The Best Hair Curler

The Best Hair Curler

By Stefan Mitrovic
After testing a range of hair curlers on site for more than six months, our experts have confirmed that the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Wonderball Ceramic Hair Waver Curling Wand gives professional results, making this product a great investment for both salon and home use. We have chosen it as the best hair curler due to its durability, quality, and versatility.

In older days, ladies spent hours wetting their hair or wearing rollers to achieve different levels of curl in their hair. Fortunately, now we have heated hair curlers that can help us attain different hairstyles in less than 10 or 15 minutes. These hair curlers are getting more advanced every day, and you can use them for different styles. You can get beach waves, ringlets, large curls, perms, blow-dried looks, and many more. Some curlers will help you achieve many styles with just one curler.

A girl can understand how fun and relevant it is to have the right hairstyle with the right outfit. It can make or break your look. To all the ladies out there that want the best hair curler, this detailed guide will help you get one. You can choose the one that suits your preferences best. We have also included a section to help you explore the essential features. We have written these features down to help you find the basics and then you can pick your weapon. Read on for the ultimate guide.

Types of Hair Curlers

There are many different types of hair curlers in the market. Each one uses a different technique to achieve different results. Some of them have more than one feature in order to obtain more accurate results.

The following types are most popular and effective. You can choose them according to your preferences. However, keep in mind your hair type. Also, remember that you should never compromise on quality since you can lose your hair from using a badly-made curler.

Heated Curlers

The traditional and best possible way to curl your hair is the heated rods. These rods are a conventional type of curler compared to the others and are very useful too. A styling rod needs a connection to an electrical socket; you wrap your hair around it, and the temperature settings allow you to set and use the heat to curl your hair.

Usually, the temperature is set according to the texture of your hair. For example, if it is very light, you should not set the heat too high. You can choose rods of different thicknesses to achieve different sizes of curls. These are the most basic type, and you can find them at very low prices almost anywhere.

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Wonderball Ceramic Hair Waver Curling Wand

Hey! I discovered a perfect hair curler! It does not damage your hair at all! And guess what? It FEEDS your hair and repairs it! After you’ve tried this one, you will never need to look for another one! It is invented by a professional hair stylist Lee Stafford. His name behind this product is one more reason not to worry about the quality. If you use this Wonderball your hair will never be boring again. Also, you don’t have to worry about your hair type, because the Wonderball can be used on every hair type!

Features of Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Wonderball Ceramic Hair Waver Curling Wand

The Coco Loco curler has spherical barrels that help you make perfect curls without snarling your hair. As it is made of tourmaline-ceramic material, it will keep your hair soft, shiny, and lively. Additionally, it has a barrel filled with coconut oil, which is the source of essential amino acids that will strengthen your hair. One more important thing! You don’t have to wait a long time for this to heat up. When you turn it on, the Wonderball will reach 200° C in no more than 120 seconds! That is very fast, indeed. However, it does not have a heat setting. Don’t worry about that – as I mentioned before, it will not damage your hair.

Advantages of Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Wonderball Ceramic Hair Waver Curling Wand
  • Plain sailing
    You just need to turn it on and it will work for you. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Moreover, it has a cool tip that keeps this hair curler safe to use!
  • Forms different types of curls
    Depending on the way you wind your hair around the wand, you can get Bohemian curls or elegant waves for some special occasion.
  • Safe for your hair
    As you already know, it contains coconut oil, which will provide your hair with natural substances to make it look very healthy.
  • It is pink coloured
    Maybe some girls like other colours more, but I am sure that this one is the most popular among us girls. This one is my favourite!

When we are talking about the price, it is obvious that there are cheaper hair curlers. There are more expensive wands as well, so this is a golden middle. In my opinion, thanks to its quality, this Wonderball is worth that money. If you decide to get this one for your hair, you can be assured that every time you use it from then on, your hair will thank you. Anyway, there is an old wise saying: ”I am not rich enough to buy cheap things.“

Curlers with Straighteners

Every girl has a day when she wants her hair straight and a day when she wants her hair curly. However, it can get out of budget for some people to get both of these devices. Worry not, for you can get hair curlers with an built-in straightener. These hair curlers come in many forms.

