The Best Sleeping Bags

The Best Sleeping Bags

By Stefan Mitrovic
After putting in more than 50 hours of research and testing, we can say with confidence that the BESTEAM Sleeping Bag SA-77 really has everything you could possibly need. We tested the best sleeping bags for durability, comfort and resistance, and there wasn’t any other product that satisfied all of our strict requirements as well as this one.

If you are an adventurer, or just a family planning to escape the town for a weekend, you need proper equipment for traveling. It can be really fun to organize a sleepover for your kids and their friends in your backyard, but only when you know how to make it all work. The first thing you need to buy is a sleeping bag. Whether you already have a sleeping bag and are now looking for a new one, or you are looking to buy one for the first time, this article will help you decide which one will suit you best.

When buying a sleeping bag there are many things that you should pay attention to. First of all, sleeping bags are not something that you buy every day, so think of them as an investment. You want your sleeping bag to be comfortable and warm during long nights of sleeping outside, especially after a long day of outdoor activity. Camping can be a great way to spend quality time with your family or your friends, and whether you decide to go to an adventure to a different country or even continent, or just want to have a sleepover in your backyard, you need to be prepared.

Types of Sleeping Bags

As with any other product, there are many different styles and types of sleeping bags on the market. If you are new to camping, or this is your first time purchasing a sleeping bag, the amount of choice available can be confusing. When buying a sleeping bag, you don’t want to spend too much money on overpriced products, but, on the other hand, you don’t want to end up with a sleeping bag that can’t do its primary job.

In the end, sleep is very important for the mind and body, so you need to rest properly and you’ll want a sleeping bag that feels just like your cosy, warm bed. Keep in mind that some people spend months, even years in sleeping bags, so this is not an impossible task. Now you’ve decided to buy a sleeping bag for your next adventure, let’s look at some of the most commonly available types.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

As you can guess by the name, these sleeping bags look similar to a mummy, so they are certainly not for everybody. They are generally considered to be the warmest, as they fit closely to your body. They are also the lightest sleeping bag available, so you may want to check them out if you plan on backpacking. On the other hand, some people find mummy sleeping bags to be quite uncomfortable, since their closeness to the body can feel claustrophobic. If you have a fear of a tight, enclosed spaces, this one probably isn’t for you. The thing that you should pay closest attention to when buying this type of sleeping bag is the size. The mummy sleeping bag should be tight, but not too tight, as the air needs to circulate in order to keep you warm.

Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Have you ever thought that professional sporting equipment is out of your reach because of the price or availability? We are here to prove to you that maximum quality doesn’t automatically mean the product will be unaffordable. Instead, the price and impressive performance might just motivate you to buy the gear and give it a try. The lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag one product you will never regret buying! With its modern design, the comfort it offers and the fun you are going to have camping, this is an opportunity you simply don’t want to miss out on. So, get ready and let us introduce you to this revolutionary sleeping bag.

Features of Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag is made from a durable polyester outer shell and a soft and warm inner shell, which will help you maintain your body temperature. This sleeping bag is specially designed to be used in both the spring the summer, hence its light weight! It doesn’t take up a lot of space and anybody can carry it around, even your kids! It is perfect for sleepovers, as well as hanging out in nature. This mummy sleeping bag was made to be used in the warmer seasons, and it can be used in temperatures between +5°C to +18°C. The dimensions of this sleeping bag are 210x80cm, and it can be shrunk down to 45x25cm, making it easily portable and space saving. It can fit inside your backpack, or you can carry it around in the supplied compression bag (with a handle and drawstring). The bag allows you to nestle in comfortably and secure yourself using the zippers.

Advantages of Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • Keeps you warm
    You don’t have to give up and cancel your camping trip just because the temperature drops – you can enjoy it even more. The outer shell is water resistant, so there’s no need to worry about unexpected rainfall overnight.
  • Uncomplicated
    Since it comes with its own carrying bag, the Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag is simple to pack and unpack. It will be ready for use in under two minutes – why not set up a fun race to see who can set up their bag the fastest.
  • Lightweight
    When this Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag is packed up it weighs only 800 g.
  • Comfortable
    The soft internal material will offer you a level of comfort you didn’t think possible for a sleeping bag. Its dimensions allow you plenty of space to stretch out and relax – we all know that for any outdoor activity you have to be well rested and ready to move at any moment
  • Versatile use
    Going to a friend’s house for a sleepover, camping in your backyard, or maybe hiking by the sea? The Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag can do it all!

Having a sleeping bag can come in handy, but having this one is even more useful! No matter what your plans are, this sleeping bag will support and adjust itself depending on your needs. It is really easy to travel with and carry wherever you please. So, don’t keep your plans waiting, just order the Active Era Premium Lightweight Mummy Sleeping bag and feel the difference. You will have a good night sleep and stay safe, all for a great price.

