The Best Hiking Boots

The Best Hiking Boots

By Stefan Mitrovic
Hikers normally spend a large amount of time in their boots and if they are not selected carefully, they can quickly result in sore feet. That’s why our outdoor experts have tested a number of the best hiking boots for you. After many tests, we’ve found the most comfortable hiking boots on the market: the Grisport Unisex Peaklander Hiking Boot. They are convenient for both men and women, a little bit wider than other models, and very lightweight. With these boots, we’re sure you will enjoy your next hike.

Are you an active person in love with the great outdoors? Do you have a favourite patch of nature that you enjoy visiting on your days off? Even if you are not the most outdoorsy person that you know, chances are you do have a park or a mountainside where you like to spend some time. Walking out in the fresh air has numerous benefits for your well-being: from physical (such as mild cardio workout, losing excess weight, higher exposure to oxygen, and so on) to psychological — studies (and probably your own experiences) have shown that nature and fresh air, as well as the exercise you get, bring a sense of serenity and clear-mindedness. Why not embrace all these benefits and take up hiking as an activity?

Hiking is a great outdoor activity for everybody. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages, and even children. They can start developing healthy lifestyles and their love of nature at an early age. Hiking is, thus, a great pastime if you are a lone wolf in search of some peace and quiet, and a wonderful bonding experience for entire families and groups of friends. It gives you various opportunities to explore nearby hiking spots and meet new people. Many cities have local hiking clubs that organise group hikes; they can offer you advice on how to start, where to go next, choosing trails, and the right equipment based on your goals and how much experience you have.

Types of Hiking Boots

If you are an experienced hiker, you are well aware of the importance of choosing the right shoes for a hike. If you aren’t, and you are trying to get in better shape while exploring the great outdoors or you just want to enjoy magical scenery, it is time that you thought about your equipment. This applies to footwear, of course, but also to finding the right socks, clothes, hats, backpacks, and hiking poles. Hiking, even recreationally, is a sport, and like any sport a major consideration is proper footwear. Picking out shoes that are not suitable for hiking can lead to blistering, sore muscles, and even some more serious injuries caused by your foot slipping.

Hiking is a year-round activity, so your choice of equipment depends on the seasons as well as on your personal needs. During summer months and for less advanced trails, your equipment requirements can be covered with your regular sports shoes, if they are comfortable enough for long walks. More advanced tracks require more specialised shoes with additional support and appropriate soles made of durable materials. For winter months, you want to find hiking boots that meet the demands of snowy terrain and general winter conditions that can make hiking a more demanding activity. If you are hiking at higher altitudes, your everyday boots will just not be able to perform as well as you would like.

Trail Shoes

Trail shoes are great for short trails, preferably not too rugged, that you are already familiar with. They’re fine in dry weather and for when you are carrying only a small and lightly-packed backpack. They are a more specialised option than plain shoes if you are a beginner and not going on demanding hikes just yet. Their soles offer more support than regular sports shoes and prevent rocks and roots from making an impact on your feet. One of their main upsides is that they are lightweight, which means that they will make hiking easier than if you were wearing boots, as you would not have to carry the extra weight. They are usually made of breathable materials that make them easier to dry and enable your feet to breathe.

That same breathability proves to be a downside in rainy weather since your feet can become soaked. Another disadvantage is relatively weak ankle support due to their low cut. They might not be safe enough for more difficult or slippery trails, since they do not protect you from bending or twisting your ankle if you accidentally misstep.

Hi-Tec Quadra Classic Men Low Rise Hiking Boots

This is a new model of hiking boots for men. The classically-designed boot comes up to the ankle and allows you to go wherever you want when it is cold outside! The comfortable hi-tech shoe will make you forget that you have something on your feet! They will be warm and cosy! No more thinking about and looking for new quality boots — they are right in front of you! As they have a humpbacked sole, you are safe from slipping on the ice and rocky ground (the shoe prevents the impact of the rocks on your feet). With these shoes, you can be sure that you will never fall down again when you are standing on ice or walking on it. They are made for short distances that are not rugged. And they are made for dry weather too. If you want to hike and you are a beginner at it, this is the right shoe for you! This is because the shoe is lightweight and you will be able to hike pretty effortlessly.

Features of Hi-Tec Quadra Classic Men Low Rise Hiking Boots

The upper part of the shoe is made of meshed and suede material. These characteristics make the boot very durable, breathable, and comfortable. It also contains moisture wick; thanks to that, you will always have a feeling of dry feet. This also makes the shoe very comfortable, which is one of the most important things when you are choosing the right footwear — agreed? The outer material is pure leather and the inside material is textile. These hiking boots have a lasting construction that will support your every step. The sole is made of carbon rubber that provides you with an outstanding grip. They also have strong shoelaces that keep you from having to retie with every fifth step.

