Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for an electronic reclining sofa. Following the success of their 8H American Spring Fabric Sofa and the award-winning Yang Zi Leather Sofa, Xiaomi is seeking to continue its growth into the broader household goods market. The new range, like its predecessors, is exclusive to the Chinese market at this time.

The new electric reclining sofa, called the Qifeng, will be popular with the young and upwardly mobile market. Both practical and luxurious, the Qifeng looks like a traditional sofa until, at the touch of a button, it reclines to between 103 degrees and 160 degrees. The different seat segments also operate individually.

Non-electric reclining sofas can be heavy and cumbersome and therefore challenging to manoeuver manually. However, the simple one-switch function on the Qifeng sofa moves the seating options automatically between the sitting and lying positions without any effort. It is ideal for small spaces as it is neat and compact in the normal upright position while no one is using it. And families will enjoy the range of seating options it offers. One or more people can lie down without taking up the whole of the sofa length.

The Qifeng range is sturdily built and luxuriously well-upholstered for comfort and durability. Presented in a clean and minimalistic Nordic style, the sofa is available in three modern neutral colours, black, white and grey. The sophisticated design again points it towards the cultivated urban younger market. Prices start at 1,599 yuan, which roughly converts to £180, making it good value for money in this segment.

Xiaomi Corporation is a large Chinese company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of electronic goods, mainly for the local Chinese market. Since 2010, when it was founded in Beijing, Xiaomi has invested heavily in the development of good quality, value for money electronic tech goods such as smartphones, laptops, earphones and fitness bands. Recently, the company has built on the success of its innovative product development teams and its well known and trusted brand name to branch out into many other product segments, including household goods.


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