The Best Frying Pan

The Best Frying Pan

By Stefan Mitrovic
We’ve been searching for the best frying pan available, and we know that true chefs will definitely support our choice. The DECO EXPRESS Copper Non Stick Frying Pan is the best of them all. Being extremely durable, it won’t bend or lose its shape no matter how heavily it is used. It offers a non-stick surface, meaning you need no oil to cook your favourite meals.

Frying is by far the favourite cooking technique. Although it can be unhealthy if you don’t use the right ingredients, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s relatively cheap. Because of this, frying pans have become a staple of today’s kitchens all around the world.

As with any other cookware, buying these can prove to be a daunting task: so many types, brands, and sizes to watch out for, and all that at immensely differing prices! We hope we can bring some order into that chaos by giving you this frying pan buying guide.

Types of Frying Pans

By ‘types’, we mean the materials they are made of and also whether or not they have a coating of any kind. Note that while this feature does not apply exclusively to frying pans, we are going to focus on some key characteristics that might be important to this type of cookware.

Frying pans can be made of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, and copper. Each of these four types has its strengths and weaknesses.

Copper Frying Pans

Like all other copper cookware, copper frying pans are quite expensive and are often the professional chef’s weapon of choice. Mostly this is because they give the chef the best control over cooking; they react to any temperature change reasonably quickly, cook evenly, and also have the lowest heat-up time out of all types. Copper frying pans also require being well-cared for, as they can be damaged very quickly; they also need to be coated with proprietary copper polish reasonably regularly to prevent some of the damage.

Copper is known to react with acidic foods, and also to leave its trace on other foods, which can be seen on lighter-coloured pans as small streaks of grey. Now, ingesting a small portion of copper will not hurt you, but if it happens fairly regularly you might want to either polish your frying pan or throw it out and get a new one. Those that have raw copper paired up with tin or stainless steel lining are preferable; these give you the best of both worlds – copper’s heat induction abilities and the durability and versatility of the other metal.

DECO EXPRESS Copper Non Stick Frying Pan

This pan is a perfect choice for anyone who cares about their health. With this pan you will be able to prepare healthy food without even a drop of oil or butter. You can even fry an egg without oil or butter! Whether you are frying bacon or making omelets or some other culinary “masterpiece”, your food won’t stick to the pan. It is a great item for every kitchen. Once you try it, you will wonder how you could live without it. It will become your everyday assistant! With its rural design, the Deco Express will be an interesting addition to your kitchen. Best of all, you will enjoy its premium performance. For best results, purchase the lid also (the pan comes without lid). Experience the true taste of your meal!

Features of DECO EXPRESS Copper Non Stick Frying Pan

This pan can upgrade your cooking experience. Thanks to the combination of high culinary technology and its non-stick interior, your meals will be delicious. The pan becomes hot very quickly but, once pre-heated, the temperature stays even. Thanks to this, you will enjoy the natural flavors of your meal. You can use this pan intensively and every day. Its unsurpassed quality guarantees a long-lasting life. Thanks to the extra-hardened body and “wooden” handle you will get one extremely durable pan. It’s suitable for all hob types, which is very convenient.

Advantages of DECO EXPRESS Copper Non Stick Frying Pan
  • Durable
    Thanks to the combination of hardened body and non-stick interior, this pan will become an essential part of your everyday life for a long time.
  • Enables healthy cooking
    You can make your meal without oil or butter. This is convenient for people who suffer from diabetes or some other disease.
  • Low price
    You are getting great value for money with this one. You won’t regret buying this excellent purchase; on the contrary, you will probably recommend it to your friends and family.
  • Easy to clean
    Just wipe it out now and again. Use an oily kitchen roll for this.
  • Suitable for all heat sources
    Whether you are using electric, gas, halogen, induction, solid fuel, etc. the results will be the same — amazing!
  • Interior stands up to metal utensils
    Its scratch-resistant coating with stone effect will look like new for many years.

A “no-fat” pan like this is the first step for anyone who wants to have a healthy life. This is also perfect for people who appreciate ease when cooking and cleaning. Thanks to the affordable price, the pan can also be a great present for someone (your mother, granny, any housewife, professional chef, sportsman, etc.) Just remember — good health is priceless! This pan can contribute to your healthier life. Cheers!

