The Best Circular Saw

The Best Circular Saw

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you’re searching for an easy-to-use and safe circular saw, which is highly effective and cost-efficient at the same time, then you can definitely rely on our choice. We have conducted tests suggested by the experts in the field. While all of the tested products proved to be highly efficient, we have chosen the Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw Bare Unit as the best circular saw because it has many other features that make it the top product.

Are you the type of person that loves DIY projects around the house – working with tools and crafting new things? If that is the case, you probably already own this kind of saw. However, if you’re only a beginner or if you’re looking for a better saw than the one you already own, I’ll provide you with all of the vital information that you might need.

Before you try out the saw you bought, please make sure that you’ve made yourself familiar with all its safety measures, because working with a saw can be extremely dangerous if you’re inexperienced or just not careful enough.

Types of Circular Saws

Circular saws are most versatile and are necessary if you plan on doing extensive cutting. No matter if you plan on doing some serious construction work or are just into some pure-fun DIY projects, you will most certainly need a circular saw at some point. These saws can be used to cut through all kinds of materials, from wood and plastic to stone, metal, and other dense materials. It just depends on the type of saw you’re using and the nature of its blade. You can decide on either cordless or corded saws.

When it comes to cutting wood, cordless saws are a good choice, but when it comes to cutting harder materials like metal, you should probably consider a corded saw. It takes a lot of power to cut through hard materials, so you can see why a cordless saw with its limited battery life might not be the best choice in such a situation. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the different types of saws, it won’t be as hard to make an informed decision about the appropriate kind of saw that will perfectly suit your individual needs.

Corded Circular Saws

Corded circular saws are a great choice for those who need to cut through some hard materials such as metal. There are good and bad sides to corded circular saws. Actually, only one thing is bad – mobility. So, this type of circular saw is perfect for those who are working in an environment that is electricity-friendly. They are quite powerful and often run on higher RPMs than the cordless ones.

Perfect for any kind of work and for both professionals and beginners, they are fairly lightweight and easy to carry around. There is no battery to add to their overall weight and that’s the good part of corded circular saws. As said, power is most likely unmatched by cordless saws, and you can use them on some tougher materials, even steel.

VonHaus 185mm Circular Saw

Ground-breaking and strong, the VonHaus Circular Saw is perfect for any DIY fanatic. With its 185 mm sharp-edge blade and a noteworthy 65 mm cut depth capability, this saw can slide through a wide variety of materials such as hardwood, MDF, and Perspex. When potential customers see its price they may have doubts about its quality, but our experts have proved that this is a high-value tool that just happens to be priced right.

Features of VonHaus 185mm Circular Saw

The spindle size on this saw is 20 mm. Any 185 mm diameter blade that is meant to fit a 20 mm “arbor” or “shaft” will work with this saw. So there is no need to limit yourself to only the manufacturer’s original blades. That’s a good feature when you need a new blade urgently and don’t have access to the manufacturer’s replacements. For additional safety and in order to avoid any accidental movement, a built-in security bolt holds the cutting-edge stable in one place when it’s not being used. The saw works on a 1200W input, but still is lightweight enough so that, with its ergonomic handle, it offers the user full control.

Advantages of VonHaus 185mm Circular Saw
  • 1200W input
    Powerful enough to cut through a wide variety of elements and materials. Be careful – with large power comes large responsibility.
  • Blade
    The 185 mm blade and 65 mm cutting depth gives you the opportunity to finish any DIY project you started without expensive additional equipment.
  • Simple
    It’s no trouble to disassemble and assemble the blade and no need for a special wrench – just unscrew the arbor, put a new blade on, screw it in place, and you are ready to go.
  • Control
    What is power without control? This circular saw offers you an ergonomic grip and full control over the strong 1200W cutting power.
  • Portable
    Even if it looks a little large and bulky, it’s actually pretty light. It can be stored anywhere or carried in a car or on a bike.
  • Multi-purpose
    Not only does this circular saw cut like a laser with various angle settings, but it also immediately redirects the dust away from the working space to make your vision clear and to allow you a safe working area.

