September 19, 2021

After spending more than 70 hours researching and testing new and improved products in this category, we have carefully selected the best paint sprayer, which definitely has to be the Terratek® Paint Sprayer, 550W. Although there were other new paint sprayers that performed well, this one excelled at all tests, leaving us with professional results in no time. All in all, you can get great results with this product, while avoiding all the fuss usually connected with spray painting.

Renovating a home or an old piece of furniture is always fun. However, having to cover a vast area with paint is nothing like fun. Luckily, there are tools called paint sprayers that can almost cut the job in half. They can help you in covering most surfaces with paint, and they cover it very nicely; maybe even better than a brush would. On the other hand, most people still believe that paint sprayers are made only for professionals and that they are complicated or too expensive for a regular person to own.

When we check the reality, though, we can say that one can buy a very easy-to-control and useful spray painter at a reasonable price; especially if you know what you are looking for. We are here to teach you a little about types of paint sprayers, what they can do, and what you should look for before buying one.

Types of Paint Sprayers

Most paint sprayers work in the same way: they use air pressure or electricity to spray the paint evenly onto a surface and leave it with a nice coating that covers even the smallest of cracks. However, many people believe that a time-to-time renovating or refreshing of an old cabinet or a chair requires nothing more than the simple “can and brush” method and that buying a paint sprayer would be a waste of money.

That is not the truth. There are fantastic paint sprayers that can help you with your DIY weekend projects and not require a fortune. But, of course, if you are a professional and you would like to treat your toolbox with something new, there are some other more powerful options. For the first category of handymen warriors, electric paint sprayers will do the job. And if you are looking to paint a whole house, or someone else’s for that matter, sprayers that work on air pressure will be more efficient.

HVLP Paint Sprayers (High Volume Low-Pressure)

HVLP sprayers use low pressure and carry droplets of paint on a steady but large volume of air. Therefore the paint will not spray all around where you don’t want it, and the sprayer is ease and comfortable to control. This is the main reason why these sprayers are becoming so popular, especially in projects where small or delicate objects need to be painted. Even if you are not a professional, after a little bit of practice you will be able to achieve accuracy in painting and control over the paint gun.

That is the “low pressure” part of the name; when it comes to the “high volume” part, we should say that it refers to the amount of paint that ends up on the surface itself. Therefore, it is economical to use and works well on any surface, whether plastic, glass, wood, or something else.

BLACK+DECKER SmartSelect HVLP Sprayer

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer: BLACK+DECKER SmartSelect

If you are a “Do it Yourself” type of person, we assume that you don’t like sitting around and explaining to others what you would like to have on your walls. Take matters into your own hands, or better yet, take the Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Sprayer in your hands! Your every idea can be realized and appreciated. Surfaces that were once plain and boring can be turned into an explosion of colour. The Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Sprayer can be used both indoors and outdoors, is very convenient to use, and will prove itself a value for the money.


The Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Sprayer has a 1200 ml canister that is positioned sideways to make it easy to put the paint in and to remove it after the job is finished. This design prevents any spilling of the paint. Also, there is a flow indicator installed to help you reach a steady and regulated flow of paint. Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Spray is very precise and fast. The handle of the gun is compact, and with it you can regulate the distance away from the wall you will maintain as you work. This is a product anyone can use, and it can be considered a time saver that gets the job done well.


  • Clean - The canister is easy to clean the paint from and it’s also easy to reinstall. The spraying flow is constant and strong, making it easy to control the sprayer without any overspray getting on the floor or other walls.
  • Adjustable - The spraying patterns can be modified and changed depending on what flow serves you best at the moment. There will be no surprises once you set your desired spraying mode, only the perfect coverage you need.
  • Fast - The Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Sprayer allows you to finish your errands quickly, without a sweat and even in a fun way. It also reduces the time needed for the paint to dry, seeing as it was sprayed evenly on the walls and not coated over many times with a brush.


If your walls or fences are in the need of painting, we suggest you do it yourself. You just need a little bit of help from the Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Sprayer, which will give you a chance of redecorating in such an effortless way, soon every room will have a new colour! The Black+Decker Hand Held Paint Sprayer is a reliable and easily affordable product that you will use for a long time and in every room.

Terratek® Paint Sprayer, 550W

Top Rated HVLP Paint Sprayer: Terratek, 550W

We present a revolutionary product that has made painting so easy it won’t be considered a chore but rather a fun hobby. All your painting from now on will be characterized as fast and simple, clean and effortless, compact and finished before expected! The Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer is precise, making it easy to handle and control, even if this is your first time! The design is very practical, which makes the product compact and the process pleasant. All you have to do is start!


The Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer has a container with a capacity of 800 ml and is detachable from the sprayer itself. This way the container can be filled without the mess and spilling everywhere. With this sprayer comes a viscosity cup that allows you to archive the perfect density of the paint and make the Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer do its magic. The Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer is fast and efficient, it does the job with a perfectly even flow, and it takes only one layer of paint to get the right colour. It has three different pattern styles; all you have to do is choose one. The Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer comes with a 1,5 m long hose.


  • Quality - Terratek produces high-quality products that have proven themselves over time. This sprayer is reliable and durable. The structure is easy to dismantle and set up again, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Different patterns - The Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer has 3 different painting patterns from which you can choose, for the best performance. The patterns are switched by moving the nozzle head of the sprayer to set it to a horizontal, vertical, or round paint flow. It’s your choice!
  • Variable materials - This sprayer can be filled with different kinds of paints such as coatings, stains, lacquers, wood preservatives, oils, etc.
  • Fast- The Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer can cover large surfaces in no time. Painting with this sprayer has proven to be 8 times faster than painting with a brush. And also, it’s a much cleaner process.


Terratek Professional Finish Paint Sprayer has a great price and offers a lot for that sum! Buy yourself a great product but, also, more free time. With no stains or dripping paint, all you have left is a wall that is just waiting to be turned into something special. Get started right away and see the difference!

Tacklife SGP17AC Spray Gun

Top HVLP Paint Sprayer: Tacklife SGP17AC Spray Gun

Are you looking for ONE product that can be used for spraying several different materials? Look no further – you have found it. Suitable for wood, metal, you name it, this powerful sprayer comes with a retractable handle and four wheels, for the most convenient using and moving. It is so versatile, you can use it to meet all of your spraying needs! The tool is made to make spraying the easiest task in the world. The sprayer’s high paint capacity (2x1200ml) allows you to work for longer periods of time without interrupting to re-fill. You can add paint without opening the container, all thanks to the user-friendly design of the lid. It comes with three different modes for horizontal, vertical and circular spraying. To move between the modes, just rotate the nozzle, and you have the desired mode at your disposal. Moreover, you can adjust the valve knobs and control the flow of paint, and you can choose nozzles of 1.0mm, 2.0mm, or 2.5mm to help you take care of even the most delicate spraying tasks.


This amazing sprayer is packed with a fine selection of useful parts that add to the overall functionality. Besides the spray gun, the package includes nozzles, copper valves, a funnel, and a spray tip needle, as well as two paint containers. That’s not all. In case you have some doubts on how to use it, there’s an instruction manual, and for easier cleaning, you get a cleaning brush and a cleaning needle. Though it may seem larger in size, this corded electric sprayer is not heavy at all, weighing in at only 6.5kg. It can be used for a wide variety of duties inside or outside, and, thanks to the long hose, you can fulfil tasks which require a longer working distance. Yeah, one gets a bit messy while using it outside when it’s windy, but that’s what safety goggles and a dust mask are for, after all.


  • Easy disassembly - This is especially important, as it ensures detailed cleaning after you finish using the tool. Just remove all parts, separate them and clean each of them without any risk of water entering the engine.
  • High capacity - If you opt for this machine, you will have long sessions of painting that are not interrupted by the frequent need for paint re-felling. It accommodates two containers of 1200ml.
  • Long air hose - Another convenient feature implemented in this powerful product. With 3.5m long air hose, you will have the flexibility to complete larger spraying jobs without the need to keep moving the engine.


When people say “it’s got everything you need”, it’s not always like that. However, with this paint sprayer, you can be sure that you will get a top-quality tool that offers excellent performance. Equipped with a variety of practical parts, this sprayer will help you perform all of your painting tasks with ease. In addition to this, it’s budget-friendly and is therefore recommended from every aspect.

Wagner W 100 Electric Paint Sprayer

Best Electric Paint Sprayer: Wagner W 100

Have you seen any of those DIY TV shows where all the tasks look so simple? It makes you wonder how on earth they do it! Here’s one answer to the question, as sprayers like this can make spraying duties so much simpler. Suitable for all types of wood and metal paints, including undercoat, stain, gloss, satin and varnish, this device allows you full control with adjustable paint volume. It’s also suitable for all low-viscosity solvents and water-based materials. Being all about simplicity, this convenient tool is of small dimensions and is lightweight, so you can move it around with no troubles. It covers a wide range of painting tasks, both indoors and outdoors, and is suitable for both professionals and amateur painters. So have no worries if you are a newbie to the world of paint spraying, this device will help you bring your ideas to life. The product offers a level of precision and reliability that will satisfy even the most critical professionals.


