September 19, 2021

We have tested and tested to find the best electric heaters that don’t leave you feeling like you’re sitting in front of a hair dryer. We’ve created a list, and at the very top is the Duronic Convector Heater HV120. It produces quick results, can double as a fan to cool the air in summer, and it is safe and reliable – everything you need from an electric heater.

Electric heaters are the modern equivalent of furnaces and fire pits. After the invention of Nichrome in 1905, the electrical heating world became more compact and practical. And to this day we still use the same essential heating elements as the original inventors did.

Now we have units which heat the walls, while others directly radiate the heat into the air. Many newer models and types differ from each other regarding efficiency, insulation, safety, energy conservation, price, uses, facilities, and availability. Below you will find the five best types of electric heaters, along with a buying guide to help you choose which brand or model to buy.

Types of Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are available in multiple different types. We have just listed the five most majorly known and sought-after varieties of electric heaters which can benefit you. Note that most of the heaters on our list are best suited for space heating and aren’t centralised.

For centralised heating, we recommend either trying an electric furnace or using an underfloor electrical heating system. If you still don’t find solace in those, then we suggest trying a non-electrical alternative, such as venting systems or traditional furnaces. Electric variants are hardly ever used for centralised heating.

Convection Heaters

Convection or oil column heaters work on the same principles as the mica thermic heater but perform better. They heat the room through convection, not conduction. This allows them the spread heat much faster than regular panel heaters. However, they do not use radiation, although a bit of radiant heat is emanated. Convection heaters mostly work with a thermostat and tend to produce little or no noise. Because they heat the room via exchange of hot and cold air, they tend to take longer to maintain the temperature. However, the use of a fan heater can fix that.

Oil column heaters tend to have a lower surface temperature than panel or mica thermic heaters, so they are generally safer for pets and kids. However, they can overheat at times, and the heavy weight and sharp jagged edges of the heater may be a threat to children. These are the best electric heaters regarding the balance of price and features.

Duronic Convector Heater HV120

Best Convection Heater: Duronic HV120

Are you in the market for a heating device that can heat the whole room in a few moments? We present you the Duronic Convector Heater HV 120, which is capable of that. Because of the convector heater’s technology, this provides faster heating than other models.

The Duronic Convector Heater has 3 heat modes. It works on the power of 750w, 1250w, or 2000w. Besides its heating possibilities, it can be used during summer months as a cooling fan. The device has a thermostat inside that easily regulates the temperature of the room. The thermostat detects temperature drops in the room and turns on the heater again in order to make the temperature of the room consistent.


The best feature of the Duronic Convector Heater HV120 is the safety and reliability that is guaranteed by a CE certificate. This heater weighs only 3.2 kilos, which makes it easy to move around. The device can autonomously stand on special feet that come with the package. You can easily take the heater from one room to another if you need to. Also, if you prefer, it can be attached to a wall with wall fittings that are included in the package

However you position the heater, it still provides faster heating than most other devices. With the thermostat, you can maintain the same temperature in the room during the whole day, or you can easily change the temperature with just one press of a button.


  • Safety and reliability - The device has fulfilled all safety requirements that are necessary to get the CE certificate. Thus it guarantees the best care and protection for your family. The device has a safety cut-off feature that forces the heater to shut off if it becomes overheated.
  • Quick heating - It provides faster heating of the room because of the convector heating technology.
  • All-seasons usage - Different modes of heating mean you can use this through all the seasons of the year. You can use it during spring or autumn with the power of 750W or 1250W, and during the winter with the power of 1250W or 2000W. If you are puzzled about using the device in the summer, please, don’t be. It has a button that controls the fan, and by switching to it only, your heater turns into the cooling system.
  • Lightweight - It weighs only 3.2 kilos, and because of that, you can easily move it wherever you want. It can even travel with you.
  • Fix to the wall - With additional wall fittings that come in the package, you can keep this heater perfectly positioned on your wall.