Active Era Sleeping Bag M-300

Do you like camping and are a truly nature-driven person? Being in the outdoors requires good equipment that you can rely on, so you won’t have to worry while enjoying your free time. The Active Era Sleeping Bag M-300 offers you the chance to rest and get a good night sleep everywhere, without worrying about the temperature. This sleeping bag is perfect for anyone who loves adventure – it’s incredibly practical, as it doesn’t take a lot of space and is really easy to move and pack whenever needed. So, if you are in the mood for camping without catching a cold or worrying about comfort, this is the product for you!

Features of Active Era Sleeping Bag M-300

The Active Era Sleeping Bag M-300 has a durable Polyester outer shell, which makes it waterproof, and helps to normalise body temperature during the night. It features a double zipper, which makes it easier to access, as well as adjust your sleeping positions throughout your sleep. This sleeping bag comes with security pouches to keep your valuables secure and within easy reach. An insulated draft tube has been included in this product, which prevents the cold air getting into the sleeping bag, helping you to relax. This mummy sleeping bag is machine washable and really low maintenance. It comes with a compression bag to easily pack and carry the sleeping bag without breaking a sweat. You are finally going to travel lightly, even while carrying your spacious, 2.2m long sleeping bag!

Advantages of Active Era Sleeping Bag M-300
  • Ultra Warm
    This product is designed and made to out-dare all harsh weather conditions. The team worked really hard to make sure you don’t miss out on comfort, even when you’re sleeping in the elements. It can support your body temperature in conditions ranging from -10° C up to +10° C – proving it to be a must have for every camping trip.
  • Uncomplicated
    Coming with its own compression bag, this sleeping bag is incredibly easy to move around and carry in your backpack. It weighs only 1.5 KG and doesn’t take a lot of space once it’s packed up.
  • Durable
    This mummy sleeping bag is suitable for use during all seasons, and is washable and water resistant! Kids can use it for sleepovers, and you don’t have to worry about them spilling juice or water on the bag. Plus, they carry it themselves wherever they go, since the product is so light weight!
  • Comfortable
    This sleeping bag has a hood that covers your head which serves to replace your pillow and keep you warm! Even those who have trouble falling asleep in the outdoors will be surprised by the warmth and softness of the material.

The last thing you need while in the wilderness is having to worry about your equipment and whether or not it will resist the weather conditions. It is your time to relax and enjoy nature, while enjoying a good night’s sleep under the sky! There is no need to Stress with this product – grab the Active Era Sleeping Bag M-300 and you’ll see the difference. If you don’t have one yet, order it now and plan your next carefree camping trip.

Rectangular Sleeping Bags

If you want to do things old school, this is the sleeping bag to go for, as it is one of the most common types you’ll encounter. They are definitely some of most comfortable to sleep in, as you will have plenty of space to move around. They are also very warm as there is a lot of room for air to circulate in. Another advantage of this model is that usually they can fully zip and unzip. This means that you can use your sleeping bag as a blanket if you want.

BESTEAM Sleeping Bag SA-77

Be prepared! That is the most important rule for all campers, hikers, climbers and trekkers alike. If you’re alone in nature, you have to trust your instinct and your equipment. Here is a product that won’t fail you – the BESTEAM Ultra-Light Sleeping Bag. It’s is so light you will even forget that it’s packed up!
This sleeping bag will give a new meaning to the idiom “travel light”! It is compact and easy to adjust to, keeps you warm and helps you relax, even in the strangest of places. Don’t believe us, continue reading and you will see why the BESTEAM Ultra-Light Sleeping Bag gives all other sleeping bags a run for their money.

Features of BESTEAM Sleeping Bag SA-77

The lightweight sleeping bag is designed to be used by kids, teens and adults alike, no matter where they are. This will save you a lot of time choosing different sleeping bags for your family – just order several BESTEAM Ultra-Lights and don’t worry about sizes. They comes in five different colours: blue, dark blue, green, orange and wine red, so they’re perfect for everyone!
It is made from nylon, and filled with premium TC cotton that prevents your body temperature from dropping, even on the coldest of nights. It can also be used as a blanket, and, since they zips can be joined together, they can attach to other sleeping bags for extra room, or to create a cosy, couples sleeping bag.

