The Best Stunt Scooters

The Best Stunt Scooters

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you are looking for the perfect stunt scooter, look no more. We tested the best stunt scooters out there and came to the conclusion that the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter has everything you could possibly need. It’s durable, made out of quality materials, and it can be assembled quickly and easily. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced riders.

Buying new toys is always a fun experience, especially when it’s for an active hobby you’re really into, like scootering. With so many brands, weights, and customizable options, though, how do you even know where to begin if you’re not a scooter-pro yet yourself?

Before we dive into our recommended list of today’s best stunt scooters, let’s make sure we understand the meaning and the purpose of those.

Types of Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters are the Holy Grail of the scooter world; they’re what all your favourite pro scooter athletes ride on a daily basis. These scooters are manufactured with careful consideration of the type of impact they’ll be subjected to from their riders. Everything from the handlebars to the deck, to the wheels and the frame that puts it all together, are crucial to their functionality.

They’re usually built with lightweight material like chromoly or aluminium that won’t buckle under the pressure of your weight during landings but will give you the ability to catch big air for your tricks. Rather than buying them equipped with plastic wheels, you’re more likely to find metal at the base of your deck.

Stunt Scooter

As the name says, stunt scooters are made for stunts, jumps, and tricks; they can withstand a lot of pressure and activity. Some models for younger riders can feature folding mechanisms and an adjustable height of the handlebar, but most stunt scooters for adults do not have this feature. It is simply because these two features can weaken immensely the strength of the whole composition. Instead, they have a one-piece handlebar that is much stronger and can withstand all of your special tricks. Most of these would have to be assembled by putting the handlebar onto the stem and tightening it, which will hold the whole construction together strongly.

Another important thing to mention is that these scooters are often much heavier than standard scooters, or folding scooters. This is simply because stunt scooters are intended to be strong. However, with advancements of technology, stunt scooters are slowly becoming lighter. As mentioned, they are meant for jumps and stunts, so you want to be able to easily manoeuvre. Nowadays, their average weight is 4.5 kgs, but this varies from product to product. Some of the models often used by professionals even have wheels with a metal core and a compression system for a smooth ride. Most stunt scooters can withstand up to 100 kgs of weight.

Two Bare Feet Street Pro Kick Stunt Scooter

Two Bare Feet is a British company that aims to offer a cheaper alternative to other scooter brands. This is why the Stunt Scooter Street Pro Kick/Push 360 Spin Tricks Edition is a great option for those who are looking to get acquainted with this popular street sport. Besides black, it comes in a variety of colours and striking designs that afford a great visual experience. Due to its sturdy construction, it is suitable for children starting from 5 years old as well as for adults. If you are looking for speed, this scooter might not be the best choice. However, it is more than suitable for young and energetic beginner riders who are striving to perfect their stunt skills.

Features of Two Bare Feet Street Pro Kick Stunt Scooter

The deck is 4 inches wide and robust. The width provides better footing during stunts. The bars are wide and similar to the BMX bike, which installs confidence because of how solid they are. They are one piece, 26 x 14.5 inch, alloy bars heat-treated for additional strength. The fork is a heat-treated gusseted box type – sturdy and durable. The 100 mm wheels are great for the skate park, with bearings that allow for 100 kg (220 pounds) maximum weight and provide a smooth ride in spite of the plastic wheel core. The pro grips and full-length graphic grip tape allow for a firm grip without creating calluses. There are some drawbacks to this scooter, which just means that you should carefully examine if his scooter is right for you. Namely, it is on the heavier side when it comes to stunt scooters. It weighs about 3.5 kg (about 7.7 pounds), which means that it cannot develop speeds as high as other, lighter varieties in its price and specification range. Another issue that might arise is that you could need to change the wheels often. They are plastic, and as such are less durable than metal ones. However, this is a small compromise considering the scooter’s price. Yet, besides being less durable, the plastic does makes the scooter a bit cheaper-looking.

Advantages of Two Bare Feet Street Pro Kick Stunt Scooter
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
    The 4-bolt heavy duty clamp makes it easy to connect the neck with the deck.
  • 360˚ spin
    The bars and the front wheel now have the ability to spin 360 degrees, which enables attractive stunts.
  • Sturdy
    The materials used in its construction provide for a sturdy scooter, which makes it an absolute favourite in skate parks because it can withstand heavy usage during stunts.

