September 19, 2021

If you are looking for a high-quality dog harness that will fit comfortably on your dog, keeping them still and safe on their harness, you’ve come to the right place. We have tested the best dog harnesses on the market and the Julius-K9 162PM K9 PowerHarness for Dogs not only satisfied all of our strict requirements but our dogs behaved very well with it on. This harness kept them comfortable and secure at all times.

Every dog owner knows how much better harnesses are than collars. They do not apply as much pressure on a dog’s neck and they let you be in charge (a bit). But with all of the harnesses that the market has to offer nowadays, it can be really confusing and hard to choose the right harness for your dog. All of these are claiming to be the best; the right one for you without question. But let’s face it – it’s nothing more than a story that sells.

For this guide, we worked with veterinarians who helped us find out what dangers there are to a dog’s health in a wrongly-chosen harness. We also consulted dog trainers who helped us see the harness as a tool that helps train a dog and tame his nature. Dog owners let us know what their dogs think and how they feel about what they are wearing. We also observed the real customers – dogs. And all of that to find out which dog harnesses are the best, why they are the best, and what a dedicated owner should look for when buying a harness for his beloved dog. So, let’s give a look at what we have discovered.

Types of Dog Harnesses

As previously mentioned, there are numerous harnesses on the market, all claiming to be the best. However, very few of them can tell you why they are the best, what it is that their harness has that no other does, or what the benefits are of their product for your dog’s health.

Well, we started our research with types of dog harnesses and later on we will be explaining what to look for overall in a harness no matter what type you chose as your winner. Let’s learn more about types then:

Basic Halter Dog Harnesses

Halter harnesses, like any other harnesses, go over the dog’s chest and around their back. They serve to keep a dog safely near you and for you to have greater control over your friend. Halter harnesses are often used on smaller dogs or dogs that know how to behave. They are not really advisable for owners who have a really playful dog that just has to run after a squirrel when he sees one. The harnesses are thin, comfortable on the dog, and easy to put on and to adjust.

These harnesses give your dog freedom of movement, so they probably will not keep the animal firmly in place. So, once again, if you have a dog that doesn’t know how to behave at times, maybe consider getting a different type of harness instead. Basic Halter harnesses are not tight on the neck of your dog, which is very important for its health. These halter harnesses are perfect for everyday walks around the park or if your dog likes to go with you for a jog in the forest or to other familiar places. This one is the easiest of all to put on and adjust properly, but it is not “one size fits all”, so be sure to measure your dog properly before you purchase.

Company of Animals Non-Pull Harness

Best Basic Halter Dog Harness: Company of Animals Non-Pull

Training your dog to do all sorts of things could be very stressful; teaching him not to pull when you’re walking him is, for some, on the top of that list. It’s a dog’s instinct to be the guide and to explore, but sometimes this could mean a less enjoyable walk for both of you. This non-pull harness could greatly assist you in this chore. Just put the harness on your dog and you’re ready! The ‘squeeze and lift’ theory behind this harness means it will tighten on your dog when he pulls on the lead, which will deter him from pulling in the future. Why waste your money on expensive training courses for your dog with strangers when you could purchase an item that you already need daily, and that could complete the job for you?


With the patented chest mesh design, you can be sure that your furry friend’s movements will not be restricted, while at the same time the harness lets you be in control. The padded “Sherpa sleeves” will provide comfort for your dog by eliminating the rubbing feeling that could irritate him and make him misbehave on your daily walks. A sliding security cord lock prevents the harness from over-tightening, meaning that the ‘squeeze and lift’ technology prevents harm to your dog. The manufacturer has thought of every dog and has included three sizes in their range, starting from small and going all the way up to large. Most dog breeds are covered by this harness. Its black colour is not invasive and does not get dirty easily — a great characteristic if your dog likes frolicking in dirty puddles! The adjustable straps could serve you from the time your dog is only a puppy on up to his adult life.


  • Effectiveness - This non-pull harness is highly effective and will train your dog for you in the most gentle and simple way; while you enjoy your time together strolling through city streets or during your countryside walks.
  • Comfort - Probably the most important characteristic of this harness is the comfort that it provides for your precious furry friend, helping to teach him how to behave more properly!
  • Easy to maintain - Made out of easily-washed material, this non-pull harness could be thrown into the washing machine for those days when you let your pet get crazy in the muddy puddles!
  • Price - Its accessible price means that more dogs will be trained properly while not breaking the bank. Instead of overpaying for those training courses, you can train your dog on your own for a fraction of the price.


