September 19, 2021

After testing dozens of air mattresses multiple times and sleeping regularly on ten of them in order to do proper research, we concluded that the Sable Inflatable Air Mattress SA-HF003 is the best air mattress on the market because it offers great comfort while you rest, it’s made of high-quality material, and it’s really easy to set up.

Have you just moved into a new home and you don’t yet have a bed to sleep on, or do you have guests regularly and you’re in a search for an affordable mattress that’s easy to store away after use? If your answer is yes, a good quality air mattress will be a great help whenever you need an extra bed and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a conventional mattress. You’ll find an air mattress to be very convenient and comfortable, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t replace your regular mattress since it won’t offer a suitable level of support for long-term use, and it will wear out very quickly.

Another nice feature of these mattresses is that you can easily pack them and take them with you when you’re travelling or camping, so you can experience the comfort they offer even when you need to sleep outdoors. Since high-quality sleep is crucial for better performance during the day, an air mattress should offer similar quality to your regular one and offer a good and comfortable rest for your whole family. An air mattress is very easy to adjust according to your preferences, so you can choose whether you want it to be soft or firm.

Types of Air Mattresses

During our research, we came to the conclusion that almost every air mattress could be used both indoors and outdoors. It doesn’t mean that it will necessarily work well in both cases. It will definitely give you a comfortable place to lay your head and sleep, but it will work the best if you respect its intended use.

With that in mind, we can determine two types of air mattresses and write about the special characteristics of them both. The manufacturers think about specific conditions of indoor and outdoor use and make their mattresses accordingly, so that’s why you should think about where you want to use your air mattress and pick the correct one for the job. Air mattresses that are meant to be used outdoors will have different features in comparison to those that are made for indoor use, and vice-versa. Let’s describe both of those types, so you can decide for yourself which one to purchase.

Home Air Mattress (For Everyday Use)

A good quality air mattress can easily replace a regular one when you have guests or family members staying in your home. We are sure that you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible, but there’s no need to buy a conventional mattress that can be really expensive and difficult to store away. An air mattress is perfect for these occasions. It is definitely more comfortable than your couch, and you can choose a really big model, so your guests have a complete comfort, without having to fit a sofa that’s two times smaller than them. It is also a very practical solution because you can store the air mattress away quickly and easily once your guests are gone and, in this way, it will save you a lot of space if your home isn’t very big.

An air mattress is also a nice solution when you’re in your new home, and your furniture isn’t there yet. While you’re waiting for your bed to arrive, your sleep doesn’t have to suffer because you can purchase an air mattress and sleep on it in the meanwhile. Some people actually prefer sleeping on an air mattress because it can be softer and easily adjustable. However, a lot of manufacturers write that their mattress shouldn’t be used for a long time since it could get damaged. The choice is all yours; if you’re okay with buying a new air bed every few years, then you can easily sleep on it every night. A lot of them come with a frame, so they really look like a real, conventional bed.

Sable Double Size Air Mattress SA-HF033-uk-01

best air mattress: Sable-Double-Size-Air-Bed-SA-HF033-uk-01

If you’re searching for a good-quality air mattress that has a unique shape and that offers your body the support it needs during the night, this model by Sable will help you relax, take power naps and sleep after a long day. It’s a great mattress to have at home even if you already own a regular bed. Your guests and family will be thankful for the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep on this Stable air mattress. Buy one for yourself, and it will fit perfectly in any room of your home.


This air mattress is made of eco-friendly PVC material that is very durable and scratch resistant. However, even though it’s made of PVC, it is not slippery thanks to the 0.6mm layer on the sleeping surface that’s flocked and very soft. It is also waterproof, so it can be easily used outdoors if necessary. Its unique shape features an integrated raised pillow on the upper side of the mattress. The mattress features an internal pump that will inflate it in less than five minutes. It comes in two sizes, single and double, and when it’s deflated, it has really small and compact dimensions which make it super easy to pack and store away. Thanks to the I-Beam air coils, it adjusts under your body, and the weight capacity of this air mattress is 300kg.