Keeping your working space clean is fundamental for precise work. This portable circular saw by VonHaus allows you to have a multi-tasking saw that will work hard and clear the work space of saw dust at the same time! Do not worry if your children go near it, you have a safe mode option to hold the blade in one place while you are away, so it won’t trigger accidentally. However, when you use it, be very careful, there’s a lot of power here.

WORX WX429 Compact Circular Saw

A strong circular saw that fits your tool belt is now available to you, so you can be ready in any situation! Its maximum cutting depth at 90° is 46 mm and on 45° it’s 30 mm, according to the manufacturer. Featuring a sharp 120 mm blade, the saw can cut through a wide spectrum of materials. It’s ergonomic and it gives you full control over its 400W of power. Watch your fingers! This powerful machine’s biggest asset is that it can fit in your pocket! You can carry it anywhere and store it anywhere; it’ll fit in just right.

Features of WORX WX429 Compact Circular Saw

This saw’s incredibly light weight and ergonomic structure with a thin inline catch makes it simple and easy to move. It boasts a 400W motor. It is simple to change its blades; with just a click you can disengage the old blade and put in a new one. This portable circular saw also makes simple cuts possible. The helpful 4-1/2” WORXSAW gives you a chance to make speedy adjustments of up to 2” for simple cuts with full-sized execution. This is a great asset for small DIY projects around the house.

Advantages of WORX WX429 Compact Circular Saw
  • 400W input
    Having 400W of strong cutting power is enough to slice through a wide assortment of components and materials. But always be aware of what you’re doing; you can easily hurt yourself if you don’t handle a saw safely.
  • Blade
    A 120 mm blade with 46 mm cutting depth gives you the opportunity to cut through all kinds of materials very fast and to finish the whole job in a few minutes.
  • Simple
    To set up the blade just press the button, put a new blade in, and lock it back in place. This saw doesn’t have any complicated settings – just plug it in and start working.
  • Control
    You don’t need strong power if you don’t know how to control it, right? This circular saw will adjust to your grip and it won’t slip out of your hands while you do precise work.
  • Portable
    This saw is small enough to fit in a tool belt or box and is easily portable. It will take up very little space for such a useful tool.

With this WX429 WORXSAW you can set the blade to the precise cutting depth you need. This guidance system will help you make fine, precise cuts. The tool comes with parallel attachments. Moreover, you won’t worry about keeping it away from children as its simple and small design lets you store it away compactly.

Cordless Circular Saws

Apart from being highly mobile, cordless circular saws are also quite a good deal for those on the go and those working in off-grid environments. The power of cordless circular saws is a bit less than with the corded ones, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as it can still saw through the same materials as corded saws can.

The only problem with these would be if the batteries run out in the middle of the work. However, cordless circular saws feature high-quality batteries that are designed to sustain even the toughest conditions without letting you down. Most of the devices feature some kind of battery-low alarm that will inform you of the battery’s condition. These are convenient, portable, and overall a great asset to any handyman.

Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 Cordless Circular Saw

Bosch really has put an effort into making their circular saws practical, space-saving tools that are a pleasure to use. This tool is designed to be small, powerful, and unusually compact. The design is worth mentioning because of its ergonomic grip that makes it feel comfortable in your hands. Effortlessly cut through metal, wood, plastic, and any other material around the house or on your job!

Features of Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 Cordless Circular Saw

Where do we start? From the ergonomic design to its powerful lithium-ion battery, this small tool is a big asset when you need to cut through metal, wood, plastic, and all the other similar materials that are common in a household project. Although this is a small saw, it can cut through an amazing 26.5 mm maximum. This little buddy will help you accomplish your task without making you spend a fortune on equipment.

