Yamaha has recently announced plans to add 2 new e-bikes to its range. If you like heading out into the mountains for a ride, they should be right up your street! The company has confirmed that both the Yamaha YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro have been designed with tough mountain trails in mind. This is pretty big news for Yamaha as these new models will be the first powered all-mountain bikes in their line-up.

What can you expect from the YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro?

Of course, keen bike fans will want to know a bit more about these new e-bikes from Yamaha before buying. One very cool feature is pedal assist which can operate at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Both models are Class 1 e-bikes and include Yamaha’s innovative PW-X2 unit. This should give plenty of power and performance when riding them on tougher terrain.

Another nice touch is the 5 assist options the company has included in both models. This goes from Eco to Standard, High, MTB and EXPW. There is up to 120rpm of assistance in the first 4 and a massive 170rpm of assistance in EXPW mode. MTB mode is set-up to cater to mountain biking specifically. Switching to this mode gives a more direct feel when riding on rough terrain.

New helical gear design

Both the YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro have Yamaha’s new helical gear set-up included. This makes the motor much quieter and more pleasant to use. The Walk Assist option is also worth mentioning. This gives a boost of power to the bike when you are walking through terrain which is not rideable. Yamaha always put some really great features in their bikes and the Quad Sensor in both YDX-MORO models is the perfect example. This automatically flips between assistance modes, based on information the bike is picking up about the rolling speed, torque and angle of the terrain.

Sleek and smart looks

As you would expect from a modern e-bike, both these models look pretty darn good. The YDX-MORO and MORO Pro come with a dual twin frame which not only catches the eye but also gives a reduced saddle height. The lithium-ion battery comes with a 500 watt-hour spec and is encased in a cage for maximum protection. With a striking yellow finish for the YDX-MORO and a fabulous nickel-podium blue finish for the MORO Pro, they are certainly bikes you will not mind being seen on.

More details to follow in August 2020

Yamaha has confirmed that more details as to pricing and further specs will be outlined closer to both models’ planned August 2020 launch date. For now though, they look set to make a big impact on the e-bike sector for Yamaha.

source: www.slashgear.com

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