The Best Impact Drivers

The Best Impact Drivers

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you are looking for a robust, high-quality impact driver, your search is over. One of the best impact drivers currently available is the WORX WX290.2 Cordless Impact Driver with a 2.0 Ah Battery. With this tool, you’ll easily tackle all of your home imporvement projects. This impact driver is lightweight, durable, designed to work effectively in small spaces and has an LED light for darker spaces as well. With so many amazing characteristics it will soon become a favourite tool.

Everyone who’s into DIY knows that the right tools are a must. It’s not only about buying the most expensive ones, but trying to find those that will synchronise with your ideas. Either way, it is essential to have some common knowledge of each tool’s purpose, features, and performance, so that you know what to expect.

An impact driver is the sort of a tool that makes us wonder how on earth we could ever make anything without it. To be clear, it’s not the same as a standard screwdriver. Its higher torque bursts provide more power than you can get when using an ordinary screwdriver, which makes it perfect for more serious screw-driving. As a matter of fact, it’s a fantastic tool for any task that requires lots of screws (such as assembling flat-pack furniture, or fastening roof sheets and decking boards).

Types of Impact Drivers

First of all, be sure that you know that a standard drill and an impact driver are not the same thing. The first one is a tool used for drilling holes and driving screws. The keyless chuck accepts various drill bits (round and hex-shank), as well as screw-driving bits. It is also compatible with hole saws, wire-wheel brushes, rotary sanders, and numerous other accessories. Even though similar to a standard drill, still there’s one significant difference. It has a collet that accepts hex-shanked driver bits. It’s a tool for screw-driving, and it does an excellent job. By using strong and sudden rotational force, it even has the power to unscrew over-torque and corrosively frozen nuts and screws.

The most useful advantage of a corded impact driver is that you don’t have to worry about battery life due to the continuous power supply. However, there are a few disadvantages such as restricted mobility, lack of convenience (if there’s no electricity supply, it is completely useless) and it is a bit more challenging to store. The most significant pros of a cordless impact driver are battery life (lithium-ion battery has a long life when fully charged), portability and storage. As for the cons, those would be a sudden loss of power and the extra weight and bulk that comes with the battery. Of course, its important to consider the user’s preferences when choosing the most suitable impact driver.

Manual Impact Driver

A manual impact driver is used in conjunction with a hammer. That’s what makes this type of impact driver excellent when screwing or unscrewing screws and bolts which require more torque than an ordinary screwdriver can give. How does it work? The impact driver gets hammered and consequently rotates thanks to an inner core splinted to the outer casing. This action transfers the impact’s blow to the tip, and screwing or unscrewing becomes easier.

This type of tool is suitable both for amateurs and those who do not regularly need such a tool for their everyday needs. Having a tool like this does come in handy, and they tend to be inexpensive.

Silverline 375291 Soft-Grip Manual Impact Driver & Bit Set Slotted, Phillips & Hex

The Silverline 375291is a strong carbon steel hand impact driver with a ribbed elastic sleeve for safety, comfort, and precision, particularly when hitting with a mallet. It’s perfect for pulling out stuck-fast screws and fixings. It offers both forward and reverse functions and enables you to install or remove a wide range of fixings and latches, even those that have been cross-threated. Its removable dark phosphate bit holder gives anti-spall assurance and corrosion resistance. It is provided with 13 driver bits, including 5x opened (5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm) 4x Phillips (PH1, PH2, PH3, and PH4) and 4x hex bits (4, 5, 6 and 8). It’s good to go with ½” square-drive attachments to pull out consumed and solidified stray pieces. And all of this you get in a sturdy plastic case.

Features of Silverline 375291 Soft-Grip Manual Impact Driver & Bit Set Slotted, Phillips & Hex

It is perfect for household workshops and jobs that only occasionally involve working with drivers. If you don’t want the inconvenience of buying separate tools for different types of jobs, you can get this all-in-one Manual Impact Driver. With an amazing 15-pieces that can fit in your pocket, you’ll be ready for any DIY emergency. With its ergonomic soft-grip design it will fit comfortably in your hand and be perfectly safe to work with. It’s anti-slip and if handles properly, guarantees that you won’t hurt yourself or others. With this product Silverline have showed that they can make a perfect impact driver that can fit your pocket yet solve many of your problems.

