September 19, 2021

With such a huge spectrum of products of this kind on the market, picking the best dehumidifiers to compare can be quite a challenging task. For that reason, we tested several of them and the one we found the most noteworthy is the EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier. With a multitude of practical functions, this one does a great job of maintaining the optimal level of humidity in your home. Being lightweight and energy saving, it is equipped with everything needed for enhanced performance.

If you have the feeling that the humidity level in your home is rather high, you should definitely take some serious steps against it. Stuffy or musty homes certainly have quite solid predispositions for condensation. This is the first sign of a high level of moisture. Some activities such as cooking, using the washing machine or operating the dishwasher are likely to increase humidity in the home. If you live in a place where the weather also has a significant impact on this, then this is just the review for you.

High levels of moisture in the air is not just a problem in itself; it can cause a number of further issues if not addressed. High levels of vapour in the air can potentially lead to a number of health issues. Read on to find out which are the best available dehumidifiers. Your health and comfort are of vital importance, so have this issue fixed ASAP.

Types of Dehumidifiers

Once you start looking for this extremely practical device, you will discover that there are many different types available. That’s because both manufacturers and users have different parameters for dividing them into various categories. They all have more or less the same purpose and usage, but each home has a specific level of moisture to deal with. That will definitely be the main starting point for determining which type is the right one for your home.

The main three categories of dehumidifier we shall describe in this article are desiccant, compressor-based and thermo-electric. They all differ in size, price, features, and several other aspects. Some of them are in the form of pumps, while others come in the form of ventilators, and there are absorbent ones as well. The specific conditions in your home will determine which would be the most suitable. Just to let you know, homemade dehumidifiers are also an option, but we shall focus on the three groups mentioned here.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

If you are new to these appliances, you will probably be interested in getting to know what desiccant dehumidifiers actually are. They pass the air through a rotor which features a moisture adsorbent desiccant material. After removing moisture from the air, it blows back into the room, as dry air. As for the collected water, it is removed by adding heat and channelling it out of the building.

The material typically used as the desiccant is silica gel. It’s in granular form comprised of a huge network of interconnected microscopic pores. Each molecule attracts and absorbs moisture in the air. What makes these granules even more powerful is the fact that they are reusable. This means that once they release the moisture and channel it out of the building, they are ready to collect more moisture.

Inventor Rise True-Zeolite Desiccant Dehumidifier

Best Desiccant dehumidifier: Inventor Rise True-Zeolite

As the manufacturer points out, their products are dedicated to perfection. What seems to be their greatest virtue is the stylish and innovative design, which looks robust at the same time. What makes them different from the competition is their strong desire to enhance the quality of living conditions with a superior line of products. With such a positive business philosophy that is realistic and practical, they certainly have something noteworthy to offer. This product is a highly efficient dehumidifier. It works silently and is equipped with an ioniser to provide healthier and cleaner air. In addition to this, it has no compressor, which means the unit itself is very lightweight. You can easily transport it from one room to another since its total weight is about 6kg. Moreover, it offers unprecedented performance even at lower temperatures. Using zeolite as a moisture remover (desiccant), with its low surface vapour pressure, enhances productivity.


Among the most prominent features worth pointing out is the ability to operate in quiet mode. The absence of a compressor makes this possible, and it also increases the efficiency in reducing humidity. Having an air ioniser, it generates ions that produce energy. That energy decreases the number of harmful elements such as smoke, odours and dust, thus creating a healthier living environment. With the ability to work in ECO mode, it saves both money and energy (this mode reduces energy consumption to half). There are other settings including Turbo, Normal and High. The product features a tank which can accommodate up to 1.5l of water. Moreover, there are indicators to show the water level as well as overflow protection. Besides dehumidification, this appliance also serves as a heater, raising the temperature in quite an economical way. And finally, the powerful desiccant technology without compressor makes this product more than economical and highly practical. This product comfortably operates at temperatures between 1°c and 37°c. With the power to maintain the balanced quality of air in the environment, it’s more than a fine choice for most households.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport - Having in mind that it doesn’t have a compressor, it weighs only 6kg. It means this one is easy to relocate whenever needed.
  • Works quietly - This is also thanks to the absence of a compressor.
  • Operates on lower temperatures - Unlike a dehumidifier with a compressor, this one, with desiccant technology, can operate equally efficient at lower temperatures.
  • ECO mode - Uses up to 50% less energy.
  • Multiple functions - It can heat and dehumidify at the same time.


