The Best Microwave Oven

The Best Microwave Oven

By Stefan Mitrovic
Finding the best microwave oven for you and your family is a certainly a challenge with so many on the market. We’ve tested many different ovens and the one that stood out for us was the Russell Hobbs RHM2076B Solo Microwave.It is an 800w appliance and offers a capacity of 20 litres. The glass turntable is dishwasher friendly, allowing easy maintenance. With its wide variety of cooking features, you will be completely satisfied.

Have you noticed that it’s quite rare nowadays to come across a well-equipped, modern kitchen that doesn’t have a microwave? I have, and I believe that there are excellent reasons for this. Microwaves are very practical and easy to use; they can save you a lot of time and the food you make in them is often just as tasty as when you make it in a regular oven. However, you may be feeling a bit lost when it comes to choosing a new microwave. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to pick out the oven that is most appropriate for your needs.

Even if you do know a bit more about microwaves, but need help choosing the best one, I have got you covered. There are plenty of options for all kinds of buyers. Whether you live alone and only plan to use the microwave for yourself and reheat the food now and then, or you live with a large family that eats a lot, there are appropriate microwave oven choices for your circumstances. But first you’ll need to know about the different types of microwave ovens and their functions.

Types of Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven can be a handy addition to your kitchen. It can be used for many purposes, including reheating food, grilling and baking. When you think of a microwave oven, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably making simple snacks such as popcorn or mini pizzas. Surprisingly, depending on the model you choose, they can be used for making a vast variety of meals, such as kebabs, grilled chicken, and grilled vegetables.

Before you seek the best microwave oven for you, you should consider a few things first, such as how big it needs to be to cope with your needs, what kinds of food you prefer to eat and whether you just want to heat foods or whether you want to grill or bake as well. I am hopeful that the tips I’ll provide you with can help you decide which microwave oven to choose. Of course, there are many different oven types, but to keep it simple, we’ll only focus on three of the best and most common ones. There are ovens available to suit anyone’s pocket, but if you truly want to upgrade your kitchen, save a lot of time and make delicious meals, then you won’t be sorry if you invest a bit more money into buying a microwave oven of excellent quality.

Solo Microwave Oven

If you live on your own or only with your roommate or a partner, the solo microwave oven is the best possible choice for you. This model is a basic one, and it is incredibly easy to use. Solo microwave ovens are much cheaper than other microwaves since their performance is rather limited. They can be used for cooking simple meals and reheating food, but you cannot use them to bake or grill anything, they don’t have enough microwaves do to it.

These ovens are indeed a great choice if you don’t tend to cook a lot or don’t spend a lot of time at home – there is no need to spend loads of money on a professional microwave oven if you don’t plan on becoming the next Gordon Ramsey. Prices for this type of microwave oven begin at only £77. Of course, if you want it to work a bit better and last longer, then you can buy more expensive models, but, according to customer reviews, there are £90 solo microwave ovens that work perfectly fine. So, as I’ve previously mentioned, the most significant advantage of this oven is its practicality and the fact that it’s so easy to use. This type of oven is by far the best choice if you wish to do some simple cooking or reheating since it is designed precisely for those purposes.

Russell Hobbs RHM2076B Solo Microwave

If you need a good quality solo microwave that will allow you to reheat or cook something simply and quickly, this Russell Hobbs model is one of the most affordable microwaves on the market, considering the advantages it has. It is a very practical cooking appliance that is great when you’re in a hurry or simply don’t have the time to cook with a conventional oven. There’s no need to use the regular oven to warm food and you don’t necessarily need the stove to reheat a cup of coffee or make popcorn – you can use only one device for that, and many more things. This microwave is one of the best options – it will save your time without breaking the bank.

