September 19, 2021

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. With the Breville VBL136 Blend Active Personal Blender you will be able to make a tasty and healthy smoothie in no time. It came top in all our tests, proving to be the best blender available for your kitchen. It is easy to clean and use, and it’s made out of great quality materials.

Table-top blenders have become one of the most commonly-used kitchen appliances, and no wonder! Once we realise what they can do, it is easy to find a use for one daily. These little home appliances can make food preparation much easier, and they can ensure thorough blending of all ingredients that you want to put into that Sunday lunch soup.

If you are looking for a quick power smoothie after a workout or if you are making a potage, a blender will become your best kitchen buddy in no time.

Types of Blenders

Of course, not all blenders are the same. Here we will discuss different types of blenders and what makes each type stand out. So, before you head to your local kitchen appliance store, be sure to read our guide and find the type that will suit all your needs.

Immersion Blenders

These are hand-held blenders that often resemble a long stick. The base of the blender is where the blades are and where all of the accessories can be attached. These blenders are very popular because of their compact shape and low price, especially for those who use blenders semi-regularly just for a quick drink.

Since they are light and small, these blenders are easily stored in drawers when they are not being used, and they do not require much space. Additionally, they are easy to operate and move around. The fact is that they can be very powerful, but they are mostly used just as an assistant in blending activities, especially for foods that are already soft.

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5235 Hand Blender

Top Rated Blender: Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5235 Hand Blender

There is no question that an excellent hand blender is an essential piece of kitchen ware. With a multitude of uses and a huge range of benefits, it beats your old-fashioned chunky, clunky blender hands down on all fronts. Easy to use, simple to store and a breeze to clean after use, the Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5235 Hand Blender ticks every one of these boxes, and more.


This versatile and powerful blender has a variety of features that make it stand out from the crowd. Choose from an incredible 21 speed settings, all controlled with a simple wheel mechanism that you can click with just one hand. The 750w motor is powerful yet silent, offering you maximum precision when preparing your favourite dishes. 

The Braun MultiQuick also comes with a variety of attachments, making it the most versatile piece of kit in the kitchen. As well as the blending shaft, there is also a 500ml chopper which enables you to whizz through onions, garlic, herbs, breadcrumbs and more without the need for hours of chopping, or having to reach for the huge blender. The 500ml capacity means it’s the right size for all your ingredients, yet easy to store away when not in use.

A metal whisk is great for whipping cream, beating eggs and more, making it ideal for those Bake Off moments when only the perfect pudding will do. The different attachments are easy to remove and replace with simple EasyClick technology. Just one easy movement and you are good to go.

The set also comes complete with a BPA-free plastic beaker that measures 600ml and is perfect for containing fruit, vegetables and more before blending. 

As with other hand blenders, you won’t end up with more food on you than in the pot. Splash-control technology means less mess, and less cleaning up. It’s easy to wash up after use too – no scrubbing required! 


  • 21 speed settings - The huge range of speed settings gives you ultimate control over your cooking, and enables you to blend a variety of recipes with the greatest of ease and precision.
  • Incredible versatility - This blender is a dream in the kitchen as it lets you create a huge range of dishes. From sauces and soups to smoothies and dips, the blender will come in handy for a wide array of recipes, helping you up your cooking game and get even more creative.
  • The ultimate all-in-one kitchen product - The range of attachments makes this a true kitchen essential. For chopping, blending, whisking and more, you will be reaching for the Braun MultiQuick time and time again.


There is no doubt in our minds that the Braun MultiQuick 5 will instantly become the most used gadget in your kitchen. The simplicity and versatility of this amazing, powerful blender means it will be used for a multitude of different dishes from super sauces all the way through to dreamy desserts.

Tefal HB643140 Optichef Quartzite Hand Blender

Top rated Hand Blender: Tefal HB643140 Optichef Quartzite Hand Blender

This is one of the best blenders in this range of electric power. It is multifunctional and does the work of four devices: a mixer, a blender, a whisk, and a food chopper. This is the device that provides an excellent quality of chopped and mixed food. It is perfect for those who want to buy a multifunctional device that fits into even the smallest kitchen. You can use it for everything that needs to be chopped around your household; even nuts. The only difference between this chopper and a stronger one is the amount of product that you can chop at once. This device has been upgraded to 800W electric power, which represents a huge improvement over other chopping devices.


