The Best Projector Screen

The Best Projector Screen

By Stefan Mitrovic
To choose the best projector screen for you, we tested a variety of great models and types, and decided that the Jago Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B should be your top pick. It is affordable and offers you the features and viewing experience of much more expensive models with higher specifications. It can be used for all video types and sizes, it is compatible with most projectors, and it is light, durable, and easy to set up.

If you are looking to upgrade your home theatre, classroom or office space, you might have come across the idea of purchasing a brand new projector screen. Now, there is a question of whether you need it at all. Many people opt for using a white wall for watching movies, and they might not be wrong-it does the job. The question is “How well?” And the answer is “Not quite.” Yes, it is a low budget solution; however, the viewing experience of watching a movie on a screen is far more satisfactory.

We have tested a wide variety of projector screens to help you choose the right one for your needs. We’ve reviewed some of the best among the various types of available projector screens. We’ve compared features, advantages, and disadvantages and gathered our conclusions in this article. Let’s begin by looking at the different types of projector screen available.

Types of Projector Screens

While searching for the best projector screens, we have come across several different types. We pulled out the most common and most used ones. All of them are good in many aspects, and it is up to you to choose which one suits your needs the best. Our top pick, we think, has the best of all types, so you will not make a mistake if you chose it.

Which one you will eventually take home is based on your needs. Do you need something light that you can carry from room to room, or fold away frequently? Do you need something discrete to pull down occasionally, or do you need a screen that will make a statement and be one of the most noticeable parts of your interior design? Let’s see what is available!

Portable Projector Screens

Portable projector screens are obviously the least expensive ones, but it does not mean that they are of low quality. If your screen is going to be moved frequently, then a portable screen is the right choice for you. They are often used in schools, due to their mobility and the fact that they are sturdy in order to withstand the constant moving around. These features make them suitable for use in a wide variety of settings and they are ideal for home use.

They come in a variety of sizes, and can be used with a tripod, or may even be suitable for hanging on a ceiling hook or a wall. When not in use, they are easily rolled up to be stored away.

Yaheetech Popamazing Tripod Floor Standing Pull-up Projector Screen

Are you looking for a way to improve your home theatre? Do you need a projector screen to make presentations to your class of eager students? Do you need it to be easy to set up? The Popamazing Adjustable Screen may be right up your ally. The features of this screen make it highly adjustable and a great classroom, office or home theatre addition. In its price range, it is one of the best ones there is. You are sure to get your money’s worth from all the ways you can use this projector screen, and how easy it will be to use.

Features of Yaheetech Popamazing Tripod Floor Standing Pull-up Projector Screen

As we already said, this adjustable projector screen can be used anywhere from your home to your office. This screen is really easy to set up and move around, especially if you need to carry it from classroom to classroom all day long. The screen height can be adjusted, it can be rotated 360 degrees, and it has a 160-degree viewing angle to make it suitable for large audiences. Other features that make this projector screen one of our top picks are the borders and backing. The black backing prevents light from coming through the fabric and decreasing the quality of images, and the black borders provide great contrast for viewing. The Popamazing Screen is pretty universal as it is suitable for the majority of projector types there are: LCD, LED, and DLP which makes it really easy to use with a projector you already have at your home/office/school.

Advantages of Yaheetech Popamazing Tripod Floor Standing Pull-up Projector Screen
  • Easy to use
    The Popamazing Adjustable Projection Screen has proven to be very easy to set up and put away. Given that it is meant for school use as well, students can also set it up without much fuss.
  • Sturdy
    Although it is highly portable and easy to move around, the Popamazing Screen provides great stability for a worry-free viewing experience.
  • Adjustability
    The feature that you can turn it 360 degrees and adjust the screen height from 207cm to 267cm (81.5 to 105 inches) makes it extremely convenient when it comes to responding to the requirements of the projector.
  • Tripod features
    The tripod is rust-proof, ensuring a longer lifespan.

After going through all the appealing features of this projector screen, we can say that the Popamazing Projection Screen is the right way to go if you are in need of a light, highly adjustable and durable projector screen. You will not be disappointed by its features.

