg of weight.

Advantages of Buffalo Double Slice Conveyor Toaster GF269
  • Material
    The upper and lower elements are made of metal, immune to quick transformations between high and low temperatures.
  • Variable speed control
    There is a setup for different speed, low to very high – great if you are in a hurry.
  • Three heating settings
    There is full power (which turns upper and lower elements on and bakes at its full potential), upper element (turns only upper element and heats bread at lower electricity usage), and there is an energy saving setting (turns the economical mode on and is a bill-saver, but you still get your bread toasted as you wish).
  • Power
    It works on 2.6kw when set on full power. You must confess that it’s a payoff comparing to high prices of bakeries and markets.
  • Simple
    This oven is very simple to use, so you won’t have problems with programming it and setting things up. Turn the temperature you wish for, set the time, and let it do its job. You might need to try it several times just to get used to heating controls, but after that, it’s just in and out with your bread.

Whether you are a company, a hotel, a small gas station or you use this in your household, this oven is perfect for everyone. It’s considerably more expensive than other toasters, but it certainly brings a lot of features with the bigger price. This oven guarantees that you will have every slice of bread toasted perfectly and that you will enjoy every single bite of your bread.

What to Look for in a Good Toaster

With the four types of toaster in mind, let’s take a look at the many features you should consider to ensure you’re getting the best toaster for your lifestyle. These things will eventually define which one you’ll pick, so bear them in mind while deciding.

  • Slots
    Before you even start looking at models, consider how many slices of toast you want to be able to toast at any given time. If you have a large family, you’re unlikely to be satisfied with a 2-slot toaster as it will just be time-consuming and frustrating to work with. Likewise, if you live alone and don’t have company often, a toaster with multiple functionalities and many slots won’t benefit you.
  • Types of Bread
    Are you a standard white bread person, or do you enjoy bagels, buns, and your other bread toasted? Most traditional 2-4 slice toasters can accommodate bagels, but not all, and many have difficulty fitting in larger slices like ciabatta or panini buns. When choosing your toaster, ensure that the slots are large enough to accommodate your essentials.
  • Level of Toasting
    Many toasters nowadays come equipped with what’s called a shaded setting. This allows you to control the level of toasting that your device will use when you begin operating your toaster. This is an important feature to consider as not everyone likes their bread toasted the same way; some prefer it lightly toasted, while others want it close to burnt. To give yourself the best value for money, look for a model with controllable shade settings.
  • Crumbs
    If there is a downside to toasting, it’s the crumbs that are inevitably left behind. Much like you’d want an electric grill to have a drip tray for cleanliness, you’ll want to ensure your new toaster has somewhere to house its crumbs, and also, that it is easily accessible and removable in some capacity to remove the crumbs that pile up over time.
  • Reheating
    Some toasters include a feature to reheat which could be desirable to you. This feature allows you to reheat your bread without toasting it further. Unlike microwave ovens, this won’t make your bread soggy, so it’s a great feature to include in your toaster.
  • Defrosting
    Some toasters also include a defrosting setting which is very handy on those mornings that you’re cravings a bacon and egg sandwich only to realise you forgot to take a loaf out of your freezer. If this is something you can see yourself using, look for a toaster that comes equipped with this ability.
  • Pop-Up
    While it’s safe to say that most traditional toasters include a pop-up function to make pulling your bread out of the toaster easier, it’s important to note that not all of them do. To avoid sticking your fingers into a hot toaster in an attempt to retrieve your bread, make sure that your toaster has a good lift and pop to make this task easier on yourself.
  • Display and Buttons
    While traditional toasters generally have pretty limited buttons due to the simple functionality, toaster ovens can come with many buttons, and sometimes they even include digital displays. Some toasters will have indicator lights as well that let you know what settings are currently operable and they may even have a countdown timer for those who like to keep a close tab on their toasting time.
  • Material
    Toaster are made using many different materials to ensure safe for handling. While many are made with metals that are built to retain heat, you’ll want to ensure the external housing of your unit is made of a cooling material, like hard plastic or steel as they won’t overheat, thereby making them safe to use.
  • Lighting
    If you’re looking at convection toasters, you might also want it to be equipped with internal lighting to be able to check on how well your food is heating. This is also helpful when you’re operating the toaster in suboptimal lightings, such as at night, as it will prevent accidental burns and spills.
  • Infrared Heating
    Toasters equipped with infrared heating elements can provide heat much faster and dismiss the need for any pre-heating. This can be a big time-saver, in addition to providing a more evenly heated meal at completion.
  • Timer
    Timers are vital for helping you determine not only how long your food has been in the toaster, but for predetermining how long you want your toaster to operate on a specific function. If you plan on using a toaster for baking or broiling, this could be a worthwhile feature to explore.

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