The Best Slippers

The Best Slippers

By Stefan Mitrovic
After months of testing more than 30 pairs of different types and models of slippers, we agreed that the Adidas Unisex Adult Duramo Slide Open Toe Sandals were the best slippers on the market. Our decision was based on the comfort, durability and flexibility of the slippers as well as the ease of maintenance. They have also stayed as good as new for the longest time thanks to their flexibility and high-quality material.

Home is the place where everyone should feel the most comfortable, that’s why, when we are at home, we wear clothes that may not be the most stylish but in which we feel the most cosy and comfortable. The slippers we wear inside the house are a very important part of that comfort because we wear them almost every day for months or years and we want nothing but comfort from them.

After a long day running errands, driving, standing and waiting in queues, our feet can be swollen and painful, and we may be suffering from blisters. Wearing uncomfortable shoes on a daily basis is the main reason. That’s why it’s important to have something comfortable to put on once we get home. Our feet deserve to rest after carrying our body’s weight for hours. The best way to help them is by purchasing a great-quality pair of slippers.

Types of Slippers

Even though the most important thing when choosing the right slippers is their comfort, you’ll agree that every person is different and has different tastes and preferences. That’s why slippers come not only in a variety of patterns and designs but also in many different shapes and types. The beauty of this variety is that everyone is able to find his/her perfect pair of slippers or purchase a pair as a gift.

And while there are a lot of different factors at play when deciding which pair of slippers will fit you the best and which ones will be the most comfortable and durable, we should talk about the different types first so you can at least decide in which category to look. Now let’s describe every type:

Sandal Slippers

If you don’t like your feet to be too warm when you’re at home, this type of slipper will be perfect for you. These slippers can be easily worn even outside, by the pool or on a beach. They are completely open, so your feet can breathe and stay cool. The design of this type is very simple, and they are usually made of rubber.

Even though they are simple, a good quality rubber can be really comfortable because it’s elastic and will adjust to your feet and give great support and protection from the ground. You can put them on in a second, and they are really easy to maintain. The rubber is easy to wash and they dry quickly; sometimes you can even dry them with a cloth in a few seconds. So, if you dislike wearing slippers and you need something simple and open to wear to the bathroom or similar, this type should be your choice.

Adidas Unisex Adult Duramo Slide Open Toe Sandals

This is our top choice when it comes to sandal slippers. They are perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple pair of slippers with open toes which are easy to maintain and put on. Even though they look simple, they will surprise you with their comfort and quality. These slippers will look as good as new for years to come. So, if you can’t stand warmth around your feet but you still need slippers to wear around the house, to the local shop, to the pool or by the sea, this Adidas model should be your first choice.

Features of Adidas Unisex Adult Duramo Slide Open Toe Sandals

This Adidas model is unisex, and it comes in a variety of sizes and colours. The outside of the slippers is made of synthetic material, and it features the recognisable Adidas stripes while the Adidas logo is placed on the heel of the slipper. The inside of the slipper, as well as the sole, is made of flexible rubber. The patterns on the inside are ergonomic, and they give great support to your feet and feel almost like a massage. These slippers are made of one piece, so there’s no risk of any potential ripping on the upper part of the slipper. The heel is 2cm so your feet will be far from the ground. The rubber is anti-slip, so you can use these slippers inside the shower. They will dry quickly, and you can wear them around the house right after showering.

Advantages of Adidas Unisex Adult Duramo Slide Open Toe Sandals
  • Versatile use
    Other than being great slippers to wear inside the home, thanks to the unique material and durable rubber, you can safely wear these slippers outside if you need to make a quick visit to a nearby shop, go to the beach or use them in the shower.
  • Simple design
    This model is great for practical people with simple taste. If you want something simple and fast to put on, wash and dry, and you want only one pair of slippers to wear in and outside of the home, this model is the best choice.
  • Anti-slip rubber
    If you use your slippers in the shower, it’s important for them to be anti-slip.
  • Lightweight
    Even though the rubber of the slippers is high quality, they are still very lightweight which makes them even more comfortable and practical to wear. Also, if they end up in a pool or a lake, they will float on the surface so you can easily get them back.

