September 19, 2021

After many hours of analysing the sound quality from the many computer speakers we tested, we agree that the Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers are the best computer speakers currently available on the market. If you want a fully immersive experience when playing your games, music or movies, the sound needs to be just as good as the video quality, and these speakers provide just that.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time watching movies, listening to music or playing games and you care a lot about the quality of the sound, you know how a good pair of speakers can make everything better. With great speakers, you’re able to hear every segment and every instrument in a song, even those that are used as background. Or while watching a horror movie, you know how important the audio quality is to add to the overall experience.

If you use small, integrated speakers on a laptop, you’ll notice that not every sound is picked up. These speakers are usually very low quality, and since they are almost always situated on the part of the laptop that is covered, the sound is often compromised. Using a pair of headphones may help, but the experience is always better with a high-quality pair of computer speakers.

Types of Computer Speakers

While we can generally divide computer speakers into wireless and those with a lead, there are many other ways of grouping them. Today, there’s a wide variety of speakers on the market when it comes to size, shape and colour, but these are not the most important things when choosing the best pair of speakers.

Before we describe our top picks, we’ll explain the most popular categories of computer speakers, which will help you to choose the best one for your needs.

Two-Speaker System

This type of speaker is the most common. For a good experience while watching a movie or listening to music, these speakers are more than enough, especially if you’re in the market for something affordable. The audio signal is divided into two channels, making the sound stereo, which means that you’ll be able to hear all the audio better.

Thanks to their popularity, this type of speaker comes in a variety of sizes. They are simple and easy to set up which means that even people who don’t have much experience with technology will be able to use them. They are generally affordable because of the vast number of people who use them. If you use computer speakers often and are looking for a good-quality stereo sound that won’t cost too much, this is the category you should choose from.

Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers

Best Computer Speakers: Logitech Z200

These speakers are at the top of our list of best computer speakers because they provide rich and clear sound whenever and wherever you use them. They will provide you with a better, more realistic experience while watching a movie or playing games without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for computer speakers that are affordable but still have a high-quality, stereo sound that fills the room, this pair of computer speakers will allow you to enjoy your music or audio without being too complicated to use.


These speakers provide a rich stereo sound with the addition of deep bass. You can adjust the bass volume using the bass control wheel on the side of the speaker. Both speakers have two drivers that release high-quality sound all around the room. Thanks to two audio inputs, you’ll be able to connect your tablet or phone to the speakers which means that they don’t have to be used only as computer speakers. The controls are placed on the front of the device so you can easily control the volume and switch the speakers on and off quickly. They feature a headphone jack if you need to watch a movie or listen to music in private. The speakers are connected to a lead, and one of them has two wires to plug into the computer and the electrical outlet. The dimensions of the speakers are 9 x 12.4 x 24.1cm, and they weight only 1kg.


  • Adjustable bass - Bass is one of the most important parts of every audio because it gives the sound more dimension and therefore a richer and more interesting quality. Thanks to the bass wheel on the side of the speaker, you can easily adjust the bass level according to your preferences.
  • Easy to use - The right speaker has everything you need to control and use these speakers. On its front, you’ll find a power and volume button, as well as the headphone jack and inputs for your phone and tablet – so easy and convenient!
  • Four drivers - Both of the speakers have two drivers that deliver a rich sound all around the room and are divided into two channels for a better-quality stereo sound.
  • Design - These speakers look very sleek and professional. They will go well with any computer set-up and look nice next to your tablet or phone. They are also easy to pack and carry with you because they are not too bulky.


This pair of speakers offers everything you need when it comes to enjoying a movie, songs or games because it will surround you with rich and clear realistic stereo sound. With the added bass control option, you are going to love every aspect of this two-speaker system, including its price.

Logitech Z150 Stereo Speakers

Best Computer Speakers: Logitech Z150

If you’re looking for something even simpler and smaller than the previous model, and you don’t really care about the bass feature, Logitech has another, smaller model that is perfect for all of you who have limited space on your computer desk. You can also easily carry these speakers with you wherever you go because they are so compact and lightweight. So, if you only want a small, solid and very affordable pair of speakers that will be able to withstand travelling and give you a clear and rich sound, take a look at this model’s features.


First, we want to mention the tiny dimensions of these speakers: 8.45 x 7.6 x 15.15cm. As you can see, this device will fit into any bag and be easy to store away or pack while travelling. Since they weigh only 0.58kg, you won’t even know they’re there. Even though they are small, the sound quality is still very good, and they will deliver strong and clear sound throughout the entire room. The controls on these speakers are very simple, and they’re on the front. The button for the volume is in the same place as the power button which is space saving considering how small these speakers are. They also feature a headphone and audio input, and you can connect your tablet, phone or laptop to them without any trouble. You can even plug in two devices at the same time. The two drivers will fill your room with a clear stereo sound and allow you to enjoy movies, games and music to the max.


