The Best Metal Detectors

The Best Metal Detectors

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you are a treasure hunter you have probably already searched for different metal objects and know how hard that can be to do without a quality metal detector. We put the best metal detectors to the test and the one that caught our attention was the URCERI Metal Detector. It has different modes which allow you to search for particular metals and ignore the types you don’t want. With its informative display and alerts, it is a pleasure to use.

Metal detectors are primarily used for detecting hidden objects underground such as buried treasure, weapons or even entire bunkers. Metal detection is also used in walk-through or handheld security checks, and investigators and private detectives sometimes use metal detectors to gather evidence.

We’ve all seen metal detectors in low-budget cartoons and spin-offs, but only a few people have actually seen one in real life. And dare we say it, the real thing is not as simple as the cartoons make out. For one thing, there are at least three different types of detector, each using its own complicated method to keep track of metallic objects beneath the earth. Here, we have narrowed the choice down to the three basic types along with a handy guide to help you buy them.

Types of Metal Detectors

You’ll find various types of metal detectors on the market. To find a suitable metal detector, you will need to know what each of them actually does and what benefits you can get from each type. Do you need low frequency or oscillation? Are you looking for a smart, automated solution? Of course, prices differ as you switch between the different types, but most of these machines are a great investment.

Very Low Frequency Metal Detectors

A very low frequency (VLF) detector is the most popular and familiar kind of metal detector. This is in part due to its cheapness and relatively high performance. It basically works by employing two wire coils called the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter generates a low-frequency, low-range magnetic field, while the receiver detects any magnetic signals emitting from or being reflecting off the item underground. If there really is metal beneath your feet, the detector will make a sound to inform you. It all sounds very fancy and smart, but is in fact not too complicated.

We recommend this type for those who want to metal detect on a relatively tight budget. Naturally, the range of the VLF detector is very low so it may not detect objects deeper underground. But rest assured, this type is perfect for scavenger hunting. Most security detectors are also VLF detectors, albeit a bit stronger.

WELQUIC Metal Detector Pinpointer

Some people buy metal detectors because they want to search for metal as a hobby, hoping to find hidden gold, relics or coins, while others buy them because they want to find hidden metal and remove it before starting a building project. If you are looking for a top-of-the-range metal detector that can do both, then look no further than the WELQUIC Metal Detector Pinpointer. It uses VLF technology which makes it suitable for all types of situations including beaches, in shallow water and around your own neighbourhood.

Features of WELQUIC Metal Detector Pinpointer

It has pinpoint accuracy to help you find whichever kind of metal you are looking for, and with its high sensitivity, it always beeps to keep you on the right path. With this baby, you have two modes to choose from, depending on what you want to find: all types of metal in all-metal mode or disk mode if you are just looking for iron or copper. You can also plug in your earphones to hear every beep even in noisy locations.

Advantages of WELQUIC Metal Detector Pinpointer
  • Easy to use
    This metal detector is user friendly for both first-timers and for professionals. It has an LCD display and buttons for switching between two modes, and when you want to use the pinpoint function just press the red button, move your detector and when you hear the beep, release the button. After a couple of seconds, repeat this process and you will know the exact location of the desired metal.
  • Foldable shovel
    To be fully prepared for your metal detecting journey, you will also get a shovel which is easy to pack and carry around. You’ll get a bag with it too, and the whole package is very light, making it easy to transport.
  • Excellent value for an affordable price
    This is definitely one of the best bargains you can find. It’s very accurate, lightweight, sensitive to trash and ideal for children and adults, so it makes a great gift too.

If you are looking to become a treasure hunter or take up a new hobby, the combination of quality and affordability that this detector offers will meet all your needs. With the WELQUIC Metal Detector Pinpointer in your hands, you will soon discover why it is considered one of the best by enthusiasts all around the globe.

URCERI Metal Detector

Metal detecting is becoming a trend around the world, and now is the time for you to equip yourself for this emerging hobby. Picking a metal detector for yourself can be a hassle – you need to take into consideration its price, how easy it is to use and how accurate it is. The URCERI Metal Detector is one of the best choices across all considerations. With two modes to choose from and a display rich in content, no metal will escape you. Equip yourself with this and see how your metal detecting abilities grow. So let’s have a look at why the URCERI detector is considered one of the best on the market.

Features of URCERI Metal Detector

Choose from two modes to match your needs: the all-metal mode will help you search for all types of metal and the disc mode will help you to distinguish just three types of metal while ignoring the others. There are three tones with adjustable volume and to make sure you always hear them, there is an audio jack. This guy comes with a foldable shovel, a bag so you can carry it around, batteries and even headphones. You can even use it in shallow water without fear of something breaking as this metal detector is waterproof and able to cope in extreme ground conditions.

