The Best Steam Iron

The Best Steam Iron

By Stefan Mitrovic
With a lot of help from famous fashion designers, and hours of testing and researching the best steam irons, we have found the perfect model for you: the Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra – 20630 Vertical Steam Iron. It is lightweight and easy to use, the steam comes out in powerful waves and the ceramic bottom plate will make sure it glides over your clothes.

In older times, people used to heat their old-style irons and press them against their wrinkled clothes to make them nice and smooth. As time went by, irons became an essential and necessary appliance in every household. However, those outdated irons with heavy metal surfaces can easily cause overheating and burning, so another invention had to be introduced. It was then that steam was brought into the mix. Steam ensures that the temperature stays balanced and the wrinkles iron out easily.

This detailed guide will lead you through the best types of steam irons and help you find the best one for your needs. You will find plenty of information on different types and their usage. You will also learn what to look for when buying a steam iron and what you can expect from it. So without further ado, let’s give a look at the types.

Types of Steam Irons

As previously mentioned, there are several types of steam irons. Some of them are made for tailoring, others are made for daily usage, while some are perfect for delicate materials. On the other hand, there are those with special techniques for wrinkle removal built in.

With our guide, you will know how to choose the one that suits your needs best. Have your particular needs in mind as you read, and let’s see which are the most common types of steam irons!

Soleplate Stainless Steel Steam IRON

Soleplate stainless steel steam irons are the most popular type of steam iron for the home. These irons come with a thermostat for easy control of the temperature. However, this iron comes in direct contact with the clothes so it might not be the most suitable iron for delicate materials.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make your everyday clothes smooth and shiny – this is your kind of iron. It will work well with the more resistant materials such as cotton. One downside of these irons is that they need a lot of care or else they can ruin your clothes because of staining. But a good thing about them is that they are very cheap and so they are used in almost every modern home nowadays.

Rowenta Focus Steam Iron DW5110

For most people, ironing is as boring and exhausting as many other household jobs. Most of the time this is because irons are heavy or just not efficient enough. With Rowenta you will get German quality. Rowenta was founded in 1884, so they definitely have experience with making the perfect household appliances. With this product, you will get professional results in your own home. This model is not only powerful but precise and stylish. It comes in white and blue and will be a great addition to your household. Those hours of ironing don’t have to be so exhausting after all.

Features of Rowenta Focus Steam Iron DW5110

One of the most important features of this amazing product is steam. Its continuous steam output is forty grams per minute, and for those wrinkles that won’t go away, there is variable steam of one hundred and sixty grams per minute. This option is perfect for thicker materials and creases that just won’t go away. The bottom of this Rowenta Focus Steam Iron is laser treated; you can forget about burned clothes as this iron slides over any material. Also, it has 400 micro-size holes to distribute steam evenly over the fabric.

Advantages of Rowenta Focus Steam Iron DW5110
  • High quality
    With Rowenta you get German quality from a firm that was founded more than a hundred years ago. All the material that this iron is made of is high quality and you will get a long-lasting machine for your home. For a reasonable price, you will have a product that provides you with professional results.
  • Capacity
    Refilling your iron every few minutes can get on your nerves. With its capacity of 300 ml this won’t be a problem with the Rowenta.
  • Steam
    As mentioned earlier, one of the most important features of this iron is its steam output. With 400 micro-sized holes, continuous steam, and an option for a more powerful variable steam there is not a crease that won’t go away. Whether it comes to thicker materials or dry clothes, there’s no obstacle that Rowenta can’t overcome.

With the product like Rowenta Focus Steam Iron, your clothes will get a professional treatment every day. It is made out of quality materials and will be a long-lasting machine for your home. With the four hundred micro-size holes on the bottom, the steam is evenly distributed all over the material and you will get a perfectly ironed piece of clothing. It may be a bit pricey, but you will get German quality that will last for years. All those wrinkles and creases will be gone in just a few minutes, and even if you were never a person who likes to iron, you might even start to enjoy the task. This amazing piece of equipment can be yours in just a few clicks.

Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron 23060

Did you know that many people enjoy ironing? They claim it makes them feel calm. Could it be something more than just a chore, this going through piles and piles of laundry? We believe that with the right type of an iron it can be enjoyable, or at least less of a nuisance. If you are looking for a classic, simple, easy-to-use iron, then the Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron might be for you. The iron’s performance has proven to be consistent. It smooths out the most difficult creases with minimum effort. Enjoy gliding over your clothes easily without getting entangled in the cord; this one is 2 m long and gives you a large range of motion. The colour combination is modern and stylish.