  • Compact size - Not everyone needs big speakers that take up a lot of space in the home. Mini versions can be both well-made and practical, especially if you travel a lot or you’re a student who lives in a dorm and needs something small. That’s why small speakers like these can be a great advantage.
  • High-quality sound - Even though this device is tiny, it still ensures that the sound that comes out of the drivers is clean, rich and strong. It divides the sound into two channels, providing you with an acoustic audio experience.
  • Simple controls - These speakers are really easy to use considering that you have all the controls you need on the front of one of the speakers. There’s a wheel for volume control that’s in the same place as the power button, and you can plug in other devices in no time thanks to easy access to the audio inputs.


Who says that computer speakers need to be as big as possible in order to produce great sound? You can easily have that with this mini Logitech model despite it being extremely compact and practical. Now you can enjoy good music and incredible audio wherever you go.

Amazon Echo (3rd generation)

Top Rated Computer Speakers: Amazon Echo (3rd generation)

The 3rd generation of Amazon Echo smart speaker is a great gadget to add to your other trinkets and gadgets to play with and make your music listening experience all the more enjoyable. With this premium product with equalizer control, it’s enough to say as much as “Alexa, play some jazz music!” and you will be amazed by how little effort you need.

It supports features such as Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, Apple and Amazon Music so you can enjoy the greatest and latest hits at all times. A distinctive feature is its dimensions (148 x 99 x 99 mm) so you can place it anywhere without worrying that it won’t fit the environment.


These speakers have a great bass response and can play 360° audio powered by Dolby. They come with the adjustable equalizer settings so you can always adapt the voice and sound for the optimum listening experience. Its voice control will make your life easier thanks to Alexa that does things for you at your command.

It is designed so that you can connect it to other compatible devices and thus issue commands that will make changes in any room in your house. Besides, you can link it to your smart home and turn the lights on and off, for example without having to get up.


  • Charcoal Fabric - This is a rather popular material to use as protection of speakers and related equipment. It works as a filter that prevents dust from penetrating your speaker and impairing the sound quality while the material itself does not affect the clarity of sound at all.
  • Alexa and Echo - These two are a great addition to this smart device. Alexa is great for issuing commands to and do things from changing the music to setting the temperature in your home or intercom with your family. Echo is great since it has a button to turn off the speakers and protect your privacy thus.
  • Great connectivity and compatibility - The speaker works by WiFi connection and you can also use the Bluetooth to link it to your AirPods. Moreover, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems so you are safe even if you have multiple devices with different operating systems that you want to connect to the speaker.


Amazon’ Echo (3rd generation) | Smart speaker with Alexa, Charcoal Fabric is a great speaker to add to your home collection of smart gadgets and devices. The integrated Alexa app will make its use all the more pleasurable and simple that you will keep asking it to do this or that just because it’s fun.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Top Rated Computer Speakers: Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

When it comes to Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric, we are definitely talking about the most popular speakers offered by Amazon. Its simple and yet appealing style will make it a perfect addition to any room, whether you want to have some fun in the bedroom or enjoy relaxing ocean waves while taking a bath after a long day.

Once you’ve placed it on your shelf it will look more like a decorative item than a speaker. What gives it a special appeal is a light ring around the top circumference. It looks fantastic especially when you dim the lights.


In its 43 x 99 x 99 mm and 300 grams, Echo Dot has everything that a speaker needs to have, and more. Namely, one of the greatest additions was the inclusion of a LED clock display on the side. The fabric design gives it warm and home-like looks compared to other “cold” materials. This speaker will enable you to enjoy better and bigger, and above all, richer stereo sound.

Through the integrated Alexa app you can gain access to services such as BBC, Amazon Music, Audible, TuneIn, Apple Music and Spotify so you will have a variety of contents to choose from. Besides this, Alexa will help you track your fitness achievements, enable you to play games, and so much more. While doing all that, you don’t need to worry about dust or anything since the charcoal fabric will filter all of these.


  • There for you - The 3rd generation Echo Dot Smart speakers are there to do for you all those things you hated before. Doing some house chores and you want to turn up your favourite song – a piece of cake! It’s cold and you can’t be bothered to get up and turn up the heating – just send out the order. These speakers will make your smart home management even smarter and easier than before. Not to mention that you can have the news read to you, the weather checked, alarms set, etc.
  • Connect with people inside or outside your house - For example, you can use the Echo to say something to the guys in the other room. And on the other hand, dialling someone was never easier. Just issue the command and you can get in touch with mobile phones from the UK, additional Echo devices in your home, or even Skype and Alexa app.
  • Privacy protection - It’s designed to protect your privacy in a variety of ways and most notably with the inclusion of a Microphone Off button.


Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker will be a great addition to your home decor and your hi-tech collection. You can use them to “order” things done around the house or use them for their primary purpose that is listening to music.

2.1 Speaker Arrangement

If you want the experience of a real home theatre, this speaker system will provide just that. It consists of two speakers (left and right channel) and a subwoofer which makes you feel completely surrounded by the sound of a movie, game or your music. Even though the system is very simple considering it has only three components, the sound is much better and has a higher quality compared to the commonly used speakers without the subwoofer.

If you aren’t a fan of too many wires around the living room or your home in general, you think that bigger stereo systems are messy because they have more than three components, but you still want the experience of a home theatre, the 2.1 speaker arrangement will be the best choice for you. Also, this is a perfect choice if you have a smaller home that won’t fit a larger stereo system.

Creative A250 (2.1) Speaker System with Down-firing Ported Subwoofer

Best 2.1 Computer Speakers: Creative A250 (2.1) Speaker System

When purchasing a 2.1 speaker system, you expect a real home theatre experience, and that’s exactly what this model offers. If you need a smaller speaker system because you have a small living room, or you simply like to travel and you prefer to bring your trusty speakers with you, try these out. We are sure that the sound they produce will leave you pleasantly surprised when you are watching a movie, playing a game or listening to music that’s rich in bass. These speakers will give you an amazing acoustic sound wherever you need it.


This system features two speakers divided into a right and left channel, as well as a subwoofer. The speakers allow you to hear all the audio parts clearly, while the subwoofer offers great bass in the background, making you feel as if you were in a real theatre. Even though it’s powerful, this system is very compact and easy to move around even if you don’t have much space in your home. It’s also really easy to set up and control since it has only one wheel that serves as both the on/off button and the volume control. The subwoofer has a dual slot enclosure which means that the bass is actually very strong while the sound is clear and rich. The dimensions of this system are 20 x 31 x 21cm, and it weighs only 2.56kg which means that it’s really easy to pack and store away or take with you on a trip.


  • Easy to use - The majority of people are generally afraid of some devices because they think that they’re not experienced enough to use them. While some brands make the devices complicated, Creative made this system very easy to use, with only one wheel that controls volume and switches the device on and off.
  • Compact - Another positive aspect is the size of this device. Since it is compact and smaller than the majority of other 2.1 systems, you won’t have a mess caused by wires all around your house. If you have a smaller living room, this device will perfectly fit wherever you place it.
  • Home theatre experience - Even though it’s compact and small, this device still offers a great audio experience. It fills the room with a clear and rich sound that’s divided into two channels, and the bass of the subwoofer only makes everything better and more realistic.


While many other 2.1 speaker systems cost a lot of money, this model is very affordable, and still has high-quality features that make the sound clear and focused. You’ll appreciate every aspect of this incredible system which will transform your home into a comfy and cosy theatre.

Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1 PC Speaker System with SubwooferBEST

Best 2.1 Computer Speakers: Trust 17966 Tytan 2.1

If you like 2.1 speaker systems but you need something more powerful and larger than the previous device, Trust has got it covered with this incredible, eye-catching, powerful speaker system that will allow you to immerse yourself completely in a movie or game thanks to its great sound. If you’re willing to invest a little more money, your search for a high-quality speaker system that will transform your living room into a home theatre is over since this model will be the best one for you.


The first thing you’ll notice about this system is that it looks very powerful, which is exactly what it sounds like. It features two great speakers and a large subwoofer. The speakers have two drivers each, and they divide the sound into two channels and make it sharp and clear. Thanks to the size and the wooden material of the subwoofer, the bass will be perfect, and you’ll be able to adjust it thanks to the controls on the side. You can use this system with your tablet, phone, PC, laptop or TV and it will always sound great. All you need to do is plug in the system and connect it to your desired device. You can easily control the volume as well as the level of bass. It also has a headset jack which allows you to listen to your music privately.


  • Design - This speaker system has a unique design that makes it look luxurious and powerful. It has a high shine, and it will go well with your home décor as well as the rest of your technology. The size is perfect for medium and large living rooms.
  • Energy saving - If you’re afraid that a device as big as this one will make your electricity bill higher, you’ll be pleased to know that this system will automatically go to stand-by as soon as it detects that it hasn’t been used for more than an hour. It will turn back on as soon as you want to use it.
  • Great bass - The subwoofer is made of wood, and it’s really big which means that it produces a strong bass that makes every movie and music experience better and more realistic. You can also control its levels in case you need to listen to something quietly and a strong bass is not welcome.


You don’t have to have a lot of components in order to have a rich and clear sound with great bass. All you need is a high-quality 2.1 speaker system, and you’ll be surrounded by a great sound. That’s why your choice should be this incredible Trust model.

