The Best Golf Balls

The Best Golf Balls

By Stefan Mitrovic
It wasn’t such an easy choice to decide between all of these golf balls. We decided to choose Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls as our top pick; they have almost the same characteristics as all other golf balls presented here, with the added feature of being more fun to use, brightening up a golf game with your friends or competitors.

Whether you like golf or not, it has become more popular, and not just among the elite but also with regular people trying to have fun with their friends and kids. And it is a hell of a fun thing to drive that golf vehicle, you have to agree with that. Therefore, it is no surprise that, nowadays, more and more people are coming into the world of golf.

With that change and the rise in demand for this sport, a lot of new things have been developed. There are a dozen types of golf clubs, special sneakers, gloves, etc. Among all those things are, of course, different types of golf balls. We are here today to guide you through some types of golf balls, to explain what each of them is used for and, in the end, to present you with the best items from each category. So, better not to wait too long – let’s start!

Types of Golf Balls

As mentioned above, there are different categories of golf balls based on their effective range, their quality, the type of terrain on which they work best, and the golfer’s type of swing. All this can have positive and negative effects on how well you can perform on the golf course. You can be good at spinning but have a bad overall trajectory. You can perform well on a grassy plain but not get good shots out of watery terrain and sand. Not all golf balls are built for the same thing, so you should learn about the different types.

We are here today to help you with that. We will present several types of golf balls, each used for a different purpose. We are going to talk about distance balls, trick and novelty balls, practice balls, spin balls, women’s balls, and range balls. Let’s learn something about each of these types and see what are the best choices you can pick from each of these categories.

Distance Golf Balls

As their name suggests, distance balls are primarily used to achieve perfect long-range shots. Those shots are usually the ones you see on television where the ball is flying over half of the field. This type of golf ball is built a bit differently, with different patterns and aerodynamic options that allow it to fly further and higher if needed.

With these balls, you can be sure that your starting speed will be good enough and your trajectory precise in order to get as close as possible to the next hole. It’s very important to have a good balance of weight and softness for players to be able to completely control their ball and send it to the desired trajectory. Let’s see what our pick is for the best distance golf ball.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls

If you are looking for the best golf balls for large distances, there isn’t a better choice than Srixon Distance Golf Balls. They are beautifully crafted and made for achieving long shots with perfectly controlled spin and trajectory, allowing you to be as precise as  possible.

Another thing that makes Srixon Distance Golf Balls an excellent choice for everyone who needs great distance balls is that they are made of special materials that allow the ball to keep its high speed and be effective at long distances.

Features of the Srixon Distance Golf Balls

Srixon Distance Balls come in a package of 2-piece construction golf balls that have a 324-speed dimple configuration capable of providing straight and precise trajectory due to its superior aerodynamics. Apart from that, you will feel that you have complete control over your shot because Srixon Distance Golf Balls have a very high initial speed that also allows a player to reach greater distances with each shot.

As for other features, Srixon Distance Golf Balls are very durable. They are equipped with an ionomer cover that allows you to make longer drives while they maintain their excellent durability. Along with the ability to cover great distances quickly and in a straight trajectory, Srixon Distance Golf Balls can give you a high launch angle and the option to use low spin. Therefore, we could say that it is very responsive to all styles of shooting. They work best at a swing speed of 80 mph.

Advantages of the Srixon Distance Golf Balls
  • • Excellent dimple configuration
    it has a 324-speed dimple configuration that is superior to its competitors and can provide precise trajectory;
  • High initial velocity
    It is capable of producing high starting speeds while maintaining the feeling of total control over your shots;
  • Excellent cover
    Its cover is made of a special ionomer that makes the ball very resilient and gives you the option of producing longer shots without worry about the ball’s durability;
  • Great core
    It comes with an energetic gradient growth core that offers great compression, which is important when your shots are very fast. It is best for shots with starting speeds of over 80mph.
Bottom Line

All things considered, Srixon Distance Golf Balls are definitely the best choice you could make if you need to get a reliable distance golf ball. These allow you to make very precise and fast shots, while at the same time they are very durable so there’s no  worry about it breaking or suddenly changing the trajectory.