Advantages of URCERI Metal Detector
  • Display rich in content
    The display on this thing lets you know how much battery is left at all times and you can always see the sensitivity and depth level on a large screen.
  • Very accurate beeps
    This metal detector doesn’t just rely on the screen to let you know if your battery is about to die – it will let you know that by sound as well. Of course, it beeps when you are close to metal but it’s also important to point out that there is an audio jack where you can plug in your free headphones to make sure that you hear every alert.
  • Extra material
    In the package with the metal detector you will also get a foldable shovel which you can easily carry around and dig metal with if needed. There are also free headphones, batteries and a carry bag, along with the user manual where everything you need to know is explained.

When buying a metal detector there are a lot of factors to consider. The URCERI Metal Detector will meet everyone’s needs with its large display and added value like headphones and a shovel. This is what differentiates it from its competitors and why every customer loves this guy – we’re sure you will too!

Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector

This metal detector is made for true bounty hunters! It has everything a single metal detector should have. Bounty Hunter really nailed it this time, producing a lightweight, ergonomic metal detector with an easy-to-handle design that’s extremely comfortable to use. Apart from being lightweight, what else should a good metal detector have? Well, it needs not to beep every second, and this one has discrimination control to eliminate unwanted items. This means that anytime you approach an unwanted item, this device will stay cool and won’t signal it.

Features of Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector

To maximize depth detection, there is advanced sensitivity control, so you can adjust the depth you want to examine. Being so strong a detector, it will even detect small coins, and can sense these objects up to five metres deep. The Bounty Hunter won’t miss a thing! To give you a better idea of how far away an object is, this one beeps in proportion to the signal strength. There are two search modes and a variety of discrimination levels. With its weather-resistant coil, it is also battery powered so you are free to wander wherever you like. It offers automatic tuning and ground balance, power and sensitivity control, a trash eliminator and much, much more. Be sure to check it out.

Advantages of Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector
  • Lightweight
    Being easily portable, you can forget about the back-pain problems that other metal detectors might cause.
  • Discrimination control
    Eliminating unwanted items will speed up your search and allow you to detect only the valuable items that you are actually looking for.
  • Detects coin-sized objects
    It’s so powerful that it can detect coin-sized objects to a depth of five metres.
  • Volume
    It has great sound effects and its volume is proportional to the signal strength. So, it will give you a great insight into how close or far some objects are.
  • High-quality batteries
    Its high-quality batteries will last the entire length of your search and you won’t have to worry about losing power in the middle of a search.

With all these features, the Bounty Hunter is a worthy metal detector, and one thing is sure – it is definitely worth the money. Its strong signal, great features such as discrimination control over unwanted items, two search modes and much more puts this one at the very top of the market. It’s lightweight, with strong batteries and a volume that beeps in proportion to the signal strength. What else could you need?

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Pulse induction detectors, also known as PI, use a single metal coil which sends a signal deep into the ground. This type of detector is mainly used for deep hunting for gold, platinum or other precious metals. Typically, gold and the like are found deep underground, so a metal detector which has a broader range is perfect for this job. It has other uses as well. If you want to detect a large but deeply buried object like an underground bunker, a basement or a weapon, then PI is perfect for you.

One other thing which intrigues us about pulse induction metal detectors is that they can differentiate between accidental signal detection and the signals actually emitted by the metal object. You see, when you receive signals from below the ground, they’re likely those of the desired object, but occasionally other surrounding signals can get mixed up. A good PI detector can differentiate between the two. However, this feature makes them more expensive and harder to find than the VLF versions.

KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector

There is a vast array of fortune to be found underwater! Ancient civilisations used water as a means of transport but lost a lot of precious metal by doing so, which makes this metal detector excellent for your diving adventure. A metal detector that is made specifically for people who plan on searching for metal underwater will guarantee that you don’t miss a thing – and this is where the KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector comes in. Wondering why it’s considered one of the best metal detectors for divers? See down below!

Features of KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector

This handheld metal detector makes diving for treasure an awesome experience. It is easy to carry around because the device weighs in at just 1.2 pounds. You can dive safely with it to 30 metres and the LED indicators will help you recognise when you are on to something. To allow for accurate depth detection it also has an auto-tuning feature. The device is turned on and off with a simple tilt and that is just one of the features that makes the KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector one of the easiest to use among all the cutting-edge detectors out there.

Advantages of KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector
  • Fully waterproof design
    This makes it a diver’s favourite! It’s also great for rainy days and, of course, it can be used on land and soil (even black sand).
  • Easy to use
    It has a convenient carrying holster, and to turn it on or off you simply tilt it. A light will indicate when you are close to your target, allowing you to narrow down the precise location of your treasure. It communicates to you with vibration and LED lights so that you don’t miss a single signal while diving.
  • Stable detection depth
    It will maintain detection distance throughout its entire battery life and as you get closer to the metal the light display and vibrations will intensify.
  • Auto-tuning
    No need for complicated customisations. Allow the KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector to auto-tune itself leaving you free to plan your underwater expedition.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight underwater metal detector, you don’t need to search any further. The KKmoon will end up being a valuable investment, instead of a burden like some underwater metal detectors. No wonder this guy is an underwater treasure hunter’s dream come true!

