The Best Dog Beds

The Best Dog Beds

By Stefan Mitrovic
When you own a pet, its comfort is probably just as important to you as your own. A good night’s sleep is crucial to your dog’s health. We have tested the best dog beds out there and we’ve come to the conclusion that the The Dog’s Bed Premium Orthopaedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Beds is the ideal choice for your dog. You won’t regret buying this high-quality, comfortable product.

For all of you who enjoy the company of man’s best friend, we have decided to help in the search for a comfy bed where your little fella will sleep. Of course, you can always let it join you in your own bed or on your couch, but that isn’t always the best idea. As we all need a comfy bed and a place of our own to retreat and lay our heads, our little furry friends do too.

We all love relaxing on a comfy bed. Well, dogs are no exception, and they need that kind of relaxation as well. so many possible options, you can easily get lost while choosing. Therefore, we are here to help you narrow the choice and pick the one that suits you and your pet the best.

Types of Dog Beds

There are various dog breeds, and they all have their own needs and preferences – from food, to toys, to the beds they sleep on. Keeping your Husky on a bed designed for a Maltese (which is 10”x10”) simply won’t work. There are several things that you need to know about dog beds and how to choose the proper one.

Therefore, we are here to help you identify some of the most common dog bed types so that you can choose the one that will perfectly suit your dog’s needs and, of course, yours as well. There are a lot of dog bed types, and yes, there is a lot of room for mistakes, so we are here to prevent them from happening.

Standard Dog Beds

These dog beds look like pillows or giant cushions without any rims or edges. The shapes and sizes vary, as well as the colours and materials. However, there are some common features that define this type of bed. Often, they are round, or squared. When it comes to materials, they are typically made of microfiber, flannel, denim or other similar materials.

With polyester filling, they are quite comfy, and pets love them. Some of them are filled with cedar chips, which offer protection against insects and odours. Dog beds of this type range in price from highly affordable price points all the way to high-end. Many of them have additional washable covers that are easy to remove. They are great beds and can suit all of dog breeds.

Ellie-Bo Dog Bed

Anyone who ever had a dog, or any other pet, knows the importance of its comfort. Your dog should have a good and comfortable bed, but the choice may seem difficult since every dog is different and has different preferences. Therefore, there isn’t only one bed that is perfect for every dog. Even though dogs are adaptable animals, and yours probably wouldn’t mind sleeping on the floor or your bed, be sure that your dog would be so grateful for its own special piece of furniture. As already mentioned, there are many different kinds of dog beds, but if you want a comfy, durable pillow bed that your dog will absolutely adore, the Ellie-Bo Dog Bed with Faux Suede and Sheepskin Topping is the right choice for man’s best friend – whether you need it as a bed, or a topping for your doggy’s crate.

Features of Ellie-Bo Dog Bed

The Ellie-Bo Dog Bed is a pillow (or cushion) dog bed. This means that it is a very simple, yet useful bed that comes in many different sizes. This kind of bed is perfect if you have a pet that likes to sprawl out. It’s a well-made, lightweight bed that’s also very affordable. This particular bed is 30 inches long and it’s the best for medium-sized dogs, for their complete comfort. It has a removable, washable cover and a waterproof and breathable inner cover. Its sides are made of faux suede, and the topping is made of faux fleece, making it a soft and cosy bed that will be a perfect resting place for your dog after a long day of running and playing. One of the most valuable features of this bed is that the base is anti-slip, so your pet will be safe when leaping in.

Advantages of Ellie-Bo Dog Bed
  • Comfort
    As said, the faux fleece topping makes this bed very soft and comfortable, and the anti-slip base will make the relaxation safer and easier. You won’t have to worry that your dog could fall while trying to find the right position for sleeping. Everybody needs a comfortable bed to be well-rested and energetic – it’s the same for our pets!
  • Shape retention
    This bed has a partitioned mattress, and that will reduce movement of stuffing so the bed will look as good as new for a very long time. The removable cover can be machine washed and will keep its shape after drying.
  • Waterproof
    The inner cover is waterproof and breathable – which is great for messy pets – and won’t absorb smells.