Jago Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B

Why do we say that the Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B is our favourite in the choice of the best projector screen? We comfortably claim that this particular portable projector has all the features that a home theatre, conference hall or a classroom could need for your convenience and utmost enjoyment. It is portable and easy to roll up and store away. It is lightweight, so you do not have to strain yourself setting it up. It is durable enough to withstand frequent usage and it has a high-quality canvas that is fold-free thanks to the tension rod that keeps it straight and flat.

Features of Jago Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B

This high-quality projector screen is 203cm (113 inches) from corner to corner, making it large enough to be suitable for larger spaces such as classrooms, conference rooms or larger home theatres. The screen can be adjusted to fit almost all video formats and is great for 3D and HD videos. You can be sure that you will not lose video quality since the surface of the screen is really flat due to the tension rod that keeps it from folding or wrinkling. This PVC (vinyl) projector screen is made with a 3-layer woven fabric and has a gain factor of 1.1 which provides for adequate brightness. The black backside and the black borders provide a good contrast, so your experience can be the best possible.

Advantages of Jago Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B
  • Size
    This was one of the biggest screens we tested and the generous 203cm (113in) diagonal gives you the option of playing all movies, regardless of the aspect ratio. It accommodates standard ratios: 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9, along with others!
  • Wrinkle-free
    Although it is portable and is set up on a tripod, this projector screen has a tension rod which provides a flat surface for you to play your movies.
  • Light and durable
    Weighing only 6kg, it is very light and easy to carry around. However, this does not mean it is not strong. The aluminium housing makes it light but durable, and the tripod itself is certainly sturdy enough.

This lightweight, affordable and great-quality projector screen matches higher priced screens, making this one our top pick of all those we have tested. You can carry the BELESV01B projector screen around, knowing that you will always have a flat surface to play your HD movies on.

Fixed-Frame Projector Screens

Fixed-frame projector screens are rising in popularity. Their design is usually attractive and adds to the ambience of the room, especially if you are looking for a more high-end look in your home. They come in flat or curved variations for an authentic movie theatre experience.

Fixed-frame screens are suitable for home theatres and situations where there is no need for a mobile projector. It is a permanent solution for large conference rooms and home theatre rooms that have enough space on the walls.

QualGear QG-PS-FF6-169-100-W Projector Screen

If you are looking to upgrade your home theatre or a conference room by investing in a fixed frame projector, the QualGear screen could be the best choice for you. As a decorative statement, it brings a sense of luxury to your viewing experience due to its rich velvet borders. It is a quality screen since it is made out of durable, high-quality materials that are going to be a part of your entertainment or business unit for a long time once you mount it on the desired wall. The screen material itself gives you great viewing experience, highlighting the rich and vivid colours of your movies or images.

Features of QualGear QG-PS-FF6-169-100-W Projector Screen

The QualGear’s aluminium frame makes it easy to put up, but at the same time, highly durable and bound to last you for the foreseeable future. The ultra-white fabric provides a great contrast for images and is made out of high-quality material, that is fire and mildew resistant, as well as being easily cleaned. The gain is 1.1 which is somewhere in the middle range of available gains, and in combination with the extra white fabric, it provides an enjoyable and colourful viewing experience even with HD and 4K resolutions. The viewing angle of 120 degrees is also satisfactory. The fabric is PVC so it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Advantages of QualGear QG-PS-FF6-169-100-W Projector Screen
  • Frame
    The luxurious black velvet frame adds to the interior design of your office or home theatre in a way other projector screens can’t.
  • PVC screen
    There are many reasons why PVC is a desirable material for a screen, including durability, fire and mildew resistance, and ease of cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • Quality image
    The ultra-white screen combined with 1.1 gain provides great image quality in terms of contrast, brightness, and colours.
  • Easy installation
    The QualGear projector screen comes with all the hardware needed to mount it up on the wall and the manual is multilingual and pretty straightforward.

If you are looking for a high-end looking projector screen for your home or workplace, this QualGear model is the projector screen for you. Durable, high-quality materials provide for years and years of enjoying your home theatre. Set it up using provided hardware and start watching your favourite movies!

Tab-Tensioned Projector Screens

Tab-tensioned projector screens offer the smoothest possible surface for watching your favourite movies. If you want a wrinkle-free experience, opt for a tab-tensioned projector screen. The tension system will stretch the canvas keeping it straight.

