The Best Baby Strollers

The Best Baby Strollers

By Stefan Mitrovic
Having a baby is a great joy, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and expenses. A quality stroller is one of the most important and most expensive items you’ll buy. We tested the best baby strollers available to help you. Our tests showed that you can’t go wrong with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller. It is super comfortable, made using quality materials, and will be perfect for your little one.

Are you welcoming a new baby into your home? If you are, chances are you will want a stroller. Whether you are a first-time parent or you are passing the stroller down from one sibling to another, it is important that you own a stroller that fits in with your needs and the needs of your baby. So if your habits changed since you had your first child, you should consider getting a new stroller (you will have an alternate for different uses or a “just-in-case” option).

Why do you need a baby stroller anyway? First of all, your baby likes fresh air as much as you do; it is beneficial for your little one to spend part of the day outside, whether you are taking a walk or going for a run. Your baby might seem tiny and easy to carry around, and each new parent feels their baby is safest in their arms. But the baby will grow really quickly, and you won’t be able to carry it around for long. The storage basket under the seat of the stroller could be of great help when you need to go shopping, and you can put some of your purchased products in the compartment while the baby is safe and sound in the seat. Strollers are a great means for calming a baby, as the motion helps them relax.

Types of Strollers

Picking a suitable pushchair is as important as picking the right shoes for you or your baby. If you pick the wrong type, instead of making your life easier it can end up causing more inconvenience than convenience.

There are many options for you to choose from, and before you make that choice you should take your lifestyle into consideration. Pick a standard model or a specialty one, according to your needs. Here are some of the most common options.

Standard Stroller

Probably the most common and universal type of stroller is the standard stroller variation. This could be the long-term investment you are looking for. They are sturdy, solid, and easy to steer. Most of them come with the ability to attach a car seat or recline the seat to accommodate newborns. Your baby can face either you or straight ahead. Most models have the ability to switch between these positions.

A disadvantage of the standard is that it can be heavy, so if you are required to lift it that can be quite difficult. Some models do not come with an attachable car seat, so you have to buy that separately, which could be costly. These can also be bulky and take up a lot of space when folded.

Silver Cross Pop Stroller

Meet the best pushchair from January 2018! It comes from the Silver Cross family of strollers for a baby from birth until 25 kilos. With its silver color, the stroller is completely unisex; perfect for both boys and girls. Therefore, if you do not know what you are expecting, this stroller will be appropriate either way. This silver stroller comes with perfect protection from both sun and rain. It has a UPF 50+ extending hood and rain cover; your child will be protected in almost every type of weather.

Features of Silver Cross Pop Stroller

With its weight of 7.2 kilos, it can carry a child up to 25 kilos, which is approximately the weight of a primary school kid. The stroller has been made of a perfect combination of light and solid materials. Also, it comes with a three-year warranty that ensures that you will be able to use the stroller until your kid reaches the age when he/she does not need one. The Silver Cross Pop is known for its high manoeuvrability. You do not need to wrestle with a stroller anymore! With Silver Cross Pop you can easily shift it wherever you want, which makes it particularly easy to get around while shopping with your baby or toddler. It has a 5-point harness, which ensures perfect security for your kid along with the stylish bend that fits in nicely with the rest of the stroller.

Advantages of Silver Cross Pop Stroller
  • High manoeuvrability
    It is easy to operate this stroller because of its light design.
  • Large space for storage
    It has a large storage space below the seat, which can be used for quick shopping instead of folding the stroller and resettling your baby into a shopping cart.
  • High security
    It has a 5-point harness that keeps your baby safe from falling. This harness keeps up with the growth of your kid because it can be adjusted for babies up to pre-schoolers.
  • Wider seat
    The Silver Cross Pop stroller has a wide seat that ensures a comfortable position for your baby.
  • Rain and the sun protection
    The stroller comes with fully extendable UPF 50+ screen that will keep your baby fully protected from the sun. There is also a rain cover in the package that keeps your baby dry on a rainy or misty day. With this pushchair, you can have your baby outside without fear of rain or sunburn.