Advantages of Bosch Professional GKS 12 V-26 Cordless Circular Saw
  • 12 volts
    This 12-volt battery-powered circular saw will give you the opportunity to work a long time before charging is needed!
  • Light
    This saw is full of handy features, but the thing you’ll really appreciate is its light weight – just 1.4 kg, making it the lightest circular saw you can find.
  • Simple
    It’s not difficult to set up this circular saw. To insert the blade, just press the button to release the old one, put a new one in, and lock the button.
  • Control
    Due to its light weight you will have maximum control over this powerful tool, which means it won’t tire you over time. Its comfortable, ergonomic design makes it seem like an extension of your hand, so you can guide it instinctively as you work.
  • Portable
    This circular saw will fit your car, your pocket, your tool bag, and basically anywhere you need it to fit. You won’t even feel that extra 1.4 kg you are carrying!
  • Cordless
    No wires, no stepping over cables, no storage problems. Just charge your batteries and you are good to go and work with it anywhere!
  • Battery indicator
    Although it’s awesome that this tool has a powerful battery, all good things must come to an end. Bosch put in a battery indicator so every time you use this circular saw, you’ll know if you have enough charge in the battery to finish your job.

Bosh has always stood out in the field of tools, innovation, and high-quality products at a fair price. They offer you two years of premium service on their batteries and chargers. It’s worth mentioning that two batteries are included with this circular saw.

Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw Bare Unit

Makita truly has put immense effort into making a powerful tool that doesn’t take up a lot of space and will be a joy to work with. This tool is intended to be small yet easy to use. It has a blower capacity that clears wood dust away from the cutting line, so you can see your line well and guide the saw accurately. It has a soft, ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in your hand.

Features of Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw Bare Unit

This model has automatic speed control. This automatically adjusts the cutting speed depending on the load condition the saw is under. It has an electric brake, a very soft start, and an electronic current limiter for overload protection. Also, it has a tool hanger, so you can store it safely out of the way. Makita’s brushless motor brings the operation and battery life of this tool to the next level. It has an incline plate at the front that is easily reachable by turning the lock switch. Once you have tilted the plate to allow for any cutting angle up to 45 degrees, lock it in that position and start your cut.

Advantages of Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw Bare Unit
  • 18-volt battery
    It uses an 18-volt lithium ion battery and accepts batteries that have intelligent protection indicators to guard the battery and motor against overloads and overheating.
  • Brushless motor
    You get far greater power and longer runtime out of a brushless motor because it draws less amperage; also, there’s nothing wearing down or creating heat and friction. Because of all this, a brushless motor gets more power out of the battery. Also, runtimes are increased because you’re not wasting battery power on heat and friction.
  • Light
    This circular saw is a strong tool despite its very light 3.49 kg of weight.
  • Cordless
    Since it has no cords, you won’t have to stress about stepping over them. Because the saw is not that big, you won’t have storage troubles.
  • Visibility
    It has three LED lights that can light up your whole work area, so you’ll be able to work in low-light conditions without bringing in alternate lighting.
  • Battery state indicator
    This is placed just underneath the trigger, so you can easily see if you are running out of juice.

Makita has made a name for itself in the field of high-quality tools and accessories. They offer these top-notch items at a reasonable cost. This saw has a brushless motor that draws fewer amps, works twice as long, prevents overheating to save the life of the battery, and decreases the time between charging.

DeWalt DCS391M2 XR Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

DeWalt has always been a premium option for both corded and cordless tools. This company provides one of the most reliable and high-quality circular saws on the market! This model includes the XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery innovation. It is designed for fast application and its PM58 fan-cooled engine with replaceable brushes conveys up to 3700 rpm for quick and accurate cuts.

Features of DeWalt DCS391M2 XR Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

This circular saw has an automatic speed control that changes the speed of the cut as the load conditions warrant. It has an electric brake, a soft start, and an electronic current limiter for overload protection. It also has a handy tool hanger to protect the blade while in storage. Circular saws are not cheap items, but if you are looking for a reliable saw that can justify the price, you are on the right track.