Comparing the overall effect and the approach used in training your dog with the affordable price of the non-pull harness, you could agree that your money would be well invested. No matter what your dog’s breed is, this has you covered. Simple to use and effective, this non-pull harness could make teaching your dog not to pull on the lead the simplest of tasks.

Car Safety Dog Harnesses

Naturally, the first thing that you do when you get into a car is put a seat belt on, right? Yes, well … why should your dog be any different? There are some dogs that like car rides and then there are those that don’t. Car safety harnesses are not just meant for those dogs that don’t sit tight during a ride, but for all dogs that get into a car. They are meant to keep your dog safe, make you safe, and make everyone else in the car, and in traffic for that matter, safe. It is not only that a dog car harness can make your dog sit in one place and not bother you, but it can also prevent unwanted injuries.

Therefore, if you have a dog in your car, even once in a blue moon, you would need one of these. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and comfortable for the dog (especially if it has some kind of padding). It looks and works much like a regular harness, but it is somewhat stronger and more resistant to pulling. Many car safety harnesses have to be used together with a seat belt restraint, which plugs into the seat belt connection on one end and attaches to the harness on the other end.

Just Pet Zone Adjustable 2 Pack Premium Dog Seat Belt for Car

Best Car Safety Dog Harness: Just Pet Zone Adjustable 2 Pack Premium Dog Seat Belt for Car

Driving with a dog in your car can be a big source of stress, since they are often playful and don’t really understand that you can’t give them your full attention when you are in the driver’s seat. You can find many solutions on the market, but this is one of the few seat belts that are as comfortable for your dog as they are useful to you. Just Pet Zone car seat belt will restrain your dog without causing him stress or discomfort. The dogs can sit, lie down if they want to, or even stand and look out of the window — all while they are perfectly safe under the seat belt!


Made out of durable nylon fabric, this should last for a long time. The strap also has a reflective stitching that can increase your dog’s visibility in the dark. The belt’s strong bungee buffer will prevent any shock attenuation so you can drive carefree. You can adjust the size of the strap, from 53 to 74 cm depending on how much freedom you want to give to your dog. It provides safety for your dog while still letting him be free. The straps come in many colours so you can choose which one you fancy the most.


  • Durability - All of the components of this car seat belt are made of durable materials, such as nylon for the strap and the zinc alloy for the swivel snap.
  • Comfort - The most important thing about this seat belt is the feeling of comfort that it provides for your pets. Even though they are restrained, they can still enjoy car journeys while not disturbing you!
  • Freedom - Why use the crate for your pet and make them feel anxious and constrained, when you can simply put him in a seat belt and be sure that he will be equally as safe, while not restricted in any way?
  • Safety -It is extremely important to put your pet in a seat belt in case a car accident occurs. This seat belt will also prevent your dog from running off on the busy street before you are ready to take him out of the car.
  • Value for money - Its excellent quality will give you great value for money. On top of that, you get two seat belts in one pack, so you’re covered if you’re changing cars or have more than one furry friend!


Driving safely is of great importance, not only for you and your kids but for your pets too. Put them in a seat belt to be sure that they are safe and comfortable during car rides, and that they will be restrained but not constrained! The bungee buffer will make sure that your pet doesn’t feel restricted or uncomfortable.

Mudder Dog Seat Belt

alt="Best Car Safety Dog Harness: Mudder Dog Seat Belt"

Many owners love taking their pets on small trips and a lot of times those trips require a car ride. Dogs can be quite excited once they enter a vehicle, and sitting in one place during a car ride is almost impossible. If you are worried about the safety of your dog while you are on the on the road, consider buying a proper seat belt for your furry friend. Your dog deserves the same safety as any passenger in the car. Seat belts will make sure your dog is not jumping inside the moving car and ensure that your dog is not bothering you while you’re driving. There are many lengths available, suitable for different breeds, and most of them are quite inexpensive. Mudder is a company that creates comfortable seat belts for dogs.


These types of seat belts have a simple design and come in different sizes. The minimum length of the seat belt is forty-five centimetres, and it can expand up to seventy centimetres. This means that your dog can sit in place or you can adjust the length and give him some space to move. Make sure to measure the seat belt buckle in your car, because the width of the tab is 2.1 centimetres. The belt is black, the strap of the belt is made of polypropylene, and the tabs are made of metal. This seat belt is built to last, and you will be using it for many years without a doubt.


