The Best Induction Hob

The Best Induction Hob

By Stefan Mitrovic
Induction hobs are quick, safe and efficient. We’ve carried out a number of tests to find the best induction hob on the market. With the VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob you will get a compact and portable product that you can place almost anywhere. Its scratch-resistant ceramic plates make it stand out as a quality product that will last you for years. It will be a perfect addition to any kitchen.

So many memories are made in the kitchen of the home, whether it’s catching up at the dinner table after a long day at work or school, or laughing and joking as your grandmother tries to teach you how to make her special tomato sauce that everybody loves. It’s no surprise it’s one of the most used rooms in any given household.

Whether you’re learning to cook for the first time, or are an occasional pro in the kitchen, an excellent induction hob is likely at the top of your must-have list, because you want to be able to cook only the best meals for your loved ones.

Types of Induction Hobs

Before you start sifting through your recipe box, let’s look at the different types of induction hobs you can purchase. In order to find out which one will suit you best, you need to figure out what are the main types of induction hobs.

There are several types of induction hobs. We will be explaining how all of these types work, and hopefully, you will find the one that can suit your needs for years.

Portable Induction Hob

One of the most practical kitchen devices is a good portable induction hob. They are really affordable, and if you choose a compact model it won’t take up too much space; you can easily store it away if your kitchen is too small to have it on the counter all the time. The best thing about portable induction hobs is that they are incredibly fast so they will cook your food in no time. The majority of them have a temperature controller so you can choose the temperature you prefer according to the meals you want to prepare and the time you have for that. It’s a great device to have in small kitchens, camping trailers, student dorms, and in any other situations when you don’t have access to a gas stove or you simply don’t think they are safe to use.

A good-quality portable induction hob can save you a lot of time and energy, lowering your bills and shortening the time you spend on cooking. Since they are very affordable and simple to use, you can keep one in your kitchen for those times when you’re preparing a big holiday meal for your family and friends and need that extra burner. You will be able to spend more time having fun with your guests and less time in cooking. A great feature of induction hobs is that they’re cool to the touch all around so you won’t accidentally burn your fingers. However, keep in mind that you do need special cookware that’s made of metal and fully-compatible with an induction burner.

Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob

This portable induction hob comes from well-known manufacturer Tefal, which promises a high-quality product and many features! This hob is a smart accessory to your kitchen when your biggest need is one more hot plate when the holiday season comes, or if you are moving into a studio apartment and want to have as much free space as you can. Compared to gas and electric cookers, this is the most gentle and safe one to use since Tefal’s induction hob surface starts to cool down the moment you stop cooking; after five minutes without being used it will shut down. In order to enjoy all features of this Tefal induction hob, make sure to prepare before you buy; check if your kitchen utensils fit induction hob performance. The size of the ceramic plates can vary, appropriate pans should be used in order to absorb the maximum inducted energy. This clever device not only saves electrical energy but also cuts down on cooking time by fifty percent!

Features of Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob

As vigorous as it looks, this induction hob weighs around 2.51 kg in the regular option, while a smaller version exists too. The surface cover is highly resistant to scratches and heat. The embedded countdown timer will automatically shut down a burner after time is up for cooking. Featured pre-set cooking options are very convenient! The manual option lets you set the temperature to levels that you normally use. It also provides automatic settings: Heat Milk – automatic option for heating milk in a kettle to 85 degrees Celsius; Stew – alternative setting for slow-cooking sessions for dishes that require that; Stir fry – the best option for heating food in a small amount of oil in a pan; Deep fry – perfect for heating a large amount of oil (over 1 litre); Boil water – heats water just to the boiling point so it doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Advantages of Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob
  • Pre-set cooking options
    Manual, heat milk, stew, stir fry, deep fry, and boil water settings are truly convenient when it comes to specific dishes and meals. Written instructions are packed with the product.
  • Durable
    The surface is scratchproof and heatproof, so not only will mechanical damages be prevented but also spillage won’t be an issue – just wipe it off. Pots must be sized from 12 to 25 cm.
  • Accurate
    The LCD screen displays the control panel and the unified timer can measure and set a countdown for cooking for up to two hours! When it indicates that there is no pressure from a pan on its surface, it will automatically shut down after five minutes!