Advantages of BESTEAM Sleeping Bag SA-77
  • Ideal for travel
    Fitting a sleeping bag into your backpack has never been easier! This product comes with a matching carrying bag that allows you to shrink this large sleeping bag (75x190cm) to a pillow like size of 15x16cm.
  • Lightweight
    This bag isn’t named the Ultra-Light for nothing – fully packed up it only weighs 640 g! Even your kids can carry it around and have their own camping responsibility.
  • Durable
    Adaptable for all weather conditions and surprises, this bag is fully waterproof! The nylon material prevents water from coming into your sleeping bag and ruining your sleep. The double zipper for added security from the elements.
  • Comfortable
    This bag keeps you warm at night without being too bulky to carry during the day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about packing extra blankets for your trip and wasting precious space in your pack. This bag is comfortable, cosy and definitely warm. You’ve just got to lie down, zip up and enjoy.

Even with all the advantages of this BESTEAM Ultra-Light Sleeping Bag, you can’t deny that the affordable price is one of the motives for purchasing this product. Having a piece of reliable sporting equipment available at such a great price is an opportunity you can’t miss out on. So, be sure to order your new best friend while camping and start thinking of all the locations you can take it. Happy camping! And don’t forget your BESTEAM Ultra-Light Sleeping Bag!

FUNDANGO Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Are you tired of sleepless nights while camping? Are you tired of being cold, getting pain in your back and neck, and not having enough space to toss and turn searching for the right position? Well, we are pleased to tell you that the solution is here, just a click away and waiting to be used. We present to you the Fundango Sleeping Bag, which will revolutionise your camping experience.
Being one of the few sleeping bags that can offer you the luxury of sleeping comfortably, with its width and big dimensions you feel like you never left your house and are still in your bed. But don’t be fooled – with the Fundango Sleeping Bag you can take your home comforts with you wherever you go.

Features of FUNDANGO Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Fundango Sleeping Bag is made from 100% polyester and has dimensions of 86x190cm. It can be used as a blanket and as a mattress, and by combining two Sleeping bags., it allows you to share a bed with someone, even while camping. The kids don’t have to be afraid anymore, they can always scoot up next to their parents.
The inside of this sleeping bag was given a lot of thought, in order to bring the quality of outdoor sleeping to a whole new level. The internal material is soft and feather-like, it keeps your body warm even in the cold night temperature, while the polyester shields you from the hard ground and is water resistant.

Advantages of FUNDANGO Rectangular Sleeping Bag
  • Spaciousness
    The bag is extra wide (86cm) to offer more space for your body make it easier to get in and out of your sleeping bag. You no longer have to crawl out, simply sit up and control the double zipper.
  • Lightweight
    This sleeping bag comes with its own carry bag, complete with straps, included in the purchase price. Having this portable sleeping bag reduced to the size of a pillow is every camper’s dream. This way, you don’t have to worry about traveling with the sleeping bag, nor about having a quality sleep at night. It is guaranteed!
  • Durable
    It’s machine washable and water resistant, so it’s very low maintenance – besides packing and unpacking it we can’t say you’ll have to do more to take care of this sleeping bag.
  • Zipper System
    The zippers allow you to join two Fundango Sleeping Bags together or make a mattress and a blanket out of them. They also can be modified to open or close any part of the bag. So, for example, if you’re cold but your feet are not, you can unzip the bottom and free them.
  • Safety Pouches
    Little pouches in the inside of the sleeping bag allow you to keep your valuables with you and keep them secure, even when you’re not awake.

If you’re not already convinced that this is the best sleeping bag you can get, then you can also look at the price. Fundango offers you a full night sleep with the best view in the world. Just think about it, maybe even sleep on it. We highly recommend this Fundango Sleeping Bag – give it a try and we’re sure you will plan outdoors activities more frequently!

Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping bag liners are not only used for sleeping, they are made to make your sleeping bag warmer as well -just like when you put sheets over your bed, you put liners inside your sleeping bag. This will keep you warmer and also keep your sleeping bag cleaner. They are made in different sizes and shapes to fit your sleeping bag perfectly. They will add another layer to your sleeping bag, making it even more isolated and comfortable. If you are traveling to colder areas this is a must-have item. They are made from different materials, just like with the sleeping bags, so they can be less or more warm, heavier or lighter. . There are even ones made from silk, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. As always, make your choice based on your needs and plans. Keep in mind that, if you have sleeping bag liners, you won’t have to wash your main sleeping bag as often, so it may be a good investment if you plan to use your sleeping bag a lot.

SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner

Are you planning on going on a journey but you’re not exactly sure where will you sleep, or which mode of transport you’ll be taking? Has it been bugging you knowing that you’ll have to carry a big old sleeping bag with you constantly and give up other things because nothing else can be packed in your backpack? Wouldn’t you wish there was something smaller? Lighter? Less complicated? Well, good thing you’re reading this. The product that you need is SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Sheet.
The SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner is a sleeping bag that can be used as a camping bag, but also as protection from suspicious bedding in hotel rooms, train compartments and hostel dorms. The material is anti-bacterial and soft. You don’t have to worry about what you are sleeping on anymore – you have your own safety net that is machine washable and very easy to take care of.

