The Best Kitchen Knives

The Best Kitchen Knives

By Stefan Mitrovic
One high-quality knife can easily do the work of an entire set of knives. After testing many of the best kitchen knives available, we found the one that everyone will adore. The Chef’s path Professional Chefs Knife 8 inch will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. There’s a great combination of materials that offer superb durability, and thanks to the pakkawood handle, you can be confident of a firm, comfortable grip while using the knife. Once you test this knife yourself, it will undoubtedly become your go-to knife.

When you talk about dicing and slicing, a good kitchen knife will not only save you a lot of hassle, it will also save your time. Most people think that good results only come at the hands of experts. However, the right tools allow even budding chefs to produce outcomes like the pros. Some people carry on using old tools that have clearly worn out over time because they are used to them. They say “Why should I think about the best kitchen knives when I have a reasonable one already? Well, the answer to this question is because modern designs are ergonomically superior to their older counterparts; they work as an extension of your arm.

When a knife works this well, it enables you to cut different foods more effectively. But you are not going to find out anything about it if you carry on with those old pieces. Now, the question is how to find the best kitchen knives? First of all, you need to be able to recognise different types of knives and the purposes each of them serve. For instance, you need to separate your meat slicing knife from your vegetable dicer. Having the right knife for each purpose will produce exceptional results.

Types of Kitchen Knives

There are many types of kitchen knife, and each of them serves a different purpose. There are more than a dozen knife types available just for handling meat. Now, we are not going to consider all of them in this review; we’ll focus only on the types that are commonly used in the kitchen at home.

Some people are of the view that using the right kitchen knife for the job isn’t particularly important; they feel that as long as it does the job, it’s fine. However, others like to treat their food with delicacy and recognise that picking the right knife for a particular task makes the cutting process so much more precise and easier. Now, as we mentioned above, this post will only focus on the best kitchen knives available that are extremely popular in households and with chefs around the globe. Let’s have a brief look at the ten types we have:

Cook's Knife

The cook’s knife, or chef’s knife, is the most crucial piece in a knife set. It comes with a broad blade that tapers upward. This tapering enables the knife to rock back and forth on the chopping board, allowing you to slice and mince fast. The length of this knife varies from 6 to 12 inches (15-30 cm). If you want to slice quickly, then go for a knife with a longer blade.

A large knife is best suited for big hands, while if you have small hands, then a short knife will be easier for you to control. You can conveniently forge and stamp this knife. Most of these designs are non-serrated, but manufacturers have also introduced a serrated version. You can use a cook’s knife for most purposes in your kitchen. You can chop squashes, cut tofu, dice tomatoes, and slice steaks, making it a highly versatile knife.

Chef’s path Professional Chefs Knife 8 inch

You won’t have to spend a fortune on a high-quality chef’s knife with Chef’s Path. This versatile knife can do the jobs of most large sets of knives that just take too much space on your countertop. Most of your cutting needs can be met with just this one kitchen knife and all others can be thrown away. This kitchen knife is made of high-quality materials and can cut through whatever you desire. Its performance is outstanding and it will make you the envy of your neighbours. probably replace any other knife you own. You will be completely amazed and all of your friends and family will be constantly listening about it.

Features of Chef's path Professional Chefs Knife 8 inch

Let’s talk about all the features that make this knife superb. It is eight inches long and the blade is made of carbon stainless steel. That means you are buying a long-lasting knife with outstanding quality. The blade is extra sharp and uses 4116 ThyssenKrupp steel with exceptional hardness. The knife will easily slice through whatever food you are preparing. The design of the handle is optimised to give you additional support when cutting and exceptional grip. Also, there is extra finger space you might need for rapid cutting. The whole knife is made to completely astonish you.

