The Best Induction Cooktop

The Best Induction Cooktop

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you’re on the hunt for the very best induction cooktop, our winner, the Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob, might be the best option for you. Thanks to its sturdiness and its many practical features, it survived the many tests we put it through. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and energy efficient – everything that a conscious consumer looks for in a product.

An induction cooktop might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you fit out your kitchen with new appliances, but given their surge in popularity in Europe and Asia, they certainly deserve a moment’s consideration before you make any big, costly decisions.

While traditional electric and gas stovetop appliances still lead the way, the compact size and wide variety of features that induction cooktops now offer are making way for this unique innovation.

Types of Induction Cooktops

Portable induction cooktops could be life savers. When you are hosting a larger gathering, you might need an extra burner. Also, if you have a small kitchen and would prefer another cabinet for your plates, bowls and pots instead of having an oven with four burners, this kitchen gadget could save you a lot of counter space. It is even a great solution for students who live in a dorm and prefer home-cooked food over fast food or cafeteria meals.

There are many different induction cooktops on the market with a range of features and, depending on your needs, there are a few things that you should consider when choosing one. Before we dive into the features that make an induction cooktop exceptional, let’s consider the different types of induction cooktops and what separates them from each other.

Single Element Induction Cooktops

The first-ever induction cooktop was a single element design, which means that there was only one heating element available at any given time. If you’re someone who utilises many pots and pans while you cook, a single-element induction cooktop may feel limiting to you, but if you are a master of one-pot cooking, it could be just what you need.

These induction cooktops usually require 120 volts to operate with a maximum power output of 1800 watts. One of the great benefits of these cooktops is that they are generally more affordable than other types and are as easy to transport as they are to store away, usually not taking up much more room than your coffee machine.

Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob

This portable induction hob comes from well-known manufacturer Tefal, which promises a high-quality product and many features! This hob is a smart accessory to your kitchen when your biggest need is one more hot plate when the holiday season comes, or if you are moving into a studio apartment and want to have as much free space as you can. Compared to gas and electric cookers, this is the most gentle and safe one to use since Tefal’s induction hob surface starts to cool down the moment you stop cooking; after five minutes without being used it will shut down. In order to enjoy all features of this Tefal induction hob, make sure to prepare before you buy; check if your kitchen utensils fit induction hob performance. The size of the ceramic plates can vary, appropriate pans should be used in order to absorb the maximum inducted energy. This clever device not only saves electrical energy but also cuts down on cooking time by fifty percent!

Features of Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob

As vigorous as it looks, this induction hob weighs around 2.51 kg in the regular option, while a smaller version exists too. The surface cover is highly resistant to scratches and heat. The embedded countdown timer will automatically shut down a burner after time is up for cooking. Featured pre-set cooking options are very convenient! The manual option lets you set the temperature to levels that you normally use. It also provides automatic settings: Heat Milk – automatic option for heating milk in a kettle to 85 degrees Celsius; Stew – alternative setting for slow-cooking sessions for dishes that require that; Stir fry – the best option for heating food in a small amount of oil in a pan; Deep fry – perfect for heating a large amount of oil (over 1 litre); Boil water – heats water just to the boiling point so it doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Advantages of Tefal Everyday IH201840 Induction Hob
  • Pre-set cooking options
    Manual, heat milk, stew, stir fry, deep fry, and boil water settings are truly convenient when it comes to specific dishes and meals. Written instructions are packed with the product.
  • Durable
    The surface is scratchproof and heatproof, so not only will mechanical damages be prevented but also spillage won’t be an issue – just wipe it off. Pots must be sized from 12 to 25 cm.
  • Accurate
    The LCD screen displays the control panel and the unified timer can measure and set a countdown for cooking for up to two hours! When it indicates that there is no pressure from a pan on its surface, it will automatically shut down after five minutes!

Tefal is a manufacturer with a long tradition of quality; if safe cooking and tasty food are your priorities then you are on the right page. So many features adorn this Tefal IH201840 Everyday Induction Hob and that’s what makes this one stand out among other pods on market. Efficiency, space usage reduction, and safe cooking are features that matter to everyone, from busy mom to young adventurer!

Amzchef Single induction cooktop

For any chef, a good induction cooktop is essential. Fortunately, if you are searching for a great-quality cooktop, you are looking in the right place. With a power range from 300 to 2000W this handy cooktop saves energy and prevents waste. Everything is programmable so it is easy to opt for the function you need. The timer can be set for up to three hours, and once it has counted down to 0, the cooktop will turn off automatically. It’s a great cooktop in an affordable price point category that offers a lot. It is safe for kids to use, offers a constant source of power and doesn’t have that annoying clicking sound – everything a chef could want!