Aluminium Frying Pans

Unlike copper pans, these are the most affordable choice; they make up almost 50% of frying pans (and other cookware) in regular households. But, like copper, raw aluminium is highly reactive to acidic foods and can leave that metallic taste in your food if not cared for properly. It can also warp and dent at high temperatures. Aluminium frying pans are often best when they are not 100% aluminium. They work better if the aluminium is altered or paired up with other types of metal, like copper.

Anodised aluminium is created by treating regular aluminium through an electrochemical process that makes it harder, gives it a fancy hue of grey or black, and makes it non-reactive to all kinds of foods. Unfortunately, it also makes it a lot more expensive, so you might want to reconsider whether this type sounds like a perfect option for you. It often comes paired up with another reasonably affordable material – stainless steel: the middle layer is made of this and it’s there to ensure that the heat is spread out quickly and evenly throughout the whole frying pan. On the other hand, stainless steel can also appear in the outer and inner layers, which makes the pan resistant to damage caused by high temperatures, as well as sterile and non-reactionary on the inside.

KitchenCraft MasterClass Non-Stick Heavy Duty 20cm Fry pan

Every good kitchen should have one of these non-stick pans. Unlike others, this one offers you a great product without spending hundreds of dollars on a single pan. It can open a door to a healthier life. As the pan is made without any chemicals, your body (and environment) will thank you. The simple, practical design will be a great addition to your kitchen. Once you try it, you will use it every-day (especially if you want to eat fried food with a clear conscience). This amazing pan is available in three different sizes: small (twenty cm), medium (twenty-four cm), and large (twenty-eight cm). Just pick the size that satisfies your needs.

Features of KitchenCraft MasterClass Non-Stick Heavy Duty 20cm Fry pan

Made of quality aluminium, this pan conducts heat evenly and quickly. The coating is water-based and free of chemicals (PFOA). Its green colour will be a welcome variation for your kitchen accessories. With this pan you can freely enjoy many fry-ups and delicious steak dinners without any regrets. Making dry-fried meals requires a non-stick surface on which ingredients will fry up in their own fat. The pan has an amazing cool-touch handle. Your hands won’t ever be in danger of getting burned. You can move your pan around and flip sausages or pancakes in comfort. The curved handle makes maneuvering easier. This small size pan (20 cm) is very easy to store; it’s also easy to clean. Put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. The pan can be used on all types of hob (excluding induction).

Advantages of KitchenCraft MasterClass Non-Stick Heavy Duty 20cm Fry pan
  • Non-stick interior
    The water-based surface is non-stick — food will easily slide out of the pan.
  • No chemicals
    Its “special ingredient” Hydrolon is kind to your food and also to the planet. There are no chemicals in its coating.
  • Suitable for all heat sources (almost)
    This pan can be used on electric, gas, halogen, ceramic, solid fuel, and many other hobs, but not on induction stovetops.
  • Dishwasher friendly
    Wash your pan by hands (soapy water will do the trick) or put it in the dishwasher if you don’t have time to do the dishes yourself. This pan will not be damaged either way.
  • Ten-year guarantee
    The manufacturer is aware of the high quality of this product; that is why this fry pan comes with a ten-year warranty. You can’t ask for more.
  • Great value for money
    You will get a great product for less money — a win-win situation.

With this pan, you don’t have to worry that it will let you down. It will make your everyday cooking task a real pleasure. You will enjoy crispy fry-ups much more with this pan. You can relax knowing that your meal is not just delicious, but healthy as well. What more can we ask? Treat yourself without guilt or treat someone you love.

Tefal “Logics” Frying Pan, Aluminium, Black, 20 cm

A high-quality frying pan is, of course, an essential tool in any home kitchen. You might be tempted to simply go for the cheapest option, but the quality of your pan makes a real difference in terms of saving time and preserving flavour.

What you need is a product which is durable and long-lasting, and that will ensure that your meals are cooked to perfection. The 20cm Black Aluminium Tefal “Logics” Frying Pan is ideal for just this, and strikes a happy balance between performance and affordability.