Advantages of Hi-Tec Quadra Classic Men Low Rise Hiking Boots
  • Leather outer material
    That means very high quality and comfort. You can wear them whenever you go outside and be assured that they will last for a very long time.
  • Moisture wick line
    It is very uncomfortable when you feel like your feet are wet inside your shoes. Because of that, the manufacturer created a moisture wick that will draw moisture away from the foot.
  • Rubber outsole
    It prevents the impact of rocks and roots on your feet so that you can go over any troublesome terrain without any pain or problems!

If you are not a professional hiker, these are the right shoes for you. But if you are a professional, you can also purchase one pair of these and use those for your resting days, or when you are going in the park or town with your family and friends. Lightweight shoes are good to have when it’s possible you can get tired from hiking all day!

Trail Hikers

With trail hikers there are many variations, and the choice depends on the duration of the hike, your backpack load, and, most importantly, the type of the trail itself. In contrast to hiking shoes, trail hikers offer much greater ankle support, keeping the ankle in place when you are hiking across rocky trails. These shoes can be lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight (mid-weight being the compromise between the other two, and a most commonly purchased option because it can safely handle even rocky and difficult terrain). There is an option of attaching crampons for better grip on slippery ground.

The longer and more difficult the hike, the heavier the boots you should choose. These offer more support and features such as toe protection (under the heavy backpack load and on descents, your foot slides towards the front of the boot; toe protection prevents injuries from this), sturdier midsoles, and midway to over-the-ankle cut. They are usually waterproof, and the price depends on the materials. The disadvantage is that they are usually pretty heavy, so they are not suitable for vigorous hikes. Additional weight slows you down and requires more rest stops and more energy output. The waterproof versions do not allow your feet to cool off, so the moisture from sweating does not ventilate away easily, which is a nuisance in hot weather.

Timberland Euro, Men’s Hiker Boots

If you like long distance hiking and you are a professional at it, or maybe you want to be, these boots are the right thing for you! No more cold feet or toe pain! These boots are incredibly comfortable for long distance hiking! You will be able to walk through your favorite path without unpleasant foot tiredness.

Timberland is a world-famous brand; you have probably heard of this brand before. All of their boots and shoes are of very high quality, and if you buy something from them you should not regret it. This type of hiker boot can be lightweight, mid-weight, or heavyweight (backpacking boots). Depending on your type of hike and the distance you plan to go, you have a variety from which you can choose.

Features of Timberland Euro, Men's Hiker Boots

This men’s hiker boot is made of leather from a silver-rated tannery, assuring that they are very comfortable and durable. Leather is known to be very comfy and high quality. The inner material is manmade, so the boots are predominately for cold weather. The outsole is made from gum rubber that will protect your feet from rocks and roots. They offer very good foot support. If you have a heavy backpack load, your foot might slide towards the front part of the boot and this can result in your toes experiencing pain or injury. The foot support provided in these hiker boots will prevent this kind of trouble.

The shoes are waterproof, so you can wear them in dry or wet weather and go where you aim to. As well, they have very good ankle support; as you go over rocky pathways, your ankles will be safe and the boots will stabilize them. For under-the-foot support there are cushioned EVA footbeds that can alleviate stress and shock. In addition, these boots have a lace-up closure, so you can tie them as tightly as you want.

Advantages of Timberland Euro, Men's Hiker Boots
  • Leather material
    The outer material is made of leather, so that the shoe will support your foot well and prevent the forming of calluses.
  • Excellent ankle support
    Wherever you go, be sure that your ankles are protected from twisting and pain. Wear shoes or boots that are supportive enough to keep ankles in place.
  • Eva midsole
    This kind of sole can save your feet from the stress that can be induced by long distance hiking or rocky trails.

The price of the shoes can vary. There are a lot of reasons to purchase these shoes. You can wear them for a long hike or even in town when you go for a walk. Since they are made of leather, you will surely not worry about their ruggedness.

