The Best Ironing Board

The Best Ironing Board

By Stefan Mitrovic
After trying out a plethora of ironing boards we wholeheartedly recommend the Brabantia Titan Oval as a safe, convenient and affordable choice. This ironing board has a great reflective surface for effective ironing, it is sturdy and stable and quite easy to store away. It will fulfil all your ironing needs.

When you are moving into a new house, or you want to replace old or worn-out equipment, ironing boards are often not the top priority. However, if you are a professional who needs an ironing board for work (for example, a tailor or a seamstress), an ironing board is an important piece of kit. Even if you are just planning to get a new ironing board for home use, you will want something that will help you get the job done and won’t be a nuisance to set up or store.

We have tried and tested various types and models and chosen the top five that we think are the best out there. We will compare their features for you so you will be able to pick out the one that suits your requirements and lifestyle best. Let’s face it – owning a fabulous iron is not the only important thing about ironing. Let’s check out our favourites!

Types of Ironing Boards

When you hear the words ‘ironing board’ what is the first image that springs to mind? Is it an ironing board with collapsible legs or a wall-mounted ironing board that can’t be moved if you want to enjoy your favourite TV show while you are ironing? Well, these are not the only options. We discovered that there are more types of ironing boards than these two, all catering to people’s various needs and requirements.

Yes, there is a classic ironing board with adjustable or non-adjustable legs. But there are also portable ironing boards or mats that can be folded like a towel and placed anywhere (all of you infected with wanderlust may be thrilled about this!). And there is a variety that is somewhere in the middle – a table-top ironing board. Those are the three most often purchased types as they are functional and come in several different sizes. Let’s take a look at them.

Regular Ironing Boards

So the most common type of ironing board is the regular ironing board. It is convenient as you can pull it out whenever you need it and place it wherever you want. It usually requires just a little space to store away – under the bed or behind the dresser works just fine. It is a nuisance though to have to adjust its height each time you want to iron something, but once you get accustomed to that, your ironing sessions could be quick and fun, as this type of ironing board comes in many varieties and models.

We examined various models and selected these three as the most efficient, cost effective and convenient. Did you know that even among the most common types of ironing boards there are significant features and varieties which distinguish one from the other? We have picked our favourite, but it is up to you to decide what you need to get out of your ironing board.

Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board

Brabantia has built up decades of experience and customer trust, and the Titan Oval is one of the most fascinating ironing boards we tested. It is the most commonly purchased type of ironing board – a regular ironing board with collapsible legs – but you are sure to get your money’s worth if you choose it. It is large enough to iron linens like sheets and tablecloths, but its shape will also allow you to iron more complicated items and parts of clothing such as shirt shoulders. It is a little heavier than some, but this does make it sturdy so it will not wobble when you use it (you can even put your coffee on it while you are ironing – we tried). And although it is quite big, it is easily stored away.

Features of the Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board

First of all, it is rather heavy, so if you have any health issues that prevent you from lifting heavy objects, you might want to consider another, lighter model. If that is not the case, then even moving and storing it won’t be an issue as the board has a transport lock that prevents it from opening while being moved. It also has a child lock that prevents it from collapsing on their (or your) fingers. The legs come with non-slip caps that work on carpets and hard floors.

The board has an adjustable working height of 61 to 102cm, which makes it great even for taller users or for when you are sitting down. It has an integrated iron parking zone which is heat resistant. Its dimensions are 135 x 45cm with a height of 163.5cm when collapsed and ready to store. The ironing surface is padded and reflective for a more efficient ironing process.

Advantages of the Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board
  • Shape
    It is great for ironing shirts and trousers as it has a narrower top part for a perfect shoulder and trouser-leg fit.
  • Safety
    This ironing board comes with a child lock that prevents it from collapsing. In addition to protecting your children’s fingers, it ensures that your clothes and your iron will be safe from falling.
  • Ten-year guarantee
    A guarantee this long proves that the manufacturer has faith in the product.
Bottom Line

This ironing board is great for anyone who is not afraid to spend a little more money on something that will certainly pay off. It speeds up the ironing process, and it is perfect for families with small children due to the child lock that prevents it from collapsing on its own – a great addition to any household!

