The Best Hand Blenders

The Best Hand Blenders

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you are looking for a kitchen tool that might allow you to make a wider variety of dishes, then this Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender 22241 is a great choice for you. Our experts tested the best hand blenders and determined this one to be a great quality product that does what it’s supposed to do perfectly and without any fuss, allowing you to make soups, smoothies, baby food, and other blended foods in no time.

Many households and commercial businesses across the world are using hand blenders as essential equipment in their kitchens. Customers usually have a hard time choosing which one best fits their needs. The market is full of hand blenders manufactured by different companies and they therefore have unique features. Thus, the choice of which one to buy solely depends on the customer’s preferences and the purpose for which they want it. Hand blenders come in different models, and each model performs a different function. Each model has unique features for making basic kitchen recipes like fruit juice and soup. Some models have extra accessories for doing more than one task, for instance, milling and cutting food ingredients with minimal effort. Imagine what you can do with a blender that multitasks. The blenders technically make work in the kitchen more comfortable.

Customers need to understand the different types of hand blenders out there in the market. This will go a long way in helping them to find the kind that best suits their needs. Manufacturers produce them in various designs, quality, and specifications, and also price them differently. Therefore, how much you are willing to spend on the equipment highly determines the kind of blender you will take home. First, let’s take you through the best-selling hand blenders in the market now.

Types of Hand Blenders

Technically, there are only two types of blenders in the market— the immersion blender and the countertop blender. Therefore, as a customer looking for a hand blender, your options are narrowed down. Isn’t that better for you? You have fewer options for making a comparison when buying.

However, there are several models of blender under each category. This is where the catch is, because each group has good offers for your kitchen duties. To get the best blender for your kitchen, you’ll want to ask yourself: What tasks should it perform? Once you have established this, you will be able to choose the one that best meets your needs effectively. Every customer’s demands for a blender are unique. Therefore, the more information we provide the better,because when everyone gets the kind of a hand blender they want, that enables them to get the best value for their money.

Hand Blender with Minimum Attachments

These kinds of blenders are simple to construct, and the manufacturers utilise less costly materials to make them. Their features include a mixing beaker and a motor power of between 150 to 250 watts. No turbo button is built into them, and the speed calibration ranges from zero to two pulses.

This kind of blender is available in most online and retail shops at a lower cost as compared to other hand blenders.

Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender 22241

Are you searching for a perfect wand blender that is both economic and strong? Russell Hobbs presents its Hand Blender 22241 that runs on 200W. This strong, yet incredibly light, blender of only 0.78 kilos will blend even the hardest ingredients for your soups, cakes, or purees. This powerful device can e operated with one hand. It works on two different power levels, which ensures low consumption of power while you blend the softer ingredients. Also, you can easily switch to the stronger mode without the using your other hand. This wand blender makes you feel like you are in possession of a real magic wand.

Features of Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender 22241

The blender has a pulse button, which lets you chop vegetables into small pieces fit for blending. This certainly will cut the preparation of most meals in your household. The device has two levels of operating and the stainless steel blades make this blender capable of blending almost anything. The stick is completely detachable from the head of the blender. Thus, you can easily clean it, and the device will be ready for its next use in just a minute. With this blender, it is easy to make different meals simultaneously. The wand blender has a couple of advantages, like the lack of an additional pot that needs washing, and the possibility of mixing ingredients directly into a pot where you make the meal.

Advantages of Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender 22241
  • Easy to operate
    You can easily run the device with just one hand. Also, you can shift into a different mode without using your other hand. This way, one hand will be free for adding the other ingredients.
  • Lightweight
    With its weight of only 780 grams, you can easily control this deviceand make it through even the hardest cake butter. This lightweight blender makes it seem like you operate with a magic wand since it can blend almost everything.
  • Stainless steel blades
    You can be sure that the blades of this blender won’t rust no matter how long you keep it under water.
  • Detachable shaft
    The device has a detachable shaft that makes it easy to wash and easy to keep. Even the smallest kitchen will find a place for this compact blender.
  • Economic
    Though it is powerful, the device is one of the most economical in its range. It has a beautiful design, and the plastic it’s made from ensures the lightness of the item.
  • Pulsing possibility
    This option of the blender provides chopping of whole vegetables into pieces that are easy to blend. Therefore, you can easily make soups without additional chopping.

The wand blender of the Russell Hobbs family of products will ensure both power and economy for your household. The power is enough to blend the hardest cake batter, to chop vegetables in the soup, and to make tasteful purees for your family.

Powerful Stick Blenders

In making powerful stick blenders, manufacturers use high-quality materials, and their design is somehow compact. More features are built into them than in the cheap hand blenders. Besides the basic components like the beaker and blending jar, these blenders come with a chopper and whisk as additional attachments.