Given the chance to choose between sleeping on the floor or a comfy bed, every dog will choose a bed because it provides comfort and insulation against the cold floor. So, if you want to make your best friend happy, surprise it with the Ellie-Bo Dog Bed with Faux Suede and Sheepskin Topping for the maximum comfort while resting, sleeping and even when it has to spend some time in its crate.

Nest Dog Beds

These are quite similar to the standard cushion dog beds. The only difference is in the edges. Nest dog beds are exactly what their name suggests – a cosy shelter that surrounds your dog. The rims may surround the whole bed or just a part of it. However, it’s quite easy to tell the difference between this one and the standard bed.

These rims are quite handy, as your dog will be able to lay its head to them and enjoy the peaceful home atmosphere. Nest dog beds work well for any dog that likes to lean back or curl up.

Snugpaws Small Dog Bed Luxury

When it comes to sleeping, dogs can be very adaptive but, just like their owners, they prefer a nice and comfortable bed so they can relax, sleep well and be ready for new adventures. Choosing a bed can be tricky since every dog is different. The most important factors while deciding are your pet’s size and sleeping style. If you have a dog that likes to curl up while sleeping and lean against something, the Snugpaws Small Dog Bed Luxury should be your choice. In this adorable nest bed, your pet will feel safe and protected because it’s surrounded with a soft and cosy material.

Features of Snugpaws Small Dog Bed Luxury

The best thing about the Snugpaws Small Dog Bed Luxury bed is its extremely comfortable top, made of thick fleece. It also has firm bolster sides that offer great support for your doggy’s head, while the inner cushion keeps the filling in place. This bed is available in two sizes – small and medium, and it is very lightweight. If you’re concerned about hygiene, you should know that both the inner and outer cushions have removable covers that are machine-washable, so your dog’s little sanctuary can always be fresh and clean. Also, the bed has an anti-chew construction, since its outer is made of a high-quality Oxford fabric that is very durable and water-resistant. The base is anti-slip and will grip the floor perfectly.

Advantages of Snugpaws Small Dog Bed Luxury
  • Anti-chew construction
    If you already know that your dog is going to chew the bed, this one is the right choice because of the high-quality material that will keep it in one piece. No one likes to see the stuffing all around the house, and if you decide to buy this bed, you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Bolster support
    It will offer your pet a sense of security, and a comfy support for its head if its sleeping style requires a little pillow. With the thick fleece on the top, the bed retains heat very well. Smaller dogs will really appreciate it, especially during winter.
  • Anti-slip base
    Some pets are little more energetic when leaping into bed and this feature can be very important. The base won’t slip – it will grip the floor perfectly so there will be no need to worry.

The removable and machine-washable covers will keep the bed clean and your home fresh. This bed is perfect for smaller dogs because its shape retains body heat and it will always keep them warm and cosy. So, if you have a pet that likes to feel protected and cuddled up, this bed’s shape, softness and comfort will make it the happiest dog in the world.

Doughnut Dog Beds

Now, it’s hard to tell the difference between these beds and the previous, nest dog bed. They provide a rim all the way around the bed. The difference is that these rims are quite a lot thicker than those found on the nest dog bed. Filled with very soft materials, your dog will enjoy every moment it spends in its doughnut bed.

For any dog that enjoys curling up and being cosy (is there a dog that doesn’t?), these dog beds are just perfect. The only downside is that older dogs may have some problems getting in or out of this bed as it’s quite plushy and the rim can be quite tall. So, if your dog is getting on a bit or not mobile as it once was, then perhaps an orthopaedic dog bed should be your choice. Otherwise, a doughnut bed is an ideal choice!

Rosewood Deep Plush Grey Donut Dog Bed

Almost every pet owner would do anything to spoil his/her little friend. Other than good pet food and fun toys, a nice and quality bed can be very important for your pet’s comfort and happiness. Not only does it make a comfy place to sleep, but it also provides a great sense of warmth and security. Paying attention to your dog’s, or cat’s, sleeping style, as well as the breed, size and activity level, will help you with the decision that can be far from simple, having in mind the variety of bed styles. Are you an owner who has a pet that is smaller, often gets chilly and likes to curl up while sleeping? If the answer is yes, we have the right bed for you! With the Rosewood Soft Luxurious And Comfortable Cat Dog Donut Bed you can be sure that your pet will have all the comfort it needs.