Mountain Walking Boots

Mountain walking boots are specially designed for mountainside hiking on rocky, snowy, and/or icy terrains. Because they are designed for cold weather, they are insulated to offer higher frostbite protection. They are taller than hiking boots, have sturdier construction in the soles (achieved by the use of, most commonly, a full steel shank). They give support on steep trails, and since your ankle requires a certain amount of movement, they are not as solid as, for example, skiing boots. There are two kinds of mountain walking boots; they can be single boots or double boots. Single boots have the insulation material built in the boot itself, while double boots have removable insulation in a boot shell (plastic or leather). Double boots are more comfortable on long trails and hikes that last for more than one day, since you can pull out the insulation and dry it and the shell separately.

For hikes on icy terrain or firm snow, you can attach crampons of various sizes for safety. Another reason why mountain walking boots are great is that they can be used for other things than just recreational hiking. They are suitable for mountain rangers, rescue teams, and so on (especially in winter). However, they might be too specialized for the easier trails that you are already familiar with.

Hi-Tec Men Storm Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots

Hiking is a great outdoor activity for everybody. But for this sport you need the right equipment. Most important are the shoes. These shoes are the perfect ones! They are made precisely for mountain hiking. You don’t have to think about new high-quality shoes that will last for a long time; these are one that you should get! Hi-tech men’s hiking boots have all the characteristics that the perfect shoe for mountain hiking should have! Your feet will remain protected from cold, pain, and injuries! You won’t have to think about these problems when you go to the mountains; it can be said with good reason that these shoes can be your salvation during hiking!

Features of Hi-Tec Men Storm Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots

Taller than other hiking boots, these are perfectly safe for your ankles. They keep your ankles in place during the hike and over rocky terrain. They are also a perfect choice for every kind of trail: rocky, snowy, or icy; you can be sure that these high-rise boots will protect your feet from any condition you might come across. Their outer part is made of leather, which means durability. The inner material is textile, which guarantees flexibility. The closure has a versatile lacing system, which means a personalised fit. Additionally, the upper part of the shoe has a mesh that will allow your feet to breathe. It will make you feel pretty comfy, and your feet will keep dry. Moreover, these boots are waterproof, and that can make a big difference on your hike, especially in cold weather. Shoe width is standard. For an insole there is removable moulded EVA compression insert that functions as a shock absorber. It contains moisture wicking material to keep your feet dry. Furthermore, it also provides cushioning support that will provide additional comfort. The outsole is MDT rubber (Multi-Directional Traction). This ensures durability and a grip that will keep you grounded on every terrain!

Advantages of Hi-Tec Men Storm Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots
  • Leather meshed outer material
    This is the best combination. Leather makes the shoe comfortable and durable, while the mesh on the upper part of the boot permits your feet to breathe.
  • EVA insole
    You’ll find this sort of insole has a lot of positives, including cushioning support, the warm feeling of having dry feet, and the extra comfort.
  • Versatile lacing closure
    This means that your feet will be safe and the boot fitted correctly for your needs. You can lace them up more or less tightly depending on your individual preferences and need for support.
  • Ankle protection
    As they are taller than most other boots, these will protect your feet wherever you go. So, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Just let your soul go wherever it wants

When you sum up all the advantages of these shoes, you will realize that this is the best choice for mountain hiking! Of course, you can wear them in other places too. They are of high quality and will last for a very long time. As they have quite a good grip, you will not slip on icy surfaces.

Northwest Territory Ladies Hiking Shoes

This is something new for you ladies — boots that will help you as you hike whenever and wherever you want! These awesome shoes are made for professional hiking ladies who want to conquer mountains. They are the shoes that you will hardly feel on your feet; the shoes that will do the walking for you! Ladies, you can go side by side with men; compete with them and win! How perfect is that?

You are hiking because you love it and it is healthy. But what is healthy for your feet during hiking? Your feet can get very tired, and they need the support good shoes can give them. If they don’t have that, you can experience pain and stress. We feel these shoes will give your feet just what they need!

Features of Northwest Territory Ladies Hiking Shoes

The outer surface of the boots is made of leather, so you can wear them not only when you are going on a hike, but every time you go out into the cold. They are also waterproof, so you don’t have to think twice if it is raining or snowing outside — you can wear these at all times. As they are lightweight, you can easily go on vigorous hikes without tiring. When it comes to hikes on icy terrains or firm snow, there is the option of attaching crampons of different sizes. In that way, you will secure your feet from slipping injuries.

Another feature that can prevent injuries is the fact that these boots are tall enough to keep your ankle right in place. However, they are not too solid; your ankle will have a certain freedom of movement. The outsole is made of rubber, so the boots will give you support on steep trails too. Their heel height is 1 inch — a good size for maintaining stability. The closure is a versatile lace-up that allows you a personalized the fit to how tightly you prefer to lace. Memory Foam in the insole contributes to comfort.