The mixers in the pot are powered by a powerful motor with a wattage of between 500 to 1000, and a speed control calibration of 2 to 21. The turbo button built into them makes them work excellently. This category of blenders has several models. Therefore you need to make a choice based on the size, shape, colour,and design that is your preference.

Cookhouse 1000 Watt Turbo Hand Blender

Cookhouse produced this device with a limitless versatility in the kitchen — a powerful hand blender. This blender is a perfect substitute for a couple of other kitchen products like a mixer, wand and immersion blender, and chopper. Thus, if you are searching for a strong multifunctional device that crushes everything on its way, this is the right thing for you. Usually, blending is perceived as a healthy way of preparation, yet many blenders have been made of harmful plastic materials. With this blender, you can be carefree while you make meals for your family. This device is made of non-toxic and BPA-free materials.

Features of Cookhouse 1000 Watt Turbo Hand Blender

The blender is equipped with many additional parts that make it multifunctional. The item comes with a blending arm, a chopping bowl of 600 ml, an 800 ml mixing cup, and a mixing whisk. The whisk is perfect for making creams. The blender is run by a 1000 W motor with advanced noise reduction. All these multifunctional parts are combined into one stylish blender that fits in kitchens of every colour. With the weight of 1.64 kilos, the blender seems incredibly light. Also, the device has easy control settings, with variable speed control and a turbo button on the motor. For a firm grip, the whole motor is coated with rubber. Also, it has the button for easy detachment of the inserts from the motor. Therefore, this blender is easy to operate, whether you mix softer or harder ingredients.

Advantages of Cookhouse 1000 Watt Turbo Hand Blender
  • Multifunctional
    The item is a perfect substitute for a few other devices like a mixer, a chopper, and both a hand and immersion blender. Thus, it seems quite economical, since it replaces other devices for the price of one product. Also, one item needs less space in the kitchen than separate ones.
  • Stylish
    It has been made of black and grey colours that perfectly complement other coloursin your kitchen. Its rubber part provides a firm grip along with its nice design.
  • Easy to operate
    With only three buttons on the blender, the device is simple to use. Yet, the simplified design still provides the best control system, which offers different speeds of running.
  • Powerful
    The blender runs on a powerful 1000W motor that will blend almost any ingredient. You can adjust the strength according to your need, plus you can use the turbo button for even stronger blending.
  • Non-toxic
    This device has been made of non-toxic plastic materials that guarantee a healthy lifestyle without harmful materials around the blender.

You would usually use many kitchen dishes while you cook. With the use of this blender, you will only need the one device plus the ingredients. The item has the powerful 1000W motor that blends, chops, and mixes everything that is needed for healthy nutrition. This way, your meal will be made in a minute, and you can get on with your life.

Braun MQ5137 MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender

You are probably familiar with the quality of Braun products. They offer a variety of devices that are quite simple, modern, long-lasting, and made of the best materials. This hand blender is no exception. If you are ready to change your eating habits and add more vegetables, fruits, and healthy mixes to your daily diet, this blender could become your favourite kitchen gadget. It is all about technology, and this blender has some powerful features. Also, the style and overall design will have you completely astonished. Once you put it to the test, you will be totally amazed by this Braun hand blender. We hope you are ready to pull out those recipe books and prepare some delicious meals.

Features of Braun MQ5137 MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender

This blender is black, so it will easily fit in with the rest of your kitchen décor. It features a modern and simple design. The grip on the blender is designed to grant complete comfort. You can change between speeds with just one click. Many accessories come with this blender – blending shaft, whisk, chopper, and masher; you can try out different cooking styles each time you use this appliance. All materials are completely safe, non-toxic, and BPA free. Cups are labelled in both fluid ounces and millilitres. PowerBell technology will always deliver the wanted results. There is an anti-splashing feature – you won’t have to clean your kitchen from bottom to top after using this blender. The motor is powerful but silent and uses 750 Watts. With the 21 different speeds available, you can create whatever motion works best.

Advantages of Braun MQ5137 MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender
  • Technology
    It is all about the motor. This blender features a powerful motor that is completely silent. No matter how hard you press it, it will always work smoothly. Great technology allows precise cooking and delivers needed power. Whenever greater power is not needed, it will automatically switch to the power-saving mode. SplashControl helps keep your kitchen spotless.
  • Easy to clean
    All of the parts are dishwasher friendly; when you are done with cooking, just put the parts in the dishwasher.
  • Great design
    Braun really has made sure you can enjoy the experience of using their blender. The handle is designed to allow a good grip and still be comfortable. You can choose between different speeds and options with just one hand. The EasyClick system features two buttons; with one motion you can switch any accessory.
  • The large range of speeds
    For even better results, Braun has made sure to incorporate as many different speeds as possible. You can choose between 21 of them to get the desired texture for your food every time.