This heater represents the best choice if you need a fast and lightweight heating device that can also be a cooling system. It is designed to fit perfectly in every room. A possibility of fixing it to the wall makes it invisible yet efficient.

De’Longhi Dragon 4 TRD40820T Oil Filled Radiator

Top Rated Electric Heater: De'Longhi Dragon 4 TRD40820T Oil Filled Radiator

The De’Longhi Dragon 4 TRD40820T Oil Filled Radiator breathes warmth into the chilliest of rooms with its silent, steady and economic heat output.

The Dragon 4 is designed to warm a space quickly thanks to its unique accelerated heating feature which steadily delivers automatically regulated heat to your desired temperature.

There’s plenty of very good reasons as to why the fourth generation of this oil-filled radiator ranks in the top 10 of all portable heating appliances sold by a certain online retail giant. Here’s why.


Oil-filled radiators used to have a certain reputation. They were slow to heat up, costly to run, noisy, and smelled a bit, well, oily – always.

Nothing could be further from the truth with the latest De’Longhi Dragon 4 range, of which the TRD40820T is one of the most powerful.

The 2,000W-rated TRD40820T has three heat settings so you can set it to heat a room quickly then power down to save on costs or boost as you wish.

With a thermostat, frost-guard feature, 24-hour timer and overheat safety override, the De’Longhi TRD40820T can be programmed to meet your particular needs and that of individual rooms.

The large surface area of the TRD40820T, expanded radiant area, and bigger fin proportions than its predecessors to conduct heat prompted the consumer advice champions at Which? to conclude this would be a more economical choice than cheaper alternatives.


  • The Dragon 4 TRD40820T heats a large room up quickly - Be it a conservatory, a room used occasionally, a mobile home, or if you simply don’t want (or need) to heat the whole house via central heating, then the “super advanced chimney system” will warm a sizeable area (up to 60 square metres) in super quick time. The chimney effect pulls cold air quickly through the hottest part of the radiator then accelerates it through the hot pipes to provide rapid heat.
  • Clutter free design, elegant and convenient - The brilliant-white coloured heater comes pre-assembled with wheels for ease of movement. The black minimalist control panel adds a modern look with three easy-to-use dials. The TRD40820T has a carry handle and a safe rounded design to minimise any scratches from bumps as you move it around or should a child or pet clatter into it. The heater’s flex and plug can be folded around the inbuilt coil for ease of storage without trailing wires.
  • Odourless, silent and steady - You won’t find an oil-filled radiator anywhere that doesn’t have that certain familiar smell about it. You are burning oil after all. However, the TRD40820T has been designed to be odourless after the initial faint burst when warming up. The internal diathermic oil system acts as a heat reservoir and disperses heat steadily and slowly. And the Dragon 4 TRD40820T is unnoticeable when turned on thanks to its silent operation.


The history of De’Longhi dates back nearly 120 years to the turn of the 20th century and has a long history of producing portable heaters.

De’Longhi have been manufacturing the Dragon range of oil-filled radiators since the mid-90s. This latest fourth-generation incorporates the latest in mobile heating with the company’s long-established manufacturing expertise.

Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are generally considered the best electric heaters for more eco-friendly use. However, even if they reduce costs, they are usually not enough to heat a space to the desired temperature. If anything, we would recommend going for the higher wattage variety of panel heaters since they can heat the entire room adequately.

However, these require a lot of energy and they are not the best at conserving electrical power. Still, with a thermostat and a regular heating schedule, you can make the most of these.

Futura Electric Panel Heater Intelligent

Best Panel Heater: Futura Electric Panel Heater Intelligent

Are you searching for a waterproof heater that you can use in a bathroom? This is the best choice for bathroom heating or heating of any other room of up to 6 m2. The Futura Electric Panel Heater is both efficient and energy-efficient. With the digital timer, you can set a weekly heating schedule that covers all your needs. In case of sudden changes in temperatures, for example if you open a door or a window, this Futura Electric Panel Heater will detect the temperature drop and it will switch off in order to save energy and keep the bills down.