Features of Tefal "Logics" Frying Pan, Aluminium, Black, 20 cm

Years of experience in developing outstanding cooking appliances means that, when you buy a Tefal product, you know you’ll be buying quality, and this is no less the case with their “Logics” frying pan. Its classic, sleek, black design means that it will look great in any kitchen, whilst its 20cm diameter provides you with sufficient surface area for preparing a great variety of meals, without taking up too much space in your cooking area. With a non-stick surface and innovative Thermo-spot technology, this pan ensures that both your cooking and cleaning experience will be stress-free.

Advantages of Tefal "Logics" Frying Pan, Aluminium, Black, 20 cm
  • Ensuring an Ideal Cooking Temperature
    Tefal’s patented Thermo-spot technology means that this is the ideal pan for making sure that your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. This nifty feature comprises a heat indicator in the centre of the pan, which turns a solid red once it has reached the optimum temperature. In this way, the Tefal “Logics” pan eliminates the risk of damage to the colour, texture and flavour of dishes which comes with the guessing of temperature which is necessary with other pans.
  • Clean with Ease
    This product’s non-stick surface means that you don’t have to worry about food and residue clinging to your pan, making cleaning far less strenuous and saving you time to really enjoy meals with your loved ones.
  • A Pan that Lasts
    Purchasing a frying pan should be a worthwhile investment – you don’t want to be forced to spend unnecessary time and money constantly replacing it. The sturdy aluminium material from which this product is made means that you can rest assured of its longevity and durability, and rely upon it for a vast number of delicious meals.
  • Lightweight Design
    There’s nothing worse than being forced to lug about a heavy pan in the midst of cooking, which is what makes the Tefal “Logics” frying pan’s lightweight design such a welcome relief. It’s particularly useful if your home kitchen is a lively one, and you’d like to be able to transfer ingredients from one place to another with ease.
Bottom Line

The Tefal “Logics” frying pan makes a great addition to any kitchen as a result of its careful consideration of features that will make cooking more efficient and enjoyable, and less fussy. In spite of its affordable price, this pan does not compromise on heat distribution and ease of use, making it a product which is kind to both your stomach and your wallet.

Cast Iron Frying Pans

Cast iron is particularly heavy, which can prove to be a downside, but it also means it can go on any cooktop. It can infuse your food with a little iron, but that can prove to be beneficial for some users. It heats up slowly, but it distributes the heat evenly so you will never have to worry about your food being unevenly cooked. Just let the pan heat up adequately before you put the food in it. This means that the pan works best with temperatures in the low to mid range, and also that food you leave in the pan is going to cook for a little while after you turn off the heat.

Aside from its weight, a problem with cast iron is that it reacts with acidic foods, so deglazing with lemon juice or wine is not recommended for this type of frying pan. This means the pan has to be regularly and adequately seasoned to avoid chemical reactions with your food. The best and easiest way to season a cast iron frying pan is to clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap, rinse well, apply a layer of vegetable oil or margarine, and put it on a baking tray in a preheated oven for an hour. After you are done, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and it’s good to go. Note that you do not want to put cold water in a hot seasoned pan, as it can cause the coating or the pan itself to crack.

Euphoric Cookware Versatile Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Skillet

Try this versatile all-in-one pan and you’ll be surprised how quickly this will become your favourite cooking assistant. You can fry, grill, bake, roast, oven cook, and much more with this pan. You can even make a pizza in it! It’s perfect for professional chefs and just-plain food lovers. Surprise your friends and/or family with your culinary skills. Cooking will become easier than ever with this multifunctional pan. It’s made of tough cast iron to last a long time. Extremely durable, it will be your constant and faithful companion for many (delicious) years. Just take care of it as instructed.

Features of Euphoric Cookware Versatile Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Skillet

This is one of the larger-sized pans. You can cook for the whole family in it. Its round shape, 30 cm diameter, and simple design will look good in any kitchen. This heavy skillet is warp-resistant and suitable for all cooktops (except microwave). The pan has a hole its handle so you can hang it on the wall. It has two handles. The first (longer) one is ergonomically designed and oven-safe; the second one, the “assist handle”, helps you balance the heavy pan while moving and lifting it. There are also two pouring spouts to help contain any splattering.