The reasons for loving this blender are endless. The innovative design, high-quality materials, powerful and fast motor, and sharp blades are just some of the astonishing features of this Braun hand blender. Beating eggs, preparing mashed potatoes, whipping cream, or creating different purees has never been easier.

Kenwood HDP406 Hand Blender

When it comes to certain dishes, it is all about the texture; if you are not using the right kitchen gadgets, getting that texture can be quite frustrating. That is why you should own a good hand blender that will help you achieve your desired results, and we have a great recommendation. This Kenwood blender will have you completely amazed. You will be preparing the most tasteful mashed potatoes, purees, smoothies, whipped creams, and even cocktails. It will become one of your favourite kitchen gadgets after just one use. A modern design and some great features make this blender stand out from the rest of the hand blenders available online.

Features of Kenwood HDP406 Hand Blender

This Kenwood hand blender is available in two colours – you can get it in white or silver. Both colours will fit in completely with the rest of your kitchen and your other appliances. The blender is stylish, and it will look great on any kitchen counter. You are also getting many extra parts – masher, mixer, beaker, and chopper. Your cooking won’t have any limits! When it comes to the materials, plastic and stainless steel dominate. You are getting a high-quality, long-lasting blender that features an amazing capacity as well – 750 millilitres. Great blending is guaranteed with a motor as powerful as this one. It uses 800 Watts and has one of the most powerful blades available. The triblade features three blades and six blending ribs that will always create the perfect texture. No more lumps and chunks in your soups! While preparing your dishes, you can choose from eight different speeds and easily control the consistency of the food.

Advantages of Kenwood HDP406 Hand Blender
  • Multifunctional
    A powerful motor and great blade design let you create whatever you desire. With the large foot, you can prepare your soups in the pan. Also, you can get the perfect texture for your smoothies, dips, and sauces every single time. Many accessories are included to help you achieve all of these results without difficulty. Even cocktails can be made using this blender.
  • Comfort
    When it comes to kitchen gadgets it is all about comfort. A handle should feel comfortable in your hand while letting you maintain a strong grip. Even if you are tackling bigger ingredients, your blender should feel stable in your hand. This blender gives you all of the previously mentioned features and even more. Using just one hand, you can easily change speeds when and if needed.
  • Great blades
    Perfect texture of your food is achieved with the help of the triblades. Food is pushed into the blades for even blending and better results. The texture of your food will be completely smooth.

If you are looking for a hand blender that you will be using for many years to come, your search is over – this blender has everything you might need. Enjoy making delicious soups, smoothies, and sauces!

Cordless Battery Operated Hand Blenders

The kind of blenders in this category are of good quality and have sophisticated designs. However, they are a bit heavier than hand blenders in other groups because they have a rechargeable battery.

This implies reduced movement around the kitchen; it is advisable to have a specific place to store it to avoid inconveniencewhile cooking. Its operating time on one charge is about 20 minutes. The models in this category have excellent handling flexibility.

Cuisinart 3 in 1 Cordless Hand Blender CSB300U

Do you consider yourself an artist in the kitchen? Usually, the most tedious thing that gets in your way is the number of cords that are necessary for each electronic device in the kitchen. With the cordless 3 in 1 Hand Blender CSB300U by Cuisinart, you can be set free of cables that are binding your culinary creativity. With Cuisinart CSB300U you get 20 minutes of continuous cable-free work, which is sufficient for blending ingredients for the most complex meals. This hand blender enables a true food experience for real gourmands. You can blend, mix, or puree while the ingredients are still hot. It is ideal for making baby foods, or healthy cream soups, or anything else. The only limit is your creativity!

Features of Cuisinart 3 in 1 Cordless Hand Blender CSB300U

The weight of the whole product is 2.12 kg. It includes 5 different items: a charger, a motor, a whisk, a masher, and stainless steel blades with an extra-long stick. The long stick is useful for making a large volume of soup or other liquid meals at once. The motor runs on a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that provides 20 minutes of continuous use. The blending blades are made of ultra-sharp stainless steel material. Because of the high quality of the product, you will get a 5-year warranty on the whole device. Also, you can put all three inserts into the dishwasher. While the process of dishwashing is being finished, you can be recharging the battery and the whole product will be ready for another use.