Features of Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron 23060

The Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron has 2400 W of power. This, in combination with its stainless steel sole, helps you easily smooth out the more difficult wrinkles. You will feel like the iron is flying over your laundry – it glides that effortlessly. For an even more enjoyable ironing session, it comes with a soft touch handle and dial. It accommodates 300 ml of water in its easy-fill tank, letting you go through a large pile of laundry in a jiffy. It has 40 g continuous steam for regular ironing, and a 110 g steam shot for vertical ironing and working on more difficult fabrics or creases. For the most stubborn cases, there is a spray function as well. There are also dry and burst options if you need them. Another great feature is its self-cleaning option that protects your iron from scale, prolonging the life of your iron and preventing it from spitting water and leaving stains on your clothes.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron 23060
  • Light
    The fact that the Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron weighs only a little over 1 kg makes it really easy to use if you have a big pile of laundry in front of you. Thanks to its light construction, you won’t tire as quickly but go through the biggest of piles in less time.
  • 110 g shot of steam
    The strong shot of steam provides for easy steaming of hanging items – sensitive shirts, dresses, or even curtains.
  • Easy-fill tank
    Forget about spilling water all around – this iron comes with a tank that is really easy to fill without spilling water and potentially dampening the cord.
  • Long cord
    The cord is 2 m long, which provides you with a lot of mobility. You can iron almost anywhere in your home, even in front of the TV, if you get bored being in one place while getting through the piles of clothes.

For a small price, the Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron offers all the basic features and advantages of a classic steam iron. Be sure of the quality and performance of your iron – it will not fail you.

Ceramic Steam IRON

As delicate as ceramic itself is, this kind of construction is perfect for your more delicate materials. Ceramic steam irons have a ceramic coating that is very strong; this can make these irons last for quite a long time. Ceramic is a fantastic heat conductor, which allows these irons to work efficiently for a long time.

Additionally, your clothes will be safe since the heat is spread over the surface evenly. Ceramics do not overheat, so your delicate materials will stay intact. The material will never stick to the iron, and your clothes will be entirely safe. The only bad thing about ceramic irons is that they often do not have a built-in temperature regulator.

Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro – 303125 Ceramic Electronic Steam Iron

There are many different types of irons available on the market and the main difference between them is the soleplate at the bottom. There are ceramic soleplates, titanium, stainless steel, non-stick, and many others. They all have their own pros and cons but it really all comes down to your own preferences. If your projects require a ceramic steam iron, this model could be one of your best choices. This is a quite modern, high-powered iron with a ceramic soleplate. There are many options for getting your clothes that perfect wrinkle-free finish. Once you put it to test, you will be amazed by this ceramic steam iron.

Features of Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro – 303125 Ceramic Electronic Steam Iron

This iron comes in a black colour with many red details. With its chic design, it will bring a spark to your daily tasks. The power output is 3100 Watts, which means that all creases will be gone without much effort. The size of the water tank is 400 millilitres – you can iron for a long time without refilling. You don’t have to worry about the soleplate sticking to your clothes. This iron has a pearl ceramic soleplate that is completely non-stick. The iron features a handle that guarantees comfort and a firm grip while ironing. The button to apply steam is placed at the top of the handle and right within reach of your finger. All of the options are placed right below the handle and you can easily choose a needed program.

Advantages of Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro – 303125 Ceramic Electronic Steam Iron
  • Modern Technology
    One of the best features of this iron is its Tri-Zone Technology that makes all wrinkles easily disappear. You can choose from fifty-five grams of constant steam, one hundred and ninety grams of steam shots, and the pressure plate. Once you take those creases down with constant steam and shots, the pressure plate will make sure they don’t come back.
  • Versatile use
    You are not attached to any one place while ironing. With the three-meter cable you can use vertical steam to get rid of wrinkled drapes and curtains. You can also iron all sorts of materials – cotton, silk, wool, or polyester.
  • Auto options
    You won’t ever have to wonder if you forget to turn your iron off after using it. The iron turns off automatically after one minute, or eight minutes if it is left vertically. You can have peace of mind with this feature.
  • Easy maintenance
    Taking proper care of your iron is highly recommended. The soleplates can be easily cleaned under water using the self-clean option, and its anti-scale properties will prevent the formation of limescale.

Your search for a good ceramic steam iron is over. An iron as good as this one is all you need to whittle down that pile of wrinkly clothing. With this powerful gadget, those boring daily tasks can be done almost effortlessly.

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra – 20630 Vertical Steam Iron

Whether you live in a family of five or just by yourself, there is always an endless pile of clothes that needs to be ironed. As you probably already know, irons can be heavy, hard to manage, and, worst of all, they can easily ruin your favourite piece of clothing. If you have an iron that is old or not quality-made, you’ve probably had this problem before. The iron tends to stick to the material and potentially burn it. This is not something that you want to happen to your best dress or shirt before an important date. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect iron that will make your ironing chore much easier.