Advantages of Northwest Territory Ladies Hiking Shoes
  • Memory foam
    It is the material that will accommodate the sole of your foot when you wear the shoe. Its cushioning will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Waterproof
    Your feet will not have to find out what the weather is like!
  • Leather material
    It means durability, comfort, and warm feet. If a boot is made of leather, there is no question about quality.

Ladies comfort boots can be used for professional and recreational hiking, for mountain rangers, rescue teams, and so on. They are a great choice, especially in winter. They may seem too specialised for an easy trail, but as they are pretty comfortable you can use them for easy pathways too. Any way you use them, they are a perfect choice!

Grisport Unisex Peaklander Hiking Boot

Ladies and gentlemen, Grisport has made a new unisex shoe for you! If you are a fan of hiking boots you may have already heard about this brand; one that knew how to grow from its very start! If you are a professional hiker or you feel like you want to be, these boots are the best choice for you. Finally, you and your partner, or your whole family, can have the same brand of hiking shoes.

Of course, if you are not a professional in this sport and you want to be, Peaklander shoes can also be the best choice for you! They will help you to become a better hiker the easier way. This is the chance for all of you to buy shoes that will not disappoint you and make you feel uncomfortable.

Features of Grisport Unisex Peaklander Hiking Boot

Peaklander shoes are made of leather, so you can be sure that they are high quality. Leather boots will quickly conform to your feet and will prevent you from getting calluses. They are long-lasting shoes that will make your feet feel very warm. The boots have a “Spotex” membrane lining that gives them waterproof and breathable features. Therefore, they can be worn no matter what the weather is like — your feet will always be dry. The inner material is fabric. The closure is a firm lace that is versatile in that it allows you to tie the boots as firmly as you want.

Peaklander boots are slightly wider than others. Therefore, if you have a problem finding the right-sized shoe because of your wider foot, you will no longer worry. This type of shoe protects your ankle very well from bumpy ground and awkward twisting. While you are hiking, you can rely on this shoe in many ways. Moreover, if you hike on icy terrain or firm snow, you can attach crampons onto the shoes. There are different sizes of crampons, so you should choose the right ones for the conditions you’ll face. One more important trait of these shoes is that they are lightweight.

Advantages of Grisport Unisex Peaklander Hiking Boot
  • Spotex membrane lining
    This 2-in-1 magic membrane provides you waterproof and breathable shoes. When you are in the same shoe every day, or for a long time during the day, it is very important for those shoes to be breathable.
  • Lightweight
    Peaklander shoes are lightweight, so your feet should never feel tired in them. This characteristic allows you to wear the shoe everywhere you want to go.
  • Wide fitting boot
    This shoe is perfect for people who have a bit wider foot. They will feel very comfortable especially if you have been disappointed in the past after trying out other, narrower footwear.

As you can conclude on your own, Peaklander shoes can be a good choice for anybody who likes hiking. No matter what kind and length the trail is, you can always be comfortable in these. If your job entails being on rough terrain, for example on mountain ranges or rescue teams, you can purchase these boots with confidence!

What to Look for in Good Hiking Boots

With the great variety of hiking shoes to choose from, it is important to know the essentials that you need to look for as you invest in a new pair. Some of those essentials are universal no matter what model you chose, what your hiking level is, and what trails you hike. Here is a list of what you should absolutely pay attention to, so that your enjoyable activity does not turn into a nightmare.

  • Size
    It seems almost unnecessary to speak of picking the right shoe size, but it is surprising how many people wear shoes a bit too tight or a bit too loose. Both conditions may result in blistering, cramping your toes, muscle tension, or even twisting your ankle.
  • Comfort
    You need to be able to walk long distances in this type of shoe, so if a boot makes your feet uncomfortable they are not the right choice for you. Thin soles can make you feel every little rock you step on, which is painful and puts a strain on your muscles.
  • Support
    Ankle support is significant because it reduces the strength your muscles need to maintain balance. Walking, especially in a more demanding, rocky terrain, calls for proper ankle support.
  • Grip
    Grip (provided by appropriate sole patterns) prevents you from slipping off the hiking surface, which could cause many kinds of injuries. You can get a better grip if you attach crampons for more rugged trails. Also, when you feel you are firmly on the ground, you do not need to focus on where you are stepping so much, and you can enjoy the surroundings better.
  • Waterproof
    Having boots that are waterproof is crucial for winter months and long hikes that last over few days. However, for warm weather choose a more breathable version — the same materials that keep water outside your shoe also prevent sweat from evaporating away.

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