Tefal is a manufacturer with a long tradition of quality; if safe cooking and tasty food are your priorities then you are on the right page. So many features adorn this Tefal IH201840 Everyday Induction Hob and that’s what makes this one stand out among other pods on market. Efficiency, space usage reduction, and safe cooking are features that matter to everyone, from busy mom to young adventurer!

VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob

This VonShef Twin induction hob is the perfect choice for limited spaces. The double ceramic induction hob will make any meal preparation pleasant and easy to perform with its light and convenient features. If you need the best induction hob that will make the most out of cramped spaces, or if you are looking for more space and efficiency when preparing food for a large gathering of family and friends, this is a great product to consider. Beautifully designed with many detailed specifications, this hob will provide all you need for preparing complex dish combinations such as drying in an induction pan, boiling in an induction bowl, or roasting in the compatible kettle. This hob comes with a handy and compatible VonShef induction hob heat diffuser.

Features of VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob

The physical appearance is really appealing, it’s lightweight (just 2.2 kg), and has a black surface and ceramic plate. Two digital induction hobs mean twice as many touch controls; all of them fully manual for precise control over all features. The innovative LCD display screen shows power, speed, and timer to the consumer. The built-in timer tracks cooking up to 3 hours. Both plates can operate between 60 to 240 C and all changes are manual so you have complete control. The VonShef Twin Induction Hob requires appropriate induction pans that are up to 26 cm in width. You can make sure your pan is compatible with the hob by holding a magnet to the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks to bottom surface then that utensil is OK to use on an induction hob, without damage to either the hob or the pan.

Advantages of VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob
  • Programmable and precise
    Its built-in timer can be set up to three hours per each usage, and the LCD display accurately shows cooking time so there is no need for you to keep checking. Don’t worry – this timer and LCD screen will help you to avoid overcooking your dishes.
  • Hand operated
    Touchscreen temperature controls allow you to choose from 60 to 240 degrees Celsius, on a scale of 1 to 10. From boiling to frying, every method requires a different heating process. Be careful during the first few uses, since electrical shifts can cause over- or under-heating.
  • Anti-blemish solution
    Ceramic plates are very durable; wipe any spills with a sponge as soon as possible. The edges might be a little tricky and might need a little bit more care when it comes to proper cleaning; it’s always best to prevent spillage in the first place.
  • Extended warranty
    Up to 2 years of warranty included!
  • Solid and handy
    The VonShef induction hub is ideal for a big family that needs an additional hot plate, or even a group that travels together.

If you need a portable induction hob that comes with two induction ceramic plates, looks neat from the outside, and works perfectly, this one is for you. Be confident in your purchase – with the extended warranty you needn’t worry about technical or mechanical breakdowns. Take complex meal preparation to the next level and lower your electric bills with two induction hot plates that conduct maximum energy into an efficient heating system.

Andrew James Induction Hob AJ001435

How stylish can a portable hob get? It’s functional and compact, occupying just a small space. This induction hob is the perfect choice for modest kitchens, trailers, dormitory rooms, and for people who love to travel and camp. Since this cooker is small, it can be easily shifted from one place to another and you won’t even miss the space this hob takes up. It’s a brilliant choice for all kinds of meal preparation, from roasting meat and vegetables to boiling soup dishes. This amazing portable electric cooker is stable and programmable, user-friendly and very safe. It has different levels of heating, heats up really quickly, and works perfectly with compatible, induction-friendly pots. Make sure that you check on your pot or pan when cooking for the first time – differences in electrical output might affect the amount of power the hob produces.

Features of Andrew James Induction Hob AJ001435

One of its best features is that this hob is made out of grade-A black crystallized glass and plastic. This makes it elegant and neat, but also easy to clean. Dimensions are 29 x 35.5 x 6.5 cm and weight is just a little above 3 kilograms. It will fit just about anywhere. It is made for one cooking utensil, but in some cases you can fit two smaller pots on it – just make sure to test the compatibility of both of them. The package comes with a 1.5 m plug-in cable and warranty. The maximum weight that this incredible electric cooker can support without damage is 10 kg. All displays are bright blue and programming your favourite cooking setting is simple.