Advantages of Euphoric Cookware Versatile Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Skillet
  • Versatile use
    This multifunctional pan can be used to grill, roast, bake, broil, sear, flambé, sauté, and much more.
  • Keeps your food warm
    Made of high-quality materials, a heavy body has heat retention properties. It will keep food warm at your table for longer than other pans.
  • Suitable for all heat hobs
    The pan can be used on all types of heat hobs — electric, gas, ceramic, halogen, induction, solid fuel — and on the barbecue, under the grill, in the oven, etc. However, cast iron won’t tolerate being put in a microwave!
  • Wash it by hand
    After using this pan, you must clean it according to the instructions that are included. Wash it by hand and don’t forget to wait for the pan to cool off. Don’t put a hot pan in the wash water.
  • Durable
    If you maintain it as instructed, it will last over a hundred years!
  • Low price
    If you buy this pan, you will get great value for your money. Compared with other pans (at a similar price) this one offers better performance and quality.

This multifunctional pan will help you make a lot of delicious meals from a wide range of ingredients. It will serve you well if you put a little extra effort into taking care of it. It’s a perfect size for a smaller family. A lot of satisfied customers recommend this heavy but durable pan. You will get premium performance for your money.

Lodge 26.04 cm Cast Iron Round Frying Pan

A multi-purpose skillet is an essential cookware element in every kitchen. Its shape and size are suitable for almost any manner of preparing food- frying, sautéing, baking, grilling, broiling, roasting, and so on. 

The cast-iron frying pans are suitable for every stove and oven regardless of the type (induction, electric, gas, or ceramic) except for the microwave oven, and this one is no exception. The iron distributes heat evenly ensuring nice cooking from each side. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors on a grill. Since it distributes heat s well, maximum power is not required.

Features of Lodge 26.04 cm Cast Iron Round Frying Pan

This particular skillet has the perfect size for everyday use for any kind of food preparation. It is 26.04 cm / 10.25 in diameter.  It is versatile and easy to use and handle especially thanks to the assist handle opposite the main handle. It helps to move and lift the pan with both hands easily (use heat-protective gloves at all times). The design containing side lips (both sides) lets you pour without making any mess or splashes around. When you are using it, you do not have to think about which utensils to use as it is suitable for all of them from silicone to steel.

Lodge has a great tradition in pre-seasoning their pans (they pioneered the process) which means that a coat of vegetable oil is sprayed on the pan and then baked into it. This is done in the Lodge’s foundry, and it can only improve with use (using oils when you cook). Washing the frying pan in the dishwasher can damage the seasoning so it should be avoided. You can also avoid using soaps, water is enough for cleaning this type of pans. 

Advantages of Lodge 26.04 cm Cast Iron Round Frying Pan
  • Non-sticky
    The Lodge Cast Iron frying pan is a great substitute for Teflon pans because it can’t be damaged as easily, and as a result, it does not turn toxic as Teflon pans do. The pre-seasoning ensures that it will become less and less sticky the more you use it as long as you put the oils in right before adding the food in a pre-heated pan.
  • HIgh-quality materials
    Lodge cast iron pans are made of the highest quality iron that goes through rigorous radiation and quality control. They are practically indestructible.
  • Warranty
    The product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Versatility
    It can be used for all types of cooking as well as on all types of stoves.
Bottom Line

Lodges Iron Cast Skillet is a must-have addition to your kitchen. It will last you forever, it gets better with use, and you can use it for anything.

Stainless Steel Frying Pans

These are probably the most efficient and affordable type of frying pan for your everyday cooking, as they are relatively cheap but also extremely durable and easy to maintain. The only problem is that they are relatively bad at heat induction, which is why clad frying pans exist. Clad pans are multi-layered pans with the outer and inner layer usually made of stainless steel (or some other magnetic metal for the outer layer) so that they are sturdy and non-reactive. The middle layer contains either copper or aluminium, as these are exceptionally good at heat control.

