September 19, 2021

We’ve spent weeks testing the best coffee grinders on the market. While the competition was fierce, we came to the conclusion that the Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans Spices Nuts is the best choice when buying a new coffee grinder. It’s easy and safe to use, it doesn’t use too much power and it makes very tasty coffee and espresso. It’s ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Are you a coffee lover? Do you prefer freshly ground coffee over supermarket-bought coffee? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show you some of the finest coffee grinders on the market. Our team of experts have tested many different types and products in order to help you get the best out of your morning routine. So, let’s start with the basic types and their representatives.

Types of Coffee Grinders

There are two main types of coffee grinder, and we aim to define both types and then present the best options to buy from each category. These types vary from one another in certain aspects, and though they have the same basic goal – which is to grind coffee – you should definitely familiarise yourself with each type in order to make a decision about which one you should use, depending on your needs and preferences. So, without further ado, let us begin!

Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade coffee grinders are the ones that have a double-pronged blade near to or at the bottom end of a chamber. Usually with just one button, you can control the blade, which starts spinning at high speed, chopping the coffee beans and splitting them into lots of different-sized pieces. Because these pieces are not equally shaped, you may find the odd bigger piece, which is not so popular amongst coffee lovers, especially when they are found in your cup.

The good thing about blade coffee grinders is that they are very convenient to use. You basically just need to press a button and wait until your coffee beans are ground. Also, blade coffee grinders are very easy to find. You should be able to buy one in almost all kitchen or grocery stores. And since they are so widespread, they are also very cheap. The downside is that blade coffee grinders are often inconsistent because you cannot control what size your coffee grounds will be. As well as this, they also tend to generate much more heat than burr grinders, which eliminates some of the coffee’s special flavour, thus lessening the taste.

Krups F20342 Twin-Blade Coffee Mill

Best Coffee Grinders: Krups-F20342-Twin-Blade-Coffee-Mill

The only coffee grinder from the blade grinder family we are going to present here comes from Krups. The F20342 model is an excellent device, capable of grinding coffee beans very efficiently and with great ease. Just press the button, and it gives you excellent results at speed. With a capacity of 75g, it is capable of delivering enough coffee for around 15 cups at a time, which is especially important for coffee shops or bar owners. Along with the integral safety switch which makes sure that, unless the device is locked into place, it has no power, comes its very efficient energy consumption, since this coffee grinder belongs to Energy Class A. In addition, its oval shape looks very nice, giving it a certain charm, while the grinder itself is affordable and, with all features included, also perfect for making espresso.


The Krups F20342 blade coffee grinder is equipped with two steel blades, which are stainless and makes them perfect for what they are designed to do: grind coffee beans evenly. However, that wouldn’t be possible if the device weren’t powered by a 180W motor, which is very powerful and makes the grinder work without interruption, even with harder beans. It is very easy to control this grinder. It features a simple push control button for easy use. In addition, the manufacturer has also thought of your safety and added a safety switch, which makes this grinder more secure, meaning that it can’t work unless it is locked into a specific position. Along with all of this, you get the Krups recipe book for people who want to experiment or make their espresso look and taste better.


  • Safety switch - With the safety switch included, you won’t have to beat yourself up thinking about whether your kids could accidentally turn the grinder on and potentially hurt themselves, because it has to be in a specific position in order to work.
  • Lightweight - The grinder itself is very light, weighing only 454g, which means it is an ideal choice as a travelling companion if you want to make fast, easy and tasty coffee on the go.
  • Capacity - It has a capacity of around 75g of coffee beans or, in other words, around 15 cups of coffee, which is ideal for coffee shop and bar owners who need to be able to make a lot of coffee and espresso in a short amount of time.


Considering all of the above, we can say that the Krups Coffee Mill is an excellent coffee grinder that is very easy and safe to use, with the ability to make very tasty coffee, which makes it a perfect choice for both coffee shop owners and regular coffee drinkers who like a natural coffee taste.

Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans Spices Nuts

Top Blade Coffee Grinder: Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans Spices Nuts

Most of the people can’t survive a day without a cup of coffee. If you are one of them, Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder is your life saver. You can use it to grind coffee beans, and save tons of money! Andrew James is a well-known company that specialized in kitchen equipment with a wide range of accessories, including coffee grinders. This coffee grinder can be used for various things, not just grinding coffee. With the smooth black design, it will blend into your kitchen perfectly. The brewing capability that Andrew James grinder offers, you will be able to brew coffee and make a latte, mocha, espresso, or whatever you like. The manufacturer includes a 2-year warranty, which explains a lot about the quality.


The Coffee Grinder has a powerful 150w motor, so it will grind your coffee beans smoothly and quite fast. Its blades are made of stainless steel, which guarantees durability and sharpness. Use it not only for coffee but also for any different type of food that requires grinding. It is perfect for oats, nuts or even herbs. The Grinder can handle even the tiniest oats and seeds! It can grind up to seventy grams of coffee, which is the amount that you need to make about ten cups of coffee. With improved safety design, you won’t be able to run the grinder unless you properly close the lid, since the start button is on top of it. The lid is transparent for you to monitor the whole process. Thanks to the powerful motor, this grinder can handle even hard seeds, like poppy seeds.


  • Multipurpose - One of the biggest benefits of this amazing product is that it can be used for brewing different things. Whether you want to make a perfect coffee from fresh coffee beans or you just want to grind nuts, this is the machine for you! It can also be used for herbs and oats to ensure perfect breakfast in addition to a fresh coffee!
  • Capacity - There is nothing worse than having to grind coffee beans for every single cup of coffee again and again. With this grinder, you can grind enough coffee beans for ten cups of coffee. You won’t have to turn it on every single time you want a cup of coffee, just do it once, and enjoy your coffee for the next few days.
  • Safe design - Since safety comes first, you won’t be able to run it unless you properly close the lid. That’s one smart feature that Andrew James included in this coffee grinder, which ensures no mishaps.


All in all, this one is a simple but a highly valuable product for coffee lovers. Great, modern design, transparent lid, safety switch, and a good 150w motor are the reasons why you should check this grinder right now!

KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder

Top Rated Coffe Grinder: KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder offers convenience, cosiness and class. If you’re looking for a morning jolt without having to break the bank, it’s a fantastic gadget to have on hand. It’s an ideal addition to any kitchen, for seasoned baristas and beginner coffee-makers alike. Its compact size allows it to sit neatly on any kitchen surface or store away in a cupboard until its next use. Once it’s set up and situated, you will be able to enjoy a cup of Joe in the comfort of your own home anytime. You can easily get the feeling of being in a coffee bar without having to brave the winter elements.


One of the handiest things about this machine is its petite size. At 3 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height, it won’t take up too much space in the kitchen. It has been constructed from glass and plastic and its grinders are a rust-proof ceramic. The grinders can be customised to accommodate personal preferences and adapt to different coffee-making techniques. This makes the equipment compatible for use with espresso makers, drip coffee machines, percolators and cafetières.


  • Endless options available - Thanks to this machine’s adjustable nature, your menu is only as limited as your imagination. It adapts to coarse grind beans which are ideal for a French press. It works on medium grind beans which are great for a siphon or a drip coffee maker. It is also a perfect match for fine grind beans to use for a stove-top espresso. You can create the coffee shop experience for yourself and your guests with ease.
  • Compact for travelling - This lightweight, sleek piece of kitchenware requires no bulky packaging. Its compact structure makes it a hassle-free travel companion. It’s hand-powered so you won’t have to worry about wires, plug-extensions or access to electricity. Add this appliance to your luggage and have some home-comfort at your fingertips whilst on the move. If you’re camping or staying in more modest living quarters, this handy little gadget is a travel must-have.
  • A gift that keeps giving - This dainty piece of kit is a wonderful idea for a gift. If a loved one is moving to a new home, it would make for a thoughtful house-warming present. If someone close to you is a coffee expert, this could be the missing part of their collection. If you know a beginner barista, this grinder would be a welcome token to get them started off on the right foot.


This coffee grinder is overall an excellent buy. It provides the chance to make a coffee house quality brew at any time. It can be used throughout the year, for a warming cappuccino in the winter or a refreshing Frappuccino in the summer. You simply add your favourite beans and turn the handle to get started. It travels easily and can save time and money spent on pricy cafés. Keep it within reach so you can whip up a pick-me-up in no time.