Features of Russell Hobbs RHM2076B Solo Microwave

This practical kitchen device has a 20-litre capacity, which is perfectly big enough for a standard dinner plate. The door has a mirrored finish and it is available in two colours: black and silver, so it looks stylish and it will go very well with the rest of your kitchen appliances. This particular microwave is not very big, making it perfect for smaller kitchens. It’s a standard solo microwave with the turn-table made of glass that can be removed for easy cleaning. You can put it in a dishwasher without any problem. It’s an 800w microwave that will cook your food quickly and evenly. With the digital clock and the pre-set functions, you can always know when your food will be ready. You can choose from five power levels, so all meals are ideally cooked.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs RHM2076B Solo Microwave
  • Safety lock
    If you’re a parent and you’re worried about your children trying to play with the microwave, Russell Hobbs has got you covered. With the child safety option on, the buttons are locked, and the microwave can’t be activated.
  • Easy cleaning
    With the detachable turntable, cleaning is so easy since it is dishwasher safe. If you want to wash it in a sink, you only need to use warm water, a soft sponge and a bit of soap and the glass will be clean!
  • Auto-defrost
    You don’t have to wait for hours for something to defrost. With this device, you have the option to defrost it automatically. You only need to select the weight of the food and the microwave will select the ideal temperature.
  • Auto cook menus
    Simply put your favourite food on the turn-table, select the pre-programmed menu and wait until your food is perfectly cooked and ready to eat.

Even though this Russell Hobbs microwave is very simple, it is still possible to prepare many delicious meals with it. It is much faster than using a regular oven or a stove, which makes it a very practical and convenient cooking appliance. If you add the affordable price of this device, your choice should be obvious! You’ll spend less time cooking and cleaning, and more time enjoying your delicious food.

Russell Hobbs RHFM2363S Solo Microwave

With its stylish mirror finish door, this is another elegantly designed Russell Hobbs microwave that will look good in every kitchen. This medium-sized model with its 23-litre capacity has flatbed technology that will make cooking and cleaning easier than with microwaves that only use a regular turntable. If you need a device that will help you warm food on square plates or other dishes that usually don’t fit in the conventional microwaves, this model is the best one for you.

Features of Russell Hobbs RHFM2363S Solo Microwave

The Flatbed technology provides more usable space when reheating or cooking your food, thanks to the fact that there is no spinning turntable, so you aren’t restricted by the need for your container to spin in the centre of the microwave. The diamond structure improves the diffusion and the reflection of the microwaves inside the device, making the heating process faster and more effective. The cleaning is easier too – just wipe off any food residues, and the microwave is ready to be used again! Thanks to the digital clock and the timer, you can always control and know when the food is ready. You have the option to choose between eight auto cook menus: pizza, meat, vegetable, pasta, potato, fish, beverage and popcorn. Select the function, relax and let the microwave determine the ideal temperature and time for cooking. With five power levels, you can cook, reheat and defrost in no time.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs RHFM2363S Solo Microwave
  • Safety lock
    If you’re a parent and you’re worried about your children trying to play with the microwave, Russell Hobbs has got you covered. With the child safety option on, the buttons are locked, and the microwave can’t be activated.
  • More space
    Flatbed technology makes it easier for you to use larger containers when heating or cooking your food. This will give you more options and the possibility to try dishes you wouldn’t be able to prepare on the regular turntable.
  • Eight auto cook menus
    If you’ve used the older models and you were never sure which level of the microwave power to select for a certain dish, this model has eight options of food to choose from – the microwave adjusts the temperature and the time needed for cooking. It’s that easy!
  • Diamond cavity
    This feature will make the preparation of the food faster and more efficient. With the reflection of the microwaves, your food will be equally warm and better prepared.

Being one of the more affordable microwaves, this model is perfect not only for its efficiency and a lot of very useful options but also for its elegant design that will make your kitchen more stylish and modern. If you’re looking for a sleek microwave to fit the limited space on your kitchen counter, the Russell Hobbs RHFM2363S microwave is an ideal choice.

Grill Microwave Oven

Grill microwave ovens can be used for purposes such as simple cooking and reheating, but there is also an additional possibility – you can grill your food with this oven. These microwave ovens have heating coils which enable them to grill meat, vegetables, cheese, and anything that comes to mind. So, if you enjoy cooking and have a taste for grilled food, this microwave is a very good choice for you. If you have a family, this oven enables you to make quick and healthy snacks or meals for your kids without having to sweat in front of the electric stove.

As you may have already guessed, grill microwave ovens are a bit more expensive than solo microwave ovens, but since they provide you with so many more cooking options, their price is justified. For an excellent grill microwave oven, you’ll have to spend at least $150, but do keep in mind that it is a kitchen appliance that you will use for years and that it will save you a lot of cooking time.