Advantages of Silverline 375291 Soft-Grip Manual Impact Driver & Bit Set Slotted, Phillips & Hex
  • Construction
    While other impact drivers easily break during their usage, Silverline use high-quality carbon steel construction that won’t break under pressure to ensure that you fix that screw right where it should be. It also gives you full control, safety and comfort with its great rubber sleeve.
  • Problem solver
    If you’ve ever had a problem with a screw you simply couldn’t undo, you know the struggle that finding a solution is difficult. Luckily, this tool helps you to remove those fixings with ease! Just select the bit that fits the fixing and, with a little power, you’ll remove it right away!
  • Large base and attachment
    This tool has a large base that allows you to strike it with a hammer effectively, minimising the chance of hitting your hand. It also has an attachment for attaching it to standard sockets!
  • Case
    With all of this, you also get a moulded plastic case that will store this tool safely and protect it from any damage.

This is a valuable tool for those who only occasionally encounter challenging problems with difficult screws. Order yours now and see why it’s on Amazon’s list of best DIY supplies and tools!

Corded Impact Driver

This type of impact driver is mostly used by professionals. They need a reliable tool that will offer constant and robust power, so they use a corded tool. Corded impact driver performs better than cordless equivalents because they give offer maximum torque as long as the electricity is flowing.

However, the big question with these tools is: what happens when the electricity is gone? When there’s no power supply, corded impact drivers becomes useless. Perhaps the best would be if one could have both corded and cordless driver, the first one to be used regularly, the other in case of emergency.

Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional Impact Drill

The GSB 13 RE Professional drill from Bosch excels thanks to its simple use. With a length just below 27cm, height of 18cm and a weight of just 1.6kg, it is an extremely portable tool. In spite of its relatively light structure, the GSB 13 RE Professional does not lack power, thanks to its 600 W engine, with adequate power saver that will keep your electric bills low and job still done. One benefit of the GSB 13 RE is that it is comfortable to hold, and can be utilized with a single hand. Right off the bat, the soft grip on the handle guarantees a comfortable grip and holding. It won’t slip out of the hand, even in demanding conditions or dealing with a troublesome task. Moreover, the effect penetrate is ideally adjusted, ensuring that it can’t divert away when drilling, or when taking a shot at hard materials, for example, concrete.

Features of Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional Impact Drill

The components of the GSB 13 RE Professional from Bosch are ideal when working in hard to reach spaces since clients of the GSB 13 RE can get its capacity to hold up under spots where there would not be sufficient space for other effect drills. The drill bit can be changed in a moment thanks to the vigorous metal keyless toss. Another impressive feature of the Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional is its surprising adaptability: The effect penetrate can be utilized to drive screws, because the turning brush plate gives the full intensity of the engine in both forward and invert pivot.

Advantages of Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional Impact Drill
  • Torque
    With soft screw driving applications this tool reaches 10.8 Nm torque!
  • Load speed
    The loading speed on this tool stands to 0 seconds. This tool will reach 2.800 rpm right away when turned on! That makes it quick, efficient and reliable for everyday activities.
  • Chuck
    This tool allows you to vary from 1.5 mm to 13 mm chucks depending on your needs.
  • Easy Grip
    It owns an extra handle to increase the control and precision of your work. It can also be held with only one hand and it will still be fully controllable.
  • Lightweight
    This tool weighs only 1.6 kg making it one of the lightest, most powerful drills on the market!
  • User-friendly
    It is fully ergonomic, making it very comfortable to work with.

The coordinated hardware with speed pre-choice and quickening agent switch guarantee ideal penetrating outcomes, notwithstanding when tradespeople need to work with tiles or other fragile materials. All in all, this is a fine piece of equipment, whether you are just a beginner, or already a professional.