Advantages of Chef's path Professional Chefs Knife 8 inch
  • Multipurpose knife
    You can forget about needing ten different types of knife for meat, vegetables or fruits. With this one knife, you can do it all and we’re sure it will become your favourite one. It can chop, slice, cut and even mince. Knife easily goes through meat, fruits, vegetables and fish, and possibilities are endless.
  • Good grip
    For the best results, you need to feel comfortable when using your knife and it should fit comfortably in your hand. Once you test this kitchen knife, you will feel exactly that. The handle is made of pakkawood and has a round shape for the firm grip. For all those who like to show off their cutting skills, the knife has additional space for fingers which you need for fast cutting.
  • High-class materials
    This is one of the biggest advantages of this knife. Whatever you are buying you probably want to make sure it is durable and you won’t need to be running to the store in a few months to buy it again. The blade is made of carbon stainless steel and razor-edged for best cutting performance. Also, the edge is honed between sixteen and eighteen degrees ensuring a good combination of firmness and sharpness.

You are also given a protective guard for your new knife when purchasing. It really seems there no limits to what this knife can do – and all that at an affordable price. Once you put it to try, you will forget about owning any other knife. With its incredible design and a beautiful chef’s path logo on a handle, this knife is an incredible choice for the kitchen.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef’s Knife

Anyone who is into cooking knows that a key to preparing the best dish is good ingredients and excellent culinary skills. Using the right utensils is therefore very important. When you are chopping, slicing or cutting you want to make sure you are using proper knives. Any cooking enthusiast will be familiar with the different companies that create chef’s knives and will know that prices can be quite high. With Mercer, you are guaranteed a high-class product at a fair price. This is one of the best selling chef’s knives. You are guaranteed amazing cutting performance for a reasonable price. Mercer Culinary is rapidly becoming a market leader – and with good reason. This knife will become one of your favourites in no time and you will soon find yourself recommending it to your friends.

Features of Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef's Knife

This knife made it onto the top-selling list for a few reasons. Firstly, let’s talk about the design. It is a very elegant knife and it feels comfortable while you are using it, thanks to Mercer’s excellent combination of materials. The blade of this ten-inch knife is made of high carbon, Japanese stain-free steel. Choosing this type of material has its own advantages when it comes to cutting and preparing food. The handle is a great mix of polypropylene and Santoprene. This combination of materials guarantees both the comfort the durability of the knife.

Advantages of Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef's Knife
  • Easy use
    Mercer has made sure that you don’t need to be a chef to be able to use their ten-inch chef’s knife. With the best combination of materials, anyone who decides to give this knife a try will be amazed by how effortlessly it cuts through vegetables, fruits, meat or fish.
  • Firm grip
    As mentioned, the handle is made of both polypropylene and Santoprene. These materials are the reason why the knife fits so comfortably in your hand. Also, they have made sure that the knife won’t slip out of your hand, and long-lasting use is promised.
  • Sharpness
    The best knives are the ones whose blade just slides through whatever it is cutting. This chef’s knife will do just that because of the high carbon, Japanese steel used to make it. You are able to chop, mince, slice or cut anything from fruits and vegetables to meat or fish. Possibilities are endless and pleasure while using the knife is assured.
  • Maintenance
    Nothing can spoil your day like a sink full of dirty dishes. You won’t have to worry about keeping your knife clean – it’s easy! You can just soak the knife in solution and rinse a handle under water. Before placing it in a drawer, make sure you’ve put on the guard on.

Spending a fortune on a good knife is not an option for many of us. Also, rebuying the same knife after a few months is also not a solution. In this knife, Mercer has created a high-quality product that anyone can afford and it is a highly recommend purchase.

Utility Knife

The length of a utility knife ranges from 4 to 7 inches (11-18 cm), and most of its users regard it as a mini cook’s knife. There are straight and serrated versions of this knife. It is suitable for cutting meats and vegetables that are smaller and more difficult to handle with a cook’s knife.

This knife comes with an edge that is scalloped and offers flexibility during cutting. You can conveniently cut hard or soft vegetables with it. Furthermore, you can also use your utility knife for preparing a range of fruits and vegetables, along with meat for sandwiches.

