The Best Gas BBQ

The Best Gas BBQ

By Stefan Mitrovic
In order to find the best gas BBQ on the market, we tested over a hundred. The clear winner was this one – the Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue. We found it to be a high quality, powerful, and durable product. Made mostly of stainless steel, this gas BBQ is built to last. It’s available at an affordable price point, offering great value for money.

There is no better custom than spending a weekend outdoors with your family and friends. Maybe you are throwing a party or just having a small gathering. Whatever the situation is, when it comes to outdoor celebrations, everybody is probably looking forward to the food; that food is often a good barbecue. Whether you are a professional or an amateur who is planning to use a grill now and then, choosing a good grill can be a difficult task, and you inevitably have to do your homework before deciding which one to buy.

So, let’s start with the two most common types of barbecues: charcoal and gas grills. Many people claim that charcoal ones are better because you wouldn’t have to spend that much money on a grill, flames might make cooking a little bit more entertaining, and some people swear that it adds a special flavour to the meat. Both charcoal and gas grills have their pros and cons. If you are a professional, both types will suit you. For an amateur, a gas grill might be a better choice as it’s easier to maintain the temperature you want. There are many gas grills on the market, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the one that will meet all of your needs.

Types of Gas BBQ

Gas grills have become the favoured grills because they are so beginner-friendly. You don’t have to worry about burning the meat and there’s no smoke to deal with. Dealing with the heat adjustment is easier as well. As long as there is gas in the canister, you would be able to cook. Don’t worry about the flavour of the meat. Smokey flavour comes from the fact that the juices are dripping on the heat source underneath, so you and your guests will still enjoy an amazing barbecue. Gas grills are on the more expensive side, but they are worth your money.

The decision should be made based on your lifestyle and cooking skills. Maybe you don’t have a lot of outdoor space for your grill, or perhaps you would have to move your grill around a lot. Think about which gas you are planning to use – propane or natural gas. Are you cooking for yourself and a few more people? Or are you going to use it for bigger parties? Here are some options to explore.

Freestanding Gas Grills

This grill will work like an outdoor microwave. Since it’s on a cart you will be able to move it wherever you want without any struggle. Also, you can move it to store in your garage in bad weather. Most models are well thought out; you will find a space beneath the cover that can be used for storing tools. Also, there is a clean-out cup which makes cleaning the grill even more convenient. If you want to use natural gas, then this isn’t the model for you; many of these are propane grills. Also, they are usually full-sized, so be prepared to spend more money.

Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue

Are you in need of a top-notch freestanding barbecue which is both spacious and space-efficient? No, it’s not magic – with this barbecue it’s reality! Grill and griddle simultaneously with no concern about overcooking, while the food you’ve already prepared stays warm on the rack! Have all the necessary tableware at hand! And never again will you have to hose the whole yard after barbecuing! After clean-up, roll the barbecue back indoors! There is even a special shelf for the gas bottle! Can you imagine that all these marvelous functions come at a reasonable price?! Whether you are a fan of backyard gatherings or just love to indulge your family by dishing out scrumptious meals, this barbecue is the one for you! The only nuisance is assembling it upon delivery, but afterward you’ll be able to roll and store it wherever you wish!

Features of Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue

The griddle, grid, and four burners of 12,000 BTU are each lighted by the electronic piezo ignition system and are all made from cast iron. Two side shelves with small bars and a hook for hanging utensils add to the size of the preparation area. Underneath the grill there is a lower shelf for storing the gas bottle while the barbecue isn’t being used, and a removable drip tray that collects grease and any pieces of food that may fall off. The stainless steel hood in the shape of a dome is equipped with a built-in temperature gauge and a wire warming rack. Moving the barbecue is enabled by the two wheels located on one side. Along with the barbecue you’ll receive a free propane gas regulator and a hose for the gas bottle. The gas bottle isn’t provided. Not only is this grill pleasant to the senses but it looks classy thanks to its posh design!

Advantages of Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue
  • Considerable cooking area
    With its four burners, this barbecue offers more than enough space for cooking.
  • Provides a lot of storage space
    The two side shelves, along with a lower one, save much room in your yard!
  • Easy to clean
    The removable drip tray ensures that fat and bits of food don’t make a mess in your backyard.
  • Easy to move
    Roll this grilling cart anywhere you find it convenient!
  • Helps you control the temperature of your food
    Monitor the temperature gauge and your food will never get burnt again! And the wire warming rack will keep it warm after it’s done.
  • Safe to use
    Be carefree – with the electronic piezo ignition, lighting carries no risks!

