The Best Rucksack

The Best Rucksack

By Stefan Mitrovic
The Berghaus TwentyFourSeven Plus 25 Litre Rucksack offers everything the best rucksack should have. We’ve rigorously tested it and found out that it definitely deserves its place at the top of our list. Its flow back system offers enhanced comfort and the clever internal organiser helped us pack in plenty of supplies with ease. Longevity is guaranteed with this one as it’s made with only the highest quality materials.

Embarking on a new adventure should be exciting and fun, but if you head out on a multi-day excursion with the wrong equipment, it can really hinder your experience. While there are many things to consider, selecting the best rucksack for your needs should be a priority.

Since you’ll be using it to carry all your personal belongings, tools and accessories, having enough space for the essentials is critical to a successful trip. Depending on the length of your trip, and the kind of activities you’ll be participating in, some rucksacks are better suited than others.

Types of Rucksacks

The type of rucksack you choose is dependent on your individual needs and each rucksack has a set of individual features that make it stand out against the crowd. We aim to look at which type of rucksack is best suited to your individual needs, which should help you make a confident and informed decision.

Backpacking Rucksacks

Backpacking rucksacks are some of the largest you will come across, and are intended for multi-day use. They’re the best choice for adventurers who will be out exploring the world without regular access to hostels or other accommodation.

They tend to be designed with comfort and storage in mind, often with multiple compartments of varied sizes, shoulder and hip straps and many buckles to keep your gear safe and secure. Since they are quite complicated, it might take a little while to familiarise yourself with everything your backpacking rucksack has to offer – we would recommend you do this at home or in the store, rather than wait until you’re half way up a mountain!

Highlander 45L Discovery Rucksack

Every good sportsman or adventurer knows that having a quality and comfortable rucksack is an absolute necessity! You can rest assured you won’t make mistake with this one. It’s perfect for people who like hiking, walking and camping, but it can also be used as a piece of travel luggage. Rest assured, no matter where you’re going, this rucksack ensures you’ll have everything you need to ensure you the best experience on your trip. Whether you are preparing for an amazing festival, or simply a holiday, this rucksack guarantees all the space you need. There are also lots of pockets (inside and out), for extra convenience. Plus, it can be easily compacted down when you don’t need as much space.

Features of Highlander 45L Discovery Rucksack

The simple, clean design of the backpack will appeal to all tastes. For elemental protection, it is made of waterproof material and features an integrated cover to protect against dust and rain, so you can rest assured your belongings will remain secure and dry. Additionally, the quality material allows air to flow throughout the rucksack to make sure everything inside stays nice and fresh. Carrying this rucksack from A to B will always be satisfying and comfortable thanks to the adjustable chest belt and ultra-padded hip belt, both of which can be adjusted, depending on the size and volume of the bag, to fit the wearer perfectly. Lid-mounted straps will surprise you with a small amount of extra space, which is ideal for those last minute items you almost forgot to pack. The bag also has a lot of side pockets and there is an equipment attachment loop to hold an ice pick, as well as a ‘pole park’ feature for stowing walking poles. What’s more, it comes equipped with hydration ports (internal and external) – add your bladder and you are ready to go!

Advantages of Highlander 45L Discovery Rucksack
  • Durable
    Made of quality materials and very tough, this rucksack will accompany you on trips for years to come.
  • Comfortable
    Specifically designed for comfort, this rucksack distributes weight evenly across the body, so it can even be used by people with back problems.
  • Adjustable Back System (ABS)
    The ABS feature means the rucksack will adjust to fit your body perfectly. It will help you maintain the stability and posture of your back, which can help prevent injuries.
  • Waterproof cover
    The bag comes equipped with its own waterproof yellow cover that, when not in use, can be conveniently stored in a pocket in the base.
  • Multiple attachment and pockets
    Plenty of internal and external pockets.
  • Various Colours and Sizes
    This rucksack is available in three different colours; black, red and blue, and in three different sizes; 45L, 65L, and 85L.
  • Value for money
    Many satisfied customers are amazed by the quality of the rucksack and compartments for storage. This backpack has features that you would expect from a much more expensive pack.

Finding a good rucksack is half the battle when deciding to embark on an adventure or engage in sports, and you’re guaranteed a comfortable and pleasurable experience with this one! It is by far one of the best you can buy in this price range, and the many positive reviews on Amazon speak for themselves.

Mountain Warehouse Soft Travel Backpack – 65L

Are you going on a hiking trip that includes camping, a week-long vacation, or backpacking around the world? If you are, the Mountain Warehouse Carrion might just be the perfect solution for your packing problems. It is just the perfect size for such an endeavour and its many compartments provide for organized packing.