If you want both a simple and stylish stroller that keeps your baby safe from the sun and rain and it is easy to drive, this is the right stroller for you. This award-winning stroller has a three-year warranty that will keep you covered from malfunctions until your toddler grows enough to walk by your side.

Hauck Pacific 4 Combo Baby Stroller

If you are looking for a pram or pushchair for your new baby, there are many options you can go for. One of the most popular choices are prams that can be transformed into pushchairs as your child gets older, as you’ll then only need to buy one piece of equipment. A popular choice for new parents is the Hauck Pacific 4 Shop N Dirve Lightweight Pushchair, which is suitable for use from birth. 


This is one of the most advanced stroller systems on the market, coming with all the accessories you will need to make your day to day life a breeze. It’s also great for comfort; coming with several accessories to keep your child safe, warm and cosy at all times, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice for your child. 

Features of Hauck Pacific 4 Combo Baby Stroller

For babies, the stroller starts its life as a carry cot, which can be removed from the wheels when needed. It slots easily into place, so that you can move your child without disturbing sleep patterns. Once the child outgrows the carry cot, it can be easily converted into a sports-style pushchair, within just a few clicks. The pushchair will then last throughout the duration of your child’s toddler years, meaning that you will never need to buy an additional pushchair. 

The pushchair comes with a travel set, which makes it suitable for both summer and winter use. For the colder months, your child can enjoy superior warmth from the rain cover and two-part foot muff. For even more convenience, this set comes with a car seat that can be used all the way from birth. The stroller is made from ultra-light material, making it easy to get in and out of your car or house. And the ‘Shop n Drive’ system makes impromptu shopping trips with your baby easy. 

Advantages of Hauck Pacific 4 Combo Baby Stroller
  • Comes with all the accessories you need
    There is a lot of equipment involved when you have a child. The Hauck Pacific Shop N Drive makes everything a little easier by providing all the accessories you need within one stroller – from baby pram to pushchair, travel equipment, car seats and weather shielding extras.
  • Easy to push
    The stroller comes with swivelling and lockable front wheels, which makes maneuvering easy, even on smaller, winding streets. The stroller weighs just over eight kilograms in total, making it easy to carry up and down stairs, and in and out of the car.
  • Enhanced safety features
    The stroller comes with a patented side impact protection system, which keeps your child safe in the car and when in the stroller. There’s also a removeable head pad for extra safety and comfort.
Bottom Line

It’s not hard to see why the Hauck Pacific 4 Combo Shop N Drive Baby Stroller is a favourite among parents – it gives you everything you need for transporting your little one in the car and during shopping trips, so that you don’t have to buy multiple products throughout different stages of their early lives.

Pram Stroller

Pram strollers are designed primarily for newborns as they are available only in a fully-reclined position. The baby seat is in a bassinet shape, and it comes with a canopy. This shape is great for newborns and it aids in the normal development of the baby’s spine; all while the baby can look up at the person pushing the stroller. These are usually a little taller than other types of strollers, so the baby is closer to you. They are light and easy to push, but have limited storage. They’re available for children up to 20lb (9kg).

A major downside to this type of a stroller is that it is not suitable for babies who can already sit. At this age, kids want to look around and get to know the environment while they are in their strollers. The weight limitation, as well as the inability to lift up the seat, makes these strollers a short-term investment, as you would eventually need to get another stroller that can support your growing child. Most of the other types of strollers come with a reclinable seat or an option to attach a car seat. Get a pram if you are planning to have another baby soon and do not want to purchase a double stroller.

Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U Stroller

If you are searching for a light and economic version of a stroller, the Red Kite Baby Push is just the right thing for you. It weighs only 6 kilos. When folded it can fit in the smallest cars, rooms, or aeroplanes. This is the perfect stroller for traveling. The only flaw is that this stroller can be used only for babies older than six months. Therefore, this pushchair is an additional one that you need to buy when the baby outgrows the stroller you used from his earliest days.