Features of Amzchef Single induction cooktop

With the Amzchef Single induction cooktop you will enjoy  power levels allowing you to adjust the power to its optimum. Electric power converts into a precise magnetic field for cooking without wasting energy. Moreover, there is a delicate touch control that will enable your cooktop to recognise touch even when your fingers are wet. It also offers a lock function which means that if you forget about it once the pan is removed, it will sound an alarm for a minute and then turn itself off if there is no response. This makes it perfectly safe for kids and gives you peace of mind when it is left unsupervised.

Advantages of Amzchef Single induction cooktop
  • High power
    With a power range of 300 to 2000W, your meals can be prepared quickly and easily.
  • Handy
    We know that time spent in the kitchen can often be busy and stressful, so even if your fingers are wet and you have no time to dry them, it doesn’t matter – this cooktop is fully functional even with wet fingers.
  • Programmable
    To have a programmable machine nowadays helps a lot. You will be able leave the kitchen and not worry about your food being overcooked. Once you have set the timer, you can fully commit to other jobs around the house without a concern.
  • Safety
    There is a child-lock function with a safety detector to prevent any mishaps. Once you take the pan off the cooktop, it will automatically sound an alert and shut itself down after a minute.

Overall, it’s a nice cooktop to have as part of your kitchen arsenal and its wide power range means you will be able to “play with fire” and prepare delicious meals effortlessly, within minutes. Being programmable and safe, it should be your number-one option. It comes at an affordable price, and is great value for money.

Multiple Element Induction Cooktops

Multiple element induction cooktops are effectively the same as one element induction cooktops, but with more than one heating element. They are a better option if you tend to cook meals that are a bit more involved and require more than a single piece of cookware. Generally speaking, if you already have a stove appliance, you wouldn’t also need a multiple element induction cooktop, but more and more people are opting to replace their clunky old appliances for the induction alternative.

The reason for this is that induction cooktops tend to be more portable and easier to install. Since they offer more than one heat setting, these cooktops operate upwards of 220 volts with a power rating upwards of 3600 watts.

VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob

This VonShef Twin induction hob is the perfect choice for limited spaces. The double ceramic induction hob will make any meal preparation pleasant and easy to perform with its light and convenient features. If you need the best induction hob that will make the most out of cramped spaces, or if you are looking for more space and efficiency when preparing food for a large gathering of family and friends, this is a great product to consider. Beautifully designed with many detailed specifications, this hob will provide all you need for preparing complex dish combinations such as drying in an induction pan, boiling in an induction bowl, or roasting in the compatible kettle. This hob comes with a handy and compatible VonShef induction hob heat diffuser.

Features of VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob

The physical appearance is really appealing, it’s lightweight (just 2.2 kg), and has a black surface and ceramic plate. Two digital induction hobs mean twice as many touch controls; all of them fully manual for precise control over all features. The innovative LCD display screen shows power, speed, and timer to the consumer. The built-in timer tracks cooking up to 3 hours. Both plates can operate between 60 to 240 C and all changes are manual so you have complete control. The VonShef Twin Induction Hob requires appropriate induction pans that are up to 26 cm in width. You can make sure your pan is compatible with the hob by holding a magnet to the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks to bottom surface then that utensil is OK to use on an induction hob, without damage to either the hob or the pan.

Advantages of VonShef Twin Digital Induction Hob
  • Programmable and precise
    Its built-in timer can be set up to three hours per each usage, and the LCD display accurately shows cooking time so there is no need for you to keep checking. Don’t worry – this timer and LCD screen will help you to avoid overcooking your dishes.
  • Hand operated
    Touchscreen temperature controls allow you to choose from 60 to 240 degrees Celsius, on a scale of 1 to 10. From boiling to frying, every method requires a different heating process. Be careful during the first few uses, since electrical shifts can cause over- or under-heating.
  • Anti-blemish solution
    Ceramic plates are very durable; wipe any spills with a sponge as soon as possible. The edges might be a little tricky and might need a little bit more care when it comes to proper cleaning; it’s always best to prevent spillage in the first place.
  • Extended warranty
    Up to 2 years of warranty included!
  • Solid and handy
    The VonShef induction hub is ideal for a big family that needs an additional hot plate, or even a group that travels together.