This device consists of a blender stick, immersion blades, blending shaft, whisk, 800 ml beaker, and a chopper bowl. It is made of perfectly safe materials and include stainless steel blades. It is easy to store and to keep clean. With the see-through walls of its bowl, it provides a clear image of the size of the chopped food. This way you can easily make sure that the chopped food is the precise size you want it to be. With the smart speed adjustment, you can reduce the speed of the device with just one touch. This way you have your other hand free for stirring or mixing the other ingredients.


  • Versatile use - The device is provided with four-in-one functionality. You can chop the food in the chopper, or you can mix a smoothie in the blender. You can use the mixer for making creams, or the whisk for making cakes.
  • Ergonomic design - This device can be operated with just one hand while the other hand is free for searching in a cookbook or stirring and mixing ingredients.
  • Easy to clean - Except for the motor itself, the parts are washable in the dishwasher.
  • Easy to store - The parts of the blender are manufactured so that it can be easily hung on the wall. Therefore, this blender can find its place in even the smallest apartments.


Although it is not the cheapest nor it is the strongest device on the market, this blender represents reliability and multifunctionality. It is a strong device with its 800 W motor. This is strong enough to chop most foods, and the blender’s multifunctional parts do the duty of a dozen other kitchen devices.

Single-Serve Blenders

Single-serving blenders are sometimes also referred to as personal-use blenders, as they are generally are used to whip up small servings quickly. Much like immersion blenders, they are desirable because of their compact size, price, and ease of use. They function about as well as a standard-sized blender, with the only caveat being how much they can hold at a time given.

One of the significant benefits of these blenders is that you can often drink straight from the container that you blend in, so you don’t need additional glassware or mugs. Just top your blended mixture with a lid, and you can head straight out the door.

Breville VBL136 Blend Active Personal Blender

Best Personal Blender: Breville VBL136 Blend Active

This is the most compact blender from the Breville family of blenders. It is perfect for active people who practice a healthy lifestyle. There won’t be the messy cleanup that’s often necessary after using a regular blender. This blender has a central 300W motor and a bottle that fits directly onto the motor. This way you can easily mix your drink without splashing it everywhere, which usually happens when pouring the drink into a separate bottle after blending. If you are a fan of using a bottle instead of a cup, this will be the perfect device for you. You can buy a family pack of bottles and make healthy drinks for the whole family. This is the perfect way of maintaining healthy habits, even while on the road.


The package includes one personal blender with two portable bottles of 600 ml. The bottles have been made of Eastman Tristan copolyester. They are lightweight and resistant to stains and odors. The blender has stainless steel blades. All parts are easy to clean and easily detachable. The blades and blending bottles can be washed in a dishwasher. With the stainless steel blades you can crush even ice, which is perfect for making slushies. If you are in rush, just grab the Breville Blend-Active, put the ingredients in, turn it on, and the meal-to-go has been made. You can drink it in your car or while you’re on your bike; the bottle fits perfectly into ordinary cup holders.


  • Easy to go - You can make a perfect breakfast in just a few seconds. It is perfect for those who live in the fast lane but still want to maintain a healthy way of life.
  • Easy to use - With just one switch, your ingredients are blended in just a few seconds. This blender is easy to use for many different purposes.
  • Easy to clean - You can wash it out in just a few seconds or put it in a dishwasher. All parts except the motor can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Light - With an odourless plastic bottle that does not spill, you can bring your drink with you wherever you go, without fear of breaking the bottle or needing added caution against spilling. Also, the whole blender weighs less than a kilo; this makes the device easily portable wherever you go.
  • Quiet - If you are an early bird and do not want to wake the rest of your family in the morning, this is the right device for you. With its quick blending power it’s fast and quiet, so you can make a healthy drink without waking everyone in the house.
  • Colour variety - You can order a colour you prefer or whatever colour is the best fit with your kitchen or your outfit. You can choose between four different colours. If you order additional bottles you can combine the colours so you can distinguish your bottle from those of other members of your family.