Features of Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U Stroller

The stroller has padded handles that are comfortable even when you are pushing an older child. Along with padded handles comes the padded seat that allows comfortable seating for toddlers. The front wheels are lockable, which ensures the safety of your child while you are resting. The safety belt is part of this stroller and keeps your baby safe from sudden movements that can lead to a fall. The stroller has two positions. One is good for a sleeping baby so you can be sure wherever you go with the stroller, your kid will be able to nap and to avoid the nervous tantrums they get from sleep deprivation.

Advantages of Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U Stroller
  • Easy to fold
    This convenient pushchair has an easy folding mechanism that makes it a breeze to store; you can fold it up with only one hand. This is really useful for when you need to get on a small elevator that requires you to fold the stroller before entering.
  • Economic
    This type of stroller is one you will use in addition to the one you use in the first months after the birth of the baby. Purpose follows price, and it is quite economical. You can easily travel with this type of stroller since it needs little space in baggage areas.
  • Light
    The stroller is lighter than the usual models for newborns. This means easier manoeuvring and shifting with your baby.
  • The possibility of naps
    In the halfway-declined position of the seat, your baby can have a nap while you are still walking about.
  • Rain protection
    The package includes a rain cover that keeps your baby dry during rainy weather.
  • Easy folding
    You can easily fold the stroller with just one hand, which ensures easy manoeuvring in almost every situation. Whether you enter a bus, an elevator, or a taxi, this stroller can be quickly folded up without the additional delays that usually occur.

The need for a more convenient stroller than the ones newborns use has been proven necessary. Since strollers for newborns are heavier in order to ensure more stability and back support, you cannot easily operate them when your child becomes heavier. Therefore, you can use an additional type of stroller that is easy to fold and needs a little space. The Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U is the right choice since it is both light and economic.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are produced with three wheels; the front one is usually fixed to facilitate running. The jogging stroller is suitable for all those active mommies (and daddies) who are fond of exercising outside or just taking brisk walks in the park. If you find it hard to get back into shape after pregnancy, you are not alone; baby weight isn’t something that comes off easily for anyone. Having a jogging stroller provides you with the opportunity to kickstart your exercising habits, if not get you into your previous shape or better. Do not forget the benefits for the baby (or a child, as some jogging strollers can accommodate a five-year-old). She can spend time outside, learning how to lead an active and healthy life.

There are some downsides to jogging strollers, one of them being that they are not suitable for infants as they do not offer the support for the neck and head that infants need. So you might have to wait a couple of months to enjoy the great outdoors with your baby, although some models offer the possibility of attaching a baby car seat, making it suitable for an infant. Another thing is that jogging strollers have a smaller storage basket; if you are one of those multitasking moms, that can be an issue. The fixed front wheel makes it harder to manoeuvre in crowded places (some have a brake on the front wheel so you can switch between functions). Take into consideration that jogging strollers are usually more expensive as they are more specialised.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

Are you interested in leading a healthy life? Do you want to explore nature while you stroll with your kid? Do you want to go to a beach together? All this becomes easier with the City Mini GT Stroller because it can be used on all types of terrains. Both you and your baby will be satisfied with this stroller because you can fulfil all your activities while your child is in a comfortable position in the pushchair. Although it is not the lightest stroller available, it does fold up more easily than the majority of strollers do. All you need to do is lift a strap with just one hand, and the stroller will fold up all by itself. It comes with an auto-lock that will lock the fold for easy transport and storage. The best thing for tall people is the adjustable height of the handlebar. Finally, you do not need to lean over or walk hunched down during your stroll with your kid. You can assume a normal walking position with this adjustable pushchair.

Features of Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

It has a 65-pound capacity, which basically ensures use of this stroller for as long as your child needs one. With its retractable cover and two windows, you can always know how your baby is doing. The cover, made from the SPF 50+ system of sun protection, will keep your baby perfectly safe from harmful UV rays. An adjustable handlebar and hand brake, along with front suspension wheels, makes stroller perfectly safe and easy to operate. This stroller can be transformed into a perfect travelling chair with the purchase of an additional seat adapter. If you already have a pram, you can use this stroller as a travelling chair even for the youngest babies. The seat is very comfortable because of your ability to choose different positions, from nearly flat up to almost 90 degrees. It can be adjusted to however your baby needs it at the moment.

