The Best Knife Sharpeners

The Best Knife Sharpeners

By Stefan Mitrovic
Even the highest quality knife will become dull at some point. Don’t worry though, we’ve tested the best knife sharpeners to keep your knives in perfect condition. Our recommendation is the Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener. It comes at an affordable price and it will completely amaze you. It has a handle designed for both right and left-handed cooks and a rubber base for extra stability.

Whether you’re a professional chef working in a busy restaurant, a stay at home mom, or an overworked student, you’re sure to have a favourite life-saving kitchen tool. For some, it’s an incredibly complex device that can cost hundreds of pounds and uses up almost all of their counter space, but for others, it can be as simple as a kitchen knife. Knives are tricky, as few people realise how far a good, high-quality knife can go when it comes to preparing food quickly and with as little hassle as possible. But, whether or not you take the time to test how good your knives really are, there comes a time when your favourite one loses its lustre and becomes dull to the point of becoming unusable. So, what now?

Well, you always have the option of going out and repurchasing the same knife, but what if you hadn’t really realised how dull your favourite one has become until you start preparing a three-course meal for six people that are coming over for dinner on that same day? Also, if you only use the bread knife and the butchery knife, and your favourite brand only sells them in sets, why would you spend all that extra money on something you’re not really going to need? The simplest, and cheapest, option is to just sharpen them! Sharpening your knives can be easy and almost effortless; provided you have the proper equipment. In this article, we’ll be listing various knife sharpeners that provide the best user experience and have an excellent price-to-quality ratio. So, let’s explore and see which ones “made the cut”.

Types of Knife Sharpeners

When a knife is no longer able to cut effectively, it is usually because the blade’s edge has become dull or misaligned through prolonged use. The main thing to consider when looking at sharpeners is the difference between honing and sharpening. If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you’ve probably seen master chefs using a metal instrument to supposedly “sharpen” their knife. This isn’t a sharpening tool, but instead honing steel. Honing doesn’t actually sharpen the knife; it just realigns it without shaving off too much of the metal.

What we consider sharpening is the process of shaving off and grinding the blade to produce a crisp edge. Depending on your level of experience, your budget, and how much care you want to give to your knives, there are some main options that will suit your needs.

Sharpening Stones

The most traditional way to sharpen a knife is to use a sharpening stone. They are used for sharpening very dull knives by forcing the blade against the stone at different angles to bring grind a new, sharper edge. The beauty of this type of sharpener is that it can also be used on scissors and razors as well as knives.

Although this method can be relatively inexpensive, it takes a while to master the skills necessary to achieve the best results, as you need to hold the knife at very precise angles to make sure the blade stays straight. So, keep in mind that it may require a substantial amount of time before you’re able to get the results you desire. On the other hand, it could develop into an exciting hobby.

CWINDY Sharpener Stone

Have you ever bought a sharpening machine for your knives and got disappointed that you wasted your money on a machine that doesn’t work as it should? Or maybe it does, but damages your knives, or is poorly made. Don’t worry, the solution is here. CWINDY took care of the problem and have created a new knife sharpening stone! Refresh your kitchen or workspace with this stone, and allow yourself to have a professional, wireless, non-electric powered knife sharpener at your service! You won’t have to worry about reliability anymore, because this stone cannot disappoint.

Features of CWINDY Sharpener Stone

This three-step knife sharpener will allow you to gain the most out of your knives without paying someone to sharpen them for you, or waste time sharpening them manually. Simply follow the steps given in the instructions that also come within the package and you’ll sharpen your knives within seconds! Don’t worry about your work surface, as CWINDY provides a silicone non-slip base for maximum security when it comes to sharpening! You won’t be able to just sharpen a regular kitchen knife, but also tactical and hunting knives, razors, swords and pretty much anything else that has a blade or a sharp edge!

Advantages of CWINDY Sharpener Stone
  • Warranty
    You can buy this product without running the risk of losing your money to another worthless product. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you get to keep it and you get your money fully refunded!
  • Suitable
    This sharpener can handle all kinds of sharp edges with ease, from kitchen knives to swords and razors.
  • Material
    The material of this tool is carefully selected by CWINDY – it’s made from natural corundum which is heated to over 1000 degrees Celsius (according to a special formula), and then cooled down naturally. This stone went through 17 processes while being made, which grants its precision and guaranteed quality.
  • Great sharpener, does not damage the blade
    If you ever used your knives for a hobby and just love knives and their design, you may have found it really hard do find the right sharpener that won’t damage the look or quality of your favourite tools. Not anymore! This two-grit sized sharpener will allow you to sharpen your blade without changing or damaging it.