If you are in search of the perfect personal blender that is both easily portable, fast, and quiet, this is the right device for you. Although it is a personal blender, it can make a fast and healthy breakfast for the whole family without additional mess. You are free to start your day in just a few minutes, knowing your family is keeping a healthy lifestyle. You can make a snack or a meal without fuss, odour, or noise.

Smoothie Blenders

Smoothie blenders work similarly to single-serve blenders, but they are much more powerful and are designed to handle more ingredients. These blenders usually have additional features like ice crushing, chopping, or pulsing. Since they tend to include variable speed options, they’re more effective at delivering the blending results you’re looking for.

Like single-serve blenders, they often include jars or containers that are fixed directly onto the machine , and some include varied sizes as well so you aren’t stuck with a single option.

Breville Blend-Active Pro Blender

Best Smoothie Blender: Breville Blend-Active Pro

Do you want to make a quick smoothie, shake, or any blended drink before your jog or the start of school or work? This is the perfect device for those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle. It blends even the toughest materials, such as ice and nuts. You can make up to 500 ml of beverage with just one blending. This is the device that will make a perfectly healthy snack for your household members. If you have children, forget the expensive fast food shakes — those are both unhealthy and expensive. Trade in the fast food meals for this healthy device and it will pay for itself!


At only 1.5 kilos, this blender goes easily wherever you go. It is run by a 300-watt motor that works along with the removable stainless steel blades. With its capacity of 500 ml, it can make a perfectly healthy drink for one person in one mixing. Parts are easily detachable, and most of these, including the blades, can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This blender package includes recipe ideas that will be especially useful for those who have just started on a healthy lifestyle. Breville Blend-Active Pro has a non-slip grip on the included bottle; this is quite important for runners or sportsmen that lead an active lifestyle.


  • Fast and ready to go - Even if you are in hurry — because of your job, school, or the other duties — and that provides you with a perfect excuse for not eating healthily, there is no more reason to put off your new resolution to living a healthier lifestyle. It’s quicker to blend a smoothie or milkshake before leaving home than it is to go to a store and buy something healthy.
  • Portable - With its small dimensions, your blender can go with you almost everywhere. Whether you go on a vacation or a business trip, there will be enough space to carry a device such as this one.
  • Powerful - With only 300 watts of power it is easier on electricity than most of the stronger devices. Still, it has all the power you need to blend all foods.
  • Easy to clean - Most of the parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher, except the motor housing.
  • Blend in the bottle - The cap of the blender is actually the bottle. Shut off the blender, disconnect the bottle, and you are ready to go. There is no additional mess or more dishes that need to be washed.
  • No fear of breaking the bottle - The bottle has been made of tough plastic and has a non-slip grip that won’t be hard to hold onto. Even if you do break the bottle, it is replaceable. It can be ordered separately for significantly less money than the whole blender.


This blender appears to be perfect for starting a healthier lifestyle because it’s simple to use. You can begin using it immediately without complicated instructions, though it does come with a book of recipes. It is fast to use and easy to move around the kitchen. The device fits in perfectly with your kitchen décor because of its simple black design. With its 500 ml capacity, the device makes enough not only for one person but for making additional drinks for your children. It will successfully replace buying unhealthy shakes from the fast food place.

Food Blenders

You can think of a food blender as an extreme version of a smoothie blender. They are usually made of more durable materials, high-quality components, and are designed to include a broad range of functions.

These blenders often come with many attachments in order to get the most effective use of those functions, like special parts for dicing, pureeing, or mincing your food. If you want to have one blender only, and for it to have multiple uses, a powerful food blender might be the right one for you.

VonShef 4 in 1 Blender

Best Food Blender: VonShef 4 in 1

If you’re looking for a multifunctional assistant in your kitchen, this blender is a great choice for you. It blends and grinds to make smoothies, juices, cocktails, soups, sauces, salad dressings, and much more! It’s very easy to use, with only two speeds. This blender is perfect for those of you who take care of your health or people who just like to cook and experiment with food. Also, this is an ideal food blender if you don’t have much time but you still want to eat healthily. Make your meal all in this blender and you are ready to go! It is consumer-friendly and will keep your everyday life much simpler!