Trick & Novelty Golf Balls

Novelty balls are widely used by lots of golfers. They are designed for all types of players, both those with slower swings and those seeking the maximum distance out of their shots. For that purpose, they have excellent design matched with a great core and mantle.  This can maximize the efficiency of your shots, which is very important for both professionals and beginners.

One extra thing about novelty balls is that they can come in fun colors and shapes. You can use that to recognize your golf ball or simply if you want to add a little more fun. So now we will present one very nice pack of novelty golf balls that is pretty funny and comes in the shape and colors of several well-known emojis.

Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls – 6 Pack

If you are a stylish person, or if you have a thing for painted and colorful things plus you like to play golf, then the Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Ball is the product for you. As their name says, in this pack you are getting an assortment of emojis that you can use for your golf game. How awesome is that? There are 6 balls in this pack, all representing different emoji and guaranteeing great fun.

Apart from their cuteness, these golf balls are also very practical. They are made of very durable material that can withstand hard shots over long distances at high speed, making them highly resistant to any kind of damage – especially important when you need to take some long-distance and precise shots.

Features of the Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls – 6 Pack

This Emoji official Novelty Fun Golf Balls pack offers you six novelty golf balls, including the angry face, crying with laughter, smiley, heart eyes, bandit, and poop. Use these to add to the fun;  joke with your friends about their shots by using one of these or simply show anger about the very hard shot you need to make.

Apart from adding a bit of fun, this pack of novelty golf balls is very practical. They’re made of very special material with a two-piece solid core that makes them very precise even at long distances. Along with that is a cover that’s made of durable materials, making your ball capable of avoiding any kind of damage, even at high speed. Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls are best used for long-distance shots.

Advantages of the Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls – 6 Pack
  • Multiple balls in a pack
    You get 6 beautifully painted balls, each representing different emoji.
  • Solid core
    Each ball has a solid two-piece core that allows you to keep a precise trajectory even with high-speed shots.
  • Very durable
    It has a durable cover that allows it to be highly resistant to any kind of damage, which is very important when it comes to having shots that move fast and at high speed.
  • For long-distance shots
    They perform the best for longer distances.
Bottom Line

All in all, Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls are a funny and interesting choice when it comes to golf balls. By using different emojis, you can surely add some fun to your games. Besides being interesting, this pack is also very practical because these are made of the finest material, allowing them to be as durable as possible at long distances, as well as being capable of producing higher speeds and precision.

Practice Golf Balls

Every golf lover started out by either playing mini-golf or practicing in their house. In order to perfect your golf skills you need practice. As for the balls, it would be a waste to use regular balls for simple practice, since they are more valuable for real playing. Therefore, it is better to use golf balls specially made for training and with which you can completely learn how to use different types of swings and shots.

They are made with a bit different material, usually plastics, with several features that would allow you to make some nice swings and help you to learn most of the basic swings. There are different types of practice balls, but let’s see what was our pick for the best practice golf balls on the market. Surely, you won’t be disappointed.

Tebery 100 Pack Training Golf Balls

What better way to practice your golf skills than by using practice golf balls? And there is no better choice than this Tebery 100 Pack White Plastic Gold Training balls. They are made for  practicing those shots on the driving range or simply killing some time in your house. Apart from that, they are also very good for training your swings, which is really important for beginners.

As you probably notice, they are not crafted like normal golf balls. Instead, they are made of plastic, which does make them less durable but, as stated, they are not for professional play. Even so, they can be very useful, especially if you’re having some struggle with perfecting some special swings. By using these balls, you can completely master both basic and advanced types of swings.

Features of the Tebery 100 Pack Training Golf Balls

Tebery training balls come in a bundle of 100 practice balls that can be used to practice all kinds of swings, which is very useful for beginners. They are made of plastic wiffle, which makes them an excellent choice for both indoor home practice and outdoor training. Another good feature is their white color, which makes it much easier to spot them in all conditions.