Features of Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra – 20630 Vertical Steam Iron

This Russell Hobbs iron comes in black and grey and looks very stylish. It has a capacity of 350 ml of water and heats up to fifteen percent faster than other models. Because of this, those hours of ironing will drastically decrease. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra is powered by 3100 W and has a ceramic bottom so you won’t have to worry about burning your clothes while you iron. Also, the iron will slide over any material because of the ceramic soleplate. The steam will help you to get rid of those wrinkles as fast as professional machines can.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra – 20630 Vertical Steam Iron
  • Power steam
    When it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, irons that produce steam are much better than the ones that don’t. This Russell Hobbs model has a steam output of forty-five grams per minute. It makes a continuous steam so you can iron all your clothes much easier.
  • Weight
    When you try to iron with heavy irons you get tired quickly. Your arms, shoulders, and back can hurt, and this makes the whole process much harder. This model weighs around 1.6 kilos, which is perfect for easy ironing. You won’t get as tired as with heavy irons and you’ll probably get the job done much faster.
  • Сeramic bottom
    Some irons can ruin your clothes in just a few minutes. When the bottom of an iron sticks to the material, that’s when burn holes are made. With a ceramic bottom this can’t happen. The iron will slide over any material and you can forget about burn spots.

Ironing doesn’t have to be a boring and stressful job. With the perfect iron, one that slides effortlessly over your clothes, everything about this chore will be easier. Russell Hobbs has a product that will blow your mind. All those piles of clothes will be ironed in no time and you won’t feel tired because of a heavy and impractical iron. Power-steam will make all wrinkles go away in just a few minutes and there won’t be any burned clothes. This product is not pricey, but it will bring you as high-quality a product as some professional equipment.

T-ionicGlide and Eloxal Steam Iron

This type of steam iron works with a patented technology that will make ironing much easier and quicker. What makes this type special is that the coating makes the iron glide more smoothly. This means that you’ll spend less time getting rid of creases and more time doing something you like. A lot of Philips models have the T-ionicGlide since it is a Philips patent. These irons are extremely strong and scratch-resistant, and they glide easily over any fabric.

The Eloxal soleplate is two times stronger than the stainless steel one. A great feature about these irons is that they are completely non-stick – very important, especially with sensitive fabrics that need to be ironed very carefully. If you have a lot of clothes that are made of fine fabrics, and you have had bad experiences and a lot of ruined clothes before, an iron with an Eloxal soleplate will show you that this job can be easier and stress-free. It provides a better glide, it’s extremely scratch resistant, and the surface heats up evenly thanks to this special technology.

Braun TexStyle 7 steam iron TS 745 A

Most housewives dread their laundry day. You already know that you will spend an entire day moving laundry from the washer to the dryer, and in the end you might even need to iron something from that giant pile of clothing. With the Braun Steam Iron, getting rid of those wrinkles won’t be such a nightmare and you will most certainly enjoy using your steam iron. Your modern home definitely needs this small appliance. In general, steam irons have many benefits. The steam coming through the holes at the bottom of the iron helps with straightening your clothes and there is less need to use pressure on those wrinkles. There are also many features added to make each model unique; here are some of the features that will make you fall in love with this Braun Steam Iron.

Features of Braun TexStyle 7 steam iron TS 745 A

Braun has created a high-quality steam iron that won’t cost you a fortune. This model comes in black and you will probably find its modern design attractive. Say goodbye to those stainless steel irons and be amazed by a harder soleplate made of eloxal. This steam iron uses 2400 Watts and features a water tank capacity of 0.4 litres. With many steam holes and a good-quality soleplate, your iron will move smoothly over your clothes and remove all wrinkles and creases in a short time. It will become one of your favourite appliances right from the first use.

Advantages of Braun TexStyle 7 steam iron TS 745 A
  • Big water tank and little dripping
    As mentioned, the water tank can hold up to 400 decilitres of water. Just imagine the pile of clothing you can finish with that tank, without the need for a refill. Usually, every iron will start dripping at some point, but you won’t need to worry about it with this model because dripping is kept to a minimum.
  • High steam
    A device that uses 2400 Watts is definitely powerful. With its high steam, you can iron whatever you wish. All your clothes will become perfectly-folded little piles in no time, and even your curtains can be vertically steamed if needed.
  • All auto features
    You won’t need to worry about checking the temperature while you are doing your laundry. The iron automatically controls the temperature and so you can say goodbye to burned clothes. Also, no need to rush back home to check if you accidentally left your iron turned on. It will turn off after eight or thirty minutes, depending on whether you left it in a vertical or horizontal position.

