September 19, 2021

After a lot of testing on multiple properties, we have chosen our top recommendation, which is SGCoffee Milk Frother. If you want a handy, cheap, and fast milk frother that keeps your coffee milk solid, you should consider reading our full review and ultimately purchasing this product.

Coffee drinking has been known for centuries as the best way to wake yourself up. It all started in the 1600s in the Netherlands. There was the first time that the coffee tree was cultivated and the first time they added milk to their coffee drinks. Since then it has just kept on developing.

Today, people are making professional milk frothers that turn your milk into the warm and compact cream that, when added to coffee, introduces a whole new dimension of taste. It also gives you a chance to be creative. You can add a smaller amount of cream, making your coffee stronger, or do the opposite. Also, you can learn latte art and make doodles in your cup of coffee. Generally speaking, if you are a coffee lover, you need to have one of these in your kitchen. Don’t miss your chance to see what varieties of milk frothers we will present to you in this review!

Types of milk frothers

Different features can be used for grouping milk frothers. The most common way to categorize these is by how much you’re involved in the cream making process. In that there are three types of milk frothers. With the first type, you need to hold it with your hand and press the button while you make the cream; these are handheld wand milk frothers. The second type is the one that works on the pumping principle, where you need to pump up and down with your hand to create the cream – hand pump milk frothers. The third one is the automatic frother, where the device does the whole job for you. You just need to put the milk in and it will do the rest of the job.

There are other popular categories for typing milk frothers; for instance,, the power source they run on. They can be powered manually, by batteries, or through home current. There are advantages and disadvantages to all these types, and you need to give them a try and see which one fits your needs best!

Handheld Wand Milk Frothers

This type of milk frother is, as the name says, the one that you need to hold in your hand while you are making the cream. They are a great choice if you want a portable frother that you can put in your bag and carry with you everywhere. They run on batteries, which means you can use them even on a picnic away from home or any power source.

They have  extensions that are suitable for making cocktails, hot chocolate, dips, sauces, etc. They are portable and always lightweight. They weigh less than two hundred grams; you will forget that you have it in your backpack. If you love to drink quality coffee with milk cream, you need to have this item. Also, these are an ideal gift for any coffee lover. Scroll down and read about the models that we selected for you. You will be amazed by their performance!

Linkax Electric Whisk Handheld Milk Frother

"Best Handheld Wand Milk Frother: Linkax Electric Whisk"

This is a great product manufactured by Linkax. This handheld milk frother offers three different frothing heads for adapting to the amount of milk that needs to be frothed. You can easily attach and detach them when needed. It has just one on and off switch button, which you don’t need to hold while frothing. The on and off button is designed to release the pressure needed and make frothing easier.

It runs on batteries, which last a long time. It is lightweight, and you can carry it with your wherever you go. Also, it comes with a stand so you can find a nice place for it in your home. Silver-colored, it will fit nicely in your kitchen with other kitchen appliances.


The Linkax milk frother has three add-ons with each of three spring heads adapted for different amounts of milk that you need to froth. They are made from stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean just by putting them under running water, as long as you watch that water doesn’t get in touch with the mechanism. It is made from stainless steel and ABS food-grade plastic, which means it is safe because there’s no danger of releasing toxic substances into your milk.

Although it is made from stainless steel, it is still lightweight. In other words, you can put it in your bag and take it to your job or when traveling. It is powered by three AAA batteries; you just need to press the power button and hold it while the frother does the rest of the job. When you want it to stop, you just press the power button again. Another key point is that it’s quiet, so it won’t distract other people in the room.