The sprayer comes with 3 spray pattern options – horizontal, vertical and detailed. In addition to this, you get the cleanest possible spray job, as HVLP technology ensures minimal overspray. Using this sprayer is a piece of cake with its click & paint handle. This practical feature allows you to change the paint pot, refill the sprayer or clean it in no time. The tank has an 800ml capacity. Achieving a fast and perfect finish is indeed possible when this sprayer is by your side. The tool will help you transform old pieces of furniture into eye-catching and unique ones. With this time and budget-friendly sprayer, you can turn painting into fun.


  • A convenient solution for small and medium projects - Make spraying fun, as this device allows you to fulfil spraying window frames, fence, furniture and similar in minutes.
  • Suitable for wood and metal - Be it doors, fences, decking or window frames this tool can handle it all.
  • Click & Paint handle - This practical feature allows you to refill, clean or change the paint pot with minimal difficulty and mess.


This tool is perfect for all users – from amateurs to professionals – as it’s extremely convenient and simple to use. It’s ideal for quick spraying tasks as it’s lightweight and easy to move. Compared to the difficulty of using a brush or roller for your painting job, this tool saves a lot of time and frustration.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless Paint Sprayers are the most efficient paint sprayers thus far. They will provide the best painting experience and the finishing touches for any of your quests. The name of these sprayers, Airless Paint Sprayers, speaks for itself. Unlike the previous, this one doesn’t bring air into the paint bottle and mix it all together. They require no high pressure and that keeps them from being loud or wasteful.

This sprayer allows you to dial the paint-releasing nozzle to a setting you like or need. Most of the paint finds its way onto the surface that you want to cover instead of being wasted in overspray. In other words, they are perfect for both large and small projects and objects. You can effortlessly cover the largest of surfaces with it in no time, but you can also work on small and delicate objects without the fear that you will ruin anything.

Wagner Airless ControlPro 350 M

Best Airless Paint Sprayer: Wagner Airless ControlPro 350 M

Have you thought about painting your walls but always ended up giving up because of all the work that comes with it? All the cleaning, dripping of paint, hours of doing just one wall, and never seeming to see much progress? Well, you can say goodbye to the old way once you see Wagner’s Airless ControlPro 350M Paint Sprayer. It changes the meaning of the word “painting”. The Airless ControlProPaint 350M Sprayer is made for all surfaces and materials, from wood to metal. Painting the garage door will only take 3 minutes with this tool. Any corner of your house can be turned into something fascinating and colourful in no time. This sprayer is made for indoor and outdoor use and is just waiting to be tried out!


The Wagner Airless ControlPro 350M Paint Sprayer comes on a portable cart that helps you move it around and safely store it later. But you might not even need to move around much as you work, because you also get a 15 m long hose for a larger painting range. Precision is one of the most important qualities of the Wagner Airless ControlPro 350M Paint Sprayer. There is the ability to adjust the pressure of the paint flow for getting that perfect pattern and rich colour. There will be no need for messy brushes and paint all over your room.


  • Compact - With the Wagner Airless ControlPro 350M Paint Sprayer’s cart to help, it’s easy to change work areas as you go. The whole system is simple; you will learn in no time how to get started. The sprayer is always steady on the ground no matter how far away you are from the cart. The gun with which you direct the paint is light, and using it has proven to be effortless.
  • Precision - The gun has two triggers for increasing or reducing the flow, however desired at any time. Nozzle technology has been improved, resulting in reduced spraying pressure and up to 55% less overspray.
  • Easy to handle - This is for you if you are a professional painter, a very creative “Do it yourself” type, or someone who just wants to have the best equipment for painting there is. Anybody can use it; Wagner has always been good at simplicity and adapting their products to a wide range of customers.
  • Multiple material - The Wagner Airless ControlPro 350M Paint Sprayer works on every surface: concrete walls, wood, metal, plaster cast, etc. Paint your ceilings, walls, doors, and furniture with just one product.


Purchase the Wagner Sprayer and kit that comes with it and never worry about painting again! You will have everything you need right there waiting for you to start. So we just want to say: Happy painting! And don’t forget to adjust the sprayer to find your favourite pattern!

Wagner Airless ControlPro 350 R Paint Sprayer

Top Rated Airless Paint Sprayer: Wagner Airless ControlPro 350 R

It’s so frustrating when you’re in the middle of a project and you realize the sprayer needs to be refilled. Knowing that moments like that can be so infuriating, some manufacturers have decided to take a different approach – and the result is this practical Wagner sprayer. Equipped with a function that enables direct intake from the container as well as innovative airless technology, it provides softer spraying with 55% less overspray. At 8.26 kg, the product itself is rather bulky, but the lightweight gun makes handling easier than you would imagine. The product is suitable for solvent and water-based paints, such as enamels, vinyls, varnishes, gloss and acrylic paints. Perfect spraying is possible, all thanks to HEA (High-Efficiency Airless) technology, which helps you achieve the desired result.