5.1 Speaker Arrangement

If you’re not happy with a 2.1 speaker arrangement and you need more layers and dimension while watching a movie, you should choose a good-quality 5.1 speaker arrangement. This system has three added speakers, usually built into one big speaker, that usually divide the channels into the front left, right and centre. The surround left/right should be behind you. It also features a subwoofer.

The advantages of this system are not only the number of speakers but also the fact that you will feel as if you are actually in the movie you’re watching. You’ll hear everything clearly and more realistically, so you’ll feel more involved in the story. A system like this offers clear sound not only for dialogue but also for other background noises and special effects that are difficult to hear well with the regular 2.1 arrangement.

Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Best 5.1 Computer Speakers: Trust Gaming GXT 658

When looking for a high-quality 5.1 system, you need to make sure that all the features work for you since achieving that high-quality sound means you are going to have to invest a lot of money. That’s why this gaming system is the best 5.1 system on the market. If you want to feel as if you are in a game or a movie, this speaker arrangement will allow you to hear every noise as if it was happening around you. With this device, you can relax and enjoy a perfect audio that will make every gaming experience better.


This system features five separate speakers and a subwoofer that’s made of wood. What catches the eye is the blue LED ring on the subwoofer which looks very powerful. This is mainly a speaker system for gaming because the sound quality is incredibly realistic and since it has five different channels, you’ll hear every movement and explosion in the game as if it were right beside you. Of course, you can enjoy this system while watching a movie or listening to music as well. You can connect it to your PC, Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 too. It features a wireless remote control which allows you to adjust the volume and bass level according to your needs and preferences. The leads of the surround speakers are 5m long, which is long enough to allow you to place the speakers wherever you want.


  • LED light - The blue ring around the subwoofer will react to the bass and pulse accordingly. This means that you’ll have a really interesting light show to add to the gaming experience.
  • Energy saving- This model will also go to stand-by if you don’t use it for more than an hour. This can be a really important feature since there are a lot of speakers that can use too much wattage.
  • Wireless remote control - There’s nothing worse than being comfortable on the couch and having to get up to adjust the volume of the speakers. With the wireless remote that comes with this system, you can change the volume directly from the couch.
  • Clear audio - Each of the five speakers has a high quality and produces a clear and rich sound that seems very realistic. You’ll be able to hear many layers of background noise and thoroughly enjoy the special effects.


This 5.1 speaker arrangement is the best one on the market because it offers a great experience while playing games and watching movies. Even though it is not the cheapest model on the market, you’ll be able to enjoy the story completely and feel like a part of it because the quality of the speakers is really incredible.

What to Look for in a Good Computer Speakers

Choosing the right computer speaker is an individual thing. What works very well for you may not be enough for a professional gamer or for someone who enjoys a real home theatre experience. That’s why you should choose speakers according to your needs. If you’re going to use them on your PC every once in a while for movies and box sets, and you don’t really care about the layers and sound dimensions, you’ll choose a model that’s completely different to a gamer, for example. Having said that, we should mention the most important things to keep in mind while choosing your speakers:

  • Sound Quality - As you can imagine, this is one of the most important things when it comes to choosing good-quality speakers. No matter which type of speakers you need, the sound on them should be clear, rich and powerful even if you don’t use them very often. No one likes to hear external noise that doesn’t belong to the movie they’re watching. That’s why the speakers you choose need to have good sound quality.
  • Bass - This is something we mentioned when talking about types of speakers. While common two-speaker systems don’t usually have a part for the bass, 2.1 and 5.1 systems do. Think about yourself as a listener. Do you need the bass to make your viewing and listening experience better? If your answer is yes, ignore two-way speakers and go for something else. And if you need a bass, you must decide if you need the adjustable one or not since you can find both versions on the market.
  • Size - If you live in a small home or you travel a lot, you’ll probably need small and compact speakers that can be packed and carried with you. However, if your home is big and you have enough space for larger speakers, go for it! It certainly won’t be a disadvantage.
  • Set-Up - It’s important to be aware of your technological experience when purchasing new speakers. Even though the majority of speakers today are pretty simple to install and use, there are a few of them on the market which are more complicated. Look carefully at the speaker controls and buy a model you will know how to use.
  • Lead Length - This may seem stupid at first, but it’s important to know how much space you need to cover. Imagine buying a perfect pair of speakers, coming home and realising that the wire is too short and that it can’t reach the computer and the outlet. Measure the space between the computer or TV and the areas where you want to place the speakers and purchase speakers that have a lead long enough to reach everything.
  • Price - We realise that this can be an issue, especially if you’re not crazy enough about technology to spend a lot of money on speakers. If you need something affordable, you will want to skip the 5.1 speaker arrangement since those speakers are pretty expensive. However, if you’d still like to experience a good-quality sound for your home theatre, you can find more affordable options among 2.1 speaker arrangements.
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