The Best Blood Pressure Monitors

The Best Blood Pressure Monitors

By Stefan Mitrovic
It is essential to monitor the blood pressure of a patient accurately to ensure effective treatment. But finding the right pressure monitor can be tricky. That is why we researched relentlessly for you to find the Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Monitor as the best possible pressure monitor for personal or professional medical usage. It’s accurate, user-friendly, and quite durable.

Tracking your health at home is essential for spotting any alarming signs. An excellent way to confirm how you feel is by evaluating your blood pressure. Doctors recommend keeping track of your blood pressure daily. This reduces the chances of severe health complications by notifying you of a sudden abnormality in your body. That is why a blood pressure monitor can be of great help for your daily medical checkup.

A blood pressure monitor is even more crucial for people who have a chronic medical condition affecting them or their family members daily. With the regular evaluation of your blood pressure, you can stay informed about the condition and take the necessary measures. If you are carelessly ignoring such a checkup, trouble can easily escalate; you do not want to deal with something more complicated, do you?

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

To ensure the best experience, you need to use the right type of blood pressure monitoring device. It needs to be speedy and accurate enough to accurately show the pressure reading. Plenty of devices are available nowadays to help track blood pressure. With these multiple choices, it can be befuddling to select a device that offers affordability, longevity, and precision. Moreover, you need a monitor that is not bulky or complicated to use.

To sort it out for you, we got our hands on several blood pressure monitors. Our objective is to search for the best ones for you to use for your daily needs. Arduous research gave us insight into finding devices that are the most appropriate for you, and we want to lift the burden of researching from you to let you select the right device without too much hassle. Through this guide, we will share some popular types of blood pressure monitors available nowadays.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

These blood pressure monitors are quite common; they involve using the upper arm for measuring blood pressure. These are known to be quite accurate at providing blood pressure readings. Even doctors recommend using upper arm monitors because of their high-level of accuracy, as the vessel that is being monitored is at the same height as the heart, avoiding unnecessary differences in the results.

The left arm is closest to the heart, making it easier for the blood pressure monitoring device to provide an accurate reading. Here are a couple of pressure evaluating units that you can choose for day-to-day usage.

Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron M2 is a very popular blood pressure monitoring tool that will give you a certain amount of flexibility. It accurately calibrates the reading, thus giving you a quick measurement. It comes with a comfortable strap that is easily tied to the upper arm for smooth and precise blood pressure readings. Omron is a well-respected brand for blood pressure monitors. Doctors from various backgrounds have been known to recommend it for easy and precise blood pressure evaluation.

The M2 arm cuff blood pressure monitoring device straps on comfortably and adjusts its inflation pressure effectively. The sensitivity of the arm strap is such that it cuffs the arm efficiently without applying unnecessary pressure. Omron offers high-end features in its devices to display the readings as intuitively as possible for its users. The M2 Basic blood pressure monitor is worth the investment for its maximum efficiency and high-end calibration.

Features of the Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron M2 Basic has a number of simple but useful features that help it maintain the accuracy it is known for. First and foremost is the top-grade pressure sensor that is incorporated in the tailored arm cuff for self-monitoring. This cuff can adjust to about 22 to 32 cm in size for an easy and comfortable fit. It has a one-touch evaluation system that provides all measurements at once on the screen and retains in its memory the last reading it tracked.

The device also encompasses an Intellisense technology that ensures that the arm cuff adjusts the pressure on the arm while inflating carefully. This means it automatically adjusts the pressure on the arm strap so you don’t have to set it manually. This device offers simplicity in taking the blood pressure and reading the results, while ensuring maximum portability and precision. 

Advantages of the Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Recommended brand
    The Omron M2 Basic is a trustworthy device that doctors recommend for daily blood pressure monitoring. It fulfils its purpose so efficiently that the Omron brand has gained a worldwide reputation as the most popular brand of blood pressure evaluating devices.
  • Intellisense system
    This technology enables the M2 Basic blood pressure monitor to automatically and accurately adjust the strap pressure as it inflates. This technique lets the user avoid having to manually adjust the amount of inflation to be comfortable.
  • One-Touch operation
    This benefit makes taking blood pressure and reading the results less complicated. It uses just one button to calibrate blood pressure and display its readings.
  • Flexibility for the armband
    The M2 Basic adds versatility with its adjustable arm cuff. You can choose between the regular size of 22 to 32 cm, or you can go with the larger-size option of a 32 to 42 cm band.
  • 3-year warranty
    Being a top-notch brand trusted by millions, the Omron M2 Basic offers a warranty of 3 years. This feature gives you peace of mind, knowing Omron’s technology and quality standards.
Bottom Line

The M2 Basic blood pressure monitor for the upper arm features a list of practical benefits for daily usage, making it a high-quality upper arm blood pressure monitoring tool.