Makita TD0101F 1/4in Hex T Type Impact Driver

You might get tired of drills and drivers that require batteries and chargers, because you often forget to charge them and so they aren’t ready to use when you really need them. This Makita model is a great choice because it has an electric cord and works off an electric outlet, which means that you’ll be able to use it whenever you want as long as the outlet is near enough to the job. For all your hobbies, DIYs, and quick fixes around your home or work, this incredible impact driver is a really good choice; it will make any work much easier and faster, without the worry over having batteries on hand.

Features of Makita TD0101F 1/4in Hex T Type Impact Driver

This impact driver weighs only 1.5 kg, and it is 29 cm long; it’s really easy to hold and manoeuvre. Even though it’s light, it is very sturdy and durable. The length of the cable is 2.5 m, which is more than long enough for the majority of work around your house. The head is made of stainless steel, and its style is countersunk. The driver features forward and reverse rotation, and you can control the speed with its trigger since it features a variety of speeds. It works with 220V, which means that it’s also energy-saving and easier on the electric bill. Another nice thing about this driver is that it features LED lights if you need to use it in the dark.

Advantages of Makita TD0101F 1/4in Hex T Type Impact Driver
  • Compact and light
    The most important thing about any tool should be its light weight and portability. It’s very difficult to use large, heavy tools – that can cause pain in your hands and arms as well as the risk of not getting the job done the right way. That’s why this impact driver is light, small, and compact; you won’t have any trouble using it or bringing it with you where needed.
  • Forward and reverse rotation
    This is a great feature when you need to both tighten and loosen screws. It’s going to be done in no time since this driver rotates both ways. This will make the job much easier, and you’ll be able to use one tool for multiple tasks.
  • LED lights
    If you’re in a room with little or no light, or you simply have an emergency and need to use this driver during the night, a feature you’ll appreciate is the LED lights on the device. This will help you see what you’re doing and prevent any risk of injury.

Since a variety of tools is necessary for work around the house (and every handyman should have high-quality, well-made tools), this impact driver is most definitely a good investment. If you like all the features of this device, try it out; we are sure that soon it will have its special place in your toolbox.

Cordless Impact Driver

Currently, the cordless impact driver is the most popular type because it’s suitable for a broader base of consumers. This type of impact driver is easier to handle and use than the corded version. Even though the cord is a significant feature, sometimes it can be restrictive, which is why more and more people opt for a cordless impact driver.

This type of tool is portable and extremely convenient. It is, however, always valuable to have a spare battery, just in case. Just as a corded driver is useless without an electricity supply, this type of driver is equally useless if you don’t have an extra battery available when working on longer projects. You are probably aware that the battery life depends on what you are doing, so in some situations, it may last longer, while in the others it will run out faster.

WORX WX290.2 Cordless Impact Driver

The WORX WX290.2 impact driver has been designed for ground-breaking driving performance. The impact component in the WX290.2 gives solid rotational power, creating an amazing 107 Nm of torque. This torque gives better turning force with no strain or kickback to your wrist, making it appropriate for bigger screws. The WORX Lithium battery is highly durable and easily changeable. It offers extraordinary performance and is compatible with any WORX 20V device in the garden and power tool ranges.

Features of WORX WX290.2 Cordless Impact Driver

This impact driver is an example of an amazing, strong and ergonomic tool that will keep your household running. With its amazing compact design, it is small enough to fit your hand but not to take much space when it comes to storage. With an ergonomic design, this powerful tool lets you handle all the power it produces to unfix any screw you run into on your project. It will fit your hand perfectly, and, if you run out of power, don’t worry! Any battery of other WORX tools will fit your battery place and replace the battery making it a perfectly economic tool for household or a professional workshop!