This food blender is made from stainless steel (blades) and hard plastic (jugs and mugs). The blades are strong enough for a wide spectrum of ingredients. The jugs, mugs, and blades are very easy to clean, and people generally love that. Soapy water will do the trick, but if you don’t have time you can simply put the parts in the dishwasher. The gray, elegant design will make your kitchen look classy. This blender comes with a couple of accessories and extra items (1.5 L blending jug, 1 L smoothie maker jug, 2 x 0.5 L to-go mugs, grinding attachment, and juicing attachment). This is very useful because you have more options and possibilities with this blender. It has two speeds and a pulse function that provides extra power when needed. An auto shut-off feature is one more advantage of this blender; it prevents overheating of the mechanism.


  • Versatile use - This is much more than just a blender. You can use it to make your favourite smoothie, juice, cocktail, soup, sauce, milkshake, or coffee. You can blend food for your baby with this as well. Have fun and test a different combination of ingredients — you won’t be disappointed.
  • Efficiently and Fast - Your meal will be ready in a few minutes at the press of a button. And with its included travel mugs you don’t have to switch containers — when done blending just put a lid on the mug and you are ready to go.
  • Easy to maintain - Jugs, mugs, and blades are very easy to clean and are also dishwasher-friendly.
  • Noise level - This blender produces less noise than similar products.
  • Low price - Compared to other blenders, this one offers you great quality for a small price.
  • 2 Year Warranty - You don’t risk your investment with this blender. If something goes wrong or you can’t use the item, the manufacturer will honor its 2-year warranty.


If you do decide to buy a blender this one is a good choice. VonShef 4 in1 Blender – Multifunctional Smoothie Maker, Juicer & Grinder will be a great help in your kitchen when it comes to everyday use. Compared with similar products on market, this one offers you versatile features for the same reasonable price. You can rest assured you will enjoy both cooking and experimenting when you have this blender to work for you!

Professional Grade Blenders

Professional grade blenders are the most expensive and highest-quality type blender you can buy. These blenders include a high-grade motor for powerful, fast blending and are best used in professional or commercial settings. Much like home food blenders, these are equipped with many attachments and features so that they can be used in a variety of situations.

No matter if you are chopping or blending, this type of blender will have the options you need. Additionally, one of the greatest benefits of these blenders is that they are often able to self-clean, much like your kitchen oven can, which is a great time-saver especially if you work in a busy setting like a restaurant or bar.

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto iQ BL642UK

Best Professional Grade Blender: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto iQ BL642UK

This is one of the “powerful” blenders. It is both a blender and a food processor and could be a great help in your kitchen. The blades can easily blitz vegetables, fruits, nuts, or ice. It will help you make delicious desserts, smoothies, fruit yogurts, sauces, salad dressings, milkshakes, frozen drinks, and much more! Unlike similar blenders, this one extracts hidden nutrients very efficiently. You can rest assured that your meal will be both delicious and healthy! This amazing blender has two different blending jugs. You can make single-serve smoothies to go, but you also have the option of making enough for the whole family to share. This is one of the top-selling blenders on Amazon, with a lot of positive reviews; that speaks for itself.


The blades are very strong and sharp enough to grind coffee beans. They are made from tough stainless steel and are removable – this way you can wash them easily and safely. There are Pro Extractor Blades and Total Crushing Blades in the box. One more positive feature of this blender: it can be stored easily. And it comes with three Ninja cups (in different sizes) with Sip and Seal Lids. Intelligent and automated Auto-IQ technology takes the guesswork out of the whole process and your meal will always be consistent. There are five different programs; you can choose one of them based on what are you want to make from certain ingredients. Every program has patterns with paused-blending. This way you don’t have to stop and shake the device, as the blender does all the work. Auto-IQ technology comes with a digital timer. This count-down timer informs you when the program ends. Besides the “intelligent” programs, there are also three “manual use” programs.