Duronic BPM150 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

If you are interested in a simple and affordable device for monitoring your blood pressure accurately, then the Duronic BPM150 might be a good choice for you. When it comes to quality and accuracy, Duronic is considered one of the top players, manufacturing monitoring devices for personal and commercial use. The BP150 is one of their finest products and ensures high-end precision for the important job of monitoring your blood pressure.

For those checking out a simple yet reliable device, Duronic’s BPM150 offers prolonged versatility by recording the readings to help monitor daily measurements and avoid severe heart conditions and other medical disorders.

Features of the Duronic BPM150 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

With the Duronic BPM150 monitor, you’ll be getting an accurate blood pressure reading every time. It features a design that does not require any kind of installation or setup. You simply take it out of its package and start using it after inserting the batteries. Plus, it is capable of providing multiple readings accurately (clear diastolic pressure reading and systolic pressure reading). It also shows the pulse rate per minute.

It has a large, ergonomic display that lets the user view the readings comfortably and accurately. There is also a blood pressure reading scale on the left side of the display that indicates your level from low to very high. The cuff size is quite flexible to fit medium to large size arms. It does need to be powered by four AAA size batteries, but there is also an option to attach a power adapter for consistent power supply while the device operates. Unfortunately, the adapter is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Advantages of the Duronic Upper Arm BPM150 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • High-end precision
    The Duronic BPM150 is a precise tracking system. No matter the number of times you use this device, you will get an accurate value. All the readings on this device are calibrated using state-of-the-art tracking systems patented by Duronic.
  • Ergonomically built
    To ensure maximum efficiency, the company made sure that the design of this device is user-friendly. The device is sized appropriately to avoid unnecessary bulk. Portability is further ensured by the inclusion of a cover pouch that can be used to store the device when not in use.
  • Versatile arm band
    The cuff provided with this unit has a variable adjustment so that it can easily fit most arm sizes. This cuff can also be removed and stored separately.
  • Easy to use
    The device is a one-button machine that does not need to be set manually. All operations on this device take place automatically to ensure simplicity.
  • Large capacity memory
    The machine also incorporates a memory chip for storing up to 60 previously-calibrated blood pressure readings. You can easily view the stored readings on its large display.
  • Flexibility
    This device offers the convenience of both personal and professional use without the need to invade the skin.
Bottom Line

True to its quality, the Duronic BPM150 blood pressure monitor flawlessly monitors BP and helps you keep track of the readings through its large memory slot. This can be worth the investment if you are interested in Duronic’s efficient range of blood pressure measurements.

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

When it comes to BP monitoring devices, a number of choices are available. But in some cases people are unable to find appropriately-sized arm cuffs for their large arms. Even the largest of armband sizes may not fit such folks. For them, a prudent option is using a wrist-type electric BP evaluation device. These units offer simplicity as the reading will pop up on the device just by strapping the band to the wrist area and waiting for a couple of moments.

However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that using a wrist-type blood pressure monitor requires a proper technique for placing the arm so that blood pressure can be measured precisely. As you may already know, the reading needs to be taken at an equal height with the heart to get an accurate reading, so the complete arm will have to be placed in an appropriate position. To give you some good options for a wrist blood pressure monitor, read further.

Hermano Wrist BP Monitor

Hermano’s capable sphygmomanometer is worth an investment if you are looking for a versatile, precise, and convenient machine. The company has a reputation for developing decent medical evaluation units, and this beautiful wristband-type blood pressure monitor is of excellent quality. The device is a simple and effective system that quickly and accurately calibrates blood pressure for medical reference.

Like most wrist monitors, this one needs to be used in the right way to get accurate results. So you will need to carefully follow the directions provided for operating this device.