Advantages of Andrew James Induction Hob AJ001435
  • Automatic safety features
    Make sure you know that the utensil you want to use is compatible. This is very important, so this induction hob is capable of detecting if the utensil is not fit to use and will shut down the heat right away.
  • Control panel
    A blue screen shows how easy it is to set up the right program for cooking. This particular electric cooker doesn’t have an automatic temperature and time control; this gives you complete control over the cooking process.
  • 2-year manufacturer assurance
    The Andrew James Induction Hob comes packaged with a 1.5 m long cable, 13 amp jack, and a perfectly fitting stainless steel cooking heat diffuser – all this under a 2-year warranty!
  • Design
    Compact and durable, the model fits perfectly on all surfaces and can hold up to 10 kg. The blue display shows your manually-chosen temperature and time controls.

This is a perfect price and quality combination! Life-hack: try using a regular magnet to test any cookware; if it reacts with the bottom of your pan that means that it’s compatible with this induction hob! The Andrew James Induction Hob will most likely lower your bills and clear off additional space for you to use, whether in your kitchen or dorm room.

Aobosi Double Induction Hob Portable 2800w

If you are a cooking virtuoso, you will benefit from this induction hob. With an extra burner, prepare meals faster and enjoy their delicious taste. It will allow you to explore different styles, make multiple dishes at once and deliver the beautiful taste of dishes every time. This Aobosi won’t disappoint you!

This induction hob is perfect for everyone who needs not just one but two additional burners! It operates on modern electromagnetic induction that saves energy and doesn’t waste any heat. Using the best induction hob while cooking will save you time and money, and won’t interfere with the taste of the prepared dishes. The benefits are numerous and the hob can be used outdoor as well!

Features of Aobosi Double Induction Hob Portable 2800w

Even though you will be adding extra burners, you won’t have any difficulties with cleaning. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to scratching and easy to clean. The glass surfaces will be spotless with just a few swipes! Also, it is suitable for all iron, emerald stainless steel or steel pots and pans.

This is definitely one of their most powerful induction hobs. It uses a maximum of 2800 Watts, allowing effortless cooking. Without wasting heat, it saves energy and the produced heat will be used only for cooking. Plates are operating as separate units and the temperature and power can be adjusted for both individually. With the two year warranty, you will be able to explore all of the features and have enough time to enjoy the double induction hob.

Advantages of Aobosi Double Induction Hob Portable 2800w
  • Fully adaptable
    The induction hob uses ten different working temperatures and burners have different power levels. Also, you can set the temperature and power for the burners separately and create a variety of tasteful meals. It is suitable for preparing meat, soups, heating premade meals or boiling water. There is even a built-in timer that will automatically turn off the burner. It can keep the burners on for up to 240 minutes and make sure that your meal stays heated.
  • Great materials
    As previously mentioned, the burner is made from only the best materials that are scratch-proof. It is compatible with any pot that is induction-friendly and a strong magnet will keep the pots secured on the burners. Also, a glass plate covering both burners is allowing fast cleaning.
  • Portability
    The induction hob can be easily moved around. If you don’t need it in the kitchen, you can always place it in your office, college dorm or take it on camping trips. Thanks to its portability, you can enjoy home-cooked meals even on the go.
  • Great Value
    Offers great value for the money.
Bottom Line

This Aobosi Induction hob is suitable for amateurs and professional cooks as well. With two additional burners, the cooking possibilities are endless and with 2800 watts, the meals can be prepared faster than ever.

Aobosi Induction Hob Portable 2000W

If you want to bring your cooking game to another level, you should try out this amazing Induction Hob. Whether you need an extra burner in your kitchen or just looking for one that you will be able to carry around, this Aobosi Induction Hob won’t disappoint you.

This induction hob is a highly efficient, great addition for your kitchen and suitable for different trips and offices. If you are a student that lives in the dorm, you will be able to prepare a variety of healthy meals for yourself each day! It is super powerful, allowing you to easily heat meals or prepare them while saving energy.

Features of Aobosi Induction Hob Portable 2000W

This induction hob uses up to amazing 2000 watts with ten different power levels – each level allows you to set the needed temperature for cooking. With such outstanding power, your cooking options are limitless and you will be able to prepare whatever. Also, compared to standard cookers, it uses less energy and saves the time spent in the kitchen.