Rucksacks are practical and easy to carry around especially if they are as well-balanced as the Carrion is. It is comfortable and has various packing options and additions. It will fit you perfectly regardless of how tall you are (not for kids though) since it is adjustable 

Features of Mountain Warehouse Soft Travel Backpack – 65L

The Mountain Warehouse Carrion is the perfect size for a week-long trip or camping. It can accommodate the content up to 60l  (68cm x 41cm x 38cm) which is a substantial weight to carry around on your back. Luckily, the Carrion has adjustable straps that fit according to your height. The ladder lock keeps them in place and safe from slipping. The hip belt has load-balance adjusters that you can tighten or loosen to adjust the load pressure on how it is most comfortable.

The back air mesh is breathable for additional comfort. The rucksack also has several pockets that can be zipped and two elastic side pockets. The inside compartment can be sectioned for more organized packing. It also comes with additional hoops and straps for bungee cords and additional equipment like water bottles and sleeping mats or bags.


Advantages of Mountain Warehouse Soft Travel Backpack – 65L
  • Breathable
    The back mesh is breathable and allows air to circulate. In this way, it protects the content of the rucksack and lets your back skin breathe freely regardless of the load.
  • Sectioned
    Aside from the side pockets and compartments, the main compartment is divisible. This allows you to neatly separate the contents of your rucksack without having to rummage through it each time you want to take something out.
  • Padded straps
    The padded straps, especially those on the hip belt helps prevent blisters and any discomfort that can be caused by the rucksacks heavy load during long walks.
  • Raincover
    Although the rucksack is not completely waterproof, it comes with a rain cover that can be unfolded in the event of rain to protect your clothes and other things in it.
Bottom Line

Mountain Warehouse Carrion rucksack is a great option for your weekend camping trip or even backpacking around the world. It is lightweight and has many useful and handy compartments. Its size is just large enough to fit everything you need and more. In addition to that, it is very well-adjusted and comfortable to carry. We highly recommend it.

Day-Trip Rucksacks

Day trip rucksacks are very similar to backpacking rucksacks, but since they’re intended for shorter trips, they’re not nearly as large and generally don’t have as many additional features. These rucksacks are great for afternoon trips to the park, or short hikes that don’t require extra equipment or supplies.

The features of these rucksacks vary depending on the brand and your chosen style, but they may include buckles, straps and different compartments. Their main benefit is that they’re much less bulky, therefore lighter, and more suitable for everyday use.

EverVanz Polyester Casual Daypack

This casual style is very popular and can be found in many closets across the world. Unlike other modern, more style-focussed backpacks, this one is very strong, while also being practical and compact. It is perfect for young and active people and is extremely versatile. You can use it as college or school backpack, or just a casual daypack, and it can even hold a tablet or small (15”) laptop. This is an “all in one” rucksack which is equally convenient for work or school as it is for travelling, hiking or camping. It’s simple and adaptable, so fits a myriad of needs. This simple, yet trendy and elegant design sends the message that you like casual style. It’s charmingly effortless, so will go with any outfit and, since it’s a unisex model, it looks great on everyone. Best of all, it is available in a range of different colours and patterns.

Features of EverVanz Polyester Casual Daypack

The backpack is made of top-quality materials. The durable polyester is tear resistant, while still being soft and pleasing to the eye. To ensure a comfortable fit and proper positioning, the broad shoulder straps are adjustable, so it’s adaptable to different body types – comfort is guaranteed with this backpack. It has a number of pockets – one front pocket and two zipped side pockets, which will hold a mobile phone or other small items. The interior of the backpack also has a few compartments and zip pockets. One of the biggest surprises is that this rucksack features a padded sleeve to safely store a tablet or laptop. This bag has a large capacity – enough space for all your essentials, while still being compact and convenient – make sure to distribute the weight evenly to maximise your comfort. There is a drawstring closure and an adjustable buckle, which offers security while also giving the option to expand the internal storage capacity.

Advantages of EverVanz Polyester Casual Daypack
  • Versatile use
    This multifunctional rucksack suits all your needs, but is particularly suitable for everyday use.
  • Affordable price
    The price is very reasonable, especially when you compare it with other similar products.
  • Durable
    The quality materials, durable polyester and strong stitches guarantee this bag will serve you well for years to come.
  • Natural materials
    Made of polyester, this bag is both comfortable to carry and easy on the eye.
  • Functional
    The range of individual pockets and compartments on both the interior and exterior of this bag allow you to organise your belongings neatly, so nothing is ever far from reach.