Other than being very simple and lightweight, these slippers are durable and elastic. If you want a good pair of open slippers to have and use for years both indoors and outdoors, Adidas has got it covered with this incredibly simple yet comfortable pair of slippers.

Slip-On Slippers

This one is the most traditional and popular type of slipper on the market. It’s still very practical and easy to put on, but it is much cosier and softer than the previously described type. The toes on these slippers are completely closed and protected, while the heel is free. These slippers are usually made of soft and fuzzy material while the sole is very often made of rubber.

If you need warm slippers that will hug your feet with a soft and warm material, conveniently leaving your heel free, this type is the one for you. Within this category, there are numerous designs, materials, colours etc. The sky is the limit with these kinds of slippers since they are very popular and manufacturers try hard to make unique, eye-catching pairs with universal appeal.

Misolin Women’s Warm Winter Memory Foam Slippers

This model is perfect for women who love cosy and soft slippers with closed toes. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable and extremely soft pair of slippers for yourself, your mum, grandma or a friend, you should definitely check these out. You and your loved ones will be impressed by the cosiness of these slippers and their beautiful, luxurious design. Well-made, comfortable slippers for a more than affordable price is just what everyone wants after a long day in high heels or tight, uncomfortable shoes.

Features of Women's Warm Winter Memory Foam Slippers

The first thing you’ll notice about this model is the incredibly fluffy cotton inside and on the top of the slippers. It doesn’t only look fluffy, but it is actually extremely soft and cosy. If you often have cold feet and you dislike winter because of it, these slippers will keep your feet warm during the cold season. The part that covers the toes is made of soft fleece, and the sole is made of very durable and anti-slip rubber. The cotton will stay fluffy after numerous uses and washes. The slippers come in a variety of neutral and calming colours that will go well with your pyjamas! They can be hand and machine washed and thanks to the durability of the material, the shape will stay the same even after washing.

Advantages of Women's Warm Winter Memory Foam Slippers
  • Rubber sole
    Thanks to this feature, you can safely wear these slippers outside in the garden without damaging them. The sole is anti-slip, and it is very flexible. It offers great support and protects your feet from the ground.
  • Soft material
    The softness of this pair of slippers will make you feel as if you are walking on a cloud. The high-quality cotton and plush will stay as good and as fluffy as new even after months of use and washing.
  • Perfect gift
    These slippers can be a unique and thoughtful gift for a member of your family or a friend. Thanks to the variety of colours, you will be able to find the perfect pair for all your loved ones.
  • Easy to clean
    Since these slippers can be machine washed, you won’t have trouble keeping them clean and fresh. They will keep their shape, and the cotton will stay soft and fluffy.

This is definitely one of the softest pairs of slippers ever made, and the price makes them even more attractive. If this is your favourite type of slipper, you will be very happy with this beautiful, cosy model. The perfect treat for yourself or as a gift.

Closed-Back Slippers

If you’re someone who finds that the models with an open heel feel uncomfortable and difficult to wear because your feet keep falling out, this type of slipper will be your best purchase. Your toes and heels will be completely closed and covered with the material which will also keep them warm.

Not everyone likes fluffy slippers, and while this type do come in a fluffy version, there are a lot of options that feature a simple, thinner design that’s stable and offers support to the entire foot and ankle, ideal for those with weaker ankles or for people who prefer a little more support.

Dunlop BLUEBELL Ladies machine washable touch & close slippers

If you prefer slippers with closed toes and heels, this model will pleasantly surprise you. Not only does it offer great support to the entire foot, but it can also be adjusted according to the feet’s width and size. If you or your family member or friend suffers from weak ankles and needs something a little more supportive and comfortable to hold the feet in place and keep them warm and protected, this model is for you. It is also a good buy if you have to go up and down the stairs many times, and you’re afraid that your feet may slip from open slippers.