Stunt Scooter Street Pro Kick/Push 360 Spin Tricks Edition is a very affordable, if not cheap, option for a stunt scooter. This British scooter is great for beginners due to its sturdy construction and ease of use; it provides the riders with a great experience as they start to know scooters and get the hang of stunts.

Land Surfer Stunt Scooter

The Land Surfer Stunt Scooter is the first model made by a Dutch brand that has been primarily focused on skateboards. Due to this, we can only expect that the design and features will be largely improved in the future. It is a great beginner option for learning skate parks stunts because of its sturdy and robust construction as well as to its agility. The fact that it is slightly smaller makes it a great scooter for kids, so going to school can be another form of outdoor enjoyment. The designs are also interesting and suitable for boys and girls alike. A full deck grip provides this robust scooter with a strong footing, making it more than safe for kids to use.

Features of Land Surfer Stunt Scooter

The bars on the Land Surfer Stunt Scooter are steel alloy Y bars. The deck is also made of steel, which makes this scooter a very sturdy and robust model in comparison with other scooters in the same price and performance categories. If they had used aluminium the scooter might have been lighter, but the steel core makes it appropriate for skate parks; it is created specifically for performing stunts. Polyurethane high rebound wheels provide for a smooth ride in the streets and comfortable landing during stunts. Stunts are made easy with the 360˚ rotating deck. It comes with an aluminium alloy heel brake and rubber hand grips. What are some not-so-good features? First of all – its size. The height of the bars is just a little short for adults to ride comfortably. It is great for smaller children, though, and it is safe to ride it starting from 6 years of age. This is why you should consider buying it for a young child as a first scooter, taking into consideration that the bars are not adjustable. In addition to that, the Land Surfer Stunt Scooter is rather heavy compared to scooters of the same size, due to its steel build (in contrast to aluminium-built scooters). The bearings are not oiled enough for use out of the box, so you might have to grease them before the first ride.

Advantages of Land Surfer Stunt Scooter
  • Sturdy deck
    The deck is reinforced with a steel plate, which makes it safe and durable during stunts like slides and grinds.
  • Great for tricks
    It is sturdy, so it can withstand impacts in skate parks during vigorous stunts.
  • 360˚ spin
    Land Surfer Stunt Scooter has a fully rotating head to make a large variety of tricks possible, with a smooth-spinning feature to boot. High rebound wheels provide comfort on landing.
  • Additional safety
    The 4-bolt stem collar increases the safety of the Land Surfer Stunt Scooter by firmly attaching the neck to the head. This feature was added in 2016.

The Land Surfer Stunt Scooter is a suitable option for beginner riders. It is specifically suitable for children (6-8) due to its height; however, adults and larger children can also use it.

Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter – Pro Scooter

What outdoor activity do you want your kids to take up? Would they be interested in an activity that might lead them to become a pro sportsperson in the future; competing in world championships in a sport that has a steady and ever growing popularity among free-thinking young people all over the world? Buying them a Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter (one of the best scooters available on the market and deemed scooter of the year in 2018) can be the beginning of a very smooth journey. Are you already into stunt scooters but you need an upgrade to pro? The Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter is for you, too. How can it be that one model of a scooter can be great for beginners and pros alike? Ride 858 is a premium brand from Australia and its longstanding experience testifies to the quality of the parts and build. The New GR model offers competitive features at a reasonable price, and it is even on the cheaper side for a pro scooter and a scooter of such quality. The price and features combined make for a low-cost option for your children, while you will be worry-free due to its sturdy construction. For more experienced riders, it provides for a great experience in skate parks, as the lightweight built allows for quick learning and progression.

Features of Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter – Pro Scooter

The neck and deck are made of compressed aluminium, which means the scooter is light and strong. The bars are patent reinforced aluminium, 560 mm handlebars that provide stability and good grip. The fork is forged, which makes it strong, and it is aluminium, which makes it light. The flat bottom deck (115 mm x 480 mm) enables easy grinds. The wheels are hollow core and only 110 mm. The brake and fork do not allow for a 120 mm wheel upgrade. It comes with only two 5 mm bolts to screw the neck tube to the deck (the brake bolt is screwed in beforehand); that makes it extremely easy to assemble and ready to ride in no time. The Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter comes in 5 different colour patterns (chrome, camouflage, watermelon, tie dye, and gold, which is limited). This selection ensures that everyone can find a perfect fit.