ZELITE INFINITY Utility Knife 6 inch

A good quality knife can change the way you prepare your food. If the knife has a high-quality, sharp blade, it will last you for many years of cutting and slicing. This is one of those knives. You will be impressed by its exceptional quality and durability. If you’re searching for a high-quality knife that will make you feel like a professional chef and that will make all chopping and slicing tasks a joy, this Zelite Infinity model should find its way into your kitchen.

Features of ZELITE INFINITY Utility Knife 6 inch

Zelite Infitinity is every chef’s dream! This knife is 15cm long, which is a nice size for any hand and thanks to its comfortable and sturdy handle, the knife will fit your hand perfectly, and you can be sure that it won’t slip. The blade of the knife is made from high-quality German stainless steel that’s extremely durable and very sharp. The best thing about this steel is that it will stay as sharp as new for a really long time. The knife comes with a blade cover that is made of leather, allowing you to store your knife away safely. Thanks to this high-quality leather cover and the overall design, this knife looks very elegant and sleek, and it will look good in any kitchen. The knife is perfectly balanced, which makes the chopping and slicing even easier and faster whether you need to chop vegetables, fruits, meat or fish.

Advantages of ZELITE INFINITY Utility Knife 6 inch
  • High-quality blade
    Since the blade is made of quality and sturdy German steel that’s stain and rust-resistant, it will stay looking as good as new for a very long time. It is also very sharp so you will be able to cut food effortlessly.
  • Perfect balance
    When a knife has a good balance, it makes the knife easier to control and reduces wrist fatigue.
  • Elegant design
    Not only does the design of the knife look very sleek and professional, but it also features a blade cover that’s made of high-quality leather that looks luxurious and stylish.
  • Comfortable handle
    This is one of the most important features of any high-quality kitchen knife. The handle of this knife is rounded, sturdy and anti-slip which means that you’ll control the knife easily and that it will fit any hand perfectly.

With this high-quality knife, you will be able to prepare ingredients for your meal effortlessly thanks to the balance and control it offers. The design will fit your hand and make the preparation easier and faster while the blade stays stain and rust-free.

Santoku Knife

A Santoku knife is a Japanese version of the cook’s knife. In Japanese, Santoku refers to three values, which in this case are dicing, mincing and slicing. The Santoku knife comes with a thinner and shorter blade compared to its Western counterpart, and it doesn’t rock back and forth on a chopping board. A flat edge means that this knife is good for thin-slicing vegetables, but it’s not the ideal choice for mincing herbs.

Some of the designs also come with hollow edges to cut through sticky pieces of meat very conveniently. This feature also contributes to increased precision and reduced tearing. Like its Western counterpart, the Santoku can also do almost anything. People with more delicate hands, who like to wield a light or a small blade, can opt for the Santoku knife.

Sekitobei Japanese Santoku Knife

If you were looking to upgrade some of your kitchen utensils, this knife should be on your list. It is an ideal choice for both professional cooks and amateurs who like to show off their skills when cooking for family and friends. We’re confident you will adore this knife and begin to neglect all others sitting in your drawer. Any chef would tell you those good quality knives are a must in any kitchen. If their house was burning down and they only had time to save one thing, a Santoku Knife would be the only thing saved from the fire. If that is not a good enough reason to purchase this knife, you should check out all of its features and many advantages. You will be probably running to the store to buy it!

Features of Sekitobei Japanese Santoku Knife

When you are deciding which new knife to buy, there are certain things you should be on a lookout for. A firm grip is very important and is probably at the top of the list. Cutting performance is right behind that good grip. You should look for a knife that is able to do it all – cut chicken, steak, fish, slice peppers and tomatoes, dice onions and garlic and mince cooked vegetables. This Japanese Santoku Knife is meeting all of the criteria mentioned above and gives you so much more. The blade is made of stainless steel and a handle is providing you with a secure grip. Its design is astonishing, a knife is durable and chopping options are numerous. Also, maintenance of the knife is painless. This will be a new essential knife in your kitchen.

