The Best Breast Pump

The Best Breast Pump

By Stefan Mitrovic
If you are on the hunt for the best breast pump on the market that does its job perfectly, then you’ll like the one we’ve chosen. We carried out thorough research before testing, and all products had to offer good quality, comfort, convenience and safety. The MOSFiATA Electric Breast Pump successfully satisfied all of our requirements.

If you’re about to have a baby and you’ve decided to breastfeed, chances are you’ve already been inundated with a whirlwind of information from other mothers and the internet about what is the best way to breastfeed. But just because one technique worked for them, you shouldn’t feel like you have to follow suit.

Finding the best breast pump for your lifestyle is key to a positive breastfeeding experience, and you’ll want to know exactly what that means for you before you start adding items to your registry. You might not think that breast pumps can vary wildly, but they do. From electric to manual and hospital grade options, there is much to think about.

Types of Breast Pumps

Today there are so many different options to choose from that deciding which breast pump is going to be comfortable and efficient enough for your needs can take up valuable time that might be better spent preparing for your new bundle of joy.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of breast pumps available today and the essential considerations you should consider when you’re standing in front of a wall of breast pumps at the store.

Electric Breast Pumps

When the first electric breast pump hit the market, moms everywhere rejoiced. Finally, there was an option that improved the breastfeeding experience; since then they’ve only gotten significantly better. Because no two moms are the same, there are many different models, with various suction power and noise levels to accommodate different needs and lifestyles. Today’s electric breast pumps can come in single and dual pumping options, which is great since you can choose the best fit for how you plan to pump.

Most moms prefer a duel-pump model as it enables them to empty both breasts at once; that can be a huge time saver. Many electric breast pumps also come with a handy carrying case and a cooling bag to make transporting and storing your pump and your milk easy, and they can usually be powered by both batteries and by plugging them into a nearby wall outlet. For busy moms on the go, a high-quality electric breast pump might become your new favourite product.

Bellababy Dual Suction Electric Breastfeeding Pump

Probably, like all new moms, you have a dilemma about breastfeeding pumps and you do not know where to begin your research. It is important that you know which criteria you are looking at as relevant for decision making, but also what price range you can expect while comparing each model based on the characteristics you seek. Electric or manual, two pumps or one, how the pumping power affects your health, and many more options are coming at you. Bellababy breast pump has proven to be a pump that eases life and positively influences your overall health and well-being during breastfeeding. With soft pillows that will fit nicely and efficiently, you can reach for the Bellababy pump even in the presence of a sleeping baby since it is very quiet. You can use it outdoors if conditions allow, and the capability of this pump will make that process painless!

Features of Bellababy Dual Suction Electric Breastfeeding Pump

The great asset of the BellaBaby pump is that there is a broad range of suction levels, massage, and stimulation of the chest before pumping, which will result in a painless and pleasant experience. If you need to pump milk more than once during the day, the electrical mechanism is guided by quality controls that are easy to set for optimal use. After adjusting the desired strength and stimulus, both breasts can be pumped at the same time, which means more time for family! Also, you get all the necessary extensions and bottles for storing milk, which will save you money as well. Without sound and without pain, this pump assures that even with a frequent need for pumping milk it will make your life easier; the time spent with your baby will be much better since you will know that when your breasts feel uncomfortable, you can pump milk and enjoy active life!

Advantages of Bellababy Dual Suction Electric Breastfeeding Pump
  • Pleasant usage
    Both pumps have silicone pads and suction levels that imitate baby’s sucking tempo, so pumping both breasts at the same time is possible and very satisfying!
  • Portable for outdoor usage
    With long-lasting battery power and a big carrying bag, there is no need for a power source for a long time.
  • Programmed setup
    Once chosen, the mode and suction level will be remembered for the next usage. Yet all switches are easy to change with the LCD control panel.
  • Noise-free
    Bellababy breast pump is quiet enough to be used near baby!