The time saved cooking with this powerful, safe, and capacious barbecue (and the clean-up afterward) can be spent socializing and enjoying the delicious meals that come out of it! Having everything you need in one place is so convenient! Settle for nothing less than ultimate freshness and tastiness of food prepared with this barbecue.

Built-In Gas Grill

If you don’t have a huge backyard or a patio where you can place your grill, then a built-in grill is probably the best solution. They are smaller than full-sized gas grills and won’t occupy as much space. Maybe you are designing your outdoor kitchen – a built-in gas grill would fit perfectly in one of those.

You are probably worried it won’t have that many burners and ultimately limit your cooking. The number of burners can go up to 9 and heat distribution is very good. The food practically prepares itself. You would be able to choose between propane and natural gas for your grill. The material of the grill is something to note. Stainless steel is highly recommended; it will keep the grill safe from any corrosion and other damages. In the end, you will have a fantastic grill and spend less money than on a freestanding or full-sized grill.

Grandhall B03433750A Elite Built-In GTI Grill

Not enough space for a full-sized grill in your backyard? Or do you want a practical one in your outdoor kitchen? Whichever plan you have, this compact built-in grill will fit your needs! Two grids and one plancha are perfect for both feeding a bunch of people and making a modest lunch for your immediate family members! Overcooking and stale food are things of the past with the lid-mounted temperature gauge and the warming rack. Forget about fat and scraps of food dripping all over the place – everything goes onto a tray so cleaning will never again pose a problem! Last but not least, this device has made simultaneous grilling and caring for the environment possible! This grill is especially convenient for people who don’t have large yards and patios but still love hosting parties every once in a while. This combination of functionality and practicality is definitely worth the price!

Features of Grandhall B03433750A Elite Built-In GTI Grill

This sleek-looking built-in grill is equipped with two porcelain-coated Integrill grids made from cast iron (dimensions are 40 x 19 cm) and one cast iron porcelain-coated, 40 x 41 cm plancha. The overall grilling surface is 80 x 45 cm but the grill itself is 91.5 cm wide, 51 cm high, and 62 cm deep. Besides a warming rack to help you keep the prepared food fresh and warm, there is a drip tray that can be pulled out with a stainless steel handle at the front of the grill for easy cleaning after cooking. The metallic exterior with five plain knobs on the front and a neatly-fitted temperature gauge on the hood makes this grill inconspicuous yet elegant and thus suitable for any kind of kitchen. And environmentally-conscious buyers can be at ease – this is one eco-friendly device!

Advantages of Grandhall B03433750A Elite Built-In GTI Grill
  • A handsome cooking area
    Don’t worry about lacking space for cooking large amounts of food for your guests with this huge 80 x 45 cm grilling surface!
  • Enables maintaining the right temperature of the food
    With the help of the handy temperature gauge you’ll never again have any worries about your ingredients getting burnt. Also, your prepared dishes won’t cool down as you cook, thanks to the convenient warming rack.
  • Compactness
    Despite having a spacious grilling area, this barbecue doesn’t occupy much room because of its space-efficient design!
  • Easy for cleaning
    All fat and pieces of food end up in a drip tray that you can pull out and wash effortlessly!
  • Using it is environmentally-friendly
    This grill generates much less smoke, so it emits a considerably smaller amount of carbon dioxide into the air!

If you’re still having doubts, just imagine owning a grill that is compact but big enough, helps you make scrumptious meals, and serves them fresh – all that without dirtying your kitchen or the air! Don’t waste another moment; go grab it!

Infrared Gas Grill

Infrared grills are becoming more and more popular. They function a little bit differently than standard gas grills. There is an infrared element, which is heated by gas. That element transfers infrared radiation for cooking. Infrared gas grills have many benefits, the most important being that the ceramic tile allows the heat to spread evenly on the surface.

These provide quick preheating, high temperatures, and energy efficiency. However, because of the high temperatures, you can forget about grilling vegetables and fish. Also, they are not as easy to move around, and if you are on a strict budget, this is not the best choice – prices are higher compared to standard grills.

Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go – Portable Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared™ technology

The Char-Broil Grill2Go Portable Barbecue is perfect for quality grill cooking wherever you are. It’s designed to be the ideal accompaniment when cooking out and about. However, if this isn’t your thing, then the small size makes it a great choice for small gardens and balconies. The rugged and durable model can cook an extensive range of foods, making it a must-have appliance for any keen cook. It also has stainless steel grates and burners and a sturdy body, so this Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go will not disappoint. 

Features of Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go – Portable Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared™ technology

Featuring hard-wearing stainless steel components, the Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go is a reliable and strong grilling appliance. It’s easy to transport and the set-up is extremely straightforward, making it the ideal option for anyone wanting portability and simplicity. Setting up the X200 Grill2Go couldn’t be easier, and it will be up and running within a matter of seconds when connected to the gas cylinder. This easy-to-transport, mobile grill, boasts an easy push button electronic ignition, so there is no need for any matches! The user is in complete control because of the hood-mounted temperature gauge which allows full heat control.