Russell Hobbs RHM2031 Grill Microwave

This is one of those microwaves that is going to surprise you with its efficiency, design, and the diversity of its functions. Not only does it work as a regular 800w microwave with a glass turntable, it also comes with a 1000w grill rack that gives you the option to prepare delicious grilled food. Even though it’s so multifunctional and super sleek, this microwave is relatively inexpensive. Given the options and the quality you get with it, it can be considered one of the most affordable grill microwaves on the market. If you wanted to explore a wider range of cooking possibilities, but your budget is limited, this model may be perfect for you.

Features of Russell Hobbs RHM2031 Grill Microwave

The capacity of the microwave is 20 litres, so a standard size dinner plate fits perfectly. The turntable is made of glass, and it is completely dishwasher safe so you won’t have any trouble cleaning it. The controls are so simple that you will quickly learn how to use it, and the child safety lock makes it a very practical and safe appliance. On the digital display you can control every option, and the timer is there to remind you when your food is ready. This model offers eight pre-programmed menus: coffee, rice, spaghetti, potato, fish, chicken, beef and skewered meat. The microwave offers five possible power levels to prepare all food deliciously. It also has a handy auto-reheat option and an automatic defrost setting. all you have to do is insert the weight of the food and let the device do its magic.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs RHM2031 Grill Microwave
  • Versatile use
    This microwave can be used for so many delicious meals. You can use it as a quick way to reheat leftovers since it is faster than using the regular oven, you can warm your beverages, prepare a lot of dishes, grill your favourite vegetables etc. That is why it is a very convenient, yet affordable cooking appliance.
  • Easy to clean
    All you have to do is to detach the turn-table and put it in a dishwasher or use warm water and a soft sponge.
  • Grill function
    Use the microwave’s versatile grill function to make yourself wide range of delicious meals that are grilled to perfection.
  • Low price
    Considering all of the functions and features that are packed into this Russell Hobbs microwave, and its high-end look and design, the price is more than affordable.

The Russell Hobbs RHM2031 Grill Microwave makes cooking so effortless, clean and easy. All of its function will save your precious time, and still make the most delicious meals for you and your family. If you buy this practical cooking appliance, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Sharp YC-MG51U-S 25L 900W Digital Touch Control Microwave

No kitchen is complete without a microwave oven. It makes reheating faster, more eco-friendly, and practical. With this in mind, the 25l Sharp YC-MG51U-S microwave is a complete wonder for any household. And it is not your common microwave. Apart from basic functions such as defrosting and reheating, this large microwave oven has cooking and grilling functions thus eliminating the need for some other kitchen appliances. 

It has a modern, elegant design that is easy to maintain. It will surely make your meal preparations a faster, more enjoyable process, and once you have done it, wipe it clean and go on with your life. Its capacity will give you enough options to prepare food for the entire family. Need an appliance that will make your life easier? Go for it. 

Features of Sharp YC-MG51U-S 25L 900W Digital Touch Control Microwave

This microwave has a modern, sleek design and finish. The material, the digital controls, and the fact that it comes with no handle attached make this microwave easy to go about and clean inside and out. It comes with a grill rake and a turnplate that are dishwasher safe. The blue led display shows the time when it does not work and has a kitchen timer function. It is a free-standing, countertop microwave oven.

The microwave has a large 25l capacity which enables you to place a larger bowl or dinner plate and prepare food for the entire family. It operates at 900W and has a 1000W grill function. Apart from two defrosting functions- by time and by weight, it has 11 power levels and 8 cooking options: Popcorn, Jacket potato, Pizza, Frozen vegetables, Drink reheat, and Plate reheat. You have three options to use: grill and microwave, only grill, and only microwave.

Advantages of Sharp YC-MG51U-S 25L 900W Digital Touch Control Microwave
  • Digital commands
    Digital control enables a quick, and easy usage, while it enables easy cleaning.
  • Safe
    This Sharp microwave oven is safe for the whole family at is has a child lock function. Place your dish in it and go about other business without worrying that your kid will get burned or hurt.
  • Eco-friendly
    After about 5 minutes of inactivity, the microwave will beep to let you know that it has gone into an inactive mode, thus saving energy. It also has an Eco mode.
Bottom Line

Sharp YC-MG51U-S is an efficient, practical, and energy-saving microwave oven that is a great addition to any kitchen. Its features make it a versatile kitchen appliance, saving both your time and money. Due to its capacity, it is great for larger families.