Considering its two grits, the high-quality material, the warranty, the fact it can be used with a high variety of blades and considering it’s not using electricity to operate, we can freely say that this stone is perfection when it comes to blade sharpening. Order one now and don’t missing out on this essential piece of kit.

Manual Knife Sharpeners

A manual sharpener is the most common and accessible type of household sharpener. They work by dragging the knife through abrasive pads sandwiched together in a V shaped chamber, which shaves down the blade’s edges into a sharp point. It’s incredibly easy to operate and costs far less than any electric knife sharpener. The dragging motion makes it less difficult to apply even pressure on the sharpening pads, making them much easier to use than a sharpening stone, and they are suitable for sharpening knives of almost any size. In addition to the narrow chamber, most manual sharpeners will have a second, wider one, that can be used to sharpen kitchen scissors.

There are both hand-held and stationary models available – if you are short of counter or drawer space, the first one might be the better option, as it is smaller and fits into different cupboards and compartments much more easily. It is important to note that this type of sharpener can’t repair any extensive damage to a blade that’s been through more than its fair share of use, and is, thus, best intended for less severe dullness. In addition to that, not keeping constant downward pressure on the knife while dragging the blade through the V-chambers can, in fact, create unevenness and damage it further.

Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener

Have you ever bought a fresh new knife sharpening machine found yourself disappointed from the very first use? Don’t worry, Lantana has hit the market with a fresh, new invention – the Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener! This tool comes with instructions, is very easy to use, and the customer support is second to none! The Smart Sharp by Lantana makes honing a piece of cake. This quick, 3 chamber pull-through blade sharpener will re-establish your dull old kitchen knives back to their previous ‘just-purchased’ sharpness in the blink of an eye.

Features of Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener

This exceptional sharpener includes a rock-solid, non-slip elastic base for extreme grip and user safety – any level surface in your kitchen will work perfectly. Its accuracy plates are ideally plotted for a splendidly sharp cutting edge. Since it’s not electrically powered, you won’t have any struggles with where to store it – it can fit in a drawer, on shelf, or even in your pocket! It’s perfectly designed to fit anywhere you would like. Also, there are no extra electricity bills, so you have a perfect, economic, and eco-friendly sharpener at your service.

Advantages of Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener
  • Three-staged sharpener
    This sharpener is all you need to ensure a perfectly sharp blade, every time. The first stage is preparation, where you choose the amount of sharpness you require. The second stage is the sharpening itself, where you pull your knife through the sharpener. And the third stage is hone stage, where you will polish your knife and make it as good as new! You won’t lose out on the blade quality with this sharpener.
  • Ergonomic
    It doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed, with this sharpener all you need to have is a knife! You can hold it with the left or right hand, it will work perfectly as long as it’s used on a flat, stable surface.
  • Suitable For Many Types of Blade
    This knife sharpener is suitable for a variety of straight and serrated edge knives.
  • Simple
    This product is simplicity at its best – even though you do get instructions, you probably won’t need them as this product speaks for itself. Lantana also has a customer support team if you feel like you need some extra information.
  • Guarantee
    Lantana want to make sure all their customers are fully satisfied with their purchase. You can try it and, if you don’t like it for any reason, you can simply return it, undamaged, and you’ll get your money back!

We can all agree that a sharp knife is one of the most important assets for a good cook. To give yourself an extra advantage in the kitchen, order this valuable tool and never worry about your knives getting dull again.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

This type of sharpener can end up being a significant investment, depending on how many features you want it to have. An electric sharpener works in a similar way to its manual counterpart: two blades create a V formation to allow for more natural use. The only difference is that the abrasive pads on this type of device are motorised, and spin against the knife, thereby taking much of the manual labour out of the equation. As with any electronic device, especially one not as commonly used as, for example, a toaster, it is crucial to adhere to the safety instructions given in the manufacturer’s user manual. After you’ve introduced yourself to the way your particular device operates, you should turn it on and, without pressing down too hard, pull the blade through the slot that fits your blade size.