This is one great rucksack – it’s comfortable, has plenty of space and several additional pockets, all while looking effortlessly stylish. This multifunctional backpack should be a staple in any closet, and we’re sure it will become your go-to bag, no matter the occasion.

Berghaus TwentyFourSeven Plus 25 Litre Rucksack

Everyone is quite excited once the day of the trip finally arrives. If you are looking for a good bag that will hold all that you need for those long travels, here is an amazing recommendation – Berghaus has created one of the best rucksacks currently available online. No matter what bag you choose, it should meet a few basic criteria. You will need to pack some necessities and it should hold all of them. Also, the design of the rucksack should fit your back so you don’t feel like its weight is crushing your shoulders while you are wearing it. This rucksack will check off these boxes and offer many other amazing features as well.

Features of Berghaus TwentyFourSeven Plus 25 Litre Rucksack

This rucksack is made of polyester and comes in black. Great choice of material and simple design are what makes this one stand out. Its classic and modern design makes it ideal for both genders, great to wear when going on a hike, and easy to fit in with your everyday wardrobe. This means that you can also use this bag for your daily activities and not just for hiking or other sports. No matter the weather outside – rain, snow, wind – the Berghaus Rucksack will resist it all. The capacity of the bag is twenty-five litres – even though the bag might seem small at first, everything you might need for your hike can be placed inside and retrieved easily. A chest strap and a strong backing give this bag its needed strength and keeps the load compatible with your spine. Comfort while wearing it is guaranteed. The Berghaus Rucksack comes in just one size, but don’t worry – the chest strap is adjustable.

Advantages of Berghaus TwentyFourSeven Plus 25 Litre Rucksack
  • Multipurpose
    One of the biggest benefits of owning this bag is all of its functions. Even though this is a bag for hiking, certain features make it suitable for everyday use. There is a place for your laptop and water, plus many pockets that allow you to keep your rucksack completely organized. From now on, you will always know where your keys and phone are.
  • Design
    The back of the bag is padded to ensure comfort and greater air flow on your back. Both your back and the bag can breathe while you are wearing it. Adjustable chest straps will make sure that the bag fits perfectly for anyone who is using it.
  • Capacity
    Twenty-five litres is more than enough room for everything you might need on a hike. All of your stuff will fit inside the bag without creating a complete mess. Extra pockets for water, hidden compartments, and all its additional spaces will make sure you are storing your belongings neatly.

Whether you are going hiking, backpacking, cycling, or traveling, you will need a bag to store all of your stuff. This Berghaus Rucksack will easily keep up with your active lifestyle, but you will be able to use it as well for your everyday activities.

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

The backpack market is competitive and fast-moving with fresh and innovative products quickly hitting the stores, phasing out less practical, outdated styles. But every now and then you come across a bag that promises to stand a longer test of time, with style, substance and gadgets at an affordable price. 

Features of MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a strong all-round contender for the modern classic label, you’d be wise to check out the MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack. The eye-catching styling of this two-tone grey, lightweight and water resistant work bag ticks a lot of boxes and serves multiple purposes. 

Its contemporary style and multi-use functionality make it a firm choice for students, but it’s also sleek and practical enough to finish off a smart business look.

The designers at MATEIN have created a deceptively large travel backpack. It looks on the light side but packs a punch at 16 x 10 x 2 inches, with multiple compartments making up the 32-litre capacity. 

After your laptop is securely stowed away, among the many pockets and secret spaces in this versatile bag you’ll find ample room for books, clothes and other daily necessities. On the front of the product you’ll find a spacious compartment with a sturdy keyfob hook and more individual pockets to help you to maintain some order over your smaller possessions. 

Advantages of MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack
  • USP functionality
    These days we increasingly rely on our devices and a mobile phone low on battery can bring with it a world of pain. The USB port functionality of the bag is a clever touch, with a USB charger on the outside and built-in charging cable on the inside. It offers you an easier way to charge your phone while on the move by foot, bike or car.
  • Designed with security in mind
    No town or city is free from crime these days and sensible bag designers like to build in some handy anti-theft security functions. The MATEIN travel laptop backpack comes with a lockable zipper in the main compartment and a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back to disguise and protect valuable items such as your wallet or passport. The padding-protected laptop sleeve will comfortably hold most devices under 15.6inches, meaning it’s compatible with the likes of the Macbookpro or the Chrome book.
  • Designed for comfort
    The bag is styled in quality, breathable materials including durable polyester fabric and sponge mesh across the back and straps, offering you more comfort and less stress across the shoulders. Which is going to be important if you are planning on filling this bag up and using it to its full potential.
Bottom Line

This appealing MATEIN Travel Laptop backpack is the perfect travel companion. A laptop bag with a luggage belt – so that you can neatly attach it to the handle of your suitcase – and hanging clasps on the straps for easy storage. It’s diverse enough for university trips, occasional travel, your daily work requirements or that overnight business trip.