Advantages of Sekitobei Japanese Santoku Knife
  • Japanese knife
    Japanese knives usually offer very high-quality. They are lightweight with sharp blades and are ideal for all types of cutting. You can slice, cut, mince and dice with them. Many of them are long-lasting and due to the quality of the blades, you won’t have to sharpen them so often.
  • Benefits of stainless steel
    All good knives are usually made of stainless steel and that is with a good reason. Stainless steel allows better precision, sharpness and longevity is promised even if you are using it daily.
  • Flexible use
    Santoku stands for three virtues. This 4.8 inches knife can do it all – mince, dice or cut and you won’t need to spend extra money on any other knife.
  • Easy clean up
    There is no need to spend additional time in the kitchen over the sink full of dishes. This knife is dishwasher friendly and that is just another reason to love it even more!

Japanese knives are a a popular choice in many kitchens. Most of them are high-class, made of the best materials and offer superb cutting potential. The Sekitobei Japanese Santoku Knife is just one of them. It is quite affordable and it will become your to-go knife. You won’t be needing any other knife in your kitchen because this one can do it all.

Sabatier Professional Oriental Santoku Knife – 7in/17.5cm

If you’re ready to raise your chef skills and cut like a pro, you’ll need a knife you can count on. An all-purpose kitchen blade that originates in Japan, the Santoku knife was named for the tasks it was built to tackle: dicing, slicing, and mincing. Ideal for both home and commercial kitchen use, this perfectly balanced knife is comfortable to handle and suited to serve an impressive range of duties. You might be a professional chef or just keen on cooking, but either way you’ll appreciate preparing dishes with this exceptional knife. Whether you’re finely chopping herbs, cubing vegetables, or seeking a swift solution for mincing, this Professional Santoku knife from Sabatier is our recommended blade of choice.

Features of Sabatier Professional Oriental Santoku Knife – 7in/17.5cm

Carefully crafted to create harmony, the Santoku’s seven-inch blade and handle have the ideal balance, with the weight of handle and blade tang, equalling the blade’s weight and width. Its sharp tip has been created for quick and exact cuts while the edge of the tapered blade is razor-sharp. For safety’s sake, the Santoku benefits from a deep heel design that offers users anti-slip protection while working. Its sleek black handle is smartly riveted and resistant to impact, water, and scratches to ensure it always stays in prime condition.

Advantages of Sabatier Professional Oriental Santoku Knife – 7in/17.5cm
  • Premium materials
    Manufactured with a superior selection of stainless-steel alloys, owners of this Santoku will be impressed by its strength and ability to stay sharp for long periods of time. This offers chefs both a durable tool they can rely on and optimum cutting performance when they need it most.
  • Master craftsmanship
    Sabatier bring 200 years of experience to every product they craft, creating fine quality kitchen tools. The Santoku’s blade has been ground to a precise angle so it can execute tasks quickly and accurately, while its “full tang” design presents a knife less prone to bending and offers users greater leverage when chopping.
  • Convenient to care for
    Designed to keep life simple, the Santoku can be either washed by hand or safely in the dishwasher after use. All that is required is to make certain the knife is dried directly after washing, so owners can maintain its gleaming appearance and ensure it endures.
  • Robust design
    Designed for durability this knife was built to last, offering owners an excellent return on their investment. Constructed with a single steel piece that runs its entire length, the Santoku has a strong spine from its steel butt to its finely honed point. If properly cared for this cleverly designed knife will keep cutting effectively for many years.
Bottom Line

From its exceptional design to its versatility, it’s not tricky to see why we rank this impressive knife a cut above the rest. Whether you’re looking for a professional edge or a multi-purpose kitchen blade, when you want a knife that really shines, you can rely on the Professional Oriental Santoku from Sabatier.

Boning Knife

As the name suggests, this knife is good for separating meat from bones. It is the best kitchen knife for cutting up your meat and filleting fish. You can also use it as a paring knife for trimming and peeling your vegetables.

