The Best Carry-On Luggage

The Best Carry-On Luggage

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you are a frequent traveller, you probably change airlines with almost every flight. It therefore makes sense to have the best carry-on luggage available. The case we recommend to meet all of the airline’s standards is the Aerolite Super Lightweight black Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage. Thanks to its adjustable handle, four wheels and impressive flexibility, it will glide along next to you. It is made of strong materials and will easily deal with the wear and tear of regular travel. With this hard-shelled, lightweight suitcase, your next trip will most certainly be a delight.

Travelling with carry-on luggage is much easier and lighter. If you’re planning to go on a short trip and don’t want the hassle of heavy baggage and check-in issues, a nice carry-on case will make your travel experience easier and more pleasant. Even if you have baggage that needs to be checked in, you can bring a carry-on case for more valuable items such as jewellery, electronics, and also few items of clothing and cosmetics in case your checked baggage gets lost. In this way, you’ll be secured and have the most essential things for those few days until your suitcase is found. Before choosing your carry-on luggage, make sure that its dimensions are suitable for the airline you use the most.

Choosing good quality carry-on luggage can be tricky. There are a lot of things to think about and a great number of options on the market. Depending on your taste, you have the freedom to choose between simple black or grey luggage, and a variety of stylish and fun prints and colours that will stand out and be difficult to mix-up with others at the baggage claim. Other than design, it’s important to know which type of a carry-on luggage will be the best for your travelling needs.

Types of Carry-On Luggage

There are many options to choose from on the market; there are a lot of different designs and sizes, and a range of materials used. You should think about your needs and make sure you research the dimensions that are allowed by different airlines. Think about the essential items you need to take with you and the most comfortable type of luggage according to your preferences. Some people prefer carrying the luggage in their hands or on their back, while some prefer wheeled luggage that can be pulled along behind them.

Let’s begin by exploring the types of carry-on luggage available so that you can make an informed choice. Later, we will give you the best options for every type of luggage.

Spinner Carry-On Luggage (4 Wheels)

If you have problems with your back and can’t lift anything heavy, this type of luggage will be ideal for you since it isn’t heavy to push around, and the weight won’t be on your arms. You won’t have to pull it in the same way as you would the 2-wheeled ones if you don’t want to. Instead, thanks to the mobility offered by the four wheels, you can push it in front of you or have it next to you – whatever works best for your needs. This type of luggage can be hard-sided or soft-sided, and its shape will allow you to use all of the space and organize your clothes well, so you can easily find everything you need.

Even though this type is very practical and makes the time spent moving your luggage easier, it can have a few drawbacks. Firstly, because of the spinner wheels, you’ll have a bit less space for your clothes as they eat into the dimensions of the case. Secondly, the exposed wheels can be easier to damage when thrown around by the baggage handlers. Finally, having four independent wheels can sometimes make it difficult to control because of the 360° mobility. If you don’t mind these drawbacks, you need luggage you can easily push in front of you, and you don’t want too much weight on your arms, this type is the best for you.

Aerolite Super Lightweight black Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage

If you travel a lot and not always with the same airline, this luggage will be a big help with those annoying rules and limits when it comes to the permitted weight and size of carry-on luggage. It is designed to fit the limitations of many different airlines, meaning you can enjoy your trip without worrying about whether your baggage will fit into the cabin! If you prefer luggage with four spinner wheels and a hard shell that will protect all of your belongings, this Aerolite model will allow you to travel without stress. With its 33-litre capacity, you will be certain to have enough room for clothes and personal possessions.

Features of Aerolite Super Lightweight black Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage

This luggage is made of durable ABS plastic that is anti-scratch so it will stay as good as new for a long time, and it will protect your things. With the chunky zippers, opening and closing this luggage is very easy, and for more security, you can lock the zippers with a three-digit locker. With the packing straps on the interior of this luggage, you can be sure your clothes will stay in its place. You will also have the convenience of the inside pockets, perfect for separating your shoes from clothes, documents or other things. The 360° spinning wheels are perfect for those who don’t want any weight on their arms. The wheels spin smoothly, making your travelling more manageable. The handle is retractable and comfortable to hold. You can adjust the length and be sure it will stay stable even if you place other bags or things on the top of it. This case is very lightweight which is extremely important considering the weight allowance for your belongings is so limited.