Burr Coffee Grinders

Burr coffee grinders are slightly different to their blade counterparts. They have two burr pieces, which are used to funnel a few coffee beans at a time which ensures that the ground pieces are almost all the same size, which is important for keeping a good flavour. These burrs are usually made of stainless steel in the regular models, but the more expensive versions have ceramic burrs, which are considered to be premium quality. Both burr types are generally much more durable than metal blades, which are usually very cheap.

On the plus side, burr grinders are able to grind the coffee beans to a uniform size, making them more balanced, which is very important when it comes to preserving the flavour of your coffee. Also, with burr grinders you are usually able to adjust and pick the type and size of coffee grounds you want, meaning you can create different types of coffee and espresso much more easily than with the blade grinders. Finally, burrs are much more durable than regular metal blades. The downside of burr grinders is that they are not so easily found in shops, and they tend to use much more electricity than the blade grinders.

Krups GVX2 Expert Burr Grinder

Best Burr Coffee Grinders: Krups GVX2 Expert

If you are looking for a coffee grinder that has a wide range of options, and which can basically think on its own in order to save you time, then look no further than the Krups Expert Burr Grinder GVX2. This grinder is an excellent choice if you are the owner of a busy coffee shop or bar and need to be able to do multiple things at the same time. With an auto-cup selector, this grinder is capable of grinding the coffee to the degree you specified, thus saving you time and allowing you to do other things while it’s grinding. The GVX2 is very easy to use, even though it has a lot of functions, since it features a fineness selector, which lets you decide which type of brewing method you want to use in order to get the desired coffee consistency. Along with its very high capacity and auto-selector, the GVX2 has a powerful and efficient power source. Because of all of this, it is really a great choice for busy bar and coffee shop owners.


The very first thing to notice about this grinder is that it has several very distinctive functions. One of the more important things is its working cup selector, where you can select the number of cups for which you want the coffee to be prepared. They can vary from 2 to 12 cups. In addition, there is an automatic switch, which can be set to turn the grinder off once the sufficient amount of coffee beans has been ground. The GVX2 model has a capacity of 225g, which is ideal for larger quantities and is especially useful for busy coffee shop and bar owners who need to multi-task. It also features an upper burr which can be removed, a ground coffee container and a safety lid in order to ensure that there are no messy spills. Lastly, it comes with a fineness selector, with 17 available options to choose from in order to make perfect-tasting coffee.


  • A selectable number of cups - This makes coffee grinding much easier for people who are multi-tasking, such as busy coffee shop and bar owners.
  • Auto switch - A completely adjustable switch lets you pick the number of coffee cups you want to grind, after which the grinder will automatically turn off, thus preserving the power and helping you avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Fineness selector - There are up to 17 different positions, from fine to coarse coffee, suitable for any brewing method and allowing you to choose your own desired taste.


All in all, with a lot of available options, from cup selector to auto-switch and fineness selector, the GVX2 is an amazing coffee grinder, and a very good choice if you are thinking about getting a new grinder. It will especially appeal to owners of busy coffee shops or bars where you need to serve fast, high-quality coffee.

De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder

Top Rated Professional Burr Grinder: De’Longhi KG79

If you are a real coffee lover, then the De’Longhi KG79 is the perfect choice for you. Designed for professional use, this burr grinder has everything an expert could need. The easy-to-use interface and controls are what make the De’Longhi KG79 such a great professional coffee grinder, able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers such as coffee shop or bar owners. With its excellent design featuring a transparent lid and bean container, it is much easier to measure and check the amount of coffee needed. One very neat thing is its excellent built-in cord storage, which has a very good capacity.


Made of high-quality plastic, the KG79 Professional Burr Grinder features several different options and useful functions. With a capacity of 120g of coffee beans, it is capable of serving around 12 coffee cups with a single grind, which is essential for people who are genuinely very busy with other things, like professional bar and coffee shop owners. Along with that comes separate options for cup and grind selectors, which makes it easier for you to use. With a powerful 110W usage, it can reliably grind even the toughest coffee beans to ensure that you get tasty and fresh coffee every time. It features a bean container and top lid, which are both transparent, to make it easier to see and measure the amount of coffee beans that should be used. It also has a transparent powder container, also removable, to make it easier to clean the grinder. The packaging includes full product instructions and a fitted UK plug as well.