In order to simulate the right amount of spin and a maximum distance of regular golf balls, there are around 26 holes  that use aerodynamics to maximize the potential of practice balls. They are 5 inches in size, making them perfect for indoor simulators, your home backyard, or even a training session on real golf courses.

Advantages of the Tebery 100 Pack Training Golf Balls
  • A large number of balls in the pack
    You get 100 balls in one pack, which is enough for you to practice for a long time.
  • Durable design
    Made of plastic, these balls may not be as durable as regular balls, but they are more than good enough for practice runs.
  • Hole design
    These balls have 26 holes, allowing you to simulate the feeling of using normal golf balls and making it easier to practice swings.
  • Can be used anywhere
    Whether you decide to practice on the golf course, in your backyard, or by using some indoor simulator, these balls can accommodate all kinds of environments.
Bottom Line

Tebery 100 Pack White Plastic Golf Training balls are the best choice for people who are either just learning to swing, who just entered the world of golf, or are professionals who simply want to practice their skills. With these you will be able to completely master all types of swings.

Longridge airflow practice balls

The Airflow balls have been recognized as the safest way to practice a long time ago, mainly thanks to their limited flight capability and lightweight construction. Such a smart design absolutely minimizes and even eliminates the possible damage that’s usually present when exercising with standard golf balls in confined spaces.

Moreover, they make an excellent choice for younger ones who are practising golf, as they are much secure and significantly lighter than the standard ones for golf. A huge plus is that if they happen to hit the window, they will bounce without breaking it. Another great thing about them is that, besides being an excellent choice for golf fans, they also serve perfectly as toys for energetic dogs.

Features of Longridge airflow practice balls

When looking for a practice ball for golf, there aren’t many features to discuss, but still, there are some aspects to pay attention to. It has to be a safe and durable product, of neutral but practical design, and that’s exactly what this model of practice balls comes with. Keep in mind that they do slightly change their shape after many practising sessions, but since the package has 12 balls, you will never be lacking them.

They are made of hard white plastic, with an approximate diameter of 38mm to 42mm. Thanks to the airflow design, they gradually slow down even after being hit a bit harder. They come from a manufacturer that proudly advertises as “Your Single Source for Quality Golf Products”, and they are among the best-selling ones in the niche.

Advantages of Longridge airflow practice balls
  • White plastic
    Though colourful practice ball may seem attractive and funny, still they can be a huge distraction while practising. As leading your skills to perfection is the main goal, white balls come as the best choice, as they will help you focus on exercising.
  • Short flight design
    Thanks to the limited flight capability, these balls will allow you to achieve maximally efficient training in less space. This is extremely convenient primarily for those who prefer practising in closed or smaller areas, as the ball won’t fly away into nowhere.
  • Package with multiple balls
    With 12 balls you can be sure there will be many sessions of successful training. Even if it happens that some of the balls damage or wear out, you will have a replacement right by your side.
Bottom Line

The biggest virtue of this product is the short flight design, as it allows those who practice in limited space get the maximum of training, without having to worry that the ball will fly far away after being hit a bit harder. The neutral colour is also a huge plus, as it eliminates all the distractions and enhances the practising session.

Spin Golf Balls

Have you ever watched Tiger Woods making those perfect spins and thought about how that seems impossible to do? Even though it might look strange and very hard to do, there is a way to master this. One feature that helps is to use special balls made for such spins. With them, you would be able to perform nice spins even if you start out thinking that it’s impossible. All it takes is just a little practice.

Spin balls are made of a bit lighter material and are capable of achieving nice spins even on longer distances. They also allow you to perform excellent short to mid-range shots without any trouble. With that said, let’s jump into our top pick for the golf spin balls.