This way of sharpening a knife has many benefits; there is no need to produce downward force, and they usually have spring-loaded guides that make sure the blade stays in constant contact with the abrasives. This addresses an issue mentioned in the previous example: unintentionally creating bends and cracks by improper sharpener use. The biggest drawback of these machines is the high price point across the board, but, if cooking is something that you do professionally, or you are unable or unwilling to sweat over a manual sharpener, you can see how investing in an electric sharpener |can pay off in the long run. Even though a sharpener like this can set you back, sometimes, hundreds of pounds, there are companies such as Chef’s Choice that make affordable products while offering excellent quality.

Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener

This is one of those tools that is simple to use, allows you to sharpen a number of different types of blade, is high quality and, on top of all of that, offers you a warranty! If a perfect example of a product existed, it would most certainly be this one. With the Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener, you can forget the struggles of manually sharpening your knives. This convenient machine is very simple and safe to work with, and offers you the chance to keep your blades nice and sharp – this truly makes them more secure to use as there is less possibility of slippage.

Features of Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener

The perfect design of this tool will leave you speechless – it will blend in with your kitchen decoration and performs even better than it looks. When it comes to the price, you can simply ask yourself is it possible for something this good to be affordable? Well, with Andrew James, it is! Have a safe, effective and simple knife sharpener at your service for the most important moments like a family lunch or, if you are a chef, a big, important customer visiting your restaurant. You can be sure of one thing – this machine won’t let you down when you need it the most.

Advantages of Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener
  • Electrical Sharpener
    Working hard to gain a perfectly sharp knife is a thing of the past! Just press the button, place the blade inside, and consider it sharpened within just a few seconds!
  • Two-Stage Process
    This machine offers you a fast and reliable way to sharp a knife. The first stage is the courser grinder, which sharpens your knife to the maximum. The second stage is the fine grinder, which precisely defines the blade edge, giving it smooth finish, so it looks as though it is brand new again..
  • Suitable For Different Types of Knives
    This machine can sharpen a variety of knives made from a range of materials such as alloy, carbon, and steel.
  • Stable
    This machine is built for safety, and won’t slip even if it is placed on a wet surface!
  • Warranty
    If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the service or quality of this product, feel free to exchange or return it at the nearest supplier -the manufacturer offers a two year warranty! Rest assured though, it’s very unlikely you’ll need to use it.

Treat yourself with this useful machine, or give it as a gift to the food fanatic in your life – you won’t be disappointed.

Kyocera Battery Driven Diamond Sharpener DS-38

Ah, that relaxing time when you prepare your favourite meal while humming your favourite song, all of a sudden spoiled with a blunt knife. No, it’s not a scene from a horror movie, but it’s kinda like horror when you realize that your knife is far away from sharp, and hence-useless.

Worry not, as nowadays the market offers tons of practical and handy gadgets, among which diamond knife sharpener. Made in the creative workshop of Kyocera, the product is just what you need if you enjoy culinary adventures, and the last thing you want to ruin is a knife that won’t cooperate.


Features of Kyocera Battery Driven Diamond Sharpener DS-38

Made for knives of various materials (ceramics, stainless steel, steel, and titanium), this sharpener will make all of them back in the game again. Safety and security are what come with this model- it has convenient on/off button, light indicators, as well as a built-in dust collector to make the sharpening cleaner and more efficient.

It comes with a whetstone (industrial diamond), as one of the most fitting materials for knife sharpening. That’s because it has excellent wear resistance along with a high degree of hardness, which makes it safe for diverse materials. Thanks to auto-adjust, a pair of board-shaped grinding stones will fit perfectly various blade thicknesses, without having to adjust angles manually.


Advantages of Kyocera Battery Driven Diamond Sharpener DS-38
  • Simple to use
    All it takes is to put this gadget on a flat table (or some other similar convenient surface), hold it with one hand (so as not to move), and put the knife into the slot (or groove, as you wish). Then you slide it backward several times, gently and slowly, and voila- the knife is sharp. Even beginners can use it with no problems.
  • Auto adjust
    There’s no home with just one knife only, and none of them has the blade of the same size, shape. Thankfully, the sharpener will adjust to the cutting part, providing perfect blades for both smaller and larger knives.
  • Suitable for ceramic knives as well
    Since the ceramic knifes gradually conquered the market, manufacturers needed to come up with an appropriate sharpener. Back when these knives were just getting popular, the company asked the consumers to send them back to the service department and have it sharpened, but, luckily, they tailored a hassle-free solution- a gadget that can be used at home.
Bottom Line

Coming from a brand that provides both originality and high quality, consumers can be at ease that the product they buy is a reliable one. Great thing is that it works for both metallic and ceramic knives (made by the company), but a disadvantage is that it cannot be used for all types of knives- for example, bread cutting, thick blade, deba, single-edged knife (such as sashimi knife). Also, bear in mind that batteries are not included in the product, and it requires 4 AA batteries (alkaline). And yes, grinding stone cannot be replaced.