This one is quite a fine choice for those looking for a lightweight dehumidifier that has several functions. Moreover, the fact that it’s energy-saving makes this product highly desirable.

EcoAir DD122 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier

Top Rated Desiccant dehumidifier: EcoAir DD122 Simple

Packed with several highly practical functions, this dehumidifier helps to control the moisture in your home, creating surroundings that are both healthy and pleasant. When the air humidity exceeds a certain level (60% RH), then it becomes a breeding ground for various undesired bacteria. Furthermore, this causes multiple difficulties with allergies and breathing. It worsens the conditions for people with asthma. That’s why a balanced level of moisture in the living space plays an important role. This product solves the issue in a very efficient way and establishes good control over the humidity in any room. By keeping the moisture at the safest and most comfortable level possible, it minimises or completely eliminates fluctuations. Besides health, a constant level of humidity minimises the possibility for doors, paintings, and furniture to damage. With all this having said, it’s more than obvious why establishing control over moisture plays a very crucial role. As we said, it’s not just a matter of a current problem, but speaking in longer terms, it can result in multiple problems.


Two operating modes allow you to set the machine working in economy or turbo mode. The first mode saves energy and works quietly, and it’s a good option when using the device for long periods. On the other hand, turbo mode comes in handy when you need quick dehumidification. Once the problem is fixed, we warmly advise you to set the device back to eco mode. The auto restart option enables the machine to start operating again after a power failure. It’s equipped with an easy-to-clean filter. The rotary dial control panel allows you to preset the desired level of moisture in the air. The percent will depend on the level of humidity in your home, and there are many factors which have an impact over that. The dehumidifier has a tank with a capacity to store up to 2l of water, and it is located on the side of the machine. It’s easy to empty because it works just like a drawer. With a carry handle and a lid, it’s convenient to transport and empty it without spilling the water. The additional hose, which is 12m long, allows you to drain the liquid directly into the sink or outside drain. Anti-tilt protection makes this appliance among the safer ones available, minimising potential hazards.


  • Two operating modes - This makes it possible for you to use the product in turbo mode for rapid dehumidification or set it in eco mode for energy saving.
  • Carry handle - This practical feature allows you to empty the tank without the risk of spillage.
  • Additional drainage options - The product features a 12m hose so you can choose to use store water in the integral tank or connect the hose and transport it directly to a sink or drain.
  • Antibacterial filter - The inbuilt filter has the power to destroy bacteria on contact.
  • Auto-restart option - This is a convenient feature in case of power failure, as the machine starts operating again once the power is restored.
  • Enhanced safety - Besides anti-tilt protection, a notable feature of this product is the automatic shut down when the water tank is full.


With so many practical functions, this appliance is a good choice. Being easy to use and energy-saving, this lightweight machine will definitely make the environment in your home more pleasant.

Compressor-Based Dehumidifiers

Rapid technology development in every field leads to various experiments and innovations. The main purpose of those is to create a product which would outperform itself and give consumers as a practical gadget as possible. However, this description could apply to the previously described group of machines, as this one with compressor belongs to the old-school type of products. For the beginning, they are heavier and noisier than their desiccant counterparts.

Also known as conventional dehumidifiers, these are quite similar to a small fridge. They draw the air from the room, passing it over a filter and evaporating it. The condensed water ends up in a container located inside the unit. After passing the compressor, the air is then reheated to room temperature and blown back out of the machine. It operates effectively at temperatures between 5°c and 30°c. However, the optimal temperature for maximum performance is above 20°c. It doesn’t perform as effectively in cool conditions but works more than fine when conditions are hot and humid.