This fantastic barbecue offers a performance that matches many top-performance grills on the market. The Grill2Go uses a TRU-Infrared™ cooking technology, which cooks food with less fuel, but also produces 50% juicier results. It’s powered by a 16.4 ounce portable liquid propane cylinder (sold separately), meaning it is easy to set-up wherever you are.

What’s more, it features two strong and durable burners that are built for longevity and high-quality cooking. The cooking grate is stainless steel, which means the Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go is extremely easy to clean. The useful handles on each side help carry the 11kg model, and it is not particularly big so it can be positioned in relatively small spaces. 

This product also comes with an impressive 2 year warranty for all parts, so users can be sure that they are getting a high quality deal with peace of mind included.

Advantages of Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go – Portable Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared™ technology
  • Durability
    One of the most impressive advantages of the Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go is its durability. The stainless steel burners and grate are built to last, and the rugged body is also strong and roadworthy. With a latching lid, this product can withstand being transported from one place to another time and time again.
  • Quality technology
    The Grill2Go features innovative TRU-Infrared™ cooking technology that cooks food with less fuel and produces food that is 50% juicier.
  • Portable
    Easy to transport and hard-wearing, making it perfect for making tasty meals no matter where you are. The portable liquid propane cylinder that is used alongside this product, is also very portable.
  • Easy to use
    Electronic ignition powers up the grill at the push of a button, so there will be no need to check the manual at each use!
Bottom Line

The Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go undoubtedly offers a great cooking experience. With an energy-saving cooking system and a reliable durability, it makes a great product for anyone looking to grill on the move.


Always wanted a barbecue that doesn’t burn some of your food while leaving other foods raw? Want one that preserves juiciness and makes food practically melt in your mouth? In that case, this barbecue is waiting for you! The heat is spread over the grilling surface and open flames cannot pop up, so everything you cook will be succulent! Keeping it clean is a piece of cake. Spread the wings of this beast of a barbecue and you’ll have all the space you need! After you’re done, just park it and lock it in its place! This grill is made for people who truly care about the flavor of their food, have no time to waste cleaning or wandering around searching for utensils, and want to save some money!


This gas barbecue grill uses TRU-infrared technology and has two stainless steel burners with an output of 6 kW lighted by a sure-fire electronic igniter. The start button is at the front, together with two knobs for temperature regulation. The cast iron grate is rustproof. This barbecue is also equipped with a removable drip tray, a built-in temperature gauge on the stainless steel hood with a sturdy handle, and a warming rack. Two foldable side shelves and the space behind the stainless steel door where the tank is located eliminate any need for additional work-surfaces. Two of its four wheels are lockable. This beautifully-designed barbecue comes in two equally classy-looking colors – black and metallic. The materials used for the components guarantee durability!

  • No flare-ups or overcooking and undercooking
    The TRU-infrared system has a large temperature range, but it distributes heat evenly and tames the flames!
  • Easy and safe to use and move
    Start it by pushing a button without the risk of open flames; change the temperature solely by turning the dials! After finishing, wheel the barbecue to its storage place and secure the two locking casters!
  • Easy to control the temperature
    Make sure your food’s flavor and freshness are always on point with a thermometer and a warming rack!
  • Easy to clean
    The cast iron, rust-resistant grate and the drip pan are washable!
  • Large storage space
    Unfold the two side shelves or open the door below the cooking area and you’ll add considerable work-space!
  • Economical
    The aforementioned infrared system saves up to 30% of gas! And since the barbecue’s rugged construction is made to last, you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon.

It’s no smoke and mirrors – see for yourself! This barbecue has a large cooking surface but doesn’t occupy much yard space; it can really level up your food preparation while saving you time, effort, and money. What a bargain! So why are you still having second thoughts?!

Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas grills come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. Cooking is cheaper because you don’t have to spend extra money on a propane tank. These grills use methane; it is connected to the grill with the pipeline from your house. As long as you are paying your bills, there will be enough gas for your cooking.

Also, because the gas is coming from your home, the grill can be used in the winter time as well. Because natural gas is lighter than air, safe cooking is guaranteed. This is an eco-friendly option as well. There are certain limitations – the pipeline that is connected to your grill is massive. That makes moving your grill around almost impossible.