Wilson Staff Duo Spin Golf Balls (12-Pack)

If you want to become a master of spin shots, you definitely need to try Wilson Staff Duo Spin golf balls. They are specifically made for doing special spins but are still able to retain that soft feeling with each shot. They are so well crafted that they can do a great job on both close and long distances, due to their ionomer cover that gives them their speed and allows you to completely control your swings.

Whether you are beginner or a professional looking to master your spins, you will have a good time with Wilson Staff Duo Spin golf balls. Apart from making effective spins on long distances, they are capable of giving you complete control of your short-range shots, making them a perfect choice for some harder shots where you need to use good spins to hit the hole.

Features of the Wilson Staff Duo Spin Golf Balls (12-Pack)

One of the features that make Wilson Staff Duo Spin golf balls great is that they give you complete control over your shots and spins, meaning that you can have that soft feel when swinging on a greens of the course as well as having your low driver spin. When we talk about the Duo part of the name, that is linked to another benefit these balls have, which is the enhanced spin that gives you the ability to control your shorter shots into the greens area.

It has an inner mantle that is used to increase the spin effect on mid and short-ranged swings. It also gives the ball higher durability and makes it more resistant at high speeds and larger distances. Along with that, it has an ionomer cover that allows you to get higher shots, making it easier to score a perfect approach from far away. With this package you get 12 balls, which is more than enough for most players. As for the warranty, you should check Amazon’s terms of use, since the warranty from the manufacturer is not included in the packaging.

Advantages of the Wilson Staff Duo Spin Golf Balls (12-Pack)
  • Gives total control over spins
    It gives you total control over your shots, allowing you to make excellent spins on both short and long distances.
  • Duo spin
    The duo spin is related to the triple-take and gives you more control over your short-range swings on the greens.
  • Inner mantle added
    Allows you to make perfect spins on shorter and mid-range distances, while also giving you the option of having higher resilience at higher speeds and longer distances.
  • Multiple balls in the pack
    You get 12 spin golf balls, which should be more than enough for both casual and professional players.
Bottom Line

Wilson Staff Duo Spin golf balls are definitely the top choice for people who are looking to make excellent spin shots. They are well-made and durable and give you complete control over your spins on all short, mid-range, and long distances.

Women’s Golf Balls

Don’t worry, men! You are also eligible to use this type of golf ball. Women’s golf balls are meant to be used by people who prefer gentler and slower swings, allowing them to perform as well as people who rely on firm and strong spins. Specially designed for that purpose, they have a special core that can help to transfer energy for more challenging long-range shots.

Apart from that, women’s golf balls can achieve higher distances at slower speeds, making it possible to perform very precise long-distance shots. This is especially important if you are relying on softer swings. For that purpose, we picked the best women’s soft feel golf ball on the market for you. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Srixon Women’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

Even though there is the word “women” in the name, these are not made only for female players. Instead, they are made for a wide range of golfers whose swing speed is not too high. Basically, if you are more elegant with your swings and prefer tactics over initial speed and strength of your swings, you should definitely try these balls.

They are crafted so that their core has the maximum potential for transferring energy for long-distance shots and allowing you to make softer touches from tee to the green surface. Along with that, it is possible to reach higher trajectories with these balls, so they are perfect for those kinds of shots where there are obstacles in the way.

Features of the Srixon Women’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

In this pack, you get 2-piece value soft feel golf balls, best used for swings of over 70 mph, which is a bit less than the regular speed. Even if you have softer swings and a gentler touch, you will be able to reach longer distances with these balls while still maintaining your elegance and soft swings. That makes these a perfect choice for both beginners who still need to learn their swings and professionals who prefer more elegant and softer swings rather than force and speed-driven shots.

The Srixon Women’s Soft Feel golf balls have an ionomer cover, allowing you to maintain full control over your swings, even when it comes to long-distance shots. Apart from that, they feature a completely redesigned dimple pattern that provides better aerodynamics and allows you to reach longer distances and higher shots without trouble.