Features of the Hermano Wrist BP Monitor

While testing the Hermano wrist monitor, we found that it has all the features needed to offer support to the user. For instance, the ergonomic design incorporates an adjustable strap attached to the display unit. Wear it like a watch to get the metrics. The display unit has all the necessary reading features: diastolic pressure value, the systolic BP reading, and the pulse per minute. Furthermore, there is also a display for time tracking that adds more flexibility when monitoring the reading.

Hermano’s wrist BP monitoring device also requires less power, using a two-AAA battery power output slot. Unfortunately, the batteries are not included with this device. Overall, the ergonomics of this product ensure a comfortable and flexible grip on the wrist to hold the monitor in place.

Advantages of the Hermano Wrist BP Monitor
  • Medically-certified
    This monitor offers high accuracy in recording BP readings, and it is a certified medical evaluation product.
  • Flexible wrist cuff
    The wrist band has a flexible range from 13.5 cm to 19.5 cm so it can freely fit all wrist sizes. The strap feels comfortable on the skin.
  • Multiple-user data calibration
    The Hermano wrist band BP monitor also has the impressive capability of storing data from two separate individuals at the same time. Plus, each profile can be alotted up to 99 readings for tracking.
  • 1-year warranty
    The device wins the trust of its users by offering a one-year warranty. Plus, Hermano also delivers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Two color options
    You can get the device in black or white.
Bottom Line

With its impressive and flexible feature of recording up to 99 readings per profile, the Hermano wrist-type BP evaluating machine is worth the investment. It could be the ideal device for your daily blood pressure tracking if you are interested in a portable and flexible unit.

Hylogy Digital Heart Beat And Blood Pressure Monitor

With the Hylogy blood pressure and heartbeat monitor, you have a reliable tool to keep track of not only your blood pressure but also your pulse rate. This capable device can be easily wrapped around the wrist to get the reading for a daily checkup. In addition, this is a portable unit that runs on batteries.

Hylogy has made sure that their device is easy to use without compromising its quality. For a wrist-type BP checker, you do require a flawless position so that the reading can be as accurate as possible. The company makes sure to provide the directions for use so that the user can feel confident while operating it, without the need for medical supervision.

Features of the Hylogy Digital Heart Beat And Blood Pressure Monitor

The Hylogy Digital Wrist Sphygmomanometer is quite impressive thanks to the many features it possesses. Its pressure sensor technology is comprised of capacitive sensors to ensure stability, precision, and flexible usage. The machine and its technology are even approved by the FDA for the healthy wellbeing of the user. The multi-feature display shows the recorded readings for systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse rate in large and readable digits. All these readings can be obtained through its one-touch functionality. The display screen is LED-driven for easy viewing, even in low-light conditions.

The monitor has its own box to store the device in when not in use. It also flaunts an auto-cutoff feature whereby the machine turns off when not in use.

Advantages of the Hylogy Digital Heart Beat And Blood Pressure Monitor
  • High-end flexibility
    Hylogy’s digital BP wrist monitor has a flexible wrist band that can fit almost any wrist for an accurate calibration of blood pressure.
  • Impressive durability
    This battery-operated unit offers about 3000 uses with every installation of a new pair of batteries.
  • Large display with multifunctional output
    This BP monitor for wrists lets you check readings for blood pressure and pulse, and also keeps time while monitoring a patient.
  • Twin mode
    This device accomodates two separate user profiles simultaneously. You can compare the recorded blood pressure and pulse per minute data for tracking the health of two persons.
  • 2-year warranty
    This device comes with a 24 month-warranty for your peace of mind.
Bottom Line

Choosing Hylogy’s wristband-based blood pressure and heart rate monitor can be a great idea for ensuring good health. If you aim for a lightweight and small-sized option for tracking your health, then this product could be worth purchasing.

Manual Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

This type of monitor has been with us for many decades. Such monitors are capable of giving accurate readings without needing batteries or some other power source. They have a pressure dial that shows you your measurements after you squeeze the bulb and then release the pressure.

While they are capable of getting an accurate reading they are not as easy to use as automatic devices. Manual blood pressure monitors are usually used by doctors and their medical assistants. But if you are able to understand the method and principles of using this device, then it can be a capable way of checking blood pressure.