Serrated Knife Sharpeners

Your serrated knives can give you a headache when you realise they don’t perform as well as they used to. The serrated edge of this type of knife works similar to that of a saw, so it can still cut when it becomes dull – but just because it is still technically functioning, it doesn’t mean it will be functioning as well as it could.

A dull serrated knife will tear or shred, rather than cut smoothly. The main problem with this type of knife has always been that using regular manual sharpeners just doesn’t do enough to restore the sharpness, as you can’t operate them as fast as you with straight edged blades. There are, however, companies that make sharpeners specially for serrated blades, which resemble a smaller version of honing steel.

Chef’s Choice CH/1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

The 1520 Knife Sharpener is an extraordinary tool that makes your knives as sharp as when they were new. Its extraordinary spring precision ensures the sharpening of even the hardest of knives including twofold edged Asian blades, single-edged Asian blades, thicker Asian blades, as well as both straight and serrated edged European/North American blades. It even works with pocket and sports blades! Both professional and amateur cooks demand the best blades, yet they do not spend that much time sharpening them. A blade ought to be sharpened frequently, generally every 5 to 6 uses. It is a lot more secure to cut with a sharp blade than a dull one.

Features of Chef's Choice CH/1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

The time required to hone a blade with this device is roughly 1 minute for a first-time honing, while re-sharpening takes roughly 10 seconds. That is quite fast, you must agree. A lot of professional cooks have stated that Chef’s Choice is the best sharpener they have ever worked with. This multi-use knife sharpener can sharpen both Asian and European/American knives, as well as any fishing, hunting or sports knives.

Advantages of Chef's Choice CH/1520 Electric Knife Sharpener
  • Suitable For All Kinds of Knives
    With this tool, forget about having to change machines or sharpening rocks. Simply take your knife, regardless of the type, and place it in the correct section of the sharpener. You’ll be able to sharpen many different types of knives within seconds!
  • 3 Stage System and Diamond Abrasives
    This system allows you to have fully functional sharpened knives with absolutely no heat produced during the process. This means that your knives will be as good as new each time, without losing any of its quality.
  • Straight and Serrated Blades
    Straight knives have always been pretty easy to sharpen. But what about serrated knives? With this tool, you won’t have to worry about breaking your serrated knife and having to buy another, one as it will be as good as new within seconds.
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee
    If you aren’t satisfied with your machine or you experience any trouble with it in the future, don’t worry – the manufacturer gives you a very generous three-year guarantee on the service of this amazing appliance! That means three years of perfectly sharp knives without any stress.

If you ever wanted a modest, yet professional sharpener, you are in the right place. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this one!

What to Look for in a Good Knife Sharpener

There are a lot of different sharpeners on the market, and even more information available on the best way to use them. In the previous paragraphs, we’ve listed some options we personally believe are the best, budget friendly options. When you look into buying a knife sharpener, keep in mind:

  • Usage Frequency
    Even though sharpening a knife, and thereby re-using it, will save you money in the long run, think about whether you’re actually going to get that much use out of your new device. If you only cook sporadically and have a set of high-quality knives, then maybe you should opt for a simpler, manual sharpener for those quick fixes.
  • Cost
    If you think that an electric sharpener is the best fit for you personally, consider how much money you’ve invested into your knives so far. If you have a set of low-quality knives you wish to sharpen, maybe opting for the most expensive, most intricate sharpener won’t do you as much good as you intend. Also, look at customer reviews, as price doesn’t always ensure quality.
  • Usage
    The main idea here is that, if you regularly have to cut through hard materials, such as bone, then a simple manual sharpener just won’t do the trick, and you should either opt for an electric device, or, if you’re up to the challenge, a sharpening stone. Look at how you use your knives and factor that into your criteria.
  • Effectiveness
    If you’re looking to get things done quickly, and need the sharpest edge your knife can offer, go for the electric sharpener. On the other hand, if you want to have the most control over how your blade gets sharpened, go for the sharpening stone. Finally, if what you require is sharpening your knife effectively and on the go, while keeping your wallet full and your kitchen island clutter-free, get yourself a manual sharpener.

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