Stainless steel is relatively easy to keep clean but cleaning it thoroughly does leave its pores open, which can cause the food to stick to the surface. The solution to this problem is to put a small amount of oil into a preheated stainless steel frying pan so that it closes the pores and – voilà! – you have a budget version of a non-stick coating. This fry pan type is the only one that’s always completely and utterly dishwasher-friendly. Also, feel free to use acidic substances to deglaze these pans, as they are entirely non-reactive to any types of foods whatsoever.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Skillet with Glass Cover

If you are looking to buy a stainless steel skillet, this premium cookware might be a solution. A skillet like this is a cornerstone of all great kitchens. It is versatile – it’s perfect for searing, frying, and/or browning foods. It can be used at home but also at commercial restaurants. Thanks to its quality and durability, it will remain “like new” for many, many years! It would be a perfect present for every good chef. This large size skillet (12 inches) is a first step toward delicious meals. Prepared food keeps its nutrients, vitamins, and natural flavors. Let the culinary magic begin!

Features of Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Skillet with Glass Cover

Made of high-quality stainless steel, this will prevent sticking and burning your meal. This skillet offers efficient and even heat distribution. Heat the pan two or three minutes before adding the oil; this way you are creating a non-stick environment. The solid handle is made of stainless steel, yet is heat resistant. Thanks to air-flow technology, it doesn’t get hot. The skillet comes with a hard-glass lid so you can take a glance at your masterpiece while it’s cooking. The close-fitting lid doesn’t have a steam vent; moisture stays in skillet and the natural flavors and nutrients in your food is preserved. The interior of the skillet doesn’t lose its colour; it stays bright even after many uses. Also, this type of cooking surface doesn’t react with food or change the flavors.

Advantages of Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Skillet with Glass Cover
  • Versatile use
    You can use it for frying, browning, searing food, and much more.
  • Stainless steel
    Made of 100% stainless steel so food won’t stick to the skillet or react with it.
  • Efficient heat distribution
    Thanks to cooking at an even temperature (without hot spots) you will enjoy delicious meals made with this pan.
  • Easy to clean (+ dishwasher safe)
    You can wash it by hand or simply put it in the dishwasher.
  • Suitable for all hob types
    This skillet can be used on all hob types — gas, electric, halogen, induction, oven (up to 500 Fahrenheit), ceramic, etc.
  • Affordable price
    You will get a premium kitchen assistant for not much money.

This skillet with glass cover is not one of the expensive ones, but certainly is one of the most practical. You will use it to make a lot of different, delicious, and healthy meals without your ingredients burning and sticking. This amazing pan is a “must have” for every experienced chef. You can rest assured you won’t regret spending your money on this item.

ProCook Elite Tri-Ply Uncoated Frying Pan – 26cm – Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a pan that will not only help you create delicious meals of various sorts but the one which can be used on multiple types of hobs, this could be the right one for you. The best of all is that it is suitable for both stove and oven, as there aren’t any parts that could melt- it’s all stainless steel.

Made of durable material, the pan can withstand cooking and cleaning daily, without losing its shape and quality. You can use it for various sorts of meat, poultry, and fish, as well as for vegetables, but it won’t let you down with pancakes either.


Features of ProCook Elite Tri-Ply Uncoated Frying Pan – 26cm – Stainless Steel

Having seamless three-layer construction, this pan creates optimal temperature, by distributing heat evenly. It features an aluminium core, along with an inside and an outside layer of 18/10 stainless steel, altogether making a tough pan for efficient cooking. It will not only give you a tasty and thoroughly prepared meal, but it will save energy as well.

We all know how challenging it can be to hold a heavier pan, especially when there’s plenty of food inside. Being utterly strong and reliable, this model comes with an excellent ergonomic shape and CoolTouch handle, which allows you to hold it firmly, even with lots of food inside and while on the hob. Moreover, being made of stainless steel it remains cool during cooking, so you can be at ease when using it.

