The Best Dog Toys

The Best Dog Toys

By Stefan Mitrovic
After all the time spent with our dogs, trying to see which toy they liked the best and wanted to spend the most time playing with, we decided that the Kong Squiggles Dog Toy has all the qualities you and your pet need for a good, fun playtime. If you want to make sure your dog gets enough exercise and never gets bored, this is the one for both of you!

Every dog owner wants the very best for their pet. And not only do you want your dog to be equipped with everything he/she needs, that is in a way your duty. After all, after adopting or buying your furry friend, you don’t only get the trusted companion that brings you joy and happiness – you also get a ton of responsibilities. It is your task to provide your dog with the best medical care, a warm place to sleep, good nutritious food, and, of course, fun.

When bored, animals tend to get nervous, depressed, or even aggressive, which is something you definitely want to avoid, considering that the dog you have will spend time and share space with you and your family. It is a well-known fact that dogs need constant mental stimulation in order to grow and develop into healthy pets. Having that in mind, you should make time in your daily schedule for activities like walking and running with your pet. But you can also get a toy that can keep your dog interested even when you’re not around.

Types of Dog Toys

You probably remember a time when toys for dogs were much simpler. Dogs would have fun playing with ropes, bones, or a simple stick. Even though these objects will always make any dog happy, the range of dog toys has since grown enormously.  Today the market gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide spectrum of materials, sizes, shapes, and, of course, colors of toys, but what is most important is that you’re able to find a toy that suits the personality and needs of your pet.

When choosing the dog toy, think about what is it that your dog needs the most. Is it something they can chew on; is it treat-dispensers or comforting toys for if you’re often away from home? Here we will present to you the five basic types of dog toys, and the features and advantages of all of them, so you can choose the one that will satisfy the needs of your dog completely.

Squeaky Dog Toys

However annoying the sound of a squeaky toy may be, there is a reason your dog loves it so much. And no, it isn’t just to annoy you. Instinctively, hearing that they’ve caused the toy to produce that squeaking sound gives dogs the signal that their bite has the effective force it takes to cause a reaction. As we all know, the ancestors of today’s dogs are wolves, hunting animals with complex predator-prey interactions. That connection with the prey is what is appealing to your pet, and the sound of the squeak is very similar to one a wounded prey would make. This gives your dog the satisfaction their ancestors got after killing prey, which is why squeaking toys are the favorite of many dogs.

This type of dog toy is great because it provides your pet with the opportunity to “hunt” and relieve its excess energy while focusing on the toy rather than on items around your household. Also, the sound that these toys produce can be used for training, since it captures the dog’s attention. For example, you can divert your dog from chewing your shoe by offering the squeaky toy instead.

KONG Squiggles Dog Toy

There are several good reasons why this toy is at the top of our list. First of all, if you’re looking for a toy that will satisfy the natural instincts of your dog the best, you have just found it. This toy mimics the elongated body of a prey, combined with the stretchiness, the soft material, and, of course, the squeaking sound. That is exactly what will fulfil your dog’s need to hunt and catch.

At first glance, you will notice that the animal-shaped, colorful toy has a long body capable of stretching, and we’re sure your pet will have a blast trying to take it from your hands or throwing it around. With this squeaky toy, fun times with your pet are guaranteed.

Features of the KONG Squiggles Dog Toy

The first thing you will notice about this toy is that it comes in four different characters made of a stretchy colorful material that will definitely grab your dog’s attention. Also, the floppy parts such as ears or noses of the animal characters are surely a feature of the toy your dog will love.

This is the ultimate squeaking toy since it has not only one but two squeakers – one on each end. No matter on which side your dog bites it will make a sound, so you can be sure that your dog has an enjoyable experience every time.

Advantages of the KONG Squiggles Dog Toy
  • Engaging
    One thing you certainly want from the dog toy you buy is the ability to keep your pet entertained for a long period of time. No one would like to spend money on a toy that their dog will find boring, right? With this toy, there are no worries about that happening. As previously mentioned, two squeakers on the ends of the toy will catch your dog’s attention and make this toy your pet’s favorite occupation.
  • Less mess
    Every owner’s worst nightmare is probably picking up the mess after the pet has ripped a stuffed animal apart. Maybe you’ve even had the experience of coming home to find stuff all over the floor and furniture after your pet had a little too much fun. Of course, ripping is a possibility when playing with any stuffed dog toy, but this one won’t cause as much mess as the others, thanks to the smaller amount of stuffing that is placed inside.
  • Diverse
    As with any other toy, your pet can use it for solitary playtime, but what is even better is that this dog toy can be used for interactive activities, such as tug games between you and your pet or even between two or more dogs.
Bottom Line

This dog toy offers your pet everything for fun playtime, starting with the soft and elongated body perfect for chewing and playing games of tug-of-war, combined with the attention-grabbing squeakers on both ends of the toy. Considering the quality design and fun features you get for this affordable price, it’s no wonder that this is on the top of our list as the best dog toy.