Advantages of Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller
  • Adjustable
    It has a handlebar that can be adjusted to accommodate your height. With this handlebar you can control every point of the stroller. You can press the hand brake, you can adjust the cover, or you can fold it. It is all in front of you, and there is no need to make an additional effort such as kneeling or bending to make something work.
  • All-terrain
    The main draw of this stroller is its ability to go wherever you want to go. You can go from a city to a village and from pavement to sand without any problems.
  • Quick Folding
    You can fold it up with only one hand and without additional pressing; just pull the strap and your stroller will fold.
  • Transformable
    With the addition of a seat adapter this stroller can become travel seat. Also, it can be transformed into a travelling seat for even the youngest babies.

With this all-terrain stroller you can go wherever you want. You can explore nature, walk by the beach, or just go on a walk without fear of a little mud. This stroller can become a travelling seat. With just a little additional expense you can avoid buying two products — a stroller for babies and a travelling seat for toddlers.

Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight strollers (or umbrella strollers, which are the super-easy variant) are good for people who often travel or take a quick walk around town. They are very easy to fold, and do not take up much space when they are folded (easily pack them into even a small car trunk). They are mostly designed for babies that can sit (so, over six months old) and they are an alternative to the standard stroller. They’re not essential but are certainly convenient.

The disadvantages: they usually do not have a reclinable seat, so your baby might have to take a nap sitting up, but some models do have a recliner function. Another thing is that the one you’re looking at might not come with the option of attaching a car seat, making it unusable if you have an infant. Small wheels are responsible for more difficult steering, and the ride itself is a little less comfortable for the child as these strollers do not have as much cushioning as standard ones. However, it is possible to find a model that has all the conveniences, including a canopy, reclinable seat, and/or the option to attach a car seat. Those versions are more expensive, though.

Chicco Oh La La Lightweight Stroller

Have you ever wondered if a pushchair that is economic, light, and still completes all your baby’s needs really exists? The Chicco Company proudly presents one. With its weight of only 3.8 kilos, Chicco Oh La La Lightweight Stroller fulfils all the needs for a baby from birth to 15 kilos. It is so light that it can be lifted with just one finger. This stroller has an incredibly modern unisex design that works perfectly for both boys and girls. It is so stylish that it fits in with your baby’s every outfit. With the design comes a cosiness that ensures a nice rest for your child. Also, the low weight means easier shifting and operation. You do not need to worry any more about entering a city bus or conquering the stairs with a stroller.

Features of Chicco Oh La La Lightweight Stroller

Maximum comfort for your baby is provided by this lightweight pushchair. This is possible because of soft fabric materials that perfectly fit with the solid metal alloys. The stroller provides multi-positioning of the backrest along with an adjustable leg rest. Your kid can be perfectly comfortable with a minimum of effort. If you have a small apartment, this pushchair is your perfect choice because of its small dimensions (46x81x101 cm). Also, it has been made with a self-standing system that allows it to stand upright while you’re folding it. With the rain cover that comes in the package, not only will your child be protected during rain, but the stroller can be parked outside for a while too.

Advantages of Chicco Oh La La Lightweight Stroller
  • Lightweight
    The best advantage of this Chicco product is its weight of 3.8 kilos; that makes it easy to carry around, easy to drive and shift, and easy to fold.
  • Unisex
    It is a perfect solution for having a stroller ready for either gender and for colour matching with the outfits of both you and your child.
  • Easy to fold
    You can fold this stroller with just one hand and steer it around with just one finger. It is the perfect stroller for use on a city bus or trolley.
  • Rain protection
    It comes with the rain cover that ensures that you and your child can go out in almost every weather condition. Also, you can park the stroller outside while visiting someone who has no space for a stroller.