Advantages of Aerolite Super Lightweight black Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage
  • Dimensions
    One of the most annoying things about flying is the pressure created with size and weight limits on every airline. Travelling can be stressful enough even without those limits. With this luggage you won’t have to worry about size – its dimensions (55x35x20 cm) are approved by the majority of airlines.
  • Lightweight
    The weight of this luggage will make packing for your trip easier. Since the luggage itself weighs only 2.5 kilograms, you will be able to pack more of your important belongings into the weight allowance. Even if you don’t need to pack a lot of things, lightweight baggage will only make your trip more enjoyable, especially when you need to carry it on the stairs.
  • Durability
    Even though it’s lightweight, the material is very durable and scratch resistant so it will survive any kind of travel inconveniences, keeping your belongings safe and in good condition.

With a lot of options on the market, other than the already great features of this product, the affordable price of this luggage will make your choice easier. Luggage can be really expensive, but with this model, you will get a high-quality case that protects your belongings, offers great mobility, doesn’t strain your body and also stylish design. Buy this quality, durable luggage and travel without worries!

Aerolite Lightweight Suitcase Approved Atlantic

This is another Aerolite model that is perfect for travelling with many different airlines because it has the same dimensions (50x35x20 cm) and it will easily fit under your seat or in the cabin above your head. If you like all of the features of the model reviewed above, but you need a little more space for your clothes, consider buying this elegant and sleek luggage. Its colour is very stylish, and it will stand out even though it’s not bright and doesn’t have any colourful print on it. It’s a unique colour that makes this very affordable luggage look more expensive and luxurious.

Features of Aerolite Lightweight Suitcase Approved Atlantic

This is another very durable case made of hard and scratch-resistant ABS plastic, ideal for keeping your belongings safe during your trip. Thanks to the four wheels that can spin in all directions, carrying this luggage will be easy and comfortable for you. You won’t feel any weight on your arms, and you will be able to control the luggage in any position. The wheels are durable and will stand up to many years of travelling. The handle can be extended up to one metre and then easily retracted, and it is comfortable for holding at any angle. When it comes to securing your belongings, this luggage gives you the convenience of a number lock with which you can lock the zippers and be sure no one will open your luggage. On the inside, you can secure your clothes with the packing straps, and with the shoe compartment and two other pockets, you can organize your things easily and quickly, which will make the unpacking equally effortless.

Advantages of Aerolite Lightweight Suitcase Approved Atlantic
  • Design
    Design is one of the most noticeable features of this luggage. The shape and design are very simple, yet elegant and luxurious. This is probably the effect of that unique charcoal colour that looks so sleek and expensive.
  • More space
    The 35L capacity gives you even more space than the model reviewed above. However, this model is ever so slightly heavier, but since it’s only by a couple of grams, the difference is practically unnoticeable.
  • Pockets
    If you are a practical person and you like organizing your things well while packing, you will appreciate the convenience of the shoe compartment and other pockets for your documents, electronics and any other items you want to keep divided from your clothes.

Even though this luggage has a bit more space, it’s even more affordable than the previous model. If black isn’t your colour, this unique colour certainly offers something different – and will definitely stand at the baggage claim at the airport. For an affordable price, you can experience the convenience of four-wheeled luggage that will fit perfectly in the majority of airlines’ cabin storage.

Kono 19 inch Carry-on Luggage

Another four-wheeled case made of hard ABS plastic that will give your belongings all the protection you need, is available from Kono. This compact luggage option is the perfect choice if you need to go to a short trip and don’t want to take too much with you, or if you are travelling with an airline that requires smaller dimensions than usual. Considering its dimensions, this model can be great for children from six to twelve years old. They won’t have any difficulties pulling or pushing the luggage since the four wheels can spin in any direction and with silent and smooth spinning, your child won’t feel any weight on his/her arms.