Interactive Dog Toys

One of your greatest concerns when leaving your dog alone, especially if you tend to be gone for long periods of time, might be the possibility of your pet getting bored, isn’t it? It’s easy to imagine the worst-case scenario of your pet’s activities when it’s home all day, and that includes chewing on your belongings or destroying the furniture. To prevent that from happening, you will need dog toys as the right cure for boredom.

But not any dog toy will do the trick. To prevent excessive boredom in those long hours before you return, you can’t really count on toys such as balls or ropes to entertain your dog. Sure, they will be interesting for a while, but for only a limited amount of time. That’s where interactive toys come in handy. Their purpose is to stimulate your dog mentally and physically, ensuring multiple hours of fun.

Trixie Activity Game Turn Around

If you’re looking for a stimulating interactive toy that will activate your pet’s mind and body, this might fill the bill. With this toy’s smart yet simple design, your dog can have fun playing for hours and you can be sure that boredom is never a problem.

The principle behind this toy is simple, though some dogs may require more time or even help from their owners to figure it out. No matter whether your dog gets the idea of this toy straight away or needs some guidance from you, when that’s accomplished long periods of occupation and mental and physical training are guaranteed.

Features of the Trixie Activity Game Turn Around

At first glance, you will notice that this toy consists of a stand with three separate, rotating cylinders. These are actually dog treat containers, the key components of this interactive game. The idea is to put treats in the containers and allow the dog to rotate them, causing the food to drop out through the holes found on all three cylinders.

Any dog will quickly figure out that it takes rotating the treat containers with paw or snout to get the treats to fall out, and after that, the playtime can begin. What is also great is the fact that any dog, no matter the breed or size, can enjoy this toy. And no matter how big your pet is, because the toy is set up on a sturdy stand there are no worries about it tipping over during playtime.

Advantages of the Trixie Activity Game Turn Around
  • Sturdy
    As previously mentioned, the toy is set up on a stable base, so tipping is prevented. This will allow your dog to have uninterrupted periods of fun while playing, with no chance of the toy tumbling over and the treats falling out. Stability is guaranteed, as well as long play times, even without you there to keep an eye on the toy to make sure it stays in place.
  • Stimulating
    There are many positive effects of this toy on your dog’s health, both mental and physical. Thinking about how to get the treat and connecting the action of rotating the containers and the treat falling out will engage your dog’s brain, while actually doing the activity will activate body muscles.
  • Easy to use
    Just because a toy is interactive doesn’t mean it should be complicated to understand. Sure, thinking about the mechanism of an interactive game for a long time could activate the brain, but it can also frustrate the dog to the point of just giving up. The great thing about this toy is the easy principle behind it that any dog will understand just after a few tries.
Bottom Line

Who says interactive games for dogs need to be super-complicated in order to provide quality mental and physical stimulation? With this toy’s uncomplicated design and method of use, it still provides the needed stimulant that will keep your dog interested and happy for long periods of time.

Chew Dog Toys

Chewing is an activity every dog does instinctively – a natural need they fulfil by nibbling on almost anything they can find. But despite how useful it is for them to bite on objects, it isn’t acceptable if it’s you and your belongings. How many times have you heard that a pair of shoes or a piece of furniture got destroyed by a dog? Or did you sadly experience this yourself? No worries – that sort of destructive behavior can be prevented by providing your pet with a chewing alternative.

No matter how old dogs are, they all need something to chew on. Puppies use chewing as a tool for exploring their unknown world or for when they’re teething. As they grow older, chewing can help to keep the jaw muscles strong and teeth clean, not to mention the stimulation of the brain that this activity provides for your dog. Keeping all the health benefits of chewing in mind, consider getting your dog a fun and safe chew toy.