Prem-I-Air Compressor Dehumidifier EH1220

Best Compressor-based dehumidifier: Prem-I-Air Compressor Dehumidifier EH1220

Having the capacity to remove 12l and store up to 1.5l of liquid per day, this product has quite a compact design. Though not as easy to operate as its desiccant counterparts, it is not so problematic when transporting from one room to another, if needed. You can use this one in your home, office or elsewhere, with a practical handle for more convenient relocation. The product has several interesting and practical functions. These include the light that indicates when the water tank is full and the auto-shut off feature. The water tank is quite simple to remove and empty. The noise level is below 42dB, but still, it’s notably noisier than a desiccant model. It’s important to point out that this level of noise is still perfectly safe.


One of the most practical features of this machine is the compact design for easy transportation. The integral handle makes it even simpler, meaning you can transport it wherever you need to. The humidity level varies from room to room, with numerous factors having a great impact on that. That’s why one needs to use dehumidifiers practically everywhere. The appliance has several extra options such as an indicator to show when the tank is full and an auto shut-off to prevent overflow. Again, when compared to its desiccant counterpart, this one is noisier when operating, but still, it’s not harmful. We could say that the final choice which one is more suitable is definitely a matter of personal preferences. There are many internal and external factors which determine which dehumidifier is the right one for your home.


  • Great performance - With an impressive removing of 12l of moisture per day, there will be no moisture, and humidity will stay at its optimum level.
  • Multiple useful functions - The indicator light for a full tank and auto-shut off are valuable functions.
  • Easy to transport - Through a bit heavier than a desiccant dehumidifier, with a useful handle, transportation from one to another point is straightforward.


While it has all the necessary basic features, for those looking for a more sophisticated machine, this one may seem too simplistic. However, if you are just looking to get the job done, and potentially remove up to 12l of moisture per day, this little dehumidifier is your go. Simple, portable, and effective. Good for both home and office use.

Thermo-Electric Dehumidifiers

This type of dehumidifier is also known as a Peltier effect dehumidifier. It uses a thermoelectric effect to convert electricity into a temperature difference using the Peltier module. This type of dehumidifier consists of two heat sinks, the smaller of which is cold, while the larger is hot. It also has a fan, and various command buttons and switches.

The air circulates through the machine; it enters on the cold side, and as it travels through, it’s pulled past the hot one. The condensate then drips down into the container below the cold side. The exhausted air is warmer and dryer, which implies that this one can work as a heater as well. This type of dehumidifier operates quietly, however, it has limited capacity and low moisture removal rate. This means that the appliance of this kind is for more patient users, as it dehumidifies slowly, over a longer period of time. The majority of consumers who had the opportunity to use this machine said it’s definitely not a replacement for some of the more expensive and better-equipped machines.

Ivation Thermo-Electric Intelligent Dehumidifier IVADM45

Best Thermo-electric dehumidifier: Ivation Intelligent IVADM45

It’s very important to point out that this one is not a minimised version of a bigger machine, but an appliance on its own. Its small size makes it quite compact and convenient to move around the home if necessary. Being small, lightweight and energy-efficient, this device is powerful and operates quietly, thanks to the technology working without moving parts. In addition to this, it has quite a long lifespan. It’s quite effective not only in dealing with undesired moisture but also in removing dust particles as well. Equipped with an auto humidistat, it gives you the option to adjust the desired level of humidity ranging from 40% to 80%. This is important to point out as machines without this function waste the energy because they work even when humidity is below 20%. The water storage tank has a capacity of 2l, an indicator light to warn of a full tank and an automatic shut off option.


With simple yet powerful technology, this device operates without moving parts, which means that it is very quiet while working. This means you can leave it on even during the night without the fear of waking someone up. Though this technology may sound like the one requiring plenty of space, still it’s manufactured in more than fine size. This means that finding the right location to place it should be a major problem at all. The machine itself is not heavy. Being energy-friendly is also among positive aspects of this type of dehumidifier. What adds the value here is auto humidistat, which regulates the operation depending on the humidity level. The reservoir has the capacity of 2 L. When the light indicates so, empty the tank. Besides this, the appliance has the auto turn off option. Perhaps these functions may not seem anything special at all, but they definitely make the device practical and non-problematic to use.


  • Several practical functions - As we mentioned, there’s a light that indicates when the tank is full, and it features auto shut-off option besides.
  • Auto humidistat - With the possibility to adjust it operating depending on the humidity level, the machine can be put to stand by if the level is around 20%.
  • Quiet operating - This means you can have it working at all times without disturbing anybody.
  • Compact size - The machine itself is small and easy to transport where necessary.