Advantages of Cuisinart 3 in 1 Cordless Hand Blender CSB300U
  • Cordless
    Because of the cable-free head, you can be assured that your meal preparation won’t be aggravated by tedious cable limitations. You can use your hand blender wherever you want without fear of juggling a hard-to-reach plug.
  • Reliable
    The item has a 5-year warranty that guarantees the quality of the product and its reliability.
  • 3 in 1
    The product is not only a hand blender but also a mixer and a masher as well. This hand blender takes the place of three products and because of this the device is also quite economical.
  • No damaging the pans
    Other blenders do not usually bother protecting the pans from the sharpness of the blades, but this device is made with grates that prevent damaging even the most sensitive materials.

This cordless 3 in 1 blender does the work of three devices without the bother of cords getting tangled together. If you purchase this blender you will have the assurance of a good product covered by a long warranty. If you are tired of the mess in the kitchen caused by electric cords, this hand blender could be the right thing for you.

Commercial HD Immersion Blender

The commercial HD immersion blenders are appropriate for use in retail businesses like restaurants since they can handle a large volume of kitchen ingredients at a time. The blenders satisfy the professional needs of customers because of their amazing features.

They are made of quality materials so you don’t have to worry about the appliance breaking or malfunctioning while you are mid-way into cooking a meal. The shaft is extended; it has a length of between 12 to 21cm, unlike other types of blenders. The longer shaft increases motor power, which in turn increases the blending and mixing speed to produce the desired outcome within a short time.

Chef-Hub Commercial 500w Stick Blender with 400mm shaft

Are you in search of the perfect soup musher? The Chef-Hub Heavy Duty Kitchen Commercial Stick Blender is made precisely for soups, gravies, and curries. With its powerful motor of 500W and speed of 400 to 16000 rpm, you can be completely sure that your liquid meals will be perfectly mixed. This blender is intended for liquid-based and soft foods, and this special purpose enables perfection. While other all-purpose blenders can do a lot of things, this one will blend only as you’re concentrating on making the perfect meal. All your soups will be as creamy as is possible, and you will cook like a real professional.

Features of Chef-Hub Commercial 500w Stick Blender with 400mm shaft

With its 400 mm long stick it is perfect for professional use. You can blend a large amount of soups, creams, or shakes. Because of its high-quality motor, you can use it continuously during a whole shift at work. It is fully customizable, with other inserts like whisks that can be bought separately. As long as you use it for its stated purpose, you will have a powerful assistant in the kitchen. The device works with a UK plug. Also, it has a button that ensures different speeds from 400 to 16000 rpm. The stick and the blades are made of stainless steel. This is especially useful since the product’s purpose is to deal with liquids. The device has a safety and lock button that prevents accidents in the kitchen. Thus, you can use it no matter how inattentive you get as you’re cooking.

Advantages of Chef-Hub Commercial 500w Stick Blender with 400mm shaft
  • Blending large quantities at once
    With this blender, you can blend large amounts of food at once, which is especially useful if you own a restaurant or you cook for a large number of people. The blender has a 40 cm stick that is long enough to be used in large-volume pots.
  • Safe to use
    With its safety and lock button, you can be sure that no accidents will happen, even if you are tired or unaccustomed to using the appliance. The blender will stop working as soon as you stop holding it.
  • Reliable
    Because of its professional purpose, it can work continuously for a long time; you can be sure that it won’t let you down at a key moment.
  • Rust-free
    This advantage is especially important since the purpose of this blender is mixing liquids. Its blades and stick are made of stainless steel, which takes the worry out of having to eventually deal with rust.

If you are a professional or have a big family, this blender will be your perfect assistant in the kitchen. Its main purpose is mixing liquid and soft ingredients. Because of its long stick, it can do its magic on a large number of ingredients at once. Thus, if you want a reliable and professional hand blender, this is the right device for you.

What to Look for in a Good Hand Blender

A blender is essential for both personal use and commercial use. A buyer should have an understanding of the kind of blender model he/she wants to buy before making the ultimate decision to purchase. One should consider what his or her needs are, what accessories come with the equipment, and how easy is it to clean the blender. Below are some of the features that a good blender should have.

  • Capacity of the Blender
    The size of blender to buy depends on the number of people you expect to serve. Large households should go for a larger-capacity hand blender with the power to get the job done quickly. Commercial business needs to own this kind of large blender to assure an efficient kitchen.
  • Is the Blender Cordless or Corded?
    Research indicates that a corded blender has more motor power, so if you are in the market for a larger blender you should look at corded models. On the other hand, cordless blenders are convenient for personal use in kitchens with less space.
  • Design
    Most buyers do not see design as an essential feature, but I tell you it is all about comfort and safety as well as looks. The blender should be comfortable to handle; the power button should be in a location where the hand blender is comfortable to hold; a big button is the best for operating with one hand.
  • Attachments
    Blenders can be made for single use or multitasking. Before buying one, you need to look at the type of accessories it has. Do they suit your needs? Can the blender be easily expanded, and is it easy to handle?

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