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No matter what you need, from an extending lead to flea powder, we’ve got you covered with everything you need for your dog to be safe, happy and healthy. Our pet experts have dedicated their time to finding the best solutions for food, accessories, and protection for man’s best friend.

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Rosewood Deep Plush Grey Donut Dog Bed

Almost every pet owner would do anything to spoil his/her little friend. Other than good pet food and fun toys, a nice and quality bed can be very important for your pet’s comfort and happiness. Not only does it make a…

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Julius-K9 162PM K9 PowerHarness for Dogs

Walking the dog has never been safer and easier! With the new PowerHarness from Julius K-9, you can take a safe and easy walk with your dog whether you choose to go through the park or down the street. With a single…

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Eagloo No Pull Dog Harness

Walking a dog can be a tricky job sometimes, but not with this vest. You will have much better control and won’t get pulled by your dog constantly, thanks to the harness’s no-pull design and its better control. It has…

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Mudder Dog Seat Belt

Many owners love taking their pets on small trips and a lot of times those trips require a car ride. Dogs can be quite excited once they enter a vehicle, and sitting in one place during a car ride is almost impossible…

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