Activity-Based Rucksacks

If your trip involves a lot of activity, whether it be running, hiking, cycling or otherwise, you may want to consider a backpack specifically designed for sports. The main difference here is that an activity-based rucksack is a close-fitting, lightweight, much smaller bag than those listed above.

Since your gear won’t be weighing you down, you’ll have more time to focus on your activity, plus, these rucksacks often come with a rubber pouch to store water, so you can stay hydrated on the go. Ideal for athletes and hikers alike!

BLF Bike Backpack

If you are looking to buy a smaller backpack for your outdoor sporting activities, this might be the right choice for you. It has just enough space to pack your essentials – keys, phone, hydration bladder, tire pump, glasses, sandwich, medicines, etc… which makes it the perfect every day activity bag. It is perfect for people who enjoy biking, hiking, skating, running, camping and much more! It would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves outdoor activity. If you like jogging, fitness, climbing or simply walking around town, you will love this backpack. The sporty design makes it gender neutral, so both men and women can enjoy it. There are a few different colours available to suit every taste.

Features of BLF Bike Backpack

This ultralight rucksack weighs less than 500g, so it’s not hard to see why it ranks as a #1 best seller on Amazon. Based on functionality and ergonomic ease, this biking backpack is all you need. With a 10L capacity, you can carry all your essential items and even use it as a drinking bag – there is a special hole, design to fit a water bag of up 2 litres. Thanks to the waterproof materials inside and out, your belongings will stay safe and dry if you’re caught in the rain. If needed, you can clean this bag with a wet cloth and cold water, but please don’t iron it. The shoulder and waist straps are fully adjustable – position them to fit you most comfortably, then secure them to ensure the bag stays in place. Since the bag can be fitted to your body, it is very comfy, and the foam on the back guarantees you’ll stay dry. There are a few internal and external pockets for your convenience .

Advantages of BLF Bike Backpack
  • Low price
    Some people may be sceptical of the bag’s quality, given how cheap it is, however when you try this backpack, you’ll be amazed! It combines practicality and quality while remaining affordable!
  • Ventilation between back and bag
    The foam on the back of the bag encourages ventilation and air flow, to keep you from feeling sweaty.
  • Practical
    This is one of the smaller backpacks on this list, but is still big enough to hold all your essentials.
  • Comfortable
    The most important advantage is comfort – the foam on the back and the adjustable shoulder and waist straps mean this bag will fit you perfectly.
  • Waterproof
    The bag is fully water and dust proof.
  • Tear resistant
    It’s made from nylon fabric which is very tough and guarantees durability.
  • Night visibility
    The reflective panels on this bag mean you’ll be visible even in the dark.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    In the unlikely event that you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the bag, or if you simply change your mind, you’re guaranteed a refund.

This backpack is small and light, but the perfect size for your essential items. It may not be expensive, but it’s certainly one of the most practical when it comes to everyday activities. You will enjoy using it for short trips and outdoor activities.

NEEKFOX Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

If you are looking for a high-quality backpack that will last for years and is able to keep up with your active lifestyle, this NEEKFOX model should be your top choice. NEEKFOX is a quite famous brand that has many models of backpacks available; they offer a great combination of materials, simple yet modern design, and comfort. A backpack should have enough space and be comfortable, but still have the strength and ability to keep up with all you ask of it. This NEEKFOX model can be used for sports activities or simply on a daily basis. It will definitely become your go-to backpack and favourite piece of sport’s gear! Let’s get familiar with all of the amazing features and benefits of this model.

Features of NEEKFOX Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

This backpack comes in a black colour with a design that is classic and stylish – it can easily fit in with the rest of your athletic gear. Dimensions of the backpack are 53 x 32 x 23 centimetres and its capacity is thirty-five litres. Whatever you might need can be packed inside without difficulty. The backpack is also quite lightweight and you won’t feel any undue pressure on your shoulders while wearing it. The NEEKFOX backpack is made of nylon, which makes it suitable for all weather conditions or walking through the brush without fear damaging it. One nice feature is the chest and shoulder straps; you can easily adjust the length of these and the backpack provides the needed support without weighing you down.