Industrial Metal Detectors

An industrial metal detector is used in walk-through security lines and checks. Although they employ VLF and beat frequency oscillation (BFO), they are entirely different and much more sensitive, noticing even the tiniest change in frequency. This makes them great for detecting security hazards such as bombs, firearms, or knives. One important thing to note is that these types are costly and should only be bought if you’re running a business and want more security for your offices, buildings, hotels, malls, parks or cinemas. However, employing metal detectors for security is a great idea, so don’t be afraid to go through with it.

XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector

The XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector is easy to use and detects metal very precisely. It’s light as a feather and made mostly for manual operations. With this in mind, it can be used wherever protection and metal detection is required, from airports and government buildings to schools, conference centres, clubs and sports events. In addition to being used for security purposes, this metal detector can also be used by home or landowners for detecting metal that is hidden underground, saving you from having to buy new tyres or from stepping on sharp objects!

Features of XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector

Let’s take a closer look at this handy metal detector and see why it is so popular. It can detect large and small objects with the help of 16 ice indicators that detect the strength of the signal, depending on the distance of the metal object. Therefore, the indicator lights gradually change from green to red based on signal strength, meaning that you will not miss any metal object. However, the sensitivity can be manually adjusted for specific situations that require higher or lower responsiveness. Another key point is that you can choose one out of two alternative alert options – audio or vibration – whatever fits the occasion better.

Advantages of XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector
  • Accurate indicators
    Since this metal detector picks up signals from metal object a certain distance away, the 16 indicator lights very accurately show us how far away we are from an object, allowing us to find precious metal easily.
  • Simple to use
    You can carry it in only one hand and the lights, sound and vibration clearly indicate where the metal object is.
  • Various uses
    The XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector easily detects small and large objects and is useful both at home and work. In both cases, it contributes to a safer environment by exposing sharp objects in yards.

If you want to try out a new hobby or detect potential hazards, this detector is the right one for you. In fact, the XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector is not only a serious market competitor, but is the only one that delivers high-level performance for a low price. Surely now you have become better acquainted with the famous XSMeterHouse Security Metal Detector you can see why no customers have been disappointed, and neither will you.

What to Look for in a Good Metal Detector

Be it VLF, PI, BFO or industrial, buying the best metal detector can be a problem. Many people don’t even know which type of detector they want, and what exactly they plan on using it for. So for all of you who are confused as to how to go about buying one, the following guide may help:

  • Purpose
    • Before finalising a purchase, it is crucial to understand what you want to get out of a metal detector. Do you want to go treasure hunting as a hobby? Do you want to hunt for precious objects and gold? Are you a professional CEO looking to enhance your security systems? There are several types of metal detectors on the market which can be used for various purposes. So first decide why you need one before thinking about what type to buy.
  • Type
    We have talked about the three main types of technology used in metal detectors: VLF, PI and BFO. For hobbyists, we recommend either VLF or BFO (with BFO being more budget friendly). For those who are serious about finding precious items hidden in their backyards, or who want to discover gold, we recommend the PI variety, as it has more of a range than the others. Another type, the industrial kind, is used in security systems and mainly uses VLF technology. For security purposes, a special type of VLF detector specifically made for security checks should be enough. Walk-through detectors are great if you don’t have time to stop each and every person and check them, and handheld detectors work best if you have time to search everyone individually and by hand.
  • Size
    Size may seem like the least of your concerns, but it can have a lasting impact on how you use the device. A metal detector which is too high or too low can, over time, cause back pain and neck issues, and may even lead to some chronic disorders. Buy a detector which is about half your height. If the detector is to be used by multiple people, then keep each of their heights in mind, calculate the average and buy a detector suited for all. In this case, it would be best to buy one with an adjustable length.
  • Range
    The range of the detector mostly depends on its type, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t range variations among the same types. Some detectors are very efficient and can have a very high range even while employing simple VLF or BFO. Others may have a very low range due to inadequate production and cheap quality. It is essential always to test out the range. A great way of doing this would be to bury an object a few feet underground and see if your detector can find it.
  • Durability and Lifespan
    Metal detectors do have a lifespan, and if yours has a very short one, then you’re on to a loser. Metal detectors can lose their efficiency, range and strength over time. The signals may weaken, and the coils may break or compress. The handle and frame can get rusty and over time break or get dented. In cases like these, it is essential to always check for strength. The handle and bodywork should be rust proof and either made from steel or brass. The coils and transmitters should be made of a very conductive and strong material, usually copper or tungsten.
  • Price
    Last but not least, it is important to factor the price of the detector into your purchase. Most BFO detectors are the cheapest, followed by VLF, with PI and specialised gold detectors being the most expensive. The way we see it, you shouldn’t buy a PI detector unless you absolutely need it. If you do need it and you can afford it, then go for it. Whatever your budget, be sure to prioritise your health and personal requirements when selecting a model.

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