Features of Rosewood Deep Plush Grey Donut Dog Bed

Doughnut-shaped beds are the ones people tend to imagine when they think about a pet bed. It’s unique and cute shape is very important for the short-haired breeds since they get cold easily. The shape will help your pet retain body heat, and the extra soft plush that this bed is made of will make sure your pet is in a cosy paradise. It comes in two sizes (20 and 27 inches) and its modern and luxurious design will fit in well with your home’s decor. Even though it’s soft and seems delicate, the material is high-quality and very durable, so it can be easily machine-washed at 30 degree Celsius. Since it’s small, it is very lightweight (only 558 grams). If you’re afraid that this could make it slip more easily, you don’t need to worry! The bed has a secure anti-slip base so it will stay in place even if your pet is a little more active.

Advantages of Rosewood Deep Plush Grey Donut Dog Bed
  • Comfort
    Since it’s entirely made of plush, this is one of the most comfortable options on the market. Your cat or dog will have the sweetest dreams in this soft little doughnut and wake up happy and ready for a new day.
  • Machine-washable
    The material is extremely soft but not odour-resistant, which is fine and won’t be a problem because you will be able to wash it easily in the machine and the bed will be as good as new.
  • Modern design
    It will make an elegant and stylish addition to any home and look good with the rest of the furniture.

The main reason why you should choose the Rosewood Soft Luxurious and Comfortable Cat Dog Donut Bed With Anti Slip Base is the sense of security your pet will have in its own space. This is especially important if your four-legged friend gets anxious and easily scared – the warmth and cosiness will calm your pet, and it’ll feel relaxed and comfortable.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Now, these are “medical beds”. They are specially designed for dogs with some orthopaedic problems, such as arthritis, for example. Being made of top-notch thick foam, these beds ensure great support for dogs with body-posture problems.

Furthermore, orthopaedic beds are particularly good for older dogs and those bony and thin breeds such as Greyhounds and Whippets. Why is that? Well, because these prevent calluses and pressure sores. If your dog has such constitution, then read on.

The Dog’s Bed Premium Orthopaedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

Certain medical issues follow each breed. Larger breeds are most likely to suffer from hip dysplasia or arthritis. Also, any dog that has had surgery will experience post-op pain. The dog bed they have been using so far might not be the best if your dog is suffering from any type of medical problem, and you might need to consider switching to an orthopaedic dog bed. The Dog’s Bed brand currently offer the best orthopaedic beds on the market for your furry friend. If you experience back pain, you consider buying a new mattress for better sleep. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your dog? Orthopaedic beds are specially designed to help dogs deal with any medical conditions. They offer additional posture support. This bed is a good choice if your dog is older or if you own a skinny breed that could have a problem with calluses.

Features of The Dog’s Bed Premium Orthopaedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

There are many reasons why your dog will adore this bed but let’s start with the basics. The Dog’s Bed is available in 5 sizes and seven different colours. It really doesn’t matter if you own a Chihuahua or a German shepherd, there’s a bed in this extensive range for you. With so many colour options, you will certainly find a one that will match your room. The cover is waterproof and easily washable to help with those unintentional accidents. Good posture is guaranteed with the memory foam. Your dog will adore this bed and get a good night’s rest every night. Any pet will prefer this bed over a couch or even their owner’s bed.

Advantages of The Dog’s Bed Premium Orthopaedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Easy maintenance
    With older pets, accidents are something owners usually get used to. Many of them won’t buy a bed for their dogs because they are worried about keeping it clean. With this bed, covers can be removed with little effort and thrown into a washing machine. Inner parts can also be washed – just make sure to separate cover and inner.
  • Good posture
    Healing comfort is guaranteed with the memory foam this bed is made of. Memory foam will adjust to accommodate the size and shape of your dog’s body. Dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or stiff joints and muscles will sleep soundly on this bed. It is suitable for older dogs or dogs with slimmer, bonier builds. Any pressure sores will soon be gone.
  • High-quality fabrics
    As mentioned, with washable covers there are no worries about keeping them clean. The covers on this high-quality bed have an additional benefit – they are waterproof and mould repellent .

Dogs are our best friends and part of the family. Some of the issues your dog might experience are common for humans too, and you can relate to your dogs. Their sleep should not be affected by any problem they are having. With the high-quality waterproof covers and supportive memory foam this bed offers, your dog will enjoy the curing sleep that it deserves.