  • Easy to clean - You don’t need to risk water getting into the mechanism. Just take off the frothing head and put it under running water. Also, you will get a cleaning brush to reach all corners of the head to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Easy to use - You just have one button that you need to press to turn the device on and off. No need to hold the button while frothing, so the amount of pressure on your hand is reduced.
  • Portable and lightweight - Running this appliance on batteries means you can carry this frother wherever you go. It is specially designed to be lightweight, weighing only 181 grams. You can hold this effortlessly while you are frothing your milk.
  • Different frothing heads - It comes with one-headed, two-headed, and three-headed frothing extensions that can be easily put on and removed as needed. As the amount of milk you need to froth increases, you should add more heads.
  • Multifunctional - It is possible to froth all types of milk for your coffee as well as make hot chocolate, cocktails, and other drinks.
  • Low noise - Noise is kept to a minimum, so you can even use it at your office and not distract anyone.


This milk frother provides good performance at an affordable price. It will cover your basic needs for making milk cream every day. Simply change frothing heads to speed up the frothing process. Take it with you to your work or simply place it on a stand and use at home.

SGCoffee Milk Frother

Top Handheld Wand Milk Frother: SGCoffee

SGCoffee has gone all out with this product. It has come up with a powerful handheld milk frother running on two AA batteries for long-lasting life. It has only one power button that you need to hold while you are making the cream. They’ve added a two-headed frothing attachment for faster frothing. With over 800 customer reviews, this model stands out ahead of other handheld milk frothers.

Classic design and a quality stainless steel head contribute to the look of this beautiful product. It’s lightweight and portable like other handheld frothers but equipped with the super-strong motor – it creates cream far faster than other models of this type.


This milk frother provides you with two frothing attachments. The two-headed attachment provides faster frothing, and you can use it as a reserve when the one-headed one is being washed. Made from stainless steel and black accents, it will fit in well with every part of your kitchen. To make it easy to use, the manufacturer made this frother lightweight with a comfortable grip for the best experience.

It runs on two AA batteries to ensure enough power so you can take it with you during your travels. Since it’s easy to remove spring head, you won’t have any problem with washing or packing it. It has a 19,000 RPM motor that takes about fifteen seconds to make cream from milk.


  • Easy to clean - Frothing heads detach, and you can wash them under running water or put them in the dishwasher – they are totally dishwasher safe!
  • Different frothing heads - You get an extra two-headed frothing attachment that you can use for faster frothing or just as a backup when the one-headed attachment is being washed.
  • Fast - With its 19,000 RPM you are getting the best results; the approximate time of frothing is fifteen seconds, making this product the fastest handheld milk frother on the market.
  • Ergonomic design - Its ergonomic design provides a pleasant grip and is easy to work with. With its black accents it will fit in perfectly with your home decor.
  • Portable and lightweight -Product weight is only 118 grams, which means you will barely feel it as you carry it in your bag. Also, when you remove the frothing head it can fit almost anywhere.
  • Multifunctional - Besides frothing milk, you can use this for making different dips, sauces, cocktails, etc.


This may be the best handheld frother on the market. It has an ergonomic design and a fast motor, providing maximum performance. If you are looking for a quick, portable, and low-cost frother, this one will fulfil your expectations.

Hand Pump Milk Frothers

This is another great type of milk frother. These work on a pumping principle, and you make your cream by pumping the handle up and down. They are a great choice if you love to participate in each step of coffee making. As it’s made from stainless steel, you won’t have any problems with rust or with cleaning.

Furthermore, these frothers are portable, so whether you are at work or you are travelling you can always enjoy a good-quality coffee. Designed to be eco-friendly, these don’t use any power source except your hand movement. This means there won’t be any electric glitches and there is no problem if you find yourself off-grid.

JoyFork Manual Milk Frother

Best Hand Pump Milk Frother: JoyFork Manual

JoyFork manual milk frother is the only milk frother of this type that we researched.  The number of these devices manufactured is limited because they require more time and energy. Making a traditional manual cream represents the oldest and most satisfying way to make a cream for your coffee. By moving the knob up and down with your hand, you are manually pumping the air into your milk. You will be able to feel the pressure as the milk froths right in front of you.