  • Integrated pillow design - This can be very convenient especially if you’re planning to use this mattress outdoors and don’t have enough space to pack a pillow. It is also a nice solution if you don’t have many pillows at home, but want your guests to be comfortable. This integrated pillow will offer your head and neck the support it needs.
  • Material - The material of this mattress is very durable, and it will last you for years. The sleeping surface is made of softer material. It is waterproof and breathable so it will stay fresh and clean always.
  • I-Beam air coils - The structure of this mattress is designed to support the shape of the body effectively and it will adjust to each user’s shape, movement, and sleeping style.


This air mattress is a great choice if you need an inflatable bed every once in a while. It is comfortable, cosy and very compact and easy to store away. It will be valuable both indoors when you need it as a spare bed, and outdoors for better sleep when camping.

Sable Inflatable Air Mattress SA-HF003

Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use: Sable-Inflatable-Air-Mattress-SA-HF003

This mattress is at the top of our list of the best air mattresses on the market. Its incredible features make it the best choice for anyone who needs a really durable yet affordable inflatable bed for their guests, family and even themselves. It is very easy to set up, and it’s time and space saving. When you have unexpected guests or an unexpected trip that involves supplying your own bed, it’s always better if you’re prepared. We recommend buying this air mattress since it won’t take up a lot of space in your home, so you can store it away easily until you need to use it. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.


The best thing about this Sable model is that it’s very thick and the sleeping surface is raised well above the ground, so even if the mattress deflates a bit during the night, you won’t touch the ground. It’s made of PVC material that’s not toxic, and it is covered with flock material that’s very soft and warm to the touch. The coil beam construction offers perfect support for the whole body, providing you with the perfect night’s sleep. It comes in two sizes, standard and queen (double), and it features an integrated pump that inflates the bed in three to five minutes – so fast and easy! You can choose whether you want it to be softer and with less air or vice versa. When deflated, the mattress can be packed away in small spaces since the dimensions of the deflated queen (double) size bed are only 35cm x 17.7cm x 43cm. The bed supports a total of up to 300kg.


  • Thickness - This mattress is thick, meaning the sleeping surface is further from the ground, offering a warmer, more comfortable sleeping experience.. Thinner mattresses can potentially allow your body to touch the ground when slightly deflated, and this means that they won’t be as comfortable as before, and you risk back pain.
  • Built-in pump - This is very practical when you need to take the mattress with you while travelling or when you don’t have a lot of space to store away the mattress. An internal pump doesn’t take up much space, and it saves you having to remember where you packed away an external one.
  • Durable material - Like the model reviewed above, this one is also made of durable and eco-friendly PVC material that’s covered with the soft layer on the sleeping surface. It is both waterproof and breathable. It comes with a repair kit in case you experience an air leak.


If you want to purchase a thicker air mattress that’s raised well off the ground, this model will offer you the rest you need. It is the best way to make your guests feel like they are in their own bed because they will have the absolute comfort and support with this amazing mattress.

Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed

Top Rated Air Mattress: Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed

During the daytime all of us are out and about, having quite a dynamic schedule, but when the night comes, we all look for some cosy place to tuck in. That’s where king-size air bed steps in, giving more than royal support for the body and spine, along with the softest and most relaxing dreams. 

Suitable for camping and outdoor adventures as well, it will give you the feeling as if you are sleeping on a puffy cloud. For this one, the “guiltiest” part of the bed is an ergonomic pillow, but also its overall design which enables even distribution of the weight. Packed with various useful and handy components such as electric pump and manual air valve, it also fulfils the criteria of practicality. 


Equipped with an 8cm incorporated raised pillow, and 35 structured air-coils, the bed gives maximum support for the entire body, spine, neck and head. Significantly improving spinal alignment, and overall sleeping posture, this model will bring nights and nights of peaceful and relaxing sleep. 

The manufacturer paid special attention to the practical aspect, which is why the product comes with a built-in inflation pump and a manual air valve. This way all those issues that usually come with storage, transportation, air- release when you no longer use it are eliminated. Thanks to the overall design and all the handy features, you will have it ready in 3 minutes. 