Primacare DS-9181 Black Professional Blood Pressure Kit

Primacare’s DS-9181-BK BP monitor is a manual device that can be used for keeping track of the daily health of any individual. This device stays faithful to the traditional setup of a gauge to efficiently measure the BP.

Doctors have been known to prefer a manual model over automatic ones as it reduces the chances of machine error. But one does need some practice to understand the technique of using it correctly.

Features of the Primacare DS-9181 Black Professional Blood Pressure Kit

With the Primacare DS-9181-BK BP evaluation unit, you get a traditional device that is capable of providing accurate values when used correctly. The complete kit is comprised of the aneroid gauge for measuring, a rubber squeeze bulb to pump the air in for pressure balancing, a stethoscope for keeping track of the pulse while using the device, and a large pouch to keep all the instruments in after use.

This device can easily track BP from either arm. The pressure gauge does need to be calibrated before using, but to fine-tune there is a key included with the kit.

Advantages of the Primacare DS-9181 Black Professional Blood Pressure Kit
  • High-end flexibility
    Primacare DS-9181-BK comes with a nylon cuff to fit every adult size. It has a Velcro type closure to secure it tightly.
  • Nylon carrying case
    The blood pleasure kit has an oversized nylon carrying case to make the device portable for when you are on-the-go.
  • Reliable aneroid gauge
    It comes with a professional aneroid gauge (a barometer) to measure the blood pressure accurately.
  • Multiple time usage
    The kit can be used multiple times if kept securely and in good condition. For students who are practicing checking BP manually, it is the best device to have.
  • User manual
    For easy and hassle-free use, the blood pressure kit comes with a user manual that has clear instructions for proper handling and aftercare.
  • Easy to Calibrate
    The device comes with a key inside that can be used to calibrate the monitor, if required.
  • Highly Durable
    The Primacare DS-9181-BK Monitor is highly durable as the chest piece is made up of a chrome-plated zinc alloy that is resistant to rust and wear-and-tear.
Bottom Line

The Primacare DS-9181-BK Blood Pressure Monitor is a great tool for people suffering from blood pressure-related issues. To practice good health habits, checking blood pressure regularly is an important requirement. Here Primacare DS-9181-BK fits the situation because it is lightweight, compact, and highly accurate. So, bring the Primacare DS-9181-BK Blood pressure kit home today if anyone in your family has blood pressure-related issues to look after.

What to Look for in a Good Blood Pressure Monitor

Abnormal blood pressure and hypertension have become quite a common thing these days for several reasons, which include consumption of junk foods and busy work schedules that cause a lack of proper care of one’s health. This is why keeping track of blood pressure is essential, and doctors often suggest buying a blood pressure monitor. However, a quick check of these devices online can show how several models from different companies available on the market have their own claims and promises of being the best and leading model. The increase of options in the industry also increases the confusion in choosing the best; one that perfectly suits the budget, while offering all the advanced and reliable features for better and most convenient performance. Therefore, renowned hypertension specialists suggest six most essential tips to simplify your efforts in choosing the best device.

  • Size
    The reason for considering the size of the blood pressure monitoring device as the topmost factor is because the circumference of the device has to fit the patient’s upper arm in order to provide accurate readings. As noted in the “Clinical Practice Guidelines for Blood Pressure”, which is recommended by renowned institutes such as the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, the proper sizes that should be preferred are: 8.5 to 10 inches of circumference for an arm circumference of 22 to 26 cm. 10.5 to 13 inches of device circumference for the average arm size of 27 to 34 cm. 13.5 to 17 inches of device circumference for large arms, sized 35 to 44 cm.
  • Price and Features
    Do consider the price and never overpay for the device if it has options you don’t need such as, perhaps, Bluetooth connectivity and recording abilities. A physician-approved monitoring device can work fine with basic features and a price of £30 to £50.
  • Accuracy
    As per the experts, if the systolic blood pressure on the cuff varies as little as 10 points, then the device is considered accurate. Most devices last for 2 to 3 years, which is why they should be calibrated annually.
  • Calibration
    There is another feature in these devices that can ensure the most accuracy by taking three continuous measurements automatically. Some advanced monitors can make an average of three readings that are taken within 30 to 60 seconds of each other. Try to look for these.

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