When you think about outdoor gear, you probably picture huge rucksacks, heavy boots and awkward equipment you can’t pack anywhere. It doesn’t have to be like that. We’ve discovered simple, useful and modern outdoor gear that you can wear and use in any situation. From touch-screen gloves to multi-tools – it’s all here!


  • The Best Hiking Boots

    The Best Hiking Boots

    Grisport Unisex Peaklander Hiking Boots are our top choice when it comes to comfortable, durable and high-quality hiking boots.


  • The Best Sleeping Bags

    The Best Sleeping Bags

    A new round of testing has given us a top choice in this category which is definitely the BESTEAM Sleeping Bag SA-77.



  • The Best Water Bottle

    The Best Water Bottle

    Bottles that you can use just once are the thing of the past, take a look at SHO Original Vacuum Flask & Water Bottle, as it has shown to be the best on all our tests.

  • The Best Electric Skateboards

    The Best Electric Skateboards

    After several rounds of testing, we found WeSkate E200 Electric Skateboard to be the best option for skateboarders.

  • The Best Umbrellas

    The Best Umbrellas

    After using litres of water to make fake rain and test dozens of umbrellas in different weather conditions, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Repel Compact “Teflon” Fast Drying Travel Umbrella is the best of them all!





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  • The Best Binoculars

    The Best Binoculars

    It can be hard to choose the right binoculars for yourself. But, after a considerable amount of research, we awarded the Celestron Skymaster 71009 15 x 70 Zoom Binocular the title of Best Choice.