Minky Ergo Ironing Board

The Minky Ergo is a best-selling product since it offers great quality and convenience for a very affordable price. It is solid and sturdy, and suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people (left-handed people are well aware of how hard it is to use products that are made without them in mind). This ironing board offers a professional ironing experience every time you iron your clothes.

It is easily stored as it has a straightforward collapsing system, and as a bonus, it is not as heavy as others of its size, weighing only about 5kg. For this reason, it is easy to carry from its place of storage to where you want to iron.

Features of the Minky Ergo Ironing Board

Its surface is a 100% cotton Prozone cover with a metallic coating. This stores heat for faster and more effective ironing. It comes with an ‘ergo’ iron rest, the word ‘ergo’ meaning that very little wrist or shoulder movement is required to place the iron into the resting position. And it does not matter if you are left- or right-handed as the iron rest is symmetrical. The board comes with a flex guide that keeps the cord out of your way, preventing it from wrinkling the items you are ironing. This can be moved and placed anywhere on the board.

Rubber caps on the ironing board’s legs keep it from slipping and maintain stability on any floor surface, be it carpet, hardwood or tile. The board has a height adjustment option that goes up to 95cm, which is enough for your back to be safe even if you are tall. Its shape allows for easy ironing of difficult clothes, and the colour pattern and metallic coating give it a modern look.

Advantages of the Minky Ergo Ironing Board
  • Flex guide
    The flex guide prevents the iron’s cord from wrinkling your clothes while you are ironing and prevents it from tangling.
  • Five-year guarantee
    Although not the longest guarantee you can get, it is quite good for a household item and shows that the product is worth buying.
  • Prozone cover
    Its Prozone cover with a metallic coating to reflect heat and its cotton padding allow for greater ironing efficiency and equal heat distribution.
Bottom Line

The Minky Ergo is a solid ironing board which is perfect for household use. It gives you a great ironing experience whether you are right- or left-handed. It is sure to preserve energy and make ironing more efficient. It gives greater value for money than you would expect for the price.

ADDIS Really Wide Board Irons Design

Addis ironing boards have a great reputation among consumers. They are perfect for regular ironing sessions, and this one is really wide (as advertised), so it is ideal for ironing linens.

If you are looking for average price and average quality, this ironing board is the one for you. It does not have many special features like the others on this list have, but it will be a decent addition to your household. It is quite sturdy, but if you have small children or pets running around, take care that it does not fall and injure someone or cause damage to your floor or iron.

Features of the ADDIS Really Wide Board Irons Design

Its dimensions of 135 x 46cm make it a great ironing board for larger pieces of laundry such as linens or dresses. It has rubber stoppers on the legs so you can be sure it won’t slip, resulting in you having to chase it – or your iron – around the house. It does not have an iron cradle and the parking zone is integrated with the board, so you can use its entire surface for ironing. The parking zone is heat resistant, and you can be sure that it will not get burned or damaged if you leave your iron on it for a few moments. It has a nice design, and it is easily stored away as it is not too heavy (about 6kg).

The height is adjustable to four different heights up to 95cm, which is somewhere in the middle of the height range. One flaw, however, is that it cannot go much lower than 90cm, which is still too high to iron while sitting down if this is what you need to do. The iron is relatively stable and will not wobble too much, although some movement was noticed. The ironing surface allows the steam from the iron to go through the metal mesh leading to condensation, so be sure to wipe it dry before storing it away.

Advantages of the ADDIS Really Wide Board Irons Design
  • Ten-year guarantee
    For an average price, you get a premium guarantee – not bad!
  • Wide
    Great for ironing larger pieces of laundry.
  • ADDIS branded
    Addis is one of the most trusted ironing board manufacturers, so this board instils confidence.
Bottom Line

This ironing board is great if you need something that is easily stored and pulled out. The performance during ironing is quite satisfactory. Good value for money.

Portable Ironing Boards

Portable ironing boards came into being as a consequence of our fast-paced lives and limited storage space. Plus, everybody loves to be wrinkle-free even when they are travelling, and we all know that however neatly and carefully you pack, your clothes are bound to wrinkle and crease. So unless you have the option of using an ironing service in your hotel, you have to find your own way of straightening those folds out.

Portable ironing boards are very simple in construction: they are soft and can be easily folded to the size of a large towel. This makes them ideal for travelling as they do not take up much space, and you can just put them in your suitcase along with your clothes. They are also great if you live in a small apartment and every inch of your living space needs to be used for something other than storing a classic ironing board.