This device provides a temperature range from -5 °C to 50°C. It is easy to maintain the desired temperature because of the highly sensitive thermostat that can detect a temperature change of only 0.5 °C. It is useful because maintaining the same temperature is essential for keeping the cost of the heating down. The Futura Electric Panel Heater Intelligent is easy to use. The digital panel that controls the heater is a cinch to operate and has the child-lock function. You can install it inside a children’s playroom without fear that your kids will get hurt. It is waterproof, which makes it perfect for your bathroom or kitchen or any other room with a water source nearby. However, if you decide to use its waterproof advantage, the installation of the device must be performed by a professional electrician.


  • Lightweight- It weighs only 3.5 kilos and it is easy to move wherever you need it. With the 1.5 metre cable, the device can be perfectly positioned according to your needs.
  • The choice of self-standing or wall mounting - The device comes with wall mounting brackets and feet for free standing. Thus, you can choose how to position the heater; whether you want to fix it in one place or be able to move it around.
  • Detection of sudden temperature changes - If any of your family members decide to open the window while the heater is operating, the sudden temperature drop will be detected and will cause the device to turn off.
  • Child-lock function - This regime provides locking of the settings, which prevents dangers caused by children playing with the heater.
  • 2-year guarantee - It comes with a 2-year warranty and fulfils all EU regulation demands from the year 2018 so you can remain carefree while this device is in use.


The capability of the weekly heating timer log, along with its low energy consumption, make this heater the best solution for fast and cheap heating. You can choose a different surface and voltage according to the size of the room that needs to be heated. The device will provide faster heating than a radiator and will maintain low energy consumption. It reacts on sudden temperature drops caused by the opening of doors or windows, which makes it much more efficient than other similar models.

Mica Thermic Heaters

Mica thermic heaters are similar to convection heaters; they work on the principle of heating the surrounding air instead of the walls. Conduction in walls is slower than convection in the atmosphere. So if you’re looking for a quick heating solution, then mica thermic heaters should be on your list of choices.

Yet they also tend to overheat very quickly, which can not only damage the unit itself but also be dangerous to pets and children, and pose serious fire risks when left unattended. One of the things that we do tend to like about these is that they are very lightweight and portable.

Duronic Heater HV101

Best Mica thermic Heater: Duronic Heater HV101

If you suffer from allergies and want to avoid fan heaters because they could spread dust and allergens, a heater like this one from Duronic is a good choice for you. It will start warming up the room in less than a minute so you can enjoy your warm and cosy home in no time, no matter the weather. Mica thermic technology is safe as well as affordable. So, if you need an elegant device that is able to heat up quickly and warm up the room in which you use it, while still being extremely easy and safe to use, try out the Duronic Heater HV101 and you’ll be impressed with all the incredible features it offers.


This device features three heat settings – you can choose from 1, 1.5, and 2.5 kW. If you want the heater to warm up quickly, use the last setting, and if it’s not too cold you can easily use either 1 or 1.5kW. With the adjustable thermostat, you can set it up or down to the temperature you prefer and change it whenever you want. The heater is safe and cool to the touch, which makes it very easy to move around your home. Since it has durable wheels, that’s going to be even easier. The panels are insulated – you will be safe each time you use this device since there is no risk of electric shocks and fires. The dimensions of this device are 71 x 23.2 x 64.8 cm, and it weighs around 6kg. The power cable is 1.8m long, and when you don’t need to use the heater, you can easily store the cord on a twisting handle on the heater.


  • Silent- This heater is silent even when it’s working on its high setting. This means that you can easily leave it on when you’re sleeping since there isn’t any noise to wake you up.
  • Easy to move around - This device is cool to the touch thanks to its special technology. Because of its durable wheels and sturdy handles, you can move this heater around your home whenever you want. It can also be stored away easily without taking up too much space and without interference from the cable, thanks to the hook on the back of the device.
  • Safety - With its over-heat protection, as soon as the device finds that it’s warming up more than it should, it will switch off. The same happens if you accidentally knock it over – it will turn off right away. This is very important since it protects your home from fire.