Among other types of projector screens, there is usually a variety with the tab-tension system. They come in a retractable or a fixed variety as well. The portable projector screens sometimes have the tab-tension system, or weights to keep the canvas straight.

Luxburg Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen

If you are looking for a modern movie projector screen that is barely noticeable when not in use, look no further. The Luxburg Premium Electric Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen comes with a built-in engine for quick and easy adjustment of the canvas. The Tab-tension system provides for a flat surface and the best possible viewing experience. If you are looking to upgrade your home theatre with a high-quality motorised projection screen, this one is a great option. The quality is good, especially considering the price and what you get for your money. This 92in screen is suitable for smaller rooms and, when rolled up, it takes up almost no space. Mount it on your wall or on your ceiling and pull it out when you need it.

Features of Luxburg Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen

Its size does not cause any issues with different aspect ratios. Although it is suitable for the 16:9 aspect ratio, it can accommodate other ratios due to the adjustable roll-out feature. It is ideal for 3D and Full HD resolutions due to the combination of 1.0 gain, PVC surface and the tab-tension system that does not allow for any of the quality to be lost due to the bumps or creases. The material is also easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The back of the canvas is black and opaque, which makes the Luxburg projection screen compatible with almost all projectors since it does not let any light through. The edges of the canvas are black, which provides contrast and fuller colour. Although its housing is aluminium, and thus very light in construction, it is robust enough to ensure long-lasting stability.

Advantages of Luxburg Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen
  • Wrinkle-free Screen
    The whole point behind the tab-tension system is that you get an extremely flat, mirror-like surface to play your movies on, and the Luxburg Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen does not fall short in that department. The screen’s surface is as flat as it gets.
  • Motorized
    Sit comfortably in your chair and use the provided remote control to adjust the screen. Pull it out more or less depending on the aspect ratio of the movie you are about to play.
  • Silent
    Motorised projection screens can be annoying due to the buzzing sound they make. Fortunately, Luxburg have perfected their motor for an almost silent experience.
  • Compatibility
    The Luxburg projection screen is compatible with the majority of projectors, so it is likely to work with the one you already have.
  • Durable
    This screen is built to last and offer the smoothest possible experience for a long time.

Although not suitable for outdoor use due to its engine mechanism, the Luxburg projection screen is great for any indoor theatre or presentation room. It accommodates all aspect ratios, even though it only a 92in screen. Silent and perfectly flat, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favourite movies from the comfort of your chair without even having to set it up manually.

Wall-Mounted Projector Screens

Wall-mounted projector screens are probably the most-used screens on the market as there are many options to choose from. They can be fixed, portable, motorised or manual. They are usually found mounted on the walls permanently, and when the need for a projector screen is occasional, there is an option to retract the screen. They take up little room so they are great for occasional use. You can retract them in order to avoid damage or to make room for something else on your wall.

The retractable screen can be manual, so you need to pull it down and adjust it, or it can be motorised so you can operate it with a remote control. Sometimes you can even connect it to the projector itself, so it rolls down when the projector is turned on.

Jago Projector Screen BELE02

Do you consider yourself a movie lover? Do you enjoy watching movies under the starlight on a hot summer night? We do. So, we decided to test this Cinema Movie Projection Screen and check if we can enjoy our favourite movies outdoors. We discovered that we can! With this projector screen, moving your indoor cinema outdoors has never been easier. Just take it off its wall mounts and hang it somewhere else. It is really that easy. It can even be hung from the ceiling. This high-quality PVC screen provides the perfect screen for you to join your favourite movie characters on their journeys in the sharpest, most colourful way. It’s suitable for supporting the 3D experience as well. Set it up and start watching; it really is that easy!

Features of Jago Projector Screen BELE02

This 100in (254cm) screen always gives you a clear, sharp image as it is suitable for various aspect ratios. What makes this screen even more fabulous is that it is great for 3D and HD movies. The retractable screen is really easy to use – just give it a little pull, and it will roll up by itself. The metal housing makes it durable; the aluminium makes it light for easy transportation but heavy enough to provide pull to straighten the fabric. The sides are black for better contrast, and the 1.0 gain factor provides good brightness for a better overall experience. Mount it on your wall or hang it from the ceiling: it is suitable for both options.