It has a nice ergonomic design, and it is possible to wash it in a dishwasher. Since it doesn’t need electricity you can carry it with your while you are on an outing. This frother could be the perfect gift for someone who loves to do everything by himself.


This hand pump milk frother is a great manual product that is also eco-friendly. You just need the power of your hand to froth the milk. Made from stainless steel, it is a great product that is hard to damage. It is also dishwasher safe and has a built-in, easy-grip handle that keeps you from getting burned.

It has a large capacity – 400 millilitres for frothed milk – but you should never pour in more than 150 millilitres because the foam can expand three to four times in the frothing process. It has a built-in double screen for maximum security.


  • Ergonomic design - Silver-coloured stainless steel makes this milk frother a perfect accessory in every kitchen. It has a built-in grip and a double wall that keeps your hands safe from burns.
  • Portable - It weighs little more than 400 grams, which means you can put it in your bag and carry it with your everywhere you go.
  • Easy to clean - Just clean it with running water or put it in your dishwasher. Its quality material ensures this frother will stay undamaged.
  • Eco-friendly - Since it uses manual power this product is the most ecological of all the milk frothers we reviewed.


This type of frother is most satisfying. Yes, it is easier to frother milk with electric frothers, but where is all the fun? This product represents a great addition to your kitchen and an awesome present for every coffee lover!

Automatic Milk Frothers

If you love to drink your coffee at home or in your office, this type of milk frother is just right for you. Powered by electricity, these provide a fast and effortless way to froth milk. You just need to pour milk into them and click on the power button. The rest is up to the frother! You can take your dog for a walk or just sit on a chair and enjoy resting while your frother is finishing up the work for you. All automatic frothers have an option for making iced drinks too.

They are heavier than other types, but they have a larger capacity for milk. Covered with silicone, they reduce the chance of you getting burned. Don’t hesitate to look at the models described below. We are sure one of them will fit your needs!

CHINYA Electric Milk Frother

Best Automatic Milk Frother: CHINYA Electric

This is a tremendous invention made by CHINYA. The automatic frother is an easy way of frothing your milk with zero effort. The machine does the job for you. It creates a foam from hot milk for cappuccino and macchiato, and it can even froth cold milk for iced drinks. Or you can just use it to heat your milk for a latte or other hot drinks.

Easy-to-clean stainless steel provides the best performance. It is designed to be resistant to any type of impact, so you can freely put it on your work table in the kitchen. With this product you will be able to make coffee like a barista.


The CHINYA milk frother is a must-have product for several reasons. It has a quality, ergonomic design. It is made from a high-quality, black-colored stainless steel that will go well with any type of modern kitchen.

Another great feature is its automatic switch-off function. As soon as the milk reaches a determined temperature, the frother switches off. Furthermore, the inside is coated with a non-stick material that stops milk from getting burned. It runs on home current, so it’s not meant to be used outside of the home. The base is detachable so you can easily clean the frothing cup with the brush you get in the package.


  • Easy to clean - It has a non-stick interior which provides safer frothing. It has a detachable base, so the mechanism stays dry while you wash the cup for frothing. You also get a cleaning brush in the package for the best cleaning results.
  • Safe - This automatic frother has a built-in automatic switch-off function which stops the milk from getting burnt. If you forget to turn your frother off, it will turn off automatically.
  • Quiet - It produces a minimal noise so you can use it in the early morning. You can use it at your office without distracting your colleagues.
  • Fast - You can froth or heat a large amount of milk in a short time (less than a minute).
  • Multifunctional -It has several functions: heating milk, frothing hot milk, and frothing cold milk. Surprise your friends by making different types of coffee in a few minutes.


If you have  space in your kitchen and you love to drink the best homemade coffee, make sure you buy this item, because nothing can brighten up your day as well as a cup of a good homemade coffee!