This model is one of the best heaters on the market because of its efficiency, warmth, innovative technology, and, most importantly, safety. If you like all the mentioned features, you should try out this incredible device and always keep your home warm and cosy.

Duronic Heater HV220

Top Mica thermic Heater: Duronic Heater HV220

Have you noticed how heavy oil heaters can be? They are often hard to move and transport around the home into different rooms, especially if you have steps to overcome. The Duronic HV220 Electric Heater Mica Panel offers the perfect solution to this problem, since it is a heater without oil. It heats faster than an oil radiator, and it is easy to manoeuvre because of its significantly lower weight. Still, it provides the same amount of heat as an oil heater. This heater is based on perfect heat conductors that have been made of mica material. This material heats faster than oil and thus saves power and money. This heater does not dry the air in the room, so it perfect for use in bedrooms too.


The device works quietly and is perfectly safe for use around the kids. There is no motor inside, meaning the heater is very quiet when. The mica panels are naturally insulating, keeping you safe from electric shocks and electrical malfunctions. The protective mesh around the mica surface is cool to the touch. preventing accidental burns or fires. This mica heater doesn’t blow the air, making it more hygienic for those with allergies. Dust, bacteria and allergens in the air do not get blown around the room as they do with conventional fan heaters. Also, the device doesn’t dry the air. With this heater, your home will stay perfectly healthy during winter. It also has a built-in thermostat with two heat settings that allow you to find the perfect temperature for your room. The heater takes only one minute to heat up to full temperature, warming your room within minutes. With the use of this model, you won’t be surprised by sudden temperature changes.


  • Quiet- This heater has no motor inside. It runs almost silently, making it perfect for use in bedrooms.
  • Healthy - The device works without blowing the air around your room, which reduces the level of harmful dust, bacteria and allergens in the air. Also, the heater doesn’t dry the air, which makes it perfect for use around people with respiratory issues.
  • 2-year guarantee - The Duronic HV220 comes with a 2-year guarantee that offers owners of this heater peace of mind. This also proves insurance of quality.
  • Safe to use - With protective mesh that is cool to the touch around the mica panel, you don’t need to worry about this device causing accidental burns. It is perfectly safe for use in rooms with children and pets.
  • Insulator - Mica heater works as a perfect insulator, which prevents possible electric shock.


If you are searching for healthy and fast warming device, this is the right thing for you and your family. It is a stable heater that is easy to move on its little wheels. The heater is perfectly safe to use around kids and pets because of cool grates that prevent burnings and fire.

Fan Heaters

A fan heater works mostly on the same principles as a regular convection or oil column heater. However, since convection heaters passively heat the room, they tend to be slower. Fan heaters actively push heated air into the room, allowing the heating process to be complete in just minutes. This means that you can turn on the heater and be good to go right away.

We would recommend getting a fan heater if it’s important to you to have the air distributed evenly. You could even use this in unison with a convection heater to boost performance. The only downside is that these heaters can be very noisy and they are not suited for overnight use if you’re a light sleeper. Another problem is that they don’t work by thermostats most of the time.

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

Best Fan Heater: Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic

There’s nothing better than a warm and cosy home during the cold rainy or snowy days and nights. That’s why this Warmlite fan heater should be a part of your family. If you need a good-quality heater that will allow you to achieve that perfect temperature inside any room, this model should be your choice.


This fan heater features two heating settings – 1200W and 2000W, as well as an adjustable thermostat so you can choose and change the temperature according to your needs and preferences. It has a wide angle of oscillation, which means that it can cover a big surface in every room and warm it up evenly. It weighs only 1.75  kg, and its dimensions are 18.5 x 15.5 x 26 cm, which means that it’s easy to carry around your home if you need to place it in a different room. It’s sleek, and it will look good next to your furniture. Since it is a ceramic fan heater, it saves a lot of energy while producing enough warmth. It also features overheat protection and a safety tip-over switch for added security.