If you need a portable induction hob that comes with two induction ceramic plates, looks neat from the outside, and works perfectly, this one is for you. Be confident in your purchase – with the extended warranty you needn’t worry about technical or mechanical breakdowns. Take complex meal preparation to the next level and lower your electric bills with two induction hot plates that conduct maximum energy into an efficient heating system.

Built-In Induction Cooktops

Built-in induction cooktops function in a similar way to your standard stovetop appliance and are therefore generally the most sought-after style of induction cooktop. They are often customisable but already come in a wide variety of sizes and with many heating elements, depending on your needs. The attraction of these cooktops is that they lie flat on your countertop, making them as aesthetically pleasing as they are easy to install and clean.

Before running out and purchasing a built-in induction cooktop, you’ll want to take the dimensions of your counter to ensure a perfect fit, and also consider how many heating elements would benefit you the most. The one drawback to this style of induction cooktop is the cost, as with the ability to customise comes a much larger price tag.

Cookology Ceramic Hob CET600

Every household needs one of these. Cookology offers a compact and handy ceramic cooktop that is bound to suit your needs. Being completely flat, it is sleek and modern and will easily fit into your kitchen’s design. Of course, the flat surface is not just for appearances but also for easier cleaning; this cooktop can be cleaned with just one wipe.

It is completely programmable and is easy to use with a handy touch screen to help you set the timer. Now, you must be thinking that this will cost a fortune. Not so! It comes at an affordable price and is worth every penny.

Features of Cookology Ceramic Hob CET600

For Cookology, safety comes first. This cooktop has a child lock and residual heat indicator. Once you move a pan from it, you will hear a beeping sound for a minute, then the device will automatically turn off. That way, you save energy and even more importantly, it is safer for children.

With nine power levels, you will be able to adjust the temperature as and when you need to in order to make those perfect bacon and eggs. Furthermore, this one fits a universal standard kitchen cut-out, so there’s no need to worry about this induction cooktop not fitting your kitchen.

Advantages of Cookology Ceramic Hob CET600
  • Easy to clean
    Being flat, it is easy to clean with just one wipe! No more tricky parts to clean around – literally one swipe will do the job.
  • Programmable
    It’s fully programmable. That means you will be able to set everything just as you need it to make quick and delicious meals. Using the timer means the heat will go off automatically when cooking is finished, making it safe and efficient.
  • Safety
    For this manufacturer, safety comes first. That’s why there is a child lock and a residual heat indicator. That means your kids will stay safe and you will be fully in control even when you’re not in the room.
  • Power levels
    You can choose between nine different power levels. For some meals, you will need all of these, as different dishes require different levels of heat. With so many options, you will be able to calculate cooking times and make sure all your food is ready at the same time – up to four different dishes.

All in all, this induction cooktop is something really worth investing in. It’s a new, modern cooktop that comes at an affordable price and for not much more than you would invest in a regular stovetop. It is easy to clean, extremely safe and has various programmable modes, so we consider it a worthy companion on your kitchen adventures.

Commercial Induction Cooktops

The last major type of induction cooktop is the commercial model. These are just as portable, but they’re built to be used in an industrial setting, such as on a construction site.

Due to this, they’re designed with durability in mind and with higher power than a standard induction cooktop. While they’re not necessarily the prettiest of models, they’re built to last, and they work just as well.

Chef King Commercial Induction Hob BT270A

With the advancement of technology and growing environmental concerns, scientists have developed induction cooking. It becomes more and more popular all over the world, every day. It is faster than standard cooking, it saves energy (and your money since electricity bills become smaller), and it is extremely safe to use around children. How does it work? Many people do not understand how induction hobs work. Once they are plugged in and turned on, they have to be used with an induction hob compatible pan, and this means a pan with a thermocore base. The easiest way to check induction hob compatibility is with a magnet (fridge magnets work really well for this). Just check if it sticks to the outer surface of the pan; if it does, it can be used to cook with on a Chef King Commercial Induction Hob.