Features of Kono 19 inch Carry-on Luggage

Although this luggage is made of very sturdy ABS material, it is still lightweight, and it’s easy to manoeuvre, thanks to the 360° spinner wheels. The interior is made of polyester, and it has durable elastic packing straps that keep your clothes in place. A nice convenience is an internal compartment that you can close with a zipper – it can be used to secure any items you want to keep separate from your clothes. The handle of the luggage is short and made of aluminium. It fits comfortably in your hand for easier manoeuvring. Once you close the luggage with its sturdy zipper, you can quickly lock it with a three-digit locker and keep your belongings safe. The baggage is available in six colours, so you have the option to choose a brighter colour if you need it to stand out and be easier to locate at the baggage claim.

Advantages of Kono 19 inch Carry-on Luggage
  • Affordable price
    Buying good luggage usually means spending a lot of money, and a lot of people see it as a serious investment. With this model, you won’t spend a lot of money, but you will still have a product you will be able to reuse in years to come. Even though it’s very affordable, it is high-quality and sturdy luggage with which you will be impressed.
  • Dimensions
    As mentioned, this luggage is very compact, and with its dimensions (48x30x20 cm) you can use it on airlines that require smaller luggage in their cabins. It’s practical baggage, and with its 36L capacity, it is perfect when you need to pack that little bit extra.
  • Versatility
    Not only is it great as luggage for children, or for adults that are taking a short business trip or a weekend getaway, it can also be a nice solution for those trips on which you have to bring big luggage that you have to check in. In this compact Kono luggage, you can pack the essentials that you want to have close, in case your big baggage gets lost.

The affordable price, the variety of colours, the versatility and compact design all make this luggage an ideal purchase! it offers you high-quality, stylish luggage that will be perfect for packing your belongings and it will make every trip less stressful and more enjoyable.


If you don’t need 4-wheeled spinner luggage but still want the baggage that you won’t have to lift or carry on your back, the classic 2-wheeled type should be your choice. These suitcases are the ones most of us think about when we picture ourselves packing and travelling. The classic shape and wheels are preferred by the majority of travellers because they make the cases easier to control while pulling, where the 4-wheeled option can cause some problems with mobility and control.

This design will allow you to move faster between gates at the airport while pulling your luggage with you because the wheels won’t change the direction. This type also comes in hard and soft materials and many different colours and prints, so you still have a lot of options to choose from even if you prefer luggage with two roller wheels.

WITTCHEN WizzAir Hand Luggage

When it comes to suitcases, size really does matter. Packing for a weekend or short business trip can be difficult; either you will have to use your lumbering, two-week holiday suitcase or some kind of awkward carrier bag. So if you are interested in a product which combines the comfort and manoeuvrability of a suitcase with the sleekness of a carry-on bag, then you cannot go wrong with WITTCHEN’s WizzAir Hand Luggage. With a height of 42cm, WITTCHEN’s compact and efficient design is perfect for the traveller who wishes to bypass the headache of baggage drop-off and collection.

Features of WITTCHEN WizzAir Hand Luggage

Ultimately, the case is designed to comply with the hand luggage requirements of most airlines, including EasyJet, Qatar Airways and Wizz Air. Despite this, the case’s efficient design ensures you will not struggle for space when packing for those short trips. The case’s cross straps and room dividers make sure that your luggage is both secure, protected and organised. Room dividers act as a useful tool to arrange your luggage effectively to ensure you get the most out of the space available. The case’s generous depth of 25cm and width of 35cm results in a design that’s both compact, yet spacious, allowing you to pack all you will need for a short trip. The case is fitted with two quiet wheels to further enhance manoeuvrability and comfort. The underside, adjacent to the wheels, is fit with a base to allow for support when standing upright.