  • Multifunctional - This blender can be used with a wide range of ingredients. Other than just blending, you can use it to for much more — to make your favourite juice, smoothie, soup, dessert, or dressing.
  • Extracts Nutrients Efficiently - Your meal or drink will be rich with vitamins and nutrients. These will be gently extracted; not destroyed, as happens with other blenders.
  • Auto-IQ Technology - This machine has an automated, one-touch system.
  • Powerful - With its total crushing technology, the blender can crush ice in few seconds.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly - This type of blender is very easy to maintain. You can either wash the parts in the dishwasher without fear of damage, or you can wash them yourself using warm soapy water.
  • Durable - You can expect long-term performance from this blender.
  • Warranty - This blender comes with a one-year warranty, which is very convenient.
  • A cookbook - You will find here great ideas on how to make tasty and healthful foods.


This blender won’t let you down. The price is affordable, and compared with other blenders it offers a lot of extra features! Many satisfied customers have mentioned that the Auto-IQ Technology is wonderful! Once you try it, you will wonder how did you without it.

What to Look for in a Good Blender

As you can see, there are many different types of blenders. The first thing you need to decide is exactly what your needs are. However, standing in front of the blender display wall at your local store can be an overwhelming experience. To help you choose the best blender, here are the key considerations you should think about before your purchase.

  • Material - The materials your blender container is made of can have a significant impact on the price of the unit as a whole as well as its durability, so it’s important to understand the key differences. Generally, containers will be made of lightweight plastic, which is difficult to damage unintentionally but less durable and therefore least expensive. Alternative materials are glass and stainless steel. Glass is an excellent option if you’re looking for something that won’t absorb the scent or colours of your ingredients over time, in addition to its being a much stronger material. Stainless steel is the least common of materials used, and the most expensive; its main benefits come into play if you’ll be using your blender to make smoothies or other beverages that you want to remain cold.
  • Size - In addition to the material of your blender container, it’s important to consider how much you’d like it to hold. Containers can range anywhere from 8 ounces to 80 ounces, depending on the type of the blender you purchase. Just to give you an example, a personal self-serve blender would likely come equipped with an 8-ounce container, whereas traditional blenders fall somewhere between 12 and 60 ounces.
  • Do You Need A Handle? -Not all blender containers come equipped with a handle; look for this feature before you purchase, if this is a “must-have” for you. If you are making many cold mixed beverages like smoothies, milkshakes, or protein shakes, a handle will help keep your hands from getting chilled on contact, especially if you’ve opted for a machine made with stainless steel material.
  • How Many Containers Do You Need? - If you’re just purchasing a blender for personal use, it’s unlikely that you’ll need many containers, as you can wash and reuse them. But if you’re buying a blender for commercial use, you might want to look for a blender that comes equipped with many containers to save yourself time and trouble. Additionally, if you do require many containers, try to look for ones that are stackable for easy, compact storage.
  • How Will You Measure It? - Generally speaking, most blenders come pre-marked to easily show you how many ounces of ingredients you have within the container, but it’s important to note that this isn’t true for all containers. If having measuring marks is an essential part of your blending process, be sure to look for this feature before you decide on a particular machine.
  • How Powerful Is It? - Depending on what you’ll be using your blender for, you might require a more powerful motor. When you’re looking for your new appliance, a key consideration will be how well it can perform. Generally, a machine with high wattage will be more versatile, versus a low-wattage one that will struggle with thick mixtures. A standard kitchen blender usually operates on between 300-600 watts, whereas a commercial grade blender can have up to 1300 watts.
  • What Do You Need It For? - Are you just blending, or are you pulsing, mincing, crushing, and chopping, too? Not all machines are capable of handling all these tasks, so consider your needs before making any decision. Beyond that, you might be interested in a machine with variable speeds to handle these types of jobs more effectively. If you are adding ingredients as your machine blends, you’ll want to be able to temporarily slow down the speed to avoid unnecessary splatter. Additionally, the best blender will be made with stainless steel blades and drive sockets, as plastic tends to wear out very quickly.
  • Is It Easy To Clean? - As with any machine with small moving parts like motors and blades, you’ll save yourself a lot of time cleaning if you decide on a model that can easily be disassembled and rinsed off, or better yet, put directly into your dishwasher for fast, hands-off cleaning. If you do go this route, make sure all the materials are dishwasher safe to avoid voiding your warranty or damaging your machine.
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