If you keep in mind that this product is not a replacement for other types of dehumidifiers, it can be quite useful for fighting excessive humidity. It’s very important to determine if these product’s properties are the ones you are looking for.

1byone Thermo-electric Dehumidifier 705UK-0001

Top Rated Thermo-electric Dehumidifier: 1byone 705UK-0001

If you are looking for a tiny device with great performance, this could be the one. Helping you keep your home mildew-free by eliminating fungus and moisture, it certainly makes your home a more pleasant place to live. With Peltier technology, it operates quite silently because there are no moving parts to make it noisy. This also results in its small and practical size, making the overall machine lower in weight. The removable water tank has the capacity of 400ml. This is actually a very significant detail. There are many types of small dehumidifier with a container capacity of 500ml, but they actually stop operating when the water level reaches 350ml. This is not the case with this model, as it works with the same quality until the tank is full and then stops automatically. A device as small as this one is most suitable for bathrooms and mid-sized rooms because you can accommodate it practically anywhere without worrying that it will take up too much space. It’s not suitable for operating outdoors. With an easy-to-remove tank and a convenient indicator light, using this one is definitely as simple as can be.


What makes Peltier technology attractive is the fact that it operates without moving parts, which means that such machines are quiet. Furthermore, it means that you can use it whenever you need it, be it day or night, as it won’t disturb other people. Small in size, finding a place to accommodate this model shouldn’t present a problem. You can even put it in a bathroom as that’s usually the place with the highest level of humidity in a house or flat. It’s not advisable to use it outside though. The tank has the full capacity of 400ml, and when it reaches that level, it switches off automatically. The container is quite simple to remove and empty when full. The device is generally not heavy at all, so you can lift it and relocate is with minimal effort.


  • Easy to transport - Such a small machine is definitely quite convenient when it comes to transportation. It doesn’t require much space, and you can even take it with you when travelling.
  • Quiet technology - Though for a moment it may seem ‘old-school’ compared to a desiccant dehumidifier, this technology is actually very quiet as it has no moving parts to generate noise.
  • Full capacity of the tank - The machine won’t stop working until it reaches the 400ml tank capacity, unlike some other models that automatically switch off before the tank is full.


This model of dehumidifier is definitely the best choice for those living in very small homes. It doesn’t take up much space, but it is still very efficient.

Hysure 700ml Electric Dehumidifier

Top Rated Dehumidifier: Hysure 700ml Electric Dehumidifier

Hysure has the tradition of producing small home appliances that should improve your daily life and its quality. If moisture, dampness, mould, or things of the kind are your problems than this 700ml electric dehumidifier is perfect for you. It removes moisture, musty smell, and improves your quality of life easily and effectively.

It is small and portable, works at a press of a single button, and makes hardly any noise. With this product, you will not have to worry about your season clothes getting that mouldy smell that is so hard to get off if you put it in your wardrobe. Mouldy and damp windows and walls will not cause you any discomfort like allergies.


Made of high-quality plastic, with minimal, modern, and quite elegant design, this electric dehumidifier will go almost seamlessly with any room. It is light and portable so you can easily move it if you desire to. It is extremely easy to use-just plug it in and press the one button it has. The green light indicates that it is working. If the light is orange it means that it needs to be emptied.

It can cover up to 15 square meters so it is perfect for smaller rooms, and it will collect up to 300ml ow moisture in a day. It is perfect for damp bedrooms as it will make the room warmer. It can also speed up the process of drying clothes. Mould-induced allergies will no longer be a problem. It is almost soundless (less than 35db) and a small spender (23w).


  • Economical - There is no need for spending extra money on purchasing any refill since it does not use it. At 23W it does not cause your electric bill to shoot through the roof.
  • Efficient - It removes 300ml of moisture in a day (at 30C and 80% RH). This makes it more efficient than standard, chemical dehumidifiers.
  • Safe - When the tank reaches its full capacity the dehumidifier shuts down by itself so you can leave it on during the night or even when you leave the house for a weekend.
  • Easy to use - Turn on at a press of a button, empty the water tank by detaching it.