This knife can range from 3 to 8 inches (7.5-20 cm) in length and there are a few designs and widths of blades that are very common including stiff, semi-flexible and flexible. Home cooks mostly use rigid blades because they provide good precision.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Curved Boning Knife

This is one of those products that you will definitely need if you are a meat lover. Do you work as a butcher? Or do you love to prepare meals with meat? It does not matter! This Mercer Culinary Millennia boning knife is a must! This is the knife that will allow you to do butchering jobs in your own kitchen. It is probably more economical for you to buy a whole chicken or turkey, or an entire beef roast, and cut them the way you want to. So, the best knife to cut raw meat is in front of you – it will allow you to chop through meat safely and with the precision that will give you perfect slices.

Features of Mercer Culinary Millennia Curved Boning Knife

This curved boning knife is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it very easy to maintain. The knife’s dimensions are 37.5 x 2.5 x 10.5 cm. It weighs 150 g. As you can see, it is not just a type of heavy knife. On the contrary, its light weight and curved design make it very easy to hold it in your hands – even during hours of work. Also, its sharp blade will enable you to safely cut meat with the best possible precision. The yellow handle of this knife is very ergonomic and is made of materials which are designed to last. The part of the knife where your fingers should be provides slip resistance and a firm grip; it has protection for fingers so you can safely do your job. This handle is comfortable to hold in any position so you have so many reasons to want one!

Advantages of Mercer Culinary Millennia Curved Boning Knife
  • Easy cutting
    No more pulling or tearing. Removing bones is made easy with this knife. Besides removing bones, you can also prepare different cuts of meat with this knife.
  • Speeds up the process
    When using a Mercer Culinary Millennia boning knife you will immediately see the benefits it gives you. The sharp curved blade of this knife will make the de-boning process go faster.
  • High-quality precision
    You’ll be impressed by how precisely it slices through anything you need to cut. Its sharpness allows you to cut meat in such a way that you do not lose pieces of valuable meat in the de-boning process.
  • Secure and comfortable
    The way that its handle is made allows a sense of comfort in the way it fits your hand. Moreover, it offers safety with its protection for your fingers.

Although the Mercer culinary Millennia boning knife is not one of the cheapest knives on the market, it most likely is one of the best! When it comes to boning knives, the unbeatable quality and precision you get with this one is something that you should demand. If you decide to get one of these for your kitchen you can be sure that every cut of meat that comes in contact with this knife will be perfectly prepared for a delicious meal.

Bread Knife

The bread knife is for cutting or handling bread and cakes. In some cases, people also use it with seafood, meat, and poultry. With the help of this knife, you can saw through your bread conveniently, rather than squashing it down using the wrong type of blade.

The purpose of this knife is to cut large pieces of bread, and most of the models measure to be 7 to 10 inches (17.7 -25.4 cm) in length. This blade is always narrow and serrated along its length with large teeth, just like a saw. These teeth enable you to cut through soft bread gently, without disturbing its shape.

Mascot XM Bread Knife

This is one more knife you should definitely add to your collection. We are all familiar with the great characteristics of the chef’s knives, boning and butcher’s knives. All that is missing is a good-quality bread knife. If you are searching for the knife that will meet your expectations, the Mascot XM bread knife should be your top choice. You really can’t go wrong with choosing any knife created by Mascot XM. All of their knives are real works of art and the process of making just one knife takes months. The blades are hand-made and hand-polished. Quality of the product you are buying is assured.

Features of Mascot XM Bread Knife

Any chef would probably tell you that owning a good bread knife is a must in your kitchen. Good bread knife has a jagged blade which gives it the ability to cut through any type of bread without it crumbling or crushing. Mascot XM have created their bread knife in just the right way and there are countless reasons why you will love. Let’s get familiar with some of the basics characteristics. This is an eight-inch knife. Like many other Mascot XM knives, it is made of high carbon, stainless steel – one of the best materials for blades. Its cutting edge is serrated and its non-slip and user-friendly, handle is made of pakkawood. All of its features are exactly what you are looking for in a good bread knife. Mascot XM is all about making sure their buyers are getting the best customer experience.