The most popular style is the one where the rod has two sides through which the hair is inserted. When you slide the device through the length of your hair it’s perfect for straightening. You curl by winding the hair around the whole wand. These come in several different sizes for differences in the size of strands to be treated at a time. If you play it right, you can use different techniques by combining the straightener and the curler functions to achieve a variety of styles.

H&L 2 In 1 Pro Hair Straightener Curler Styler

This hair styler is really a magic one! With this wand in your beauty arsenal, you can make your hair do whatever you can imagine! If you want to straighten your hair, you can do it without any effort. Also, if you want to make your hair curly, that too is easy. Of course, you will get instructions on how to use it both ways. For curling your hair, you need to take one section of hair, wrap it around the whole curler, and hold it for a few seconds. The final step, which is optional, is to loosen your curls by running your fingers through them. For straightening hair, it’s just as simple. Take one section of hair, put it between the plates, clamp the plates, and glide the wand down to the ends of the hair strand. One thing is recommended for both straightening and curling – the less hair you do in one section, the more effective the process will be.

Features of H&L 2 In 1 Pro Hair Straightener Curler Styler

This wand has four heat settings, so you can decide what temperature is best for you. Because you have a choice, the hair wand can be used on every hair type! Accordingly, you can change your own style each time or share you curler with someone else. Settings buttons are on the inner side to prevent you from pressing the wrong one. This magic wand is made of ceramic material. Ceramic dispenses the heat all over the surface. Furthermore, it releases negative ions that eliminate burns and protect hair from heat damage.

Advantages of H&L 2 In 1 Pro Hair Straightener Curler Styler
  • Heating time and ease of use
    The manufacturer was thinking about saving some energy too: the plate heats up in only 30 seconds! Also, if you forget to turn it off, after 60 minutes from the last use it will automatically turn off.
  • Safe for your fingers
    The tips of the curler where you place your fingers as you work are on the top of the wand, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself as you style.
  • You get a heatproof pouch
    When you are going on a trip, the pouch this magic wand comes with will keep it perfectly safe even if it’s still a bit warm. This could be an ideal gift for your friends.

When it comes to cleaning, you will have to choose carefully what you will clean the wand with. Of course, as an electric device it should never come in contact with water. In addition, you should not use a liquid that contains benzene to clean it, because that can damage the iron. It is recommended that you clean it often with a damp cloth. So, to sum it all up: if you purchase this product, you will not only get a hair curler and straightener, but a heat proof pouch and instruction booklet as well!

BUDDYGO Hair Straightener

It is well known that the way for a modern girl to look her best is to manage her hair with a versatile styler. Finally, here it is! BUDDYGO’s creation is the easiest way to style your hair every day. It’s adapted to all hair types – no more dry and damaged hair caused by poor quality hair wands. Just plug in your iron and turn the switch to the right temperature depending on which hairstyle you want – super straight and shiny or extra curly with volume. This is a perfect product for those who need professional hair care in the comfort of their home. The 2-in-1 hair straightener and curling iron will help you look great at any time, as if you have visited a hairdressing salon.

Features of BUDDYGO Hair Straightener

This 2-in-1 straightener and curler has a ceramic heating plate which allows an easy and effortless glide through the hair. Due to its fast heating technology, it is ready to use after only 15 seconds. Also, there are 5 temperature settings, so you can choose the one that’s right for your hair type and condition. You only need to rotate the straightener clockwise to set the desired heat. This product is ideal for traveling because of its practical design. And for those who are not so careful, it has an auto shut-off that engages after one hour of inactivity. With this hair straightener, you get extra accessories for easier hair shaping. Moreover, this comes with a one-year warranty.

Advantages of BUDDYGO Hair Straightener
  • Practical use and savings
    Instead of buying two different products, you can buy one with two different functions. Whether you’re in the mood for straight hair or you want lots of curls, BUDDY GO Hair Straightener and Curling Iron will help you achieve your perfect hairstyle quickly and easily.
  • No damaged hair
    The ceramic heating plate reduces friction and conducts electricity effectively. The iron simply slips through your hair. It has a system for temperature control (120°C – 230°C), so it doesn’t matter if you have thin and dyed hair or normal hair or maybe extra wavy hair – with the appropriate temperature you will not harm it.
  • Ideal for traveling
    Because of its ideal form, this iron is easy for packing. It won’t take up much space in your bag and you’re sure to be glad you took it everywhere you go.
  • Accessories
    With this hair straightener, you will get a useful comb and hair clips to hold your hair in place during hairstyling.