  • Very good capacity - With a 120g capacity, or in other words, around 12 cups of coffee, this grinder is great for coffee shop or bar owners who need to be able to make multiple cups of coffee in a short amount of time.
  • Different controls - The KG79 features different controls for both cup selector and grind dial selector, which makes it easier to get the coffee combination you need. This also helps minimise the chances of making a mistake, resulting in unhappy customers.
  • Transparent and removable parts - The bean container and top lid are transparent, which makes it easier to measure the amount of coffee, and the powder container is both removable and transparent, which makes the device easier to clean.


With great design and capacity, along with separate controls, this professional coffee grinder is a very good choice for everyone, both casual and expert coffee makers. It is very easy to use, and its removable parts make it even easier to clean.

Severin S73873 Coffee Grinder

Top Rated Burr Coffee Grinder: Severin S73873

If you are looking for a coffee grinder suitable for all coffee makers and espresso machines, look no further! With grind fineness adjustment included, the Severin Coffee Grinder is capable of delivering high-quality coffee of any type. This grinder has excellent conical burrs, specially designed to produce consistent and excellent results. For best results, the coffee beans should be ground evenly, which is simply not possible with blade grinders. What is also important is that, compared to blade grinders, this and some other burr grinders generate much less heat when they are working. It is important to mention this because heat is responsible for ruining the coffee’s taste by damaging the beans. Conical burrs also reduce friction, which in turn reduces the heat, making the coffee tastier. That’s why this grinder is a very good choice for both professionals and home-users alike. And it comes with a two-year warranty in case of any breakdowns.


The Severin S73873 model features several useful options, one of which is a grinding level that can be adjusted to your needs, perfect if you want to achieve the correct ground consistency for your coffee. As well as this, it also has a built-in electronic timer, which you can use to set the number of cups you want to include, ideal for coffee shop and bar owners. This grinder also has non-skid rubber feet, increasing its stability and allowing it to stand free of the table. One very neat thing to note here is that this model features a special stainless-steel conical grinding mechanism which helps to preserve the coffee aroma as much as possible, thus keeping the nice taste and smell of the coffee over a longer period of time. It also means the coffee you grind will stay fresh for much longer. Its powder container is capable of filtering coffee and espresso, making it easier to separate them and keep the grinder clean.


  • Adjustable grinding level - This feature lets you pick the right fineness for your coffee, which means you can choose from several different options, depending on your needs, whether it’s simple black coffee or espresso.
  • Electronic timer - The timer gives you the option to set the number of cups required, which is important if you are busy and cannot measure the amount of coffee you may need by yourself. However, note that this grinder does not feature automatic shutdown.
  • Stainless-steel conical grinding mechanism - It is very important to preserve the freshness of your coffee, and with this mechanism, it is much easier to do so.


All things considered, the Severin Coffee Grinder is a great choice for both amateur and professional coffee makers, capable of producing very tasty coffee, and with the adjustable grinding level, you will be able to make the perfect espresso and several more types of coffee as well.

Manual Coffee Grinder by Henry Charles

Top Manual Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for something more traditional or you like camping and hiking a lot, then the Manual Coffee Grinder by Henry Charles is the perfect choice for you. It is very light, which makes it portable, meaning that with this grinder you can make fresh coffee whenever you want. It comes with several grinding options, so it is capable of producing coffee of the right consistency, depending on what you aim to make, whether that is regular black coffee or espresso. It is also a very well crafted grinder and made of durable material, which ensures that it and its parts last much longer than many basic electronic grinders. This makes it perfect for simple home use or for longer road trips with your family and friends. With this manual grinder, you won’t have to worry about not having the power to grind the coffee. Just put the coffee beans in and grind manually whenever you want fresh coffee.