This breast pump has advanced features that are proven to be change makers on the market when it comes to safe and effective breast pumping in the postnatal period. If you are struggling to decide which pump to choose or how to compare them, take in consideration facts like how safe and pleasant pumps are to use and how much more time will you have for your family after you finish pumping both breasts at a time. Bellababy Double Breast Pump for active moms might be the first choice!

Medela Swing breast pump

The famous Medela breast pump, known for its quality and the features that make it easy to use, is silent enough not to wake the baby and gentle to the skin. Quite handy for all mothers who need to pump milk several times during the day, it is supported by brilliant technology and packaged so it can be carried around in an ordinary purse. Individual pumping with the ability to use the battery for up to one hour will offer the flexibility to move around, and the precise pump will ensure that all milk is pumped out. Medela pump will save you from the uncomfortable feeling in the postnatal period when babies tend to be fussy and jumpy. Take your time to relax and pump milk with a pain-free pump anytime day and night and keep up with family time!

Features of Medela Swing breast pump

The Medela breast pump is very compact and handy, small enough to fit in one hand, and suitable for secure pumping. It is very easy to use and has a long-lasting battery. Two-phase expression technology imitates the baby’s sucking rhythm, and with the proper level of vacuum the pumping becomes very pleasant. The first phase is an inducement of the sucking rhythm, and the second phase is the extraction of milk into the bottle — then the breasts become quite empty and the tension is reduced. An amazing advanced feature is that you can order your Medela PersonalFit Breast Shield according to the size of your nipple diameter. Just measure it and see which option fits. It is really important to find the shield that fits you because in that way your body will adapt quickly to regular breast pumping. The benefits of regular milk pumping are various, and one of them is that it increases milk production and lactation; that is important to your and your baby’s health!

Advantages of Medela Swing breast pump
  • Easy to use
    Switching between vacuum levels is very easy and you can choose the rhythm that pleases you the most. Collection is simple and cleaning goes smoothly with just water pressure.
  • Designed for regular usage
    As it’s very quick and efficient for regular everyday usage, with the correct breast shield frequent pumping with this device won’t be a problem.
  • Leading technology
    Following research into a baby’s feeding methods, two-phase expression technology has been implemented for a natural feeling.

Pumping milk should be something that will make the life of every mother easier, with tension reduction in the breasts and the time spent with the family more enjoyable because there’s no need to look after a sudden milk leakage. Because of this, the quality of the selection should be the first consideration, as well as the ease with which the pump can be used. Medela Swing breast pump gets the highest marks for both characteristics! It was created to pump the amount of milk that is in the breasts as quickly as possible and in the safest way. All these are recommendations for the Medela breast pump!

MOSFiATA Electric Breast Pump

There is no doubt that you, as a new mom, should decide on a high-quality, safe breast pump that also gets the job of pumping milk done as soon as possible, so you should definitely take your time and analyse the various breast pumps available on the market today. Thankfully, we did the research for you and we highly recommend this product.

Apart from the fact that a breast pump should be efficient in pumping milk to save precious time you want to spend with your new family, a breast pump should also be made out of safe materials that will in no way contaminate the milk or harm you or the baby. This breastfeeding pump meets all these requirements and makes the breastfeeding process as carefree as possible.

Features of MOSFiATA Electric Breast Pump

This nursing breastfeeding pump has three different modes, one to stimulate and imitate the suction of a baby’s mouth, the second one for massaging and the expression one, that has a function of promoting lactation. What is even better is that each mode has nine different levels of suction, which guarantees that every mother will find the one that suits her the best, and pump at the efficiency she needs.

The pump is powered by a battery that can be charged in many different ways including power banks, regular mobile phone chargers, laptops or car chargers, whichever is most convenient to you. It’s fully charged and ready to go after 3 hours, and it lasts for up to 2 hours. In addition, since the efficiency of pumping is important for saving time, this pump can be used for filling out one or even two bottles at a time.