Advantages of WITTCHEN WizzAir Hand Luggage
  • Accessory-friendly
    The WizzAir Luggage Bag is designed to be paired with a range of accessories including tags, covers, straps and locks. These TSA combination key locks ensure a secure, worry-free experience.
  • Inside and Outside Protection
    The case’s internal straps and zipped room dividers result in your items being protected from crushing, creasing, and damage. Externally, the case is made from ABS. This hard casing protects the contents of the case from being crushed and damaged. ABS is noteworthy for its protection against impact resistance as well as being lightweight.
  • Customisable
    The case is available in white, blue, pink, and black, allowing you to choose the most appropriate colour for your needs. Furthermore, if the case appears to be too small, it is stocked in alternate sizes.
  • Comfortable and Manoeuvrable
    The case is equipped with a long telescoping handle, allowing you to manoeuvre the case with ease and comfort. This handle is paired with a carrier handle to allow for the case to be moved and positioned in more restrictive areas. The wheels are quiet, to provide an additional degree of calm which is so often needed during the stress of travel.

You cannot go wrong with WITTCHEN’s WizzAir Hand Luggage; its protective, compact, and efficient design makes it an ideal travel companion for those short trips. Indeed, the case’s overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon indicate there is little need to look any further.

Aerolite 55x35x20 Lightweight Upright Suitcase

For those who prefer soft-sided luggage and the convenience of the outer pockets that the majority of those suitcases provide, you will be happy with this super affordable Aerolite model that can make your travel experience stress-free. Organize and pack in no time, making the hours you spend at the airport and on the aeroplane more enjoyable. The dimension and weight limits of some airlines can be extremely annoying and stressful, especially considering the amount of money you have to pay if your baggage is heavier than it should be. That’s why this Aerolite model is a great solution since its dimensions (55x35x20 cm) are within the limits requested by the majority of airlines.

Features of Aerolite 55x35x20 Lightweight Upright Suitcase

The soft material on the exterior of the case is very durable and rip-resistant so you won’t have to worry about the condition of the material after a few trips – it will still look as good as new. The frame of the case is extremely light, and that’s why this suitcase weighs only 1.75 kilograms, which allows you to allocate more of your weight allowance to your clothes! It has two pockets, all of the zippers are sturdy, and the main zipper can be locked with a three-digit padlock. It has two very stable wheels and an anti-slip base. The feet are also anti-slip and you can be sure your luggage will stay stable while standing. The handle is retractable, and it can be extended up to one metre. The inside of the case gives you the convenience of packing straps that will keep your clothes in place and an additional compartment for shoes or other personal items.

Advantages of Aerolite 55x35x20 Lightweight Upright Suitcase
  • Pockets
    The two pockets on the outside of the case are a great convenience for packing your electronics, passport, books, or anything else to which you need easy access. This is a great way to organize your belongings and make it easier to find the things that you need the most. You will certainly appreciate this feature when going through passport control, knowing that your documents are handy.
  • Material
    Soft-sided luggage may not seem as sturdy as the hard-sided option, but it still gives your belongings enough protection during transportation. Softer material is more flexible, and this can make your packing easier and faster. The high-quality polyester of the luggage will stay as good as new for many years.
  • Two wheels
    Even though four-wheeled luggage can be convenient if you want to avoid having the weight on your arms, some people dislike the unpredictable mobility of spinner wheels because they can be hard to control, especially in a hurry. This luggage has two sturdy and stable wheels that will glide smoothly and silently, so if you’re one of those people who prefer your luggage a little more straightforward, this model may well be perfect for you.

It’s difficult to find high-quality luggage that will serve you for years at an affordable price. That’s what makes this model so special. It can save you money, time and it will make your trip less stressful. Buy this product, secure your belongings and travel without a care.

5 Cities Set of 2 Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Luggage

We all know how great it is finding a high-quality product at an affordable price. Now imagine getting two carry-on suitcases for so little money! With this set of two cabin cases, you will be able to travel on almost every airline and have your belongings perfectly secured. This lightweight luggage is available in many different colours and patterns so you can choose the one that suits your taste. You don’t have to purchase the same colour for both suitcases, you can mix and match, which makes it a perfect purchase for couples.