Features of Dunlop BLUEBELL Ladies machine washable touch & close slippers

These slippers have narrow to wide fittings so they are perfect if your feet tend to swell a bit during the day because you can adjust their width thanks to the hook-and-loop closure. The outside and inside of the slipper is made of a synthetic textile that’s really durable and resistant. The sole is made of anti-slip rubber which is great for securing the steadier ground. This model comes in a variety of unique and different patterns and colours. The height of the heel is just 1cm which raises your feet from the ground and makes them feel warmer and more protected. They are machine washable.

Advantages of Dunlop BLUEBELL Ladies machine washable touch & close slippers
  • Great support
    The closed design offers good support to the feet and ankles, and therefore to the spine and the whole body. If your ankles are weak, these slippers will keep them in place wherever you go.
  • Hook-and-loop closure
    If you’re looking for adjustable slippers, this model offers the great feature of a touch-and-close fastening that allows you to adjust the width of the slippers according to the size of your feet during the day.
  • Durable material
    The material of this model is both soft and durable. Even though the slippers aren’t fluffy, they are still soft and cosy. Their durability allows you to wash the slippers in the machine and wear them for years to come without the material becoming thinner.
  • Rubber sole
    The perfect type of sole for every surface whether you wear them in the kitchen, bathroom or garden. It will save you from slipping and falling, and if you wear them in your garden, the sole won’t get damaged on rocks and grass.

The incredible support that this type of slipper, and especially this model, offers is perfect if you need something to keep your feet stable and protected. You’ll see the difference as soon as you try them on, and you’ll enjoy their comfort and softness for a long time.

Moccasin Slippers

If you love the shape of the conventional moccasin and you happily wear it outdoors whenever you get the chance, you’ll love this type of home slipper as well. They are completely closed and offer great support to your feet and ankles. Although they are home slippers, this type looks classy and stylish.

If you prefer slippers with an orthopaedic shape and support and you find the closed types work best for you but you don’t like the hook-and-loop closure, moccasin house slippers will be your best choice.

Mens Jo & Joe New England Moccasin Slippers

These slippers are great for all those stylish gentlemen out there who are looking for comfortable and good-looking slippers to wear indoors. These moccasins hug the feet perfectly and offer great support to the ankles, keeping your feet warm and protected. Even though they are house slippers, these moccasins look classy and elegant. The laces allow you to adjust the width of the slipper and modify it according to the size of your feet. So if you like moccasins or know someone who does, these slippers will make a great gift.

Features of Mens Jo & Joe New England Moccasin Slippers

These slippers have a flat synthetic sole which is both sturdy and durable. It is also flexible enough to move with you and stay as good as new after months of wear. The slippers are also very affordable despite being made of high-quality real leather that’s velvety and soft to the touch. The laces are long enough to be adjusted and form a neat bow. The inside of the slipper is made of durable and breathable textile that offers your feet incredible comfort and support. This model comes in sizes 7 to 12, and in a variety of different colours and designs, depending on your taste or the taste of the person you’re buying them for.

Advantages of Mens Jo & Joe New England Moccasin Slippers
  • Stylish design
    If you care about your styling even when you’re at home, or if you have important guests coming and want to look sharp and elegant without sacrificing comfort, these slippers will look great since it’s really difficult to tell whether they are slippers or outdoor moccasins.
  • High-quality leather
    The outside of the slippers is made of real suede leather that’s soft to the touch and flexible, so it won’t crack or crease as you walk and flex the foot.
  • Practical laces
    If the slippers are too wide/narrow for your feet, you can easily tighten or loosen the laces and adjust them. This is important for good support because slippers should be neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Durable sole
    The sole is durable which means that the slippers won’t get damaged even if you wear them for a quick trip to the shop, gardening or going to the mailbox.

Both men and women can suffer from the uncomfortable shoes they wear during the day. Treat the important man in your life by buying him a pair of these slippers and make him feel comfortable, warm and supported, while still looking elegant and sharp.

Novelty Slippers

As the name suggests, the slippers that belong in this category are not practical at all. And while a lot of people avoid buying them because they are almost always bulky and extremely impractical to wear, some people enjoy their unique and unusual designs.