Advantages of the Srixon Women’s Soft Feel Golf Ball
  • Soft feel/great distance
    It allows you to have that soft feel while still maintaining the ability to cover great distances.
  • Ionomer cover
    With this it is possible to maintain good speed and durability, keeping your shots precise.
  • Redesigned dimple patterns
    With the redesigned dimple patterns you will be able to reach higher speeds and cover a longer distance with your shots due to the improved aerodynamics.
Bottom Line

All in all, a Srixon Women’s Soft Feel golf ball is a perfect choice for everyone who has softer and more elegant swing, no matter if you are a male or female. It is capable of giving you the accuracy and durability of regular golf balls without your having to worry whether your swing is strong enough.

Range Golf Balls

As their name suggests, range balls are golf balls made to be used at golf ranges. They are specifically designed for all types of golf range terrain, such as grass, sand, and even water. Because of that, they are made a bit differently than regular golf balls. They are meant to be heavier and more effective at short to mid-range, so if you are simply looking for long-range golf balls, this is definitely not your kind of thing.

However, one very nice feature of range balls is that they are perfect for rough terrain, and they can even float, making it much easier to hit that ball on a watery surface when you get stuck in it. Apart from that, they can easily navigate grassy plains and sand surfaces. Let’s check out what range balls we have prepared for you today.

A99 Floating Golf Balls

If you are a golf player that is strictly looking for golf balls to use on the actual golf course, then the A99 Floating Golf Balls are the perfect choice for you. They are specifically made to be used there, on all types of terrain that can be found on golf ranges. They are also capable of floating in the water parts of the golf course, so you can use them to make those almost impossible shots from the water’s surface.

As for their design, range balls are slightly different than normal golf balls. So, if you want constant and precise shots, you shouldn’t use only range balls, since their range and performance vary from ball to ball. That comes from their design, since they are created the same way except range balls have a slightly harder cover that makes them heavier.

Features of the A99 Floating Golf Balls

A99 Floating Golf Balls are specifically made range balls to be used on golf courses. While they have the same shape and size of regular golf balls, they are made of a bit heavier material, making them good for short to mid-range shots while not being so good for long-range shots. However, they make up for that with one very useful characteristic – their ability to float.

This floating ability makes them very useful when you need to perform swings in watery surfaces where it is hard to maintain full control of your swing. However, with these balls it is completely possible since they are made of a special material that is suited for all types of terrain found on golf ranges. In this pack you get 48 pieces of white golf balls, which is enough for most casual and professional players.

Advantages of the A99 Floating Golf Balls
  • Perfect for golf ranges
    Due to their design, they are perfect to be used on golf courses rather than in your home backyard or house.
  • Excellent at short distances
    While not being so good for long distances, these balls are great for short to mid-range shots.
  • Good for tough terrain
    Since they are specifically made for golf ranges, their performance on some tougher terrain is excellent.
  • Floating golf balls
    Speaking of tougher terrain, they are perfect when confronted with water, which cannot be said for many regular balls.
Bottom Line

While not being so good at large distances, A99 Floating Golf Balls are perfect for professional and casual runs on real golf courses, since they are specifically made for that type of terrain. They can be used on tough ground and watery surfaces, giving you the option to get that perfect shot even when you think it is impossible.

What to Look for in a Good Golf Ball

We have presented our choices for the best golf balls for each category. Let’s go over some general tips and tricks regarding the purchase of golf balls.

  • Range
    Not all golf balls are made to reach the same distances. Some can reach very long ones, while others are meant for short distances and hard shots.
  • Trajectory
    Another important feature is whether the golf ball can follow the straight trajectory or make curved ones. It’s up to your needs. If you need to make spin shots, you might want to take this particular type of ball.
  • Terrain Type
    Some golf balls are made for difficult terrains, like range golf balls.
  • Usage
    You should choose a type of ball depending on your needs. Perhaps you want to practice, or perhaps you want to have balls for difficult terrain and short shots.
  • Pack Options
    Check what options you get in the pack, for example the number of balls included and the warranty offered.

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