The ecological tech company, Smartmi, has recently announced the launch of their brand-new dual-purpose DC inverter fan in China. The fan, which doubles as both a table and a floor fan, is on sale for Chinese customers to purchase from (Jingdong) for 799 yuan, but the company has not yet revealed when the device will be available for its customers from the rest of the world.

Practical features

Smartmi’s new dual-purpose fan is a convenient wireless device that uses the company’s innovative tech to generate a cooling, natural breeze without any excessive noise. The fan’s main feature is its detachable pillar, which can allow users to adjust the height of the device so that it can be used as both a desk and a floor fan. The neck of the fan is also adjustable, and can be twisted upwards up to 100° and can rotate in both left and right directions up to 120°.

Tech features

The adjustable fan includes a revolutionary noise reduction wind path system and Japanese Nidec DC brushless motor so that users can benefit from the strong breeze without worrying about being disturbed by the loud whirring noises associated with most fans. The device’s air supply is also stabilised by its streamlined diversion wind hood, to make sure that users can experience a consistent cool breeze at all times.

The Smartmi DC inverter fan is designed with a large and powerful wide-angle air supply and 7 feather fan blades to maintain 24/7 ventilation of your entire home. The fan’s wind power is so strong that its 24.8m³/min wind output can reach a total distance of up to 9 metres. The device also has a lithium battery built into it, which can be operated for a maximum of 20 hours without needing to be plugged in.

This portable fan weighs only 3.7kg so it can be transported easily with one hand and can be fully operated remotely for enhanced convenience.


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