Advantages of DeWalt DCS391M2 XR Lithium-Ion Circular Saw
  • Very thin blade
    The thin blade will ultimately reduce battery usage and it will increase the timing of your sawing.
  • Simple blade changing
    No time-loss and complicated screwdrivers needed – simply replace the old blade and get back to work in no time!
  • Ergonomic
    Whether you are working on a tough job that needs more precision or a light job that just needs attention to details, the ergonomic design of this DeWalt circular saw will give you ultimate control over its power.
  • Lithium-ion battery
    This item comes with two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries so while you’re working with one the other can be charging. You will find that lithium-ion technology offers significantly more power than other rechargeable batteries.
  • Light and comfortable
    This circular saw was constructed to be lightweight at only 3.2 kg, which makes using it much easier and more comfortable for your hands.
  • Cooler for the motor
    You won’t have to worry about this motor overheating, even when working in the hottest conditions. This little tool cools itself, which makes it very reliable and convenient to use.

This circular saw has a durable design with a cast magnesium base that permits precise cuts. What’s more, the intelligent trigger adds better control of the power. With its ergonomic handle the saw offers ideal comfort to the user. This item doesn’t come with a charger, but with the money you will save by getting it, you will be able to find and purchase a nice charger to make the saw fully operational.

What to Look for in a Good Circular Saw

First of all, you’ll need to decide to what tasks you will be putting your circular saw. Are you buying it so that you can cut some wooden boards or make a new wooden table or wardrobe, or are you buying it for more severe construction work that involves dealing with hard materials such as metal or masonry? Now that I’ve introduced you to different types of circular saws, you’re probably aware that each type has its advantages and disadvantages and that none of them is perfect in all situations.

All you have to do is choose the right kind of saw for the work you plan to do and materials you will be using. Even though no saw is perfect for every task or has all of the best features available, there are some elements that every circular saw needs to have to be of good quality and functionality.

  • Blade Visibility
    It is incredibly important that you have a clear view of what’s in front of you when you use a circular saw. To cut through anything safely and with precision, you have to be able to see where the blade is going at all times. No matter how deeply you’re cutting and regardless of the position of your hands, the blade on a well-designed saw must be perfectly visible to you.
  • Guard Retraction
    If you’ve ever used a saw that doesn’t have proper guard retraction, you’ll agree that getting the saw guide stuck in the middle of a cut is annoying and perhaps dangerous. Make sure to try out the blade guard to make sure it retracts easily and smoothly.
  • Baseplate
    The baseplate of your saw needs to be adequate or else it can bend and cause you a lot of trouble with uneven cuts. The best baseplates are made of cast aluminium or cast magnesium. There is also the option of fibre reinforcing your baseplate if it’s made of plastic.
  • Bovel's Angle
    The bevel angle needs to be precisely adjusted when cutting so that you make the same cut each time. The measurements of the angles are sometimes just painted on the saw, which makes them less visible and makes it more difficult to adjust the saw to the proper degree. It’s better if the angles are etched in rather than merely painted on.
  • Durability
    The more money you set aside for getting yourself a quality, professional saw, the longer you can expect it to last. It has to be well-built; made from the right materials and in the right way. You should also make sure that the saw’s motor has excellent durability.
  • Brakes
    Your saw needs to have a good, functional brake for obvious safety reasons. The problem with circular saws is that even when you turn them off, the blades still keep on spinning for a while, which can be seriously dangerous if your brake and blade guard aren’t functioning correctly.
  • Motor
    The motor is the central part of any electrical tool, so you’ll need to pay attention to the type each saw has when choosing which saw you’ll buy. Generally, corded saws have more power and are a better choice if you plan to use the saw for a long time and do a lot of cutting through dense materials. Newer motors are generally quite reliable, so as long as you choose a saw model that has excellent reviews and a warranty, it is likely to work well for you.

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