Advantages of MOSFiATA Electric Breast Pump
  • Easy to Use
    A big, clear LED screen and touch controls make this breast pump extremely easy for use. All you need is to follow the markings on the screen, choose the mode for you and make sure you attached the pump correctly for maximum comfort, and you’re ready to go.
  • No Backflow
    Once the milk is pumped inside the bottle, the specialized valve makes it impossible for it to go back since that could possibly pollute the milk and decrease its quality.
  • Quiet
    The advantage of this breastfeeding pump is also in the fact that it’s super-silent, so it can be used anywhere without disturbing the baby.
  • Portable
    Thanks to the rechargeable battery and lack of any restricting cables connected to the power source, you can take this device to any place that is most comfortable for you to pump in.
Bottom Line

All and all, when we consider how safe, efficient and easy to use this breast pump is, and when considering its advanced features that all have a part in making the breastfeeding period as easy for you as it could be, there is simply no reason for you not to decide on buying it.

Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps are not quite as convenient for the modern mom. While electric breast pumps utilise a motor for increased power, a manual breast pump is only as strong as the person using it. These mainly work by repeatedly pressing down on the pump to create your desired level of suction. Some manual pumps are easier to use than others, as some require two hands to operate and others just one. They come in a wide variety of sizes to help you get the right fit for your hands.

One of the benefits of these pumps is that they don’t emit much noise and they’re usually as small as a standard baby bottle, so if you only need to breast pump occasionally or are going on a trip, this type won’t take up much room or weigh down your bag.

NatureBond Manual Breast Pump

All mothers deserve to receive the best of the best! If you want to have complete control and dedication to manual milk pumping, NatureBond Breast Pump is a promising pump for you! With natural pressure, where you fully control the strength and speed, all milk is stored in an approved silicone container that is highly hygienic. The portable hand pump gives you comfort wherever you are whenever you have the need to pump milk in order to reduce pressure in your breasts. It is very light and the orifice itself is very soft and carefully designed in order to prevent any itchiness on the skin. A special silicone covering provides a different level of resistance in three places so the suction strength is different in each.

Features of NatureBond Manual Breast Pump

This is a hand pump that is incredibly easy to use! It provides a completely secure feeling since you can control pumping through three different pressure points on the silicone container. If you want to finish pumping as soon as possible a pressure point is on the top of the pump, and in case you are not in a rush a pressure point is at the bottom of the pump. The silicone container has been tested, approved, and recommended by nurses from Texas Hospital! It is very hygienic and safe for the health of moms and babies. The latest model includes the Breast Pump Silicone Stopper that prevents milk from spilling out of the pump, which additionally contributes to your sense of security, since you feel you can rely on the Nature Bond hand pump. As soon as you feel the need, squeeze out the breast milk so you can let go of that tension and enjoy time spent with your baby and family!

Advantages of NatureBond Manual Breast Pump
  • Comfortable and easy to use
    A very reliable design provides necessary support and prevents any unnecessary itchiness and discomfort. The hygienic silicon pump needs very little maintenance and irritations will be kept away!
  • Smart pressure
    Control over pressure and speed is literally in your hands. Try all three spots and see which one gives the better feeling. Discover how much pressure it takes to pump all the milk out and you will be able to adapt the NatureBond manual breastfeeding pump to your individual needs!
  • Safe
    From hygienic silicone construction to absolute adaptability, this pump is healthy for moms and babies; having a pump that guarantees that cleaning and maintenance will be easy gives you less anxiety in your busy life.
  • Handy
    Very lightweight, this is easy to carry around. With an additional Breast Pump Silicone Stopper along, leakage is impossible and you don’t have to be tied to one place while pumping.

NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Milk Saver Suction is underpriced considering the quality that it provides! It definitely would be difficult to break and it will last for as long as you need it! It’s a best choice for active moms who want natural pressure and control over pumping. If you don’t have a large amount of excessive milk, this is a perfect choice! NatureBond is the best manual breast pump, made for the best moms in the world!