  • Adjustability of the straps- Whether you own a Maltese or a Golden Retriever, this seat belt will fit both. It is made for dogs that weight between twenty and sixty pounds. A span of the belt is completely adjustable; it varies between eighteen and twenty-six inches. The only other thing you should take into consideration is the length from the belt buckle to the neck of your dog.
  • Comfortable use- The strap is made of polypropylene or nylon. The material gives the strap durability while being strong enough if your dog starts pulling. It is not recommended to wash it with hot water or expose it to direct sunlight. Also, if your dog is a biter, consider buying a muzzle along with the seat belt.


Your dog might not love car rides, but he loves spending time with you and following you wherever you go. Seat belts will steady any overly-excited dog and grant a safe ride for both you and your dog. Even if your dog is almost never in the car, this is still a useful accessory to have on hand.

Vest Dog Harnesses

Here’s one more type of harnesses just for your furry friends. We already explained that basic halter harnesses are not really for dogs that are not trained or are very strong, so what should you do if your canine is just like this? Well, this is the exact type of harness that you will need in that case. Vest harnesses are much stronger than a regular basic halter. The name says it all – they look much like vests, meaning that they have a bigger part of the dog’s body covered than it would be with the first type. Therefore, these harnesses give you more power over your dog, and they are perfect if you have just started training your friend.

These harnesses go around the dog’s chest and back and do not apply pressure to the dog’s neck. This is very important for this type of harness, and owners with strong dogs who like to pull often tend to go with this one. These are adjustable, but it is much more important to get the right size of a vest harness than it is for a basic halter harness. Vest harnesses often have that anti-pull feature that helps you keep your dog right next to your leg. Also, if you go on adventures with your dog and he gets nervous in new places, do get this one for these situations.

Eagloo No Pull Dog Harness

The Best Dog Harnesses

Walking a dog can be a tricky job sometimes, but not with this vest. You will have much better control and won’t get pulled by your dog constantly, thanks to the harness’s no-pull design and its better control. It has two zinc-alloy rings near the dog’s chest and back, so when your dog pulls that won’t affect you. You could attach the chest ring to control your dog in a questionable situation, and when you just walk quietly with your four-legged friend you could use the back ring. No stress on dog’s neck, no choke — an ideal solution for a dog that sometimes tends to pull. Made of high-grade materials, this vest is perfectly comfortable and safe for your dog. It will not accidentally break and possibly harm your four-legged friend. It prevents injuries and provides extra protection and comfort.


With this dog vest, it’s as easy as it gets! You will be able to put it on and adjust it to your preference without trouble. Quick-snap buckles ensure ease of use when putting the harness vest on and taking it off, and fully adjustable straps at the chest and neck allow a custom fit for your furry friend. It’s perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, training, outdoor fun time, and more. There are numerous sizes from which you can choose, and you can pick yours out according to the dog breed and depending on whether it is a small or bigger dog. It comes in at an affordable price and offers amazing features. The most important thing is that your dog will not choke anymore on standard leashes, and he will be completely safe (fully in your control) while walking. On the other hand, you won’t be pulled everywhere by the curiosity of your little friend.


  • No-pull design- Thanks to the anti-pull design, you will be able to walk freely without being torn apart by your dog’s curiosity.
  • Comfy- Made of high-quality materials, not only will it last for ages, but it will provide coziness and comfort to your dog and to you as well.
  • Easy to put on and take off- Quick-snap buckles ensure ease of use and make the whole procedure of taking the harness on and off much easier and less time-consuming.


All in all, this is quite a valuable dog harness. It’s a cheap investment for both your dog’s and your happiness. Being comfortable for you (as your dog won’t be able to pull you restlessly) and your little friend, this vest, you will find, is quite useful while walking. This is where the joy of walking your dog actually starts.

Julius-K9 162PM K9 PowerHarness for Dogs

Top Vest Dog Harness: Julius-K9 162PM K9

Walking the dog has never been safer and easier! With the new PowerHarness from Julius K-9, you can take a safe and easy walk with your dog whether you choose to go through the park or down the street. With a single click on the belt-buckle, it attaches to your pet and you are ready to go. There is a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from, so you can have your pet look cute as well as have it safely under your control. The length of the belt is adaptable so that when your pet grows this can be adjusted and used throughout the pet’s life. It is made of synthetic fibres, which makes it tough, durable, unlikely to retain odours, and easy to clean in a washing machine.