You will agree that using brush or roller to paint the surface doesn’t leave you impressed because you’re always left with that feeling that it could have looked better. Both experienced decorators and amateurs will find this sprayer easy and satisfying to use. The powerful spray technology used in this tool helps all painted surfaces look smooth, with no visible streaks. Reduced overspray ensures maximal usage of paint and minimises waste. Ground-breaking and innovative alterations in nozzle design promise a softer spray jet and seamless coverage. The result is streak-free painting, regardless of the type of paint. Direct suction gives maximum performance and sets you free from frequently refilling the container. With a two-finger trigger, you have full control over the pressure and allows you to work for longer without tiring. Your job is to dream up the project; this Wagner sprayer will make it come true. Spraying is no longer a nasty duty that causes headaches when the right tool is by your side.


  • High-efficiency airless technology - This new, upgraded nozzle design allows a softer spray jet, giving you a streak-free result and smooth, seamless coverage.
  • Direct intake from the container - With this feature, you get clean and fast painting, without the need to decant or refill – you can take the paint straight from the tin. This feature saves both materials and money.
  • Lightweight gun - Though the product is larger in size and heavier, the gun itself is not. It is light, comfortable to use and designed to make longer spraying jobs as easy as possible.


If you are willing to invest a bit more for your sprayer, be sure that you will get a top-notch tool for the money. The ultimate airless technology allows great control while using this device. Packed with a multitude of convenient functions and easy to move around, this could be the ideal sprayer for all your painting needs.

What to Look for in a Good Paint Sprayer

No matter what type of paint sprayer you chose in the end, there are always some features that make one specific sprayer in the group better than any other. We are not talking about price as the leading consideration, since really cheap sprayers of excellent quality can be found with a little bit of luck and effort. Here are some features that you should consider when choosing the paint sprayer that will serve your needs.

  • Easy Cleaning - As you are probably aware, paint can be tough to clean up. It is essential to wash your sprayer immediately since the paint, when dried out, can clog the hose and nozzle. Uneven and sloppy paint application would undoubtedly result from this. Therefore, you’re better off to look for a sprayer that has an automatic cleaning system inside and needs little help on your part. This makes the whole cleaning process much more manageable. Even though paint sprayers with this feature can be a bit more expensive, they inevitably pay for themselves.
  • Portability - It is highly essential that you look for a sprayer that can be easily carried around. This will save you the struggle of dragging around heavy sprayers and result in a job finished quickly and effortlessly. This is a feature that is extremely important for professionals too.
  • Easily Adjustable - A feature that will allow you to adjust the nozzle of the sprayer can save you a lot of product. Fixing it in the chosen direction means that the paint will end up just where you want it and not be scattered through the air – waste will be brought down to a minimum.
  • Volume - This is a feature that is related to the very purpose of using a paint sprayer. Needless to say, smaller paint sprayers are much lighter, and you will be able to carry them around easily. Alas, they will run out of paint quickly, and you will have to refill them rather often. On the other hand, bigger sprayers are heavy, but they can handle gallons of paint; you can sometimes finish painting the whole room with just one fill.
  • Compatible Surfaces - The size of the nozzle can significantly affect the compatibility of your spray painter and the surfaces you can use it on. Different nozzle openings mean different quality in the application itself. The best and most widely used nozzles would be those with the openings between 1.7mm and 2.0mm.
  • Pressure - As we’ve already mentioned, pressure is the critical ingredient for perfect painting. It is essential to choose a paint sprayer that uses just the pressure you need for a clean and effective covering of the surfaces on which you’re working. High-pressure sprayers can end up wastefully sending paint particles into the air or may ruin small and delicate objects. Therefore, it is best to search for a sprayer that allows you to control the pressure effectively and, therefore, paint like a professional even if you aren’t.
  • Petrol or Electric - There are three things to consider here. The first one is the weight of the painter, one is ecological awareness, and the final one is the availability of a power socket. The last one is self-explanatory: electric sprayers will need a power supply, and you will not be able to move them around if the cord is not long enough. When it comes to those that are petrol powered, you are free from cords but need to supply some other type of fuel. Alas, not only can that mean an extremely heavy tool, but one that’s not as good for the environment.
  • Value - Now that we have mentioned everything else, let’s not forget about price. Even though it shouldn’t be the first thing to look into, it is not to be ignored either. The best course is to determine what you need a sprayer for and the features that the sprayer should or should not have. Thorough research and a pre-determined budget can help you in choosing the paint sprayer that will serve you best in the long run.
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