Advantages of Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter – Pro Scooter
  • Lightweight
    Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter weighs only about 3 kg (6.6 pounds), making it one of the lightest scooters on the market.
  • Price
    You get a scooter with pro specifications for a low price.
  • Bars
    The length and construction of the bars provide for a safe and stable riding experience, even for the beginners.

The Ride 858 GR Complete Stunt Scooter is a great choice for beginners and pros alike. At an affordable price you can get a modern and colourful scooter for an exciting riding experience, learning new stunts and perfecting your skills. The pro specifics in all segments assure a wise, risk-free investment.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Are you looking for a cheap beginner scooter for your child? Look no further. The Fuzion x-3 pro scooter is America’s favourite in this category of scooters because it provides a great ratio of price and construction. It is, specifically, a great option for a beginner rider due to its sturdiness and light weight. It enables seamless progression in learning tricks in the skate park and is also adequate for street riding. The wheels do not allow for extreme speeds, so you can be worry-free while your child is out and about. The Fuzion x-3 pro scooter comes with high-end pro upgrades that can be found in much more expensive scooters. This affordable option is great for getting accustomed to stunt scooters. However, the soft wheels might limit its stunt performance, so it might not be a smart option for more advanced stunt riders. The Fuzion x-3 pro scooter comes in a variety of colours to choose from.

Features of Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion x-3 pro scooter assembles very quickly; it needs only three bolts to connect the neck to the deck. It consists of steel V-bars (inspired by high-end scooters), and a light aluminium deck. To boot, the deck is hollow, which enables stunts like tailwhips and glides to be done seamlessly. The wheels are 100 mm, and the so-called “faze” fork (sturdy, light, and forged) allows for an upgrade to 110 mm (smaller wheels are preferred for performing tricks). The bearings are pretty good as well. The brake is noiseless and made of nylon and steel. The IHC compression system provides or easy dialling without the need for removing the wheel. Another great thing about the Fuzion x-3 pro scooter is that it does not need to be dialled before the first ride. Despite the good overall durability of the neck, headset, and deck, there have been complaints about the durability of the brake. In addition to that, the wheels are on the soft side, which means that they could be quickly damaged. This could even lower the speed of riding and make it inappropriate for advanced riders, though it is certainly suitable for beginners. Another issue, especially for children, can be that the handlebars and the brake are not adjustable. However, this can be an advantage for more advanced riders.

Advantages of Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter
  • Sturdy construction
    It is sturdy enough to withstand riders up to 220 pounds (about 100 kg) of weight.
  • Easy to dial
    The IHC (integrated headset compression) system provides for easy dialling.
  • Lightweight
    Despite how sturdy it is, it weighs only about 7.1 pounds (3.2 kg), which enables a rider to do tricks easily.
  • Wide deck
    Its 4-inch (about 10 cm) width, full deck grip, and concave shape provide great stability during stunts.
  • Brake
    Noiseless and smooth, it provides a superb riding experience.

A nice beginner scooter for both street riding and skate park stunts. Great price and quality. The Fuzion x-3 pro scooter is a remarkable learning scooter.

Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter

If you are looking for a new hobby and would like to challenge yourself by learning some scooter stunts, this Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter might be the right choice for you. It is cheap, so it makes for a great first-time scooter investment. Nonetheless, it is completely suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. It has a modern and strong construction and is a smooth and controlled riding experience, all of which makes this scooter one of the best on the market. The product’s versatility is one more thing in its favour. Not only is it great for skate parks, as it can endure impacts and develops good speed, but it is very usable for street riding as well, and both children and adults can safely use it.