Advantages of ProCook Elite Tri-Ply Uncoated Frying Pan – 26cm – Stainless Steel
  • Uncoated surface
    Also crafted of stainless steel, the pan with such surface is the ideal choice if you are a fan of golden-brown meat with crisp texture- who isn’t, after all? Moreover, it’s perfect for delicious sauces as well, so you can add water, wine, or whatever else you want, without creating a sticky mess and a burnt pan which is impossible to clean.
  • Induction hob-friendly
    Even though the majority of homes still use regular hobs, a growing number of consumers opt for induction hobs. Thanks to the magnetic base, this model is suitable for this option, but for many others as well. Those include ceramic, halogen, gas, electric as well as solid plate, as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 260C.
  • Suitable for various types of food
    Whatever you feel like preparing- crispy meat, juicy vegetables, or tasty fish, this pan is made to make any cooking adventure happen. Thanks to a great combination of reliable material and multi-layered construction, it adds more to efficiency but delivers evenly cooked meals, without overcooking or catching.
Bottom Line

With 26 cm and a broad, flat cooking surface, this frying pan is an excellent choice for smaller families or gatherings of three to four people, allowing you to make versatility of dishes, from mouth-watering steaks to soft pancakes. Made of durable material and with a 25-year guarantee, it will be your faithful companion in the kitchen, for both regular and induction hob, for quite a long time.

What to Look for in a Good Frying Pan

To make a good purchase, you have to be decently informed on the subject, and you also need to know exactly what you want and need from a frying pan. Here are some features you might want to consider for your convenience.

  • Thickness
    The thickness of frying pans can be measured in either mils or gauges, and they work the opposite way – the higher the mil the thicker the pan, while the higher the gauge the thinner the metal. Although thicker almost always sounds like a better option, keep in mind that thicker pans heat up more slowly. It’s best to think long and hard about your circumstances before deciding on anything.
  • Coating
    Coating (or seasoning, in some cases) is almost mandatory for any frying pan other than the stainless steel one. However, there is also an ingenious invention called non-stick coating. There are five types of non-stick coating: regular non-stick, Excalibur, PowerCoat2, SteelCoat3, and CeramiGuard II. The significant difference between them is the thickness of the coating and thus their performance level. They have shared drawbacks: metal utensils and high temperatures are the arch-enemies of non-stick coated frying pans. Do not try to cut food with a metal knife while it’s inside the frying pan, as yours truly has learned the hard way. However, while coating does prevent the food from sticking and also reduces the amount of oil or fat needed for cooking (and in turn letting less oil seep inside your food, making it healthier), having a frying pan with a natural finish can also have its advantages, such as lower price and better searing capability.
  • Handle
    Silicone, plastic, or stainless steel handles are often the best choices, as they do not conduct heat and they make handling the frying pan an easy, stress-free, burn-free experience. Some pans have metal handles that are hollow or they have some other way of dissipating heat away from the handle. Wooden handles are not as standard, but they are great at staying cool; they can also go inside the oven, but sadly, they can’t go into the dishwasher. Another feature of handles is whether they are riveted or not. Riveted handles are permanently attached to the frying pan, which makes them the sturdiest. But they also require special attention while cleaning in order to avoid leftover food and bacteria getting stuck in there. Non-riveted handles are a little less sturdy, but they also do not require such a meticulous cleaning.
  • Material vs Cooktop
    Not all materials can go on all types of cooktops, as we have seen with the copper frying pan example. Induction has recently become very popular, so if you have such a cooker you will want to opt for either cast iron or stainless steel frying pans. Induction-friendly pans always have a small icon on them, so make sure you check for it when buying. If you have a glass cooktop, you will also want to choose stainless steel or aluminium, but not cast iron, as that can cause the cooker to shut down due to temperature limitations and its slow heat-up properties. Copper pans can be used, but they can leave a residue if boiled dry, which can make them hard or impossible to clean. There are many cooktop/material combinations, so we will leave the rest of this topic for you to research.
  • Manufacturer and Price
    As with all products, sometimes the brand can influence whether or not you are going to buy it. The most famous frying pan brands with a good reputation are All-Clad, Foodal, and Lodge. As for price, that can vary a lot, ranging from the more budget-friendly, everyday options that go as low as £7- £12 to professional, deluxe options that are about £600- £700. The most expensive “amateur” models can go up to about £230.

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