  • Ergonomic design - We all know how important it is to get a great night’s sleep, but not all the beds can provide so, which is why we wake up all tired and grumpy. With an ergonomically designed raised-pillow which supports the spine and entire body, those awful nights will be gone.
  • Integrated built-in electric pump - Say goodbye to tons of equipment you need to carry around because this model comes with an incorporated electric pump. It’s more than simple-to-use, as it is mains powered. It takes just 3 minutes to inflate the airbed to firmness.
  • Durable and reliable - 15-gauge puncture-resistant material accompanied by soft-touch waterproof flocked top layer are some of the highlights of this hard-wearing airbed. Indoor or camping, it’s up to you, but be sure it won’t let you down whatever you are up to. Also, it’s puncture-resistant.


You may be in the middle of preparations for some super-exciting camping, or you are just looking for some really comfy bed for your bedroom- this one is an excellent choice for both scenarios. Comfortable, durable, king-size (203 x 152 x 48cm), with all the necessary components integrated, it has everything one could look for. Moreover, it comes from a manufacturer specialized in sports and outdoors equipment, catering to the needs of both recreational and professional consumers.

Outdoors Air Mattress

This type of air mattresses is so good to have when you know you’re going to sleep outdoors, or even in your car. They are usually smaller and made of very durable material so they can withstand all the ground conditions that they may face. Let’s say you’re camping and all of a sudden it starts raining. A good outdoor air mattress needs to be waterproof in order to survive this scenario. That’s why you should choose carefully if you need an air mattress for camping or hiking. A nice thing about these mattresses is that they are so compact when they are deflated, so they take up very little space, and they are really lightweight. Even their pump is designed to be carried around easily. You don’t have to suffer back pain when you sleep outdoors thanks to these air mattresses that are specially designed for the job.

If you need to spend a night in your car during a long trip, you can simply set up the mattress inside the car, on the back seat. It will fit very nicely and allow you to take a good rest and be fresh and ready to continue your trip in the morning. In situations like these, having a well-made air mattress is very important because the tiredness could affect your reflexes while driving, which can be dangerous. With an air mattress, your back, neck and head will have the support they need so you can have a good night sleep and feel rested for driving. You can also use them when you’re on a beach, and you want to sunbathe on a comfy surface or if you want to use it in the water.

Comfort Quest Airbed Inflatable Blow Up Camping Mattress

Best Outdoors Air Mattress: Comfort Quest Airbed Inflatable Blow Up Camping

If you love camping and sleeping under the stars, but you wish you had a more comfortable surface to sleep on, this Comfort Quest air mattress will be ideal. You’ll love how compact and portable this simple mattress is, and you’ll enjoy the comfortable sleeping surface. Sleeping outdoors doesn’t have to be painful; with this mattress you’ll be able to enjoy all aspects of being closer to nature, without the back pain. So, if you’re looking for a mattress that can survive in all conditions while camping and travelling, this model should be your choice. Keep your back and neck pain-free even when you sleep in nature.


This affordable air mattress is made of non-toxic vinyl. It is very durable which makes it perfect for outdoor use. Having a non-waterproof mattress can become a big problem as soon as it starts raining. That’s why this model is waterproof, and it won’t get damaged during the rain. The sleeping surface is flocked, making it very comfortable. Thanks to the coil-beam design, the air mattress will adjust according to your body, making it very comfortable to sleep on, and it will support your body properly. The air pump is external, and the valve of the mattress is great for fast inflation and deflation. The box includes a bag that’s great for packing the mattress away when travelling. The dimensions of this mattress are 191cm x 137cm x 22cm, and it weighs less than 5kg. You also get a repair kit to save the day if the mattress gets damaged on a trip.


  • Fast inflation/deflation - When you’re outdoors, camping or travelling, the last thing you want to do is wait for your bed to inflate/deflate. That’s why this model does it very quickly. Thanks to the pump and specially designed valve, it will inflate and deflate in less than 3 minutes.
  • Lightweight - This air mattress weighs less than 5 kg, so it’s really light which makes it easy to carry around. When camping, you usually want to bring only light things that don’t take up a lot of space, and therefore, this mattress will be a perfect choice.
  • Material - The most important thing about an air mattress that is to be used outdoors is its material. Since it’s really easy to damage it in the great outdoors, a good air mattress needs to be durable and waterproof, which this model definitely is.