It is made from strong and resilient synthetic materials that are durable, odourless, and health-risk free for your pet. The two metal links on the harness are polished and galvanised, and even when the harness gets dirty it will come out stainless after washing. The “Julius-K9” letters on it are coated with phosphorous paint, which makes them emit a low amount of light in the dark so that you and others can see your pet even in unlit areas at night. The leash attaches onto a link, which makes it possible to quickly remove the leash and leave the harness on your pet. During a visit to someone’s home, for instance, when you want to leave, you just reattach the leash, and you are good to go.


  • Adaptability- Once you pick your size, it can be extended to fit a dog that weighs twice that, which covers most dogs for their entire lifetime. You can also choose from 20 different colours so that your pet always looks cool and in tune with its harness.
  • Safety and control- You can easily change the direction your pet is taking by exerting no pressure at all on its throat, where it is most painful for him. Combined with an extendable leash, this allows you to control the pet while it explores open spaces, and makes sure he is safe from cars and polite to other people!
  • Easy to use- It requires no instruction, it is intuitive, and anyone can use it right away. It gets attached within seconds, even to the feistiest of dogs.
  • Cleanliness- Only one belt-strap is actually below the dog and likely to get dirty. There is even a handle on top, so you can easily pick up your pet and carry it over a deep mud-pool, to avoid all those muddy dog-prints when you get home!


If you care for your pet, if you intend to take it out every day, and if you are tired of cleaning up its muddy pawprints at your place, a Julius-K9 162PM K9 PowerHarness for Dogs is a must-have. It will make time with your dog enjoyable for both you and your dog. It will make cleanup easier, and it will generate a lot of fun and happy moments through which you can make a lasting bond with your pet. It will also provide freedom for the dog; he will be able to explore the outdoors safely, freely, and with pleasure.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Harness

Now that we have gotten familiar with the types of dog harnesses that the market offers, let’s find out more about what makes a good harness. Even though every type brings something of its own into the mix, there are still some general things that a harness needs to have in order to be considered appropriate. We have tested numerous harnesses for small, big, and medium dogs, and have come to some conclusions on things that make a harness stand out. Without further ado, here are the things you should look for in a good dog harness.

  • Pressure on the Neck - You certainly wouldn’t want to hurt your dog, and with harnesses that come too close to the neck, that can, sadly, happen. If too strong a pressure is applied to a dog’s neck it can lead to severe problems with windpipe, blood vessels, and eye pressure. Therefore, a good harness should be a bit loose on the neck.
  • Adjustable to the Body Type of Your Dog - Much like people, dogs don’t enjoy being put into tight clothes and staying in them for long periods of time. If you ever bought a harness that made you wonder where which part of your puppy’s body should go, your dog must have felt trapped inside of the harness. Therefore, a good harness should have easily-adjustable straps, be easy to put on and take off, and, of course, come in various sizes, because not even dogs of the same breed can always fit into the same harness.
  • Easy and Safe to Wash - Since dogs like to play, and not only on your carpet or grass (that also brings up a lot of dirt, truth be told), a harness needs to be easy to clean, not tend to fall apart, and have no expensive fancy fixtures. All the dirt, mud, garbage, and God-knows-what should be easy to remove with a single machine wash.
  • Durable Material - This doesn’t apply only to durability for when a harness is washed, but to pressure that is applied to the harness when your dog sees a cat and just has to run after it, or when he decides to roll around in gravel.
  • Your Control - We mentioned pressure on the neck and how important it is for a dog’s health to avoid this, but it is also important for a dog to stay safe. Again, what if it sees a cat and wants to run across a busy street?! You need to have good control of the harness too.
  • Dog’s Easiness of Movement - Dog’s don’t like tight clothes — we know that already — but if the harness is falling off it is of no use. So, the harness should be fairly tight but also loose enough for a dog to be able to move easily and unhindered.
  • Fit to the Body - This one is a bit different from the adjustability. Some harnesses may get loose over time. Also, some harnesses have many straps that are dangling around once you adjust it all. Look out for those — they are not what you should go with.
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