Advantages of Mascot XM Bread Knife
  • Many uses
    Even though the knife is called a bread knife, that is not its only use. It cuts through pastries or cakes perfectly and even tomatoes or maybe fruit. However, its main use is cutting bread. If you are cutting soft bread, you can do it without any crushing. It will also cut through a well-baked bread with almost no crumbs and won’t flatten the inside. It does its main job perfectly!
  • Materials used
    Picking out the right material is what makes a product the best one available. As previously mentioned, this knife is made of high carbon stainless steel. This material is promising you the longevity of the knife. Your Mascot XM knife is rust and stain resistant.
  • Jagged blade
    To do its job perfectly, a bread knife needs to have a serrated or jagged blade. That’s is one of the reasons why it cuts bread nicely and why sharpness of your knife will last longer. There is no need to get it sharpened every few months.

There are numerous reasons for loving this knife. Its ergonomic design and the high-quality materials used are just two of those reasons. It is available at a reasonable price. If you were wondering what to buy to your friends, this could be a perfect gift.

Taylors Eye Witness Syracuse Scalloped Kitchen Bread Knife

A good collection of kitchen knives needs a bread cutting knife, and if you’re looking for one that will complete your collection and fulfil all your expectations, you have just found it. Not only does this knife cut with precision and is comfortable to hold, but it is also built to last.

In case you want a professional knife for effortless everyday cutting that will do the job perfectly every time and stay sharp and precise for many years to come, this product is the one you should decide on. There is no doubt about the quality this product will add to your kitchen and everyday cooking.

Features of Taylors Eye Witness Syracuse Scalloped Kitchen Bread Knife

When you compare this product to all other you’ve used earlier, you’ll notice that its features make it stand out as the best one. Let’s start with the blade. The 20cm (8 inches) knife-edge made out of stainless steel guarantees that this knife will cut anything with minimum effort, all while staying sharp for a long time and giving you the precision you need with every cut.

The next important part of this knife is the blade. At first glance, you will notice how beautifully designed and sophisticated it is, but it’s made to be more than just pleasant to look at. It is made with the intention to be firmly held, with no danger of the knife being dropped, but also comfortable after long periods of use.

Advantages of Taylors Eye Witness Syracuse Scalloped Kitchen Bread Knife
  • Value for Price
    The manufacturer of this knife is so confident in the quality of their product that they guarantee the knife will be perfectly good for use even after 25 years. Yes, you read that right, with buying this product you get a 25-year guarantee which practically means that the longevity and quality of this knife are definitely worth its price.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Apart from being comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time spent cutting, the ergonomic design of the handle is important out of safety reasons, too. If the knife doesn’t lay comfortably in your hand, you won’t be able to hold it properly which increases the chances of dropping the knife.
  • Precise
    There is no doubt that the blade of this knife perfectly does the job its meant to do. No matter if you’re cutting through soft fruit or vegetables, or hard crusts of bread or even meat, a clear-cut is guaranteed each time.
  • Elegant
    This knife is of restaurant quality not only because of its sharpness and preciseness, but also thanks to its sophisticated matte black handle and stainless steel blade, which are an elegant addition to your knife collection.
Bottom Line

Reasons for buying this knife are countless. Not only will you get a reliable, professionally made bread knife fit for a chef to suitable for your everyday needs, but you can also expect it to last you a long time, making it completely worth its price.

Paring Knife

Used mostly for peeling (or paring), this small knife is ideal for various types of fruits and veggies. In addition to this, it can be utilised for several other purposes, such as cutting small garnishes, removing seeds from peppers, de-veining a shrimp and similar intricate tasks. People often call it a multi-purpose cutter, as it has a range of applications. The length of this knife, with a plain edge blade, is between 6cm and 10cm. This type is similar in appearance to a chef’s knife, but it’s much smaller.