If you enjoy hiking and camping, you will find this air mattress very convenient and helpful. After sleeping on a comfortable surface, you’ll be more than ready and full of energy to continue the adventure on the following day. Plus, when you’re not outside, you’ll always have a spare bed that you can use for your guests and family.

Pavillo Airbed Quick Inflation Outdoor Camping Air Mattress

Best Outdoors Air Mattress: Comfort Quest Airbed Inflatable Blow Up Camping

The final product on our top list is this Pavillo air mattress that is a very good choice if you need an air mattress to use both outdoors and indoors. You’ll be surprised by its durability and comfort that will allow you to sleep well in any area and on any terrain. A lot of people avoid camping because they are afraid that they would be too tired due to a lack of sleep, that’s why this mattress comes in handy. For a good rest during camping, travelling or festivals, you should buy this air mattress and take it with you. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.


A big advantage of this bed is that it comes in four sizes, so you can choose whichever works best for you. This model, like the previous one, is also made of eco-friendly vinyl and it is durable, scratch resistant and waterproof. The sleeping surface flocked, making it very soft and cosy. For added comfort, the coil beam construction of this model will give your body full support and adjust according to its shape and movement. This is great for any sleeping style. The weight capacity of this bed depends on the size you choose, ranging from 227kg to 300kg. Thanks to the special valve, the mattress will inflate and deflate in no time. Even if it loses a bit of air during the night, it will still stay comfortable and give great support.


  • Variety of sizes - A lot of manufacturers offer only one or two sizes for their mattresses. Pavillo offers four of them. You can choose between a single, double, queen and king size according to the number of people that are going to sleep on it.
  • Versatility - Even though it’s mainly designed for outdoor use, this mattress can be easily used indoors whenever you have guests that need to spend the night at your home. It’s always better than sleeping on a couch.
  • Portable - The mattress is lightweight, and it folds to really small dimensions, making it perfect for packing and taking with you while travelling. The dimensions are also great for easily storing it away when you’re at home.
  • Comfortable - Thanks to the flocked surface and the coil beam construction, this air mattress is extremely comfortable and cosy. You’ll have a good night’s sleep wherever you go.


The durability and comfort of this air mattress make it a perfect companion for travelling, camping, festivals and any other activities that include sleeping outdoors on the ground. However, if you need to, you can use this model indoors for the complete comfort of your guests and family.

What to Look for in a good Air Mattress

Even though there are two types of air mattresses, the characteristics for both types should be more or less the same, with the difference being in a few features that may be important to you. Since the mattress will be very important for your rest and sleep, you have to make sure that you choose a good quality and well-made product because the last thing you’ll want is for it to get damaged, making it useless. That’s why you should keep in mind the following features when buying an air mattress.

  • Size - Since size is important when choosing a conventional bed, it’s the same with the air mattress. You can choose between various sizes, and there are even a lot of options from single to king size mattresses, so they can be really convenient for single users or when you have more than one guest.
  • Material - The majority of air mattresses today is made of eco-friendly PVC material. Although it’s comfy, it’s not the best choice when it comes to the sleeping surface because it can be slippery. That’s why nowadays, a lot of manufacturers make the mattresses with a rubberised surface, or with flocked top surfaces, for added comfort. Make sure you choose a mattress made of high-quality, waterproof and scratch resistant material that will last you for years.
  • Pump - You can choose between internal and external pumps. If you want to invest more money, you can purchase a mattress with an internal electric pump. All you have to do is press the button, and the mattress will inflate in a matter of seconds. If you’re okay with having an external pump and you have enough space to store it away, this is a nice solution if you need a more affordable option.
  • Weight Capacity - Before purchasing a mattress, think about the weight of those who will be using it most. The majority of mattresses on the market support around 300kg, but you can probably find stronger models.
  • Thickness - The best choice is to purchase a mattress that’s very thick because those models are more comfortable. During the night, a mattress is likely to deflate a bit. That’s why thinner models can be tricky because you’ll be closer to the ground.
  • Set-Up - You should choose a mattress that’s quick and easy to set up, and that won’t take a lot of time to inflate and deflate. When you’re tired, the last thing you want it to mess around with a complicated air mattress that takes ages to inflate. Buy a simple model, and we are sure that you’ll be happier.
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