There is an amazing two-year warranty, which means that you can enjoy all of the benefits of this hob for a few years. All of the options can be easily tracked and set on the LED display. Thanks to the adjustable temperature and power, you can enjoy perfectly cooked meals each time. Most pots and pans are compatible with the hob and it will suit all of your needs! Also, it is portable and suitable even for outdoor cooking – eat a healthy and tasteful lunch on all of your trips.

Advantages of Aobosi Induction Hob Portable 2000W
  • High-quality and good size
    The plate is made of premium quality ceramic material. It is resistant to high temperatures and scratches. With its modern look, it will be a stunning addition to your kitchen. Also, ceramic plates are easily cleaned and you won’t waste on time on highly demanding maintenance. Thanks to its size, you can use most of your pans and pots when cooking.
  • Different uses
    The hob is made to meet everyone’s needs! Whether you are just heating a meal, boiling water, cooking an egg or preparing a delicious steak, all of it can be done with this amazing burner. Even amateur cooks can easily learn how to use it and explore all of its benefits while professionals can use it as an additional burner and speed up the cooking process.
  • Adjustable setting
    Each power level comes with different working temperatures. The lowest power is 200 watts and it goes up to 2000 watts. Working temperatures are also adjustable and with the built-in timer, it will automatically turn off!
Bottom Line

You won’t regret a cent spent on this induction hob! All of the features will change your way of cooking and speed up the process. You will be saving both time and energy and creating your favourite dishes will be easier than ever!

Built-In Induction Hob

If you want to replace your old electric or gas burner, you can easily purchase a built-in induction stove. It will look like your regular electric stove with the glass surface, but it will have a lot of advantages that will make your cooking easier and faster. If you’re okay with investing a little more money in the beginning and saving a lot of it in the long run, a nice built-in induction hob should find its place in your kitchen. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between this type and the portable one, our answer is: other than the space it takes up, none. While you can easily store away the portable ones, the built-in type will stay in place always, just like a traditional burner. This makes the cleaning easier since you won’t have to move the device to clean the countertop underneath it.

Of course, if you don’t cook a lot and you need a hob just for a few times during the week for quick meals and beverages, then the portable type should be your choice. However, if you do prepare a lot of meals and you need more than one or two burners, you should consider having the induction hob built-in or dropped-in. It will cook the food quickly, and you’ll be able to select the desired temperature for every burner. This is a nice solution for RVs where space is limited and the portable induction hob would be bulky and unsafe to use while the vehicle is moving. In this case, you can choose and install an induction hob with two burners, which are more than enough for travelling and camping.

NOXTON 4 Zone Induction Hob ITS644B1/B

This electrical induction hob is the perfect choice for wider kitchens and planned renovations! Just design the kitchen area in your style and decide in which part of the counter this shiny hob will be embedded. With four different induction hobs, this special cooker actually works with all sorts of kitchen utensils from stainless steel and iron to alloy kettles, despite the fact that it works with magnetic field underneath high-quality ceramic plates! One winning combination is the high-power heaters that have an overheating protection system included. Also, they are extremely energy-friendly and have a variety of features that make it very safe to use. The auto shut off is crucial if the cooker detects flammable fragments on it during cooking. Also, the cool-down system is activated from the moment heat is turned off; it starts to lower the temperature so the surface doesn’t remain hot to the touch. This electric cooker is family-friendly, with a child lock system and soft corners.

Features of NOXTON Induction Hob

Very appealing and durable, the cover is made out of black polished flat glass and has four different heating plates. It is very practical for cleaning and comes with a scraper that should be used only if necessary and shouldn’t be substituted with any other scraper. Energy usage is decreased due to the capacity of ceramic plates to conduct energy to the utensils. A pleasant surprise is that almost all kinds of pots and pans can be used on this flat cooker! NEXTON made it so consumer friendly – with all softened edges, the immediate cooling system, and overheating protection – that every member of the family can help with the cooking even when cooking dinner is not a favourite pastime. This comes with an installation kit that makes assembling it a piece of cake. A sound check beeps when a temperature setting is made; this can let you know if someone is messing with the controls.