This stroller fulfils all variables that any economic parent needs. It is lightweight and can be used from childbirth. Also, this is a unisex model, which ensures multiple use if a parent will be raising more children. The rain cover ensures protection for the stroller whether it is in use or just parked on a terrace. With this stroller, you can be assured that your money will reach its full investment potential and every penny will be worth it.

Double Stroller

Double strollers are mostly used when you have twins, although they could be suitable for two children of different ages (0-4 years old). Pay attention so that both seats of the stroller you’ve chosen have the option for attaching car seats for infants if you need that, since some models are designed with only one car seat attachment and are suitable only if one child doesn’t need one. They come in two variations — side-by-side or tandem. The tandem model has some variations as well. The children can ride facing each other or one behind the other. There is also an option where the back seat is placed higher than the front one (stadium seat), making it possible for the child riding in the back to see over the child in the front seat.

Both models have advantages and disadvantages. For example, a side-by-side stroller is easier to steer over the curb as the needed force for lifting the front of the stroller is much less than with a tandem. On the other hand, tandem strollers go through doorways and elevator doors more easily than can side-by-side models. Also, side-by-side strollers can be difficult to push if the babies are not of similar weight, and that can cause the stroller to pull to the side where the older child sits. Some double strollers come with an option to detach the seats, so if two people are available to push the strollers, they can.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal

Are you in search of a twin stroller? The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal is the right thing for parents of twins. It provides the best ratio of price and quality. Having a unisex design that fits perfectly with a different gender of your twins is the top score for every fashionable parent. The separately-leaning backrest can easily satisfy both of your children when one wants to sleep and the other wants to stay awake. Also, the backrest can be adjusted with one hand during the stroll. This means that you can keep up with the walk without additional pausing and breaking of the routine.

Features of Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal

With its weight of 15.2 kilos, it is not the lightest twin model on the market but is one of the most comfortable ones. It has 5-point security harness with a chest pad that provides the best security for your children. It can be folded easily. When it is folded, the stroller uses approximately the space of an umbrella, which guarantees an economic use of space. Everything in this pushchair has been made to serve the individual needs of both of your children. From separated back settings to hoods and leg rests, all can be adjusted separately. This stroller enriches the individuality of your children, and it is cosy for both of them. Full rain and winter protection come with the package and allow for strolls during every season.

Advantages of Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal
  • Unisex
    This Chicco model is a perfect choice whether you have boys or girls or both. It blends perfectly with every clothing combination.
  • Separately adjusted
    You can adjust the backrests, leg rests, and hoods separately, which caters to the individual needs of both your children.
  • Easy to fold
    You can fold up the stroller with just one hand. Best of all, when it is folded it uses up little space, despite its large width when open.
  • Rain protection
    It comes with full rain protection, which ensures the safe use of the stroller in each season.

If you want the best ratio of price and quality, this is the right twin stroller for you. It satisfies the individual needs of both of your children, just as if you had two separate strollers. Also, it is easy to operate and easy to fold. This means that you can use it as a stroller for one child while you, in fact, drive two of them. The only drawback might be its weight of 15.2 kilos, but many single strollers have the same weight. In fact, it seems that this weight is typical for any twin stroller. Therefore, if you are the proud parent of twins, it seems that you just need to push harder for the sake of your children’s safety and cosiness.

What to Look for in a Good Stroller

Regardless of what type of stroller you choose, there are some shared features that ensure a convenient and pleasurable walk. Some of them we have already mentioned, but here they are, explained more fully.

  • Five-Point Harness
    It keeps your baby in place for a safe stroll, preventing her from slipping down or falling out.
  • Canopy
    It is important for sun and rain protection. Most models come with a peek-a-boo window, enabling your baby to see through the canopy.
  • Wheels
    The quality of the wheels affects how easy the stroller is to steer. If the wheels are too big or too small, that will make steering difficult.
  • Wrist Band
    It attaches to your hand and prevents the stroller from rolling away. This feature is most important in jogging strollers, as they are designed for high mobility.
  • Additional Equipment
    This could be cup holders, additional storage, toy handles, and anything you can imagine that can aid you and your baby in having a pleasant stroll.

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