Garmin is one of the top tech brands on the planet and is particularly well-known for its range of wearable devices. This makes the launch of the new Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker something which dedicated athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike will welcome.

But what can we expect from Garmin’s new fitness tracking device?


Vivosmart 5 makes tracking fitness fun

The Vivosmart 5 is actually an updated version of Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 device, released back in 2018. This latest model sensibly retains much of the same design as the Vivosmart 4, which makes it pleasingly familiar to use. One key difference to note though is this latest version has a much sportier, funkier look. The device band for example has a more rounded edge, whilst there is no longer a metal display border.

Details released by Garmin also show that the display on this device is 66% larger than before with bigger text for easier reading. The upgrades to this latest model go far beyond the aesthetic though and show that the company have made great efforts to improve on previous trackers in their range.


Updates to menu button and touchscreen

Let’s face it – the Menu button on previous devices was fiddly to operate and hard to use whilst on the move. The Vivosmart 5 sees this issue rectified and a much better Menu button installed. This makes starting/ending activities much simpler and makes the device a lot more usable.

The button is also raised slightly from the display, thus making it a breeze to find by feel. This version of Garmin’s Vivosmart also has a much more responsive swipe-based touchscreen. It easily picks up the motion of you swiping to navigate around the tracker and is a real upgrade to the touchscreen on previous models.

Garmin Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker

When you also add in the ability to swap straps out and new software details (like abnormal heat rate notifications and personal safety features), it is easy to see how this model differs from previous versions of the Vivosmart. Priced at $149.99 and coming in cool mint, white and black colours, it is available to purchase right now.


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