KONG – Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Classic Dog toy is one of the most popular toys on the market. Its shape, which resembles a hollow snowman, is well known and easily recognizable. And the possibilities for using it are endless, making it one of the most-used dog toys.

The hollow inside of the toy is designed in a way that provides your dog with the opportunity to dig out treats, fulfilling its natural instinct of hunting for food while simultaneously encouraging good chewing habits. In addition, the rubber this toy is made of is completely natural and keeps your dog’s teeth clean.

Features of the KONG – Classic Dog Toy

The first thing you’ll notice about this toy is its shape. It looks like three different sized hollow balls stacked one upon another, allowing you to put dog treats into the hole for your dog to dig them out. This principle of dispensing treats from the inside is the first of many qualities of this toy, and probably the best. Also, the unusual shape is the reason that this toy bounces in unpredictable directions, which will definitely catch your pet’s attention.

The primary benefit of the toy is the improved chewing habits your dog will develop by using it. You can be sure that chewing on this toy will replace nibbling on your belongings that you don’t want ruined, and it will also help with many aspects of your dog’s dental health by cleaning the teeth, controlling plaque, and eliminating remaining food bits.

Advantages of the KONG – Classic Dog Toy
  • Entertaining
    One thing your dog won’t feel when playing with this toy is boredom. Thanks to the many ways it can be used and the different treats that can be stuffed inside, your dog is getting a new, exciting experience every time. It’s up to you to choose whether to stuff tasty dog treats inside or play catch with the toy; either way, your dog is going to be entertained.
  • Improves health
    As mentioned, chew toys are an amazing tool for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and plaque-free, since nibbling on the rubber removes the food that might be left behind. Other than the physical benefits, the toy also improves mental health by engaging the dog in thinking about how to get the treats out – this process has a positive impact on your dog’s overall well-being.
  • Great for training
    Besides its primary role as a chew toy, this item is also great for training purposes. The treats stored inside of the toy can be used as a distraction from bad behavioral patterns and as a reward for the dog’s good actions. In this case, the toy serves as a distraction from any bad habit your dog exhibits and that you wish to eradicate.
Bottom Line

You and your dog will love this toy. Its versatility, combined with the health benefits of chewing, is certainly going to bring hours of fun and have beneficial effects on your dog’s general health.

Toy Ropes for Dogs

Probably one of the oldest dog toys is the rope. Not only is it the favorite toy of almost every dog, but it is also extremely versatile and can be used for tug-of-war, fetching, or strengthening the jaw muscles through chewing.

Another great quality of ropes as dog toys is their affordability. Even the best ones on the market won’t cost you much, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to afford a good quality dog toy. Instead, you can invest the amount of money you would spend on one expensive toy into purchasing a few different rope toys – one for every mood and need.

ONBET 10pcs Pet Dog Toys Durable Puppy Pet Rope Chew Toy Set

When looking for a good dog toy, your number one priority might be the happiness of your dog, but you will surely also want to get your money’s worth. This rope set will deliver just that. The ten-piece rope collection has any type of rope you can imagine; they’re all durable and fun and will be a great addition to your dog toy collection.

Each piece from this set is unique looking, but all will entertain your dog no matter whether you choose to play together or let him or her chew on it alone. Either way, rope toys are one of the most popular dog toys out there for a reason, and they will brighten up your dog’s playtime for sure.

Features of the ONBET 10pcs Pet Dog Toys Durable Puppy Pet Rope Chew Toy Set

What caught our attention first is the fact that this is a set of ten different dog ropes, from smallest to biggest and in a variety of shapes and colors. This versatility ensures that there is something for any dog’s taste. The set includes regular ropes, balls, and even a frisbee, giving you plenty of playtime options to choose from.

Versatile shapes and bright colors are not the only great characteristics of this rope set – the fabric used is also a great feature. The ropes are made out of high-quality cotton, which makes them perfectly safe for your dog to use. All these features ensure that your pet will get the needed exercise playing with fun and safe ropes, and these toys will provide you with overall well-spent time playing with your dog.