Morpilot Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer

Top Automatic Milk Frother: Morpilot Automatic

This is another great automatic frother. Its design by Morpilot, like the previous one, is also multifunctional. It can make dense milk cream or airy milk cream for cappuccino and macchiato, and it can heat your milk for making lattes and flat whites. There is also a function for frothing cold milk for different types of iced coffees.

The frother is made from stainless steel with a non-stick interior that provides for easy cleaning with water, scraper, and a brush you get in the package. Use detergent to get rid of the smell of milk.


This automatic frother will fit nicely in your kitchen. Made of stainless steel, Morpilot’s milk frother is resistant to physical damage. The inside is covered with a non-stick interior for easy cleaning and to ensure the best frothing results. 

The quiet electric motor finishes the frothing in less than two minutes. This frother has an automatic switch-off function that activates at the moment your milk reaches the maximum set temperature, so you never end up with overheated milk.


  • Easy to clean - The interior is coated with non-stick material and you also get a silicone scraper and cleaning brush to ensure everything will stay clean.
  • Safe - The automatic switch-off function activates when the milk is ready, so there is no chance of burning your milk. Also, the interior is one hundred per cent BPA-free; it won’t harm human health since it is FDA and ETL approved.
  • Quiet - The low-noise motor is perfect for not waking up your family while you are making your morning coffee.
  • Fast - With this milk frother, you will need to wait only a hundred seconds for your milk to be heated or frothed.
  • Multifunctional -It has four different functions that you turn on with one single button. Every press of the button changes the working mode of your frother.


If you need a four-in-one automatic milk frother in your kitchen, do not hesitate to buy this product. You can easily make cappuccino or iced coffee to amaze your friends and family!

What to Look for in a Good Milk Frother

Nowadays, having a chance to drink good quality coffee has become a luxury. Maybe the easiest way of getting a good cup of coffee is by purchasing one of the frothers from our review. You just need to choose what functions fit you the best and which milk frother fits your needs. Here are some of the most substantial things that you need to look for when you are buying a milk frother.

  • Weight -In this characteristic, the handheld frothers claim absolute victory. They weight around 100 grams and even a child has enough strength to hold them. Hand pump frothers weigh around 500 grams, which puts them in second place. Third place is reserved for automatic frothers. They weight around one kilo, but that is not such a drawback since they are not designed to be moved; they just stand on your kitchen table and are moved only when it’s time for them to be washed.
  • Speed -Another important aspect of milk frothers is their speed. Sometimes you will need coffee right away because you are in a rush. Handheld and automatic frothers have a faster operating power than hand pumps, so consider this when buying your milk frother.
  • Controls - With handheld frothers you control their functions by adding attachments with different spring heads. Automatic frothers have several controls that depend on what type of frothing you need.
  • Safety - Hand pump frothers are the safest ones you can buy, but don’t be afraid of electricity. You hear stories about electric shocks that happen to people using kitchen tools, but most of these happen because of improper use of the product. All these products are designed to be safe to use. Just make sure you read the manual before you start using your frother and you will have no problems
  • Power - Power is one of the most important aspects that makes the difference between milk frothers. If you are eco-friendly, you should buy a hand pump milk frother because it is a 100% energy saver that works with just the force of your hand. Handheld milk frothers use AA and AAA batteries; these are hard to recycle but they give you the advantage of being able to take your frother with you. Automatic frothers work on electricity so they may be the most efficient choice for home use. They are also low consumers of home energy.
  • Participation - Some people just want the frother to do all the work, and these people will always select an automatic frother. Another group wants to be involved in the frothing process, so they choose a hand pump milk frother. And there is a third group that wants to participate but are too lazy to do the pumping so they choose to buy handheld milk frothers.
  • Washability -The process of washing is different with different types of frothers. Hand pump frothers are dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to spend time washing them manually. Handheld frothers are very simple for cleaning; just put them under warm running water and then dry them with paper towel. With automatic frothers, you get a special brush to help you with cleaning; the best advice is to clean it with warm water immediately after use.
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