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh manual breast pump for pumping milk is the best choice in the postnatal period to reduce the unpleasant sensation in breasts and positively affect your health and baby’s feeding rhythm. This pump is recommended especially if you are not yet sure how often you will need to pump and you are just getting used to pumping. The benefits of manual pumps are the absolute control you have over the vacuum power that draws the milk, and the speed of the suction, all according to what makes you feel comfortable! With the Lansinoh manual pump, you will not have problems with hand muscle fatigue because of its ergonomic design! It is very easy to put together the pump and to take it apart. Actual usage is very pleasant because of the two-phase technology that stimulates the breasts and imitates baby’s sucking rhythm, which creates a natural feeling.

Features of Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump has only a few parts, so it is simple to put it together and clean all the parts after usage. The easy-express handle improves the pumping method, so instead of squeezing you just need to press it and no hand muscle fatigue will occur. The pump itself can be used as a feeding bottle since regular pacifiers can fit as a cap and it also can be used as a container for disposal until next meal time! The well-known two-phase pumping technology has two steps. During the “let down” phase, sucking stimulus is activated; when milk starts leaking you can comfortably switch to the “expression” phase that imitates baby’s slow suction when breastfeeding normally starts. All of those features come in as a featherweight and durable version of the Lansinoh breast pump that is portable and convenient to use any time!

Advantages of Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump
  • Ergonomic design
    If you try to pump by pressing the whole container you will feel muscle fatigue after a while. With this, the only movement is pressing and releasing the handle.
  • Effortless assembling
    You will enjoy its no-hassle cleaning and assembling.
  • Portable
    This pump can fit into any bag and can be a perfect replacement for larger electric pumps that can be used only indoors. Milk pumping will be much easier when you don’t have to think about storing milk or how to use it right away. Regular pacifiers easily work with the container and turn it into a feeding bottle.
  • Technological innovation
    Imitation of baby’s sucking style creates a nice natural feeling while collecting milk.

If you are looking for a present for a friend that recently became a mother, or for yourself as your due date comes closer, take into consideration that most moms should pump their milk regularly. Sometimes babies get really picky and nervous and they don’t want to eat. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is an amazing help, especially if you are still not sure how much milk you will produce and you want to prevent that unpleasant feeling in your breasts when the baby refuses to eat. Also, Lansinoh is a leader in the breast pumping industry; they have many helpful products and accessories that are approved by health care organizations, and they have received awards for their brilliant innovations.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

As you can probably assume by its name, a hospital-grade breast pump is a heavy-duty pump that is faster and stronger than any other type of breast pump available. With that level of efficiency, of course, comes a hefty price tag. With hospital-grade breast pumps, you’re typically looking north of the £775 range, but they’re also available to rent if you’re keen on using them without pulling any money from your baby’s college fund.

Hospital-grade breast pumps are designed for multiple users, which means that if you do rent one, you’ll be using your own milk containers, tubing, and breast shields to avoid any cross-contamination. This is much safer for your baby, but an added cost worth noting.

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump is an advanced version that has amazing features that will make your life easier! Don’t let this high-tech fancy machine trick you into thinking it’s difficult to use! It is very easy and safe. Spectra S1 has a generic battery that can last up to three hours after being charged! How amazing and beneficial! This pump is so enjoyable to use, from the long-lasting battery to a night light that does not affect sleep quality but eases night usage! It works perfectly without any sound, so it won’t wake up anyone in the room. It is recommended to mothers who already know the rhythm of lactation and their baby’s eating habits. This amazing double electric breast pump will make daily usage easier and will increase the quality of your family time!

Features of Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

Advanced features of the Spectra S1 include having a night light for night usage, no sound while working, and controllable suction levels! Each mother can modify the pump’s settings to her personal expectations as she sees how her body reacts. Leading closed system means that there is no need for cleaning the inside part of the tubing system and that it is very hygienic for mom’s and baby’s well-being! Hospitals have approved this breast pump due to progressive technology and reliability when it comes to safe usage and effectiveness. The pump has two different working modes — the first one is there to relax and induce the letdown reflex, and the second one is the expression mode that maintains milk flow. Manually set how often the pump sucks, vacuum strength, and the timer, if needed. With this programmable double electric breast pump, all you need is to listen to your body and how it reacts to each different adjustment, and that will tell you how to set this advanced pump manually.