It is very difficult to find good iron like this one. The price is affordable and the quality is really great. This hair wand will make a big difference to your daily routine. If you decide to get this one, you can be sure that you will have perfect hairstyle every day.

FURIDEN Curlers with Straighteners

Those dreams about having adorable hair just like the one hairdresser can make is no longer just dreams, with Furiden those are the reality. As there’s not much time for styling, efficiency has become imperative when manufacturing these beautifying gadgets. The maximum level of functionality plus convenient design makes this product highly wanted among those who care about their hair.

Besides the powerful 2 in one hair styler, the package comes with plenty of handy gadgets such as heat resistant glove, flat iron bag, one salon comb, and a pair of salon hair clips. The practical and well-packed set will be by your side even when travelling around the globe. Moreover, it supports worldwide dual voltage.

Features of FURIDEN Curlers with Straighteners

Thanks to the 360°swivel cord which is extremely long (2.5m) it allows you to perform acrobatic acts while styling your hair. Jokes aside, but such user-friendly design prevents tangling and enables you to operate from any angle and even walk across the room while doing so. The gadget is suitable for all types of hair, and it comes with 5 different temperature settings (120℃-230℃).

Safety is at the maximal level as well, as the machine features auto shut-off after 60 minutes without use. Having MCH heating wide plates, the gadget represents a break-thorough for new heating standards in hairstyling appliances. With the ability to heat up in just 15 sec, it saves energy and reduces the overall procedure, ensuring you will look gorgeous in no time.

Advantages of FURIDEN Curlers with Straighteners
  • No snagging and tugging
    Thanks to the floating plates with curved edges, you will be able to constantly modify the angle while doing your hair. This will help you eliminate snagging your hair, allowing you to have better control and improved performance.
  • One-step operation
    Small but revolutionary modification turned this convenient device into a handy straightener and styler all with just a single touch of the button. The new directional switch design allows you to rotate it clockwise and adjust the desired heat.
  • Convenient for travelling
    Being a travel-size gadget, it will be your loyal companion wherever you plan to travel. It can be put anywhere, and it won’t occupy much of the space, as it’s only 30cm long. The product is compatible with worldwide dual voltage (100 – 240V AC) and will instantly adapt to the adequate voltage wherever you are.
Bottom Line

Come to think of what matters the most when choosing a product to make your hair look breath-taking- it has to be something highly efficient with multiple functions. And of convenient size, if possible. Well, Furiden made that possible, equipping the small gadget with top-performing abilities and functions, suitable for all types of hair. 

Steam Hair Curling Rollers

Remember traditional rollers? Well, they are more advanced now. The steam hair rollers for curling look exactly like conventional rollers except they hold steam. They come with a mini steamer that add steam to the rollers. The rollers are heated by the steamer for a short time. After the rollers collect the steam, you roll them to your hair like traditional rollers.

The steam in the roller provides moisture and heat to the hair, allowing the curling process to take place. There are several different sizes of rollers, so you need to make sure the rollers you get are compatible with the steamer.

iFanze Automatic Steamer Curler

Nanotechnology is something new that has just started to develop and expand; this new professional steam curler is based on this technology. It means that this curler is among the best ones! You can use this product to make a perfect hairstyle without damaging your hair, and it will be quite effortless to do so! Automatic steam curlers work in a special way. There is a mini steamer set up in the device that can create and maintain steam. The rollers are connected to the steamer and when you roll a section of hair with them, the rollers will apply the steam to the hair for a short time. This moisturises and heats the hair, making the process of curling very easy.

Features of iFanze Automatic Steamer Curler

This newest technology is also the fastest. Your hairstyle will be done in only 8 seconds! With this hair curler, you will not have to spend hours making your hair look perfect! You can fully rely on this technology because it will nourish your hair and shape it in natural looking curls, keeping hair smooth and bright as well. This steam curler has both heat and time settings. The heat settings mean that every type of hair can be treated, and the time settings allow you to have different curl effects each time. There are 3 timer settings – for loose curls, medium ones, and tighter ones. Of course, whether you use the highest or the lowest temperature, there will be no unpleasant smell. Your hairstyle also depends on the volume of hair that you put in the roller. So, if you want curls that last a long time, take up a small volume of hair with each roller, and use a lot of hair at a time if you want your curls to look more natural and looser. The device has a LED screen made of natural economic material. It is durable and easy to see.