This iron is a must-have in any household. It has many positive characteristics such as anti-calc properties, a water spray that many find helpful, and even a refill cup. With this iron, you can easily take on any pile of wrinkly clothes.

Philips GC4526/87 Azur Performer Plus Steam Iron

Are you looking to upgrade your ironing sessions? Philips Azur Performer Steam Iron is at the top of its category for price and quality. It will give you a consistent and safe ironing experience every time, even with stubborn fabrics or folds. Easily tackle anything from shirts to curtains and drapes. The Philips Azur Performer Steam Iron is about 1.5 kg. That is not very light but the weight helps you avoid having to press harder on more difficult wrinkles, which might cause you to tire more quickly. It also comes with a 2.5-meter cord length that allows you a vast range of motion. Compared to other irons by Philips, the Azur Performer Steam Iron has a significantly higher power – 2600W as opposed to the standard 2200W Philips irons.

Features of Philips GC4526/87 Azur Performer Plus Steam Iron

Philips Azur Performer Steam Iron is a great home appliance, especially if you often iron big piles of laundry or have a lot of tricky fabrics in your wardrobe. It contains 300 ml of water in its easy-fill tank, which provides for longer ironing sessions without having to fill it up. The steam goes out at a rate of 50 g per minute in a continuous steam; it also has a target-set steam boost of 210 g for more difficult folds that need an additional boost in order to straighten out. The self-clean feature keeps your iron safe from calc by flushing out the calc container during the ironing process. The soleplate is designed for easier glide (t-ionicGlide), it is resistant to scratching, and you can safely iron all types of fabrics over and over. Another very useful feature is the automatic turn-off feature. Don’t worry if you have left your appliance turned on – after only 8 minutes it will turn off automatically if it is not being used. If it is on its side, it will turn off after just 30 seconds to prevent accidental fires.

Advantages of Philips GC4526/87 Azur Performer Plus Steam Iron
  • Steam Boost
    The steam shot for ironing vertical garments or difficult wrinkles and folds is 210 g, which is almost double that of other irons in the same category.
  • Warranty
    Philips gives you a two-year warranty worldwide, which testifies to how much faith it has in its appliance.
  • Calc container
    This is a fascinating feature. The Azur Performer comes with a built-in calc container that does not allow scale to settle and ruin your ironing experience.
  • Automatic turn-off
    The iron automatically turns off if it is not being used.

Get a high-class iron for a very affordable price. Enjoy efficient, easy, and fast ironing sessions with Philips Azur Performer Plus Steam Iron. There are no complicated creases this iron can’t tackle. Iron your laundry for up to 50 minutes without the need for a water fill-up.

What to Look for in a Good Steam Iron

As we mentioned earlier, the best steam iron is the one that meets your needs and preferences. However, whatever your choices are, be sure to keep in mind these features once you head out shopping.

  • Cord
    The cord design is important in a steam iron. Since you will be pointing the iron in different directions it is crucial to have a long cord. A long cord will make it easy for you to move around and reach all parts of a given piece of clothing easily. Some irons are even cordless for those people that find that easier. However, make sure that the charger of these irons fits your outlet. Additionally, keep in mind that the cords have to be solid and durable since you will be dealing with heat and electricity. We highly recommend you look for a waterproof cord – steam irons will be dealing with water, so you want to be sure that your cord is safe.
  • Control
    There are a few controls in any appliance that are very important. You want to make sure that your steam iron has a good temperature control. Even though it might sound unusual that there are irons that do not have a temperature control, there are, and those are specially made for one type of fabric. Moreover, temperature controls can be manual or digital. The controls will help you achieve and maintain the desired temperature and also allow for steam application.
  • Water Spray
    Some irons have a water spray, and this is a highly important feature for stubborn wrinkles and fabrics that do not get straightened easily. However, be sure to know your fabric before you use this feature, since some fabrics are not compatible with water or steam.
  • Self-Cleaning System
    Most people who own a steam iron are not even aware of the fact that their iron has this feature. If you are just about to purchase an iron, keep an eye on this feature. Steam irons use regular tap water, and after some time the filter inside of iron can collect deposits and minerals. Of course, these are not dangerous and this accumulation is normal. But to keep the iron functioning perfectly, this feature forces these deposits and minerals out of the iron with the steam.
  • Anti Leaking System
    This feature is one of the most important when it comes to steam iron safety. Some fabrics can get damaged easily and stained by dripping water. Therefore, it is essential to have an entirely leak-proof iron.

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