Chengsan Table-Top Portable Ironing Board Cover

What makes a camping/caravan ironing board, or rather ironing mat, so great is the fact that it is so light and easy to use that you will not have to drag it around the house to where you need to do the ironing. Simply place it on any flat surface and you are ready to go. You do not have to worry about the sturdiness of the board’s construction as it is as sturdy as the surface you put it on. Place it on a table, a washing machine, anywhere you want, and you can be sure that the surface will be well protected from heat.

It is portable and can be folded down to the size of a large towel for easy storage or transport, i.e. when you are travelling. We tried it, and we can honestly say that no modern-day man or woman needs anything more than this ironing mat to iron on even at home. It is cheaper than table-top ironing boards of the same quality, so if you already own an ironing board that needs to be replaced, think about purchasing this mat and placing it on the old board to improve its efficacy.

Features of the Chengsan Table-Top Portable Ironing Board Cover

This 48 x 85cm ironing mat provides a surface for safe and quick ironing whether you are at home or on the go. It takes seconds to set up – just unfold it and place it wherever you want. Its reflective surface does not allow for the heat from the iron to reach the surface it is placed on, keeping all the heat in contact with the clothes where it is needed the most. Any flat surface is suitable: a table, a kitchen counter, a washing machine or even a bed.

After use, you can clean the mat with a towel and leave it to dry (let it cool off before putting it away to avoid condensation between folds). Do not machine wash it though, as this makes the mat’s cotton filling lose its shape. It can, however, be washed by hand. The only obvious flaw is a lack of magnets to prevent the mat from slipping while on top of a metal surface such as a washing machine.

Advantages of the Chengsan Table-Top Portable Ironing Board Cover
  • Small and portable
    It folds into a convenient size for both home storage and transport.
  • Reflective
    The iron’s heat is reflected from the mat, protecting the surface it is placed on and increasing ironing efficiency as the heat remains above the mat and in contact with the clothes.
  • Size
    Although small when folded, its size ensures that you can iron just like you would on any other ironing board without having to manoeuvre the mat around it too much.
Bottom Line

This portable ironing mat is a great option as a second ironing board to take with you on trips. It can also substitute a regular table-top ironing board at home, as it performs just as well. Another advantage is that it takes up very little space when stored away. It is a great choice for active people or people with apartments with (extremely) limited storage.

Table-Top Ironing Boards

Table-top ironing boards are somewhere in between the two previous types. They are the same shape as regular ironing boards and they also have legs, although noticeably shorter. However, a table-top ironing board can be easily moved around and works much like a portable ironing mat. They are usually lightweight, which makes them easy to manoeuvre, and you only need a hard surface to put them on before use.

Table-top ironing boards also come in different sizes and with different features, so make sure that you pick the right one for your needs. They are great for apartments with limited storage space as well as for when you need to straighten up a wrinkle quickly or when you are in a hurry to get ready. Let’s take a look at the best among them.

Beldray LA023735SEW Desk Table-Top Ironing Board

The Beldray table-top ironing board is a great budget option for people with small apartments and limited storage space or for people who are constantly on the go and do not have time to iron a wash-load of laundry. You can also quite easily put it in the boot of your car if you are going on holiday. This board is great if you need to iron something quickly as it can be easily and safely set up.

The Beldray ironing board combines convenience, performance and price to achieve great results for each ironing session. You will be able to sit comfortably in a chair to iron or iron standing up if you place it on a washing machine or a kitchen counter.

Features of the Beldray LA023735SEW Desk Table-Top Ironing Board

This table-top ironing board has legs that can easily be pulled out using a lever. The legs also have padding so that the surface you put the board on is protected and the board does not slip, which is a great safety feature. Its size of 73 x 31cm is more than enough for ironing almost any type of clothing, especially if you need something ironed quickly. The board’s rounded edges make for very smooth ironing, and it is lightweight and easy to set up. The legs fold completely under the board, so it is small and easily stored. It also comes in a turquoise colour which will infuse your ironing session with joy!