Advantages of NOXTON Induction Hob
  • Residual heat indicators
    A very beneficial feature, this has a red light to visually show that the burner is hot and protects a person from burning oneself by accident!
  • Four separate hotplates
    Heating plates conduct from 1200 w to 2000 w and each is manually controlled. All of them are compatible with all sort of utensils from alloy pans to stainless steel kettles.
  • Security protection system
    A beep that sounds when a setting is entered, rounded edges, a manual lock system, and a cooling system all help to keep users safe.
  • High compatibility
    This is compatible with a wider range of different kitchen pots and pans, but be careful not to use any kind that isn’t made for this type of hob.
  • Washable
    If some kind of spill occurs, just wipe it off. If more needs to be done you can scrape it off with the original scraper that comes with the NOXTON induction electric hob!

This marvellous product, apart from having awesome physical features, makes cooking easy with all its technical functions. There are a lot of induction hobs on the market, but not all of them care this much about safety measures or provide a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Heat is always well distributed to all four hotplates – just make sure to check that you’ve turned on the one you meant to use; sometimes this takes a little getting used to.

Commercial Induction Hob

If you own a restaurant, food truck, or any other food shop that requires constant cooking and food preparation, a good quality induction hob can make your job a lot easier and faster. If you’re wondering what the difference is between a regular hob and a commercial one, we can tell you that commercial induction hobs are much faster since they use more energy for higher output. Speed of preparation is important when running a restaurant because guests don’t like to wait for their food; this device uses more energy in order to cook food faster.

You can usually find this type of induction hob to have one or two burners depending on your needs and preferences. Even if the type of food you serve doesn’t take a lot preparation, you can always have the best induction hob next to you to keep some food constantly warm. Salsas, soups, and potages lend themselves well to this. Since commercial hobs are usually bigger than the portable ones, make sure that you have enough space in the kitchen and that the ventilation is good. You’re probably going to prepare a lot of food that is greasy, so good ventilation is crucial for your health. While it does use a lot of energy, and there are eco-friendly models you can choose, induction hobs are definitely more energy-saving than the regular stoves, and a lot safer than gas ones.

Chef King Commercial Induction Hob BT270A

With the advancement of technology and growing environmental concerns, scientists have developed induction cooking. It becomes more and more popular all over the world, every day. It is faster than standard cooking, it saves energy (and your money since electricity bills become smaller), and it is extremely safe to use around children. How does it work? Many people do not understand how induction hobs work. Once they are plugged in and turned on, they have to be used with an induction hob compatible pan, and this means a pan with a thermocore base. The easiest way to check induction hob compatibility is with a magnet (fridge magnets work really well for this). Just check if it sticks to the outer surface of the pan; if it does, it can be used to cook with on a Chef King Commercial Induction Hob.

Features of Chef King Commercial Induction Hob BT270A

The Chef King Commercial Induction Hob is a great single hob choice for outdoor catering, catering trailers, and outdoor cookouts, as well as your home. This induction hob is robust enough to endure moving and setting up, and because it is not heavy it also won’t be a bother to move. Once you are done with cooking just pack it up right away; there is no need to wait for the hob to cool down. Pay attention not to touch the surface while it is plugged in if you are wearing any rings. The Chef King Commercial Induction Hob comes with 25 power levels for a range of cooking options, and a display where it is all seen clearly and easily. Due to its 13 amp plug/230 v, you can just plug it in and start cooking. It reaches 2.7 kw maximum power of instant heat. It is compatible with induction pans of a maximum 280 mm diameter. The black ceramic glass top gives it an elegant look for a modern kitchen.

Advantages of Chef King Commercial Induction Hob BT270A
  • Safe to touch
    Thanks to the technology it is built upon, this induction hob is safe to touch. You will not get accidentally burned, and, what is more, you do not have to worry about kids getting burned.
  • Robust yet portable
    Chef King Induction Hob is robust and durable while at the same time light enough so you can easily move it.
  • Mess-free
    If you spill your food, it will not stick to the hob.
  • Twenty-five power levels
    This feature gives you a great variety of cooking options – from a quick boil on the highest setting to a gentle simmer on lower levels.