Ever wondered whether there is a grill that can cook your food evenly, with no danger of unexpected flare-ups? You’ve come to the right one! From now on, your food will only be charred as much as you wish with the help of the lava rock cooking system and the temperature indicator. You won’t need any additional tables or carts because the preparation area can be enlarged. And moving the barbecue around is facilitated by two wheels! This grill will most definitely meet the needs of those who like their food’s flavor and texture to be spot on! Why waste space and money on others when you can purchase this one and get fantastic features at a reasonable price!


This barbecue has two aluminum steel burners with an output of 7.1 kW lighted by a piezoelectric ignition system. Temperature is regulated by two knobs at the front. The 45 x 35 cm cooking grill is made of chromed steel. Uniform heat is spread over the cooking surface thanks to the lava rock system which also protects the burners from any falling grease. The steel lid with a thermometer enables both direct and indirect cooking. Two foldable side shelves provide additional space for any necessary accessories. The barbecue can easily be rolled on its two wheels on one side, and its construction is sturdy because of steel reinforcement at the base of the trolley. Gas consumption is 515 g/h. Each of the two available sizes comes with the option of a side burner. This barbecue is not only practical and convenient but also elegantly designed, with a perfectly matching combination of black and metallic parts!

  • Even heat distribution
    No more overcooked and undercooked portions with the lava cooking system!
  • Powerful
    Don’t let the number of burners fool you – they sure can generate a lot of heat.
  • Additional storage space
    All you’ll have to bring are the food and the utensils – you’ll have more than enough space to serve everything when you unfold the two side shelves!
  • Easily-monitored temperature
    With the lid-mounted temperature gauge you’ll never again burn your ingredients.
  • Easy to move
    Wheel this grilling trolley anywhere you’d like to store it!
  • Durable
    The components of this grill are not only “as strong as steel” but they really are made from this long-lasting material!

Don’t miss this chance – power and durability have never been more affordable! Purchasing this both cost- and space-efficient barbecue is a high-return investment considering the priceless scrumptiousness of the food that comes out of it! Choose this grill and beautify your backyard while giving yourself a pleasurable cooking experience!

What to Look for in a Good Gas BBQ

Find the time to explore all different types of gas grills. Maybe you’ve always wanted a freestanding gas grill but didn’t want to spend extra cash on propane tanks. Or you thought that a built-in barbecue would be too small for you, and in the end bought a built-in with more than enough cooking area. Choosing which gas grill to buy should not be based only on these preferences. There are a lot of features that make a gas grill the best one out there for you. Here is a list of characteristics to look for in your future gas BBQ.

  • Choosing a Canister
    If you decide to use natural gas, you can skip this part. As mentioned previously, you can enjoy your grill whenever you want because the fuel is always available. However, with liquid propane the situation is a bit different as you will have to buy a canister to fuel the grill. These usually come in one of two different bottle sizes. One is 5 kg and other is 13 kg. You can easily replace the bottle when it is empty. You buy a bottle and after you run out of propane you can exchange it with a new one. Don’t worry about going to the store too often – the smaller tank is enough for about 15 cooking sessions and is compatible with most grills. The bigger canister, however, might not fit under your grill, so research this beforehand.
  • Number of Burners
    Models with two burners are the most popular. They are cheaper but still give you enough space for your cooking. Two burners are more than enough if you are cooking for yourself and your family or even a small group of friends. For a more significant gathering, you might need three or four burners. More burners provide you with extra space and more flexibility in cooking, and the heat distribution is better. Even though they will cost more, they are worth every penny if it’s what you need. Burners can be lined up either front to back or side by side.
  • Having a Side Burner
    At first, having a side burner sounds like something that could be useful, but that isn’t always the case. Professionals know how to use them best, but if you are an amateur, then the usefulness of a side burner is questionable. It will probably just take up extra space and make putting the grill together even more difficult.
  • Cooking Grates
    There are two options to choose from. First, there is cast iron. Cast iron will retain more of the heat and leave the grill marks on your meat that most people love. It requires more attention when it comes to cleaning. You should be very careful not to damage the surface of the cast iron, as pitted iron will rust easily. Your other option is stainless steel. Compared to cast iron, it is cheaper and you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it, but it does not hold the heat as well.
  • Heat Distribution
    One thing that can ruin your cooking is hot-spots. When the heat is equally distributed, all the meat is cooking at the same rate. With even heat you can use your grill as an oven for roasting the food. A simple way to check for any hot spots is to move your hand over the grill. There shouldn’t be a big difference in temperature over the entire surface of your cooking area. For eliminating hot spots, the grill should have a hood that keeps heat in and allows air to circulate.
  • Putting It Together
    You have to assemble most grills yourself. They are delivered to your house in boxes and putting them together is quite a task. The size of the grill will dictate the amount of time you will spend setting it up, though some are more complicated than others.

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