Kennel Dog Beds

There are dog beds that are specially designed to fit crates and kennels and you can find them in different sizes and colours. They are often waterproof, which ensures easier cleaning. So, if your dog spends a lot of time in its crate or kennel, then this bed is worth considering.

Being suitable for all breeds, these beds are a must have for crate or kennel owners. No matter whether young or older, thin or well-built, these beds should be your first choice if your dog enjoys spending time in a kennel or needs to spend time in a create.

JoicyCo Large Dog Bed

Owners usually teach their dogs to know their place and where to sleep. For some, that place is a kennel and such dogs consider a kennel to be their little home. If you have taught your dog to sleep in a kennel, there is a way to make that kennel more comfortable. Also, this bed could be a good choice if you are lacking space and need a bed for your dog that can be easily moved around while also being cosy. Kennel beds are available to suit all breeds. They come in many sizes, a variety of colours, and often feature waterproof covers and non-slip bases. They are an amazing addition to any kennel and will offer your dog a greater level of comfort.

Features of JoicyCo Large Dog Bed

JoicyCo offers their kennel pads in three different sizes and two different colours. The small bed pad is 23×36 inches, the medium is 30.6×42 inches, and the large one is 33×47 inches. Therefore, they are suitable both small and large dog breeds. The bed is filled with cotton and the covers are made of fleece. Comfort for your dog is guaranteed whenever you decide to take your dog with you in its crate. A night of good quality sleep is guaranteed even if your dog sleeping on a floor or a backyard. The bottom of the bed is anti-slip, meaning it will grip shiny surfaces like kitchen floors. and you can fit it in your car or a crate if needed. The mat can be thrown into a washing machine for easy cleaning, or it can be hand washed.

Advantages of JoicyCo Large Dog Bed
  • Compatible with any space
    These mats are usually bought because they are versatile. If your dog has its own corner in the room, the bed will fit in that corner. As long you choose a proper size, it will be suitable for its single room. It can even fit on a backseat of your car, and any car ride will be a joy for your dog. You can also throw this mat over your dog’s bed for more comfort.
  • Easy to clean
    Mats and dogs’ beds usually do get dirty easily. You won’t need to pull your hair out each time you have to clean this bed. This bed is machine-friendly. Make sure to use a gentle cycle and tumble dry options on your washing machine when cleaning the bed. If you prefer hand washing, you can wash this bed without any trouble. The bed will keep its shape and vibrant colour no matter how many times you wash it.

Non-slip bottom prevents any moving of the bed, and you can place it on any surface. It is lightweight, can be easily packed and will be essential on any trip you take with your dog. Your pet will love this bed in its kennel or crate. The bed will also look equally good in the house, on a patio or the backseat of the car.

Raised Dog Beds

Raised beds are rather unusual, but they have grown in popularity lately. These beds are lifted from the ground, and you can find them in different shapes and sizes. From nests, to orthopaedic, to the standard cushion type, these beds are a great solution for keeping your dog away from cold floors.

Needless to say, these beds are not ideal for dogs with orthopaedic problems, or breeds prone to back problems, as getting in and out of them may cause some mishaps. However, if we exclude these problems, it’s easy to see why the raised type of bed is so popular nowadays, as they are made to fit in well with your room’s appearance and match its style.

Bunty Elevated Dog Bed

Raised beds are definitely becoming more popular among dog owners. They come in many different sizes and are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor dogs. Raised beds are lifted off the ground, their designs are usually quite simple, and you can always find a nice dog mat to throw over it if you want to make it more stylish. Bunty is always finding new ways to improve life for our pets. Their beds are a must-have, and this raised type guarantees your dog comfort and good night’s sleep. Your dog will love their new raised bed, and you won’t ever have to worry about them jumping on the sofa or sleeping on your face in your own bed.

Features of Bunty Elevated Dog Bed

Bunty offers their elevated beds in three sizes – small, medium and large. The height of the bed is the same, no matter what size you choose. Dimensions vary from 75cm wide to 114 cm, so you’ll find a raised bed that will suit any dog breed. Bunty also keep it simple when it comes to the design of the bed. The sides are made of stainless steel, meaning the bed is able to support dogs of any size and weight. The fabric is waterproof, making it ideal if you plan to keep the bed in your backyard. Your dog won’t have to sleep on the cold floor or patio and will be able to relax on its bed wherever it is kept.