The Chef King Commercial Induction Hob is a great option for you if you do not need a full range of cooktops. Use it for family cookouts or as a helpful appliance in a catering business. You will prepare food quickly, all while being safe and saving energy.

What to Look for in a Good Induction Hob

Once you find out that you need an induction hob, and when you’ve already picked a type that will suit you best, it’s time for you to look at some other things that will make buying the best induction hob a worthy and valuable investment.

  • Size
    One of the most important things to determine is just how much kitchen real estate you’re willing to give up for your hob. Induction hob sizes vary wildly, but generally they fall within three major size options: 60 cm, 70 cm, and 90 cm. In a 60 cm induction hob, you can expect to have at least three heating elements comfortably within the unit. In a 70 cm induction hob you can have at least four comfortable elements, and in a 90 cm induction hob, you can generally fit five or more elements. While it might seem appealing to outfit your home with as many heating elements as you can, if you’re not going to be using them regularly they’ll just be taking up valuable counter space that might be better used for food preparation or serving.
  • Heating Elements
    Do you tend to make large meals with many side dishes, or are you more inclined to prepare one-pot-does-it-all meals? This will determine not only the number of elements that will be best for you but also the size of those elements. You don’t want to buy an induction hob with small elements that can only accommodate your smallest pots and pans if you plan on using large woks for stir-frys.
  • Safety Sensors
    Induction hobs with safety sensors are continually monitoring the temperature of the surface. This means that if you happen to leave a pot on an element, the safety sensor will kick in to reduce or stop emitting heat to avoid damaging your pans and the induction hob itself. This is a key feature that should not be overlooked.
  • Safety Cut-Off
    Not to be confused with the safety sensor, although it is related, a safety cut-off serves a specific purpose. If you’re using a heating element for an extended period and you have not touched the dials in that time frame, a safety cut-off pre-emptively will turn off the element automatically. These are usually set ahead of time by the manufacturer and depend on the level of heat the element is emitting. For example, a pot that is sitting idle on a low setting, like a simmer, usually will take much longer for a safety cut-off to be triggered, whereas a pot that is sitting on a very high setting, as it would be to boil, will trigger this feature much sooner.
  • Automatic Heaters
    An induction hob with an automatic heater or auto-boost can be a useful time saver for many cooks. These allow you to set a heating element to reach a certain level, and then you can set it to automatically turn down to a lower heat. This feature works great for things like cooking rice that require the element to reach a boil and then reduce to a simmer, all without your attention. An auto-boost works the same way, only in reverse.
  • Leakage Control
    Have you ever taken your eyes off a boiling pot of water only to come back to it overflowing all over your induction hob? It smells, it’s unsafe, and it’s difficult to clean, too. An induction hob equipped with leakage control will sound an alarm or beep as soon as it senses any overflow onto your hob. This allows you to quickly remove the pot or reduce the heat, clean the surface, and resume cooking.
  • Object Detection
    Object detection is a crucial feature as it also works as an additional safety measure. If the induction hob does not detect the weight of a suitable object, such as a cooking pan, it will not allow the heating element to turn on. Additionally, if there was a pan on an element and it is removed or dislodged in any way, object detection will stop the heating and emit a symbol or light sensor to inform you as to why it is not currently operating. If this symbol is beeping for a certain period, the entire induction hob may shut off, or just the individual elements.
  • Design
    Induction hobs can come in frames or frameless options; besides appearance, the importance is that one is easier to clean than the other. In a framed induction hob dirt, grime, and grease can get trapped in the frame and require time to remove. Frameless designs tend to be more popular due to this crucial difference.
  • Child-Proof Controls
    Kids love to play with buttons, and the last thing you want is for a curious boy or girl to start fiddling with the dials on your induction hob when your attention is elsewhere. Many induction hobs have safety features in place for this, such as requiring you to have two fingers on the hob to begin operating the appliance.
  • Controls
    Some induction hobs include digital displays to showcase temperatures and time, but in addition to merely having these features, you should also consider the type of controls and where they’re located. You don’t want any of your controls to be too close to your heating elements for added safety, and you’ll want to make sure that they’re easy to use and clean, as well.

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