However, we have discovered one flaw in the original model. This can be fixed relatively cheaply, but it is nonetheless still a flaw. The padding that covers the metal gauge is really thin. For the first couple of ironing sessions, this was not such a big problem, but you soon become aware of the metal gauge through the padding, and it even makes square-shaped marks on your clothes. You can fix this by adding extra felt or cotton padding. The surface is not reflective, so some of the heat from the iron goes to waste and condensation forms on the metal underneath, so be sure to wipe it dry before putting it away.

Advantages of the Beldray LA023735SEW Desk Table-Top Ironing Board
  • Light and portable
    It is easily stored and set up. You can put it in your car and take it on a trip with you, and it may even be able to fit into a larger suitcase since it does not take up a lot of space at all.
  • Felt pads
    The felt pads protect the surface and keep the board from slipping.
  • Price to quality ratio
    This board really pays out in performance and convenience, outstripping other ironing boards in the same price range.
Bottom Line

The Beldray is a great multi-purpose ironing board for busy and active lives. It successfully combines the great features of a regular ironing board with those of an ironing mat. It is convenient to store and easy to take with you on a trip.

What to Look for in a Good Ironing Board

We have now compared five great ironing boards for you to choose from. Just weigh up the pros and cons according to your needs. And if by chance you decide that your needs are not reflected in any of our choices, here is a list of things that you need to look for in a good ironing board – one that will make ironing easy and will not take up too much space in your home.

It is baffling how many things you should pay attention to when buying a simple ironing board. We, too, thought that ironing boards differ only in size. Oh, how mistaken were we.

  • Size
    This is an obvious thing to look for, and because the size of the board can differ a lot you will have an enormous number of boards to choose from. There is no right answer to this question, and you will choose the size of your board based mainly on how much storage space you have for it. If you have a laundry room you may decide to purchase a big one that can stand there all the time, but if you have limited storage space and need to stuff your ironing board in a tiny area between the wall and a dresser, for example, then opt for a smaller one.
  • Weight
    This feature is especially important if you have to take it out of the place where it is stored each time you want to iron something, or if you have a habit of ironing only what is necessary right before you want to wear it. Although heavier boards tend to be a little sturdier (it depends on the material though), you may want to opt for a lighter variety to avoid breaking into a sweat each time you want to iron a shirt. Heavier boards are not a problem if they are permanently placed in a room where you generally do your ironing.
  • Sturdiness
    Pay close attention to this feature. An ironing board has to be sturdy for several reasons. Firstly, sturdy ironing boards are more stable, so there will be less wobbling while you are ironing. When you feel like your ironing board is going to run away from you, it is rather frustrating! Secondly, if the ironing board is wobbling, it may not be able to sustain the pressure from the iron, which can lead to imperfectly ironed laundry. Lastly – and most importantly – sturdier ironing boards are safer. They are not easy to turn over, and you won’t have to worry that a hot iron is going to fall each time you want to set it aside to fold or hang an item of clothing. Sturdy boards usually have stable legs that can support the pressure.
  • Adjustable Height
    Unless you opt for a table-top board or an ironing mat, you will want to make sure that your ironing board has an adjustable height option. You may want to sit down and iron today, but next week you might want to iron standing up. Also, if there is more than one person in your household who might want to use it, you may need to accommodate different heights. What works well for you may be too high for your teenager or too low for your 6ft 4 husband.
  • Surface Quality and Type
    This is probably the one that is easiest to overlook, especially if you are more likely to opt for something colourful as opposed to something duller in design. Usually, reflective ironing surfaces are greyish, metallic or even plain black, and while some people consider them elegant, others consider them grim. Nevertheless, try not to ignore an ironing board with a reflective surface. It will protect the board itself as there will be no condensation, and it will improve ironing efficiency (and your electric bill). This is because the reflective surface, as the name suggests, returns the heat from the board to the heat source, focusing it on the fabric being ironed.
  • Iron Parking Zone
    You may think it is a given that an ironing board has an iron parking zone, however that is not always the case, especially with portable and table-top boards. Here you can use the surface on which you have placed the board to rest the iron – just be sure to place the iron upright so you don’t heat damage the surface. Regular ironing board have two surface options for temporary iron parking (never leave the iron for more than a few moments). Some have a metal addition that is attached to the board while others have a heat resistant fabric on the bottom of the board where you can safely park your iron. The metal one can potentially damage sensitive materials, and the fabric one effectively shortens the entire ironing surface, so pick the one you think will be most convenient for you.

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