Advantages of Bunty Elevated Dog Bed
  • Effortless cleaning
    Many owners dread cleaning their pet’s bed. Pets usually leave a lot of hair when it is shedding season, and if your dog is sleeping outside, the amount of mud on that bed is unimaginable. Cleaning this bed is easy. Simply follow the product’s care instructions. It is recommend that the bed be hand washed, though the strong waterproof material can be easily wiped down.
  • Good fabrics
    The fabrics used determine the quality of a bed. If you are looking for a bed that won’t require a lot of maintenance, this is the one for you. It’s hard-wearing yet comfortable enough that your dog will love sleeping on it. The fabrics of this bed are waterproof which any owner will love. The weaved fabric improves the breathability of the bed, meaning your dog will be comfortable during those humid and hot summer nights and smells will be kept to a minimum.
  • Support for all breeds
    With this bed there are really no limitations if you choose the right size. The stainless steel frame is able to handle any weight. The height of the bed is suitable for both smaller and larger breeds, and you should only worry about choosing the right width and length.

Raised beds are a good option for any breed and a smart solution for keeping your dog off your bed. There are many sizes and styles available, and you will certainly find a one that will suit your furry little friend.

Heated Dog Beds

Everyone loves getting into a warm bed. Your dog is no exception! This heated kind of bed is also called a therapeutic bed, as the heat can have therapeutic effects. It comes from electric blankets and heating pads and having it won’t hurt your dog. They are perfectly safe!

Buying this bed is going one step further – thinking not only about comfort but also the warmth of your pet as well. Breeds that will benefit most from using this bed are those with small bodies and thin frames. If your dog is prone to feeling the cold, a heated bed is absolutely ideal.

Pecute Pet Heat Pad

After a long day at work, we all like to come home and rest on a comfy couch or just dive into bed. Well, our furry friends are just like us. After a long day of playing and running, your pet should have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Whether your tiny friend is a dog or a cat Pecute pet heat pad will be a great solution. The Pecute Pet Heat Pad is a product that will give your pet the treatment it deserves. It will provide a warm bed for your furry friend. It is suitable for dogs of all ages. If you live in a colder climate and worry that your home is not warm enough during winter, this bed could be the perfect solution. This safe and affordable product will be your pets best friend during those cold days.

Features of Pecute Pet Heat Pad

The Pecute pet heat pad is 15.7”x19.7” and is perfect for smaller to medium dogs. It is covered with a flannel top layer that can be removed and washed, making it super easy to clean. If you have worries that your pet will get hurt, you should know that this product is totally safe. The bed is completely waterproof so it can withstand accidental wetness without affecting the electric heat mat. Also, all cables are chew resistant and can survive a great amount of force, making them completely safe.

Advantages of Pecute Pet Heat Pad
  • Easy to clean
    The Pecute pet pad is easy to keep clean. The flannel cloth cover can be easily removed for washing, keeping the bed clean and fresh. No more messy and dirty beds.
  • Safe to use
    When it comes to our dogs, safety is always the first priority. That is why the Pecute Pet Heat Pad is made to be resistant to scratching, to be waterproof, and all the cables can withstand chewing and pulling. Just what you want when you have a playful pet.
  • Constant warmth
    The pad has two overheating protectors. This means that there is no way for the temperature to get too high and cause any problems for your pet or your home. The temperature ranges between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius and provides a cosy bed for your pet.

It is important for your pet to have a warm and cosy bed. This bed is ideal for keeping puppies warm in their early months. With this durable and safe product, your pets will always be happy while resting. Even if you have an arthritic pet or pet recovering from any injuries, this pad will make their life easier. With its soft, comfortable and waterproof material, it will be a perfect place for your dog to rest on cold winter nights. Cleaning is also super easy with the removable flannel cover. When you see how much your pet loves this bed, you’ll be glad that you bought it.

Cooling Dog Beds

Have you ever wondered why your dog “ignorantly” searches for the place that is wet, cold, or anyway fresher? Sometimes, dogs enjoy a cooling sensation. That’s why manufacturers made these cooling beds. Yes, they feature a cooling element which is often some kind of a gel-like substance or water wrapped in an outer material that is usually plastic.