Hysure Electric Dehumidifier is light, practical, and easy to use. It will dehumidify smaller rooms in your home in no time and quite successfully. It makes almost no sound so it is perfect for bedrooms as well. We highly recommend it if you have a lot of moisture and mould in your home. It will significantly improve your sleep and overall health.

Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier

Top Rated Dehumidifier: Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier

A high-quality de-humidifier is an excellent addition to any home. This model offers peace of mind, precision and potency. There may be a space in your home that’s prone to damp such as a basement or bathroom. This piece of kit starts working on damage control quickly and effectively. It acts just as well as a preventative tool to avoid damp problems before they begin. This design has also been Quiet Mark Certified which is an honour only awarded to the most discreet of appliances. This makes it ideal for a bedroom or office.


One of the best parts about this machine is its large water tank. This feature allows for the appliance to remove a substantial amount of moisture from its surroundings effortlessly. The tank is 1.8 litres and it shuts off automatically once it’s full. Overall, it can collect up to 12 litres of water a day. It comes equipped with a continuous drainage hose that is suitable for long-term use. It benefits from advanced technology, giving you the chance to personalise its use to your preferences.


  • Breathe with ease - Having a dehumidifier in the home supports those with respiratory problems. This makes it a must-have appliance for anyone who manages allergies, asthma or simply has sensitive sinuses. It would be a fantastic asset for households with young children or pets, especially in more humid climates. The efficiency of this model helps to improve the air quality with minimal effort required. It prevents the growth of mould which, in its mildest form, merely causes a musty scent. In its more severe form, it releases damaging mycotoxins into the air.
  • Premium technology - The technology of this particular piece sets it apart from alternatives on the market. It has a digital LED display with a 24-hour timer. This feature allows you to program the machine to three different options depending on your needs. The settings offered are auto, continuous and sleep mode. It has an automatic sensor that lets you set the humidity anywhere you wish, from 30% up to 80%.
  • Easy to move - A key feature of this design is that it’s portable. It has four wheels so it can be easily transported between rooms. This gives the opportunity to reduce damp throughout your home or workplace with ease. It would be a handy device to have nearby in a school, college or university building. It does wonders for reducing condensation which can lead to discoloured walls and peeling wallpaper. It would be ideal for a workplace such as a warehouse, a restaurant or a retail shop floor as it easily wheels out of the way..


All in all, this piece of equipment stands out from other models. It has progressive technology and is extremely easy to use. Once it’s been set up, it truly takes care of the tricky part of the job. This gives you the luxury to keep calm and carry on with your day.

What to Look for in a Good Dehumidifier

Now that you know the basics on the main types of dehumidifiers, with several practical examples, choosing the most suitable one should be easier. Or not? Well, the answer to this question is entirely individual, as each one of us looks for different characteristics. In addition to this, each one of us lives in different conditions and various climate conditions, and that specific combination requires a certain product. Though performance essentially boils down to the same thing – making the air less humid – there are some slight differences which can determine the exact dehumidifier you need.

  • Humidifier Size - This depends on the size of your home and the level of humidity. If you live in a huger space, you can opt for any model. However, if space is limited, then a smaller and more compact model is what you should be looking for.
  • Water Capacity - Taking the models we described here, you can see that it ranges between 400ml and 2l. Again, it’s all down to conditions, both indoors and outdoors, as they have an impact over the humidity level. This also dictates whether the water will collect faster or slower. In addition to this, if you have the machine operating 24/7, it’s natural that the water will accumulate faster.
  • Operating Technology - Though this is not a primary thing to pay attention to, this actually dictates the performance in general. Some contemporary models with advanced technology have more options and functions, for those who want to have more than just an air dehumidifier.
  • Quietness Level - In these modern times, with too much noise all around, having a device that can operate quietly is highly beneficial. The technology has influence over this aspect.
  • Mobility - If you plan to move your appliance from one place to another – and most people do – look for the one that is not overly complicated to transport. Some of them are equipped with handles for added convenience.
  • Energy Efficiency - Some models have multiple operating modes, including eco-modes that reduce energy consumption. Again, if you plan to use the device all day and all night long, pay attention to this feature.
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