Weighing only 281g, the Manual Coffee Grinder by Henry Charles is a portable and neat little device to take with you on your trips, allowing you to make fresh coffee whenever and wherever you want. It features three bean grind levels that can be selected with the adjustment wheel included. The Spice & Nut grind feature, which allows you to grind different spices and make unique and tasty combinations, makes it the perfect choice for people who like to experiment with their coffee. This grinder features a ceramic grind burr, which is considered to be the premium standard amongst ceramic burrs, thus making it capable of producing high-quality coffee. The grinder itself is top quality; it is made of water-resistant material and rust-free stainless steel. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t require an external power source, and this already positive review just gets better.


  • Very well crafted - Made of basic and eco-friendly material, this manual grinder is very light, which makes it portable, meaning it can be used anywhere. It is also very durable, with high-quality ceramic burrs included.
  • Spice & Nut grind - The option to grind different spices allows you to make your own mixture, so it is an excellent choice for people who like to experiment with their coffee combinations.
  • Extra items included - The packaging includes a free brush, allowing you to clean the grinder more easily. There is also an attractive traditional carrying bag.


The Manual Coffee Grinder by Henry Charles is a very good and very cheap product, considering that it is made of high-quality, durable material. Though it is not an electric grinder, it is still very good especially if you are looking for something more traditional.

What to Look for in a Good Coffee Grinder

Now that we have defined both types of coffee grinders and presented some of the best grinders that are available on the market right now, let’s discuss what makes a good coffee grinder, what you should look for when buying a new grinder and how to pick the one that is just right for you.

  • Price - Of course, the first thing most people look at is the price of the product. It is reasonably cheap to pick up a basic coffee grinder, but if you want a slightly more advanced product, then of course the price will rise. Generally speaking, blade coffee grinders are much cheaper than burr coffee grinders, which makes them a bit more accessible. But, in the end, it’s not just about the price, but your personal preference and whether you want to invest more money for a superior coffee taste, or spend less money and feel slightly disappointed with your coffee.
  • Purpose - Again, depending on your needs, you might find an electric grinder more convenient, for example, if you are a coffee shop or bar owner and you need a product that will allow you to grind coffee beans much faster. On the other hand, if you are looking to get a coffee grinder for home use, then you could consider a manual coffee grinder, which is mostly sufficient to satisfy any personal needs. It is also a bit cheaper than its electric counterpart.
  • Removable Parts - Grinding your own coffee beans can be messy, and often requires you to clean the grinder after each use. This is often no easy task because grinders can be heavy or it can be hard to reach certain parts of the machine. In that case, you should look for a grinder that has removable parts. These types of grinders are much easier to clean because their removable chambers – in which you put the coffee beans – are usually one of the few parts that need cleaning.
  • Transparent Parts - One of the most annoying things is when you get up in the morning, start grinding your coffee and see that there is no more coffee in the grinder. When grinders have transparent parts, mostly the top and bottom lids, it is much easier to see if there are enough coffee beans or if you need to add more.
  • Fineness Selector - Different types of coffee require a different consistency of coffee grounds, so, this is always a good thing to consider. Depending on your reason for buying a new coffee grinder, you may or may not want to get the one that includes a fineness selector feature, which allows you to pick the right size of ground coffee beans for your desired coffee or espresso. If you are a coffee shop owner, you should probably consider getting a coffee grinder with this feature included.
  • Cup Selector - One of the most useful options a coffee grinder should have is, of course, the option to select the number of cups for which you want to make fresh coffee. This is a useful feature if you own a busy coffee shop and you need to keep your coffee fresh, allowing you to grind only the quantity of coffee you need at any one time. This option gives you the ability to select the right amount of coffee and to balance it in order to keep the taste and smell, which really adds to the coffee’s freshness and flavour.
  • Auto-Shutdown Feature - Are you a busy person who often forgets things? Well, forgetting to turn off the coffee grinder can be dangerous for both your wallet and life, especially if we are talking about electric grinders that use a lot of power. That’s why it is neat to have the auto-shutdown feature. It is usually set after a specific number of coffee cups. You just set the number of cups, the grinder grinds the coffee and then turns itself off, which is great, especially for busy bars and coffee shops where waiters and bartenders need to do multiple things at a time.
  • Portability - There are both heavy and light coffee grinder models on the market. The heavier ones are usually more complex, with more available functions, but they are not so portable. Depending on your needs, you might consider a lighter coffee grinder, for example, if you travel a lot but still like to have your fresh morning coffee.
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