  • Adjustable thermostat- Since not everyone enjoys the same temperature, a great feature of this heater is that it has an adjustable thermostat. This allows you to choose the temperature you like as well as adjust it whenever you want, according to the weather conditions and personal preferences.
  • Ceramic - This material is probably the best one to use when it comes to fan heaters because it retains the temperature once it’s warm enough; this helps keep energy bills in line.
  • Safe to use - Thanks to the overheat protection, you can be sure that the heater won’t get too warm and break down. It also features a safety tip-over switch so your device will stay safe to use and you won’t have to worry about fire or injury.


This compact, light, and portable fan heater can make any room warm during winter. Place it wherever you want, choose the temperature, and let it make the room comfortable and cosy. Thanks to this device, your home will always be a pleasant environment to live in.

Warmlite WL44001 Fan Heater

Top Rated Electric Heater: Warmlite WL44001

Are you searching for a fan heater? If so, the Warmlite WL44001 should be your choice. Even though it is small and lightweight, it still can warm a whole room in just a few minutes. It has dimensions of only 12.5cm x 24.5cm x 25 cm and fits perfectly into the smallest spaces. It’s even small and portable enough to take on a trip with you, should you ever need to. Also, the device has StaySafe approval by BEAB & GS, offering that extra peace of mind when using it in your home. This approval means that a third party independent company, such as Intertek, has regularly completed random checks of products of this type. The device has two heat settings, which makes it possible to adjust its performance according to weather conditions.


The device can be placed horizontally or vertically, depending on the direction in which you want the heat to blow. The fan heater has been made of flame retardant plastic, making it both lightweight and safe. The whole package weighs only 1.13kg. It also has an automatic safety cut-off feature, keeping you and your family safe from fire or electric shocks. With two heat settings and a built-in thermostat, you can fully control the temperature in the room with this heater. 


  • Lightweight- Weighing only 1.1kg, you can take this device with you wherever and whenever you need it. This is especially useful if you use spaces without a built-in heating system. This easy-to-move device is a valuable companion on every trip.
  • Adaptable - Along with its small dimensions comes the flexibility of positioning the device vertically or horizontally. This means that you can put the heater wherever you have a source of power. No matter how small the space is, this fan heater will warm it for you.
  • Fan option - The fan option means it’s useful in the hot summer months too.


It may seem small, but this fan heater is capable of heating a room in just a few minutes. The heater works on two different heat levels and thus can provide 1000w or 2000w of heat. It also comes with a simple fan option that could be useful during the hot weather.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are a variant of radiant heaters – they heat the objects and people in the room instead of the air or the walls. They are for the most part the best elector heater types, even better than regular radiant heaters.

The only downside is that they do not work in larger spaces or as central heating. For those, try a heat pump or a furnace. Infrared heaters are, unfortunately, more expensive, and most don’t even have a thermostat.

Veito CH1200LT Free Standing Carbon Infrared Heater

Best Infrared Heater: Veito CH1200LT Free Standing Carbon

Are you familiar with the new infrared heating technology? This technology is energy efficient yet still capable of heating the room in just a few minutes. The Veito CH1200LT uses infrared technology. It has two power settings of 600W and 1200W. Also, the long-lasting heat element will keep the heater warm long after you turn it off. This is especially useful for saving energy. The device comes with a simple control panel with three possible options. You can turn it on and off and you can choose between two levels of heating. The device provides perfect heating that is enough for use in the coldest areas.


It weighs only 2 kilos but it is strong enough to heat a whole room as big as a restaurant or office. The device is powerful and economical at the same time. The infrared technology uses heat waves to heat the room. This is a completely different and more advanced technology than the technology used in other ordinary heaters. The best thing is that the heater remains warm after it is turned off. Basically, it works as an oil radiator, yet it is lighter and easier to operate. Also, this infrared heater is perfectly healthy to use because it works without a fan, so the dust in the room remains untouched. By leaving the dust in the place, harmful allergens stay out and the person prone to allergies remains safe.