Features of Chef King Commercial Induction Hob BT270A

The Chef King Commercial Induction Hob is a great single hob choice for outdoor catering, catering trailers, and outdoor cookouts, as well as your home. This induction hob is robust enough to endure moving and setting up, and because it is not heavy it also won’t be a bother to move. Once you are done with cooking just pack it up right away; there is no need to wait for the hob to cool down. Pay attention not to touch the surface while it is plugged in if you are wearing any rings. The Chef King Commercial Induction Hob comes with 25 power levels for a range of cooking options, and a display where it is all seen clearly and easily. Due to its 13 amp plug/230 v, you can just plug it in and start cooking. It reaches 2.7 kw maximum power of instant heat. It is compatible with induction pans of a maximum 280 mm diameter. The black ceramic glass top gives it an elegant look for a modern kitchen.

Advantages of Chef King Commercial Induction Hob BT270A
  • Safe to touch
    Thanks to the technology it is built upon, this induction hob is safe to touch. You will not get accidentally burned, and, what is more, you do not have to worry about kids getting burned.
  • Robust yet portable
    Chef King Induction Hob is robust and durable while at the same time light enough so you can easily move it.
  • Mess-free
    If you spill your food, it will not stick to the hob.
  • Twenty-five power levels
    This feature gives you a great variety of cooking options – from a quick boil on the highest setting to a gentle simmer on lower levels.

The Chef King Commercial Induction Hob is a great option for you if you do not need a full range of cooktops. Use it for family cookouts or as a helpful appliance in a catering business. You will prepare food quickly, all while being safe and saving energy.

What to Look for in a Good Induction Cooktop

Now that we understand the different types of induction cooktops let’s take a look at the many features you should consider if you want to buy the best induction cooktop for your needs:

  • How Powerful Is It?
    We briefly covered power in the induction types overview, so you already know that different models require different levels of power to operate. Depending on how and where you plan on using your induction cooktop, the power rating may be of particular concern. Generally speaking, most induction cooktops fall somewhere between 1000 and 1800 watts and operate between 120 and 240 volts. The higher the power, the faster your induction cooktop will heat up and the more efficient it will be at cooking your food.
  • Temperature Control
    Most cooks will require some element of temperature control for their induction cooktop, and most models will include this to some degree. If you’re particular about controlling your temperature, ensure the model you’re looking at has options for a low simmer as well as high heat for boiling, and that should be sufficient for most of your needs. The more powerful the induction cooktop, the more control it will give you over its heating elements.
  • Timer
    If you’re not someone who enjoys standing over your pots as the heating elements work their magic, it’s worth looking into induction cooktops that include some form of self-timing. Depending on the model, some cooktops can set the amount of time you want an element to sit at a particular heat level, and can also be set to reduce or increase that heat level after a predetermined time. To take advantage of this cool feature, look for an induction cooktop that comes equipped with a built-in digital timer. This can also be a useful energy saving tool as you can set your induction cooktop to turn off all heating elements at the time you set, so even if you get distracted, your induction cooktop has it covered.
  • Size Recognition
    Arguably one of the most exciting parts about induction cooktops is their unique ability to recognise when a pot is placed on one of its heating elements; this is, in fact, critical to how the device works. The reason it is worth mentioning here is because induction cooktops are pre-programmed to recognise certain materials, so you’ll want to ensure that all your pots and pans can be picked up by your new cooktop.
  • Pre-Set Cooking Menus
    Some induction cooktops stand above the rest when it comes to key features, and one of the most useful features is a pre-set cooking menu. Just as your microwave may have a setting on the control panel for popping the perfect batch of popcorn, your new induction cooktop might also have settings for things like grilling, boiling, frying, stir frying and more. These can be fantastic time savers since it allows you to concentrate on other meal preparations as it controls the heat for you.
  • Portability
    If you’ve decided against a built-in induction cooktop, then you’re likely looking at models with some degree of portability. Consider whether you’ll be keeping your new cooktop on your counter at all times or if you plan on putting it away after each use, as the portability of your model will become a key consideration. Also consider the weight of the model you’re using. If you’re going to be moving your induction cooktop often, as with an industrial cooktop, you’ll probably want to keep it on the lightweight side to make transporting it easier.
  • Childproof
    Some induction cooktops come equipped with essential safety features, like requiring you to place your thumb on a designated area before powering the heating elements. This is important if you have curious children and you want to avoid accidents if they come into contact with your induction cooktop. It’s essential to ensure that everybody understands that induction cooktops can be just as dangerous as standard stovetops, particularly once they reach their highest heat levels.
  • Digital Controls
    Aside from being more aesthetically pleasing, digital controls tend to be more durable and last longer than manual dials since they often only require a soft touch to function. Consider getting a unit with digital controls for increased longevity.

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