Features of SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner

Features of SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner
The SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner is made from 100% microfiber, which is both permeable and anti-bacterial. It can be washed in the machine without problems and reused immediately, allowing you to relax and sleep knowing for sure that you are protected from mites and not so clean looking bed sheets.
This Travel Sheet has a place for a pillow, for maximum comfort. It also saves you a lot of trouble packing. Whenever you’re somewhere with access to a pillow put it in the special pouch, and when you’re done, pull it out and pack you sheet again. No need to carry a pillow with you, but also no need to worry about what’s inside the hotel pillow. Really smart isn’t it?

Advantages of SCM Soft Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Lightweight
    This is the lightest sleeping bag there is! When packed in the carrying bag that comes with it, it is the size of a water bottle and weighs only 300 g! You can put it in your backpack, but it will even fit in your handbag.
  • Durable
    This product can be washed and dried many times in the machine. It is permeable and made with high stitching density, resulting in the strong and reliable material.
  • Multiply Use
    With this product you can have a camping trip and enjoy the nature, or you can travel around, going wherever you please, by train, aeroplane, bus… No matter what, you don’t have to stress anymore about the hygiene of the sheets or seats, and even staying in budget hotels and hostels doesn’t have to be a worry anymore. You are carrying your own clean sheet everywhere in the size of a bottle.
  • Design
    The SCM Soft Sleeping Bag has a simple yet modern design that comes in three colours. Even with such a simple design, this product is really soft for the skin and the fabric is very smooth.

Being comfortable is the most important thing while traveling, and uneasiness doesn’t always help with sleep, particularly outdoors. To ensure your comfort wherever you sleep, we advise you to pack this travel sheet! It will give you comfort and will prevent you worrying, instead allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip. How much do you think a good night sleep costs? We know it. Just check up the price of the SCM Soft Sleeping Bag!

What to look for in a good Sleeping Bag

Now that you are familiar with some of the available types, choosing the right sleeping bag for your adventure should be a lot easier. However, no matter the type, you should look for certain characteristics best suited to your individual needs. As we mentioned, there are many different products on the market, but some things are key to buying a good sleeping bag, and they apply to all products, no matter the type. You may find the type that you like and want to stick to, but, before you buy it, be sure that it has most of these important characteristics. You will definitely benefit from choosing wisely. Here are some of the characteristics your new sleeping bag should have:

  • Weight
    This is something that most people totally forget to check before buying. It is important to have a sleeping bag that is not too heavy. If you are buying a sleeping bag for your kids, you want them to be able to carry them around by themselves. Even if you are buying a sleeping bag for yourself, you should pay attention to the weight. Sleeping bags can be pretty heavy and the last thing you want is to waste all your energy carrying a heavy sleeping bag around on your trip. So, be sure to check the weight of a sleeping bag before you buy it.
  • Temperature Ratings
    This is probably one of the most important features of any sleeping bag. Before you start exploring your options, you should ask yourself how you’re going to use your sleeping bag. Will you use it only for camping in your backyard during the summer? Will you go camping near a river for a whole week? You should choose a sleeping bag completely based on your plans and needs. For every sleeping bag, there is a number that clarifies which temperatures the sleeping bag is suitable for. If the outside temperature is below that number, you will feel cold. If the temperature is above that number, you will feel warm and cosy. Think carefully about your next trips and excursions before buying a sleeping bag. The last thing you want is to be too hot, or too cold to sleep. Also, remember that the night temperatures can be significantly lower than during the day in the place where you want to travel.
  • Filling Type
    The filling in your sleeping bag is what keeps you warm through the night. These fillings can be made out of feathers or synthetic fibres, among other things. If you are against the usage of animal products, then the choice is clear. Also, sleeping bags filled with synthetic fibres are easier to dry, so if you are traveling to a wet area than you should definitely consider this. The down sleeping bags are more durable, and are the lightest option available, but synthetic ones are much cheaper. The choice is yours, consider what is more important to you from those characteristics, and base your choice on that.
  • Zippers
    This is one more feature that people often don’t pay attention to. Are you a leftie or a rightie? If you don’t have someone to tuck you in your sleeping bag, think carefully about this. You want to be able to zip your bag by yourself. So, if you are a leftie you should look for a bag that has a zipper on the right, and vice versa. Also, look for bags with larger teeth for zipping. Why is this, you ask? Well, you know that feeling when you try to zip a jacket and it gets stuck? You don’t want that happening with your sleeping bag – zips with larger teeth are less prone to this.

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