Convection Microwave Oven

What if I told you there is a way to bake muffins or cakes in a matter of minutes without using the regular oven and having to check up on the food you’re making all the time? A convection microwave oven is the perfect choice for you if you enjoy the delicious taste of baked goods. Not only can you use it to reheat food, to cook simple meals, and to grill foods like the models reviewed above, you can also and roast and bake pretty much anything. A convection microwave oven really is an ideal replacement for your existing oven.

This microwave has a fan that serves to circulate heat waves around the oven so that the food you’re making is baked faster and more efficiently. If this type of oven is your final choice, you will have to be aware that it will be at the very top of your budget, but it will definitely be worth it. While this type of microwave oven might be too expensive and unnecessary for people who live alone or two-member families, it is the best choice imaginable for big families and, generally, for people who cook and eat a lot and have a loving relationship with food.

Russell Hobbs RHM3003B Combination Microwave

This model is the best choice for those who need a large capacity microwave that combines the features of a regular fan-assisted oven, grill and conventional microwave oven. If you have a big family, this appliance will help you prepare or reheat larger meals quickly and easily. It comes with a baking tray and grill rack so you will have everything you need for a variety of dishes. Most microwaves come in a standard size that fits a regular dinner plate, but with this model, you will be able to reheat and cook food using much larger containers since the turntable is 31.5cm wide. This 900w appliance will quickly take care of your cooking needs no matter how many people you’re cooking for.

Features of Russell Hobbs RHM3003B Combination Microwave

This microwave has a very stylish and sleek design, with a door that has a mirror finish, which makes it seem very luxurious and it will look beautiful on your kitchen counter. The dishwasher-friendly glass turntable and stainless-steel interior make it so hygienic and easy to clean. With its simple control panel, digital clock and timer, you will find it very user-friendly. You can easily choose which settings to use, and you have the option of time and weight defrost that can help you a lot with frozen meals. The auto cook menus and child safety lock make this microwave both safe and convenient to use. With the grill rack and the baking tray, you will be able to prepare anything you want. It is ideal for making pizzas, lasagnes, potatoes, etc.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs RHM3003B Combination Microwave
  • Versatile use
    Being a combination microwave, it combines grill, conventional oven and microwave power which gives you a variety of options to choose from while preparing your favourite dishes. The device will make sure to cook or reheat everything evenly, all you have to do is push the right button on the control panel.
  • Size
    If your counter has enough space, and you need something to prepare larger quantities of food at once, this Russell Hobbs model is a perfect combination of everything you need for delicious and fast meals for your friends and family reunions.
  • Easy to clean
    Most of the microwaves have a glass turntable that can be safely washed in a dishwasher, this model is not an exception. The interior of this device is made of stainless steel which means it is very easy to clean – you will be able to wipe off any food residue quickly and effortlessly.

Considering the power and the variety of options available with the Russell Hobbs RHM3003B 30L Digital 900W Combination Microwave, the price of this efficient, luxurious-looking kitchen appliance is certainly reasonable. Invest in this microwave and experience the convenience of faster and cleaner cooking. Prepare large quantities of food at once and spend the time this appliance will save you enjoying time with your friends and family!

Samsung MC28H5013AS/EU Combination Microwave

This Samsung Combination microwave is quite a revolutionary appliance that you can have in your kitchen. If you are only looking for a new microwave to reheat then this may be too expensive, yet if you are ready to use your microwave oven as this one is intended to, you will certainly be able to almost fully eliminate your stove. This Samsung microwave is a 3 in 1 appliance that has proven very useful in meal preparation.

it is a bit larger so you would need space for it in on your kitchen counter. It has a new, modern design and it will make a great addition to your kitchen whether you live alone and want to experiment with food or you are busy with a large family (especially with young children who need healthy food more than anybody).