Advantages of iFanze Automatic Steamer Curler
  • Nanotechnology
    It means that you can trust this product 100%. This technology is very modern and products based on it are fool proof.
  • Salon-length cord
    If your mirror is not near a socket, that’s okay. You don’t have to worry about that with this product because the cord is very long. You will be able to reach that mirror wherever it is.
  • Ceramic curl chamber
    Besides nanotechnology, this also uses a ceramic material for protecting your hair from drying out and getting damaged.
  • Fast hairstyle
    As mentioned above, your job will be accomplished very quickly; you will look pretty and always arrive on time!

When it comes to price, it is very realistic to say that the quality of this product is much more valuable than its price would imply. With this styler comes full instructions on how to use it. It is recommended that you use product and setting spray to finish your hairdo. All in all, you will be definitely surprised with the effects!

KaysaLY Professional Automatic Steam Ceramic Hair Curler

This is for all the women out there who just need a quick and easy everyday hairstyling routine. Why visit a hairdresser and give them a lot of money to style your hair when you can just as easily do it at home? The KaysaLY Automatic hair curler is also for those women who have ever had a so-called ”bad hair day”. Those can happen fairly often, and in those cases, a woman needs a quick fix. This curler gives you 3 degrees of styling – loose, medium, and tight curl depending on what you are in the mood for. It is really easy and it’s dependable because of its safety features. Leave your house, ready for a date or work in no time.

Features of KaysaLY Professional Automatic Steam Ceramic Hair Curler

The KaysaLY curler has an automatic chamber that pulls the hair (up to 3 cm width) inside to curl it. The ceramics and the steamer keep your hair looking soft and shiny without causing it to burn. The motor makes almost no noise. One curl could be done in 8 seconds; you can curl longer – up to 12 seconds – for a more defined look. Styling time is definitely lowered; a loud beep will warn you to release your hair in order to avoid damaging it. Another great feature is that it has two curling directions for a more natural look; you can set it to change automatically or you can change it manually. It comes with a long cord, which is very convenient since you do not have to move your beauty station closer to a plug or carry a small mirror around your room if you are traveling.

Advantages of KaysaLY Professional Automatic Steam Ceramic Hair Curler
  • Burn free
    Your hands, neck, and face are perfectly safe from accidental burns.
  • Short heating time
    This is very important since it allows you to curl your hair quickly.
  • Adjustable heat
    The iFanze Ceramic Hair curler offers you a range of 190-230℃. Usage varies according to your hair type (190℃ for fine hair, and 230℃ for thick and wavy hair). Find a setting that works for you.
  • Automatic turn-off
    This hair curler turns off automatically after one hour of being turned on – a very useful feature if you are one of those people who absentmindedly leaves appliances turned on when in a hurry.
  • Automatic stop
    If you take up too much hair at one time, the appliance will automatically stop, preventing tangling and damage to your hair.

For a decent price, you get a more-than-useful beauty appliance. The KaysaLY hair curler is easy to use and has several safety options. This makes it a great addition to your hair styling routine as it gives you a variety of hairstyles you can try.

Brush Hair Curler

Remember the traditional hair curling brush that rolled around your hair? That roll of hair needed a hair dryer in order to set the style. The new kind of brush hair curler has metal or ceramic bristles that heat up. The brush has a cord and temperature settings that accommodate your hair type. It gives a blow-dried effect in a short time and with little effort.

There are plenty of different sizes available that can help you achieve the right curls for you. The brush style is very convenient for a number of different styles, including straightening your hair.