Advantages of NEEKFOX Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack
  • Portable
    Extra bags can be quite frustrating when traveling, but all of them are usually quite needed on a trip. The good news is that you can easily unfold this backpack and fold it back into its own pocket. When folded, the dimensions of the backpack are 9.8 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches.
  • Comfort
    A backpack should be completely comfortable when it is on your shoulders. The straps of this model are S-shaped for even pressure distribution and they’re padded for extra comfort. Your backpack won’t feel like extra baggage on your trip and you will be able to carry it around effortlessly.
  • Materials and design
    High-quality materials prevent any damage that might occur while you are traveling or hiking. Thickened nylon prevents any snagging or damage to the backpack. Also, this is waterproof; if it starts raining and you can’t find shelter, at least your belongings will remain dry.

This backpack really has it all. Light weight, a good combination of materials, water-resistance, space for your laptop, extra pockets, and a generous capacity of over forty-four pounds make this backpack astonishing. It will become one of your favourite packs to bring with you on your travels, to put on when hiking or cycling, or even to wear on a daily basis.

What to Look for in a Good Rucksack

Now that you know a bit more about some of the different types of rucksacks available, as well as some of their key features, let’s take a look at the things that make any type of rucksack exceptional.

  • Shape and Fit
    One of the most important things to consider when looking at rucksacks is how well it contours to your body shape. There are a few steps you can follow to ensure that you’re purchasing a bag that will give you the most optimal shape and fit. While you’re testing out your rucksack, fill it with items to simulate the kind of weight you will be carrying on your trip or daily activities. Your rucksack should sit comfortably when it hangs freely from your shoulders and reach about as low as the upper part of your hip bones. From there, tighten the hip straps so that they are also in line with your hip bones. This rule applies to both men and women, but some women might prefer to raise it a little higher if they need additional support. Then, adjust your shoulder straps so that the top of the straps tuck just behind your shoulder blades and ensure that the rest of the strap follows the natural curvature of your body. The key here is to make sure your rucksack is comfortably sitting on your body, not too high and not too low. If you feel any strain at any time, adjust accordingly until you find your perfect fit.
  • Material
    If your adventure includes a lot of water-based activity, or you’re heading somewhere where there is a strong likelihood of rain, you’ll want to make sure the rucksack you choose is at least semi-waterproof. There is nothing worse than popping open your bag on day 7 to eat breakfast, only to find that everything got soaked overnight! For extra protection, you might want to consider a rucksack that includes a small tarp to reinforce the material. Since the weight of your rucksack is so critical, you’ll want a material that isn’t too heavy – a nylon fibre is ideal. Test out your rucksack before you leave for your adventure by pouring some water on it and seeing how well it trickles off.
  • Zippers
    Zippers are an essential part of almost every rucksack, but it’s vital that the one you choose has two zippers for every compartment, so that you’re able to attach locks when necessary. Some of the rucksacks with this feature come with locks included, which is great if you want the added security. Even if you’re just making your way through a new town, keeping your zippers locked not only ensures that sticky hands stay away from your belongings, but also that accidental spillages are avoided. How disappointed would you be if you turned around on your hike, only to notice that your water bottles, clothes, and other essentials were trailing on the ground behind you? If you’re going to be doing any plane travel, make sure your zipper locks are airline-approved with a quick release valve, so that they don’t have to break or damage them to take a look inside your luggage if required.
  • Number of Compartments
    When determining how many compartments your rucksack should have, consider all of the items you’ll be carrying with you, how you’d like to pack them, and which items require the easiest access. For example, you might want your wallet, passport, and other identification items readily available and secure in a small compartment, while your swimsuit and the book you brought along might be okay living at the bottom of your bag, at least until you reach your destination. Consider your itinerary while you pack to ensure you’re placing everything in the best part of your rucksack.
  • Hip Belts and Shoulder Pads
    Depending on the type of rucksack you’re looking at, they may include shoulder and hip belt pads for increased support and comfort. If you’re going on a long backpacking trip, this padding will likely be a very welcome addition, so give that adequate consideration. Remember, comfort is key.
  • Front Loading or Top Loading
    Similar to the number of compartments on your rucksack, whether it’s front or top loading is also a necessary consideration, depending on how you plan to travel. Front loading rucksacks are the most common – they allow you to access all the contents of your bag by zipping open the side of your bag. Top loading rucksacks, on the other hand, can only be accessed from the top, which means you’ll have to sift through every item in your bag to get what you need – if an object is right at the bottom, you’re likely to make a mess of your meticulous packing, and means you’ll also be spending more time reloading and repacking your rucksack. So, generally speaking, a front-loading rucksack is best.

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