It’s interesting to mention that 16th-century bookbinders in France used couteau a parer, a tool which resembled a paring knife. Its cutting edge was thin, and it had a wooden handle. The knife itself was made of a large piece of steel. This tool was utilised to thin the edges of the leather binding which was supposed to cover a book. By doing so, the binding looked neater and stuck better to the board.

ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4-inch

Preparing meals with knives that are not sharp can cause you a headache. All that time that you spend in the kitchen trying to slice the tomato or chop all the vegetables for the salad can be used much better. When you are using the knives that are not sharp enough, the time that you spend preparing the meal can almost double. Unfortunately, professional equipment can be really expensive. If you want to have the knives as the restaurant chefs you need to empty your pockets. Thankfully, with the Zelite Infinity Paring Knife that is not the case. For a reasonable price, you will get a high-quality knife, that will last you for years. It can also be a great birthday or wedding gift for those friends who are into cooking.

Features of ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4-inch

When you see the Zelite knife, your first thought will probably be how classy it looks. With its black handle and the beautiful box it comes in, it will be a great addition to your kitchen. The design is modern and the edges are clean – it’s all that you could want from a kitchen knife. The blade is made out of carbon stainless steel. This guarantees you a long-lasting knife that is resistant to wear, rust and stains. You can use it for different types of jobs in your kitchen, peeling, slicing, chopping… No matter how demanding the food preparation is, the Zelite knife will do the job perfectly.

Advantages of ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4-inch
  • Easy use
    Because of the great design, this Zelite knife is so easy to use. The handle fits perfectly in your hand and the razor can cut through almost anything. You can use it to prepare meals that include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, there are no obstacles that this knife can’t overcome.
  • Quality materials
    When it comes to the blade, it is made out of premium German steel. High carbon stainless steel guarantees the longevity of your knife and ensures the best possible performance. The luxurious black handle is another plus. Not only that it will look amazing in your kitchen, but it also allows you to have a precise and study hand when using the knife.
  • Sharpness
    Because of the quality materials, the Zelite knife slides through any type of food, giving you the premium cooking experience. It is great for the culinary students or just for the everyday use. It will become your new best friend in the kitchen.

With this amazing product, preparing an everyday meal will be an amazing experience. You can expect a knife as sharp as those used by chefs in restaurants. Thankfully, it is not as pricy and will definitely last for years. Forget about hours spent in the kitchen just to prepare a salad; with the Zelite knife, such jobs will be done in a matter of seconds. There’s no doubt that this knife is an excellent choice.

What to Look for in a Good Kitchen Knife

There is a huge variety of kitchen knives on the market. However, finding the right one can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, we have developed a list of features that you must consider before buying the best kitchen knives available out there. Let’s have a look at those features now.

  • Cost
    If you know about the different types and understand their purpose then spending some money on good quality knives will be very productive. Nevertheless, if you don’t do much cooking then choosing a good all-rounder knife will suffice.
  • Sharpness
    A good sharp knife will help you cut your food very conveniently. Now, of course, you can’t give it a try before buying, but you can always rely on the reviews and discuss with your friends about the performance of knife before buying.
  • Weight & Balance
    The weight and balance of a kitchen knife is another subjective matter. Some people prefer heavy blades while others find light blades more convenient. You need to feel the weight yourself and then make your decision.
  • Handle Comfort
    The handle of a knife is also considered important because if you are not comfortable with the grip, then you won’t be able to grasp your knife with ease. It will make cutting challenging and will affect your confidence.
  • Maintenance
    Some knives are more prone to corrosion and rusting than others. If you don’t want to clean and dry anything by hand, then you need to find a slightly expensive option that is resistant to corrosion. Additionally, if you don’t want to sharpen your knife frequently as well then go for one that is known to stay sharp for extended periods.
  • Material
    Stainless-steel knives are durable and resistant to rust. Carbon steel knives are durable but they prone to rust. High carbon stainless steel offers strength and durability, and they resist corrosion too. You can also find ceramic knives which are very sharp, but once they wear out, you can only seek professional help to sharpen them up for you.

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