Features of Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter

The deck and neck are aluminium, which is why this scooter is lightweight. The deck is not too large and in itself is fairly light; one of the lightest there is. It is strengthened by a plate that helps with smooth glides and grinding. The dog bone feature offers a smooth ride and an even force distribution. The bars are made of chromoly steel, which makes it really sturdy. The T-bar could be designed with young children in mind, as the bars, as well as the deck, are slightly shorter than anticipated. For additional sturdiness, the fork is made of one-piece steel, and there is a 3-bolt clamp ensuring that the neck stays perfectly-fixed and wobble-free. The wheels have an aluminium alloy core for strength, and the outer part is polyurethane, which makes them durable and ensures that the wheels have a good grip on the surface. The internal hidden compression (IHC) system is reliable and lightweight, and you do not need to dial the scooter before the first use. The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is almost perfect – however, there have been complaints about the height of the neck and the fact that it is not adjustable, which can cause difficulties for adult riders.

Advantages of Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter
  • Price
    This scooter has a very low price in comparison to others in the same category, and you get a high-quality product for a very reasonable price.
  • Dog bone deck
    A Fuzion patent, it is added to the deck to improve strength and even distribution of force all over the scooter.
  • Bearing
    ABEC 9 bearings, the best there are, are responsible for the smooth ride and the feeling of control during your riding sessions.
  • Lightweight
    It is only about 7.8 pounds (about 3.5 kg) and that is fairly light considering the material it is built of.
  • Bar grips
    These rubber grips that provide a comfortable hold are made of a rubber compound designed by Fuzion.

Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter is a versatile scooter for both street and skate park use. It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and pro riders. It is made of quality materials and will last a long time due to its sturdy build. Its price is highly affordable compared to other scooters within the same specifics and performance categories.

What to Look for in a Good Stunt Scooter

Now that we have provided some insight into various models, you might be wondering how we can narrow down your options, so here are the key considerations you need to think about before busting out your credit card for the latest innovation.

  • Type of Deck
    There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the kind of deck for your scooter and, much like any feature, the style of riding you plan to develop will dictate your choice of deck. Decks can be angled, which is excellent for technical riders who are always working on their trick combos. And they can be square, which is essential for ample foot space if you prefer to maintain a wider stance. Even the material on the deck itself is crucial here, as some have a stronger grip than others, for better control of your scooter.
  • Handlebars
    Generally speaking, most riders are going to be looking for strong bars that are lightweight enough to carry their scooter with ease. Titanium is usually a good bet to begin with. But material isn’t the only consideration here, as height is just as crucial. If your scooter’s bar is too low, you’ll continuously be crouched over it, which could lead to injury. Every rider is different, but you’ll want to make sure your shoulders and arms are at a comfortable level and angle for your ride stance, so aim for your handlebars to come up to approximately the middle of your torso. When it comes to stunt scooters, handlebars are often smaller than on standard scooters, to make them more easily manoeuvrable. If after your first couple of sessions you find that your handlebars are too large or too wide, they can be cut to fit your form better. So, don’t be discouraged; pay a visit to your nearest scooter shop.
  • Balance
    The overall balance of your scooter is determined by a variety of factors: the weight of the scooter, the size of your deck, how much weight it comfortably carries, and the material used for each component. This is where testing your ride becomes vital, because a scooter with poor balance is just a piece of metal with wheels.
  • Rider's Ability
    While all the technical details are important, one of the most critical points of consideration when you’re purchasing a scooter is rider ability. Different scooters are designed for various styles of riding, so be honest about your skill level and don’t feel pressured to buy the most expensive scooter on the market just because it looks good. A scooter that is outside of your ability or your needs is one that’s going to end up sitting in the corner of your garage, collecting dust.
  • Deck Size
    Riding style is one of the most vital considerations when it comes to determining the best product for you. Some riders prefer flatland riding while some are invigorated by rugged terrain. A good rule of thumb to follow here is that a deck that is 20” or more tends to lend itself well to street-style riding, whereas a lighter and smaller deck is better for ramps and high jumps.
  • Wheels
    Rugged terrain or dirt-style riding has been gaining popularity. It challenges the rider with more complex environments and often involves courses that trek you through dirt, mud, rocks, or even puddles. If you’re looking to get involved with rugged terrain scootering, it’s important to consider that you’ll need speciality wheels to help you keep your balance. These wheels tend to mimic those of BMX bikes and wheels for other extreme sports.

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