Remington Keratin Protect Heated Barrel Brush

This is a whole new way to make whatever you like of your hair! If you want to straighten it, you can. If you want to curl it, you can! This is an electric brush that will help you achieve a hairstyle with only a little bit of effort. No more hair loss, pain, and cleaning that comes with using a traditional hairbrush! With this product, you will actually enjoy styling your hair! Also, there are plenty of different sizes of this brush, so you can choose which one suits your hair the best. The way of using it is pretty simple. Just wrap the section of hair over the brush as you would do with a curling iron and press the button. You have two speeds to choose from. After waiting for a while you will have gotten the curls you want. The brush is made of ceramic material that will protect your hair from dryness and damage. The brush will glide through your hair without breaking it. And you will get volume and glorious shine from the roots through the whole length of hair!

Features of Remington Keratin Protect Heated Barrel Brush

The Remington brush can work at two different temperatures (120 and 180 degrees Celsius). Therefore, you can use this brush for different types of hair. There is also a ceramic-covered barrel filled with keratin and almond oil. Keratin regenerates your hair and gives it a fabulous shine, and almond oil has specific vitamins and nutrients for hair. It has an ON indicator light. Another important feature is a worldwide voltage. Hence, wherever you live or wherever you go, you will be able to use your brush. For your protection there is a 3-year warranty.

Advantages of Remington Keratin Protect Heated Barrel Brush
  • Auto shut-off
    This means that the brush will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of not being used. So, you can rest your mind without wondering if you left it turned on.
  • Only 30 seconds of preheating
    Yes, you read it right. When you turn it on, it will be ready in only 30 seconds to make your dream hairstyle!
  • Long swivel cord
    The cord is 2.5 meters long. You don’t have to worry if you need to move somewhere in your room while using it. Just be careful not to have the cable wrapped around yourself!

You may find that this brush is more useful than a traditional brush, or even electric hair curlers. It is because you can get the style you want without damaging your hair at all! Furthermore, it can be said that the price is equal to the quality. It is not cheap, but definitely worth it!

What to Look for in a Good Hair Curler

The best hair curler is the one that suits your hair type. It also depends on what type of curls you want – tight or loose. However, there is a something in common for all good hair curlers that you should understand before you buy. There are basic features we present to help you determine the ease of use and overall quality of the curler you have in mind. Ensure that the hair curler you’re considering has at least these features.

  • Temperature Selection
    One of the most important things is the temperature your hair curler will reach. Most hair curlers produce heat that can be set according to hair type. Note that it is more about the texture than the amount of hair that is put into the curler. For example, thicker hair cannot curl at 100 degree Celsius. If you curl thinner hair at 300 degree Celsius, you might burn your hair easily. This is the reason for versatility in curlers and finding one to fit your hair type. Variable temperature settings are the best option.
  • Twisting Dial
    When you curl your hair, you have to roll and twist the curler in different directions. If your curler is attached to a cord, the cord will get twisted in several directions and eventually get tangled. To avoid this, many hair curler bodies rotate where the cable connects to them. The cord swivels around with the curler as you move it, allowing the cord to stay in place where its intended it to be.
  • Body
    The body of the curler is especially important for those that heat up. The quality of the body is important if you want durability. High-quality plastic is the best and most durable choice. However, it can be easy to confuse low quality and high-quality plastic. Make sure your curler has some sort of a guarantee on the body. Another feature that you need to keep in mind is that the machine should function in a way that the body itself remains cool. It is fine if it becomes a little warm, but if it gets very hot that can be dangerous and also affect the life of the unit.
  • Versatility
    Hair curlers can be expensive. If you get the right quality, you will most likely have to pay a lot for them. This is the reason why it is good to invest in one that can get more than one job done. The best option is to ensure that your curler has a straightening service too. However, if it only has the option to curl, then you might want some other sort of versatility.
  • Clamp
    One of the most important parts of a curler is the clamp. The clamp is usually the part of the wand that allows you to pin the hair to hold it as you curl. This feature is very important as it helps make curling easier. It also allows you to hold up your hair and curler with one hand rather than engaging both of your hands. The clamp is also a great help in achieving different hairstyles, as it allows you to hold the curler with both hands if you need more control.
  • Cord
    The final and the most important factor to consider is the cord of the curler. The cord connects to the electrical socket so make sure it is the right style and is a quality shockproof cord. We highly recommend a high-power cord since you will be dealing with a lot of heat. The high-power ones allow better current flow and safer use of the unit. Ideally, you want a long cord that can help you easily move around the room with your hair curler.

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