Features of 5 Cities Set of 2 Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Luggage

This luggage is made of soft but very durable material that will resist the wear and tear associated with modern transportation. Two sturdy wheels roll smoothly and easily, and the rubber, anti-slip balls on the bottom of the case will prevent the material from becoming damaged. The handle is retractable, and when you don’t need it, you can easily zip it away, so it doesn’t inconvenience you. It also has top and side handles, made of the same material as the case, for easier carrying when you need to use stairs or grab your case in a hurry. It weighs only 1.45 kilograms, and with its 42L capacity, it allows you to pack a lot of items, which is perfect if you’re taking a longer trip. On the outside of the case, you have the convenience of a pocket for your electronics or documents. The main zipper can be locked with a key lock for more security.

Advantages of 5 Cities Set of 2 Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Luggage
  • Lightweight
    When you travel by plane, you’re probably always worried that you’ll pack too much stuff which could make your luggage heavier than allowed. This can cost you a lot of money, so it’s important to find luggage that’s very lightweight, such as this 5 Cities model.
  • Dimensions
    Although it has a large capacity, this luggage has standard dimensions (55x35x20 cm) that are allowed for the majority of airlines. This is great if you travel a lot and change airlines often. Other than that, this luggage is very sleek and can be stored away easily when you don’t need it.
  • Design
    This model offers a variety of colours and prints. If you don’t want conventional black luggage, you can choose another colour, or a stylish and modern print, if you want it to stand out and be easier to find.

For this affordable price you get not one, but two convenient and light carry-on suitcases. It’s a great opportunity to buy luggage that is going to make your trips more and enjoyable and that you are going to use for years to come, no matter where you travel. Choose the colour or print you like and travel stress-free!

What to Look for in a Good Carry-On Luggage

Choosing the right carry-on luggage is an individual thing, and every person will have different needs when it comes to packing. Nevertheless, it is important to do thorough research before buying it since it is not cheap, and you will want it to last for years. Be sure you make time to ‘test drive’ a range of cases in a store, so you know how many wheels will be the best for you and identify materials that will suit your needs. You can follow this list of the most important things you should think about when deciding which carry-on luggage to buy.

  • Comfort
    since you are going to spend many hours carrying it, you need to make sure that you’re going to have comfortable luggage that won’t make the experience difficult or exhausting. When it comes to backpacks, make sure you choose the one with comfortable straps. A supportive strap around your waist could be a useful feature to look out for, and comfortable padding for your back will ease the burden of carrying your belongings for long periods of time. If you want a different kind of luggage, make sure that it has a comfortable handle.
  • Lightweight
    We all know that the weight of the carry-on luggage is limited. That’s why you should choose luggage that’s not heavy so you can have more weight left for your stuff. Even if you don’t have a lot of things, or you only travel for two or three days, lightweight baggage will be easier to carry around, especially when there are stairs.
  • Material
    As mentioned, you have the choice of hard-sided or soft-sided luggage. The hard-sided ones are usually made of plastic, and are a great option if you have to pack something fragile that needs more protection. A drawback of these suitcases can be that they are usually heavier that the soft-sided ones, and also less flexible. The advantage of the soft-sided luggage is the number of pockets it can have. Either way, whichever material you choose, make sure it has a good quality and that it’s durable.
  • Pockets
    One of the great advantages of soft-sided baggage is the number of pockets that are almost always padded for better protection. If you need a lot of compartments for your electronics, personal items or documents, these pockets will save you time at the airport. This can also be useful for the things to which you need easier access. Other than the exterior pockets, a lot of people adore the interior pockets that help them organize better or, with a trifold suiter, avoid creases on their suits and dresses, which can be very convenient if you’re travelling for work and need to look sharp and elegant.
  • Quality of wheels
    No one wants to experience the nightmare of a broken wheel when trying to enjoy their trip. That’s why it’s important to read reviews carefully and choose luggage that has durable, high-quality wheels since their function is to make your travelling easier and more enjoyable. Make sure you choose luggage with sturdy wheels that will spin and roll without problems, and that won’t get stuck under the weight of your belongings.

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