Features of Samsung MC28H5013AS/EU Combination Microwave

Besides being modern the scratch-resistant silver and black design, along with the ceramic enamel interior, enables an easy-wipe cleaning process for busy families. The digital control panel also helps with that. Aside from the basic heating function, this microwave has a 1000w grill option, a convection oven option, a power defrost that melts food quickly and evenly, fermentation option for the dough and yoghurt, and healthy cooking options which let you make dishes from scratch.

The deodourization option keeps your microwave clean and the option to turn off the turntable lets you use the entire capacity of the oven for either cooking or reheating in a larger dish (e.g. casserole). It comes with an Eco option for power-saving. It also comes with an extensive instruction manual and a 3-year warranty.

Advantages of Samsung MC28H5013AS/EU Combination Microwave
  • Energy-saving
    It is a class A spender which means it spends very little energy. It has an Eco option for when it is on standby so your electric bill will be almost unaffected.
  • 3-in-1
    It can be used as a regular microwave, a girl, or a regular oven which is super versatile and enables preparing a number of dishes from start to finish.
  • Innovative
    The fermentation function lets you make your own bread and yoghurt. You know that your ingredients are healthy and it eliminates the need for checking if the dough/yoghurt is ready. Deodourization is another innovative function that makes your microwave clean and fresh after you are finished using it.
  • Child lock
    The child lock feature makes it a perfect asset for a kitchen belonging to a family with kids.
Bottom Line

Samsung Combination Microwave is a perfect choice for large families- it prepares healthy foods with minimum effort and supervision. It has multiple functions so it can make almost anything you think of. It is a super economical, and cost-saving appliance with a great 3-year warranty.

What to Look for in a Good Microwave Oven

First of all, you have to consider your priorities. Some people are only looking for a simple oven that they can use to reheat food, while other are looking for a more advanced, modern model with many different features and high-quality performance. Regardless of these preferences, there are specific characteristics that each and every microwave oven should have in order to be considered a quality one, and you have to be familiar with all of these characteristics before you make your choice.

  • Your Cooking Preferences
    Before buying a microwave oven, the first thing you need to consider is what you plan to use it for. Among the different types of microwave ovens, there are those that are ideal for simple reheating and basic cooking, those that are best for grilling, those that are best for baking and those that offer an excellent combination of these features. There is a type for just about anything; you simply have to make your choice based on the kind of food you usually eate and the kind of cooking you prefer.
  • Wattage
    The higher the wattage of your microwave oven, the faster and more evenly your food will be cooked. In most recipes and cooking instructions you will find that an 800w microwave is recommended to cook your food properly. Be aware that some cheaper microwaves have only 600w of cooking power, so make sure to check the wattage before buying. More expensive grilling and convection microwaves should ideally offer around 1000-1200w of cooking power.
  • Size
    You have to consider the size of your microwave oven before you make your choice. If you have a big family and a lot of cooking to do, then a solo microwave oven will be practically useless to you. While looking at the microwave oven, pay particular attention to its capacity. A microwave can look quite spacey on the outside, but once you open it, you could see that there’s not that much space inside of it. Also consider how much space you have available in your kitchen; some multi-function microwaves can be very large and could easily dominate your food preparation space.
  • Features
    Lots of modern microwave ovens have a multitude of additional features that can make the entire cooking process much easier. There are menu settings that you can use to pick the cooking time of a specific food or the percentage power. Or, for example, there are defrost settings which can come in quite handy when dealing with frozen food. Without the defrost setting, your frozen food will probably dry out while defrosting and make your meal taste worse. So, before selecting your new microwave oven, be sure to research the features these machines can offer and make sure the one you choose offers everything you need it to.
  • Child Lock
    Used correctly, microwaves are perfectly safe. However, it is important to remember that they use radiation and can be dangerous if used improperly. If you have children, it is highly recommended that you buy a microwave oven with a child lock. Once you set the child lock on your microwave, the buttons become inactive and your child won’t be able to turn it on. You can easily turn off the lock and reactivate the settings when you use the microwave. This a very safe option and many ovens have it, so do consider it if you have small kids in the house.
  • Price
    Finally, you have to choose the right price when buying your microwave. It has to be affordable but also offer the functionality you require. Our advice would be to do a bit of research online and read the customer reviews. That way you can find out which oven models are among the best on the market and how much money you should set aside for a good one.

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