Advantages of the ONBET 10pcs Pet Dog Toys Durable Puppy Pet Rope Chew Toy Set
  • Great value for the price
    As previously mentioned, this set comes with ten ropes, and all that for a very reasonable price. Who wouldn’t want that number of options to choose from? You can be sure that you will have a backup toy rope for a very long time since any that get worn out can be easily replaced with another from the set.
  • Tough
    Not only are these ropes made out of high-quality cotton so that there are no worries about your pet’s health, but they will also endure any chewing and pulling you and your dog put them through. No worries about your dog destroying the whole set in a few days!
  • Versatile
    As we said before, there are plenty of ropes in this set you can choose from, based on your dog’s preference, and you can even choose between different toys made out of rope. No matter if your dog prefers balls or regular rope, this set will deliver fun times.
Bottom Line

Who says that great dog toys have to be expensive? In case you were looking for an affordable dog toy to keep your pet happy and satisfied, you want to make sure to pick out something that your dog will like; this dog rope set is the one for you.

Toy Balls for Dogs

A ball is probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about a typical dog toy. It’s one of the oldest and most trustworthy toys out there, and rarely is there a canine that doesn’t enjoy running after a ball and bringing it back. It’s simply the ultimate dog toy.

The reason for its popularity lies, as with other toys, in its fulfillment of the natural instincts in dogs. Chasing after prey and bringing it back are only some of the urges inherited from your dog’s ancestors that can be satisfied simply by using a regular ball.

Chuckit Ultra Ball

If your dog prefers running after and catching the ball over any other type of game, this dog toy is the right choice. It will provide countless hours of fun, no matter where you decide to play. The Chuckit Ultra Ball will exceed all expectations you have when it comes to  playing fetch.

What is great is that you can take this ball anywhere – it will work perfectly in any condition, bouncing off any surface, and there is hardly a dog that won’t love it. With this ball, any game of fetch is guaranteed to go on smoothly and for hours, making your best friend one happy dog.

Features of the Chuckit Ultra Ball

This bright-colored ball is designed in a way that will prevent you from ever losing it, no matter where you play, thanks to its highly visible, orange-blue design. However, its design is not the only great thing. Thanks to the quality material this ball is made of, it can float on water, allowing you to take your games of fetch practically anywhere.

This ball really is designed to stand the most challenging conditions. No matter how extreme of a chewer your dog is, there are no worries about this ball ripping or getting damaged in any way. Not only that, but it will survive bouncing off of any surface and, as mentioned, being thrown in the water. So you can be sure that this toy won’t break down easily but last a long time.

Advantages of the Chuckit Ultra Ball
  • Durable
    Has it ever happened that your dog chews through all the balls you get within minutes of playing? Or that the ball hits a hard surface and simply breaks? Well, that will surely not happen here. You can forget about all other, low-quality balls and the troubles they bring; regular tennis balls or other types of balls are no match for this one and can’t compete with its durability.
  • Great visibility
    As mentioned, this is a ball you’re not very likely to lose. Thanks to its bright colors you will spot it in any condition you find yourself in. No matter where you’re playing – grass, rocks, water, or any other terrain – you can be sure you’ll find it in a short amount of time.
  • High-bounce
    With this ball, you don’t have to limit your games of fetch to only your backyard. Thanks to the ability of the toy to effectively bounce off any surface you can think of, your playtime can reach new levels and you can explore different locations together with your dog.
Bottom Line

This dog ball offers you everything you are searching for when it comes to ideal fetch conditions. The sturdy design combined with its amazing bounce will make playtime with your dog enjoyable, stress-free, and fun, no matter what conditions you choose as your playground.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Toy

Choosing the best dog toy will ultimately depend on your pet and you. Keep in mind that what suits one dog won’t necessarily suit the other, so you should keep your pet’s preferences in mind when deciding on a new toy.

  • Size
    Obviously, one of the most important things to consider when buying a new toy for your pet is its size. You will want to make sure that your dog can easily use the toy; that it fits in its mouth and that the weight is not too heavy for your pet to carry around. If the toy is an inconvenience to your dog in any way, it will simply be left in a corner somewhere and never be used.
  • Material
    Bigger dogs can usually chew on and through almost anything, which definitely isn’t the case with smaller breeds; so that is something you should also consider when picking out a dog toy. Your smaller dog may not be able to bite on a surface with as much power as a bigger dog can, so toys made out of softer material may be the ones to go with. But no matter what material the toy is made of, if you spot signs of material falling off in pieces or showing tearing, make sure to replace it as soon as possible.
  • Durability
    Observe the behavior of your dog before deciding on a toy. Do you have a calm, peaceful dog or one that destroys everything in sight? In case you have the destroyer type, make sure you choose toys with extra durability so that they don’t end up in pieces five minutes after coming out of the packaging.

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