If you’re in doubt when purchasing a gift for someone you love, a fun and casual pair of novelty slippers can be the right choice, especially if the person you’re buying them for has a good sense of humour. These slippers are always bulky and are often shaped like an animal claw, unicorn or similar. Although they are bulky and big, they are also very soft and warm which makes them a great choice for people with cold feet.

Wynsors Mens Green Novelty Monster Claw Slippers

This pair of slippers is, in our opinion, the best one for men with a sense of humour who don’t mind a pair of bulky slippers. Even though they are really large, and they may seem uncomfortable and difficult to wear around the house, they are in fact the exact opposite, and they are well designed and amusing. So, if you don’t have trouble wearing slightly heavier shoes and slippers and you actually find novelty slippers comfortable and super warm, or if you need a fun and unique gift for the special man in your life who loves cartoons, comic books and monsters in general, this pair will be a hit.

Features of Mens Green Novelty Monster Claw Slipper

It’s obvious that these slippers are extremely soft and comfortable. The padding inside is thick and flexible, so the slippers won’t become flat after you wear and wash them; they will always look as good as new. This model is made for regular-width feet. The inside is made of synthetic material, and it’s really warm and cosy. The outside is made of fluffy plush that will stay that way even after washing. The sole is made of textile with rubber spots that are anti-slip, so even though the slippers are soft and fluffy, they aren’t risky to wear on tiles and slippery surfaces about the house.

Advantages of Mens Green Novelty Monster Claw Slipper
  • Warm feet
    These slippers, as you can see, have a lot of material so your feet will be wrapped in cosy and warm padding that will help keep them warm during winter if you always have cold feet and have trouble warming them up.
  • Funny design
    A monster claw is difficult to beat when it comes to interesting and creative designs for slippers. Even though they are big, they’re still shaped like a foot so they will at least adjust to the shape of your feet.
  • High-quality padding and material
    Thanks to the quality padding, these slippers will stay big and fluffy for a long time. The outer and inner material is soft, cosy and durable enough to survive machine washing without any damage.
  • Anti-slip spots
    This is very important safety-wise because there are a lot of novelty slippers that are very slippery and therefore risky to wear in the kitchen and bathroom. These rubber spots will keep you from slipping and falling.

We are sure that younger people won’t mind the bulkiness of these slippers and they will find them fun and creative to wear. As you can see, it is possible to have statement slippers which will attract attention while also keeping your feet comfortable and warm. These slippers do make a perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

What to Look for in a Good Slippers

Now that you know which type of slipper suits you the most, you should consider the other important aspects of good quality slippers before making a decision. While testing and choosing our top picks, we considered the following features:

  • Comfort
    The comfort of the slippers you’re going to wear is obviously your first priority. We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences. Some people prefer extremely soft slippers that adjust under the pressure of the feet, while some feel better wearing models that have a harder sole. It’s important to know which ones will suit you and choose accordingly.
  • Material
    Just as with softness, there are different types of materials that slippers are made of. We know that the majority of people prefer fluffy cotton and fleece because they find it cosy and calming. However, there are many of you who dislike this and prefer real or faux leather, textile, rubber or other materials because they are easier to wash.
  • Support
    Whatever material you choose, you need to make sure that the slippers you buy offer enough support for your feet and ankles. Closed types completely wrap your feet and heel and protect them. However, if you prefer sandal slippers or slip-on types, you should purchase a pair that’s not too large and fits your feet perfectly because that is the only way to ensure that your ankle will be stable.
  • Adjustable
    If you like the closed and moccasin type, it is often good to find a pair that has some kind of adjustment, whether that’s laces or a hook-and-loop closure. Only in that way can you be sure that the slippers fit you perfectly and that you can adjust them when your feet get swollen.
  • Sole
    The most important thing about every shoe is its base, or sole. The sole of your slippers should be durable, stable and, most importantly, anti-slip. This is important when it comes to wearing the slippers in the kitchen, bathroom or on any other slippery surface.
  • Heel
    Some people prefer to have a small heel because it’s better for the spine and lower back. Of course, you may find flat models more comfortable, so you need to think about what works best for your feet, ankles and back and choose the slippers that are perfect for you.

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