However, they are perfectly safe, and no matter how persistent your dog is with chewing or scratching, it won’t manage to tear the material. These beds are designed to last and endure anything your dog can do to them. Needless to say, the breeds that benefit most from these beds are those that are prone to overheating. Bulldogs, for example, particularly enjoy spending time on these beds.

Silentnight Micro-Climate Airflow Dog Bed

When it comes to our little furry friends, there is not a thing that we won’t do. However, sometimes we don’t even see the problems that our pets may have. If you have a big dog, you may have experienced a problem with overheating. Your dog won’t even look at his bed, and if it wants to sleep, it does so on the kitchen or bathroom floor. Well, that is not healthy at all. If you want to fix that problem, you should check out this product. The Silentnight Micro-Climate Airflow dog bed is a bed made to be less wet, less stinky and much more enjoyable to sleep on. It is made out of special fibres that make the bed breathe so that it doesn’t hold moist. It is perfect for medium and larger breeds. Your Husky or Springer Spaniel will definitely love it.

Features of Silentnight Micro-Climate Airflow Dog Bed

The Silentnight Micro-Climate Airflow dog bed comes in two different sizes, large (120 X 73cm) and medium (85 X 65cm), making it the perfect size for dogs of around 20 to 25 kilos. The special design and materials will keep the bed dry, and there won’t be any sweat or humidity. Your dog will enjoy sleeping in his new bed instead of on the floor. With less sweat and moisture, the amount of odour coming from the bed will also drastically decrease, making your home a more pleasant place. Also, should the materials get dirty, you can easily wash them, not only the covers but also the filling.

Advantages of Silentnight Micro-Climate Airflow Dog Bed
  • Easy to wash
    The Silentnight Micro-Climate Airflow Dog Bed can be easily cleaned because all the parts can are washable. You can wash the covers and the filling – just put them in the washing machine and you’ll have a fresh bed in no time.
  • Stylish
    This may not be a typical dog bed, but if you want to have a stylish dog bed in your home that complements you existing furniture, you should consider with this one.
  • Quality materials
    This is probably the biggest advantage of this product. It is made out of some really high-quality materials. Airflow fibres will help to keep the bed dry. A multi-zone design is used to make the inner part of the bed, which makes it particularly comfortable for your pet to sleep on. You can’t make a mistake with this one.

The quality of sleep is not something only people need, and your pet needs good sleep too. If your dog is constantly hot and sweaty, the chances are it won’t sleep well. You can easily spot this problem. If your dog is waking and moving at night or sleeping on the floor, you should consider buying this bed. Your dog will be happier and more comfortable, and you won’t have to wake up every few hours because your dog is going all around your apartment trying to find a perfect place to sleep.

Pecute Dog Cooling Mat

There are several great reasons why this cooling mat is one of the best we tested out. Firstly, there is no question whether this mat is easy to use, considering the fact that it has a self-cooling mechanism. In addition, the no-hassle way you can store and clean the mat makes it the best pet cooling mat out there.

If you’re looking for an affordable mat to help out your pets in extreme weather conditions, but you also want it to be efficient enough to provide the cooling down needed during the heatwave, this product made from high-quality materials and a cooling gel harmless for both people and animals will be the perfect solution for you in hot summer days.

Features of Pecute Dog Cooling Mat

This cooling mat is made out of highly durable materials, that are resistant both to water and scratching and will ensure that your mat serves you and your pet for a long period of time. The inside layer of the mat is filled out with a non-poisonous cooling gel which doesn’t need pre-cooling in order to function. Forget about freezing the mat or adding cooled water pre-use, which can make the mat too cold and uncomfortable for your pet.

The way the mat works is by captivating the body heat of your pet and transferring it back to the air surrounding it, which ensures that the cooling down process happens gradually, without your pet being shocked by the mat that is too cold. One significant feature is also the way it can be cleaned and disposed, and that is simply by wiping it and folding so that it fits practically anywhere.