Advantages of Jago Projector Screen BELE02
  • Multifunctional
    This projection screen can be used both indoors (home theatre, office, classroom) and outdoors, for either a summer change of pace of your personal home theatre or in outdoor movie theatres. It is that good!
  • Easy maintenance
    The PVC screen is easy to clean, which is especially important after an outdoor viewing session. Swipe the dust away with a damp cloth to keep your screen clean for future use.
  • Adjustable screen
    The screen can accommodate different movie formats: 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9. The 100in diagonal provides a great experience with all resolutions, and the amount of screen taken up by the movie depends on the aspect ratios.
  • Quality
    This screen gives you the option of playing HD and even 3D movies.

The fabulous features of this projector screen make it a formidable choice for anyone who likes to have movie nights outside their homes but with the same quality experience. Take it out of your house, set it up, clean it up and put it back on your home theatre wall in no time. Enjoy your favourite HD movies whenever and wherever you wish.

What to Look for in a Good Projector Screen

After reading about and examining all different types of projector screen for yourself, it is time to pay close attention to some specific aspects of you should look for in a projector screen. Before getting into the specifics, you need to understand your needs. When will you use your screen? Where will you use it and what for? There are so many options out there that it is really easy to get confused and pick something that does not fit your needs.

  • Size
    The first thing you should consider when purchasing a projector screen is the desired size. You may wish for the largest canvas possible so you can feel like you are really in a movie theatre. However, the size of your projector screen should really be chosen according to the size of the room you are planning to put it in. If you are opting for a portable screen, take an average room as a checking point. Choosing a screen that is way too big for your home theatre can lead to neck pain and even dizziness while watching. On the other hand, choosing a small screen for a classroom may cause frustration for students who cannot see it clearly.
  • Texture
    The texture of the screen can be either smooth or grainy. For resolutions up to HD (1080p), the smooth texture is the right choice. When you are watching movies in 4K resolution, using a grainier textured screen is actually preferable. This will give you more detail and depth.
  • Gain
    The gain is the amount of light that is reflected off the screen back at the viewers. A higher gain means more light is going to be reflected so the picture will be brighter. However, the higher the gain is, the narrower the viewing angle gets, so there is a possibility that viewers sitting at the sides of the room will not have a clear picture. The solution is to either adjust the seating for high gain screens or diminish the light in the room for lower gain screens. The best gain is around 1.0, and it ranges from 0.8 to 2.5.
  • Colour
    Colour has the largest effect on the contrast of what you are watching. The whiter the screen, the brighter the picture, but the contrast between light and dark can suffer. Grey screens provide a better light/dark contrast, but the brightness then suffers. Use a grey screen for projectors that throw a brighter picture. They do not reflect ambient light as much, so you can use them in rooms with a lot of natural light. Use white screens for darker rooms with little natural light and with projectors throwing a less bright picture.
  • Crease-Free
    The screen you choose should be as smooth as possible. This has nothing to do with the texture of the canvas, but rather it has to do with the fact that the screen should be free of bumps, creases, and crevices as this creates a distorted image. In order to get that desirable smoothness, chose weighted projector screens, or models with tab-tension systems.
  • Opaqueness
    Opaque screens give you a sharper and clearer image. If the back of the screen is not black and opaque, light from the projector will transfer to the surface behind the screen and diminish the sharpness of the image.
  • Viewing Angle
    The viewing angle ranges from 170 degrees to 75 degrees. A 75 degree viewing angle corresponds to the high gain canvases of about 2.5, in which case the seats should be placed towards the middle of the canvas. The most common screens, with the best gain to angle ratio, are those with a viewing angle of about 120 degrees and a gain of approximately 1.0. Higher angles equate with lower gain, which affects the brightness of the image (e.g. the image is dark).
  • Durability and Easy Maintenance
    It is often overlooked, but it is really important that your projector screen is of sturdy and durable construction, and that the materials used are of high quality. There is no point in investing in a screen, only for it to break after a few months. Regular cleaning will ensure the optimum viewing surface and a longer lifespan.

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