Advantages of WORX WX290.2 Cordless Impact Driver
  • Chuck
    This chuck lets you quickly swap between different bits to ensure that this driver becomes the tool you need for the job.
  • Loading speed
    When it comes to loading speed, there is none. The loading speed to 2500/min is 0 seconds which is very convenient considering that you won’t need to wait for fixings to get out.
  • Impact rate
    With a 3000bpm impact rate, we can asssure you that this is a very powerful tool that will unscrew not only minor fixings but a lot bigger and more attached fixings. With this amount of power in your hands, you won’t have to be worried rather the fixing is going to unscrew or not.
  • Ergonomic
    What is power without control? This tool allows you to have full control over it with its ergonomic grip that will fit your hand perfectly.
  • Battery
    This 20V battery isn’t just another battery. It’s completely replaceable with other WORX batteries from other tools that are not bounded with this one. In other words, you can take the battery off a WORX drill and put it on this driver, and it will fit perfectly! Considering this is a 20V battery we can say that it produces a lot of power and lasts long enough to finish the job right.

WORX have included an LED light inside this driver to make working in dark spaces easier. Overall, this is a great tool that helps you finish every job virtually effortlessly. Get yours right now at a very low price!

Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver

Makita is one of the most famous manufacturers of impact drivers on the market. This one is a fine example of a cordless impact driver that excels in performance. Ergonomic design allows you to easily operate it for hours at a time without your hands hurting due to overextended use. Powered by 18v Li-ion batteries, it can serve you for a long time without recharging. It is compact and lightweight – everything that one impact driver needs. Plus, it doesn’t require much storage space and it has a convenient one-touch 1/4” hex chuck for quick bit changes. This tool is designed for extremely harsh conditions. With XPT (Extreme Protection Technology), you won’t have to worry about problems in dusty or wet conditions.

Features of Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver

No matter what you intend to use it for, there are various options to choose from. The variable speed control on the trigger can be adjusted in a blink of an eye between forward and reverse rotation. Lightweight design, battery protection circuit, and all-metal gears – what else could you ask for? Well, it also features an electric brake and twin LED job lights that will make even the darkest working conditions brighter and safer to work in. It can deliver up to a maximum of 2,900 RPM, 3,500 RPM, and 165 Nm of maximum torque, which is quite impressive.

Advantages of Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver
  • Comfortable and compact
    A comfy and ergonomic grip ensures that even hours of work won’t hurt your hands as some impact drivers will. It is lightweight; carrying it from one work place to another should be a walk in the park.
  • Great power
    You wouldn’t think that such power could come out of a cordless impact driver. This one can deliver up to a maximum of 2,900 RPM, 3,500 RPM, and 165 Nm of maximum torque. That is great competition for even corded impact drivers.
  • Usage
    You can use this one wherever the job takes you and you can reach places where electricity can’t. That’s one great thing cordless impact drivers offer in general, and this product does in particular. Its powerful 18v Li-Ion battery will ensure that your work is not interrupted by a sudden lack of power.

All in all, this is another great example of Makita manufacturing a high-quality product. This is a cordless impact driver that is portable, easy to use, and comfortable to hold for hours. Made for harsh conditions with exceptional protection, it won’t get damaged by dust or water. Finally, it belongs to an affordable price point category and gives you great value for the price. Be sure to check it out.

Right Angle Impact Driver

What makes this tool unique and very convenient is the fact that it deals with some tasks faster than any of the regular drivers we’ve mentioned so far. With the torque delivered at a right angle, there are no inaccessible places for this tool.

This type of impact driver is usually powered by electricity, but you will find some that operate using compressed air. Even though this second option sounds interesting, still the first one is much better. Not only do they cut down on the costs, but they are more convenient.

Milwaukee M18BRAID-0 Right Angle Impact Driver

The Milwaukee M18BRAID-0 Right Angle Impact Driver is only 307mm long, with a head of 53mm configuration, making it perfect for working in cramped spaces. The full-metal gearbox and riggings offer sturdiness and excellent torque for even the hardest applications. There is also a multi-handle structure with an all-encompassing oar switch for various holding positions and most extreme situations. There are 2 speed settings, which make it ideal for a variety of uses. REDLINK over-burden security hardware in the instrument and battery pack ensure best-in-class framework strength. A singular battery cell upgrades the apparatus run time and guarantees long haul pack sturdiness. There is additionally an onboard fuel check and LED light. No charger or battery is supplied.