  • Infrared technology- With the newest infrared technology, this heater can easily warm the whole space with less energy. Also, the device warms the space in a few minutes and remains warm after it is switched off.
  • Lightweight - The infrared technology provides for a lightweight core, and so the whole product weighs only 2 kilos.
  • Healthy - The heater works without a fan. Hence, it doesn’t produce the circulation of dust and the allergens in the air.
  • Useful during the toughest conditions - Veito products have proven their usefulness in the South Pole, which is known for extremely low temperatures and ferocious winds.
  • Economical - While it provides the best heating performance, it remains economical with its 1200W while most of the heaters work on 2000W.
  • 2 years of warranty - You can be completely carefree during use of this heater since the manufacturer guarantees its quality for two years.


This heater combines the best options of oil radiators and convector heaters without additional circulation of the air. You can relax, because it is economical though powerful enough for heating the coldest spaces. The heater will be worth every penny that was spent on it.

What to Look for in a Good Electric Heaters

It seems very intimidating to be out spending hundreds of dollars on an appliance that you know nothing about. What if you get the wrong one? What if you don’t get the best out of it? And what if you never even needed this type in the first place? These questions keep triggering our inner anxieties, and we seem to be less and less educated on the proper things to look for in the best electric heaters. The following list may help in deciding what you need:

  • Heat Mode - Electric heaters use three different “modes” of heating to work with: conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is when the heat is transferred directly from one part of the room to the other without the need of actually moving the air. Panel and underfloor heaters and furnaces work on this principle. Convection is when the hot air rises and the cold air settles down, thus creating a continual “transfer” of heat. However, in reality, it is a transfer of material. Convection and oil column, mica thermic, and fan heaters work on this principle, as well as some furnaces. Radiant heating is when the heat is directly transferred to the objects and people in the room without the need for transfer of heat or material. Radiators and infrared heating work this way. This is by far the most efficient electric heater type, although it’s a bit costly.
  • Choose Your Ideal Heater Type - We have listed five different types, but there are undoubtedly many more. Nonetheless, you should look for the same things in each category and brand. First, decide which type of heat you want to employ in your rooms. Next, decide on whether you want a thermostat or not; thermostats help to control the temperature inside the room. Some heaters are safer for children than others are, so pick the safest one. Another heater may be quicker than others. Decide all of that then check against our list to find the one you find the most suitable.
  • Fuel Efficiency - Fuel and electrical efficiency are essential aspects to keep in mind. Although all types of elector heaters have similar capabilities, the brands may differ. You see, if you’re going to spend hundreds of pounds on a heating unit, it shouldn’t cost you more to manage it. Bills should be reduced, power cut-outs should be minimal, and fire hazards should be absolutely zero. Most people buy electric heaters because they are the most efficient, so getting an inefficient energy-consuming heater isn’t necessary.
  • Safety and Security - Look for heaters with less chance of overheating, an automatic shut-off system, heavy insulation, and an insulated surface. Usually, convective and conductive heaters don’t shield the surface. This means that anyone who touches it can get burned. The surface heat should be significantly reduced, and children and pets should be kept away from it.
  • Warranty - Warranty is another thing that you must never overlook. If the unit breaks down, refuses to work, or overheats, then apart from all the other damage, you will end up losing an expensive heater. Warranties help to keep us safe and make sure that we can always get a decent refund or replacement should the equipment decide to give up on us. Get a warranty for at least ten years if possible, but if you don’t find one, then five years is enough.
  • Look For A Thermostat - Last but not least, a thermostat is one of the defining qualities of the best electric heaters. We discussed this before, but we feel that it requires a subheading of its own. Thermostats help regulate the temperature in the room and make sure that you get whatever amount of heat you desire. In general, heaters like panel and fan heaters usually don’t have thermostat features. Convective and radiant heaters are more commonly equipped with thermostats.
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