Advantages of Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump
  • Closed tubing system
    No hassle maintenance — it is very sterile and clean, and the parts are all separated from each other.
  • Programmable
    The manual adjusting system will meet the needs of any woman’s body. Timer and light settings do not affect the sound-free system.
  • Portable and handy
    The battery can last up to three hours without charging; outdoor usage is possible but optional.
  • All accessories are included
    Pump motor, two breast shields, two backflow prevention filters, AC adapter, built-in reusable battery, and two collection bottles – this justifies the price and increases the quality!

Nowadays there is a large assortment of milk pumps, and almost every new mother feels lost with such a variety. However, not all pumps are approved by doctors or used in many hospitals. Spectra S1 is the most advanced milk pump in the market and performs well whether used a lot or a little. Every body is different, and Spectra S1 takes this into account with easily adjustable settings. Quality and safety must take first place when it comes to babies and their moms, so Spectra S1 is the acknowledged choice!

What to Look for in a Good Breast Pump

There are a few different things you’ll want to take a moment to consider before you choose your new breast pump, because what works well for one mother may not work as well for you.

  • Breast Shield
    A breast shield is a cup that is placed over the nipple and areola. It’s typically cone-shaped, and you should make sure it fits snugly and comfortably. The better the fit, the easier it is to pump.
  • Milk Container
    The milk container is where your milk gets pumped. These are often reusable bottles, but sometimes they can be disposable bags. Needless to say, you should aim for reusable bottles if you’re concerned about disposal.
  • The Frequency of Pumping
    If you’re planning on mostly breastfeeding your baby directly without the use of a pump, chances are you won’t require a heavy-duty, dual-action electric pump. Likewise, if you’ll only be pumping occasionally, like during travel, a manual pump could be just the tool you need. If you’re going to work shortly after giving birth to your baby, however, you might be pumping more than the average mom; you’ll want the tools to match so that you’re not stressing out over your baby’s food while you’re sitting at the weekly management meeting. Consider how often and how much milk you think you’ll be pumping and you’re sure to find the right pump for your needs.
  • Portability
    If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you might not have to worry as much about getting a breast pump that comes equipped with a cooling bag as you’ll likely just store your milk in your fridge. On the other hand, if you’re someone that’s on the go often, whether it is socially or for work, you might be more inclined to purchase a pump that’s lightweight and easy to transport. The “where” is just as important as the frequency here, and remember the key is to make this process as easy on yourself as possible, particularly if you’re new to motherhood or this is your first experience pumping.
  • Ease-Of-Use
    Some breast pumps come equipped with all sorts of accessories and parts, which might be useful to you but also might make your pump more challenging to assemble, operate, and clean. As a new mom, you’ll want to have as much free time (and free-hands) as you can, so while you’re exploring your different options, take a look at how easy they are to put together and clean. It might not seem like much, but collectively it could save you hours of time during the breastfeeding stage of your baby’s development. With regard to cleanliness, ensure that the pump you choose is made with a material that is safe for contact; the last thing you want is a sick baby, so look for BPA-free options.
  • Durability of the Product
    Like any device, a breast pump that is used frequently stands a greater chance of wearing down over time. In particular, with an electric pump the more the motor is run, the less efficient it will become. As mentioned above, knowing the frequency of your usage will be a crucial part of your consideration. But you’ll also want to ensure that your breast pump is durable enough to sustain your level of use. It might be better, in the long run, to spend more upfront if you’ll regularly be pumping, as replacement parts can get costly, depending on the brand.
  • Price Point Category
    Of course, one of the first things that come to mind when purchasing anything is price. Luckily, when it comes to breast pumps you won’t need to invest a fortune on one. Of course, price differs depending on the types and features, but you can easily find a good breast pump in an affordable price point category.

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