Advantages of Pecute Dog Cooling Mat
  • Easy maintenance
    When it comes to pet products, things tend to get a little bit messy, considering hair and paw prints that are left behind. Thankfully, this mat couldn’t be easier to maintain clean, and one swipe with a wet cloth will do the job.
  • Self-cooling
    This mat’s cooling mechanism makes it easy for you to use it anytime, without having to do any preparation or planning. The difference between this and some other cooling mats is that this one requires no freezing, adding cold water or electricity-powered cooling.
  • Multi-functional
    No matter how affordable the product is, getting the most out of it is always important. The great thing is that, for this price, you get not only a pet cooling mat but also a pillow, laptop cooling pad or cooling pack, whichever you need to use it as at the moment.
Bottom Line

If you care about the well-being of your pets in warm weather, this cooling mat is the one that you can rely on for providing the much-needed durability and sturdiness. Your pet will be able to enjoy the non-toxic cooling properties of this mat no matter how extreme the weather conditions are.

Travel Dog Beds

If you are into travelling, your dog probably is too. Therefore, you will need a proper bed, particularly designed for these occasions. Being similar to standard dog beds, it is often hard to tell the difference. However, there is one.

Some of these beds are foldable, and you can easily roll them up. They save a lot of space when you are travelling; you can literarily carry them anywhere you go, and set them up whenever and wherever you need to. Some of these beds contains seat belt, and straps that make it more than safe while riding in the car. Simply put, these beds are a great choice for any dog owner that loves trips with their companion.

AllPetSolutions Dog Front Car Seat

The All Pet Solutions Travel Bed is an amazing bed that can increase your pet’s comfort when travelling. This is one of the safest and most comfortable car beds for dogs, designed to be suitable for both short and longer distances, and perfect for small dogs. You will no longer have to worry about whether your pet will slip or fall from the seat when you are driving. In addition, it will help ensure the interior of your car remains clean, and undamaged. It will easily fit the interior of your vehicle and look like an integral part of it. This seat, in addition to safety guarantees, comfort to your pet.

Features of AllPetSolutions Dog Front Car Seat

This pet bed is made of high-quality materials that provide a comfortable surface for your pet. The base of the bed offers anti-slip protection that guarantees greater safety. The central pillow can be easily removed, making cleaning and maintenance easier. Its dimensions of 50x50cm make it suitable for most vehicle seats. It is very easy to set up, as you only need to pass the seat belt through a loop below the bed. This product also contains a safety strap that connects to the dog’s collar, providing a greater level of safety for your pet.

Advantages of AllPetSolutions Dog Front Car Seat
  • Very safe
    This bed contains anti-slip protection, and seat belt straps make it more than safe. Both you and your pet can relax the and enjoy the ride without any fear of accidents.
  • Comfortable
    The bed is designed and made from top-quality soft materials to provide your pet with a comfortable experience on your journey.
  • Easy to maintain
    This product has a pillow that can easily be removed and therefore it’s easy to clean the area where your pet lies.
  • Long-lasting
    Considering the materials used to make this bed, you can be sure of the durability and credibility of this product.

If you look at the price to quality ratio of this bed, you will see that this travel dog bed is a great deal. Suitable for dogs and even cats, it’s very flexible, with excellent design, and size. If you decide to go with this one, your choice is probably based on safety, and in addition, to travelling comfort of your pet.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Bed

There are several factors that you should bear in your mind when choosing the best dog bed. Several factors can affect not only your dog’s comfort but your own as well. Now, let’s see what to look for in order to find a good dog bed that will perfectly suit your needs.

  • Easiness of Cleaning
    It’s highly important to find the bed that is easy to clean. It can save you a lot of time, as cleaning these can sometimes be time consuming. The last thing you want is a smelly bed inside your room, that’s so challenging to clean you don’t even try. Instead, it’s best to look for a bed with some removable parts, which make the whole cleaning process much easier.
  • Comfort
    Like all pets, dogs enjoy comfort, especially if they are used to your bed or couch. When you test beds, find those that keep you from feeling the floor underneath and feel soft and warm.
  • Smell and Stain Resistance
    How a bed stands up to the mess a dog can make is highly important and affects it’s performance overall. Some beds are simply too fluffy, and that can sometimes have consequences. Plush absorbs everything and dealing with that kind of odour is very difficult. There are dozens of waterproof beds on the market, so thinking about this option is also important.

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