Features of Milwaukee M18BRAID-0 Right Angle Impact Driver

Having a tool that’s reliable enough to do the job yet small enough to fit your pocket or toolbox is extremely valuable. Milwaukee take care of this with the stunning M18BRAID-0 impact driver. Not only it’s small and compact, but it is also designed to operate in the most unreachable places and do the job you couldn’t even imagine was possible before! With this impact driver you won’t just have a compact, but a durable tool that’s made of materials to last and answer any challenges! With angled heading, you’ll be able to approach your problem spot from different angles and therefore you will have more opportunities to get it right and fix the problem!

Advantages of Milwaukee M18BRAID-0 Right Angle Impact Driver
  • Compact
    This tool is small enough to fit a hand and light that even a child can carry it. Even with the battery attached, you won’t have any problems reaching your fixings.
  • Easy to use
    Simply charge the battery and attach it to your impact driver and it’s ready to go! It’s economical and works only on 18 volts, and it poses a variety of other features, e.g. LED lights.
  • LED Lights
    While some workspaces are greatly lightened, others are almost dark as the night. Therefore, Milwaukee thought of lights and have brought in LED lights, so you’ll ensure that you do your job properly and without any mistakes.

The only problem with this product is that it doesn’t come with battery and charger. While this keeps the proce lower, you’ll need to invest in a battery before you have a fully equipped impact driver that’s a worthy tool in your DIY arsenal.

What to Look for in a Good Impact Driver

Choosing the right tool is essential. There are some significant features you should pay attention to. Have in mind that an impact driver shouldn’t be a replacement for regular drill, more like an additional tool. The fact that they are very loud is common for all impact drivers. A quick tip – use earplugs while operating! Here’s a list of key features to look out for when choosing an impact driver:

  • RPM
    The logic goes like the greater the RPM, the faster the tool operates. Faster RPM prevents the motor from overheating and burning out, and enable the tool to get the job done faster. A good thing about impact drivers, in general, is that they deliver as much force as you need.
  • Torque
    The amount of torque the tool sends through the bit is the main difference between a standard screwdriver and an impact driver. The effectiveness is increased by more torque. Many models feature multiple speed settings. Also known as “reactionless” torque, such drivers work faster than a standard cordless drill.
  • Ergonomics
    The compact design comes in handy because a handyman is not distracted by the shape of an impact driver. It is essential to have it placed in hand so that it suits perfectly — that way one ensures accuracy with tasks that have to be repeated (such as framing job).
  • Brushless Motors
    This type of engine helps to prevent overheating, which significantly increases your tool’s life. This type of motor uses an outer electromagnet to send current to the inner one, without carbon brushes. They are more costly, but in long-run, they are definitely worth it.
  • Battery Life
    Lithium-ion batteries charge faster than the nickel ones and can last up to four times longer. They are also lighter, making the tool more natural to use. They deliver more power and hold a charge longer.
  • Size
    The best impact drivers are lightweight, smaller in size and easy to operate in one hand. Cordless versions are suitable for working in tight, cramped areas.
  • Adjustable Clutch
    Controlling the amount of torque sent to the fastener, this feature prevents damage to the screw head. This is particularly important when screwing into woodwork or applying finishing hardware to windows and doors.
  • Reverse Switch
    This is particularly convenient in those situations where you expect lots of screwing and unscrewing. The ability to change the driver’s direction quickly is highly useful, especially if you notice the screw is going in at the wrong angle. Within seconds, you can change the screwing direction and fix the issue!
  • Keyless Chuck
    This feature makes it possible for a user to make quick adjustments during work. With built-in controls and fast releases, the time taken to change bits is reduced.
  • Led Lights and Indicators
    LED lights have become a common feature of impact drivers, producing light to illuminate the working area in dark spaces. Some models even have indicators showing the battery life of the tool.
  • Attachments
    Having a driver that is compatible with a range of different bits offers more flexibility. This feature is a dream come true for framers and carpenters. With numerous drill bit sets and add-ons, you increase the range of uses for your impact
  • Versatility
    Having an all-in-one tool is useful in many aspects. Save both your space and money by getting an impact driver which covers a broader field of usage, at least when it comes to smaller household and automotive repairs.

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